Sliders (1995–2000): Season 5, Episode 3 - Strangers and Comrades - full transcript

The Sliders find themselves trapped on Purgatory, an asteroid with a military garrison protecting a mysterious bounty that could liberate Rembrandt's world.



DIANA: I really don't know
what I expected.

When I first decided
to take this ride

I was a pampered,

always eager to be
first, Daddy's girl.

That was two weeks ago...

When my parents taught
me about heaven,

even at a young age
I wanted to pierce
that veil.


See what was
on the other side.

I was convinced that
accessing trans-dimensional
physics was the key.

I knew Oberon Geiger
could show me how.

I later learned
that my new companions
could take me there.


What I forgot
was the second half
of that lesson.



You can't have heaven...

Without hell.


How did this happen?




Come on
up here.



Ah, this is freaky.

Really freaky.

All right,
sliding tip for
the newbies.

Never eat mushrooms
at any of the worlds
we slide to.

No, I see it, too,
and I had the soup.

What kind of Earth
is this?

It's too early
to tell.

Sliding's like
a box of chocolates...


I don't think
we're on Earth.

Oh, no.
Wrong, lady.

Thought I taught you
Q-ball's rule
for sliding number 1-A.

We always land
on a parallel Earth

in or around the
beautiful area
of Southern California.

Now, this, this,
is probably smog.

A world without
catalytic converters.

She's not
buying it, Rem.

Yeah. If I want
answers, I prefer
the old-fashioned way.

Let's check
out these tents.


Looks like the
Stephen King Memorial
Summer Camp.

That's funny.
I never pegged
you for camp.

You seem more
like the summer
school type to me.


REMBRANDT: Don't worry,
the hazing's gonna
stop sometime soon.

She's on a roll.

take a punch.

DIANA: I knew it!

We're not
on Earth.

How is that

We're actually on
another planet
caught in hyperspace.

Hyperspace! It's what
we travel through
when we slide.

Near as I can tell,
we're caught
between dimensions.

It seems the gravity well
of this world diverted
the wormhole's path,

sending us here.

You mean we're
lost in space?

I thought this
never happened.

It never has.

Well, would you
believe it if
it came from Quinn?

Your Quinn?


How much time?

It's not


The timer's

What does
that mean?

I, uh,
I don't know.

It means
we're in trouble.

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't
find your way home?


I had this really
vivid dream last night

that Quinn
and Colin's
home world

and that miracle weapon
we've been looking for
didn't really exist.

That everything
we've been doing here
has been for nothing.

So you think it has
a connection?

Like maybe we've
run out of time?

I don't know.

It was real. I mean,
I woke up in a sweat.


Well, tonight
you dream about
unfreezing that timer.


Don't worry, Maggie,
I've got enough
hope for both of us.

Yeah. I think we're
getting pretty close.


Ha! I thought
I lost it!

Chow time.

Earth to Diana.

Or whatever
world we're on.

Ah... No thanks,
I'm not hungry.

You may need
this later.




Well, folks,

the good news is
there's nobody here.

The bad news

is same as the good.

MAGGIE: We won't be
able to finish
scouting till morning.

Any progress?

Oh. We may just
have something
in your size.


I think I'm on
the right track.

Well, I hope
you can get
some answers soon.

Reveille, ladies,
everybody up!

Who the hell
are you?

I'm the one who gets
to ask that question.

And another one.

What are you doing
in my compound?

Private Bates!

MAGGIE: Hey, what's
the big idea?


Hey, come on!

LARSON: You think
we're stupid?

We know you've been
scouting our flanks.

You got anything in
leather and studs?

Oh, we got us
a Robin Williams
in the cast.

Collars secure, Sergeant.

Okay, check 'em.




Clean, Sarge.
No infiltrators.

Is that a fact?
Listen up, ladies,

here on Purgatory

I, Sergeant Vernon Larson,
am the great and powerful Oz.

Now who are you?

Nobody. We're just
passing through.

Nobody just passes
through Purgatory.

For one thing,
we're not on the map.

Well, you'll have
to get to know
us better.

Oh, I plan to.

I plan to.

But tonight

we expect to be
a little busy.

Lock 'em up
till morning.

Maybe the freezing night
air will make 'em
a little more cooperative.

May I remind the sergeant
that our personnel are
down to 30% strength.

All right.
Suit 'em up,

and get 'em some gear.

What is this,
the draft?

Look, we don't want
any part of what's
going on here.

You can't make us fight.

Well, now, missy,

I once had a top kick
who put it to me like this.

You're right.

I can't make you fight.

But I can take you
to where the fighting is,

and you can use
your own judgment.

Suit up.

It's like I said.

It gets cold.

DIANA: I don't get this.

Why don't we just
tell him about us.
Maybe he can help.

Sliders rule 1-B.
Never trust anyone.

At least,
not at first.

Listen, Sergeant,

look, I don't know
anything about this war
and frankly I don't care.

But the fact
of the matter is

my friends and I have
someplace to go.

Well, let's see how you're
going to get there.

See, nobody
leaves Purgatory.
At least not alive.

Yeah? Watch us,
wise guy.

Good, you're angry.

I can use that.

Everybody in.

You're serious?


As a root canal.

LARSON: These are
special forces troops,

my untouchables.

The finest badasses
ever conceived
by the military mind.

Un-T's, meet
the recruits.

We should check
'em for food, Sarge.

So bad are they
that they can

last on "C" rations
for over a month

about it.

Arm 'em up.

How do you know
we won't turn on you?

Well, you're
welcome to try.

But I think you'll
find the enemy
more than a handful.

Okay, Sergeant,
let's be
reasonable here.

We're not
part of your war.

We're not soldiers.
So why not just
let us go, huh?

Because we don't know
where you came from,

you've seen
our compound,

and I would consider
that a security risk.

We don't know
who you're
fighting or why.

The why is because
I've got orders.

The who is a nasty
bunch of customers
called the Kromaggs.



Everybody down!

SOLDIER: Get down!

LARSON: Heavy weapons,
return fire!

Spread out!
Spread out!

Show me some launchers!
Everybody else under cover!

Wait for their charge.

REMBRANDT: You all right?

Remmy! Underground!

Come on.



SOLDIER: Fire! Fire!


WOMAN: I'll change
your dressing now.

MAN 2: Doc.

DOCTOR: How ya doing, son?

DOCTOR: Lie still.
We'll take care
of this for you.


Your color is back.
You look good.


Come on,

it's time to show us
what that PhD
of yours is worth.

Is it over?

It's not gonna be over
till you find a way
to get us out of here.


I can't get this
ringing out of my head.




All right.
Come on.
Lie down.


Wounded man!
Little help!
SOLDIER: I got it!

Little help!
I got it!


SERGEANT: I told you
last night to conserve it.

Oh, man,
where are we?

Didn't you hear Larson?
We're in Purgatory.

If I remember right,
that means that things
can get worse.

Our side's
not winning.

The Mizers were
just to soften us up.

They'll attack soon.
They always do.

Like I said.
It can get worse.

We can't last out
here for very long.

No. Not with
the Kromaggs.

We're gonna need
Diana to work some
of her magic, and fast.

I don't think
that's going to
happen anytime soon.

She's in shock.


And that
surprises you?

Last night she was
face down in the mud

while bombs were
being dropped
on her head.

It's a bit of a change
from being at her
home in Brentwood,

a spotless lab

and an office
reclining chair.

Hey, hey, hey.

What about you?

Me, I do what
I do best.


Think it's got him.


Yeah, well, I just
can't stand here.
I gotta do something.


Uh, thanks. (GRUNTS)

LARSON: You know the drill.

Be sure you
salvage every round.
Check 'em for rations.

It's time you
and I had a talk.

Yeah, you're right.
I've got a few
questions of my own.

Okay, well,
what's this
all about?

Why are the
Kromaggs interested

in an empty world
in the middle
of nowhere?

LARSON: They weren't until
a Manta ship crashed
here about a month ago.

So why are
you here?

You see that
bunker there?

My orders are
to guard it.

That's it?
Guard a bunker?

With my life.

With the lives
of my soldiers.

With your life.

What's in it?

That's something
that you don't
need to know.

Look, it just so
happens that the
future of our world

probably depends
upon what I do here.

So you'll pardon me
if I bend the rules
of propriety in my favor.

Yeah. Well, I've got
news for you, Sergeant,

I'm not from your world.

Where the hell
are you from?

That's not important.
What is, is I'm a man
who knows what it's like

to have his world
ripped apart
by the Maggs.

I'm sort of on
a mission myself.

But I don't have to
hijack people's lives
to get the job done.







SOLDIER: Okay. Okay.
All clear.

Hey, you okay?

This, this thing
went after Diana.

What happened?

New boy here got
his first tussle
with a real Kromagg.


Hey, let's get
those cuts
looked after, okay?

Come on.

Yes, sir?

Looks like they've
figured out how to
mock up a detection ring.


Yeah. They try to slip
in from time to time.

Check our weaknesses,
scavenge what they can.

The collars
block their psionics,

allows us to
check each other.

You weren't being tortured,
you were being screened.

Just can't avoid
these Maggots.

Well, I guess this is
your war, after all.

Yeah, we thought
we were through
with these Maggs

when we sent 'em
packing years ago.

Never thought they'd
come back here.

You defeated
the Kromaggs?

So if you could do that
and create this world
between dimensions

then you must be from...

Kromagg Prime.

No. It's not
Kromagg Prime,
not to us humans.

It's Earth, our Earth!

You can call it
what you want,

we've been trying
to get there
for a long time.

And which Earth
are you from?

Not which Earth,
which Earths.

Sounds like you've
got some interesting
stories to tell.

My boys could use
a little U.S.O.

We could curl your
stripes with what
we've seen.

But that can wait.

We need to get back
to your homeland.

Well, good luck.
You'll never
get through.

We know all about
the slidecage.

Been there,
done that.

You escaped
the slidecage?

Who are you people?

We're trying to
find a scientist,
Michael Mallory.

we've got activity
in no man's land!

Okay, un-T's,
let's belly up
to the bar!

Let's go!


Come on out.

This isn't a dance. Move!

Like the man said.
This is your war.

And the one who went
after Diana certainly
made it mine.

The way I figure it,

we either fight or die.

Let's go.

Kromaggs incoming!





SOLDIER: Come on. Come on.

Come on. Let's go.

Pull back!
Pull back!

That's some
nice shooting,
Mr. Brown.

This is not
your first time
at the barbecue.

This is not my
favorite meal.

Mine neither.


Beckett, come on!
We need you
up on the line!

LARSON: Watch out!

Can you handle
that much gun?

Watch me!





Stand down!

Save your rounds.

Bates, you've
got the watch.

Got it, Sarge.

All right,
standing down!


You okay?

Yeah, how are
we doing?

All's quiet on
the Kromagg front.
For the moment.


Where's Diana?


I'll check
down below.


You don't think
a Mizer got her?

I don't believe that.

Maybe she left
the trench.

I don't know.

She was
pretty scared.

Well, she's not
down there,

and I don't think
she'd just leave this
lying in the mud.





DIANA: I've always prided
myself on my intellect.

With it I felt I could
understand and shield
myself from any adversity.

But it was arrogance,
not intellect, that built
that glass shelter.

And when it came
down around me

I remembered
a forgotten truth,

that deep down

I am just an animal.

You can over-clean
those things, you know.

I don't even
know if I'm
doing this right.

Before I
met you guys

the closest I ever
came to firing a gun
was in a video game.

Will it always
be like this?



there are a lot
of different places
out there to see.

Beautiful places.

There are some
dangerous ones, too.

One thing I've learned
out there is that

pain is just as
universal as joy.

Pain is a good thing.

Lets us know
that we're alive.




Trying to find
a way out of here?


Still have enough
hope for the
both of us?

I do.

As a matter of fact,
I'm going to talk
to Larson,

but first I wanted
to check on you.

Diana was teaching
me how to use this.


We were swapping


I was coaching her on the
finer points of sliding
by the seat of your pants.

Charming the locals
out of food, drink,
and ready-to-wear.

And she was
tutoring me on
trans-dimensional theory.

You know, it was
actually starting
to make sense.


You know,
we were just getting
to know each other.

It felt really good
having a woman to
relate to for a change.

I thought she got
on your nerves?

Yeah. She was
getting on my nerves.

You get on
my nerves.



Yeah, I suppose
I have that talent.

My friend,

it's what you
call a relationship.


You gonna
take all that?

BATES: I'll try not to.

Hey, join us
for a drink?

Why not?

Try that.


It's cactus brandy.


I think they leave
the needles in.

Look, we split up
the last of the
ammunition evenly.

Bates here
is gonna take
the LAWs rockets.

Loud noises
kinda make him hot.

Well, if we
live through this,

we'll have
done our job.

You'll have to help
my friends and me
slide out of here.

How am I
to do that?

Well, you got
here somehow.

I mean, there's
gotta be a machine
of some kind.

Well, we don't have
a trans-D portal here,
if that's what you mean.

The brass just
dropped us off.

When the high command
wants us, they'll come
and get us.

You can't leave
on your own?

Not even if I wanted to.

So what would it
take for them to
come and get you?

I mean, what's
in that bunker?

Don't know.

Hell, sometimes...

I wonder if they
even remember
we're here.

Purgatory's the
right name for it.

LARSON: You know
this was actually
an easy assignment.

It was beneath
this unit,
if you ask me.

No one ever expected
the Maggs to
come out of hyperspace,

but stuff happens.

Ever since that
Manta ship crashed,

around here it's been...


You know what
it's been like.

Next fight,

probably our last.

So... (SIGHS)

How do you
know the great
Michael Mallory?

Well, you
said you were
looking for him,

before we got so
rudely interrupted.

We don't know him,

but he has something
that we need.

The Kromaggs have
overrun my Earth.

Michael Mallory,
he was our Quinn's
father. A scientist.

He invented this weapon
that drove the Maggs
from his world.

Now, if we can get our
hands on that weapon,

we can free my Earth.


What's so funny?

You want a
Voraton device?

That, my friends,
is a really...

Bad idea.




about a month
after they
triggered the device,

the eggheads who
designed it figured
out that the weapon,

which was supposed
to be lethal only
to the Kromaggs,

had trashed Earth's

The ecology
on my planet's been
crumbling ever since.

Life on my Earth makes
this place look like
an amusement park.

Excuse me.


So that's it, then,
the end of our journey.


none of that.

We've been riding
that wave of hope
too freaking long.

Our last chance
just went south.

Then we'll just have
to find another way.

Sure we will.

We'll slide
home tomorrow
and take it to 'em.

You and me against
the whole Magg army.

Between us,
we've got a frozen timer,
a muddy pal and 22 rounds,

so why the hell not?

Yesterday you said
that you had enough
hope for both of us.

Well, I guess
it rubbed off.

Now I'm gonna
have to give
some back to you.

Save it.

You're gonna need it.


LARSON: Aw, geez.

They fixed
the damn thing!



How did this happen?


They got 'em!


If my last act to
defend my home means
dying on this rock,

that's the way
it's gotta be.

All right! Let's
take it to 'em!




Cease fire!
Cease fire!

SOLDIER: Hold up!

MAGGIE: Cease fire!

Mizers have stopped!

Then let's take
the fight to them!

Let's go!
Clear out!
Quick, men!


Next position! Move!

LARSON: Two down!
Medic! Come on!

Hey, we got two down!
Need your help over here.


Go! Go! Go!

Cover me!

Go, go, go!


LARSON: We need help!




Look, stop that!


Where have you been?

You look like
you've been
through hell.

That's exactly
where I've been.

But I'm
back now.


Why, human?

Just doesn't seem
worth it anymore.

Looks like I've got
a lot of work to do
to help get us out of here.

That's right.

We lost you.

Don't think this
ends it, human.

Haven't you
had enough?

As far as we're concerned,
we're through fighting.

This war here is over.

What more do you want?

We need...


We haven't
got any.

You take me
for an idiot?

Behind your
lines you're guarding
a vast storage bunker.

Surely it contains
emergency provisions.


What about it,

What are you
up to, Rem?

You said it yourself,
there's got to be
another way,

this could be it.

To win?

To live.

Maybe long enough
for Larson's superiors
to come after us.

LARSON: I told you

I don't know
what's inside.

I don't even know
how to open it.

Well, we're
going to find out.

REMBRANDT: We're going
to crack that bunker open

and if there's
food there,

we'll share it
with you.

No. I don't think so.

MALLORY: Have you
got a better idea?

If we all starve
to death who's gonna
guard your bunker then?

I suppose
it's worth
a look inside.

How do I know
I can trust you?

I'm coming
with you.

You guys,
it's probably
not a good idea,

at least not until
we know what's inside.

There could be
weapons in there

and then
we'll be right back
where we started.

There are a number
of automated anti-Kromagg
devices in there for, uh,


Now you can
come along.

But I wouldn't
recommend it.

You are good.

You noticed.

REMBRANDT: So, Larson,

why don't you do
us a favor
and watch these guys.

This better
be a good idea,

otherwise it's my pension
and I can't guarantee

what my two ex-wives
will do to you if I lose it.


DIANA: Do you really think
they have food here?

I'm famished.

MAGGIE: I don't know,
but we bought
ourselves some time.

We might
find something
just as useful.

Yeah. Improvise,
that's the sliders' way.

Look, can you
crack that?


DIANA: Well, it looks
like a magnetic lock
with a redundancy insulator.

And a power
fail safe system.

I didn't ask
you that!

I don't know!

Uh, excuse me.

Would you geniuses
mind stepping aside?


Now that's using
your head!


Ten thousand points
and a free game!

All right!




I may be wrong

but that's no fridge.

Do we start taking
bets on what it is,
or start pushing buttons?

No, button-pushing
would be bad.


What did Larson
say that anti-Kromagg
weapon was called?

Voraton KR-17.


REMBRANDT: This is it.

This is Michael Mallory's
anti-Kromagg device?

That's what we've
been looking for
to save my world,

and I just agreed
to hand it over
to the Kromaggs.

What's it
doing here?

Well, they've got
a gun hiding
under their mattress,

except in this case
it's tucked away in some
far corner of the universe.

And they pull it out
when things really
do get desperate.

I don't know.
Triggering another
one of these things

would probably
thrash what's left
of their Earth.

We can't turn this
over to the Maggs.

Well, we can't
go back empty-handed.

That'll end the
truce real quick.


What are
you doing?

Well, this console
doesn't seem to be
a part of the weapon.



Is this a good kind
of unbelievable?

I was right about
this place,

we're on an asteroid.

It's orbiting
a white dwarf

that, because of its
extreme density,

is simultaneously
existing in this
space and our own.

So you're saying
we're orbiting
a dense white dwarf?

It's a star.
And this device
is keeping us here?

No. This panel controls
a stasis field around
the asteroid,

which is holding
it, and us,
in hyperspace.

So if you turn it off
we can slide out of here.

No, the asteroid
would return
to normal space

but we'd be nowhere
near our sliding window.

We could be
millions of miles
away from Earth.

Any Earth.


Look, I think
I can figure this out.
I just need a moment.


what's taking
so long?

What are you
doing here?

You know,
those Kromaggs
are getting edgy,

and so are my men,
what few I have left.

What is that?

That's your
ultimate weapon.

You were guarding
a Voraton device.

You gotta be kidding me.

Oh, wait, you're
not thinking about...

No, they're not gonna
get their hands on this.

Look, this is
the way I see it.

We hide that weapon
and we tell
the Maggs that...

That we found
another way
off this rock.

Once Diana here
has figured it all out.

So you're saying
we take them with us?

Well, I made a deal.

A deal with the devil.


you roll that weapon
out of here and hide it
in a good place.

I'll go talk to
our new friends.

I'll give you
a hand with that.

Why don't I go round up
the troops and let 'em
know what's going on?

Think you
can do this?

Well, I wouldn't
want you and Maggie
to think I was all talk.



MAGGIE: Remmy, over here!

They got
his eyes.


But, I just left...

Get your men
together, now!

On the double.

Then that's not
Larson in the bunker,

the Kromaggs must know
about the weapon.

Tell me about it.

Come on!


REMBRANDT: Can't trust
anybody these days.
Are you okay?


Hey, have you
figured out a way to
get us out of here?

Uh, no, I... I...

Look, now would
be a good time.

Come on, Diana,
we're behind you.
You can do this.


Don't we have
a wormhole to catch?

Okay, I can do this.


Catch a wormhole?

That's it!

What's it?

When the opening of the
wormhole entered the
asteroid's stasis field,

it became frozen in place.

A little less
sci-fi, please!

No. I get it!
The vortex
is still here.

That's why
the timer
is frozen.

I've been
paying attention.

DIANA: We can't see it
because it's part magnetic.

When in stasis it exists
outside the range
of visible light.

Well, fine,
the vortex
never closed.

But it's out there
and we're in here.

I can shift the vortex
into this room.

What's crucial
is the timing.

We're only gonna
have a few seconds

to summon the vortex
after the field is down.

Here. Wait
for my cue.
You got it.


All of your comrades are dead!

You have one minute
to surrender and come out.

I'll give him
one minute.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
what are you doing?

It's fairly simple.
A keypad, L.E.D.
for countdown.

I'm giving the Maggs
a going-away present.

Forget it. It probably
has a sophisticated
lockout system.


Guess not.
Just a few
more seconds.

Releasing stasis now!







I don't know, Maggie.

I mean, what do
you do when all your
chances run out?

When I think
that's happened,
I'll let you know.

Hey, guys!

Draft, please.

I'm not sure,
but I think
I'm mad at you.

We should have
tried to take
that weapon.

Maybe Diana here
could have
altered it somehow,

fix it up so
it'd be usable
on my world.

There was no time.

And what if
she couldn't?

Wasn't it worth it
not to have it fall
into Kromagg hands?

Yeah, I know.

Point made.

The only thing
that I thought
would save my world

turned out to be
a dud hand grenade.

(SIGHS) Well, let's drink
to what we do have left.

To friendship.