Smallville (2001–2011): Season 10, Episode 2 - Shield - full transcript

Oliver tracks down his tormentor Rick Flag, learns he exchanged him for Chloe, who died poisoned, and informs Clark, who helps him work out Chloe actually staged her fake death. On her Daily Planet assignment in Egypt, Lois meets archaeologist Carter Hall ans soon suspects his story about a reincarnated Pharaonic prince is autobiographic. Clark dislikes her staff replacement Cat Grant, but saves her from never identified, yet infallible assassin Deadshot and learns he was the actual target, actually hired by Flag, knowing Superman's weakness is his noble need to protect.

Previously on Smallville...

Clark: Well,
what would make you stay?

I would stay for you.


Oliver: You know,
it's not what happened to you

that destroyed this team,
is it?

It's what happened to her.

What was she,
your partner?

My wife.

Shayera and I
were cursed

by one of our enemies.

Destined to fall in love,

only to watch
each other die.

We're not done.

I will hunt you,
and I will find you.

You understand?

You don't even know
who I am...


...Green Arrow.

Tess: With you,
he has a purpose.

I wish I could have
given him that.

And it kills me.

'Cause you have everything
right in front of you.

And you can't
even see it.

So, what do you say, kid --

Perry White --
he's offered me a job

at the Foreign Desk
in Kenya.

I think you leaving Metropolis
is the best thing...

For you right now.

Perry. It's Lane.

I really hope
this story is worth it,

because so far
my dream assignment

is turning into
"1,001 Arabian Nightmares."

And you know what?

I really hope per diem
covers the 11-hour camel ride.

And as for this newly unearthed
Tomb of Isis --

all I see are some rocks
and a couple of tents.

Call me.

[ Beep ]


Lois Lane, Daily Planet.

Guess you never know
what fate has planned for you.

Chloe, where are you?

I've left four messages.

Jor-El warned me
some dark force is coming.

I need your help.

Check it out.
Page three.

Someone hit
the big time.

[ Beeping ]



It's Catherine.
But my friends call me "Cat."

Cat Grant. With a "C."

Want a cookie?

I just baked them
this morning.

Really gooey,
so be careful.

I use twice the sugar.

[ Chuckles uneasily ]

No relation
to that woman on tv.

I get that a lot.

Clark Kent.

Welcome to
The Daily Planet.

Can I tell you how excited I am
to be working at The Planet?

After all those weeks
at the small-town paper,

my words are finally going
to have a real impact.

So you said "weeks"?

Classic overachiever.

Got that
from my granddaddy.

Back home, I basically owned
the front page of the paper.

[ Exhales sharply ]

Now I can finally have
an influence

on millions of people.

Gordon: Hero mania?
I say hero menace!

Don't tell me these masked,
anarchy-loving vigilantes

are out there
to protect my kids.

Don't tell me some abomination

who is too grotesque
to show his face

but vandalizes our town
with the letter "S"

is a hero!

What's the "S" stand for,

I'll tell you what.

H.R. doesn't allow us
to listen to the radio

during work hours.


I'll get you the podcast.

You know,
Godfrey is so right.

About everything.

Let's find you
a permanent desk.

This one belongs to someone
on temporary leave.

Lois Lane?
[ scoffs ]

She's the one who got
this whole thing started.

Calling those
costumed vigilantes heroes?

Like it's not totally obvious

she's in love
with The Blur.

Lois Lane is the best crime
reporter this paper ever had.

Now, there is
a desk available

over here
by the copy machine.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute, Mr. busy boots.

I don't think you get it.

I'm your new partner.

♪ Smallville 10x01 ♪
Original Air Date on October 1, 2010

♪ Somebody save me ♪

♪ "Save Me" ♪ performed by Remy Zero

♪ let your warm hands
break right through ♪

♪ somebody save me ♪

♪ I don't care how you do it ♪

♪ just stay ♪

♪ stay ♪

♪ come on ♪

♪ I've been waiting for you ♪

♪ just stay with me ♪

♪ I've made this whole world
shine for you ♪

♪ just stay ♪

♪ stay ♪

♪ come on ♪

[ beeps ]

[ Keys clacking ]

[ Beeping ]

I got your message.

I have to say,

it wasn't the call
I was expecting.

Chloe's gone.
[ scoffs ]

Well, you've been with her
for five months, right?

Sounds like things
are right on schedule.

No, it's not like that.
She just disappeared.

No warning, no phone call,

Trust never was
the golden rule

for the kids
in this clubhouse.

Well, you'd just fit right in,
then, wouldn't you?

Now, if you think I'm gonna sit around
here and do nothing,

just wait for my girlfriend to
come back like Clark's doing,

you don't know me
very well at all.

Low blow.

I'd say Clark's using
every ounce of strength he has

not to skip over the Azores
and bring Lois home.

He respects Lois enough.

Maybe that's because Lois
hasn't completely disappeared.

There's no digital record
of Chloe Sullivan anywhere.

[ Beeping ]

It's like
she never existed.

[ Chuckles softly ]

The only one who could erase
Chloe is Chloe.

[ Chuckling ]
Oh, God.

Come on, now, Tess.
Don't underestimate yourself.

Although, I do have to say,

I thought the e-mail
was a touch much.


"I never thought I'd have to
tell you how I feel about us,

"because the smile on my lips
when I looked at you...

"Pretty much said it all.

"But now that you won't be
seeing it anymore,

"I'll have to use words
to tell you.

"I've never loved anyone
the way I've loved you.

"And I never will again.

"You will always be
my brightest star,

my knight in shining leather,
my hero."

[ Chuckles ]

Oliver, this might be difficult
for you to face, but...

I didn't write this.

We both know Chloe did.

I did help her
reset the system, though.

And in a bizarre way,

she knew that I was the only one
who would understand.

Why'd she do this?

I just know
it's what she wanted.

I trusted
that she had a plan.

Maybe it's time
you trust her, too.

[ Chuckles ]

And I thought those "Sex and The City"
girls had gaudy taste.

You might tell that
to its owner,

the goddess queen Isis.

She spent eternity
searching for the cut-up pieces

of her dead husband.

Yeah, I can relate
to that.

My relationship just broke up
into a zillion tiny pieces,

and I don't know how to put it
all back together again.

So, you're a bona fide
Indiana Jones?

They fly you in
to make sure

that these aren't lifted

from some souvenir shop
in Cairo?

And that they're intact
and well-preserved.

In other words,
hands off.

I know the Egyptians

were big
on the afterlife,

your pet bird?

Someone needs therapy.

That is the sun God, Ra,
bringer of light and life.

He was revered.

He has the head
of a parakeet.

It's a falcon.

"Po-tay-to," "po-tah-to."

So, why was this Hawk guy
so important?

It's said that each day
he traveled across the sky

and through
the Underworld

to be born again
at sunrise.

A God reborn with the sun.

[ Exhales softly ]

Thank you, Ati.

I have to admit
this assignment --

a little out
of my strike zone.

I mean, I was raised

by a very grounded
four-star general

who believed in
what you can see, touch...

Blow up.

Things that
can be explained.

It's just...

You can live your whole life
without any proof of something,

like a-a God

and then one day
you look up and realize

the guy sitting
across from you is...


You think the guy
sitting across from you

is an ancient sun God?

No. Of course not.

But what if he were?

One minute, you know you know
what you know,

and the next, you realize
you don't really know anything,

but you want to know

What is the world like
for him?

Does he feel pain?

How does he heal?

When does he sleep?

Does he even sleep?

This is gonna require
something stronger than tea.

How can he stand
driving in a car

when they move so much slower
than he does?

That would drive me crazy!

Maybe you should
just ask Clark.

why don't you sit down...

Before you drive me...


Safety first.

[ Gun cocks ]

[ Gunshot ]

[ Beeping ]

My granddaddy always told me,
"seatbelts save lives."

[ Engine turns over ]

[ Woman screams ]

Oh, my gosh.


We almost died.


No, no.
Don't tell him that it's me.

He'll just...Get upset.

Look, I'm not gonna be able
to make the pick-up tonight.

I'll call as soon
as I can.

Okay, got to go.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

You want to tell me
what you got caught up in?

I mean, someone did
just try to kill you.

[ Chuckles ]

I was valedictorian.

I mean, trust me,

nobody wants to kill
a valedictorian.

Maybe they got you
mixed up with someone else.

Would you listen
to yourself?

You sound an awful lot
like Lois Lane.

Conspiracy around
every corner.

Always railing
against the establishment,

the normal people.


Like you and me.

it must have been hard

listening to
Lois' justifications

for all these alternative values
and lifestyles.


[ Laughing ] Oh.

Don't act like some good,
corn-fed boy-next-door like you

is going to try to tell me

that these vigilantes are
part of the natural plan.

I mean, it would be one thing if they
actually had remorse...

Or wanted to change.

But, you know,
they have no moral center.

Well, that's easy to say
when they can't come out

and defend themselves.
Sure they can.

They could come out of the
shadowy gutters into the light

so we could see them
any day.

They just choose not to.

You know,
Godfrey says that they --

look, stop.

I found something.

The police found a bullet
in the engine block.

Oh, my God.

Why would anyone
want to kill me?

Look, we should get you
someplace safe.

My friends won't mind
if you stay at their apartment.

No one will be looking for you
in Smallville.

[ Door unlocks ]

[ Beep ]

Oliver: Don't move.

[ Gasps ]

My self-defense
teacher said

never stop moving
unless you're dead.

Oh, my gosh.
It's you.

[ Gasps ]

[ Electricity crackling ]

[ Horn blares ]

[ Blaring stops ]

Oh, just get it
over with!

I should have known you
masked creeps were following me

after your little car bomb
backfired this morning!

You call yourself a hero,

but really,
you're just an arrow for hire!

Trust me. I'm not doing this
for the money.

Face it, Robin Hood.

You and your boys do this
for no one but yourselves.

I'm not a criminal,

Oh, yeah.
That's what they all say.

But I've got
eyewitness testimony...

And photos...
To back it up

that a group
of you heroes

have been torturing
innocent people

by the old brewery
at the docks!

[ Grunts ]

Give me that.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Beeps ]

[ Footsteps receding ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Clang ]

[ Footsteps receding ]

See? That's exactly
what I'm talking about.

[ Exhales sharply ]

All you had to do
was ask.

Cat Grant isn't
who she says she is.

I knew you two
would have a lot in common.

Her real name
is Mary Louise Shroger,

and that's not the only secret
she's keeping.

Let's face it, Clark.

You're not gonna like anyone
sitting in Lois' chair.

So why don't you just take
a coffee break,

run to the Sahara,
and bring her back?

Lois left for a reason.

If I care for her,
I'll respect that.

How progressive of you.

If you really believe it.

Look, the point is,

something weird is going on
with Cat.

She's making
suspicious phone calls.

And this morning, she almost
got blown up in her car.

An explosion was caused
by a bullet

somehow lodged perfectly
in the combustion chamber.

It's engraved.

The only letters visible
are a-r-n-t.

Cat Grant.

I think I've seen
this work before.

Let's hope I'm wrong.

You know who did this?

If it's the op
I'm thinking of,

it was a top target
of Checkmate,

one of the few
they never got

and one of the even fewer
they feared.

[ Beeping ]

I can see why.

Number three
on Interpol's most wanted

and top five
on FBI and CIA.

Strikes targets
with surgical precision...

And assassinates
all witnesses.

What's his name?

Checkmate never
could I.D. him.

They just called him

Deadshot: [ Southern accent ]
You failed to mention

what exactly it was
I was dealing with.

I don't make it a practice
of letting my targets walk away.

That was just a test.

Had to make sure we were after
the right guy.

You should have told me.

I thought we were supposed
to be on the same team.

You should be thanking me.

I just handed you the hit
of a lifetime.

Why would I thank you
for something fate gave me?

Somewhere out there,

we all got a bullet
with our name on it.

[ Door closes,
footsteps approaching ]

[ Inhales sharply ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

Clark. [ sighs ]

I thought you were
one of those so-called heroes.

Thank God it's only you.

You know,
you should really get yourself

a bulletproof vest
like me.

We all think
we're made of steel,

but...Really we're just made
of marshmallows.

Cat, are you all right?

Well, I was just attacked
by Green Arrow.

I mean, this is all part
of that vigilante agenda.

And why would
he want to hurt you?

The last thing they want is
an honest-abe reporter like me

working at The Planet

and exposing the truth
about them.

If you're really
about the truth,

then why'd you lie to me?

You se to be hiding
a few secrets of your own.

[ Bag zips ]

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Why'd you change
your name?

That's Adam.

My son.

He's with his grandparents
until this all blows over.

His dad and I went out
for almost two years.

I thought I'd found
my prince charming,

but little did I know,
they don't exist.

You just have
to be patient.

You know,
I thought I had found somebody

who could make me happy.


Think you'll
get back together?

I used to.

But now I'm not sure.


It's funny...

When doing what you think
is right for someone,

it can feel so...


How about you
and this guy?

Well, Clark,

not every guy's
as nice as you.

I had to get Adam
away from it.

I'm sorry.

Does he know
where you are?

I changed my name
so he couldn't find us.

I had so much
I was fighting for.

Trying to change
the world.

And now I have to hide behind
the power of the pen

and a new name,

making sure nobody knows

who's behind the words
I'm printing.

Kind of like
the vigilantes.

Must have been scary
escaping from him.

All I know
is I protected my son.

You know, the world may never
see me as some big hero...

...But maybe someday
my son will.

[ Cellphone beeping ]

I have to go.

[ Sighs ] Clark...

What about the Green Arrow

and those freaks
that tried to blow me up?

They know where I am!

Just stay here.
You'll be safe.

I'll be back.
I promise.

[ Door opens, closes ]

It feels like somehow I was
destined to be with Clark,

but his destiny
is so much bigger,

and the last thing
that I would ever want

is to be the one thing
that holds him back

or stands in the way.

And what if
you're exactly the thing

that might help him be
the person you know he can be?

What if you're the one who makes
his burden easier to bear?

Do you think
that's why he sent you?

To make sure I was safe?

He worries about you.

He still thinks you don't know
about his powers.

See, that's another reason
for me to be here.

[ Chuckles lightly ]

When it comes to big secrets,
I'm not exactly Mata Hari.

I could blow it all
for him.

With every
great relationship, Lois,

comes a great burden...

...And the strength
to carry it.


Well [Chuckles]

I better get
my beauty sleep.

All this dry heat.
[ exhales ]


I'd like you
to have something.

It was given to me
by my wife.

It's a story...

About two
star-crossed lovers.

Prince Khufu and Shayera
were murdered by an evil man,

but...Their love
was so strong,

they were bonded
for all eternity.

Lifetime after lifetime,
they were reborn...

To find
their one true love...

...Only to lose each other
in death again.

That's a terrible story.

I like it.

If you're into the whole
Egyptian "Groundhog Day" thing.

After many years,

Khufu grew tired of always
waiting to find his beloved...

...So he traveled
the world...

Seeking other women...

Trying to forget Shayera.

Unable to rid her
from his heart,

he returned home,
resigned to his fate.

No sooner did he arrive
at the palace when...

He saw her.

She was there all along,
but he didn't recognize her

because the time
wasn't right.

He needed to wait,

because it made
their love stronger...

...And their kiss
that much sweeter.

Try that again,

and the next thing kissing
your lips will be my fist.

I had LuthorCorp's
ballistic people up all night

taking apart that slug
from Cat's car.

I appreciate that.

I'm not asking
for your thanks, Clark,

just your trust.

You need me.

You said this was urgent.

After the lab techs
pulled apart the bullet

and reassembled it...

They found this.

[ Computer beeps ]

The target is me.

Guess our assassin never
was after "Hello Kitty."

This guy doesn't know

that car explosions and bullets
don't hurt me.

It's possible
he was just testing you,

to see
what you're made of.

Why hasn't he
come after me again?

Maybe he didn't realize how
difficult of a target you are.

This guy never gives up.

And he gets
every detail right.

There must be more
to his plan.

If he knows you're faster
than his bullets,

the only place to aim is at
someone he knows you'll save.

Maybe you'll be
there to...

Act as a shield.

It's Cat. I have to get back
to Smallville.

[ Computer beeps ]

Too late.

Our kitten reporter
is already on the move.

Pack up Adam's things
and have them ready.

Someone's after me,
and he may know about us.

Deadshot: I liked you better
as a blonde.

Why are you doing this
to me?

I didn't do anything.

Funny thing about fate --

you can't outrun it.

[ Breathing heavily ]

Either it's your day
or it's not, Sweetpea.

Please, no.

[ Voice breaking ]
My son.

He's just 2 years old.

I'm all he's got.

Trust me.

He'll get over you.

In three or four years,

he won't even remember
your face.

People about to die
always think

that that
special loved one

won't be able to go on
without 'em.

But the truth is,

that person will just find
someone else to love.

Everyone is replaceable.

I used to think
everyone could be saved,

even those
superhero freaks.

But now I realize...

Some people
are just born dead.

[ Grunts ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Panting ]

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Clicking ]

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Beep ]

[ Air whooshes ]
[ beep ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Gun cocks ]

[ Zing! ]

[ Exhales ]

[ Gasping ]


[ Exhales sharply ]

That was so brave.

[ Exhales sharply ]

Are you okay?

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Panting ]

I'm fine.

[ Panting ]

Thanks to
my bulletproof vest.

Don't leave home without it,
Clark Kent.

U can never
be too safe.

Well I'll be sure
to pick one up.

See? I don't need a masked hero
to rescue me.

I've got a real flesh-and-blood
one right here.

People need to see someone's
heart to believe in them.

We need to be inspired by people
who stand out in the light,

not people who shrink
into the shadows.

We need a good All-American hero
in red, white, and blue.

Or at least red and blue.
[ chuckles ]

[ Siren wails ]

Did you miss me?

You know, I got to say,
we had something special.

You didn't crack
on the first beating.

You made me work for it.

Well, I'm glad it was good
for you, too.

Take it easy, there,

I'm just a guy over here
with a bow and arrow.

You're wasting your talent,

You could make a real difference
out there.

Tide is turning.

are getting nervous

about vigilantes
roaming the streets,

taking the decisions
and the glory

out of the hands
of the suits in power.

I'm not running
for office.

I'm just putting bad guys
in jail.

Well, it's gonna
get tougher

the longer you and
your little league of heroes

stay half in, half out.

That's the beauty
of my group.

Everybody thinks
we're dead.

We could use you.

But this is
your one and only offer.

You raise a good point.

[ Gunshot ]

On the other hand,
you did just shoot me.

[ Groans ]

Where's...Chloe Sullivan?!
Where is she?!

I'm sorry. Yah!

I can't hear you.

Where...Is Chloe...


[ Sighs ]

It wasn't a kidnapping.

It was a trade.

Trade for what?!


[ Chuckles ]

You would have been
proud of her.

She didn't crack.

She downed a cyanide pill
just to save your life.

She's dead.

[ Inhales sharply ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Thunder ]


Chloe is, uh, gone.

[ Thunder rumbles ]

What do you mean?

Those people who were holding me
at that old brewery --

she -- she traded herself in
so I could be free.

Who are these people?
What do they want with Chloe?

Just a group of people that call
themselves crime fighters.

They think we should all remain
hidden in the shadows.

They tried to torture her,

She beat them
at their own game.

She took a cyanide pill.

No. Chloe wouldn't...

And then she took this.

I found that
at her apartment.

I had it tested,

and there's traces of
a cyanide antidote in there.

She faked her own death.

[ Thunder rumbles ]

She was planning to go.

She saw the future.

She put on Dr. Fate's helmet
trying to find you

and said
it was gonna be okay.

You just let her go?

I had no idea
she was leaving.

She put on the Fate helmet,

That should have told you

Look, I understand how much
she means to you, Oliver,

but for years she's been asking
us to treat her as one of us.

She begged me
to trust her

and the decisions
that she made.

[ Thunder rumbles ]

If she put this much planning
and thought into leaving,

she knew
what she was doing.

I go out every night,

and I protect unfamiliar faces
so that they can go home

and be with the people
that they care about.

And the one person that I should have been
protecting the most...

...I failed her.

We didn't choose this.

We both know this is
what we were born to do.

You playing
the fate card?

That what
you're doing again?

That's what gets you
through the day?

You sit around
and do nothing

while these people
that we protect,

they paint us
as vigilantes, Clark!

The woman that you love
ran away!

You think I don't want to go get
Lois and bring her back?

They left us, Oliver.

With our lives,
we can't blame them.

Well, what if we hadn't
remained hidden?


What if we didn't put
our identities out there

to be held hostage?

Would this
still be happening?

Clark, I think we have to forge
a new fate here.

We've lost way too much.

Something's got to change.

[ Thunder rumbles ]

[ Keys jingle ]

Not even a hello?

Rotting in jail
ain't my idea of a good time.

Your draw.

You nailed your target.

Now let's get you
out of here.

About time.

[ Scoffs ] I'm sorry.

What's redneck
for "bite me"?



Our costumed counterparts

are officially
tagged and released.

As soon as we spring Wyatt Earp
over here,

we can track
their every move.

Let's give these boys a taste
of what it's like

to mess
with the Suicide Squad.

Carter: Lois?

About last night --
I'm sorry.

I guess I got a little
too caught up in my story.

You forgot to mention
the most important part.

It was an autobiography.

I found this...
In the book.

Lois, surely
you don't think that...

Let's just say
I wasn't born yesterday.

You're not the only one
of Clark's friends with a...

Mysterious past.

Clark did say you were wise
beyond your years.

I hope last night
will remain between us.

I'm not sure Clark
would forgive me if he knew.

Some leads
are better left buried.

So, if you were just here to
babysit me as a favor to Clark,

what was with
the heart-to-heart?

Something tells me

that story time wasn't
exactly part of the agreement.

It's...My wife.

I've been hearing her
in my thoughts,

and last night
I had a vision of her.

When that happens,

I know I'll be joining her soon
in a new life.

But to do that,
I must first leave this one.



It's time I meet
my destiny, Lois.

But before I go,
I wanted you to meet yours.

He can't do it
without you.

You're his Shayera.

Carter, I am not like you
and Shayera and...


My future is here
in Africa.

You know, the philosopher
Nietzsche believed

we shouldn't live
for the future,

but for the present.

He thought that people
who chased after

some far-off future dream

were really running away
from their true destiny.

Yeah, well, Nietzsche can call me
a chicken if he wants,

but has never dated
someone like Clark Kent.

It wouldn't have mattered.

To him, the true hero
was the person

who embraced the life
that he or she was given

and made it better.

He called that person

A Superman.

Nietzche believed that all of us
could be one.

In our own way.