Smallville (2001–2011): Season 3, Episode 1 - Exile - full transcript

Metropolis, three months later. Clark Kent (under the influence of the red kryptonite ring) has becomes a criminal, heisting banks, going to night-clubs, and living under the alias 'Kal'. But he comes into conflict with not only his Kryptonian-marked chest, but a ruthless and greedy gangster, named Morgan Edge, who wants an ever increasing percentage of the stolen loot, and also begins to suspect Clark's alien origins. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor is declared dead, but he is living with the weird Louis Leery Jr. in an isolated desert island. Back in Smallville, Dr. Helen Bryce comes to his funeral and meets Lionel Luthor in the mansion where secrets are disclosed. Lana Lang and Jonathan Kent try to bring Clark back to Smalville. Unsucessful after Lana's pleas to Clark, Jonathan makes contact in the cave with the spirit of Jor-El who imbues Jonathan with Kryptonian super-powers to combat Clark and bring him home... in exchange for a price. Also, Chloe enjoys her new job at the Daily Planet, while tailing Lana during her search for Clark.

I like this car. How much is it?

If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Try me.

Two hundred and forty thousand.

This should cover it.

Why don't we take it for a test drive?

Cool ride, Kal.

You like it?

It's yours.

Keep it.

So, Kal, where are you from?

Someplace I'm trying to forget.

Me too.

What is that?

It's a birthmark.

-It's pretty big for a birthmark.
-Don't touch.

That hurt. Jerk.

What's the deal, Kal?

Every night you roll in here with a babe,
and you always leave empty-handed.

What are you, a monk or something?

What's the point of starting something
if it's just gonna end badly?


Clark, is that you?

Please come home.

Everyone on the floor now!

-Stay down!
-Don't move!

You too! What?
What, you got a problem?

I said get the hell down!

-We gotta go!
-Hit the floor! Get down!

Stay down, face down!
Hit the floor!

Get that bastard!

Stick to balloon animals.

Sorry, Krusty, I saw the bank first.

Come out with your hands in the air.

-Drop the bag!
-Put your hands up!

Drop the bag!
This is your final warning!

-His crimes keep getting bigger
-We can't be sure it's Clark.

Look, I know you don't
wanna believe it, but....

It's him.

-What will we do?
-There isn't anything--

Yeah. You get in the truck.
I'm gonna get my coat.

-Where are you going?
-I'm going to get him.

He knows what red kryptonite does.
He can take that ring off anytime--

-Martha, I don't know that.
-The phone calls, they're the first step.

I can't just sit around this farmhouse
and do nothing anymore.

Even if you find him, how exactly
do you plan on bringing him home?

It's been three months.

We've been searching all that time.
We filed a missing person's report.

-We have done everything we can.

The fact is,
Clark doesn't want to be found.

He'll come home to us
when he's ready.

We just have to have faith.


Hey. I haven't seen you in a week.
I wondered if we still lived together.

I'm swamped here.

Your dad said you spent
the afternoon at the Daily Planet.

As far as my editor is concerned,
picking up his dry cleaning... more of a priority than meeting
with a junior columnist.

I thought maybe we could have lunch.

I can't.

With Lex gone, the Talon's been relegated
to LuthorCorp accountants...

...who have no interest
in a coffee shop in Smallville.

Okay. Well, if you need
a ride to Lex's funeral...

...I'm always available
for chauffeuring and moral support.

Thanks. I'm going with the Kents.

Have you heard from Clark?

I was thinking of staying
in Metropolis with Nell for a few days.

I feel guilty I haven't spent
more time searching for him.

He's not lost, Lana.

You may have written him off...

...but I can't give up hope.

Clark ran away.
He made a conscious decision... leave his friends, his family
and the girl he claimed to love.

I know we've said our piece
about what happened...

...and we can keep avoiding each other,
but the fact is, I'm worried about you.

I'm the last person
you need to worry about.

Pining over Clark
only leads to personal misery.

Trust me, I wrote the book.

Now you need to move on.
He obviously has.

I don't believe that.

I just think he's waiting
for the right person to find him.

-Who sent you?
-I did.

Morgan Edge.

That's a hell of a scar.
How'd you get it?

My dad's a real bastard.

What do you want?

You came to my club flashing money...

...and then you interrupt
my guys at the bank.

I take it that was not a coincidence.

Those clowns? They work for you?

You've made
quite a reputation for yourself.

I set up this test
so I could see with my own eyes...

...if you were man or myth.

And clearly...'re both.

Well, I'm glad I could
clear it up for you...

...Mr. Edge.

I'd like to talk about
a job opportunity.

Thanks, but I'm really not looking
for work right now.

I like to fly solo.

No matter how many bullets bounce
off you, Kal, you're still a kid...

...and I'm the biggest
crime boss of Metropolis.

Well, I would think
you could afford better help.

That's why we're talking.

I've got this one job.

It'll make you Midas rich.

So when you are tired
of playing in the little league... know where to find me.

Mr. Luthor?

Mr. Luthor.

Mr. Luthor.

I got your message.

I was surprised you wanted to meet
today, considering tomorrow is Lex's--

My son is gone, Miss Sullivan,
and there is nothing I can do now...

...but put his memory to rest
and get on with the business of living.

You remember there used to be
an octagonal keyhole here.

Vaguely. I didn't spend
much time in this cave.

Trust me, it was right here.
It disappeared the same day as that...

...inexplicable explosion
on the Kent farm.

The same day
that our young friend Clark...

...went into exile.

You haven't seen him...

-...have you?
-After the fight that Clark and I had...

...I'd be the last person he'd call.

I've enjoyed reading
your column, Miss Sullivan.

You're a good writer.

"The worst sin of age
is to forget the trials of youth."

I just wish that report you did for me on
Clark Kent had the same kind of insight.

I gave you everything I had.

But you came to me with such vigor,
and now it seems your enthusiasm...

...for our arrangement is waning.

It's kind of hard to find information
when the subject is MlA.

It might help you to view that
as a test of your reporter's mettle.

You're such a promising young talent.

I'd hate to see an opportunity
like this vanish...

...Iike the keyhole on this wall here.

Threatening me, Mr. Luthor, isn't going
to make Clark magically reappear.

"All decisions have consequences."

Clark chose to run away from his.

You going to run away
from yours, too, Miss Sullivan?

Whoa, easy there, Lex.

Where am l?

Same place you've been
the last three months.


You had another fever dream.

Malaria's still got you.

You were calling her name again.


That bitch who set you up.


...I appreciate everything
you've done for me...

...but if you ever refer to my wife
that way again...

...I won't be held responsible
for my actions.

See, I was just sitting here running
through your story in my head.

Now, you wake up. Helen and the pilot
are gone, and you're left to die.

You've got to consider the possibility.

Do you have anything else
to talk about?

All these years alone on an island?
Not really.

Why don't you go work on the raft?

Because I am not going to let you
commit suicide.

You could drift for weeks and die alone.
Is that what you want?

I want to get off this island...

...and find out the truth.

Oh, the truth.

See, the way I figure it,
either your father set you both up...

...Helen managed this on her own,
or the two of them were in league.

Why are you in such a hurry
to get back to a family that twisted?

-Because my life is not here.
-lt doesn't sound so great back there.

You've got to stop looking
at this place as a curse.

-Shut up!
-lt is a gift!

Your life has been stripped down
to its bare essence.

To the outside world,
you're already dead.

Why not let your old self rest in peace?

I think the cruelest fate
that a parent can suffer... to lose a child.

Lex was touched with greatness.

We'd only just begun
to see that potential.

I can only imagine the heights
he would've soared to if his life...

...hadn't been...

...cut short so tragically.

These rituals are meant
to bring closure...

...but there are so many unanswered
questions about Lex's disappearance...

...questions I hope
that will someday be answered.

But those answers
won't bring him back.

I would've searched for a thousand years
if I thought he could be found.

We can't hold on to the past.

In my heart, I will be searching
for my son forever.

So will l.

If you're here
to grandstand for the paparazzi...

...I will have you escorted out.

I wish to pay my last respects
to my husband.

Then, Mrs. Luthor, allow me to leave
before the hypocrisy begins.

Clark, I need to talk to you about--

Chloe, I told you
to never come back here again.

-Who else knows I'm here?
-No one. Your secret's safe with me...

...but we need to talk.

I'm busy.

Well, I'm coming in.
Now, what's your deal?

You come to Metropolis,
and you're completely different.

Maybe it's the real me.

Well, if it is, then I definitely
prefer the country Clark. Now....

How did you afford all of this?

Why, Chloe? So you can put me in your
column or write a big story about me?

-Maybe that's why you kept my secret.
-I kept your secret because you asked me to.

I was hoping you'd get a grip
and come home.

Some people in Smallville
haven't given up on the search.

I've erased Smallville from my past.

Really? Is that why
you're still wearing your school ring?

Sooner or later someone else
is gonna find you.

-You were lucky.
-Maybe so.

But what are you gonna do if Lana
shows up on your doorstep? Or your dad?

-How will you explain this to them?
-I'm done explaining myself to anyone.

Clark, Lana is a wreck,
and your parents are losing the farm!

What do I care?
I'm never gonna go back, anyway.

Clark, you were not forced into exile.

You ran away from your problems. You are
not being noble. You're being a coward!

Chloe, get out.

You tell anyone where I am, I'll go so far
away that no one will ever find me!

I don't even know who you are anymore.

Get out!

The highlight of the somber affair was
the performance of the grieving widow...

...played to perfection
by Dr. Helen Bryce... her first public appearance
since her dramatic rescue.

I want you out of my house.

You can drop the act, Helen.
You're among family.

And it's not your house. Yet.

I'm sure you didn't come here
for a condolence call.

-I won't give condolences to a murderer.
-I didn't murder Lex.

Oh, that's right.

Let me see if I can remember
your account of the harrowing event.

You woke up having been robbed...

...found the pilot jumping out of the
airplane with only one parachute left...

...Lex valiantly offered to give it to you
and went down to his death... the crippled aircraft.

That's a wonderful piece of fiction.

I think the police would find it interesting
that you hired me to spy on Lex.

You murdered my son.

I won't rest until I've brought
your duplicity to light.

You know, Helen, black widows
may be powerful predators...

...but every predator is...

...somebody else's prey.



Louis! Louis!

There's a plane! Did you hear it?

-I heard it.
-What's your problem?

That's the first one
that's flown over in months!

It's too late now. It's long gone.

That's great! That's just great!

You're wasting your time.
They'll never see it.

Son of a bitch.
I need to get off this island!

You know in your heart
this is where you belong.

Now, you can rage against it,
but ultimately you'll have to accept it.

You stay away from me, you freak.

I spoke to the bank.
They still want us out before the auction.

You know, it's amazing how you can fit your
whole life into the back of a pickup truck.

Is Bill Ross still okay with us
storing our stuff in his garage?

Yeah. He said as long as we need it,
it's fine with him.

Oh, Lana gave me the keys
to the apartment over the Talon.

-Yeah, it's-- It's small.


It's okay. Martha, Martha.

It's just not fair.

This farm has been in your family
for three generations. Four, counting Clark.

It's sad.

Since when have our lives
been fair anyway, huh?

Do you remember the day...

...we found out
we couldn't have children?

You grabbed my hand,
and you told me not to worry.

You said that we would have
happy days again.

And you were right.
We have had happy days.

With Clark.

But even though
he's not here with us anymore...

...Martha Kent, I am here to tell you
that we will have happy days again.


Clark! Clark!




Thank you.
Lana, hey, the other day, l....

I didn't mean to push my own
personal brand of self-denial on you.

It's okay, Chloe. We're all dealing
with Clark in our own way.

Yeah. And my way is to pull the emotional
ripcord and pretend like it didn't happen.

It's a force of habit
when people walk out of my life.

I can't give up on him without a fight.

I already blew it once.

Blew it? How?

When Clark was leaving,
he asked me to go with him.

I said no, but I can't help thinking
that if I had gone...

...I could've convinced him
to come home.

Lana, you can't save someone
who doesn't want to be saved.

I love him.

It's okay.

Your feelings for Clark
aren't exactly breaking news.

I saw him yesterday.

-Just for a second, at Lex's funeral.
-Are you sure?


But he took off right away.
I'm gonna go back up there...

...and post these.

Could you give me a lift?

Sure, but you don't need the fliers.

-I know where he is.

Yeah. Okay, you're going to totally hate me
for this, but I found him two months ago.

Some of my friends from the Planet
snuck me into a club, and there he was.

I couldn't believe it, so I followed
him back to his apartment.

You've known where he's been, and
you haven't said anything to anybody?

He said if anyone found out, he'd run
away to somewhere nobody'd find him.

-I can't believe you've told me to give up.
-He's not acting like himself.

-He could be dangerous.
-Give me the address.

-Well, I'll take you.
-No, I think you've done enough already.

What are you doing here?

Looking for you.

-Clark, you need to come home.
-Smallville's not my home anymore.

I am not letting you
ride out of my life again.

Then get on.

Lex, I'd like you to meet my dad.

You killed your father.

Yeah, it was inevitable.

I had to do it.
Only one of us could survive.

See, back there,
he was a rich and powerful guy.

He was always criticizing me...

...never thinking I was good enough.

It just kept chipping away.

Chipping away.

Until there was nothing left.

I thought you and I were kindred spirits.

No, Louis...'re a psychopath.

Well, there's one in all of us.

I just let mine out.


Hey, what's up, Kal?

Why'd she call you "Kal"?

It's my secret identity.

Clark. Clark! I have been worried
about you for three months...

...and you've been
hanging around in nightclubs?

You're so cute when you're angry.

Lana, if you keep talking about Hicksville,
you're gonna be on the next bus going back.

I thought you were here to have fun.

-What's up, Kal?
-Hey, what's up?

You're right, I'm sorry.
I'll go freshen up.

Hey, why?

I think you look great.

I'm glad you're here.

Me too.

Well, if she is the one
you've been saving yourself for...

...I can understand the wait.

-Mr. Kent, I found Clark.

Lana, where are you?

Nightclub in Metropolis called Atlantis.
He's acting really strange.

Lana, listen to me.
Clark is not himself right now.

I want you to be very careful.

I'm on my way, but if he wants
to leave, don't try and stop him.


Who you talking to?

-Who's this?
-Oh, Clark.

Clark, it's me.


How's the farm?


Your mother and I love you very much,
and we want you to come home.

Is that right?

Hey, what about not dwelling on the past
and making a fresh new start?

Come on, you can admit it.
You're happier I'm gone.

-Son, that's not true.

I'm not your son,
and you're not my parents.

You never have been.
You never will be!

Clark, what is the matter with you?
Your parents love you.

-I love you.
-Do you always betray people you love?

I've gotta go get him.

How, Jonathan?

He could either run, or if he's
angry enough, he could hurt you.

-You can't stop him.
-Martha, if I don't go and get him now...

...we may lose him forever.

I'm glad you decided
to consider my offer.

But why the change of heart?

My past is catching up to my present.

I need to disappear.

Free tonight?

My calendar just opened up.

This is an account in Grand Cayman.

Here's how much is waiting for you.

That's a serious amount of zeros.

It's a serious job.

I need you to break into a secure building.

The office on the 60th floor
has a very valuable package.

It's in a titanium-reinforced steel safe.

Not a job for mere mortals.

Sounds like easy money.

I haven't told you
where you're going yet.

LuthorCorp Plaza.

You want me to break into
Lionel Luthor's office.

Will that be a problem?


It'll be my pleasure.





I know every inch of this island.

Where are you going?

You can't kill me.

Hey, man.

What happening?

No, no.

I had to do it.

He was crazy.

I had no choice. I had to kill him.

Kill who?


There ain't nobody there, man.

No. No!


These islands can mess with your head,
play tricks, man.

You're lucky my captain saw your fire.

It wasn't a trick. He was real.

You have to believe me.

He was real!

He wasn't ready!

But you had to keep pushing
him anyway, didn't you?

What kind of a race are you people? !

No wonder you destroyed yourselves.

I am Jor-El.

The true father of Kal-El.

His name is Clark Kent.

I am his father. I raised him.

You have fulfilled
your function in Kal-El's destiny.

His destiny is whatever he makes of it.

His destiny is too great
for you to comprehend.

This was Kal-El's first test to see
if he was ready to begin his journey.

He's too young.
He needs more time.

This phase of Kal-El's journey
is almost complete.

It will be of no consequence
if he returns to you, for now.

You'll bring him home?

If you want him,
you must retrieve him yourself.

I can ' t. He' s too powerful.

Are you willing to sacrifice
anything to get him back?


For my son, I'll do anything.

Hello, Clark.

Jonathan Kent.

Isn't it a little past your bedtime?

How'd you find me?

Your biological father.

You two are working together now, huh?

That's cute.

But I didn't listen to him, and I'm
certainly not gonna listen to you.

Clark... need to put all this
behind you, son.

Come on home to the people
who love you.

You should've stayed in Smallville.

Son...'re coming home with me.