Smallville (2001–2011): Season 2, Episode 12 - Insurgence - full transcript

When Lex Luthor loses a $150 million contract to Luthor Corp, he finds that his mansion was bugged by his father. He hires a team to bug the offices of Luthor Corp expecting to find the building empty since it is Sunday, but Lionel Luthor assigns Martha for work in his office with him. Jonathan becomes very upset, since it is their wedding anniversary, and he was planning a picnic with Martha. Lex calls off the action, but the leader of the group of industrial spies is killed by a member who wants to steal the contents of Lionel's safe. Martha and Lionel become hostages of the criminals, and when they open the safe, a great secret is disclosed. Meanwhile, Lana schedules a meeting with Mr. & Mrs. Small in The Talon to get to know Jennifer Small, who warns Lana about her husband.

I was under the impression
the deal had closed.

- Mr. Luthor, I'm sorry.
- I don't want "I'm sorry."

I want to know how my father beat me
out of a $ 150 million contract...

...that you assured me was a done deal.

They'd only know the exact amount
if they had inside information.

Since we were the only ones who knew
it, and I certainly didn't tell my father...

...that leaves you
in a very uncomfortable position.

If I no longer have your confidence,
I'll tender my resignation in the morning.

My father would want
more than your resignation.

He'd hobble you at the knees
and do everything in his power... ensure you'd never work
in the corporate world again.

But I'm not my father.

All I want to know is how he found out.

And how I can stop it from
ever happening again.

Lex, what's going on?

Big Brother is listening,
or should I say Big Daddy.

These are just what I've found so far.

high-tech surveillance.

I'll have to get experts
to sweep the rest of the mansion.

- Your dad's spying on you?
- I had a multimillion-dollar contract.

The last minute, LuthorCorp manages
to underbid me. You do the math.

- Lex, you gotta calm down...
- Don't tell me to calm down, Clark.

How would you feel if someone listened
to every private word you uttered?

Learning all your secrets?

Lex. These devices could be anywhere.

- In the sofa cushions, the heating vents.
- I already checked.

What about your stereo?

Hey, Dad. Want me
to make this extra-crispy for you?

No, thanks. And if I do say so myself,
I've cooked this bird to perfection.

Just the way your mother likes it.

Why aren't you going to Metropolis
for your anniversary?

Well, last year while we were
out of town...

...somebody had a party at our house.

Well, you know what,
I think a picnic sounds perfect.

So do I. But I can't go.

Wait a minute, what do you mean
you can't go?

Lionel just called. LuthorCorp's finalizing
a major acquisition tomorrow...

...and he needs me to go with him
to his Metropolis office to prepare.

Didn't you tell him
it's your anniversary, Mom?

I'll be back tomorrow night.

We can celebrate then,
any restaurant you want.

Will you put it on your LuthorCorp
expense account?

Oh, Jonathan.

You can't make me feel
any worse about it than I do.

I know how hard you worked
planning today...

...but I have no choice. He's my boss.
- I'm your husband.

Believe me, I'd much rather
spend today with you.

But this job is important to me.

I never thought I'd see the day where
this job was more important than family.

- You shouldn't be working for Lionel.
- Clark.

He only got this major acquisition
because he was spying on Lex.

Clark. This is between
your mother and I.

Jonathan, how many times have you put
this farm above our personal lives?

- That is different, Martha.
- Why?

I'm working toward the same goal:
Our family's financial security.

I wish this job
didn't bother you so much.

I have to go.

All right, Lex. What's so urgent?

Remember the new American Embassy
in Moscow, Dad?

It was so riddled with
surveillance hardware...

...the State Department
had to abandon it.

I've got a meeting. I don't have time
to chat about foreign affairs.

Actually, the topic is domestic.

I've discovered a bug problem right here
in my very own home.

Corporate espionage,
it's a fact of modern business, Lex.

I'm surprised your security was so lax.

It's hard to imagine how the perpetrator
gained access to the mansion.

Do I detect a faint whiff of innuendo?

Of course not, Dad.

I just wanted to congratulate you
on winning that contract.

Oh, is that what this is about?
Making an excuse for your defeat.

Because I don't have time for excuses.

As for your bug problem...

...I suggest you call an exterminator.

- This is Mr. Green.
- I've finished the appraisal.

- We're ready to close escrow.
- How soon can you complete it?

Today. We're ready to roll. You get full
access to the property, audio and video.

Do we have a go?

Mr. Green, are you there?

- Mr. Green.
- Do it.

We're on.

You don't think it's too much?

It depends who you're wearing it for.

What do you call your newly discovered
biological father's wife?

Well, personally, I'd call her Mrs. Small,
but that's just me.

- So you're really going to see her.
- Yeah.

Kind of feel like I'm auditioning.
What if she votes me off the island?

Lana, anyone who gets to know you
realizes how special you are.

Thanks, Clark.

That's really sweet of you to say.

You're always the one telling me
I need to be more honest.


Well, maybe you see me that way
because we're friends.

But to Jennifer Small, I'm just
her husband's illegitimate daughter...

...trying to worm her way into his life.

Lana, if she accepts you, then great.
But if not, that's her loss.

Isn't your priority Henry?
That's been going well.


But maybe it's the whole
"adopted kid fantasy" thing...

...but I can't help thinking that
if I don't screw it up...

...I might have an actual family.

Look, Lana, I want you to have
everything you wish for, I really do.

Just because you have a family
doesn't mean every day is a picnic.

Unless, of course, you're a Kent.

Well, to be honest, my parents aren't
really getting along right now.

I'm sorry, Clark.
Do you want to talk about it?

Later. You've got someplace to be.



Whatever it is,
your parents will work it out.

After all, some people
are just meant to be together.

Lex. What's the most
romantic restaurant in Metropolis?

I'm sure there are a lot opinions
on that, Clark...

...but personally,
I'd have to go with La Petite Fleur.

Could you score me a reservation
for tonight?

- Who's the lucky girl?
- My mom. It's my parents' anniversary.

My dad had a picnic, but now she's
in Metropolis with your dad.

They're in Metropolis? At LuthorCorp?
On a Sunday?

Yeah. Can you believe that he makes
her work on her anniversary?

To my father, there's no such thing
as a personal life. Listen...

...since it's their anniversary,
I could do better than reservations.

What do you have in mind?

Well, if you excuse me a minute
to make a few calls, I'll explain.

Accessing database.

- Kern.
- This is Green.

I want you to terminate. Now.

- You realize you'll forfeit the deposit.
- There are people there. I want you out.

I understand.

Our client has cancelled the project. He
believes there are people in the building.

Hey, what are you doing?

You think we broke into the office
of one of the richest men to plant bugs?

We ain't leaving this place
until we empty that vault.


Nicky. How long have
we worked together?

We're not thieves.
We were hired to do a specific job.

Job description's just been changed.

Go out and check the other offices.
Bishop, get the torch.

Sign here.


- Martha?
- Yes.

- Is something wrong?
- No.

It's just that when you said
work couldn't wait till Monday...

...I didn't think I'd be
the only one here.

Thought you'd like to work
in your new office.

New office? I don't understand.

Look inside the top left-hand drawer
of the desk.

Go ahead. Open it.

Turn it over.

"To Martha, with deep affection: L.L."

I'm promoting you, Martha, which means
I'll be needing you more in Metropolis.

Which means you'll need
someplace to work.


...I'm flattered, really,
but I can't accept this.

And as far as working in Metropolis...

...this job is putting enough strain
on my family as it is.


I know how much you've given
up to be...

...a farmer's wife,
but with your brains and your talent...

...don't you deserve to make your
own ambitions a priority for a change?

We'll discuss it over dinner.

Hey, love birds.
Wrong place, wrong time.

- Who is this? Martha?
- I don't know.

Put your hands up.
Let's go! Get them in the air! Now!

Clark. Clark!

I don't suppose you know why there's
a helicopter parked in our front yard.

Lex is gonna take you to Metropolis.
So you can take Mom to dinner.

So this was your idea, was it?

It was Clark's. I just offered
to provide the transportation.

Look, I don't know how things work
in your house...

...but we think it's important
to respect other people's privacy.

- Dad.
- It's all right, Clark.

Mr. Kent. Since the day
I moved to Smallville...

...I've done nothing but try
to be a friend to you.

And in return, you do nothing but lecture
me with sanctimonious platitudes.

I'm done listening to them.

- Dad, that was not fair.
- Everything was fine in this family...

...until we let the Luthors
into our lives.

- That wasn't Lex's fault.
- Hey!

I appreciate your concern, but it is not
your responsibility to fix everything.

So just stay out of it.

Hey, Pyne. Got a little present for you.
Lionel Luthor.

Good, you just saved us a whole lot
of time. Get him to open the vault.

Too late, genius.
You already burned the plate.

Access: Section Two.

How the hell did the cops
get tipped off?

What have you got in your hand?

- Open it up.
- Stop, you're hurting him. Lionel, please.

Panic button, state of the art.

Check him out.

Let's go. Come on.

A man in my position can never take
too many precautions.

Why don't you just let us go?

You can avoid adding kidnapping
to breaking and entering.

You should listen to this woman.
I find her advice invariably sound.

- I think he's all right.
- We should have left.

If you'd kept to the plan,
none of this would have happened.

- What's wrong with you?!
- Are you crazy?

- Shut up!
- You shut up!

- What are you doing?!
- Shut up!

- Shut up!
- Drop it now!

All right. All right, all right, all right.
Let's just settle down, okay?

- Drop it, Pyne.
- Just relax.

All right. Relax. Let's take it easy.

I'm gonna put my guns down.
All right?

Just gonna get the money,
and we're gonna get the hell out of here.

Get back to work on that vault.

You're wasting your time, you know.

There's nothing in there of value
to any of you.

Keep your eyes on them.
We'll need them later for leverage.

- More coffee?
- Henry, why don't you get it?

- Give us a chance to get a word in.
- Sure, I'll be right back.

This really is a cute place, Lana.

- You've got great taste.
- Thank you.

And thank you for agreeing to meet
with me. I know it can't be easy for you.

Lana, you seem like a very together
young woman...

...which is why I feel
I can be completely candid with you.

I don't want you
getting too close to Henry.

Mrs. Small, I don't know
what you think...

...but I am not trying to interfere
with your family.

That's not what I'm worried about.

Lana, when I married Henry,
he was the editor of the Law Review.

He was gonna run for Congress.

Now he runs a law practice
for lost causes out of our living room.

He believes in what he's doing.

Yeah, until it gets too difficult
or he loses interest.

Which he always does.

You think he'll lose interest in me.

Henry has two children in boarding
school. He never calls them.

And even when they're home,
he doesn't have time for them.

Or anyone else.

Why are you telling me this?

I'm trying to do you a favor.

I do not want to see you get hurt
the next time Henry's priorities change.


...what have you two ladies
been talking about?

We are live at the LuthorCorp Tower,
where sometime earlier this afternoon...

...armed gunmen apparently entered
the building, and are now...

...holding LuthorCorp chairman
and CEO Lionel Luthor hostage...

...along with at least one
unidentified female employee.

- Mom.
- Lf anybody tries to hurt your mother...

- I'm not gonna let that happen.
- Clark. Clark!

I'm not gonna try and stop you,
but I want you to be careful.

I'm gonna follow you in the truck
and get there soon.

Dad, there's a faster way for you to get
to Metropolis. You have to talk to Lex.

Get him out of here.

- What?
- I hired you to bug an office...

...not create a media circus.
- Yeah? Well, we ran into a little snag.

- Who is this?
- Tell you what, Mr. Green.

You show me your caller ID
and I'll show you mine.

- I want to talk to Kern now.
- Kern's definitely not in charge anymore.

Mr. Kent.

I take it you've seen the news.

If I hadn't been so bull-headed...

...and taken you up on your offer...

...Martha and I'd probably be
on our way to dinner.


Believe me.

There's plenty of blame to go around.

Lex, I was wondering...

- I was wondering if l...
- Sure, Mr. Kent.

I'll give you a helicopter ride
to Metropolis.

Young man, you too.
Stay behind the barricade.

Let's go.

Stand up and put your hands
on your head.

Stand up!

Turn around.

I can explain.

Hold still. Keep your fingers linked.

I'm listening.

My name is Clark Kent. My mom's
a hostage being held up there.

Thought you'd play hero?
Assuming you're who you say... almost got your mom killed. Every
opening in there is wired with alarms.

The kidnappers control
the security system.

They've threatened to shoot hostages
if anyone so much as sets a toe inside.

Come on, hero.
You're coming with me.

Move it!

So, what are we gonna do?
They saw you kill Kern.

They can ID us, Pyne.

And I for one am not going down
for murder. Understand me?

We will deal with them
when the time comes.

I know what you're thinking.

If I hadn't asked you to work today,
you'd be at home now with your family.

I don't blame you, Lionel.

It's just that Jonathan and I
left on such bad terms.

That's ironic. I had quite a row
this morning too with Lex.

If they kill us...

...those will be the last words
we ever spoke to each other.

Pyne, you're up.

What the hell is this?

I want you to monitor
the radio channels. Nothing gets...

It's okay. It's okay.


- You know this kid?
- Yes, ma'am. He's my son.

You keep him away from the building
or I'll arrest him. All right?

- Lieutenant, I'm...
- I know who you are.

I'd appreciate an update
on the negotiations.

This way.

- What happened?
- I listened to the police.

- I found a way into the building.
- Really, how?

No one's watching the Daily Planet.

- You're not thinking about jumping.
- It's the only way.

- Clark, that's gotta be over 200 feet.
- I can make it.

You don't know that.

- Don't you have a fear of heights?
- Lf we're not here to get Mom, why?

Listen to me. I am just as concerned
about your mother as you are.

But we can't afford to make a mistake
that could get her killed.

Where's the damn money?

I told you there was nothing
in there of interest to you.

Check this out.

Could be worth something.

What the hell is this?

Martha, perhaps the gentleman
hasn't noticed...

...that I'm blind.

Would you mind telling me
what he's referring to?


...some sort of metallic disk,
shaped like an octagon.

It's nothing, a keepsake.

- Sawyer.
- Where is my transportation?

I told you, I need a show of good faith.
You give me one of those hostages.



Get up.

You got 10 minutes, then you can
take this one out in a body bag.

We're working on it. Stay cool up there.
Stay cool.

Whatever you do, don't hurt any
of the hostages. Just stay calm.

Yeah, well, how am I supposed
to stay calm, huh?

I opened up that damn vault expecting
my retirement fund...

...and instead I find a bunch of files,
green rocks all cut up into bars.

- What else was in there?
- What's it to you?

Answer me and maybe I can help you.

I don't know. Just what I told you.

Oh, and some metal
octagon-Looking thing.

Listen to me. Pack up everything.
The files, the bars, the octagon.

Yeah, then what?

I know a way out of the building.
But first, you let the hostages go.


Better take a look at this.

- We got company.
- Check it out.

A window blew out on the 30th floor.
Get the team together, we're going in.

Let's go. Move it.

What the hell's going on?

Sounds like a chunk in that safe
is worth something to you.

Tell you what, I want a million dollars
and I want a way out of here.

- You're in no position to negotiate.
- This is not a negotiation. All right?

We get out of here or nobody does.

All right, listen to me.

Luthor has a private elevator.

It'll take you to a tunnel that leads
to a garage three blocks away.

Hey, Lionel.
You been holding out on me?

Is there some kind of secret way
out of here?

Oh, yes.

And whatever that anonymous coward,
your Mr. Green, is offering...

...I'll double it... exchange for our lives...

...and the contents of the safe.

Hear that, Green? Looks like
we got us a bidding war.

Look, no matter what Luthor
is promising, you can't trust him.

Oh, but I should trust you?
Somebody who hides his own identity?

Think I'd rather deal with Lionel.

I'll match what he's offering,
just don't hurt them.

Don't hurt who, Lex?

- Were you talking to those men?
- Mr. Kent...

...what I'm doing is in the best interest
of your wife and my father. Believe me.

If I find out that you had anything to do
with what's going on out here... will pray to God you never set
foot in Smallville. You believe me.

Where's my mom? Where is she?!

So as soon as the banks open,
I'll have the money wired... any account you choose,
anywhere in the world.

- All right, we got a deal.
- Good.

But I'm hanging on to everything
till I get that money.

All right.

Bishop, pack up the stuff in the vault.

So you'll tell who's on
the other end of the line?

You'd know better than I do. Why don't
you think who your enemies are?

Come on, lady, you can help out too.
Pick up the files.

Come on!

Today! Come on!

- Pick them up, put them with the rest.
- Okay, I'm picking them up. I...

All right, that's good.
Get over there and help your boss up.


- Martha. The octagonal disk, where is it?
- I don't know. Why is it so important?

Come on, time's up. Let's go. Move.

Move, move!

What the hell happened?

The cops cut the power.
We've gotta go!

Bishop, don't!

Clark! Get out of here now!



Are you alone?

Answer me, are you alone?

Clark! Clark. Are you all right?

You and the kid get up, put your hands
over your head, or I kill the old man.

He's dead.

Clark. Those files over there, burn them.

There's one about you.
We can't let it get out.

Metropolis P.D., nobody move!
Hands where I can see them!


- How did you get inside?
- The boy's resourceful, Lex.

What difference does it make how?
He saved us, that's what's important.


I did everything I could
to secure your release.

No, I'm sure you did a great deal.

I'll send someone to the mansion
for my things.

I'll help them pack.

Thank you.

- What's that?
- It's my resignation.

There's no way I can keep working
for Lionel.

He had refined meteor rocks, a file
on Clark. I can't believe I trusted him.

Without that file, at least the police
can't find out anything about me.

To think I made this job
such a big priority...

...and Lionel may have only hired me
to learn more about Clark.

Sorry, Mom. I know how important
your work has been to you.

It's not more important than you.


Are you sure that this
is the best thing to do?

- Quit, I mean.
- What do you mean?

I thought you'd be happy about it.

If you hadn't been working
for Lionel...

...then we'd have no way of knowing
that he was keeping tabs on Clark.

So instead of staying away
from him...

Maybe we should take a page
out of the Luthor playbook.

- Sweetheart. You coming up?
- In a minute.