Smallville (2001–2011): Season 3, Episode 10 - Whisper - full transcript

While looking for a birthday gift for Martha at a local jewelry store, Clark intervenes when two thieves try to rob the place using the powerful scream of Nathan Dean (Micah Alberti), a meteor-rock mutant with the ability to project ear-splitting screams. The combination of the scream with a bijouterie of kryptonite deflecting Clark's heat vision back to his face makes Clark blind. Without this sense, his hearing uncontrollably increases. One of the criminals, Masterson (William MacDonald) is arrested. Nathan kidnaps Pete to force his mother, Judge Abigail Ross (Felecia M. Bell), to release Masterson. Meanwhile, the blind Clark listens to a phone conversation between Chloe and Lionel Luthor about Lex and himself. After Clark informs Lex about his father's intentions for them, Chloe is mistakenly taken as Lex's informer and she gets fired from her intern job at the Daily Planet by Lionel.

Looking for something special?

My mom's birthday's coming up.
How are you feeling?

Still trying to get the taste
of hospital Jell-O out of my mouth.

But the leg's feeling better.

I thought of visiting, but...

It's okay. I understand.

I've gotta go. Bye.

Sure about this?

Follow the plan, Nathan.
Nobody will know you're there.

You smash, I grab. It's done.

Do your thing, kid.

Last time Martha was in,
she made a point of trying these on.

Did she try anything on
that didn't have four numbers in the price?

Well, I just got in some nice
costume pieces from a local designer.

Quite unique.

Straight from outer space.

Thanks, but I'll keep looking.

Not another step.

Don't you move.
The police are on their way.

- Clark, are you all right?
- Lana?

Lana, it's my eyes. I can't see.

♪ Smallville: "Whisper" ♪
Season 3 Episode 10

Here, honey. Sit back, there you go.

Jonathan, we have to do something.

Yeah, I know, sweetheart, but what?

Clark's retinas were scarred
by that heat burst.

You saw the doctor, he was baffled.

He wasn't baffled. You handcuffed him.

The last doctor we trusted
sold Clark's blood to Lionel Luthor.

- We'll find one we can trust.
- We can't risk that.

Clark has lost his sight. We may have
to risk someone learning his secret.

Martha, this is not about Clark's secret.
His powers have hurt him.

And before we run out and just
do something, we should think this through.

Don't I get a vote?

Of course you do, Clark.

I think it may just be a question of time
before I get better.

Sweetheart, it could be permanent.

And there's a lot of people who learn
to live with disabilities every day.

What's the worst that could happen?
Go to school and walk through a wall?

Everyone's staring, aren't they?

- They're just digging your shades.
- Yeah.

Hey, man, let me give you a hand.

I've been up on this combination
since third grade.

Here you go.

If it helps, the guy who did this
landed on my mom's court calendar.

I don't think Judge Ross will be giving
this Masterson guy any breaks.


- You're already back.
- It's nothing quite that heroic.

It's just a pit stop.

Well, if you need anything,
I'm here for you.

Class notes, help writing papers...

One thing I learned from my accident...

is that you can't go through
something like this alone.

Just because I'm blind, doesn't mean
the issues between us disappeared.

This doesn't change anything.

I was just offering
a helping hand, Clark...

but I won't make that mistake again.

Whoever said "absence makes
the heart grow fonder"...

obviously hasn't met the two of you.
Here you go.

- What's the matter?
- Pete, did you hear that?

- Hear what?
- Hello.

- Chloe?
- She's not here, Clark.

- Hello?
- Pete, I can hear her right now.

What do you want?

I'm at school.
This isn't the best place to talk.

I'm done with this.
Someone could hear me.

I can't believe you're calling me
after all that's happened.

Look, I told you before...

my researching Clark days are over.

Really? I have such a vivid memory
of that young reporter...

just eager to work
for the Daily Planet.

As an opportunity I provided for
with only one requirement.

Well, I gave you all the information I had,
Mr. Luthor.

Look, you have to look at Clark Kent
as a work in progress.

Tell me it didn't arouse
your instincts as a journalist...

when you learned about
Clark's blindness.

Especially when the others at the scene
had hearing-related traumas.

Find someone else to connect the dots,
Mr. Luthor, because I'm done with this.

What are you gonna do, then?
You gonna go running back to Lex?

- Or what's left of him?
- Lex has a serious mental illness.

It's as if there's a...
A crack in his foundation, you understand?

The structure may look perfectly stable...

but it can't take any pressure.

So we will let Lex sit in his office...

sharpening pencils.

But I expect a full report from you
on Clark Kent, Miss Sullivan, by...

Clark, what happened?

Pete, there's something wrong.
You have to get me home right away.

So these sounds, they...
They just hit you all at once?

Like someone turned on
a giant stereo full-blast.

- Suddenly all the sounds were magnified.
- Here's the couch.

And then they just went away.
It was completely random.

Well, with your x-ray abilities
and your heat vision...

I'm not really sure how
your senses should develop.

It may be just a one-time thing.

Or your body trying to compensate
for its lack of sight.

I just hope it goes away.

All the sounds, they were so loud.

I didn't know where they were
coming from or what they were.

Then there was Chloe and Lionel.

What about them?

They were on the phone.
They were talking about me.

I don't think it was
for the first time, either.


- Lex, it's nice to see you.
- How are you? Mr. Kent.

I have to fill out paperwork
for Clark's principal.

Yeah, that stuff's due tomorrow.

Clark, I don't know what to say.

How about hello?

Come on. Behind the Ray-Bans,
I'm still the same old Clark.

You know, when my father
lost his sight...

I contacted some of the world's
top ophthalmologists.

You just say the word,
I'll get any of them for you.

I appreciate that, Lex,
but this isn't a problem to be solved.

It's something I need to
learn to live with.

Look, I really don't wanna talk about it.

Even when people don't mention it,
I can hear the concern in their voices.

Trust me...

I know the feeling.

I found there's an almost medieval prejudice
against the survivors of mental illness.

The only way I can put the insinuations
behind me is by proving my worth.

How are you gonna do that?

By returning to LuthorCorp.

My father's offered me
my old position back.

Lex, do you think that job offer
is for real?

Why, Clark?

You know something I don't?

I heard that that job offer's a sham.
Your dad doesn't really think you're better.

So he thinks I'm just gonna sit in my office
and twiddle my thumbs?

No, his exact words were
"sharpening pencils."

Clark, where did you hear this?

It doesn't matter where I heard it.

The important thing is,
you need to be careful.

- Hi, sweetheart.
- Hi.

You know, Jonathan, I was thinking,
maybe we should hire extra hands.

You look tired.
I'm concerned about you.

No, Martha,
we're barely making ends meet as it is.

It won't help if you wind up
in a hospital bed.

I'll be all right, I just need...
Need to catch my breath.

What are you doing?

Board of education disability application
to get Clark a special teacher.

His counselor said that
he could take his regular classes.

Until when?

His life has changed...

and so has yours,
but neither one of you will admit it.

- Martha...
- You both think you're Supermen...

who can do everything alone,
but you can't anymore.

You need to start relying on people,
and so does he.

So I got a letter
from the insurance carrier.

Apparently, my entire medical bill
has been taken care of?

Well, who said all insurance companies
are evil?

It wasn't your fault, Lana.
It was mine.

I pushed you into the stall.
That spooked the horse.

- Lex, you were...
- Crazy?

Not yourself.

Semantics aside, you got caught
in the crossfire trying to help me.

For that, I'm truly sorry.

As much as I appreciate
the grand gestures...

you could've just stopped by the Talon
and said hello.

Yeah, well, the grand gestures
have always come easier.

I'm sorry I couldn't be there
during your rehabilitation...

but I'm sure Clark was more than able
to pick up the slack.

Actually, Clark hasn't been around.

We kind of decided the best way
to stop hurting each other...

was to stop seeing
each other altogether.

Given his new reality, I'm sure
he could use your support right now.

The brave front's an act, Lana.
My father did the same thing.

Lex, I've tried to reach out to him.

I don't think my presence
is going to raise his spirits.

By the way, who's Adam?

I noticed the Talon bills included some...

gift baskets sent to him
at the Smallville Medical Center.

I'm going to reimburse the shop.

You still haven't answered my question.

He's a friend I made in physical therapy.

Must've made quite an impression.

Yeah, he did.

Don't be a stranger.


- Chloe.
- Hi.

Look, as much as I try and avoid
unbearable cliches...

if there's anything I can do, just...

I'll manage.

You didn't come all the way out here
to check out the blind guy.

Actually, I'm on something of a mission.

Have you seen Pete?



We were supposed to meet this morning
and double-team my Daily Planet column...

Is that the column
Lionel Luthor helped you land?

What's that supposed to mean?

I may have lost my sight,
but things are becoming much clearer now.

Exactly how long have you and Lionel
been looking into my life?

Since last spring.

The day after Lex's wedding.

When you saw me and Lana together.

Is that why you did this?

Your silence is deafening.

- What did you give him?
- Nothing.

- Nothing he didn't already know.
- Then what is he sharing with you?


Believe it or not, Clark,
I was trying to help you.

- By spying on me?
- No...

by trying to understand
why he's so intrigued with you.

And if the Torch got new computers, or you
made a name for yourself, that's okay too.

After accusing me of keeping secrets,
how could you do this to me?

I was...

He just... He caught me
at an especially bad time...

and I caved.

I'm trying to get out of it, but when
people like Lionel Luthor have you...

they don't want to let go.

I thought that you, out of all people...

would understand making a stupid
decision in a moment of weakness.

But I guess I was wrong.


Your parents are ready to start
gluing your picture to milk cartons.

How'd you get out here, anyhow?

I walked.

Turns out I do know
every inch of this farm.

I really didn't mean to scare them.
I couldn't take all the noise.

So your mega-hearing is back?

Suddenly, I'm the ultimate eavesdropper.

Did someone follow you?

No. Why?


Ross! Get in the truck!

Pete, what's going on?

- Pete?
- I said, get in the truck!

Pete, who is that?

Pete, what's going on? Talk to me.


- So they didn't find anything by Pete's car?
- Nothing helpful.

Whoever took Pete made the same sound
Clark heard at the jewelry store.

There has to be a connection.

I understand that, Mrs. Kent...

but frankly, your son's
ear-witness testimony isn't much help.

No, it is too a help, sheriff.

It means that Masterson
has an accomplice.

And in a town of 45,000 people,
that doesn't exactly narrow things down.

No, but I'd think it'd give you
a place to start. Abby?

Judge Ross? You should be home
in case there's a ransom demand.

They just called.
I asked your deputy to bring me here.

Is Pete all right?

So far.


- What do they want?
- Masterson's pretrial hearing is tomorrow.

Apparently, his attorney is going to make
a motion to dismiss all charges.

If I don't grant it,
they're gonna kill my son.

Oh, my gosh. Abby...

Clark, you mind telling us
what's going on in here?

- I'm trying to focus my hearing!
- I take it you're not having much luck!

If I don't get a handle on this,
I can't save Pete.

Clark, Judge Ross was at the house.

I know. Dad, I heard.

Playing chicken with the kidnappers
is not a good idea.

They're gonna kill Pete.
I've gotta focus. Help me.

All right, let's get to work, then.

Listen for your father's voice.

All right, Clark, concentrate.

Concentrate on my voice, son.


Clark. Clark!

Dad, it's okay. It's okay.
For a second, I could hear you.

That's great. I was barely whispering.

Okay. Let's keep working.

Focus, Clark.

Focus on my voice.

Can you hear me?



I'm sorry, son.
I'm afraid I don't have much time.

I have to be back in Metropolis in an hour.
What did you want to talk about?

When I was released from the institution,
you welcomed me back with open arms.

That's right.

I should've known better than to
take your promises at face value.

I don't understand, son.
What are we talking about?


Word's out that my position at LuthorCorp
will consist of a title and little else.

That's foolish, son.

I've always wanted you to work with me.
You know that.

To do what? Sharpen pencils?

Lex, please. Listen to me.

If you thought you could throw me
behind a desk and forget about me...

you're making a grave mistake.

Unless, of course, my source is wrong.

It's true, Lex.

I have been disappointed
with your performance in the past...

but it's nothing
I haven't said to you.

And, evidently, to anyone who will listen.

So I have to keep proving myself,
is that it?

Unfortunately, we have to
prove ourselves every day.

I've come to accept that...

and in time, so will you...

I hope.

Lex, listen to me.

If someone is trying
to drive a wedge between us...

someone we both know...

then that's treachery, son.

Who is this source of yours?

Who were you talking to when
you decided to trash me behind my back?

Dad, I'm really worried about Pete.
We've looked everywhere.

Well, we're at the Talon, Clark.

I thought maybe you and I
could get an update.

I'll be right back, son.

- That was fast.
- Your dad told me you were out here.


I thought you might want some company.

- But if you don't...
- No, please stay.

About this morning...

It's okay, Clark. You were upset.

No. It's not okay.

All I've managed to do lately
is push people away...

and the truth is, Lana,
I miss having you in my life.

But I understand why
you don't want me around.

I was hurt and scared.

Clark, I overreacted.

The way I've been treating you,
I'm surprised you didn't bolt sooner.

I know you had your reasons
for pulling away.

Maybe those reasons are gone.

What are you saying?

What I'm saying is,
my life is different now...

and one thing I've realized is
I don't want to be alone.

Clark, you're not alone.

I should get back inside.

Lana, what is that?

What, the tow truck?

- It's the same sound as when Pete...
- Pete?

Clark, what's going on?

Lana, this is very important.
Go get my dad.

- Help!
- Pete?

Can anybody hear me?



Clark, help!

Clark, help!

Shut up!


Pete, where are you?

How's that, blind man?

Come on! Come on!


- Any more improvement?
- A little, but everything's still a blur.

- At least I won't walk through walls.
- What about your other abilities?

The x-ray vision and heat vision,
they're still gone.

Well, the heat from the torch
must've broken up the scar tissue.

Maybe the rest will just
take time to heal.

- Pete's still out there.
- Clark, Pete could be anywhere.

You already told
Sheriff Adams everything.

Well, I can't just sit here.

Okay, but before we do anything else,
there's one stop we have to make.

Clark, come on out.

- Sweetie, they look fine.
- Yeah?

- Yes.
- Yeah.

Now, what's your plan to find Pete?

The Masterson hearing is in an hour.
We know he's trying to set up an exchange.

If Mrs. Ross lets him go,
I'll follow him.

Son, that is such a long shot.

That's all I've got.

Was there any result with the change?

All right, do it again.

How long will that take?

All right, call me when you're done.

I guess this is the part where
I'm supposed to cough suggestively?

I don't have any
new information on Clark.

And if I did, I would've happily e-mailed
it to you, sans the three-hour drive.

Would that have been before or after
you spoke to Lex?

What are you talking about?

You know, Miss Sullivan,
these coy evasions may work...

when you're wheedling information out of
the high school librarian, but up here...

you're out of your league.

Mr. Luthor, what's this about?

We had what I assumed
was a private conversation...

but imagine my surprise to have Lex...

throw my very own words
right back in my face.

You led me to believe that you were
no longer in communication with Lex.

Well, I'm not...

but thank you for
the wildly offensive insinuation.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I'm on a deadline.

Not anymore. Your column
at the Daily Planet's been canceled.


All right, all right. Here's the deal.

Tell me everything you fed to Lex,
I'll let things stand.

I told you, I'm not Lex's source.

And while I'm sure you could
kill my column...

this isn't the only piece I'm working on
for the Daily Planet.

I know I could interest them in a story
about an eccentric billionaire...

with an obsessive interest
in a Kansas farm boy.

Are you threatening me?

I'd be careful, Miss Sullivan.
Very careful.

I'll be whatever I want.

Apparently, I don't work for you anymore.

Judge, I've got people fanning out from
that garage trying to find your son.

- But we are running out of time.
- I know.

Releasing Masterson goes against
everything that I believe in.

But if I don't...

it could mean Pete's life.

Look at him.
He knows he has us over a barrel.

What are you gonna do?

Until the hearing starts, pray.


- Nathan.
- Talk to me.

Everything's set.

If this judge is smart,
I'll be out in 20 minutes.

Cool. Then it worked?
So what do you want me to do next?

When I'm out, get rid of the Ross kid.
We'll meet as planned in Metropolis.

Done. Ross 'll be a pile of junk in a minute.


Hey, you work here?

What the hell?
What are you doing here?

- Where's Pete?
- In a minute, neither one of you will care.

Help me!

Can anybody hear me?

Help me!


Pete! Pete, are you okay?


And that's the way I pulled myself
out of the compactor and got away.

Oh, my God.
That's the bravest thing I've ever heard.

Well, you know, if I didn't do something
fast, I'd be Spam in a can, so...

Well, I'm glad you're okay.

Call me.

I will do that.

I have a feeling I'll be hearing
this story for a long time.


Well, you know, what can I say?
Chicks dig a hero.

Hope you don't mind
I'm bending the truth.

Look who you're talking to,
the master truth-bender.

After everything you've done for me,
it's the least I can do.

What's the matter?

My eyes are just adjusting.
I think I need a new prescription.


Hey, Chloe.
Hey, I'm ready for my big Torch interview.

Sorry, Pete,
I'm gonna have to reschedule.

- I'm really glad you're feeling better.
- Chloe, what's the matter?

- I just lost my Daily Planet column.
- What?


They didn't exactly spell it out
on the pink slip.

In the "when it rains, it pours" category,
my dad just got laid off from LuthorCorp.

That doesn't make sense.
He's worked there for years.

If you want answers, ask Lex.
He's the one that dropped the ax.

Clark. I heard about
your miraculous recovery.

I just found out that you fired
Chloe's father today.

Yeah, well, apparently,
his performance was seriously lacking.

He's worked for the company for years.
This could ruin Chloe's family.

My father suspects Mr. Sullivan was the one
spreading the malicious rumors about me.

I assumed Chloe overheard the gossip
and passed it along to you.

- No, this isn't right.
- It's not about being right.

It's about positioning.

- My father won a battle today.
- And Chloe's father is a casualty.

True, but the war's just starting...

and I have the greatest advantage:

He thinks I'm weak.

Frankly, Clark,
I thought you'd be relieved.

- Why would you think that?
- Because at least this way...

I was able to keep you out of it.

Looks like you're back to normal.

Hey, Lana.

I'm glad you're here.

I wanted to talk about
what happened in the truck.

Right. I wanted to talk to you
about that too.

I was way out of line.

- I felt vulnerable, but I don't expect...
- Clark...

The reason I pulled away...

is that...

I met someone at the hospital.

And I'm not sure how I feel about him.

Well, I mean, the fact you're telling me
about him means you already know.

Maybe you're right...

but if you and I
are going to be friends...

I didn't want you to find out
from somebody else.

Yeah. Yeah.

Well, I should get back to the Talon.

Hey, Lana?

Thanks for being honest.

Well, it's the only way
a relationship can last, right?