Sliders (1995–2000): Season 5, Episode 10 - Easy Slider - full transcript

The Sliders arrive in a world where internal combustion engines have been banned. Some on this world - The "Smokers" oppose the law and wage a war against one of the few surviving oil refineries.

Oh, man. Hey, this
place is familiar.

Maybe all these barren,
empty, godforsaken places

are starting
to run together.

Don't count on it.
There's no telling
what we'll find.

Could be dinosaurs
over there
looking for lunch.

Well, it seems pretty
normal. No radical
matrix fluctuations.

I hate those.

Hey, Remmy? Make my day
and tell me we're only
here for 20 minutes.

If it's over an hour,
I don't want to know.

Three days.
Oh, God.

Remind me of the
science, Diana.

How long can
an adult human live
without a double latte?

Decaf or regular?

I'd settle for
a glass of water.

Let's see if we can
find some civilization.

Uh, can we stop
by a shoe store?
My feet are hurting.

Dennis Hopper should
be along any minute.

You know, I heard Peter Fonda
had training wheels on his
bike in that movie.

I heard they had
to hold Jack Nicholson
up with training wheels.

You all right?

Is that a mirage?

I can't tell what it is,
but bring it on.

Whatever it is,
it's taking its own
sweet time, huh?

Check the sign.

In the middle of nowhere?

Maybe this is
"drive safely" world.


Hey, we're a little lost.
Could you give us a lift
into town?

Sorry to disturb you.

I like disturbances.

Know where we're headed?

Depends on how lucky we get.

Kincaid Petro. We're "B" crew.
On two weeks, off two weeks.

My name is Sam.


I had a girlfriend
named Sam once.

Is that right? Hmm.

What happened to her?

I don't know.
I woke up one day
and she was gone.

Mmm. Life is like that, huh?

I was young.
A little wild.

Same as me.
Not as young, just as wild.

Is that a fact?

You got your papers?

Papers? Uh, see...

What, you don't have
your work papers?

We're not from around here.

Okay, look.
This could get ugly.

Let me handle this,
all right?

Hi. I'm afraid I've really
screwed up here.

How's that?

Well, see, I was holding
his papers and I seem
to have lost them.

We were late getting into
the depot at Bakersfield,
which was my fault, too.

I guess I misplaced them.

I don't know,
I guess when I'm late I just
get a little scatter-brained.

Maybe you should work
on not being late.

My friends don't
have papers, either.


What have you
got there, Phil?

One deceased Smoker.

A bunch of them raided the
refinery at Holt Junction.
This one made a wrong turn.

We want you to know the
AQMD has declared war
on the Smokers.

This is the result.

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't
find your way home?


Well, the place looks
friendly enough.

Not for everybody.

Yeah, they're just
getting ready.

For what?

The propaganda
arm of the AQMD

has got everybody freaking
out that the Smokers are
going to raid again.

Well, the guards at the
checkpoint called that
dead guy a Smoker.

Must be some
pretty nasty folks.

Depends on who you ask.
The AQMD says they're
outlaw bikers.

They won't give up their
machines, so they got
a bounty on their head.

Sounds like the old west.

A guy on the bus told me that
internal combustion engines
were banned about a year ago.

Some kind of
clean air act.

What about the bus?

Hydrogen power.
No private car ownership.

Apparently, you can time-share
one of the government's

if you don't mind
an eight-month
waiting list.

Well, it's called
Kincaid Petro.

They have oil,
what do they do with it?

Paints, plastics, cosmetics.

Salad dressing.

Salad dressing?

What kind of jobs
can we apply for?

Say you're drivers.
They always need drivers
and it's great pay.

I can't drive one of
those huge trucks.

Sure you can.
They'll give you
a crash course.

I'll crash, all right.

You, I'm going to
teach you myself.

It looks like
we've lost Mallory.

Oh, I'm starting to admire
his adaptability.

My God!
She just kissed him.

They do that here?

What I mean is,
they don't even
know each other.

Well, sometimes
it's better that way.

We've only got
three days left here.
The boy better work fast.

But she doesn't
know he's only got
three days here.

I mean, she kissed him,
just leaned in, and boom!

Interest you
in a refill?

My man, you will know
when you can't interest me
in a refill.

How's that?

My head will be on the bar.

Well, your head's
not on the bar,
so I'll run a tab.

All righty.

I know we've just met,
but it feels like I've
known you for,

oh, hours.

You're funny.
What, are you some kind of
comedian in another life?

Actually, there was a time
when I was a biker.


If I lived around here,
I'd probably be a Smoker.


That's a very dangerous
thing to say.

Are you going to bust me?

Mmm, I might.

You folks be careful
out there.

The Smokers are raiding
all over the district.

Are they as bad
as the AQMD says?

Let me tell you something,
those people are sub-human.

No one was happy when the
Q made the new policies.
But it had to be.

Those damn Smokers, though,
they don't care anything
about that.

In the beginning,
there was sympathy
for them. But not anymore.

They're thieving,
murdering punks.

Like I said,
you be careful.

Which rig are
you working on?

None of them. We're hauling
crew from the pumping station
to the refinery.

Two pitchers. $14.

Put it on my tab.

Nope. Drivers pay
as they go.

Isn't there someplace
we could go that'd
be more private?

Mmm, we've got
to check into the
barracks by 11:00.


What about that
motel I saw?

Three adult cable channels.

Magic fingers, mini-bar.

We'll get fired.
Company policy.

I'm starting to
hate this job.

Just be patient, okay?

Just for tonight.
I promise you
it will be worth it.

I'm counting on it.


We're escort.

What's a Humvee?


Um, I think I can
handle one of those.

But on second thought, Remmy,
why don't you drive?
I'll ride shotgun.

Then get one.

Get one what?


Ah! We've got two hours
before the first run.

I'm gonna get you some
time behind the wheel.

I'd feel better about
this if it had two
wheels instead of 18.

There never was a horse
that couldn't be rode.

Now come on,
you got to do it sometime.

Let's go.

I love that sound.

I wonder if there
are any teeth left
in this transmission.

Speaking of teeth,
yours are awesome.

All right, how many
forward gears in this rig?




Well, you had to
get it eventually.

Now I want to
ask you something.

All right, go ahead.

You ever done it
in a Peterbilt?

Is that all you think about?

In the beginning, yeah.

And later, we'll get to
know each other's taste
in coffee, wine, music,

how you like
your back scratched.

But in the beginning,
it has to start with sex.

I like your style.

Papers, please.

You ride guard much?

Why do you think
I'm so nervous?

I don't know. I'm new.

They always put the
rookies on these runs.

You're not a rookie.

No, I'm an idiot.

Break it to me gently.
Why do only rookies and
idiots make these runs?

Rookies, because they
don't know any better.
Idiots, for a lot of reasons.

In my case,
I owe two gamblers

The vig is due in 10 days.

Not a lot of jobs
pay what we're getting.

I wish that
he would not do that.

That is like calling in
our location to the Smokers.

He's got a lot of
growing up to do.

And if the Smokers
come down on us,

he's as old as he's
ever going to get.

Why do they hit oil trucks?

They're running
illegal ICs.


Internal combustions.

They need the crude to
refine into gasoline.

There must be some
sort of a jerry-rigged
refinery around here.

Was that a milk
run or what?

We were very lucky today.

What are you
talking about?

According to the gal
that was riding with me,

the Smokers have been
hitting nearly every
convoy recently.

Yeah. We were lucky,
all right.

Or maybe just good.

Don't press your luck,

She's got a point.

Hey, we're making
beaucoup dinero.
Everything's beautiful.

I think the boy's
fallen in love.

I don't know if
it's love, but he's
fallen in something.


What is all this
about, huh?

Got me. Maybe one of my
CDs found its way here.

Step up to the bar.
Your drinks are
on the house.

I'd like to propose a toast
to our new drivers.

Safe run, both ways
without a raid.
What's your secret?

I guess we're bad.

Yeah, we're bad.

You must be bad.

Oh, yeah.

Pass them on down.
Bad to the bone.

There you go, buddy.

All right, gang.

Whoa, what's wrong, babe?

I've got to get out of here.

We just got here.

Hey, hey, hey, wait.
What's up?

I can't tell you.

Well, that doesn't
work for me.
Where are you going?

Look, Mallory,
I don't mean to run out
on you, but I've got to go.

I'm coming with you.
I'm not losing you.

You don't know what
you're getting
yourself into.

As long as you're
a part of it, I'm in.

I'm a Smoker, Mallory.

I was afraid it might
be something bad.

So, what are you
doing here?

I infiltrated Kincaid
so I could scope out
their delivery schedule.

Did you see
that guy in there?

I didn't notice.

He was a Q man.
He's probably got
a description of me

because there's
a bounty on my head.

So if I get tired of you,
I can just turn you in
for the reward.

It's not a joke, Mallory.
If the air pigs wipe us out,
they have total control.

So what's it going to be?

We're wasting time.

Excuse me. I'm Evans,
head of security
for the AQMD.

You're the new drivers,

That's right.

I hear you've been
doing a great job.

All we do is point
them north and head
on up the road.

And so far you've had
no trouble of any kind?

Flat tire on the way back.

Mmm-hmm. But no sign
of the Smokers?

The only Smoker we saw
was long past caring.

What about this one?

You seen her?

Who is she?

That's not what I asked.

We don't know her name,
but her Smoker handle
is Climax.

Pardon me?

With a name like Climax,
she must be pretty
dangerous, huh?

She's the leader.
Our intelligence indicates
she might try to infiltrate

one of the crews here.
We just don't know when
or which one.

Well? Anyone?

I... No, I don't
recognize her.

Sorry, wish I had.

Okay, if you see her,
give me a call.

So, Sam's a Smoker?

Looks that way.

And Mallory
left with her.

Do you think
it's a kidnapping?

With a nickname like Climax,
she wouldn't have to kidnap
any man I've ever known.

So what do we do?

We've got about
36 hours before we slide.

But if the cops
can't find her,
where do we start?

It's not much,
but we like it.

I like it.

You're the chief
of this tribe?

In a way.
Does that change
things between us?

Lead on, baby.

this is Mallory.

He's with me,
which means he's with us!

Yeah! Yeah!

Man, that guy's won
five in a row.

Oh, well,
I bet you can beat him.

Give me a break.
It's been a while
since I rode.

No, see, once you do it,
it's always in your blood.
Come on.

Come on, you bad thing.


Hey, Poison, baby.

Yeah, I've got
a challenger
for you, baby.

Hey, fellows,
bring the bike up here.

Scared, Poison, huh?
Give me that beer.

I got it.

Excellent. Thank you.


Uh-huh, uh-huh.
Looking good, baby.

Hey, Renee, bring that
lance over, will you?

Bring it.

Honey, we got to get you
on one of these more often.
Looks good on you.

Good luck.

Come to mama.
Come to mama.

Hey, you guys.
How you doing, huh?

All right, good, looks good.

Okay, great. Thanks.
You know what,
you guys can go.

Sit down. You hungry?


Curious, too.

You got servants?

Well, not servants,



Wow, that's great.

What is it?


Which is Italian for
"goes straight
to your hips."

Pretty fancy.

Yeah, well, just because
we live in the rough

doesn't mean we can't enjoy
some of the finer things.

Speaking of which...

How about some
real dessert?

There are no words.


Just noises.

Like the...


And the... Hmm...

And the best part is...

It was all the best part.

I don't mean to change
the subject, but...

You want to know what's
going on around here.

The people in town
are out for your blood.

I mean, that guy
at the checkpoint.

He was a friend of mine.
They used to call him Hammer.

I guess they made
their point, didn't they?

Look, I won't lie to you.
There is a war going on here.

And the AQMD
has a bigger army,

but we have something
that big sister will
never understand.


A righteous cause.

The freedom
to come and go.
To be left alone.

Does that sound
strange to you?

That we're willing
to die for that right?

No. A lot of people
have died for that.

What about you?

I never had that choice
to make before.

Could you?

For you?


I got to tell you

The reason there were
no raids on the convoys

is because I ordered it.

I kind of figured
that out.

And now that we're out
of it, things change.

We hit them tomorrow.

Hey, wait a minute.
I've got friends
with the convoy.

Well, you've got to
warn them off it, because
we're taking that crude.



Guys, I need
to talk to you.

Where have you been?

The cops are looking
for your girlfriend.

I know. Look, I've decided
to stay here with her.


She's a Smoker.

She's a revolutionary.

Revolutions sometimes
turn on you.

I love her.

All right, look, Mallory,
we're not going to pass
any judgment here.

If you love her,
that's great.

But don't let that
love blind you.
She's an outlaw.

I don't see it that way.

What, then? She's Robin Hood
and you're one of
her Merry Men?

Look, you always told me any
of us could stay in any world
we felt we could live in.

This world, these people,
they're so much like the
people I used to know.

People I was closer to
than anyone in my life.

Yeah, and then
there's Sam.

And then there's Sam.

I just wanted
to say goodbye

and thanks for a great ride.


Do me a favor.

Don't go on the run today.

Why not?

There's going
to be a raid.

What do you mean?
When? Where?

I don't know.
Just don't make the run.

Wait for the slide
and get out of here.


We just let him go?


But I'm fresh out
of ideas right now.

Well, we can't slide
without him.

Look, it's his choice.
It's a damn stupid one,
but it's his choice to make.

How much time
we have, Remmy?

About five-and-a-half

Right, we've got to tell
somebody about what's
going on today.

Because a lot of innocent
people could get hurt,
or even killed.

Let's go.

Well, I've got to go.

Morning. Running late?

Yeah, you won't believe
how late. We're quitting
as of now.

What? Why?

We heard a rumor
the Smokers were going
to hit the convoy today.

You better stop the run.

That's pretty radical.
How did you come by
this information?

Heard some talk in a bar.
It sounded pretty certain.

Now you know
that isn't true.

And there are a few other
things you know aren't
true, either. Am I right?

Like, you really
do know Sam.

Yeah, I found out her name.

I also found out she was
a driver on your crew.
But you already know that.

Why didn't you tell me?

We were trying to
protect a friend.

Oh, Mallory, yes.
How noble of you.

Just stop the run.
People could get hurt.

Oh, people will get hurt.

The convoy runs as scheduled.

The AQMD will provide
the drivers and the guards.

This is the shot
I've been waiting for.


I'm in here, honey.


What's this?

I'm sorry. I didn't think
you were ready to hear
everything yet.

Like what?
You sleep with the help?

Oh, come on,
it's not what you think.

If it's not,
then I don't want to
hear the real story.

Come on, don't be mean.
There's plenty of room.
Come on, sweetie.

Sorry. Wrong guy,
wrong time, wrong world.

Oh, Mallory, come on.
For Pete's sake.

Come on,
these are my husbands.
Two of them, anyway.

What? There are more?

A couple more.

Come on, baby,
this is the way
we live here.

Didn't you know that?
It's legal in this state.

I am standing here
like an idiot.

You got two guys
in your bed,

and you think it's okay
because you're married
to them.

Well, it's better than
not being married to them.

Where does this leave me?

Don't you see?
Don't you see?

I want you to marry me
and be my number one
husband, huh?

I know it's a bit of a shock.
Just give it some time,
it will be all right.

It'll never be all right.

Honey, can we please
just talk about this
after the raid?

I'm not going on the raid.

What about us?

There is no us.
You're already them.

Oh, so there's no cause
you're willing to die for,
after all.

Not this one.

What if I divorce them?

One at a time,
or as a group?

You are so childish.

Look, we had a good time.
It didn't work out.

I want to get back
to my friends.

Mallory, come on.

Can you loan me a bike?

Sure. I wish you'd
think it over.
I love you.

Those words come
too easy to you.

Look, I didn't create
this culture. It has
been this way forever.

People are going
to get hurt today.
Maybe worse.

Not if I can help it.
Look, our code doesn't
call for killing our enemies.

But we will
defend our rights.

You might get hurt.

I knew you loved me.
Look, come with us,
okay? Be one of us.

I can't.

Then go. Get out.
Get out of here.

Get him a bike!

Hey, when you told your
friends you were staying,

did you tell them
about the raid?


I couldn't have
planned it better.

He told his friends,
they told the company.

Every cop in town's
going to be on
that convoy.

When this is over,
I want to have a talk
with each of you.

You're not to leave town,
you understand?

Where would we go
without any wheels?

Chopper 897.
The convoy's leaving now.

Stay five miles behind us
and keep your altitude
under 100 feet.

This is 897.

Do you think Mallory will
ride with the Smokers?

If he has any sense,
he won't.
He'll come back to us.

Nobody say anything.

Okay, what happened?

She proposed marriage.

Well, I knew that
would tear it.

I thought you loved her.

I do. It just gets real
crowded in her bed.

There are other husbands?


You knew about this
polygamy thing?

We heard something
about it around town.

I guess you don't
like to share, huh?

Is the raid still on?


Well, at least
the folks in town
will be out of harm's way.

What is it?

She set me up.

They were going to raid
the pumping station
all the time.

She wanted to make sure as
many cops as possible were
riding on that convoy.

We've got
58 minutes.

What are you
going to do?

Whatever I can.

Let's go after him.

Hang on!

Go after him!

Get the truck
over to the pumps!

Get that petrol
pumping faster!

Yeah, he killed the Hammer,
huh? What are we going
to do with him?

Kill him!

Let's go.


Nobody has to die.

He does.

What about your code?
You said you don't
have to kill your enemy.

This falls under
defending our own rights.

They killed one of us,
now someone's going to
have to answer for it.

Then everything
you told me is a lie!


I love you.
Why don't you understand
what we're doing here?

I understand.

Just a little too late.

You are brave, honey.
I could use a man
like you around.

Are you going to
kill me, too?
All of us?

You accused the AQMD
of Gestapo tactics!

Ooh, you're getting
a little close to the
edge there, sweetheart.

The AQMD killed
one of our men.

Someone's got to
pay for that.

What you're going to do
makes you just like them.

Prove you're not.
Prove your code of honor
is more than just talk.

So how do I do that?

I challenge your best man
to a joust.

If I win,
you ride on out of here.

If your guy wins,
take all the crude you want.

But you don't have
to kill anybody.


Now you're talking.

Who's your best man?


Joust? Are we talking
King Arthur here?

Since when do you know
squat about jousting?

The Smokers said
I was a natural.

We've only got
10 minutes to slide.
Maybe we can stall them.

And what? Split without
resolving anything?

All right. Good luck.

Come on.
Hey, look, it's okay.

Come on, Mallory!


Come on, Mallory!

Are you all right?
Are you all right?

Slow. One, two, three.

Back off! Back off!
I'm all right!
I'm all right.


You need a doctor.

So do you.

It could have
been beautiful.

No. I'm the jealous type.

Let's get out of here.

Is it bad?

I'll live.

You looked a lot like
Ivanhoe out there.