Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 6 - Desert Storm - full transcript

On a desert world, the sliders get involved in a struggle for control over Devin, a young woman who can locate underground stores of water.

Slow down, Q-Ball.
The Professor's beat.

We need to stop and rest.

If he's beat,
how come you're
the one complaining?

I'm tired of hearing
you two bicker.

Well, I'm tired of him
marching us around.

Guys, come on.

We'll be able to rest
and get some water
when we reach LA.

Assuming it even
exists on this world.

Oh, that's nice, Rembrandt.

Way to keep our spirits up.

You okay?

I'm fine.

Are you in pain?

You said you'd respect
a dying man's wish.

We agreed not to discuss it.

Not with them,
not with us.


...looks like
we're not alone
on this world.


And the natives do not appear
to be hospitable.

No water.


Not even a body.

Let's keep moving.

The Sand Pit.
Sounds delightful.

I don't care
if it's a snake pit,
as long as it has water.

Take a seat.
We'll settle the price.

Please don't tell me
he's selling her.

Well, let's not come
to any judgment

before we know more
about this world.

Besides, she might be
a mass murderer
for all we know.

Listen, don't give me that,

It's wrong, on any world.

What is up with them?

you won't scream again?

It's happening.
The amulet's making
that sound.


Please help me.

Please help me.


Please help me.

Wade, what's wrong?
You okay?

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds,

where it's the same year,
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't find
your way home?


I know it was her.

Wade, she was gagged.

There's no way
you could understand
anything she was saying.

I heard something.

You all right?
You look a little pale.

No, I'm fine.
I just could use
some water, that's all.

Excuse--excuse me,
wha-what's the story here?

Are you buying
that girl from him?

Oh, no, I don't deal
with the slave trade.

Bad karma there.

Do you have police
around here?

Police? Oh, that's rich.

Ain't no law around here,
baby girl.

Except maybe for Cutter.

Hasn't been since
the water dried up.

Uh, anyway,
I got other customers.

You going to order something?

Uh, yeah, I'd like to have
some water. Tall glass.

Brown or clear?

Uh, brown or clear?

We'll take the clear.

Nice choice.
What are you trading?

I take it
you don't take cash.


Ooh, nice.
But it runs on batteries.

We don't get too many
of those around here.

Uh, we trade useful items.

Uh, tools, skins,
that sort of thing.

Come on, help us out.
We need some water.
What are we supposed to do?

You could always try to find
the lost city of Aquarius.

They say the water runs free
down there.

Of course, they also say
it's where the spaceships go
to gas up.

Let me know if you
find something to trade.

What's the scoop? Any luck?

It's a company town.

And Diggs doesn't like
our company.

Looks like we're
going to be without water
for the duration of our stay.

I don't know
whether to strangle him
or to admire him.

I vote for strangle.

I don't care if you guys are
going to help me.

I'm going to do
something for that girl.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.
Whoa. Whoa.

Okay, we'll do it your way.

But I choose when.

You saved my life.

Look, Cutter will
pay you for it.

He'll give you all
the water you need.

Hey, that sounds great.

How are you
connected with Cutter?

I'm his water priestess.

We'll talk about that later.

Get away from her.

All right, bro,
just stay cool.
We don't want any trouble.

Stay cool, man!

Knife, huh?
Better be able to use it.

Get him!

Relax, bro.

These two are gonna
tear you apart!

Why don't you drop it?

She's coming with me.

I think it's simple:
the lady doesn't
want to go with you.

Grab that rope!

You guys don't know
what you're doing!

This isn't over.

You come near me again
and I'll have Cutter
kill you piece by piece.

Let's go. Let's take his car.

It's a personal possession,
and it is not what we agreed.

We ready to go?

There seems to be some problem
with the negotiation.

I'm talking
a monster truck with fuel.

We're talking supplies,
with a car.

What more could you want?

I want the girl's necklace.

Now, I get it,
or you can all climb

in this itty-bitty
car like circus clowns.

I don't care.


I can't.
I've had this my whole life.

Look, w-we'll give
you something else.

You don't have
nothing else I want.

It's the crystal or no deal.

Come on.

Let's go.

Ride! We ride!

Where are the keys?

Now, hold up now, baby boy.
How much more gold you got?

You already took all my gold.

Oh, now, come on.
Don't treat me
like I took the girl.

I'm a businessman.
I got rent to pay here,
I got mouths to feed.

Give me the keys.

Today was a good day.

You sure we're headed
in the right direction?

Where did they come from?

Desert rats.

Probably the same ones
who torched the truck we saw.

Floor it, Mr. Mallory.

Devin, get down!

No, let me up!

Stay down!

Get off me! Let go of me!

Stay down!

Get off me! Let me up!

Let me up!

This is insane!

Get off!
Stop, they're my friends!

I said stop!
They're my friends.

We rescue the biker babe
that rides with Mad Max.

These people took you?

Oh, no, no, no.
They saved me. I owe them.

I'm not gonna kill you.
Consider the debt paid.

But I promised them water.

we're only in town two days.
We don't need very much.

All right,
follow us if you can.

You, my child,
will ride with me.

She promised them water.

We're probably
gonna have to lose them.

Cutter, she's working.

Come on, girl, find it.
That's it.

Yeah. Okay.


Here. 20 barrels.
Maybe more.

Tell the others
we're gonna pitch
camp here tonight, okay?

Right, right.

Wet yourself
and let yourself dry!

Take it! It's good!

Where you going, water witch?

She's amazing, isn't she?

Cutter found her
wandering in the desert
when she was a kid.

Talk about a lucky find, huh?

That, uh, that thing she did
out there today,
does she do that a lot?

When the spirit moves her.

She is a witch.

A water witch.

We don't know
how she finds it. She does.

She just goes into a trance

and we dig.

She never misses. Never.

She must wonder
where she came from,
who her family is.

I told you, Cutter found her!

We're her family now.

Don't forget that.

Talk about your bad seed.

That guy's a freak.

They're all freaks.

I say we get our supplies
and leave here
as soon as we can.

First thing in the morning.

How long have you
been able to find water?

As long as I can remember.

Cutter calls it my gift.

More like my curse.

And the clouds
and everything,
that was you?

Wow. Pretty amazing.

Welcome to the freak show.

You're not a freak.

On my world,
there are people
called dowsers

and they use
a--a forked stick or a wire
to find water.

- Mmm-hmm.

They don't get
the big special effects show
like you do, though.


you do have a gift.

It sets you apart,
makes you different.

Cherish it.

Devin, get over here!

Hang with us tonight.

You go ahead.
I'm gonna turn in.

Let go of me!


Keep away from me,
I'm warning you.

Relax, I won't hurt you.

I'm after Devin.

She's of my tribe.

Oh, yeah, right. That's why
she was trying to
get away from you.

She doesn't know.

Cutter stole her
when she was small.

She can't remember her people.

She can find water.
That makes her valuable.

I'm here to take her home.
That's it.

Get in.

Remmy. Professor. She's gone.

What do you mean,
she's gone?

I mean her chain's
been snapped.

There's a cut in
the back of her tent.
She's gone!


What's going on?

Have you seen Wade?

She was gone when
I got up this morning.

I just figured
she went for a walk.

We think Jeremy
came back for you.

I'll go get Cutter.

We'll track them down.

We appreciate the help.

This isn't just about Wade.

I don't want him
coming after me again. Ever.

Hunt! Hunt! Hunt!
Hunt! Hunt!

I think it would be
a very good idea
if we found Wade first.

You're the first guy
I've ever met that really did
run out of gas.

See, on my world,
whenever you're on a date

and a guy wants to park,
he'll tell you that...

Forget it.

I can't believe
you didn't check.

Was I supposed to
fill up before or after

you and your friends
took off with Devin?

I'm not used to this heat.

What's with the markings?

They tell the story
of my tribe.

See, this indicates
we're a splinter
from the main group.

And this tells
where our group settled.

I recognize this one.

It's the zodiac symbol
for Aquarius.

We're sometimes called
"The Water Bearers."

The myth?

I-I-It's true about Eden
and the lost city of Aquarius?

We're not lost.
We just choose
to remain a mystery.

I don't understand
why Devin doesn't know
she's one of you.

She was only five
when she was taken.

And what happened out there,
it was-- was brutal.

She probably doesn't want
to remember.

Why wait 12 years to look?

We didn't know
if she was dead or alive.

It was only about
two months ago

her mother was
able to make contact.


I don't exactly see
any phones out here.


Have you no powers?

I'm not gifted,
but you should have
picked up something.

You mean telepathically?

The women of our tribe
have powers.

Abilities to communicate.

Can they all find water?

Not all. Only some.

Water priestesses,
like Devin.

So she is special.
Even for your tribe.


Even for my tribe.

They must be headed
back to the Sand Pit.

It's the only thing
that makes any sense.

he might have just
left her out there.

With no oceans and no lakes,
I can't make heads
or tails of this thing.

Perhaps you don't have to.

There they are.
She looks okay.

They look rather chummy,
actually, considering
she's been kidnapped.

Are you hurt?

No, I'm fine.

Stay away from her!
- Hey, hey, hey!

It's okay. He's a good guy.

Cutter kidnapped Devin
when she was five.

Jeremy's here
to take her home,
and we're going to help him.

What, we all took a vote
and I was missing?

Remmy, she needs our help.

Come on.

Cutter, man,
this is a wild goose chase.

Let's bag this
and get back to the Pit.

Your whining is really getting
on my nerves, Wolf.

Go! Get out of here!
I'm gonna get
this little punk.

Suit yourself, man.

You heard her before, Wade.
Talk to her. She'll hear you.

Devin, he's up here.

Devin, can you hear me?
Jeremy's up here.

Devin, Devin, look up.


Look, he's up there.

That's a boy. Go ahead, run.
Give me a moving target now.

Cutter, kill him!

Get off me, man!

Get off me!

Come on!


Go on, move it!

Okay. Hang on.


You don't look so good.

I don't feel so good, either.

Must be the heat.

No, I don't believe
any of this.

he found me in the desert
and he saved me.

I'd be dead right now
if it wasn't for him.

He didn't save you, Devin.

It's because of Cutter
you were in the desert
in the first place.

Leave me alone.

They set a trap.
They got her.

We got to get her back.

Give me your keys.

To Life.


Hey, Cutter, man,
what's with the grab?

Devin's amulet. I want it.


I love this thing. Cool, huh?

I'll be damned,
it was talking to her.

Oh, just like the legend, huh?

They're real.

Who's real?

The Water People.
She's one of them.

I had her all along.
Give it to me.

You know what, Cutter?
You've been in the sun
way too long, man.

Ain't no truth to
none of them stories.

Diggs, give it to me.

I didn't want it, anyway.

It seems to be stronger
pointed that way.

Maybe it's some sort
of a homing device.

That's what
she's been hearing.

Not much of a tune.

No, it's signaling her,
you damn fool.

They're signaling her.

I'm gonna find Eden.

Does that thing
really tell you
which way to go?

It's a locator.
Helps bring us home.

Here, hold it.

Louder it gets,
closer you are.

We traded Devin's
for the truck.

It's okay.
You don't know
how to use it,

it's just a crystal.

We'll keep going this way.
We're not far.

Professor, we're leaving.

I'm fine.

Are you sick?

No, no, just a touch
of, uh, heat stroke. Let's go.
Shall we?

It's more than
heat stroke, isn't it?

Yeah. It's pretty serious.

We have a Master Healer
in the colony.

Maybe he can help.

Wade, let's go!

Hold on.
She's trying to reach her mom.

She says that she loves me

and she misses me.

She spoke to me.


I don't need help,
thank you, Mr. Mallory.

After all we heard
about this colony,
I was expecting more.

A door or something.

I have the idea that's how
they want you to feel.

If you didn't know
this place was special,
you'd just keep on going.

Devin, honey.


What happened to her?


She knows the truth now.

Cutter killed her father.

She just relived that moment.

If that's what the power is,
I wouldn't want it.

No gift comes without
a string or two attached.

That's more like it.

All right, stop right here!

There it is. Aquarius.

The legends are true.

I killed her father
right up there.

Looks like
a pile of rocks to me.

Where's the water?


God, you're an idiot.
I don't know how
I ever hooked up with you.

So how we gonna
get the water?

We go in after it.

You ask me another
stupid question like that,

I'm gonna cut your tongue out.

Which way?

Follow me.

There it is.

I do remember this.

This is amazing.

Thank you.

This is the best water
I've ever tasted.

No wonder they
go to such lengths
to guard their treasure.

Mom, I've missed you.

Me, too, darling.

My baby.

Master Healer,
this is Quinn Mallory.

He has a friend
who needs your help.


I'm the Master Healer.

I can help you,
but only if you believe I can.

Sir, I'm a man of science.

I respect knowledge and truth.

There is a truth
beyond knowledge, my friend.

Only fools deny it.

Are you calling
me a fool, sir?

What would you call
a dying man who passes up
a chance for life

purely out of
intellectual vanity?

A realist?

why not give it a shot?

Oh, come, Mr. Mallory.

So the Healer is right.
It is your vanity.

You can't stand the idea
that you might be wrong.

You'll even die
to be certain
that you're right?

It's your life, Professor.

Mr. Mallory.

I keep forgetting
that you are more fearful
of my death than I am.

If it will make you happier,
I'll go and visit
the witch doctor.

Just as I expected.

Hocus pocus and mumbo jumbo.

I totally agree.
This is all just for show.

But people like it.

It is rather pleasant,
wouldn't you agree?

Well, it's certainly
not harmful.

Attitude is good
for what ails you, Professor.

I have the gift of healing

and it is my duty
to share it with you.

So lose the negative energy.

Take one of these
and lie down.

What is this,
some magic herbal mix

that will cure all my aches?

No, they're mints.
We make them ourselves.

They're quite good.


Did you feel that?


Go, this is the dismissal.

I'm not done yet.

But you just told me
you were.

I did?

"Ite missa est.
Go, the ceremony is over."

I didn't know that.

I've been saying it for years.

I've done all
that I can for you.

You will heal.

You have done nothing.

This is not about me.

Open up your mind
to the possibilities.

Believe in your own powers
to heal yourself.

What happens next

is now in your hands.

You risked a lot
going after her.

She's my promised one.

Devin and I
were matched as children.

I've loved her ever since.

Even when she was missing.

That feeling never left me.

I think she's got
the feeling for you, too.

I also think
she'll be happy in here.

For the first time
in her life,
she belongs somewhere.

Sorry, guys,
but, uh, time to go.

Where's the Professor?

The Professor is here.
Let's go.

Were you...

Don't even ask.


How you feeling?

Better, Mr. Mallory.
Much better.

No thanks to the witch doctor.


we still got
a couple of minutes left.

What's that noise?


He must've followed us.

We gotta warn them.

Devin, Jeremy! Open up!

Talk to her! You can do it!

Devin, Devin,
we're in trouble.

There's trouble.

Come on!

Professor, come on!


How do we get past this?

I've got the key.

Let's move it!

All right, let's go!

Hurry, before they
seal the entrance.

There they go!



All I want is the girl!

I found her! She's mine!

Haven't you stolen enough
from her life already?

Shut up! Back off!

On the count of five,
blood starts to flow.



Give me the girl, damn it!

Go ahead, Devin.
You know what you can do.

Release him.
I'll come with you.

Come on, baby.

Let's get
the hell out of here.

No, Devin!

We gotta go.

It's somewhere here!

Here. It's there.

No, farther south.

No, further west.

East. East? No.


Why don't you
just go on home, man?

Home? Uh...
- Yeah.

No, it's--it's here.
It's right there.

I was there. I was.
Uh, wasn't I?

Yeah, Cutter, you were there.

No, I was there.

Come on,
I'll take you home, man.