Sliders (1995–2000): Season 4, Episode 10 - Asylum - full transcript

An injured Rembrandt falls in love with his doctor, who is eager to follow him because of her secret past as a Kromagg collaborator.


We're not gonna make it.

I can't believe you'd say
anything that sounds like that.

I thought we'd be on the ground
with plenty of time to spare.

You mean the vortex will
open up in the airplane?

It's gonna have to,
or we're gonna miss the slide.

Is there enough room?

What about the
stability of the craft?

What will it do to the
stability of the crew?

I don't know!

Man, why'd we get pulled into a civil war,

If Southern California wants to secede,
let them go!

Red Cross refugee relief
is supposed to be neutral.

Yeah, well, tell that to the rebel
bird shooters on the ground!

MAN: We've been hit! Losing
number one engine. Prepare to bail out!

I'll get the chutes.



MAGGIE: Remmy!



Oh, no, the chutes.

Those chutes were cooked!

Take care of him. Quinn!

Oh, Quinn,
don't bail on me now. Quinn. Quinn.

MAGGIE: Colin, you get Quinn.

Come on, hurry up!

We've got one chance! Remmy,
get up!

Come on!







His pulse is weak.

He might not make it.

QUINN: What if you found a
portal to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year
and you're the same person,

but everything
else is different?

And what if you can't
find your way home?


I'll stay here with them.
You go into town for help.

What do I do?

What if this is one of
those strange worlds?

every world is a strange world.

Just be careful and
scope things out,

and come back with help, okay?

Your brother's
life depends on it.

We've only got three days,
so get a move on.



COLIN: Could it be?

Is this my home world?

Hey, hey, stop!

Can you give me a
ride into town? I'm lost.

How'd you get lost?

Two friends and I were
looking for some property.

I suppose the map was wrong.

Where are your friends now?

Down the road, a mile or so.

They sent me for help.

Help? For what?

My friend, he fell down,
injured his head.

All right. Climb on.


is this the way to El Segundo?

Granada Hills.

You sure you're not the
one who hit his head?

No, my head's good. Thanks.


Many thanks.

Good morning, sir.


neonatologist to five west.

Any neonatologist
to five west.

Well, if you have insurance

we've got a lot of
rooms. Excuse me.

Otherwise, I can't help you.


Are you a doctor?

Yes. Hold on a
second. I need your help.

You look okay to
me. It's not for me.

It's my friends, two of them.

It was a terrible accident.

Look, as you can see,

we have no shortage
of customers here.

If your friends are hurt,
bring them in,

and we'll eventually see them.

Would you help us,
please? It's my brother.

I'm afraid he'll die
unless you send help.

All right, all right. Come on,
let's go, Lisa.

Thank you.



VENABLE: Let's see
what we've got. Okay.

Mild shock. Start a compression.
Get him to number five.

Okay, get him to ICU, stat.

Call the neuros. Excuse me,
people, out of the way.

Clear, clear! Let's go!

More controversy today

from the independent folks
who live in Santa Monica.

This morning, California President,
Charlton Heston,

stuck out his political neck,

when he said that
the citizens there

do not have to carry
firearms if they do not want to.

In a speech to the
Santa Cruz Bazooka Club,

the President said... Hi.

I'm afraid I have some good
news and some bad news.

The good news is Mr. Brown
suffered only a mild concussion,

some bruises,
but he should be okay.

Your brother's in
more serious condition.

There was some
hemorrhaging in the skull.

If we can't stop it,
or relieve the pressure...

We'll do the very
best that we can.

Am I in heaven?

No, you are in Van Nuys.

You were in an accident.

You were out for a while,
but you're going to be just fine.

You're my doctor?

For the time being.

My name is Grace, Grace Venable.

Well, Dr. Venable,

I'm sure you'll take
good care of me.



Oh. Hey, guys.


Take it easy.

Guess I'm still a little dizzy.

What hit us? A wagon.

It came out of nowhere.


Yeah, but we were in a plane.

You're mixed up, Remmy.

We haven't been in
a plane since the war.

He's a little mixed up.

Quinn is in very serious condition,


and we have to go to
New York in three days.

You got that?

And if Quinn isn't better by then,
we may have to leave him.

It should be no problem for
you to make your trip on time.

We'd like to keep him
under observation tonight.

But I think he'll be out
of here in the morning.


We're in the usual place.

See you in the morning?



I don't know if you can hear me,

but if you can,

just know that we're here.

We're not gonna
leave without you.

It's going to be okay.

going to be all right.



MAGGIE: The war's
been over for three years.

California seceded from the union to
become a neutral independent nation.

International banks
are everywhere.

Secret number accounts.
That sort of thing.

You told me the Kromaggs
destroy every world they take.

What happened here?

Apparently this
was a supply raid.

They plundered all
the natural resources.

Coal, oil,

precious metals.

Most of Europe and Asia
is just a vast wasteland.

I saw a picture of
Montana in the hospital.

It looks like a huge pit mine.

So, no oil, no gas-powered cars.

That explains the horses.

But why does
everyone have a gun?


The border is under siege.
Refugees from the war.

all citizens are members of the militia.

So, you show me your
gun and I'll show you mine.

I left it in the room.

Didn't figure on a fire
fight over margaritas.

Forgive the intrusion.

Hackett, Ralph.

Beckett, Maggie.

Mallory, Colin.


You just passing through?

Actually, yes.

A couple of our friends
are in the hospital,

so when they get better,
we'll be heading on.

I'm sorry to hear it.

Both about the hospital
and you moving on.

Are your friends in
serious condition?

Not really.

one is. My brother. He could die.

I'm just passing through myself,

but I know quite a
few doctors in the area.

It's kind of my line of work.

Referrals, that sort of thing.

So if there is
anything that I can do...

Thank you. I'm in 715.

Appreciate it.

I have nothing on this evening,

and the two of you look
a little the worse for wear.

Why don't I treat
you for dinner?

Take your mind off your friends.

Thank you. Not tonight.

As you say, worse for the wear.

We're just gonna turn in.

Another time, perhaps.


I live in hope.

WOMAN ON PA: Cardio tech,
four northwest.

Cardio tech,
four northwest. Good morning.


Good morning, Doc.

You're looking better.

Well, a good night's sleep,
and I'm a new man.

this is looking better today, too.

All your vitals are
back to normal.

You know,
a lot of doctoring is pretty simple really.

You make sure the patient is breathing,
has a pulse.

Two of what he's
supposed to have two of.

Ten of what he's
supposed to have 10 of.


You have nice hands.

Thank you.

You must have a
pretty hard head.

Those who know
me best all say so.

I think we can get rid of
this. How does that feel?

Mmm, a little stiff.

I think you can check
out whenever you want.


So how's Quinn this morning?

No improvement.

Oh, he'll make it.

If anything,
his head is harder than mine.

Tell me again
about the accident.

Well, I don't remember much.

You know, it's just that some of
Quinn's injuries are just not consistent

with what you and
your friends told me.

Really? Mmm-hmm.

All I remember is a
wagon going out of control,

wooden boxes flying everywhere.

Was there a fire?

I don't remember.

You talked of being in a plane.

Yeah, well, like Maggie said,

I'm a bit mixed up,
thinking about the war.


You fought the Kromaggs?

Yeah. Yeah, I did.

Good. And it looks like you
survived it pretty well, too.

Well, there were times
when I didn't think I would.

It changed my life.

Yes, it changed a lot of lives.


Excuse me.


Hey, Maggie.

Yeah, yeah,
come on up. Doc says I'm free to go.

Doc, I was thinking.

Why don't you call me Grace?

Grace, yeah.

that's what I was thinking.

How about dinner tonight,
you and me?

That's very nice of you.
But like I said before,

I've got a lot of patients.

but you also said that you would fit me in.

I'm gonna be leaving
in a couple of days.

I have plans.

It's just that I feel
that I owe you.

Plans can change.

My hotel room?

My apartment. I can cook.

Well, you don't have to.

Restaurants are a bad
risk ever since the war.

You can cook?

You better get dressed.

Why do women
always tell me that?


COLIN: What are we gonna do?

You know what Quinn would say.

He'd say, "We do the usual.

"We pull off a miracle."

And just a couple of
days before the slide.

Doctor said it could be weeks,

if he makes it at all.

Can we take him with us?

He's hooked up to all
that life-support equipment.

We can't take it with us,
and without it, he dies.


You know, the professor died,
we lost Wade,

we've seen a lot of other
good people go under.

And I almost lost
Quinn a couple of times,

but he always seemed to make it.

And if he dies,
what happens to us?

Do we keep sliding?
Do we stay here?

Well, I don't care much for staying
in an armed and dangerous world.

Do we keep trying to
find my home world?

Okay, enough.

We're going to make
sure he doesn't die.

We're going to
get him better help.

From what I'm able to pick up,

the country's whole medical
establishment is overloaded.

You got refugees
crossing the border.

You got rich people flying in,
buying their way in.

Colin and I met
a man in the bar.

He said he was in the
medical referral business.

He asked us to dinner.

Well, maybe he can help us find
a better hospital or better doctors.

Look, I'm having dinner tonight with Grace,

Dr. Venable.

I'll talk with her and see
if she can do better for us.

All right,
Colin. I think you should go to the library

and see what you can find out.

Everything about the war
and the way things are now.

You know, medical facilities,
research, alternative treatments.

Maybe there's something
in Mexico or Canada.

Yeah. Yeah, okay.

One night in the hospital,
and now it's dinner with Grace, huh?

She likes my hard head.

We've always depended on
Quinn to get us out of trouble.

Now it's up to us.

We have to come through for him.


Yes, we'll make it,
one way or another.

MI5 is letting us borrow one of
their planes out of Vancouver.

It'll be at Agua Dulce
airport tomorrow morning.

Leaves us with a very narrow
window to complete our investigation.

I'll be pressing my new friends
for the final piece of evidence,

and then at long last,
we can make our move.

I know we're supposed to
bring the subject back for trial.

But this has been a hard target
mission from the very beginning.

It takes what it takes.

REMBRANDT: You didn't
have to go to all this trouble.

It's no trouble.

Yeah, this is gonna be nice.

But you know what? We
could've gone to a restaurant.

I told you, ever since the war,
you're asking for ptomaine.

Ah. Mmm-hmm.

For example... Thank you.

There's a perfectly horrible little
Japanese/Mexican deli just down the block.

Japanese/Mexican? Yes.

It's called Miguel-San.

They sell sea urchin tacos,
tempura with green salsa.

Oh, and this impossible
little thing called a Tokyo Roll

with crab, avocado,
cucumber, in a flour tortilla.


MAN 1: Tempura taco.

MAN 2: This way.

MAN 3: Hey. Hi.

Unless you'd rather
sit at the fajita bar.

Oh, no, this is fine.

Thank you. MAN
4: You like it hot?

You better like it
hot with this one.

That's for you and you.

So, sake or tequila?

Or something soft?

Something soft.

All right. Me, too.

Thank you.

Agave tea for two, please.

Thank you.

A lot of these cross-cultural
places have sprung up since the war.

Well, it's fascinating.

So what did you
do during the war?

Oh, I tried to stay clear of it,
to tell you the truth.

I don't even have a gun.

My business is investments,

International arbitrage,
currency speculation, that line of country.

I thought you were
in medical referrals.

Yeah, well, that's part of it. Hospitals
are a very good investment in times of war.

I was hoping you
might have some ideas

about how I could get
better help for my friend.

I mean,
that hospital seems so overloaded.

Yeah, most of them are.

But like I said before,
I have some good connections up north.

Private clinics,
very best doctors.

I'd really appreciate it.

They're very expensive,
I'm afraid.

I'd do whatever it takes.

He must be a very good friend.

The best.

All right, so,

tell me your war story.

I take it you weren't neutral.

Oh, I don't understand how anybody
could be neutral with the Kromaggs.

You were in the service then?


After California seceded,

I stayed with the Marine Corps

and flew fighters off a carrier.

UN Expeditionary Force.


North Baltic push.

I had a little taste of that.


I had some friends involved.

Special operatives,
undercover, sabotage,

partisan fighting, that...

That line of country.

Quite, yeah.

All right.

Death to the Maggs.

Death to the Maggs.

And to those who
give them comfort.


Straight out of heaven

You are an angel

Better to me than life itself

And into my mind

You came

Giving me hope

Sweeping the cobwebs of
sadness away from my door

Shut steel

Closed by the pain
of a broken heart

I went to heaven
and stole an angel

So I could have you

For myself

Straight out of heaven

You are an angel

Better to me than life itself

That was great.


It's not finished.
I'm still working on it.

I mean, you haven't made any records,
been on television...

I know I must've seen
you on something.

No, I doubt it. I had a group once,

We were pretty good.

Then we broke up, and I went solo,
and that wasn't so good.

I guess you could say
I got a little sidetracked.

The war sidetracked a lot of us.

Tell me what happened to you.

Like fighting monsters
with pop guns.

I mean, the Manta ships...

I saw high-explosive, anti-tank
shells just bounce right off those things.

And I was taken in a
raid not too far from here.

I heard terrible things
about those camps.

I don't like to think about it.

You know, I feel like I have
known you for a very long time.

you're tired of me already?


I've got the referrals you need
in my Filofax. Won't be a moment.


Why don't you pour
us some brandy?


Since the war, it's tough to get
good cognac, but I have my sources.

MAN ON SCREEN: British Prime Minister,
Margaret Thatcher,

signed a non-aggression
pact with the Kromagg Dynasty.

In return for rights to
the North Sea oil fields,

the Kromaggs agreed
not to invade Great Britain.

The Prime Minister and the
Kromagg Foreign Minister, Kamvax,

celebrated the agreement
at an embassy party.

Well, must be in the other room.

Can't be too careful who you
give information to these days.

Even about something as
innocuous as medical services.

Plenty of Thatchers around.

the North Sea oil giveaway,

humans who collaborated with the
Kromagg invaders were called Thatchers.

After the war, many Thatchers went
into hiding in the nation of California.

REMBRANDT: Listen, I haven't
told you the whole truth about myself.

My friends and I,
we're not just passing through.

We've got this device.

I'm not sure if I understand it.

The guy who does,
the one who invented it,

he's in a coma in your hospital.

Maggie, Colin and I,

we're not going to
New York in two days.

We're going to another world.

You mean to tell
me you're sliders?

Of course. Of course.
Kromaggs have sliding technology.

You know all about it.

I know a little bit about it.

But I had no idea till now that
humans had actually ever done it.

Sometimes I wish we hadn't.

I mean, some of the worlds we go to,
they're a lot like home.

Sometimes they're
completely different.

Sometimes they look the
same until you look closely

and you find that one little thing,
something that

you never thought to be important at all,
can change everything.

Like meeting someone special?



REMBRANDT: We've been
sliding from one world to the next.

The Kromaggs,
they destroyed my world.

We're trying to find
my friends' home world.

At least that's what I
think we're trying to do.

There's so many worlds, I've kind of
lost track of what we're doing or why.

It's hard to imagine.

You know something,
Grace, I'm not a scientist.

That's Quinn's department.

But I have been
paying attention.

No matter what world we go to,

heaven's always the same.

Big Dipper, Orion, North Star.

And nature,
it's always working the same way.

It's got gravity,
light and motion.

Two and two always
turn out to be four.

I've thought about it a lot.

What do you think it means?

I think it means that the
same God is in all these worlds.

REMBRANDT: You know, I must say
that it hasn't been easy for me of late.

You know?

I don't know why
I continue to slide,

but one thing I must say is that I've
made up my mind about something,

and you helped me to do that.


My friend Quinn,
he's always been there for me,

and I want to be there for him.

So when the time
comes for the next slide,

if he's not well enough to go,

I'm gonna stay here with him.

I helped you decide that?


By being here, too.

MAN: The Kromaggs made use of human
doctors when their own medical service

could not handle some
of the native microbes.

Dr. Helen Donovan was a
notorious Thatcher doctor

at the Magg Evacuation
Center in Belgium.

British Special Service has
inserted teams into California

to seek out and arrest
fugitive Thatchers.

RALPH: Sorry.

Name and address of a
neurosurgeon in San Rafael

and an advanced
research clinic in Palo Alto.

Been doing some very interesting
work with... Why are there

pictures of me in that desk?

Why did you look in that desk?

Certain things about
you just didn't add up.

So I decided to
do a little snooping.

Well, for what it's worth, those
pictures aren't of you and your friends.

You just happen to be in them.

I'm with British
Special Service Branch.


But you also have a Danish passport,
and a German one

and God knows
what else is in there.

this one's real. I'm telling you the truth.

And I'm asking
you for your help.

The woman in this picture,
Dr. Venable,

was a collaborator
during the Kromagg War.

MAGGIE: Oh, my God.


Maybe I can go with you.


On your next slide. Maybe
instead of staying here,

I can go with you
to another world.

why would you want to do that?

I mean,
most of the time it's no fun.

I mean, it's a day here,
a week there.

No place to call home,
no friends that you could keep.

I mean, it's endless.

It's that way for me here.

I mean,
there's gotta be a better world someplace.

A place that we can live
the rest of our lives in peace.

Well, I can't leave Quinn.

There may be a way he can go.

You shared your secrets with me.

Secrets of where you came from,
where you go.

Well, I'm going to tell you something
I have never told another living soul.

It was a method I
learned during the war.

It's a mental imaging process,
a healing process.

I've never used it on humans before,

but I think it could
help your friend.

Well, then you have to do it.

And then you can come with us.

I've been tracking this
woman for the past two years,

and she's been very clever.

She covered her
tracks pretty well.

And with expert help,
forged a new identity here

and wiped out all
traces of her past.

What did she do?

She gave aid and
comfort to a terrible enemy.

You don't have to tell
me about the Kromaggs.

But they must have forced her.

They have very sophisticated
mind-control techniques.

We have information that Dr. Venable,
as she calls herself now,

was very willing to help them.

She organized hospitals
in evacuation centers.

She was known as
the personal physician

to the Kromagg High Commander
in the European theater.

And she may perhaps have
been more than that to him.

What do you want me to do?

If you can help me make
positive identification,

I can make an arrest and take
her back to Britain to face trial.

I have a plane waiting
at Agua Dulce airstrip.

A plane? Where
did you get the fuel?

There are limited supplies
for government use only.

And bringing in
Thatchers is a priority.

In this picture, Dr. Venable is handing
something to your friend Rembrandt.

Medicine. A prescription
for pain killers.

Well, there are bound to be fingerprints
on the bag or on the bottles inside.

But he's with her right now.

I promise you he won't be hurt.



If your friend Rembrandt
knew what you know now,

what would he do?


So, tell me about the strangest
world you have ever been to.

Well, now, what's your pleasure?

I've been with dinosaurs,

androids, dragons, wizards.

One particular world we went to,

the icecaps had melted,
and everyone had a boat.

Another world,
I was a famous opera singer.

VENABLE: Really?

but not really me. You see,

on some worlds,
there are exact duplicates of ourselves.

And on that particular world,
that Rembrandt Brown was a big star.

Although there are
some of us who feel

that this Rembrandt
Brown is a big star.

you can count me one of them.

So, there are more mes out
there on these worlds, huh?


You might meet some.

What a frightening thought.


Remmy! Oh, my God!

No, leave me alone! Stop it!

Leave me alone!


I shouldn't have
given them anything.

You did what you
thought was right.

When Remmy didn't come back here,
I should've known.

Things with them
have gone way too far.

And I betrayed him.

If she did what they say she did,
she deserves punishment.

Are things really that simple
on the world you came from?

We knew right from wrong.


Oh, good,
you're both here. They've taken Grace.

Some goons in ski masks.
They just busted in and took her.

But it's easy to get
guns on this world.

They don't even ask for ID.

Remmy, stop.

What are you talking about? Didn't
you hear what I said? They took her.

I know they did.

You know?

I helped them do it.

Why on this Earth would you do that,

Those two men that took her,

they were British
Special Services.

They were taking
her to stand trial.

Trial for what?

She collaborated with the
Kromaggs during the war.

That's a freaking lie.

It's true.

MAGGIE: Hackett, the man I had dinner with,
he's a British soldier.

And he's been tracking
Grace for two years.

she worked for the Kromaggs.

For the European High Commander.

I told her all about us.

All about us?


The slide.

The different worlds.


She said she
wanted to come along.

Now I know why.

Where did they take her?

You gotta tell me. We've gotta
get to her before it's too late.

it's no good. Don't you see?

there's something that you don't see.

She said that she knows something
about some healing technique.

Something she must have
picked up from the Kromaggs.

it's the only way to save Quinn's life.


Come on, guys. Put them down.

We don't need to hurt anybody.

We didn't intend on
stopping the arrest,

we just wanted to delay it.

She may be able to
save our friend's life.

Let's go.

I have nothing else to do here.

Yes, you do.

I don't know what
you did in the war.

I don't care about that now.

What I care about is my friend.

last night you said you could help him.

Well, like all great love stories,
that was last night.

Look, if they let me do this for you,
what are you going to do for me?

You're a doctor.

A healer.

If you do this,
you do it for you, not for me.


COLIN: You gave us a scare.


Hi, guys.

REMBRANDT: All right.

I guess I overslept.

Kromagg mind-control healing.

I'd heard of it,
but I'd never seen it before.

I never knew they
taught it to humans.


Doesn't change a thing.

I'll give you a minute
to say goodbye.

Maintenance to the front desk.

Maintenance to the front desk.

Where's Quinn?

He's getting dressed.

Is he gonna be okay?

A little shaky. But,
yeah, he'll be fine.

I don't know how to thank you.

Take me with you.

I know a back way
out of the hospital.

Tell me that they tortured you.

Tell me that they
killed your family.

Tell me that you had no
choice but to help them.

I can't.

I can't.

RALPH: We've gotta go.

I'll tell the court what
she did. It could help her.

Come on.

So what'd I miss
while I was napping?

Let's get outside. We've
got four minutes till we slide.

It's a long story,
and it doesn't have a happy ending.