Smallville (2001–2011): Season 1, Episode 10 - Shimmer - full transcript

Lex and his girlfriend, Victoria, are attacked by an invisible entity. Suspicion falls upon the Palmer family, who are caretakers at Lex's mansion. Chloe believes that daughter Anna Palmer ...

So how'd you get out of gym class?

Spared the sweats for a couple of days,
the perk of chairing the blood drive.

I'm sorry. Aren't you the girl
who skinned her knee in 7th grade...

- ... and passed out when she saw the blood?
- I was hoping I'd live that down, but yeah.

Clark, you're gonna be late.
We gotta hit the showers.

- Bye, Lana.
- Bye.

- Troy, give it back!
- Amy, just hang on.

Just want to see if you wrote
anything about me.

Jeff, you know your sister's writing
psycho love letters to Lex Luthor?

- It's always the quiet ones.
- Give it back to her.

It's not my fault
you've got a weirdo for a sister.

You're a child, Troy.

It's because of boys like you
that girls want a man like Lex Luthor.

Keep dreaming, Amy.
Your parents clean his bathrooms.

You may live there,
but Luthor won't slum it with the help.

Just leave her alone.

What are you gonna do about it?


So when are you donating blood?

I don't know.

Come on, Clark. Selflessly giving of yourself
to save others, girls love that.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Very funny, guys.

Stop it!

Troy, you okay?

What happened?

It attacked me.

It was like a ghost.

So you didn't see anything?

When I got there,
Troy was already on the floor.

What about the voice he heard?

Are you thinking
the locker room's haunted?

Not unless the meteor rocks conjure up
ghosts of departed jockstraps...

...which I seriously doubt.

Thank you. Well, it's nice
to see you still have your standards.

I don't have time right now.

If you don't want to help me
with this blood drive, then just say so.

- That's not it.
- That doesn't look pretty.

Then what is it?

I really don't wanna talk
about this now, okay?

No, it's not okay.
You have been avoiding me for a week.

Every time I ask you what's wrong,
you push me away.

I'm worried about you.

Don't be.

I just need some space.

If that's what you want, fine.
But if you can't even confide in me...

...I don't know why we're going out
in the first place.

Quick, pretend we weren't watching.

Hey, Lana, how's it going?

Not great, but thanks
for the courtesy clueless.

Would it cheer you up if we offered
to volunteer a pint tomorrow?

Let's find out.
How about 9:45? That's open.

- Cool.
- There, better already.

Clark, what time can we schedule you?

We didn't pick a time for you yet.
When can I put you down?

Actually, I'm not sure.

Can I get back to you?

Sure, not a problem.

Well, I mean, I figure I could help out.

Sign people up, pass out cookies.

That'd be great. Thanks.


Okay, nice recovery.
But am I to assume...

...that your offer to help isn't completely
without an ulterior motive?

I'm just being a good friend.


Yes, Daddy, we're on schedule.

Lex is playing hard to get,
but I'm sure I can make him come around.

Bye, Daddy.

He wants to know if you're selling
this castle after we sell out your father.

Why? Does he want to ship it
back over to Scotland?

Amy, where's your mom?

Flu, I think. She asked me
to cover for the afternoon.

Have you met Victoria?

- No, not officially.
- She's gonna be staying with us.

I am so sorry.

I'll go get something to clean this up.

She spilled that on purpose!

That was a mistake. Wasn't it, Amy?


She's clearly got a thing for you, Lex.

Never took you for the jealous type.

Her parents are a fixture.
I brought them here from Metropolis.

Then send them back.

Were you just in the house?


Amy, I asked you a question.

- What's going on?
- Your sister was bothering Mr. Luthor.

If anyone is bothering him,
it's that tramp.

She's ruining everything.
She wants him all to herself.

We may live on the Luthor estate,
but we're not part of that world.

You have to know your place.

Both of you.

Don't worry, Mom.
We know exactly what our place is.

Thanks, Jeff.

Just be careful.

Clark, what's this?

Blood drive at school.
Lana's running it.

- Clark, you know you can't donate.
- I know, Dad.

What do I tell her?

That you have a problem with needles,
which you technically do.

Great. Not only do I lie,
but I look like a wuss.

I can't even believe
I'm actually gonna say this...

...but I guess you can't always
be honest with people.

It's one of the prices you pay
for your abilities.

That's why I volunteered.

I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact
that Lana is running it.

- Whitney dropped out.
- So you thought you'd move in.

If he doesn't see how great she is,
then he doesn't deserve her.

Looking for something?

My watch.

- Tulips look great.
- Yeah, you cleaned us out.

Mom said if you want some more,
you have to call Holland.

They're Victoria's favorite.

What was that?

You and Victoria
must be getting pretty close.

You seem surprised.

She just doesn't seem like your type.

Relationships aren't always
about love, Clark.

Sometimes they're about mutual goals.
Not every girl is Lana Lang.

Sorry, it's none of my business, really.

It's okay. I admire your standards.

Don't lose that.

I decided to fight for Lana.

Good for you.

Why the new attitude?

I decided to take the advice of a friend.

Don't you have another watch?

I've got hundreds.

This one's special. My mother gave it
to me right before she died.

I don't see it.

What are you, part bloodhound?

No, I live on a farm.

I'm pretty good at finding needles
in haystacks.

How about I go check the library?

- What's going on?
- Wait here.

Doesn't leave much room
for interpretation.

It was pretty weird.

I mean, the door was shaking.

When we got close, it blew open.
Lex said he felt something brush past him.

Maybe the Scottish castle
came complete with a poltergeist.

The police say it's vandals.

They don't know many ghosts who write
in spray paint and own a black light.

So how's the blood drive?

Lana and I are getting together tonight.

- At her place?
- Yeah.

That's very romantic.

Just remember, Clark...

...once you cross that line, you can't hide
behind the cloak of friendship anymore.

Proceed with caution.

Lex... have disappointed me.

Hi, Dad. It's good to see you too.

Would you mind telling me
what she's doing here?

Right now? Working on my neck.
But knowing her, I think that's just a start.

Could this be a ploy to get my attention?

Well done. It worked.

I know this will come as a shock, but not
everything in my life revolves around you.

I understand.
So you're simply being swindled.

Would you excuse us, Miss Hardwick?

My son and I are gonna have
a little chat about family loyalty.

It's all right.

I'll run us a bath.

I'll be there shortly.

I'll send Sir Harry your regards.


This is hardly business.

Generations of Luthors would beg to differ.

It's always business, especially
where the Hardwicks are concerned.

Lex, can't you see
she was sent to distract you?

Sir Harry has been nipping away
at LuthorCorp for months.

LuthorCorp is your company.

I'm just one of its
many expendable employees... you made abundantly clear when
you exiled me to this charming cow town.

Empires are not brought down
by outside forces.

They are destroyed
by weaknesses from within!

Lex, I've told you this...

...Smallville is your test.
Right now, you're failing.

Thanks for the update,
but I know what I'm doing.

No, you don't.

She is playing the only card she's got, and
you are falling for it hook, line and sinker.

My personal life is my business.

Not when it affects my company.
Then it's my business.

Listen to this.

If you sell out your family,
then you will truly be alone in the world.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-

You don't deserve him.

- Amy, hey, what's wrong?
- Her. What do you think?


I've got an opening at 5.

I can shift mine to 4:30 at Station B.

- Which makes us-
- Done.

You're kidding. Everything?

We own this town.

We never found a time for you to donate.

Actually, Lana,
I have a confession to make.

I've got this thing about needles.

It's kind of embarrassing.

Don't worry about it.
Your secret's safe with me.

You are such a lifesaver, Clark.

It's amazing you do
all these different things.

Trying to find my place in the world.

Can't thank you enough.

It's a great cause. How can I not help?

Ask Whitney. He's...

I don't know where he's been lately.

You know, Lana,
if you really want to thank me...

...don't talk about Whitney.

Fair enough.

Did you ever think it's strange that
my dad and your aunt used to date?

Nell doesn't really talk about it much.

Whatever happened,
I guess she took it kind of hard.

I'm just glad that you and I are so close.

Me too.

That's the thing about Clark Kent.
He's not always there when you want him...

...but he's always there
when you need him.

It's a fine distinction.

You're the one who's helping me
with the pledge drive.

I am.

You're the one who listens.

I do.

You're the one who's here.


Lana, you still at it?

Clark, do you have the time?

No, but I'm guessing it's late.

Smart kid.

- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Tomorrow.

Have you ever seen
the sunset from my loft?


But that's the great thing about sunsets.
They're unique.

You always see things
you've never noticed before.

You want to come over tomorrow?

I'd love to.

Good night, Clark.

"Have you seen the sunset from my loft?"
You actually said that?

And I bet your stomach
was in knots the whole time?

If I were you, I'd start scripting
what I was going to say now.

No, I think I'll play it by ear,
fly by the seat of my pants.

Clark, you're not the flying type.

I'll make you some notes.

Whitney, your mother called,
and she filled me in.

She shouldn't have.

Well, Whitney, she was just concerned.

Look, I'm not here to push.

If you need anything,
my office is just down the hall.




You're welcome.

- Hi, Clark.
- Hi, Amy.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, just... know, all the weirdness
at the mansion.

Everything was fine
until Victoria got there.

Well, you're Lex's friend.
What do you think of her?

I really don't know her that well.

Well, I think I figured out
why she's sticking around.

I saw her in Lex's bedroom
going through his things.

What were you doing in Lex's bedroom?

Helping my mom.

- And Victoria didn't see you?
- No.

See, Lex is the only one
who ever treated me like I was there.

What brings you over so late?

- Doing a little ghost-hunting?
- No.

I came here to talk to you about Victoria.

Where is she?

She's taking a bath. Why?
Is there a problem?

Last night when I was in here,
I saw her...

I really don't know how to say this.

She was going through the files
on my computer?

Yeah, how'd you know?

Very little happens in this house
without my knowledge.

You don't seem very upset about this.

We're playing chess, Clark.
It's a game.

Like I said, we've known
each other a long time.

Well, you don't love her.
She goes behind your back.

- Why do you want to keep her around?
- It's complicated.

Thanks for the heads up.

That's what friends are for.

I guess I shouldn't even bring up
that Amy's got an obsession with you.

It's a teenage crush, nothing more.

Hey, how goes your new Lana initiative?

I found something out about Whitney.

I saw a prescription in his bag
for Amlodipine. It's a-

Heart medication.

My mother was on it
before she had her surgery.

Is that what...?

I'm sorry.

She was sick for a long time, Clark.

The watch I lost... mom gave it to me
when she knew it was getting close.

She found a Napoleon franc from 1806
and had it made into the face.

Why Napoleon?

You ever see the painting
of Napoleon's Coronation by David?


Napoleon's mother couldn't make it
to his coronation.

But when he commissioned it, Napoleon told
David to paint her in as if she were there...

...right in the center.

Even though she couldn't
be there physically...

...he brought her into his life
through sheer force of will.

There to share in his greatness.

It's a good story.

It's a good watch.


You're gonna be okay.

It's definitely blood.

Doesn't exactly fit the Casper paradigm.

Which means that whoever attacked
you and Victoria in the bathroom...

...was invisible?

What's this green stuff?

It smells like roses.

What happened?

I just touched it.

Okay, I'm now officially weirded out.

What is this?

If you rubbed that all over your body,
you'd be-


You'd be invisible.

So, what's our next move?
Should we call the police?

And report an invisible person?

We need a viable suspect.

Well, who's got a problem
with Lex's British fling?

Amy Palmer.

Her parents are on the mansion's
house staff.

Amy said she saw Victoria
snooping in Lex's bedroom.

- She said Victoria didn't see her.
- No wonder.

- Wait. Didn't Amy give blood?
-3:45, Station B.

You've got a freakishly good memory.

Okay, I'll get the blood type on the broken
piece of glass and check it against Amy's.

- Call me later?
- Top of my speed-dial.

Whatever it is, I'm not interested.

What about Lana?
You interested in her?

- What is it with you and my girlfriend, Kent?
- Nothing.

We're just friends.

- Think I don't see how you look at her?
- At least I pay attention.

You've got an unbelievable girlfriend,
and you don't even know it.

- What's your problem?
- How I deal with my girl is my business.


I saw the heart medication in your bag.

What's going on, Whitney?

It's my dad.

He's been in Metropolis all week,
you know, for tests.

Is he gonna be okay?

Doctors don't know.

You haven't told Lana yet, have you?

She's been through enough pain
in her life with her parents.

I didn't want her to go
through it with me.

I don't think you give her
enough credit.

She's strong.

She'd probably understand
better than anyone.

Hey, how's Victoria?

She's resting up in Metropolis for a few days
until I can get some answers.

Everything okay?

You ever gotten information
you wish you hadn't?

In my experience, there's no such thing
as too much information.

I assume you're talking
about the quarterback?

His father's sick.

That's too bad.

I wanted to take my shot
with Lana, but now-

You feel like you'd be taking advantage.

- What would you do?
- Who, me? I'd go for it.

See, but that's what I like about
you, Clark. You wouldn't.

Hi, Lex.

Amy, this is a surprise.

Well, I just saw your car outside,
so I thought I'd come in and say hi.

Well, I appreciate the gesture.

So now that Miss Hardwick's gone,
hopefully things will be back to normal.

Victoria will be back in a few days.

She's really not as bad as you think.

I never thought that.

Well, bye.

What is it?

I don't know what to say, Mr. Luthor.

Amy's been having trouble in school...

...but I can't imagine
she'd try to hurt Miss Hardwick.

I hope I'm wrong.

Looks like she's been collecting you.

My watch.

We had no idea, Mr. Luthor.

Please don't call the police.

I'm not interested in retribution or publicity,
but Amy needs help.

Counseling, medical treatment,
whatever it takes, just send me the bill.

Even so, I think it'd be best for everyone
if you left the mansion tonight.

Yes, of course.

You made it.

Sorry I'm late.

It's just getting to the good part.

What do you think?

I think it's the most beautiful thing
I've ever seen.

The other night on the porch,
I felt you were trying to tell me something.

I was.

But Nell's timing was impeccable,
as always.

She's not here now.

What I wanted to tell you was...

What I wanted to say was...

...I would never do anything to hurt you.

I know that.

But if I said what I really wanted
to say right now, that's what I'd do.

I'd hurt you.

Why don't you take a shot?

I'm pretty strong.

I know, but I think Whitney
needs to know that too.

I thought you didn't want
to talk about Whitney.

I don't.

But if you were my girlfriend
standing in Whitney's loft...

...I'd hope he'd say the same thing.

I understand you're mad at him...

...but you need to talk to him. He needs
you right now. He just doesn't know it.

Clark, why are you doing this?

Because after all this time, you and I are
finally friends, and I don't wanna lose that.


We missed it.

I just wanted to feel close to you.

Jeff is gonna pack everything else.

My husband will be back
in the morning to pick it up.

- Again, Mr. Luthor, I-
- It's okay. It's okay.

Drive safely.

Yes, I'd like to leave a message
for Victoria Hardwick.

Who's there?

Come out and show yourself.

How'd it go with Lana?

We're still friends.

- Are you okay with that?
- No.

But I think it's the right call for now.


Hey, Mrs. Kent.

Hi, Chloe. Well, I'll see you later.

Okay, so, bad news on the Dracula front.

The drop of blood
on the mirror was type A.

Amy Palmer was type O.

But she had a shrine
to Lex in her room.

She may be a little Lex-obsessed, but
she's not the one that tried to off Victoria.

Check the paper.

Amy's blood type doesn't match,
but look at Jeff's.

Her brother?
He's always been so quiet.

Practically invisible.

I'll catch up with you later.

Don't you understand? She loved you.

How could you send her away?

- Who are you?
- Suddenly, you care.

Master Lex with his castle,
his plant, his expensive cars.

When did people ever mattered to you?


Where are you?

Servants are supposed to be invisible.

We tried to hide,
fade into the woodwork.

My parents lived with it, pretended
it didn't matter, but Amy wanted more.

And I'm through pretending!

What have I ever done to you?

You threw her out like she was nothing.

- I thought she was attacking Victoria.
- That was me. I wanted to scare her.

Make her leave.

I wanted everything back to the way it was
for Amy, but you're not interested in love.

That kind of love could get me arrested.

She's a little young for me, Jeff.

You ruined her life!

Our lives!

I'm not gonna let you hurt her again!

Lex! It's me. Open up!

Stay away from him, Kent.

This is your fault too.

Jeff, what happened?

Chemistry, Kent.

Some plants don't absorb light,
they refract it.

I found a weird green rose
on the grounds, and I studied it.

And then I used the oils
to become what I've always been... Lex, to the people at school...


Like you're something special.

Well, I'm special too.

What do you think's
gonna happen to Jeff?

A lot of serious therapy.

The bigger question is
how he made himself invisible.

I don't know. I guess
the secret's gonna stay with him.

- How's your head?
- I've survived worse.

Can't say the same about
my father's antique collection.

- Sorry.
- Don't be.

My mother always hated that room.

"War's in our nature," she said.
"We don't need to put it on display."