Sliders (1995–2000): Season 5, Episode 18 - The Seer - full transcript

The sliders arrive in a world where their exploits are well known through the efforts of a man called the 'Seer'. As they prepare for their final jump home the Seer warns them that instant death awaits. Eventually they discover something is blocking their jumps. An alternate way is discovered, but only one of them can go. Rembrandt decides he will jump back to his home world to continue the fight against the Kromaggs.

Previously on Sliders...

Doctor Geiger!

What's this?


What's that?

I don't know.

Oh, my God.

What is it?

The way home.

DIANA: Well, this is it.

All I have to do
is call up
the coordinates,

punch them
into the timer

and then we're off
to our home worlds.

Thanks to Doctor Geiger.

So, any plans
after our
triumphant return?

Wait, I know,

and the Nobel Prize
goes to Diana Davis,
come on down!

You know, a few months ago
that sounded great.

But I don't know, after
everything we've done
and we've seen,

somehow it seems wrong
to get a prize for it.

Well, for me
a hammock, a blender

and an endless
supply of margaritas
come to mind.


What are you eating?

It's a giraffe sandwich
and pork soda.


It's not that bad,
you want to try some?

Ah, the word "why"
comes to mind.

Well, because this
is our last chance
to take a bite

out of the bizarre
and unusual.

From now on,
the expected
is what you get

and the unexpected
is just a memory.

Very poetic.

I think I'll take
one of those
margaritas now.

Maggie, since your
home world is no more,

are you gonna be
staying with Remmy?

For as long
as he needs me.

Here he comes.

I thought he gave up
on church years ago.

Probably just
hedging his bets.


There comes a time
in a man's life

when he has to look
at where he's been

in order to figure out
where he's going.

And here we thought
you were just
asking for backup.

That too.

I thought I'd be going
home with some new idea
to defeat the Maggs.

You know, a weapon
or something.

It looks like
I'll be going home

No, you won't.
You got me.

Recommended by more
moms and arms dealers

than all other
brands combined.

Well, make no mistake,

my world is still
gonna be occupied
with Kromaggs.

It won't be a pretty
place these days.

So I won't blame anyone
if they wanted to bail.

All right then.


Guys, this is it.

Okay, and three,
two, one.




Did you call ahead?

Sliders! Sliders! Sliders!

What if you found a porthole
to a parallel Universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't
find your way home?


These people
don't look
exactly conquered.

You don't think they
found a way to defeat
the Maggs, do you?

I don't know.
I haven't been home
in almost two years.

A lot can happen.

Yeah, but how
do they know
who we are?

We haven't done
anything to become
famous here.

Have we?

Mr. Brown,
Ms. Beckett,

Doctor Davis,
Mister Mallory,
of course.

I'm Claire Lebeau,

and this is
my father
Marc Lebeau,

better known
as the Seer.

Before we move on,

would you like
to say a word
to your public?

BOY: Mallory rules!

How's it going?


SEER: I apologize
for the enthusiasm
of your welcome.

But you must understand,

none of them
ever expected to
see you in real life.

We didn't expect
any of them either.


Action figure?

DIANA: Is this
supposed to be me?

MALLORY: I like it.

Ah, this is freaky.

It's like whoever
painted this picture

knows everything
about us, who we are,
where we've been.

How is that

Diana and Mallory
have never even
been to your world.

CLAIRE: I'm afraid
that's still true.

The part about
never having been
to your world, that is.

But as you've seen,
you are more than
welcome on our world.

Wait a minute,
you're telling me that
this is not my Earth?

that is correct.

Then you save
your welcomes

and tell us why you
hijacked our slide.

And how.

First off, understand
that we're not responsible
for you being here.

MAGGIE: Really?

You always hold
sliders prep rallies,

and we just coincidentally
happened to land
in the middle of one?

We didn't
bring you here.

But we did know
that you were coming.

Daughter, perhaps
it's time that
I should take over.

My friends,

I have been observing
your exploits for some time.

Someone forgot
to give Grandpa
his medicine again.


Mr. Mallory,

there's a grain
of truth in that.

You see, some years ago
I had a massive
heart attack.

I wasn't expected
to survive.

But finally,
when I did recover,

I found that along
with a very much
weakened heart,

I also had developed
a strange new ability.

New ability?

Yes, I began
to see visions.

Images of all of you
and of your companions.

After time,
I realized these weren't
just hallucinations.

I was seeing
genuine events
in space and time.

Professor, the term
is remote viewing.

It's seeing something
in your mind
from a remote location.

SEER: Yes, well,
call it whatever
you will.

Eventually, I learned
to see out into
inter-dimensional pace.

And somehow,
my consciousness

seemed to latch
onto your little group.

So you began
painting pictures
of what you saw.

SEER: That's right.

And then we
began to share

what we knew of you
with our world.

It was through
the paintings
of my father

and through
his writings.

It didn't take long
before stories
of your travels

became popular lore.

after the
Kromaggs came.

And you inspired
many of us to fight them.

The Kromaggs
were here?

BOTH: Mmm-hmm.

Until we defeated them
with a synthetic virus

that was engineered
by our scientists.

I think the phrase is,
"We sent them packing."

CLAIRE: You see, it's
your fellowship and
your philosophy of life

that fueled
a following that is today
tens of thousands strong.

You see, Rem,
you can never
give up hope.

Who, me?

I never gave up hope,
I thought that was you.

So we can kick
the Maggs off
Remmy's world.

Well, it sure
looks that way
if we can get there.

I wish that
were the case.

There's always a but.

For some
unknown reason,

I have also
been able,

to see through the fabric
of inter-dimensional time.

I have
seen your future

and I know that
the next slide you take
will be your last.

The moment you
emerge from the other
side of the wormhole,

you will all



I'm afraid that is
not clear to me.

But you must know this.

I foresaw the death
of your friends,

and the Professor,
and Miss Wells

I have never,
ever been wrong.

Please, you must
never leave this world.

(GASPS) Professor Arturo,

thank God you're here!


(SCOFFS) I cannot
believe they made
a TV show about us.

I think as a general
pan-dimensional rule,

all Diana Davises
should stick to science
and stay out of showbiz.



Well, I'll tell
you one thing,

they could have
at least been accurate.

There was never
five of us together
at one time.

Though it says
the episode is called
Arturo's Return.

"Tonight, this beloved
character is back
by popular demand."

See what a letter
writing campaign
can do?

Some people have
way too much time
on their hands.


Hey, guys,
come out here.

They just dropped
this stuff off.

We got fruit baskets,

Looks like a marriage
proposal for Maggie.

Give me that.

Did you get
a financial

There's also gonna be
a lunchtime reception.

Oh, the royal treatment
for just showing up.

It doesn't get
much better
than this.

Um, is there
anything for me?

This is not
about grabbing
the spotlight.

This is business.

Well, first order
of business is that

we play into
this hospitality.

Yeah, while learning
what we can
about this world.

And the second order
is to get our hands
on that anti-Magg virus.

Then we're still
sliding out of here?

Well, I still
don't know what
brought us here,

and there's nothing
wrong with the timer.

So I think
we should
try again.

Look, I've been
thinking this over.

It's obvious that
this Seer has got
the scoop on all of us,

and he's been right
about the past.

He, uh, could be right
about the future.

Then you believe that guy?

Well, how else
do you explain
the paintings?


So when it comes
time for the slide,

I'm gonna be
the only one
who's going.

I don't think so.

No, you can't make
a decision like that
on your own.

Look, guys, we're talking
about my world here.

I should be the one
taking the risk.

And if I survive,
I'll come back
for all of you.

And if you don't?

Well then, the Seer
will know what has
happened to me.

Look, at least
you guys are
gonna be alive.

On a world
where you're safe
and you're welcome.

What happened
to all that talk
about teamwork?

About how you can't
slide and be a loner.

Were you
just wasting
our time with that?

You mean you were
actually listening?

Yeah, and so was I.

Look, we watch
each other's backs.

That's how
we stay alive.

Don't look at me, pops.
You raised them.

Yeah, and I'm
so proud, too.


Come here, son.

Oh, thank you.
You're welcome.

Uh... Uh, listen,
we need to talk.


But first I would
like to introduce your
duplicates from our world.

What a thrill,
what a thrill.


Oh, gosh.

CLAIRE: Diana,
you may have already
seen your duplicate

she stars on
the TV show.

So you two
don't act?

Well, we... We make
more money in
personal appearances.

What about
my duplicate?

Oh, well, sadly,
Quinn Mallory never
existed on our world.

Guess I'm
one of a kind.

You know,
if we stay
on this world,

I guess you guys
are out of a job, huh?

My work here is done.


I'd love you
to meet Doctor
and Mrs. Dial.

Hi, hi, hi.

Oh, this
is Vernon.

He's the
El Segundo

chapter president
of the Four S club.

the Seer's Students
for Sliders Society.

You're all welcome
to stop by the
Four S club anytime.

Well, listen,
we appreciate
the hospitality,

but we're gonna
be leaving.

We'll be sliding
out of here
within a few hours.

Well, you can't.

You heard what
the Seer said.
You'll be killed.

Maybe so,
but we have to try.

Now if you could help us
get our hands on that
anti-Kromagg virus...


Excuse me,
who are you?

She's your mother.

Sorry, lady,
I think you got
the wrong guy.


Is she a duplicate?

Sadly, no.

The Kromaggs built
several work camps
here on our world.

There are refugees here
from a dozen Earths.

This is
who you think it is.

I'll take care of her.

She's not my mother.

What's going
on here?

She was
Quinn's mother.
Our Quinn.

I'm your Quinn!

I didn't mean it that way.

Where is he
taking her?

Mrs. Mallory
sometimes has
post traumatic spells.

The work camp,

and then the
knowledge of what
happened to her son.

But don't worry,
we look after her.

Well, we hate to
spoil your party,

but like I said,
we're gonna
have to be leaving.

The sooner the better,
as far as I'm concerned.

Now about that virus.

There's none available.

You don't keep
any extra on hand?

What if the Kromaggs return?

CLAIRE: The virus
has a very short
shelf life.

The key components
are stored at military
bases around the world,

but it has to be freshly
synthesized in order
for it to be effective.

How long
does that take?

From what I understand,
the incubation period
is two days.

We've got a little
more than two hours here.

Look, I have
to introduce
my father.

But afterwards,
we can talk business.

Please reconsider.
Your lives are at stake.


We already have.

CLAIRE: May I have
your attention, please?

Dear friends,
fellow sliders.

Before we adjourn
to the dining room,

it gives me
great pleasure

to introduce
our leader,

the Seer.

Thank you. Thank you.

Well, this is indeed
a joyous occasion.

The young people,

the heroic young people,

that I have been
viewing from afar

are finally here with us.

Now, as you know,
I have seen

a future for our friends
which is indeed bleak.

Certain death
lies for them beyond
their next slide.

However, I am very
happy to tell you,

that our friends
have decided
to remain with us.


And to help us

lay the foundation
for our new order,


the ideological
for tomorrow.

Is this what
I think he's doing?

I think this would be
the business part
his daughter spoke of.

Seems we're the
only silent partners.

Before I propose a toast,

I would like to ask
our honored guests
just to say a few words.

Not this group.
Come on.

Thank you.

Good night.


Ironic, isn't it?

We finally land on a world
where people love us,
and we're running away.

I don't want to be
loved like that.

Well, in a few hours
we'll be able to slide
right out of here.

And into what?


I... I don't
mean to intrude.

But you left
so suddenly.

It's no intrusion.
you're welcome.

I'm sorry I reacted
the way I did.

It's just,
when I saw you...

I just have to know.

I told you.
I'm not your son.

I understand.
But is my son
still alive?

Is any part of him
still there?


I want to talk
to her alone.

Will you guys
please go down
to the bar?

Let's sit down.

Mom... Mrs. Mallory.


I once had an uncle

who was more like
a father to me than
my own father was.

Well, he was killed
in a car accident.

He was healthy
and strong.

So my aunt donated
his organs to people
who really needed them.

I lost my uncle,

but I always felt that
through other people,
he was able to live.

Does this make
any sense?

Ever since I last
saw him almost
two years ago,

I've waited for the day
when we'd be together again.

More than anything,

I wanted him to
have a normal life.

I wanted to know the girl
he would someday marry.

See grandchildren.


I would settle for
holding him in my arms
one last time.

That's never
going to happen, is it?

No, it isn't.



I haven't seen this much
insanity since they
canceled S tar Trek.

Yeah, it's going
to be tough slipping
through that crowd.

it's gonna be
even tougher

getting past those
goons in the car, though.

You think they're here
to keep us here?

They're sure
not Trekkies.

It's not a problem.
We'll just stay in
and slide from here.

Well, what if
they come in here?

Will Mrs. Mallory be
coming along as well?

as a matter
of fact,

if it wasn't for
the unknown danger,
I would say yes.

I mean,
she is family.

MAGGIE: She's asleep.

How much time?


Thirty minutes.


You all right?

Yeah, I'm just
ready to move on.

If things work out
with the next slide,

we can come back
for her, right?

Sounds like a plan.

DIANA: Remmy.

Uh, those
"goons in the car,"
as you call them,

they aren't
in the car

They may be
on their way
up here.

Okay, it's
checkout time,

Let's see if
we can find a way
out the back.

All right,
last chance
to get off.

Here we go,
three, two, one.




I guess we don't
have a choice
in the matter.

We're stuck here.

What the hell
I don't know yet.

Please don't tell me
we're stranded here
for 29 years.

You were wondering
why they didn't
come after us.

Maybe they
didn't need to.

You're saying someone
purposely stopped us
from leaving?

Think about it.
$1,000 plate meals,

public appearances.

A lot of cash
stands to be made
if we stick around.

Assuming they
can stop the slide,

do you think
somebody would
stoop so low

as to keep
us here just to
make money off us?

Well, you've
obviously never
had an agent.

You know,
it's like some kind
of force field

is blocking the
wormhole entrance.

Somebody capped it?

Well, basically, yes.

I mean, what's
really strange
is that the timer

is counting down
from three days
this time.

It's like whatever
blocked the wormhole
reset the cycle.

Meaning we have
another shot.

If we don't run into
the force field again.

I think I know
who's responsible.

I think it's time
we had a blunt
conversation with him.

Come on.

Look, we don't care
what he's doing.

We need to see him now.

SEER: It's all right, Martha,

I've finished
for today.

There you are,
my friends.

You know, you left me

with a considerable
amount of egg on my face.

Why did you leave
so abruptly?

We suddenly
remembered we left
the iron plugged in.


Yeah, you're quite
a humorist, aren't you,
Mr. Mallory?

Well, what do you think?
Do you like it?

It's the vision I had
of your first arrival.

Yeah, lovely, now
conjure up a vision
of us leaving.

SEER: You see,
this is something
new for me.

Before your arrival,

I could have
never had a vision
of this dimension.

It's almost as if
I had some direct psychic
connection with you.

Well, you have
to break it.

Look, turn off
your force field so we
can slide out of here.

Out of here?

But Claire told me
you intended to stay.

We never told her that.

DIANA: The only thing
keeping us here

is the force field
that you have put
around the wormhole.

I assure you,
I know nothing about
any force field.

Well, you're not
going to deny that you
benefit by us staying?

That you're crazy cult
fizzles if we die.

No, I'm not going
to deny that.

I have made enough
money already.

Certainly enough
to last me for what
little time I have left.

What little time
you have left?

Are you...
Are you dying?


Yes, my heart.

The doctors tell me
it could happen at any time.

the movement
may not outlive me.

It's badly in debt.

I had hoped that
you would stay

and help me to revitalize it
by creating the second phase
of our movement, Slidology.

Look, we're not
convinced that
we're stuck here.

Our timer has reset.

If anything, we just have
a three-day setback.

And we want your word
you won't interfere.

Me interfere?
What can I do?

Look, please,
I beg you,

My vision
of your future
was very clear.

we've made our choice.

And if you know us
like you say you do,

you know there's
no changing that.

So Claire lied
to us about the Seer.

That makes her
our prime suspect
if you ask me.

That would also
make her our
next stop.

Okay, we got
a little over
three days here.

That's enough time
to concoct the virus.

Look, this whole
force field fiasco

may have been
a blessing
in disguise.

That's if we can
get our hands
on the ingredients.

Wait a minute.

I think I know just
the person who might
be able to help us.

Look, you two
find Claire.

If she's behind this,
try to talk some sense
into her.

We're gonna
catch up with you
in about two hours.

Where are you going?

Back to school.

VERNON: What branch
of the service was
Maggie in?

LISA: That's easy, Marines.

She was a captain
and her middle name
is Allison.

Just give me the answer,
not her total life story.


What was the name
of Rembrandt's
best friend

and former member
of The Spinning Tops?

I know the answer
to that one.

VERNON: You came!

Of course we came.

Of course,
we wouldn't let down
our biggest fans.


Ah, we're sorry
we ran out on you
at the luncheon.

No problem,
welcome to the club.

This is Lisa
and Nubsy and Schmo.

Hey, Schmo.

We were just playing
the sliders trivia game.

Great, great,
can we sit?


Oh, yes, let's get
to know each other
for a little while.

Make it worth
the wait, huh?

LISA: So, what is
the answer?

Only the real
Rembrandt Brown
would know for sure.

Hey, in good time, huh?
In good time.


There must be a way
to recreate the virus.

Don't you have some
Internet contacts
or something?

That only works
if you want to build
an atomic bomb.

Why do you want the virus?

You're not going
to try to leave, are you?

You're not going
to try to leave, are you?

Yeah. Yeah, we are, Vernon.

Yeah, we are, Vernon.


We need the virus
before we make the slide.

Ha, ha. pay up.
I told you they'd try.

The sliders
never give up.

Lucky guess.
But what good is
getting away

if they don't
have the virus?

Are you high, Lisa?

There is a way.
Think, Space Journey.

That's my
second favorite show.

Episode 12,
The White Menace.

Eh? Eh?

In The White Menace,
the killer plague puts down...
Hold on, hold on.

...the counter alien plague

extracted from
the blood of a race
known as the Zangs.

Lucky thing for us,
Nubsy here is a diabetic.

Ah, Lucky thing.

Whoa, man,
what are you doing?

It's okay.

I give Nubsy
his shots
all the time.

I practice on myself.

Lucky thing.


You don't need
to recreate the virus.

We all carry it
in our bloodstream.

It's only harmful
to the Kromaggs.

So the virus
is in here?

And we can make
more from this?


Providing you get
it to a lab in two days
to synthesize it.

All right.

Thanks, Vernon.

All right. Vernon,
you are okay.

Thanks, guys.
See ya, Lisa.

Oh, and by the way,
the name of the guy
was Maurice Fish.

I knew that too.

Well, that was
a waste of time
looking for Claire.

I know, um,
I'm going to check
on Mrs. Mallory.

Hey, I'll...
I'll do it.

Shouldn't you be
doing something
with the timer?

Ah, yeah,
you're right.

I'll do it.




DIANA: Mallory!

Is that what
I think it is?

Yeah, I'm afraid so.

Mrs. Mallory.

Are you all right?

This is my fault.

Oh, no it's not.
It's those crazy fans.

It wasn't the fans.

That's what they
want you to believe.

It was those guys
that work for Claire.

She sent them here
to trash our timer?

Trash it
or steal it.

The results
are the same.

It's obvious
she wants us
stranded here.

So did you
talk to her?

Nobody's seen her.

At least that's
what we were told.

I could have
prevented this.

I could have
told you.

Told us what?

During the occupation,

Claire and I worked
at a Kromagg garrison.

When the virus
was released,

the Kromaggs packed
up what they could
and left the rest.

They left the rest?

Before the government
was back in control,

Claire hoarded all
the leftover Kromagg
equipment she could find.

It's in a storage facility
owned by the center.

Well, then it's possible
they left behind some
of their technology.

Something that
could prevent us
from leaving here.

Or that could
help us leave.

You're right.

You should
have told us.

I just wanted
you to stay,

and if my silence
could keep you here...

Well, I was wrong.

Can I have a moment?

I guess we both have
some apologizing to do.

I'm sorry.

There's something else
I have to tell you.


I do feel somehow
connected to you.

At first, I denied
the feelings

because I was afraid
that if I didn't,

that I would lose
myself, my identity.

There is a small part
of your Quinn inside me.

And I think he wants
you to know that, to him,

you aren't just
a stepmother.

You raised him,
you loved him.

For that reason,

you are more
his mother

than any blood
relative could be.

He loves you
very much.


Guys, it's useless.

Mrs. Mallory
wants to help us.

I can take you
to Claire's
storage facility.

Okay, then let's
make the move.

the Kromaggs left,

they destroyed
everything they could.

Scorched earth
always was their policy.

This is it.

Oh, it's locked.


DIANA: This is way
too easy for you.

Claire didn't do
too bad for herself

when the Maggs
pulled out, huh?


Yeah, looks like
the Kromagg department
at Best Buy.

Hey, guys.

I think this
is a Kromagg
sliding machine.

Looks pretty
beat up, though.

Well, I think I know
what blocked our slide.

This device projects
a hyper spatial
force field barrier.

So, this is
a defense system,

designed to keep
invaders out.

Well, sliding invaders,
yes, or keep us in.

But not anymore.



Power off.

MALLORY: I don't get it.

Why trash the timer
if this thing can
keep us here?

CLAIRE: I knew as long
as you had your timer,

you'd continue
to try to escape.

You might even defeat
the force field, and that
I just couldn't allow.

Quite a stash
you've got here, Claire.

MALLORY: You gonna
share this good fortune
with the others?

It's the
first commandment
of Slidology.

I don't think "share"
is in her vocabulary.

You know, I really don't
understand you people.

You're constantly
on the move,

never knowing
who your friends are.

Here everyone
loves you.

We can even protect you
from the Kromaggs.

You're not
about us.

You just want to create
some crazy religion
based on sliding.

People create
all the time.

It's not
a bad profession.

You can set
your own hours
and the pay's great.

We've seen your kind
of medicine show before.

Call in, make
a pledge of faith,

Claire gets a new BMW.

We can all
benefit from this.

My father wasn't
lying about his vision.

If you slide out, you die.

That puts an end
to your cash cow, hmm?


(SIGHS) I was hoping
I wouldn't have to do this.

I did arrange your
very public arrival.

And now that the
following has
a new momentum,

I'm that sure
that I can convince

your duplicates
to take your place.

The Maggs left us
a very nice prison

complete with some
of their rather grim
torture devices.

What about me?
I don't have a duplicate.

We'll concoct
some cover story.

I'll talk to
the TV writers.

They're hacks,
they'll do anything
for a buck.


what is the
meaning of this?

Father, you're not well.
You shouldn't be here.

What I see here
makes me feel
a great deal worse.

What have you done
to our work?

CLAIRE: I'm following
your example, of course.

SEER: That is not true.

I have never
deceived our followers.

I certainly never
resulted to murder.

Take him home.


How did you know
what that was?

I've been on
the business end

of one of these
a few times.

Diana, can you get
that sliding machine
up and running?

Yeah, I'll give it
my best shot.

What about them?

Find them a nice
little room
in cold storage.

Come on, get up.

Let's go.

You've destroyed
everything we
worked for.


Get me a chair, quick!

I think I saw
a medicine case
over here.

I'm so sorry,
my friends.


Oh, God.

What do you give
a man who's just
had a heart attack?

Best we can do.

Claire left word
at the center.

More security forces
on their way.
Hurry, please.

Well, our friends will
be safe and comfortable
for a while.

You okay?

Oh, don't worry.

It's not the first time
this has happened,

it won't be the last.

Look after yourself.
We haven't much time.

I'll take care of him.


Okay, I think
I've got it.

It's damaged
but operational.

The main problem
is that the data bank
has been wiped.


DIANA: Well,
meaning all
I need to do,

is put in a new set
of destination locations

and we should
be in business.





What's wrong?

This device is
too badly damaged.

Containment is
deteriorating rapidly.

Look guys,
there may be
enough power

only for one of us
to go through.

We'd better decide who
it's going to be fast.

give me the vial.

No, I'll do it.


MAGGIE: What are you doing?

Just call me
typhoid Remmy.

Now look,
if I survive this,

the Seer, he'll know
if the coast is clear.

Just fix that thing
and you slide
with me, all right?

If not,

then you have
a good life.

You take care, Mallory.


I'm counting on
you, all right?

For family, huh?




the Seer said death
would be immediate.

For the four
of us, yes.

But by sending only
one of us through,

we may have altered
that time line.

Look, we may have
just changed the future.

He may still be alive.

Mr. Lebeau, can you
see our friend?

Can you see Rembrandt?

Mr. Lebeau?

I can't get a pulse.

He's gone.

(CRYING) Rembrandt.

What do we
do now?