Smallville (2001–2011): Season 10, Episode 9 - Patriot - full transcript

Oliver tests the Vigilante Registration Act by outing himself at a press conference, praised by the general in charge. As feared, he's tortured in a secret prison to turn on his superhero friends. Tess helps work out the design from Luthor plans for an underwater top-security facility, build in sixfold. Aquaman 'A.C.' Arthur Curry and his new wife Mera discover and penetrate the one Oliver is held in, but the general rather starts auto-destruct. Clark remains cautious and flashes to the rescue but has to deal with a specific counter-measure.

Previously on Smallville...

Lois: He's never
gonna tell me, is he?

I'm The Blur.

And you're still okay
with that?

Are you kidding me?

What took you so long?

- Daddy.
- General Lane.

I'm the senior military advisor
on the new bill,

the Vigilante Registration Act.

You're searching for enemies
where they don't exist.

As soon
as you're threatened,

everyone else's rights
go out the window?

Tess: This is the signal for the
Suicide Squad, led by Rick Flag.

To him, you're all
freedom fighters.

Rick: America's
turning against us.

More superheroes
are coming over to my side.

I am Green Arrow.

What inspired you to become
the masked archer?

You're damn right
I'm a hero.

And I'm not
doing it alone.

Name's Arthur Curry.

Perimeter breached.
Proceeding to target.

Don't put your faith
in this hero menace!

Liberty, freedom, equality --

these are the values

that we have been charged
with defending.

And never in the history
of this country

have these principles been so
threatened as they are today.

With all due respect,

our troops have worked hard
to secure this time of peace.

The threat is within.

Creeping up
on a sleeping nation.

Gentlemen, every person
under our protection

lies in wait for that leader

that will rescue them
from poverty,

from violence,
even from sadness.

They will hail him
as their new hero.

Heroes like Joseph Stalin

Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein.

In the hearts
of their countrymen,

these men rose as saviors...

Only turning into tyrants

once they had secured the trust
of their nation.

You're not
suggesting a coup.

[ Scoffs ]

The trust
of the American people

doesn't lie in the Oval Office
anymore, Admiral,

but in a new breed of hero.

Every year,

this league grows while
the nation turns a blind eye.

Two weeks ago,

the bombing
of an anti-vigilante office

was an open act
of terrorism.

Which is why the President
appointed me

to oversee
the Vigilante Registration Act.

Since the VRA
came into effect,

even known offenders
haven't agreed to sign up.

Well, that is about to change.

[ Alarm blaring ]

Make sure everyone's out.


[ Blaring continues ]

Sir, we have a breach

at Poseidon 34-59.

even as we speak,

it looks like we have fallen
under another vigilante assault,

this time on one
of our own installations.

It's time we took these "heroes"
under our control

and proved who is really
fighting for truth,

justice, and the American way.

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Original Air Date on November 19, 2010

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♪ let your warm hands
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♪ somebody save me ♪

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♪ just stay with me ♪

♪ I've made this whole world
shine for you ♪

♪ just stay ♪

♪ stay ♪

♪ come on ♪

It appears this Suicide Squad
used a subdermal fluorescer

with just enough Blue Kryptonite
to penetrate the skin

but not impact
your powers...

Or limit your mysterious

Secret meetings with your cousin
around the world --

not exactly like you,

It's nothing
I can't handle.

You could have warned me
this would sting a little.

Oliver: He'll probably give you
a lollipop when you're done.

Thought we all agreed I was
permanently sequestered

from Watchtower --
what's with the 911?

Emil found a way to get the
Suicide Squad's tags out of us.

I assume you were careful
coming in?

Careful doesn't even cut it
these days.

Are you kidding me?

I'm throwing out
some of my best moves

just to avoid the public eye
long enough to get up here.

Well, the Registration Act's
not gonna make it any easier.

As much as I hate
to admit it,

Flag saw
this whole thing coming.

His guerilla tactics --

they don't seem so crazy now,
do they?

At least someone's fighting back
against the VRA.

Clark: The only problem is
no one knows they exist.

So we're taking
all the heat.

Oliver, the government thinks
we're the ones retaliating.

After last night,
they're right.

We think A.C. set off
an explosion

at an offshore oil rig.

It's not the first time
he's gone Che Guevara

just to protect
the big blue,

and let's face it --

now that the VRA's got all of us
looking over our shoulders,

team communication's gone
from full bars to no signal.

Yeah, but whatever
he's up to,

he's only
feeding the fear

that the government
already has about us.

We need to prove
that we're the good guys,

not the terrorists.

Yeah, no, great.

And I wish things were all kittens
and rainbows, too, Clark.

But thanks to Godfrey,
the McCarthy of the microphone,

people don't trust us
the way they used to.

Now, the VRA's propaganda
machine is in full swing.

Sometimes, Clark,
words are the greatest weapon.

Can't say
that I blame 'em.

We came in and took the law
into our own hands.

People need to believe
in this country

and the systems that have been
here for centuries.

I do.

Really? Oh, well,
hey, you know what?

That's a good idea.

Why don't you just
march on in there

and go ahead
and sign up?

Maybe it's time.

The government has its eyes set
on The Blur

more than anyone else.

Nothing would prove that
we're all on the same side

more than The Blur

Clark, Lady Liberty
may have her arms wide open,

but it's not for a hug.

Look, the longer we hide,

the more it looks like
we have a reason to.

If no one registers,
they'll come after us all.

Well, I guess it's time for me
to fulfill my patriotic duty.

Clark, there's no need for you
to compromise your identity

when I already have.

You go rein in Flipper...

I'll see if I can find
what they have planned for us

when we sign our lives over
to good old Uncle Sam.

[ Sighs ]

I miss you, too, Clark.

[ Static crackles ]

Man: Since the passing
of the registration bill,

no vigilante
has yet to step forward,

raising public suspicions --
until today.

Who is the mysterious patriot
in our midst?



Let me guess --

you woke up feeling odd
with fang marks on your neck?

No. Uh, it took three cars,
two sets of stairs,

and a body double
just to get me here,

so, quick --
the, uh, vigilante signing --

are you covering that?

I wouldn't miss it
for the world.


I have serious concerns
about the legitimacy

of this mystery hero.

Who would be stupid enough
to stand up and register?


[ Exhales ]

Are you out
of your mind?

The VRA's a steaming pile
of Spanish Inquisition

served up with a side
of fear and loathing.

Gee, Lois, why don't you just
go ahead

and say what you really feel
about this whole thing?

We have to find out what happens
when someone registers.

Yeah. I get it.

Somebody needs
to be the hero,

and you're the only one
that is...

You stick your foot
in your mouth any further,

and you might end up
losing a shoe.

I wasn't the first one to volunteer
for operation guinea pig.

Your boyfriend was.

So, I may be taking
the plunge,

but I talked Clark
off the ledge.

He never told me he was even
thinking about registering.


You know, I'm sure he was --
he was going to.

Really? When?
With his one phone call?

Lois, just 'cause
you register,

that doesn't mean
that you're under arrest.

Who knows what it means?

[ Sighs ]

Here I thought Clark and I
were finally driving

on the
honest-relationship road,

and then -- bam --

So, what?

He'll ask my opinion
on what tie to wear

but not on whether
to show the world

his real work uniform?

I don't think Clark purposely
left you out of the loop.

[ Scoffs ]
It's even worse.

It slips his mind to mention
something this big to me,

but he'll discuss it
with you?

And with other people.


Look -- we both know

Clark has this overdeveloped
sense of responsibility.


That's why if something
goes south with my registration,

we can't let Clark
try to fix it on his own. Okay?

For his sake,
for everyone else's.

The world needs you,

A.C., we need to talk!

[ Scoffs ]

I'm past talking, Clark.

I've got greater
responsibilities now.

Blowing up oil rigs?

Is that responsible?

Check your sources.

I didn't hurt anyone.

Don't make me start now.

Who are you
working with?

You think 'cause I'm not
checking in at the tree house

I've gone rogue?

Nice trust.

You're not going

Oh, and if you thought
I was working solo...

...You haven't met
his wife.

Slade: Paints a pretty scary
picture, doesn't it?

It certainly gives me
a new perspective.



Sam Lane's daughter.

I always do my homework.

Why do you think
I gave you clearance?


And here I was thinking I got
in here on my wit and charm.

I see you are not
just a Lane in name,

but attitude as well.

[ Chuckles ]

My dad always said I was made
of more brass than his medals.

[ Chuckles ]

I brought something for you.


I see that I am not the only one
who does their homework.

Fine bourbon

and Cuban cohibas --
my favorite.

American made
and American won.

I don't care
what they say --

that victory will be ours
soon enough.

Spoken like a true daughter
of the red, white, and blue.

Speaking of
the red, white, and blue...

[ Beep ]

What's really up
with the VRA?

Your father worked on the
registration act, Miss Lane.

I'm not sure
what more I can tell you.

Well, it's only
since your command

that someone volunteered
to sign up.

How exactly
is that gonna happen?

They'll simply sign
a declaration of intent

to act only
at the government's behest.

United we stand,
right, Miss Lane?

As it stands now,

vigilantes do not represent
the will of the people.

And anyone
espousing different

merely supports
their cause.

[ Beep ]

Which is exactly why I asked
for the VRA assignment.

Who better to give the military
a fair shake than a brat?

One who has written most of
her paper's pro-blur articles.

I guess my name
isn't the only reason

you agreed
to this one-on-one.

You are not playing
for your team

the way you should be,
Miss Lane.

We all must do our part.

Some people might say

that's what drives
the vigilantes to action.

Well, then,
they'll simply step forward

and suit up with the good guys,
won't they?

[ Exhales ]

Here's to the good guys.

[ Chuckles ]


Ah, there must be something
around here to cut this.

[ Beeps softly ]

Your name
got you in here,

but it won't get you
out of trouble.

Show me your hand.


I just thought
you might like a light.

I apologize.

These vigilantes have got me
suspicious of everyone.

No worries.

These days, you just don't know
who you can trust.


your activist streak,

I never saw you
settling down.

It was his passion
and conviction

that drew me to him.

There are qualities
we share

and on which we've built
a partnership.

To the outside world,

your passion looks a lot
like terrorism.

Do you really want people to see
us as scared, hunted victims?

We can't stop the government
from targeting us,

but we can show them
we're not gonna take it.

And show them you're
the criminals they fear you are.

And be the heroes
people hope we are.

Who is your hero, Clark?

Everybody has one.

I'll never forget the day
I read about mine --

this little lady
named Lucy Burns,

who just wanted to vote
like her father.

But she didn't
just sit back

and expect people to do
the right thing,

because you know what?

They didn't.

It wasn't until
she refused food

and endured the infamous
"night of terror" --

that's when people decided to do
the right thing.

Victories aren't won
by spectators...

But by fighters...

Like me and Mera.

What are you doing
to fight for us?

We shouldn't be
fighting anyone,

the government.

We should be
protecting people.

And right now, we are the ones
who need protection the most.

Clark, that rig we took out
wasn't drilling for oil.

Neither are the ones

the government's building
around the country.

Then what are they?

High-tech holding facilities
deep below the earth.

And they're building them
for us.


Would you like
to explain this to me?

Because I took it off
your desktop,

and it suspiciously looks like
an article on the VRA,

which I expressly said
you were not to write.

Your father
worked on the bill, Lois.

There's a conflict
of interest.

Let's just say something
is rotten

in the military state
of Metropolis,

and I need to make sure
certain people know about it.

Look, I know that you like
to break a story

before anybody else,

but your concern

Okay, I'm actually gonna level
with you on this one, Tess.

I just found out

that the mystery hero
registering is Oliver.

Is Clark working with you
on this?

Why would he be?

You share a lot
of bylines.

So you're alone
on this one.

[ Sighs ]
Looks like it.

Clark's got jury duty.


Jury duty?

I tried to tell him
how to get out of it,

but you know Clark --
always serving the people

and fulfilling
his civic obligation.

Yeah, he is...dedicated
that way.

[ Chuckles ]

What is your scoop
on the VRA?

Despite what they say,

I think the VRA is going
a little less above board

and a lot more
water board.


Meet general Slade Wilson.

Put in charge of executing
the VRA --

emphasis on "execute."

For years, rumors of war crimes
followed him --

never any charges,

and he continued
to move up the ranks.

Because he was effective,
and now he's targeting heroes.

It's worse.

If I've got it right,
he's building prisons.

And Oliver's about to sign up
for this summer internment camp?

Today, we take our first step
toward a new partnership.

There will no longer
be law and outlaw.

We will be one people,

working toward one goal --
the common good.

[ Paper snaps ]

Oliver Queen's

marks a new day
for this country...

And the end of vigilantes
working outside the law.

Oliver, no!

They're going
to the helipad.

you own this building.

Don't let that helicopter
take off.

Lois, I can't.
They have military clearance.

Oliver's gone.

Lois: I need to know
where Clark is.

I have no idea.


Oliver's in trouble,
and Clark could be, too.

I need to know
how to find them.


But I don't know why
you're asking me.

[ Exhales ]

Dr. know-nothing.

I have tried to reach Clark
with zero results.

Now, he's mentioned
your name a lot,

and he's never even had
a yearly checkup.


[ Grunts ]

I know that you're
in his superhero club.

So unless you want
a sudden tracheotomy,

you will tell me
where he is A.S.A.P.

He went to find A.C.
In Miami.

That's the last
I heard.

Now, for the record,

you know I was bluffing,

[ Pats Emil's shoulder ]

[ Sighs ]

Florida in winter.

[ Beeping ]

Who doesn't love to snowbird?

Seismic activity.

That's how Mera
found the place.

She's pretty amazing --

smart, passionate, fiery.

Even helped me understand
my true origins.

You really went off
the high dive for her.

I'm so much more with her
than I ever was solo.

You don't feel guilty,
putting her in danger?

Mera can hold her own.

If you're worried about someone
a little less superpowered,

Mera helped me realize
that standing on the sidelines

isn't the same
as being in the game.

Do you recognize
this structure?

Looks like the facilities
at Luthorcorp

when Lex was trying to build
his own private zoo

of the superpowered.

It couldn't be

Tess and Oliver
would know about it.

Looks like Uncle Sam raided the
patent offices for his own end.

you still reading us?

Mera: Barely.
[ Static ]

...Just heard...Tower.

You're breaking up.

Watchtower found
eight locations

with similar
seismic readings.

You need to check them
right away.

Oliver's been taken
off the grid!

If we split up, we can cover
the facility faster.

They've taken
one of ours.

Let's go get him back.

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Beeping ]

Almost done, Mr. Queen.

What's with the secret
workout room here, huh?

Is this a, uh,
a secret tryout for the NFL?

[ Door closes ]

You're strong
and extremely agile

with coordination

that's off the charts.

I'm human.

Well, I commend
your performance.

We'd love to have someone
with your gifts

serve our country.

Help us bring in your
less cooperative cohorts.


I'll be your poster boy.

I'll say your words,
and I'll be your face,

but it ends with me,
you understand?

Now, there are people
out there

who want to believe
in you.

They want to believe
in this country.

Give them a chance
to prove that,

to be the heroes
we all need.

You got nerve.
I like that.

But your draft card
wasn't a two-for-one special.

Please, allow me to make
a more convincing argument.

Mera: Look who skipped
right out of the forest.

Doe-eyed Bambi

You're Lois Lane.

Wow! [ Chuckles ]

Brazen much?

I am Mera,
wife of Orin,

future king
of the seven seas.

The one you call
Arthur Curry.

A.C. got married.

Aren't you just
full of reveals?

Orin is finally embracing
his destiny

and leading his people.


Lois: Hang on.
"His people."

Like, down under
and not Australia?

I need to find Clark.

Certainly you are not a partner
in his endeavors?

Wow, some people get a ring
on their finger,

and everyone else's relationship
just doesn't cut it.

Spoken like one
who can never be satisfied

by a man
of her own kind.

You desire those
who are extraordinary --

first Orin, then Oliver,
now Clark.

You've got to be
kidding me.

[ Chuckles ]

Little mermaid?

Your prince and I dated
for like a day.

It's understandable that you
would seek a superior companion.

I'm just surprised
that powerful men

would choose someone
of lesser ability.

Listen, squid lips...

You don't know anything
about me or Clark.

I know you came here
looking for Clark.

You're in the dark...

but not included.

Do you really want
the harsh light of truth?

[ Air whooshes ]


What are you doing here?

Well, since
you've apparently forsaken

modern communication

I'm hand-delivering
an S.O.S.

About Oliver.
I know he's been taken.

What? How -- how do you know
that already?

[ Monitor beeps ]

Clark, I ran some tests

on the alloy
that you found and...



you know how I hate

being all
emo-relationship chick?

It's just,
I can't get you on the phone,

but Tess can Skype
with you?

This isn't a social call.

And I am?

We practically
share a desk chair,

but I'm still not
the real work wife.

Sorry to interrupt "The Real
Housewives of Metropolis,"

but there's something
you need to know

about this alloy
that we tested.

it can change properties.

It's like some sort of
multifunctional weaponry.

The government is preparing for
anything that comes its way.

Including Orin.
[ Sighs ]

He should have been back
by now.

He could be at any one
of the four facilities

he was checking out.

Lois: If he ended up
in one of Slade's nets,

I might know how
to find him.

[ Beeps ]

It's the design blueprint
for the prisons.

And according to this,

there's only one facility
that is operational.

It's in Alaska.

[ Beeping ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Coughing ]

Please tell me
you're not the rescue party.

They must have
tracked me in.

[ Groans ]

I should have been
more stealth.

You know
about our abilities?

Always be prepared.

You came at us
through the ocean

like a torpedo.

It didn't take much
to figure out

where your mutated abilities
come from.

A little heat,

and you dry right up,
don't you?

Something tells me
the White House

didn't exactly get the memo
on your glacial gitmo here.

Don't ask...
Don't tell.

I wouldn't be
too embarrassed.

You two
are just the first

in a whole host
of vigilantes

to be taken out of play.

With the right encouragement,

I'm sure you will help us
bring them in.

You're gonna need
a bigger cage.

I wouldn't worry about that.

See, you all have
some great strength...

But one equally great flaw.

No, you are almost too easy.

Damaged, lonely,


A hero with no actual powers.

Do you resent them?

Actually, you're taking
the honors right now, jackass.

Unlike the half-dolphin
over there,

I'll bet you hate
the freezing-cold depths

of the ocean.

[ Alarm beeping ]

Computerized voice:
Intruder alert.

Partial power interruption.

[ Beeping continues ]

[ Gagging, coughing ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Beeping continues ]

Computer override initiated.

Terminal breach measures

Self-destruct in 2 minutes.

You're up, gill boy.



[ Gasps ]

[ Electricity crackles ]

[ Beeping continues ]

We gotta go...


How long can you hold
your breath?

Clark: Slade!

Self-destruct in 90 seconds.

I'm not gonna let you
continue destroying

people's faith
in justice.

Made of steel,
or just a man?

[ Beeping continues ]

You can't be both.

[ Bullets ricocheting ]

Self-destruct in 60 seconds.

[ Groans ]
So it is you.

What are you doing?!

I need to get you out of here!

This whole place was built
for the express purpose...

Of containing your kind.

Self-destruct in 40 seconds.

And your weakness
was the hardest to learn.

[ Grunts ]

You see?

You're not above the law.

You're not even above me.

How can you be so determined
in seeing us as the enemy,

instead of working
with us?

Self-destruct in 30 seconds.

Let me save you.

You'll never get out!

I know,
but it's worth it.

To destroy the single greatest
threat to democracy.

No civilian in this country
should be more powerful

than the law.

That's what
keeps the order.

That's what
keeps us strong.

Self-destruct in 15 seconds.

Shut it down.

Let me help you.

I'd rather die
for my country

than be saved by an abomination
like you.

[ Beeping continues ]

Self-destruct in 10 seconds.

You asked me a question.
I guess you'll get your answer.

I am man...

And steel.

Glad you didn't find
your Davy Jones down there

after that explosion.

I know how much
you love the water...

But I couldn't
be happier

to have my two feet
on solid ground.

Oh, just as well.

'Cause let's be honest.

you look like a clown fish.

[ Hay thuds ]

I guess I should
thank you

for uncovering
those holding cells.

Part of me wishes I could have
kept on believing in...

...Everything I was raised
to believe in.

Don't let
an overzealous warhawk

shake your faith
in people, Clark.

Your endless optimism
is the one thing

I actually like
about you.

Did you learn that vocabulary
from Mera?

Seriously, though,
you made a good point.

Digging in our heels
and being as extreme as Slade

makes us no better
than them.

I'm just sorry they got
what they wanted out of the VRA.

How's that?

We didn't exactly
rush to sign up,

but we got scared.

We stopped communicating.
We stopped trusting each other.

Now, there's no way we can beat
this if we splinter.

I may not trust the commandos
in Washington,

but I trust you, Clark.

So we'll do it
your way --

lead by example,
not by resistance.

I think
you have another battle

brewing on the home front,

I thought if I told Lois
my secret,

everything would fall
into place.

I guess I've kept her
on the outside.

The away games
don't matter

unless you win the ones
at home, too,

which you
definitely can't do

if you refuse
to have a co-Captain.

All I'm saying is...

If anyone can handle you
and what you do,

it's Lois.

But you can't bring her
on the team

and keep her benched.

The question is,

can you handle that?

You do carry
a lot of baggage.

Seriously, don't make me

take my hair dryer out
and shrivel you.

Perhaps I was too hasty

in my judgment of you,
Lois Lane.

You think?

Because we didn't just get off
on the wrong fin.

I stand by
what I said before.

You're not like us,
not like Clark. are
what he needs.

You treat Clark
not as your superior

but as an equal...

And insist
that he do the same.


You'd make a good partner
for him, Lois...

In your own way.

If he lets me.

It took months

and more than just a few
water blasts to the head

for Orin to let me
stand with him...

Not just beside him.

Give Clark time.

[ Door opens ]

A.C.: I hate to break up
the party.

We need to catch
the current.

I thought Orin
was exaggerating, Clark,

but everything he said
about you is true.

Even when the tide
is turning,

you work hard to bring change
by delivering justice,

not bombs.

As a patriot to the country,
not just the cause.

That's our boy scout.

Lois: All right,
wave runners,

next time you're in town,
be sure to swim by.

Aye-aye, Captain.

Be seeing you.


In case I forgot
to mention it,

I'm really glad I only booked
a one-way to Miami.

Your arms were a lot better
than some seat in coach.

You shouldn't have had to fly
all the way to Florida

just to find me.

Don't sweat it.

Those mileage points
needed to be used up anyway.

No, Lois, you were right
to be upset.

I've been running around
acting like it's just me...

Instead of us.

The truth is, I rely on you
more than anyone else.

I trust you
to know parts of me

that I don't even
trust myself.

That's why you're
the only person I told

about the darkness
that I've tried to fight...

But failed.

I know.

It's just, when you look
at A.C. and Mera --

how they work together,
how alike they are --

it kind of
makes you wonder...

If we'll ever
be like that.

I mean,
you got to admit, I'm...

that I'm not?

that's why it works.

Yeah, but two pieces
may fit together,

but if they're not
from the same puzzle,

it might end up
looking like a Picasso.

But does that matter?

It depends.

When you went off
to go and save the world...

I remember what my mom
looked like

every time my dad left
on deployment.

And it was the hardest thing
she ever had to do, but she...

She remained stoic
until that door closed.

Because she knew that was how
she helped my dad

do what he had to do.

Because they were
in it together...

No matter what.

And so am I.

But I'm not
the only one.

You didn't tell anyone
about the darkness...


You think you're supposed
to be invincible.


And it terrifies you
that you're not.

[ Sighs ]

Lois, how am I
supposed to protect people,

protect you,

if I can't even protect myself
from the darkness?

By not trying
to do it alone.

We're in this
together now --

all of us.

And the team needs to know
the bigger war we're fighting.


Welcome to Watchtower --

the official headquarters
of the home team.

Which you are
clearly on now.


Is that
a com-sat hook-up?

I take back that whole
"work wife" thing.

Your satellite officially
trumps my cellphone.

Forget it.

From now on,

mi com-sat
es su com-sat.


Clark, I got your message.


What's going on?


We all know what the government
was up to.

Those prisons were part
of a much bigger threat.

Hate crimes are up.

People like Slade,
they're getting more control.

And Godfrey's
anti-vigilante message --

it's reaching more ears
than ever before,

and I don't think
it's a coincidence.

Sadly, Clark, there's no mystery
to human fear and hatred.

This time, there might be.

I think there's something more
behind the darkness,

something that hero haters
like Slade

don't even know
is affecting them.

When I sent
the Kandorians away

through the portal into space,

I opened a door for something
else to come to Earth.

Are you seriously trying
to tell me that,

out of all the intergalactic
bad boys we've ever faced,

this one's
actually worse?

This is much worse.

We can't even see it
to fight it.

This thing is like an evil
that's spreading over the Earth.

It preys upon the dark side
that we already have.

It feeds on our doubts,
our fears, and our distrust.

Well, I'd say,
from where I'm standing,

it's already
on the winning side.

I think it even
affected Slade.

Just before
the facility exploded,

I saw something
on Slade's skull --

the Omega symbol.

It was like
it was branded there.

Almost like the mark...

...Of the beast
in revelations.

Which would explain
why he veered

so far off
his marching orders.

I'm guessing you don't think
that Slade's the only pledge

to the Alpha-Omega-Die
Fraternity, right?

I think the Omega's a sign
of corruption,

a mark that the darkness
has fully taken over someone.

Didn't Kara say
that a person

had to be open
to the darkness?

That it can't infect anyone
of pure heart?

And which one of us
doesn't have that weakness?

A hidden hatred or fear

that this thing
couldn't prey upon?

So, basically this thing
doesn't have to do anything.

It just waits
for everybody's weaknesses,

and then we destroy

If we can't stop it,

the darkness will infect
every person on this planet.

[ Static buzzing ]