Smallville (2001–2011): Season 10, Episode 4 - Homecoming - full transcript

Still gravely pondering his place in life, Clark lets Lois drag him along to their Smallvillle high school reunion. Rather than enjoying his hero status, while Lois shines less than she ...

Previously on Smallville:

A darkness has come to Earth.

This isn't your fight.

I'm not gonna stand here
and do nothing.

KARA: You've been on Earth all this time
and you can't even fly.

The woman that I, uh-- That I love,
she sacrificed everything to protect me.

First I'll eat, and then I'll molt
and then I'll mate.

I am the Brain InterActive Construct.
Do not underestimate me.


It is safer if you stay in the shadows.
It's safer for all heroes.

Maybe people deserve to know the truth.
I am Green Arrow.

There is darkness in you and great power.

You're afraid
you'll never be the hero you wanna be.

You will never be Earth's savior.

Good question.

Maybe you were right, Jor-El.

Maybe I'm not the one.

Maybe none of us are.


Lois. Hey, I'm sorry,
I've kind of been out of it lately.

I left you a message.

Yeah, three days ago.
You feeling better?

Well, no worries.

You didn't miss anything
in the news department.


Seems the Blur took
a little vacation this week too.

- There must be something going around.
- Hmm.

Hero haters.

Just when you think the world
couldn't get more upside-down, right?

People probably don't wanna put their hope
in someone who's gonna let them down.

He never would let us down.

The Blur, I mean.

And this person, for one,
is gonna stand by her hero... matter how much mud they sling.
- Why?

Because that's what you do
when you believe in someone.

You know what you need?
A pick-me-up.


Thanks, Lois, but I don't think playing
quarterback is gonna make my day.

Depends on the cheerleader.

Come on, did you forget?
Tomorrow's our Smallville High reunion.

- Did you say our reunion?
- Yes.

Smallville's the closest thing to a past
this military brat has.

And I am not gonna miss it.

We don't have to be dating
to show up at a reunion together.

There's a lot
of memories there for me, I--

Come on, Clark,
it would mean a lot to me.

Seeing all those familiar faces.
It's like I had a place, like I fit in.

And you ...

I mean, you put the "Smallville"
in Smallville, Smallville.

Besides, what's the worst thing
that could happen?

I've wasted a decade picking up
the pieces from meteor-mutant students.

"How do I get into college
with a criminal record?"

You can't, freak.

You see, I have spent years hearing
their stories.

And-- And no--

No matter now crazy they are,
they always mention one person.


Clark Kent.

So nice of you to come back
to the reunion, save me a trip.

Looks like your bill is up
and it is time for you to pay.

It's time to move on from the past.

Leave Clark Kent to me.

Guess I just haven't been back
in a while.


Oh. There's Eddie from chem class.

Oh, and Jake and the cupcake girl
are together now.

Hi. Sally "Pep Rally" Dickinson
has put on a few.

Lois, I don't really have
a good feeling about all this.

Nietzsche? I didn't realize
you had a dark side, Clark.

- Well, doesn't everybody?
- Yeah, I guess so.

So, what are you, man or superman?

Well, look who it is. Clark Kent.

Have I got something for you.

A hug.

Um, thanks.

Oh, now, don't leave early.
We've got a special treat for you.

A couple more hugs...

...and maybe you'll have
the bah-humbugs squeezed out of you.


Welcome back. isn't this great?

I have the whole day
mapped out for you.

Adelia. Laney.

- Lois Lane. Chess Club?
ADELIA: Uh ...

I sat through an entire game once?

ADELIA: Whatever.
GIRL: Come on, let's go.


Hey, Mark. Smoking times, huh?

Should I know you?

Like you don't remember
behind the gym on a smoke break?

I mean,
I was chewing gum at the time, but--

Really? Nothing.

Hey, Lois. Let's, um, go inside.


Ha, ha. I can't believe you're here.

What happened to the bumbling nerd?

Susan Capra.

Suzanne, actually.
You always mixed us up.

Well, you haven't changed a bit.

Bak, bak, Crow.


- Oh. Here you go.
- Thank you.

Are you his plus one?


I went to school here, people.

Lane. Lane, Lane, Lane.



Wow, old flames.

I should've known this would happen.
I haven't seen her since...

...your barn when we were about to--

She's not coming.

I forgot how many memories
you have here.

CHLOE: It started out as a scrapbook
and just kind of mutated.

What is it?

I call it the Wall of Weird.

So, what do you think?


I'm sorry.

Maybe I shouldn't have
brought you back here.

Oh, my God.

- You were friends with Chloe Sullivan.
- Yeah, what happened to her?

She was the rising star of the
Daily Planet like she always dreamed.

- And now--
-it's like she just vanished.

Like someone found out
that she knew too much.

Looks like somebody took a bite
out of Chloe's conspiracy cookie.

I'm sorry to disappoint you,
but Chloe couldn't make it.

Wait a minute, I know you.
You're Lois Lane.

Yes, thank you.

You dated the Green Arrow,
a.k.a. Oliver ...

- Oliver Queen.
- Oliver Queen.

What's it like
to date a real superhero?

It-- it was really quick, just a flash.

But I would date one again
in a heartbeat.

- So this is all that's left of the Torch?
- Are you kidding?

We carry the Torch with us every day.

Everything you need to know about
the mysterious and unexplained.

The Wall of Weird has gone viral.

- The Blur.
- What?

Okay, promise not to tell anyone.

Okay, we have a theory
that the Blur was born...

- And raised in Smallville.
-...In Smallville.

Okay, I think your virtual weird wall
has left you a pushpin short.

You're the one who writes about him.

You seriously never considered
that all of these miraculous saves...

...that Chloe wrote about in the Torch...

...started right before
the Blur showed up in Metropolis?

I wouldn't waste
any more time on the Blur.

Seems like he's gone away
and I'm not so sure he'll be back.

I think what Clark is trying to say,
is that it's great that the Blur...

...has been there to be a role model
for kids like you to look up to.

I mean, how many people in the world
has he inspired?

Exactly. Maybe it's a good thing
he didn't show up for the reunion.

- He would've stolen your thunder, Clark.
- What thunder?

SUSAN: Okay, Crows, give it up for your
alumni homecoming king, Clark Kent.


Now, this is the homecoming
I'm talking about.

Thank God you squeaked out that state
championship in your senior year.

One! Two! Three!

Come on, Crows!

My sincere apologies for interrupting
this festive trip down memory lane.

- Brainiac. I thought we destroyed you.
- Hmm.

Whatever you want,
leave these people out of it.

Oh, don't worry,
I'm only here for you.

I wanted to slow things down.

Make sure you can soak
in this special moment.

And whats so special
about this moment?

This is the moment
that your life changes forever.

I don't know if you're a ghost or
the darkness Jor-El warned me about...

...but this will come to an end
just like it did the last time.

- I hope so, for your sake.
- For my sake?

You sent the person that I love away.

You tried to destroy Chloe,
you tried to destroy the world.

And you saved me from all that, Kal-El.
I've come back to do the same for you.

The Legion? You're from the future.

- What did you do to them?
- I joined them.

In the 31st century,
I'm known as Brainiac 5.

The ring, time travel, all my creations.

I brought the Legion
into a new realm of heroism.

- They helped me destroy you.
- No, they helped you cure me.

The problem is, Kal-El,
you and I aren't very different.

We were both created
in one way or another by Jor-El.

Both intended to save civilizations,
to bring peace to a brutal world.

But neither of us
was immune to corruption, to darkness.

And what does that mean?

Everyone's telling me
I've a darkness within me.

But I don't understand what it is
or how I'm supposed to change it.

You destroyed cities.

I may not make the right decisions,
but at least I'm trying to save people.

Then let me show you, Kal-El.
We can't always see it in ourselves.

My corruption started
with a nanobyte.


Smaller than the eye can see.
But that's all it took.

My father's funeral.


If you're trying to save me somehow,
why show me this?

Because this was a defining moment
for you.

Perhaps the defining moment.

The day that you started
to blame yourself.

Why wouldn't I?

I chose to change fate.
It was my fault that he died.

Was it?


I won't let you destroy my family.


We can withstand anything
you bring down on us.

Because we have each other.

That's what will always separate
the Kents from the Luthors.

Now, why don't you get--'?

- You can't change his fate.
- He was just protecting me.

And that was his choice.

Whether it happens
this day or any other...

...Jonathan set his own destiny
into the motion.

You know that.

You just won't let yourself believe it.

- Why won't you forgive yourself?
- He didn't have a choice.

He's my father, of course
he'd sacrifice anything to protect me.

We always have a choice, Kal-El.

Your father didn't have
to care for you the way he did.

Yet still he made
that choice every day he was with you.

He chose to be your protector.

Just as you've chosen
to be the Earth's protector.

Nobody forced that on you,
yet you embraced it.

Nobody made that choice for you.

We all choose our own fate.

Fans and protestors alike are in an outcry...

...for the playboy-turned-Green Arrow
Oliver Queen...

...who dropped
his shocking announcement...

...and has since vanished from society.

MAN: I got kids. What happens when they
grow up and wanna be vigilantes like him?

It's great he's helping people, but we ...

- This isn't a memory.
- No, it isn't, it's the present.

He lied to us all along.

We can't trust him.

If you're trying to make me feel guilty... just said
that we control our own fate.

Oliver made his own decision
to come out to the public.

He didn't think about what it would mean
to the rest of us.

If you really are
the hero you say you are...

...don't you think it's time
to face the public?

We 're waiting for some answers.


- Any calls?
SECRETARY: Where do you wanna start?

CNN, BBC, Dr. Phil?

No, I mean, any calls?

SECRETARY: Oh, um, I'm sorry, sir.
Mr. Kent hasn't left a word.

He's always so Oliver.
I didn't know that he needed me.

But he does.

I don't know how not returning his calls
amounts to some darkness within me.

You don't see it?

The darkness is the past.

And you hold on to it and you dwell.

You punish yourself and everyone
around you for past mistakes.

We don't have the privilege
of mistakes.

Even if we don't expect perfection
from ourselves, the world does.

- You heard what they said.
- Then help Oliver be who he can be.

Today, tomorrow.
Be there for him now.

And stop punishing him for his past
with your silence and your distance.

Let it go.


Find me here

And speak to me

Which one of these has the punch in it,
if you know what I mean?

MADDIE: Sorry?
We have lemonade and strawberryade.

Yeah, but--


Lois, huh?

- So who you here with?
- I'm an alum.

That's leading me

Lois Lane.

To the place

- I'm with Clark Kent.
MADDIE: Really?

Oh, I just always thought Clark
was so dreamy, you know.

That farm boy next door
turned local football hero.

Doesn't get any bigger than that.

Ha, ha. Funny, I always thought
he and Chloe were meant for each other.

They had that whole
"best friend with hope of more" thing.

- Chloe's my cousin.
- Yeah, but then there was Lana.

I mean, how gorgeous can you get,
right? And hardworking.

I mean, how many cheerleaders run
a coffee shop in high school?

Lana and Clark were perfect.

You know that first love,
you never get over it.

- I think I hear the veggie platter calling.
- Wait, so you're not hitched to Clark?

Not exactly.

- Are you engaged?
- Nope.

Oh. How long
have you been seeing each other?

Well, we're not, really. Right now.

So you're the moth, not the flame.

And not be moved by you?

Are you sure he likes you?

Would you tell me, how could it be

Any better than this?

Correct me if I'm mistaken,
but you care about Lois, don't you?

All I've ever done was protect her
after what happened with Lana.

Interesting outcome.

Lois doesn't seem
especially protected.

You spend so much time dwelling on
the darkness of the past...'re missing the present
that's right in front of your eyes.


it's one of the people
I put away in high school.

You don't know what he's capable of.
I need to get back.

To do what? Weren't you about
to hang up your shield?

I have a message for Clark Kent.

- Give me the ring.
- Wait for the moment.

No, Kal-El, you haven't learned
the full lesson!


Whoa, buddy.

- Hey, watch it.
- Lois.

- How--?
- Not again.

Come on.

- Wait, did--'?
- Seriously...

...I know we agreed we would keep
our professional lives to ourselves...

...but what kind of secret story
got you to dress-up day?

Here, hold this.

And I know that you don't like them, but
you decided you wanted to wear them.

- And lucky for you, I have a spare. There.
- What--?

I know they are not fashion-forward.

But if it ain't broke, honey,
don't fix it.

Seriously, Clark, I thought we agreed
on a Daily Planet dress code.


Lois, wait. How did you get here?

- I need to know about the reunion.
- We need to table this all until later.

We cannot have
people thinking things.

Perry, now many times have I told you
that Troop can find his own sources?

I told you it's not him.
It's just the guy from the eighth floor.

Kent, what are you doing?

This is my desk.

Not for years, unless
somebody's been seriously demoted.


Clark? What are you doing?

Lois, we need to talk.

Ugh. Gloat all you want.

But those names are getting flipped the
second the boys from ops do a fly-by.


what is going on with you today?

-It's like you've never been here before.
- I haven't, Lois.

I'm from another time.


No kidding? Clark, you're from a different
planet. That's not exactly a news flash.

- What did you say?
- I didn't mean to come off so Lois.

It's just that sometimes
when you get pensive...

...I know that you have the whole "last son
of Krypton" thing on your shoulders.

But that's why you've got me, okay... remind you that if you were going
to land your spaceship anywhere... couldn't have chosen better
people to find you than the Kents.

So you need to snap out of it.

Wait, I know what this is about.
I forgot again, didn't I?

Our anniversary.

Our anniversary?

Oh, don't play dumb,
you always hold it over me.

The day you told me.
The day you finally trusted me, it was--

It was romantic,
and it was the perfect day and--

Okay, I always forget about it
until the last minute.

But I swear it is not until--

See? I told you.

So, what is it?

Wait a minute.

Oh, no. Kryptonite again.

Look, I--

Blue? Red?

Not green.

Please tell me it's not black,
that was a disaster.

Look, I just--

I need the Legion ring.

- Lois, do you know where it is?
- Is that a joke, Clark?

Touch it once, shame on you.
Touch it twice, shame on me.

And actually,
I could really use it right now...

...because we have to be on opposite
sides of town in 10 minutes.

And unlike you, I have to drive.

I can't keep the mayor waiting.

- Lois, I'm not supposed to be here.
- I know, we're late.

Late? Lois, I need to get back.

Look, the Legion ring
is the only way to do it.


Okay, why don't you check
your trunk of tchotchkes at the farm?

Isn't that where you keep your phantom
catchers and fortress disks and stuff?

And if you need me, I'm there.

No deadline is more important than you,

Going up, you're going down.

She's a handful, isn't she?

You're right on time.

- You knew I'd be here?
- Time travel, think it through.

Because you were me
when you went through this and I'm--

Well done, my man.

How did I become so uptight
and nerdy?

No time to chat about how, where, why.
We've been through weirder things.

- I need you on the roof.
- When did I start taking orders?

There's a nuclear reactor
about to blow outside of town.

- I can't be in two places at once.
- If you knew, why didn't you stop it?

You never would've experienced all this,
and you never would have become me.

Well, that's too bad.

Roof, now.

That's what I become.



LOIS [OVER RADIO]: Mayday, mayday,
we've lost control. We 're going down.

Mayday, mayday.

PILOT: Tower, this is November, zero, one,
niner, niner, whiskey.

We've lost hydraulics.


What are you doing?

I don't know what's gotten into you.

There is a pilot
with a migraine when he wakes up...

...who wishes you could have
at least thrown on the cape.

Lois, you protected my secret.


What else was I gonna do?

I would do anything for you.
Hardly a news flash.

Thank you.

Oh, you drive me crazy.

I guess I should get going.

Oh. Right, obviously.

Busy day for a superhero.

Don't be late,
dinner reservation's at 7.

Not every man
is destined to find a woman like Lois.

She's definitely one of a kind.

- I know why you sent me here now.
- I intended to be here with you.

But you interfered with the ring.

You wanted me to see how things
would be with Lois and flying.

I wanted you to see that your darkness
lies not only in dwelling upon the past...

...but in fearing the future.

I've always hoped my life
would be like this.

With Lois. Well, with all of it.

Lately, I've stopped believing
that it could actually happen.

Well, that's up to you, isn't it?

You don't need
to worry about the future, Kal-El.

You can see that it's just fine as long
as you shed the weight of the past.

It's just, the next time you decide
to defy me...

...don't strand me back
in the dark ages.

I have a message for Clark Kent.

Yeah? How about, "Don't leave
your date with Punch Bowl Maddie"'?

Something tells me
it's for a good reason.

You know, Clark is the reason
a lot of us are still here.


I kind of got caught up in my web
of obsession, and he set me straight.

It's not every place that
has a hometown hero like Clark Kent.

That's the kind of guy he is.

Just tell him. Tell him thank you.

I guess you're right.

I've been so buried
by the mistakes of my past...

...and so worried about
the responsibilities of the future...

...I lost sight of the present.

A hero is made in the moment.

Not from questioning the past
or fearing what's to come.

Just remember that, Kal-El.


And how can I stand here with you

And not be moved by you?

Would you tell me how could it be

Any better than this?

How could it be any better than this?

Thank you all for coming.

We'll see you all back here
in another five years. Bak, bak, Crows.

I'm sorry.

That's okay.
Who wants a dance anyway, right?

You saved me the blisters, Smallville.

I have an early deadline tomorrow.

Why put off till tomorrow
what you can do today?

- You're quite a handful, Lois Lane.
- Look who's talking.

You were right, Dad.

I never stopped blaming myself
for what happened to you.

It was a way to not have to let go.

That's exactly what I have to do
to move on.

To get rid of the darkness of my past
I've been carrying around.

To be there for the people
who need me now.

You said to hold on to Smallville.

I will, I won't ever forget.

Because you'll be with me
no matter where I go.

But I have to say
the one thing I never could.

Goodbye, Dad.

I promise
to be the man you knew I could be.

You're all set.

DIRECTOR: All right, settle down, people.
We're close.

CREWMAN: Okay, get ready, we're going.
DIRECTOR: And three, two, action.

Good morning, Metropolis.

We have a very special show
for you this morning.

We have an exclusive interview...

...with a very special guest
who needs no introduction.

Metropolis' infamous bad boy...

...and self-admitted practicing vigilante,
Oliver Queen.

Or should I say the Green Arrow?

- What's on your answering machine?
- Yeah, that's--

It's not every day a billionaire admits
to parading around in leather...

...playing cops and robbers. Why do it?

Were you just getting bored sitting around,
counting your money...

...decided to play dress up
and it just stuck?

How does that work, exactly?


I think our audience
would like some answers.

I lost someone.

She meant everything to me.

So for that you want, what...

...a merit badge and special rights?
- No.

No, you're right, I'm not special.

This isn't about who I am,
it's about what I do.

And I don't think I'm the first
rich boy who felt that way.

John F. Kennedy once said:

"Ask not what
your country can do for you...

...but what you can do
for your country."

So now you're-- You're comparing
yourself to a fallen hero of this country?

Why not? He saw the hero in all of us.

I'm not dwelling on revenge
for past atrocities...

...or looking ahead to what I can
personally gain from a few tax breaks.

Drilling oil wells in the ocean, putting up
razor fences to keep out immigrants...

...who only want
what our grandparents wanted.

In this world of armchair bloggers...

...who created a generation
of critics instead of leaders...

...I'm actually doing something.

Right here, right now,
for the city and for my country.

And I'm not doing it alone.

You're damn right I'm a hero.



Not that I'm an interior designer...

...but one of these things
doesn't exactly go with the other.

I'm sorry we missed our dance.

You don't need to worry about me,

If anybody understands deadlines
and urgent things, it's me.

I'm not worried about you.

I missed you.


Well, I don't know, neither of us
are primed for Dancing with the Stars.

And, speaking strictly as friends,
I don't know if this is such a good idea.

Lois, get over here.

I'm not sure
how we're gonna make this work...

...without the jukebox nostalgia
and the balloons and--

- Lois.
- Shut up?

Right, shut up. Ha.


- Ah.
- Sorry.

- I'm the one who put my feet under yours.
- Um, but I--

-it's fine.
- Let's just try this.

I love you.

I love you too.

Clark, there's something
we need to talk about.

Just for now, can we leave tomorrow
till tomorrow and just have this?


[English - US - SDH]