Smallville (2001–2011): Season 3, Episode 12 - Hereafter - full transcript

Jordan Cross is a new transfer student to Smallville High School who has a frightening ability: when he is touched by another person, he immediately sees how he or she will die. When Clark ...

Good run, everybody.
Don't forget to stretch it out.

Mr. Altman.

I wanted to come by.

If there's anything I can do...

There's nothing that any
of us can do now.

She really loved this time of year.

You were really focused out there...

speaking as one
of the dozens you passed.

- I'm Lana.
- Jordan Cross.

I just started here a couple days ago.

- Sorry.
- No, it's okay.

There's a lot more where that came from.

Hey. Nice job out there today.
When are you gonna join...?

The team?

You all right?


The totally overwhelmed look
gave you away.

I'm Clark.

Right. The mentor guy. Hi.

We were supposed to meet in the gym.
They said you bolted. Is everything okay?

I'm still getting used to all these people.
I was home schooled up until now.

Allow me to be your lifeline.
All new students are assigned a mentor...

mostly because they have a map.
Here's the lay of the land.

Would you mind if I
checked with my dad?


It happened again, didn't it?

Jordan, I know how much
you want this to work...

but I still think it's a mistake.

No. Not today.

- Don't be today.
- Jordan.

- Mr. Altman? Are you okay?
- Why did you stop me?

I just wanted to be with my little girl.

My daughter is dead, and it is my fault.

♪ Smallville: "Hereafter" ♪
Season 3 Episode 12

Original Airdate Feb. 4, 2004

Megan, could you go and ask the nurse
if Mr. Altman's ready for visitors?

How's Mr. Altman?

He's pretty heavily sedated.

They want to keep him here
until they can do a full psych evaluation.

I didn't know you and Megan
knew Mr. Altman so well.

It's really through his daughter.

We were all in the cheerleading squad
back in junior high.

Mr. Altman was never the same
after she got hurt.

- I remember she was hit by a car.
- Walking home from our end-of-season party.

The doctors said there was
no chance for recovery...

But Mr. Altman
kept hoping for a miracle.

It sounds like that never came.

He took her off life support last month.

I wouldn't wish that decision on anyone.

It's hard when you blame yourself
for everything that happened.

I'd better go.

If I could change that night, I would.

I don't even remember
why Julia and I were fighting.

Megan, don't do this.

Julia left that night
because she was mad at me.

If I had just stopped her...

I wish I'd gone after her too, but...

You know, neither of us could have known
what was going to happen.

You can't keep blaming yourself.

I should've told him then.

He's under sedation.

I'm not sure he's even hearing you.

Come on. Let's go.

I'm so sorry.

Hey, Jordan, it's just me.

Yeah. Hi.

I'm sorry for dropping
the mentor ball yesterday.

Mr. Altman's lucky you were there.

I just wish my dad hadn't seen it.

Just tell him that Smallville High
is rarely that exciting.

Trust me, my parents wrote the book
on being overprotective. You'll be fine.

- You all right?
- Yeah. I just don't like being touched.

Fair enough.


Nothing. You just had
that look yesterday...

just before Mr. Altman
jumped in front of the car.

It's almost like you knew
he was gonna do something.

I need some air.

- Good night.
- Bye, Lana.

Get it off me!

It burns!

Get it off!

It hurts! It burns!

Adam, are you all right?

Adam, wake up.

Get off!


What happened? Are you okay?

I'm fine.

You were having a king-sized nightmare.

I guess.

Do you want to talk about it?

To be honest, no, not really.

I'll put some clothes on,
clean up this mess.

Clark, we've been looking
all over for you.

- Who gets to do the honors?
- What's going on?

Ready to hear the latest news
about Lana's houseguest?

Actually, no.

"No" as in you're not interested?

No. "No" as in it's none of my business.

Lana and I finally reset
our relationship to the friendship level.

I'm not gonna blow it
by getting between her and Adam.

Clark's taking one for the team.

From now on, consider me
an Adam-free zone.

Okay. Now that we can
scratch gossip off the discussion list...

what's next on the agenda?

What have you guys heard
about that new kid, Jordan Cross?

You mean,
Mr. Pathologically-Afraid-of-Human-Contact?

I guess he made quite a first impression.
Look, this is gonna sound crazy...

but I think he had a premonition
about Mr. Altman.

What made you take that leap?

Let's call it a gut feeling.

- Maybe that's the same thing Jordan had.
- What do you mean?

Some people believe premonitions
are just heightened intuition.

Maybe he overheard something
or saw a look in Altman's eyes.

But given your past with Wall of Weirdness,
we should look into it.

- Thanks.
- No thanks required.

It's kind of fun being Woodward
to your Bernstein again.

- Lana, come in.
- Your message said it was important.

- Is something wrong?
- I was hoping you could tell me.

I understand there was an incident
at the Talon last night.

Apparently some neighbors
heard your tenant screaming?

I think that "incident"
is a pretty strong word.

Adam had a bad dream, that's all.
It's no big deal.

If it had been the first time,
I'd probably agree with you.

- What do you mean?
- I can read an invoice.

Let's see.

Charges for repairing broken windows...

replacing furniture...

all in the last week.
Is there a reason why you didn't tell me?

Maybe I thought
you'd jump to conclusions.

You have to admit,
Adam's behavior is unusual.

And when you're on the rebound, your
emotions can outweigh your common sense.

Look, this isn't personal.

Adam's been a real help
around the Talon.

Putting up with a few nightmares
is a small price to pay.

Look, it's your call...

but at the very least,
you should be asking yourself...

how much do you really know
about your new friend?

Chloe, I think I found something.

Yeah? You and me both.

I just had a mega-Real World
moment with Ad...

Never mind. Sorry.

Anyway, looks like you're hammering away
at the Jordan story.

Yes. I pulled this off the Ledger database.

Apparently when Jordan was six...

he went ballistic outside a roller coaster,
screaming someone was gonna be killed.

He dad pulled him away, but when they
started the ride, one of the cars broke loose.

Killing the woman
standing in line with him.

Mr. Altman wasn't
Jordan's first premonition.

All right, well, cue the spooky music...

because Jordan was born
on the day of the meteor shower.

I took a quick trip to the courthouse and
asked them to pull anything about Cross.

According to this, Jordan's mother
died shortly after he was born...

as a result of a direct hit
from a meteor?

As one life ends, another begins.

Well, that must be the connection.

Yeah. Mix that with meteor rocks,
and you could be in John Edward territory.

- No, get away from me.
- Megan, please.

- This can't be good.
- Listen to me for one second.

Megan, please!

That's Jordan.

- Stop it!
- You don't understand!

- I'm trying to help you!
- Go away!

Megan, stop!

Please, I'm just asking you
to let me walk you home.

You don't understand!
It's not what you think!

Leave me alone!

- What's going on?
- I have to help her!

Why? Calm down!
What'll happen to her?

She's going to die, Clark.

Don't you understand?

She's going to die.

Jordan, hold up!

My father was right, Clark.

This was a mistake.

I should've never come to school.


I believe you.

You saw something when you
touched Megan, didn't you?

- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Like a premonition?

I don't know what you're talking about!

I know about the roller coaster.

When you touched Megan,
what'd you see?

I saw fire.


Megan was screaming.

She couldn't breathe.

Clark, I had to warn her.

Maybe we still can.

Megan's house is just around the corner.

These visions, when they hit,
what are they like?

It's hard to describe.

It's like a curtain's being pulled back...

just long enough for me
to see the moment they die.

Have you ever been able to stop
a vision from coming true?


My dad and I did everything we could.
We called the police, the paramedics...

begged people to take us seriously.

But no matter what we did,
the visions always came true.

That's how you knew
Mr. Altman was gonna kill himself.

Except he survived.

Because of you.

How did you do it?

I had a vision of you too,
when you grabbed me in the hallway.

What do you mean? What'd you see?

Like, you don't have an end
like other people.

It's like you live forever.

Come on, Jordan, you're wrong.


Maybe that's why you were able
to save Mr. Altman.

Nobody's ever been able to stop
one of the deaths before.

Maybe you can do it again for Megan.

Excuse me.

Mr. Kent.

Why am I not surprised?

- Sheriff, what's happening?
- We just found Megan Calder's car...

abandoned off the main highway.

There were signs of a struggle.

Are you Jordan Cross?

I'm told you got into an argument
with Miss Calder today.

- I was there, sheriff. It wasn't a big deal.
- I got a missing girl, Mr. Kent.

That makes everything a big deal.

We'd better talk.

It's a little early for your second
triple cap, isn't it?

Actually, I came to talk
to you about something.

- Is Adam around?
- I don't know. I haven't seen him in a while.

You okay?

Well, I'm just having one of those
"it sucks to be a reporter" days.

I know you and Adam have been spending
a lot of time together, but...

Chloe, what's wrong?

They say music hath charms
to soothe the savage breast.

Don't count on it.

You play?

I never really had the patience for it.

My parents would have killed
for a piano like this.

I wound up learning
on a second-hand junker.

It doesn't seem to have hurt your playing.

It's one of Rachmaninoff's
most complicated pieces.

You didn't ask me here
to discuss music theory.


I thought we should meet.

- If it's about the lamp, I'll replace it.
- It's your behavior that concerns me, Adam.

- Lana's a friend.
- For what it's worth...

we both care about Lana.

- What's this?
- Your colorful past.

These are my school records.

- They're supposed to be sealed.
- I'm not sure why you'd care.

They're exemplary.

Straight A's across the board.

- I was always a good student.
- Actually, I spoke with your teachers.

I believe the phrases they used were...

"a fine pupil" and "a joy to teach."

It's nice to be appreciated.

The strange thing is...

they all said it.

Word for word. Almost as if
they were told what to say.

Don't worry, Adam.

I'll keep checking.

We all have black marks
somewhere in our past.


Are you all right?

I had another vision.

I thought I could help.

It's okay. Clark knows.

- Wait for me in the truck.
- Dad, please.


Excuse me.

Mr. Cross.

Jordan really wants
to make a go of it at school.

- Would you give him one more chance?
- I really appreciate all you've done, Clark...

but Jordan is...

special. If he's at home,
at least I can try to protect him.


Oh, my God. Jordan!


I got your message.

In case, you didn't notice, school's out.

I was at the Torch doing some research.

Adam, there's no easy way to ask this...

but somebody found your needle
in the trash today.

Technically, that's not a question.

Look, I'm trying to give you
the benefit of the doubt.

Are you diabetic?

On some sort of medication?

Was that the research you were doing?
That would explain it...

except diabetics leave their syringes
with the school nurse.

Believe me, I am not trying
to accuse you of anything.

Yes, you are. You think I'm on drugs.

The truth is, you don't trust me.

Never have.

That's not fair.

You said you'd always be honest
with me. Why not now?

Look, I want this to work,
but if you're not sure, just say the word.

I'm gone.



- Are you okay?
- Fine.

- What are you doing here?
- Hiding from my father.

I think he wants to pull me out of school.

Running away isn't going to fix things...

It's changed.

- Jordan, what is it?
- Lana, please, don't leave here.

- What's going on?
- I can't explain it.

Something awful's about to happen.
We have to go find Clark!

Clark? Wait...

What are you doing?



Last I heard, breaking and entering
was still against the law.

I could say the same thing to you.

Except I own the place.

I take it you have some concerns
about Lana's new friend?

I think that's pretty obvious.

So what caused you to go
all cloak and dagger?


When Adam came to see me today, he was
playing one of his most difficult pieces.

Is that a crime?

No CDs, sheet music...

not even a radio.

According to his transcripts,
he never took a single music class.

So computers, kickboxing
and a master pianist.

Adam's a regular Renaissance man.

Like you said, that isn't a crime.

Though it certainly piqued your interest.

Lock up on your way out.


Clark, you've been looking for Jordan
all over town. Time to call it a night.

I was supposed to help him fit in.

I took him to a crime scene.
I put him on the sheriff's radar.

- That is not your fault.
- Well, he was better off before he met me.

Clark, if he ran away, it's because he didn't
feel like he had anybody at home to talk to.

- His dad seemed like a good man.
- I'm sure he is.

And I'm also sure he feels like
he's doing the best thing for Jordan.

Look, when...

When your son has a gift...

your first temptation is to hide him away,
to shelter him from everything.

You didn't.

I sure as hell wanted to.

Look, your mother convinced me
you needed to experience the whole world...

not just this farm.

Ultimately, she was right.

So Jordan will come home...

but not until he's good and ready.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

All right, why don't you come on inside,
grab a bite to eat.

I'll be there in a second.


- Clark.
- Jordan, what happened to you?

I was in school with Lana when somebody
attacked us. They took her!

- Who took her?
- I don't know! I didn't see him.

Clark, I had another vision of Lana.

- What do you mean, "another"?
- I'm not sure.

The other day, she touched my hand
on the track. It was okay.

She was peaceful. She was old.
It was her time.

- You're saying that's changed?
- She was trapped in a fire, just like Megan!

Okay, okay, calm down.
What else did you see?

Stuff on the floor, photos burning.

Lana and Megan were in one, but they were
younger. They were in cheerleading outfits.

Is this the girl?

Mr. Altman's daughter.

When I saved him, I changed everything...

even what's supposed
to happen to Lana.

Did you see anything
that might tell us where she is?

- There was an old sign inside.
- What did it say?

- It said "Wandering Hills."
- I know where that is.

- Clark, take me with you.
- No way.

I've seen the house.
Maybe I can help you find it. Please.

First sign of trouble, you back off.

Let's go.

Mr. Altman, why are you doing this?

Please, you don't have to do this!

- You're gonna pay for what you did to Julia.
- What are you talking about?

I heard you at the hospital.
Megan had a fight with her...

and you let her leave.
You should have looked out for her.

- We didn't cause the accident.
- You might as well have.

My little girl was out there
all alone because of you!

It wasn't our fault!

For years, I blamed myself
for not being there...

Coach, this is not the way.

Now I know I wasn't responsible.

- You two killed her.
- No, we di...

- Please!
- No. No!

Coach, don't! No!


Help us!


Clark, look!

- Jordan, stay in the car.
- He's got them both. You'll need help.

Stay in the car, Jordan.


- Lana.
- Save Megan.

Get out.


I'll get Megan.

You stay away from me!

- I just want to be with my girl!
- Come on.

Come on, let's go.

Coach? You've gotta get out of here!

You! It's your fault!

- Where's Jordan?
- I didn't see him come out with us.

- Clark!
- Run!


Mr. Altman!

Coach Altman!

You've gotta get out of here!


Clark. Clark, are you okay?

- Oh, my God. Is he okay?
- He's not breathing.


Come on, Jordan.

You can't die on me.


It's okay. You're all right.

You're gonna be okay.

- Lex?
- Lana.

How you feeling?

Between the fire and my leg, I've seen
enough hospitals to last a lifetime.

- Have a seat.
- Thanks.

Lex, I think you were right
about taking a closer look at Adam.

Why the sudden change of heart?

Chloe caught him using
some sort of drug at school...

and when I confronted him about it,
he almost lost it.

Lana, I've had people assume
the worst about me all my life.

Trust me, it's hard to respond...

when people always jump
to the wrong conclusions.

Lex, the last time we talked,
I got the impression...

that you'd be happier
if I kicked him out.

It's not my choice to make...

but I've had a chance
to ask a few questions.

Adam hasn't been healing
as well as his doctors had hoped.

Apparently, he's part of a clinical
medical trial testing a new drug.

That might explain the needle.

It doesn't explain why he was hiding it.

I'm just beginning to wonder
who I let into my life.

You should trust your instincts.

Thanks, Lex.

I promise your second week
of school will be easier.

The paramedics said if you
hadn't given me CPR, I'd be...

- dead.
- But you're not.

I saw her, Clark.

- Who?
- My mom.

In that moment,
right before you pulled me back.

She was beautiful.

I tried to run to her but couldn't.

Maybe it just wasn't your time.

When I woke up, they were gone.

The visions?

Maybe I was destined
to lose them when I met you.

Mind if I interrupt?
Jordan, I brought your homework.

Why do I get the feeling
you've got a new mentor?

I'm gonna help Jordan get back on his feet,
and he's gonna help me get faster on mine.

I think you're getting the hang
of this high school thing.

How you doing?

I know that look.

Are you sure you're okay?

Yeah, I'm fine, Clark.

I'll see you tomorrow.

So we've got a lot of work to do.

What's wrong?

Lana, it's about your friend...

the one in the hall? Adam.

He's from Oklahoma, right?

I don't know.
He's never really said anything.

Jordan, what's going on?

I think something really bad
happened to him.

Well, he's been in the hospital.

He was pretty seriously injured
a few months ago.

This is going to sound really strange...

but I think it's worse than that.

I don't think he was just hurt.

I think he died.

You're awfully quiet today.

Having someone tell you
you can change destiny is a lot to handle.

Jordan's visions really struck a chord.

Or just brought up questions
I had all along.

Mom, by helping Mr. Altman,
I put three other lives in jeopardy.

But you were there for them.

If it wasn't for me,
he wouldn't have hurt anyone.

Clark, what's this really about?

I'm wondering if that's why
I was really sent here...

to change destiny.

What if I make a wrong choice,
and I'm not there to make it right?

It's a huge responsibility.

You have to concentrate
on the good you do.

Think of all the people you've saved,
your dad, and me and Lex.

He's turned out to be a really good friend.

Sweetheart, you just have to do
the best you can.

You can't save everybody.

I'll take some of these
out to your dad.

I'll do it.

Well, could you please make sure at least
a couple of them make it to the barn?

- Yes.
- Thank you.

Thanks, Mom.


Dad. Dad!

- Dad?
- Not now.

Not yet.

I love you, son.