Sliders (1995–2000): Season 4, Episode 12 - The Dying Fields - full transcript

In a world where tattooed humans are hunted for sport by the new Kromaggs/Human half-breeds, the Sliders attempt to save a captive Colin. Rembrandt is poisoned and needs the help of his enemy to survive.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -





Where's Colin?

looking to perfect his technique.



I'm sorry.

Sorry. I didn't see you.

Because you weren't
looking where you were going.

I told you, you gotta open your eyes
when you're sliding through the vortex!

Look, I've been a horse and
buggy man most of my life.

Warp speed's a
new concept for me.

Yeah. Well,
you'll get hip to it.

I just hope I survive
your learning curve.

(CHUCKLING) Okay, you guys!

Where are we?

The Garden of Eden?



Oh! Wow! It's beautiful!

Please tell me we're
here for at least a week.

Sorry. Just a day.

Waterfall's making me thirsty.

You think it's safe to drink?

I don't know. Was there
dysentery in the Garden of Eden?

There's one way to find out.


Looks like somebody nuked him.

Yeah. They cut off his right hand,



MAGGIE: Come on. Cover. Cover.



You still want to
stay here a week?

QUINN: What if you found a
portal to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year
and you're the same person,

but everything
else is different?

And what if you can't
find your way home?



I tracked this one.

He was my kill.

He was. But you
didn't get a shot off.

Because you didn't
give me a chance to.

And you already
had one kill today.

Are you pouting, Kryoptus?

How terribly human of you.

I was speaking the truth.

I didn't know that was
considered human.

The truth is I fired the shot.

This kill is mine.

Those are the rules.

You think I don't
know the rules?

If I don't take a human soon,
General Kronus will banish me.

You'll get your kills.

But I get this one's numbers.

Take the eyes.


General Kronus' orders.

It's my kill.

I haven't developed
a taste for them.

How terribly human of you.


If this is the Garden of Eden,

we just found the serpent,
the Kromaggs.

Are you sure?

They look different than the
ones we've run into before.

Colin's right. They look,
I don't know,

softer, somehow.

Almost human.

Doesn't matter
what they look like.

I spent three months in their
freaking jail, so I can smell them.

my God! Check it out.

QUINN: Must be some kind of ID.

He's been branded like cattle.

guys. Look at all this stuff.

A compass,

a tin of black, greasy stuff.

And this strange knife.

Yeah. This is night camouflage.

Oh, this is truly inspired.

Look at all this stuff.

A knife blade, a saw,
a screwdriver.

What's this?

You'll never use it.

what's with all the tack gear, huh?

Think we slid into
another war zone?

Maybe some kind of war game.

A game?

Where the score is
kept with dead bodies.

Or human hands.

Well. I'm not gonna be a
trophy on somebody's wall.

I say we keep moving.

Yeah. There're bound to be a lot of other
Maggs hanging around in the woodworks.

Come on.

Let's go. Keep your eyes peeled.


COLIN: Human targets.

I wouldn't expect
any less of the Maggs.

No shell casings.

They must use strictly
energy weapons.


Vehicle. Up there.


I heard Kyra made one confirmed kill today,

Possibly a second.

She's learning to fetch
faster than the dogs.

Yes, sir.

Two more and she qualifies
for elite warrior status.

I can count.

It's a shame that a Dynasty
general must dirty his hands

with these Humagg mongrels.

All great civilizations used slaves,

I think we just got a
look at the top brass.

I say we take them out now and
save ourselves a headache later.

Let's not rush into anything.

We slide in 18 hours maybe we
should just sort of hide until then.

No. Remmy's got a point.

I'm not saying
we go in swinging.

But we should find out what
the Maggs are doing here and...

I got her.

What? Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

All right. We need
some info. Who are you?

Who are you?

The people who just took your
weapon. So drop the attitude.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

The name's Jenny Anderson.


I'm Quinn.

That's my brother Colin. That's
Maggie. That's Rembrandt.

You must be newbies.
Where are your tattoos?

We don't have tattoos.

All the humans have tats.

Where did you come from?

We kind of lost our way
and stumbled into this place.

Yeah. Well,
my advice is to stumble back out.

This is a limited
stay kind of resort.

Limited by those knuckle
draggers with the laser guns.

Kromaggs. JENNY: Whatever.

All I know is they shoot first
and they never ask questions.

How did you get here?

I was asleep in bed one night

and this bright light shined
in through my window.

Next thing I know, I was being
dragged out in this crazy spaceship.

I figured I'd get probed

and I'd wind up on the
Jerry Springer Show.

But instead,
it's alien safari time

and I'm the endangered species.

So they're hunting you?

Me and six other
freaked-out people.

They slapped
tattoos on our arms,

gave us each a
piece and cut us loose.

If we can survive 20 days,
then we can go home.

I'm on day 18.

Did you know a guy with a blonde buzz cut,
about six feet?

Sure. It's Jake.

Insurance guy from
Michigan. You seen him?

He's dead?

I'm afraid so.

That takes us down to six.

Where are the others?

Hiding out in some
bombed-out building.

They'll be stoked to
see reinforcements.

are we friends or are we enemies?

Come on.

this place has gone to hell.


Deadbeats! Come on
out! We got company.

So where are they?


Say hello to the troops.

Sorry, but those aliens can
make themselves look like us.

And we already lost
two people to ambushes.

Where's Jake? JENNY: Dead.

These guys saw
the uglies waste him.

Damn it. How do you
know they didn't do it?


We're all human.

We want to help you people.
But we don't have a lot of time.

Help us how?

we've had some experience with the creeps.

Okay? Together we can
work out a plan of attack.

Plan of attack?

We're not gonna attack anything.

We're just looking to survive.

To survive,
you have to go on the offensive.

You don't get it.

I'm short, man.

Midnight tonight,
I've got my 20 days in and I'm out of here.

No, no, no. You don't get it.

Think the Maggs are just
gonna let you go home?

Say, "Hey, good job. You beat
us fair and square. See you."

You don't go after them, man,
they're gonna come after you.

That's 100% guaranteed.

I know the general direction
of where they camp out.

Oh, this is crazy.

Let's do it.

leading the board.

Am I?

(SCOFFS) By two kills.

But you know that.

Has your Kromagg side
developed to the point

where you can read my mind now?

No. Just your face.

You haven't stopped
smiling all day.

Don't you like it when I smile?

If it's for the right reason.

Look at that.
You're smiling now.



I understand that you
had a productive day.

Yes, sir.

Two more solo kills and
you qualify as an elite warrior.

Does that please you?

My only pleasure is to serve the Dynasty,

For 10 generations,

the Elites have been
the pride of the Dynasty.

It sickens me to think that their
ranks are sullied by your human blood.

Human blood is only good for spilling,


And as for you,

perhaps you would perform
better with a number on your arm.

Maybe it would give
you more incentive?

As you wish, sir.

Was there

anything left over from your last kill,


They were both head shots, sir.


Perhaps next time
you could aim lower.



A moment?

What is it?

Fresh human eyes.

So, you do have some value,
after all.

Where did these come from?

Kyra's last kill.

I would hate to think she was
serving a Kromagg Dynasty general

with anything less
than total honesty.

That's for you to evaluate, sir.

JENNY: This whole area
is lousy with those creeps.

We figured their
HQ must be close by.

So you know who
these aliens are?

They're called Kromaggs
and they are not aliens.

Could've fooled me.

they're actually from Earth.

Just a different
Earth than this one.


So, what do they want with us?

Well, that's the question.

The ones who killed
your friend looked different

from any Kromaggs
we've seen before.

Maybe they're testing
some kind of new warrior.

Look out!

QUINN: Go! Go!
Make a run for it!


Split up!



Don't shoot! I'm
not part of the game.

Kill him.


He's not marked.

Where did you come from?

We'll find out soon enough.

MAGGIE: Stamina
is just incredible.

(GROANS) This is really
bad coffee or pretty good soup.

You are such a wiseass!


What's the matter?
Where's Colin?

They took him away.
They captured him.

Where's Jen?

She tried to lead the
Maggs away from us.

And they executed her.

She told you to just lay low!

You think I like this?


Two more days and
she was out of here.

REMBRANDT: I'm telling you.

The Maggs are not letting
anybody out of here alive!

Now, I say we get our
weapons and we go get our man.

That's just what
they want you to do.

The first week I was here,

they caught this surfer kid from San Diego,

They shot him in the leg and
they nailed him to a billboard.

After eight hours of screaming,
someone tried to get him.

The uglies had
a twofer that day.

I'm sorry about your friend.

We'll give you some weapons
if you want to go after him,

but don't expect
any help from us.

KRONUS: How did you get here?

I was brought here. Abducted
from my home by you people.

We keep close track
of our inventory here.

We have no record
of your arrival.

Where do you come from?

What is this?

It's just a timepiece.


Why is it ticking down?

Our technical staff will take
this apart and find out what it is.

Then perhaps they
will do the same to you.

What are you looking at?

KYRA: Nothing, sir.

Fascinating to see one in captivity,
isn't it?

Go on.

Take a closer look.

KRONUS: He's even uglier than you,
isn't he?

Yes, sir.

You still owe me a
token from your last kill.

Would you like
to kill this human?

Present his eyes to me?

As you wish, sir.

Eyes are so much
better when eaten fresh.

Corneas nice and tender.

Pupils still dilating.

He is afraid.

Can't you sense it?

Yes, but


It's not fear for himself.

There are others.

Very good.

Your mental training
is proceeding nicely.

Perhaps there are other things
we can learn from this human.

We will save his eyes for later.

I will have everything
I need soon enough.

Whether you wish to
share it with me or not,

the human mind is so frail,

(GROANS) so effortlessly opened.



They grabbed him over here.

Colin's? Yeah.

And they headed this way.

We have recently discovered an
undocumented human in the field.

No tattoo.

No record of being
deposited here.

It's possible that he is an infiltrator,
and there may be more.

Anyone who captures a live unmarked
human will be rewarded with two kills.

Some of us could
use the practice.


Do you enjoy watching
people struggle?

When I see a human,

they usually do
not struggle for long.

Human behavior is inexplicable.

Even if you get
those restraints off,

you will still be imprisoned
by the force barrier.

My mother always told
me hope springs eternal.

Your mother?


Explain to me.

Who is mother?

You don't know
who your mother is?

My interaction with
humans is limited.

Limited to killing them?

I asked you a question, human.

Maybe you have a
different word for it.

Your mother is the woman
who gave birth to you,

who raised you.

I was born in a breeding colony.

I was raised to
serve the Dynasty.

A breeding colony?


You're half-human.

I was bred from a human female.

Yes. Your mother.

The human female was simply
used as a vessel for my incubation.

An unfortunate necessity.

That's barbaric.

More barbaric than
the vicious weapon

you humans used to
drive us from our world?

What are you talking about?

The residual effects left Kromagg
women genetically mutated.

Two days after giving birth,

a Kromagg woman dies.

A death sentence
for our species.

The Dynasty had no other
choice but to crossbreed.

You created us.

Not the Kromaggs.


I've been looking for you.

Why is the force barrier down?

I was interrogating
the prisoner.


To hunt the human animal,
it may help us to know him.

He is fascinating in his way.

The General has ordered
us back in the field.

When you're finished
with your new plaything,

perhaps you will find the
time to return to your duty.

Kryoptus! Stop!


I have weapons
inspection in 10 minutes.

Are you jealous that I
was talking to the human?



It's when you fear a rival,

or when you're suspicious
of someone's fidelity.

It happens to humans.

Especially when they...

When they care for someone.

You say that as if it should
have some meaning to me.

It might.

To your human side.

We all wear the stigma of
our humanity on our faces.

It is a shame that I
strive to overcome.

Make no mistake, it is our Kromagg
blood that makes us who we are.


Why do you think
we hunt the humans?

So we will never
forget what they are.






The blood trail ends here. I
guess he stopped bleeding.

Talk about your good news,
bad news.

So which way now?

If the Kromaggs have
their base hidden,

we could walk right
past it and never see it.

We could be looking for days.

We don't have days. No kidding.

Yeah, well, I bet one of those guys
know. I say we grab one of them.

Easier said than done.

Take the left.

Those Maggs are
trained in guerrilla warfare.

If they're trained
to hunt humans,

let's give them one to hunt.


Come out, human,
and you won't be harmed.

Hands on your head.

I was just about to say
the same thing to you.

Drop it.

Come on, Magg. Make my day.

Kill me and be done with it.

That's not really our style.

Then I'll do it myself.


Cuff her!


All right. Come on.


MAGGIE: Let's get out of here.





Go! I'll follow you.




Hey. You okay?

I don't know. I just
feel like I'm out of gas.


It's all right, Rem.

Just lie down here. All right.

Lie down, Remmy, and rest.

How you feeling?

I'm cool, man.

I just gotta catch my breath.

I feel like I've been kicked
in the stomach by a horse.

Okay. You sit back, Rem.

We'll take care of you.

What's the
composition of the laser?

Tell me or you lose a knee!

You won't.

Try me!

It's not a laser.

It emits a focused beam
of high-energy particles.

What generates
the particle stream?

A magnetically-shielded
nobelium core.


What's that?

Nobelium, it's a... It's...

It's highly radioactive.

It's like he got shot
with a poison arrow.

If the blast doesn't kill him,

radiation poisoning surely will.


Where are your friends?

What friends?

They captured Kyra.

Tell me their location
or I will kill you!



This is really an
ingenious little tool!

When I get out of here,
I will use it to gut you.

Sorry about this.

I'm sure Kyra is all right. My
friends would never hurt her.

You care for her, don't you?

I serve the Kromagg Dynasty.

Nothing else is of value to me.

I don't believe that.

I hope you're able to
tell her how you feel.

It would be a shame
if she never knew.

Band-Aids and Bactine.

I can't use any of this.

I could probably make a
field dressing out of this gauze.

GROANING) And then what?

That laser blast
is poisoning him.

If we can keep him stable,

maybe the next slide will take us
someplace where we can get him help.


How much time?

Three hours.

And we don't even
know where Colin is.

She does.

Maybe you haven't noticed,
but she doesn't seem to like you.

There's clearly a
human quality to her.

All we have to
do is appeal to it.

Is that that human quality she showed
when she was trying to claw your eyes out?

SPENCE: Give me a
half an hour with her.

I'll get the
information for you.

You gotta look closer.

In her eyes.

She's trying to act tough,
but she's really scared.


She's alone and afraid.

If we can get her to trust us,

maybe we can convince
her to contact her base.

Have a swap
between her and Colin.

SPENCE: Yeah. When
you're through jerking around,

give me a call.

At least let me kill her.

What do you think that
guy did on his world?

IRS auditor?

He's right about one thing.

Getting that Kromagg
to help us is a long shot.


It's our only shot.

I'll do this.

Are you a traitor?

No, sir.

I almost hoped that
you had betrayed me.


The only alternative is that
you must be stupid beyond belief!

I have failed you,
my General. My life is yours.

And don't think
that I won't take it.

However, I have decided to give you
one last chance to redeem yourself.

Find the human
and his companions.

Bring them to me

and your entry into the
Elites will be assured.

Yes, sir.

Don't come back alone.

All right.

You are free.

And you get water.

you get up and stretch your legs out.


What happened?

You injure your ankle?

Let me see.

Yeah. It is definitely swollen.

What is it about you that
desires to see me healed?

Call it a frailty of humanity.

And I aim to please.


What weakness
compels you to aid others?

We consider it a strength.

You should try it sometime.

It is not in our nature.

I'm not so sure about that.


I was curious.

You're different
than the others.

You're more like us.

And you definitely
have a strong grip.

I am half-human.

A product of the colonies.


Is your mother being held captive
in a Kromagg breeding camp?


The other human, the one like you,
mentioned his mother.

Like me? My brother? Colin?


You were both bred
from the same woman?


Well, not exactly bred.

We're family.


He wants to kill me.

He probably thinks
the feeling is mutual.

He is human.

So am I. And I
don't want to kill you.



Airline food in a tube.

I thought you said you
didn't want to kill me.

Not intentionally.

Didn't you ever want
to find your family?

Know who your mother is?

The Dynasty forbids
such inquiries.

Interest in our human
heritage is not encouraged.

I'm looking for a
breeding colony myself.

I think a friend of mine
might've been shipped there.

Her name is Wade Wells.

How could you possibly
get to a breeding colony?

The same way I got here.



Translocation technology
is forbidden to humans.

Punishment is death.

I know.


Why would you tell me this?

Because you can help me.

For that, I'm willing to take a chance,
extend myself.

It's how we humans build trust.

I can't help you.

Yes, you can.

You've seen my brother. You
know where he's being held.

You expose yourself
for another being?


Especially if that being
is a member of my family.

it's something Kromaggs don't understand.

But I'm hoping the
human side of you does.

Quinn. Quick!


MAGGIE: Quinn! Hurry!

Hang on, Remmy.

It's okay. I can... I can make
it to the stage. I can make it!

Don't talk. Don't
talk. Try and sleep.

(GROANS) That's no problem.

That's no problem.
I just need the...

Quinn, he's burning up!

Please, Kyra.

You've gotta help us.



Hang on, buddy.

Remmy? Remmy. Stay with me here.



MAGGIE: Remmy!

QUINN: Remmy,
stay with me! Remmy!

MAGGIE: Remmy!

QUINN: Remmy. Stay with me,
man! You can't die on me!

Remmy! Remmy! Remmy!

Remmy QUINN: Remmy!

stay with me! Please, Remmy!

Please, Remmy! Remmy!

Remmy! Remmy!

Remmy, stay with me!

Remmy! Remmy, please!

Remmy! Remmy. Stay with me,

Remmy. Stay with me!
It's not your time. Remmy!


QUINN: Remmy. Remmy.


Remmy. Remmy. Thank God.


I saw the white light.

It was calling me,
calling me home.

I heard your voice.

You brought me back.

You brought yourself back,

It wasn't your time.



REMBRANDT: I'm so dry.
I need something to drink.

You know the Kromagg
healing technique.


You wanted me to
feel my human side.

But I am Kromagg, too.

it does have its advantages.

Why did you save me?

Because you needed my help.

How does it feel?

It felt


Thank you.

Can you do something about this?


QUINN: Colin!

MAGGIE: Oh, Colin! Thank God!

How did you escape?

I used that trick I saw on that Penn
& Teller special on the last world.

Hello, again.



Is she supposed to be here?

REMBRANDT: Quinn and Maggie snatched
her to try to get her to take us to you.

She's part of the team now.

Fifteen minutes.

Why don't you come with us?

There's someone here.

I have to show him
what you've shown me.

That we cannot deny
half of who we are.

Do you think he'll understand?

I don't know.

But I have to try.

In a way,

he is

my family.

I desire to touch you.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

We don't just touch anyone.

But I see in your eyes
that you will allow it.

The eyes never lie.




Waste him!


Get up!

Get away from her, human.


Kyra, step over to me.

I'll share these kills with you.

We'll join the Elites together.


I said come to me!

KYRA: No! I don't
care about the Elites.

I won't kill these humans.

As you wish, Kyra.

I'll take these
kills for myself.

How much time?

Three more minutes.

All right. We'll keep
our heads down till then.

It's gonna be a
long three minutes.

Down! Down!

MAGGIE: Move out! Move out!



Kyra, come with me!

We will clear your mind
of the human poison.

Two minutes! All right,
let's go.

When do you plan to shoot,
girl, tomorrow?

I'm out of ammo.

Stand aside, Kyra. No.

Don't make me kill you.

Listen to me. We
don't have to be killers.

It is what they've made us,
not who we are.

KRYOPTUS: These humans
have twisted your mind.

They've opened it.

We're not just Kromagg. We're human,

There's a whole new world
I've just begun to discover

filled with human emotion.

Human emotions are a sickness!

You're wrong.
They're part of us.

To deny their existence
is to deny who we are.

I can't kill who I am.

Who you are?

Look at me, Kyra.

Look at my face.

This is who we are.

We are Kromagg.

If I could cut the human part
from my body like a tumor, I would.

Just because it's a part of us
doesn't mean we have to embrace it.

What's happened to you?

What's happened to you,

It's time.


Nobody move!
I will kill you all!

you won't. You won't kill me.

You have feelings
for me. I can feel them.


Quinn, let's go!

Go! You're right, Kyra.

I can't deny who I am.


KYRA: (WEAKLY) Kryoptus?


The humans killed her?

No, I did.

The humans had turned her.

She was helping them
escape. I had no choice.

And the humans?

Three dead inside.

Six more escaped.


Three kills.

Well done.

You surprise me.

Welcome to the Elites.

Thank you, sir.

Move out! There are
humans in the area!

Dispose of this.

Yes, sir.