Sliders (1995–2000): Season 4, Episode 2 - Prophets and Loss - full transcript

The Sliders get involved with a religious cult that plans to send them to another dimension.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Where's Remmy?

Still at the ATM.



That was way too close.

So, did you get any money?

No. That thing
almost ate my card!


You know, one of these slides

you are gonna get trapped on a
world you do not want to stay in.

But I'll have money.

(CHUCKLES) Where are we?

Looks like some
kind of monastery.

Oh, fun.

How much time we got?

Seventy-two hours.

QUINN: Seems fairly normal.

It's too clean.

No Kromaggs,
which is just fine with me.

if we're gonna be here for three days,

I've gotta get into a
library and into a lab.

There's got to be a
way I can program

the coordinates to
my brother's world.

All we can do is
hope that he's got

the coordinates
for our home world.


My brother's world.

I just can't get my mind around
the idea that I have a brother.

A brother. A new
father and a mother.

A whole new world where
someone may have slammed

the devil out of the Kromaggots.

That's a lot to get your mind around,

"Uprising in Detroit ended.

"Master Oracle declares
Michigan rat-free."

What? Look,
I've been to Detroit.

Trust me, they've got rats.

Master Oracle? That guy
looks like Newt Gingrich.

He's a politician back home.

"Welcomers' ceremony draws
100,000 to the Rose Bowl."

it sure doesn't sound like a football team.

"Jason Five, RadRat,
sentenced to reconfig."

What does that mean?

I guess Charles Darwin on this
world did something really terrible.

This is Cadmus.

Three intruders have
transported themselves

into the cloister by
some unknown method.

They're headed toward central.

It's two men and a woman.

Alert central enforcement,
and mark them for surveillance.

They could be useful to us,

They could be dangerous.

QUINN: What if you found a
portal to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year
and you're the same person,

but everything
else is different?

And what if you can't
find your way home?


What do you
suppose the Oracle is?

Some kind of church.

assembly in five minutes.

Five minutes until the noon
assembly. The Oracle wants us all.

Aren't you coming to assembly?

We're kind of new in town.

Why don't you join me?


JANE: Newcomers are always
welcome at our assemblies.

My name is Jane. I'm
soon to become a welcomer.

I'm Maggie. And this is
Quinn and Rembrandt.

Nice to meet a welcomer.

Always liked getting welcomed
better than not getting welcomed.


Our Chief Oracle is Gareth.

He's a truly gifted man.

The other man is the Chief Counselor,

They are both sighted leaders.


Welcome to this
assembly of the Oracle,

followers of the Way.

Today is a very special assembly

because today,
a group of welcomers

will pass through the
portal to the other side,

to the next world,

to make it ready for us.

You're in for a special treat.

My friends.

There is a beautiful new world

waiting for us
beyond the portal.


A beautiful place

you might think
of as this Earth,

so alike it will be.

But there we will find true
peace and contentment,

leaving behind all of
our cares and concerns.

We must be in
constant readiness to go,

to cross over
when we are called.


Witness now the
traverse of the welcomers.



Thank you.

I hope you'll join our assembly.

Thank you.

we're just passing through.

I see. Well,
stop by any time. The center's always open.

Thank you. Bye.

I gotta get a look at
that portal mechanism.

Just ask 'em. They
seem awfully friendly.

There's something not
right about these people.

If they hate
somebody like Darwin,

what are they gonna think of me?

Jane said this
place is always open.

We'll wait till nobody's
around and I'll get a better look.

They believe that
life here is just to

prepare you for life
on the next world.

Yeah, that's pretty much
what I was taught in church.

MAGGIE: "The faithful will be
gathered up on the Day of Accounting."

Same again. Day of
Judgment. Day of Accounting.

So what do they say
about the unfaithful?

I don't see any. It
seems they all agree

that the Way of the
Oracle is the way to go.

You mean,
the whole country follows one set of rules?

No denominations?
No political parties?

No crazy guy holed up in
Idaho with automatic weapons?

Well, there are the rats.

It's what they call
the Rationalist Party.

The Oracle apparently tolerates
disagreement with their way

as long as the rats
keep it on a low flame.

Even have debates on television.

the Oracle always wins.


So, is it a religion,
is it a lifestyle, what?

Near as I can figure,
it's pretty much all of those.

On Earth Prime we had a
right wing political movement

that wanted to establish a
system based on family values.

Yeah. Their family values.

Obviously, on this world,
those people won that argument.

According to this,
they've got a lot of rules.

No real freedom of speech
without Oracle approval.

No abortion. No sex
without Oracle license.

Right dress and
behavior at all times.

Sounds like a weekend
at my Aunt Miranda's.

Come on. Let's just keep moving.

OFFICER: ...455B
of the Oracle rules.

So I don't understand.

How did the people
let this happen?

Must not have been paying
attention when they should have been.

If you don't vote,
you get what you deserve.

Yeah, well, at least they have technology,
cars, airplanes, CD players.

Schools must be pretty good.

It's all controlled
by the Oracle.

No social sciences. They
call that stuff humanism.

And they teach nothing
but creation science.

That explains Demon Darwin.

No big bang, no relativity,

no black holes, no chaos theory.

But if that portal is
a sliding machine,

they're going against
all their own rules.

How's that?

Quantum physics
predicted parallel universes.

If you do what we do,
you have to have an understanding

of subatomic particles moving
from one place within an atom

to another without going
through the space in between.

I have no idea what the
hell you're talking about,

and I seem to slide just fine.

Me, too!

MAN ON TV: Your new deck will
add style and value to your home.

Dealer prep, redwood tax,
import fees not included.

Tax-deductible gifts
to the Oracle accepted.

Nothing but preachers and shows

about how to add a
redwood deck to your house.

I thought the celebrity pro-am
golf tournament was pretty good.

Who'd have thought Regis
Philbin had such a powerful swing?

You gonna eat the
rest of your green stuff?

You may have the
rest of my green stuff

and the rest of my
brown stuff if you want.

What is it with the
kitchen in this hotel?

On most of the worlds,
the food here is good.

The Oracle probably has
approval of all menus, too.

Polyunsaturated everything,
no salt, no fat.

No chocolate.
That's what I hate.

we won't have to be here long.

Why do we have to go
back to that Oracle place?

All that gives me the creeps.

Can't we just lay low here
until it's time for the slide?

Yeah. The guys who were
handing out the brochures,

those bulges
underneath their coats

didn't look like Bibles to me.

Well, you guys don't have
to go if you don't want to.

But I've got to get a look at
the mechanics of that machine.

I'm getting nowhere
adjusting the timer.

If they have sliding technology,

they might have something
I could borrow or copy.

Or steal.

Well, if you're going,
we're going. You know that.

I can't stop thinking about that woman,

Something about her eyes.

She's a true believer.

Is that so bad? I mean,
you've got to believe in something.

I believe in myself.

I would never surrender my
will to some self-righteous guy

who says he's got the
answers to everything.

Does that mean we
have no future together?

Those guys must
make regular rounds.

watch the door. Signal if anybody comes.

With what, a flare?

How about just a sneeze?


QUINN: This thing doesn't
have sliding capabilities.

It looks like it generates
too much heat.

That thing's not a sliding
machine. These are ashes.

Tell me about it.

What's wrong?

That thing's an incinerator.


Those people are
being burned to death.

MAN: Freeze! Nobody move!

Now, everyone stand very still.

Why were you in the
assembly hall tonight?

The doors were open.
People were coming and going.


The assembly room is always
open for meditation, renewal,

but you were up on the stage.

You were looking at
the controls of the portal.

curious. I'm kind of a scientist.

You've just answered
your first question.

"What have we done?"

And that would be...

You say you're a scientist.

That's a very
dangerous thing to admit.

For whatever it's worth,
I'm not a scientist.

What are you?

I'm an entertainer.

You know, uh, concerts,
records, weddings,

bar mitzvahs.

And you?


A scientist,
an entertainer and a tourist.

Very little money,
and very unusual.

There's someone
named Lincoln on this five.

No identification, no travel permits,
no locater documentation,

no party cards.

And this.

What is this?

That is a kind of


the numbers are counting down to something.


Uh, it's a power indicator.

Tells me how
much time I have left

before I have to
change the batteries.

If it's a communicator,
it communicates with something.

Where's the other one?

We don't have it. Lost it.

They're both right. We lost it,
so we don't have it.


Have our technical
staff take a look at that.

GARETH: Forgive my rudeness.

My name is Gareth, and I am the
Chief Oracle for the Los Angeles area

and this is my counselor,

Your sudden appearance has
caused us to forget our manners.

So, I've told you my name.

Don't you want to tell me yours?

Hi, I'm Quinn Mallory.

This is Rembrandt Brown,
and this is Maggie Beckett.



We're from out of town.


So it would seem.

The real question is,
how far out of town?


Oregon, actually. The interior.

You know,
where... This is our first trip to LA.


(STAMMERING) You could say that.

Have you been to Oracle World?

Not yet.

But it's on the list.


The World in Six Days is
playing at the IMAX theater.

It is really something. And
the Dark Age Dungeon Ride...


There's new music
this year by John Tesh.

I love him!

So, if, uh...

If we could just get our
little communicator back, uh,

we'll mosey on over to Oracle World and,

enjoy ourselves.


I... I'm sorry, but, um...

We're gonna have to
detain you for a little while.

Why are we being arrested?

What charges?


I am so sorry. I thought
you were paying attention.

You're completely
unknown to the authorities.

You have no identification.
You're vagrants.

And you're in the possession
of a scientific device.

First three are misdemeanors.

The last is a felony.

Take them.


Whoa, whoa... Whoa, whoa,
wait a minute! What have we done?

(ZAPS) Ow!

what is that thing? MAN: Get in there!

You know, Q-Ball,
before I started hanging with you,

I hardly ever went to jail.

Now, everywhere I go.

Oh, I wonder what he's in for.


What do they do to you for that?



I read something
about that in the paper.

How does that work?

Chemical reconfiguration.

Intravenous feed of a drug soup.


Wipes every cell
in your brain clean.

Then they feed you what
they want you to know.

So then you just
forget everything?


After chemical reconfig,
you're a mindless robot.

No cares.

No fears.

No anger.

No ideas.

No challenges,

no love.

Paper never mentioned chemicals.

They don't want you to know.

I estimate we've got about
50 hours left till the slide.

we better do something soon.

I'm not staying here 29 years

with nothing but white
noise between my ears.

I brought you some things to
make you more comfortable.

You shouldn't have.

I do it with joy,

as I do all my
works for the Oracle.

Tell me about the Oracle.

My friends and I, we, uh... Well,
we have a lot to learn.

The Oracle is a way of life
that removes care and doubt.

It's a system of belief

and behavior based on
obedience to the Master Oracle.

The Rationalists
that I've heard about,

they think it's a system of
repression and thought control.

I think that's sad.

Through love and care,
I've seen even the most militant

come around to
our way of thinking.

Yeah, I was just getting
to the love and care part.

It's all part of our training.

You told me you were a welcomer.

When do you expect
to go to the other side?

No welcomer knows
the day or the hour.

I've already settled
all my earthly affairs,

ceded all my
assets to the Oracle.

Wait a minute.

You've given the Oracle all your assets,
all your money?

It will do me no
good where I'm going.

But the Oracle can use it
for many good works here.

I know you believe that
you're going to a better place.

We all would like
to believe that.

But this portal to the other side,


I understand your doubts.

I had them myself in the
beginning. But the more I learned,

the more I gave
myself to the Oracle,

the more I realized
it had to be true.

I have nothing here.

But on the other side,
there will be no pain and confusion.

Everything will
be love and light.


if you knew this
traverse to the other side

might bring you death,

would you still go?

Of course.

The technical unit cannot make
out what the communicator is.

GARETH: How do we
know it's not a bomb?

That thing could
be the detonator.

No, we've had it scanned, we've
had it x-rayed with the magnetic imager.

There's not a trace of
explosive material in it.

Then what is it?

Best guess?

It's some kind of switch.

It turns something off or...


But what?

These people worry me.

They could be part of
a Rationalist infiltration.

I've been getting increased
reports of RadRat activity

all along the Pacific coast.

So what do we do
with these three?

Chemical reconfig.

First thing tomorrow.

What do you think
will happen now?

Breakfast, I hope.

Just as long as they don't
do that chemical thing.

Where do you think the timer is?

No idea,
and no idea what to do about it.

Yeah, not what I wanted to hear.



MAGGIE: Quinn! Quinn!



QUINN: Maggie!


My name is Samson.

Welcome to the underground.

So we're not prisoners here?

You're guests of the RadRats.

This is all we could save
from the Oracle book burners,

but it's a start.

And there are more
like us every day.

We've got hidden labs and
libraries all up and down the coast.

The big O thinks he's
got everything on rails,

but one morning he's gonna
wake up and smell the napalm.

What about the Rationalist Party,
you with them?

No. Their minds
are in the right place,

but their hearts
could use a little help.

The only real change will
come through revolution.

Lot of that going around.

Now, then. What about you?

What about us?

Well, as a great philosopher once said,
"First things first."

Who are you? Where
do you come from?

And don't give me that Oregon
business you laid on the big O.

How'd you know about that?


We know how you came into
this world. You were seen doing it.

We were?

At first,
some of us thought you might be welcomers

coming back from the other side.

That the Oracle's
portal really does work.

The portal's an incinerator.

And the welcomers
are being robbed.

I met one. She's given
everything she owns to the Oracle.

We know what the portal is,
and we suspected the rest.

As far as the other side goes,

I don't think there is one.

Who can say? You came from somewhere,
didn't you?

We came from
Earth. Not this Earth,

but a parallel Earth.

This is Maggie Beckett,
that's Rembrandt Brown.

I invented a device that

allows us to pass through
a vortex into parallel worlds.

And you came here to help us?

Not exactly.

Well, what else could it be?

As the poet said, "God gives,
but man must open his hand."

And what's your job on the team?

We're not really a team,

but in my world,
I was a marine captain.

Great. We can always
use another fighter.

Whoa, wait a minute. We
are not here for your fight.

We have no control over how
long we stay or where we go.

And the Oracle has the only
device that does control that.

The timer, and if we don't get
it back before the time runs out,

we're gonna be here
for a very long time.

Then you'll have no
choice but to join us.

Okay, let's make a deal.

You and your raiders
help us get our timer back,

and we will help you
for as long as we're here.

When you were showing us around,

I saw one of your men working
on focused laser parameters.


He was doing it wrong.

You've got a deal.

Good. Well,
we'll have to move fast,

'cause if you guys
can get our timer back,

we won't have much time left.

Then we gotta get started.

As Norm Crosby once said,
"Waste not, want not."

I thought that was Ben Franklin.

Different worlds,
different quotes.

We need to make up a plan for
a move on the Oracle compound.


Care to join us, Captain?

All right.

I'm sure our technicians will have
a lot of questions for you, Professor.

It's just Quinn.

And what's your job on the team?

I'm a singer.


We found a tunnel
underneath the compound.

We're closing it up.

I'd imagine the RadRats have
taken the intruders far away by now.

Perhaps even out of the state.

No, I don't think so.

I think that communicator is much
more important to them than they let on,

and I think they'll
be back for it.

We'll be ready for them.

The tunnels we
used will be closed,

and the guards will be doubled at
the cloister and the assembly hall.

I think it would
be better to make

a surgical strike
with a small force,

not a big raid
like this morning.

And if you can get
intelligence on just the spot

where the timer is being held,

we can concentrate
on that sector.

Come up with a plan and fast.

I'm not too sure
about these RadRats.

Compared to the Oracle,
they seem like the good guys.

Well, maybe. But did you see
the way the head guy's eyes lit up

when he thought
we'd have to stay here?

He's fighting for a cause.

Oh, it's all politics.

And that stuff gets
all up in your head

and starts twisting it around.

that's what it's all about.

The guys in the suits have
got it. The RadRats want it.

It's the folks in the middle,
like us, who always get hurt.

We've got a plan.

Dr. Mallory,
your Captain Beckett is so warlike.

I like that in a woman.

WOMAN: Hey! MAN: What the...

WOMAN: Call security!

MAN: What's going on?


SAMSON: Neutralizer agent
engaged. You can take your masks off.

We've got to lay low
for six more hours.

No, we've got that covered.



CADMUS: You seem very
determined to get yourselves killed.

I'm certain my pack is already
planning a rescue mission.

When we didn't return at the
appointed time, they're trained to move.

How are they gonna get by all the
security the Oracle has piled on us?

Trust me. They wont give us up.

There's some stuff
here I don't understand.

Ever since we got here,
everyone seems to know

what we're doing
before we do it.

You say we were seen sliding in.

Then, Big O's heat is on us
right away at the assembly hall.

Your people come
in here to get us out.

We come back in for the timer,
there's Big O again.

It's as if they're
in on the plan.

Bit of a coincidence.
Who's running this show?

We have undercover agents
very high up in the Oracle.

I don't know who they are or
when they'll move, but they will.

"The biggest campaign is
built on the smallest detail."

Julius Caesar II.

And I'm getting
enough of this quoting.

Mr. Mallory.

Like a word with you,
in private.

Sit down.

I want to ask you a few questions
about your communicator.

You can ask.

this will go a lot easier with you

if I know what it is,
what it does.

I don't think you'll
understand it.

Try me.

I'm not going to defy my
friends to cut myself a deal.

It's a timer. I know that much.

What's it counting down to?

What happens
when it gets to zero?

let me put it to you this way.

I think it controls, somehow,
your passage in and out of this dimension.

You're the one
who saw us slide in.

Never mind that.

What happens when
it runs out of time?

Let's just put it this way.

You'll have three more RadRats
on your hands for a long time.

Not necessarily, Mr. Mallory.

Not necessarily.

The Master Oracle
himself is very pleased.

Samson is the highest ranking
RadRat yet taken on the west coast.

His reconfig will be a
major coup for the Oracle.

Listen, I'm sure you're right,

but I think we ought to consider
making a harsher example of Samson.

And of the others, as well.

What are you suggesting?

Oh, as dangerous as Samson is,
the others are much more so.

We don't know
where they came from,

we don't know if there are any
more like them, and they possess

some kind of advanced
scientific knowledge

they may have passed on
while they were underground.

I think we need to
be rid of them all.

Are you saying we
should execute them?


The intruders I can understand,

but I don't want to give the RadRats
a martyr with Samson's death.

As far as the people know,

he won't die.

Let's just say for
the sake of argument

your friends do get us
out of here. Then what?

If we don't get our timer back,

we're stuck here for 29 years.

Would that be so
bad? I'm gonna say yes.

We're gonna win. What
makes you so sure?

Because we're right.

let's just say you do get what you want.

Then what happens to the Oracle
and the people who believe in it?

Nothing. They're free to
believe whatever they like.

They just won't be free to impose
those beliefs on others against their will.

After all,
God created our minds.

He must have
wanted us to use them.

Who are you quoting now?


I have wonderful news.
I'm here to set you free.

That's great! How?

We're all going to traverse
to the next world together.


The Chief Oracle
has proclaimed it.

Samson and the three of you
will be joining us as welcomers.

You mean we're going
through that portal?

It's more than I
could have hoped for.

that portal is not what you think.

It's a killing machine!

The Oracle has lied to you,
taken everything you own,

and now they're
going to take your life.

I expected as much from you.

You can't listen to him.
You must trust the Oracle.


My friends and coworkers
in the way of the Oracle,

the signs of the end
times are all around us.

The confusion that you
may be feeling today

as you see the unrest increase

has been foreseen
by the Master Oracle.

Change is painful,

but we know the rewards that come
of endurance and of steadfast faith.

Today, we are sending two
very special groups of welcomers

to that reward.



I'll see you on the other side.

Jane, you gotta listen to us.

No. You must trust the Oracle.

Well, maybe she's right.

We'll certainly find
out soon enough.

We will all now witness the
traverse of the welcomers.



My friends,

many of you know that the
Radical Rationalist Samson

was apprehended this morning

with some of his
followers in the compound.

We have decided that our
methods of reconfiguration

are inadequate here.

Consequently, we are sending them
with the welcomers to the other side

in the hopes that the wisdom

provided there will help
them to their salvation.

This is a fraud!
That thing is an oven!

Your friends aren't on the
other side. They're dead!

Your Oracle has robbed
them and murdered them!

WOMAN: It's a RadRat lie!

You see how perverted
the RadRats have become?

Sending them to the other side
to reconfig is the only solution.

MAN: Amen!

The final solution!

WOMAN: Yeah! Send 'em away!

Mr. Mallory...

I wish you well
on the other side.

It was one of the head guys,
after all.





Wow! It was Cadmus.

I knew it would be somebody.

Can that thing get me back?


But we'd have to go with him. We
miss the vortex, we're stuck here.

QUINN: But we gotta
make this a quick powwow,

because we got two
minutes to make up our minds.

I don't think I want to give those
guys another shot at cooking me.

No, no. You don't understand,
I started something.

Millions of people
saw me on television.

I agree with Samson.

We have to go back and
help them finish the fight.

People over there think the
portal brings them to a better world,

and no one's ever come back.

But if somebody did, that somebody
will bring such a powerful message,

nothing the Oracle
said could stop it.

You gotta go back. And
we've gotta go with him.

We've gotta do the right thing.

You know,
you sound just like my mother.

You know I'm with you, okay?

And I was wrong about you.

You didn't expect to find Jane here,
did you?

Not expect, but I was hoping.

RADRAT 1: We're
taking over! Don't resist!

RADRAT 2: Put down your gun!

SECURITY: All right,
now. Take it easy.


Listen to me! Please! Please!

Be calm. Listen to me.

Be calm and hear me out.

WOMAN: Yeah. Come on!


have been misled.


And I myself cannot
escape responsibility,

for I have stood by
and watched my friends

and my neighbors

have been sacrificed to
the greed of the Oracle.

And I have said nothing!

I've said nothing because I
thought the time was not right.

But I tell you today,

the time is right.

MAN: Yeah!

The time is now.

The Rationalist
cause will be heard!


WOMAN: Down with
Samson! Down with Samson!

MAN: You traitor!

WOMAN: Listen to him!

I have returned to
continue the fight!

MAN: Listen!

The rational. The right.

WOMAN: Samson is
wrong. The Oracle is right!

No! WOMAN: Don't listen to him!

The Oracle is not right.

MAN: You lie!

WOMAN: Yeah, that's a lie!

Rationalists may not be right,

MAN: They're wrong!
WOMAN: We want the Oracle!

For a change, we are going to
have a free and open forum to find out.

I am not a welcomer come
back from the other side.

What you just saw
was not a miracle,

but the result of pure science.

A science that is
not to be feared,

but to be embraced for what
it can teach us about our world

and ourselves.

As Charles Darwin said,

"Accurate knowledge

"is the true wealth
of the world."

All right.

SAMSON: There is
room in this world...

We only got two
minutes left here this time.

Let's take this outside.

I don't think these people
can handle any more shocks.

How are they gonna
handle what they've got?

I think we started
some kind of revolution.

It was bound to happen.
We just nudged it along.

It's their world. They're
gonna have to deal with it.

Thomas Jefferson once said
that politics is like the weather.

Every so often you need a
good storm to clear things out.

You're not gonna start quoting now,
are you?

Who's Thomas Jefferson?

Big man in my world.

Got his face on
some of the money.