Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 5 - The Dream Masters - full transcript

The sliders encounter trouble on a world where social outcasts have harnessed the power of dreams. When Wade becomes the focus of this group, the sliders must rally together to protect her from her worst fears.

[carnival music]

Wish we could've stayed
another day on Cajun world.

Nothing against this one,

but, hey, vive la difference!
Right, fellas?

Man, do I love
Mardi Gras.

And women
on balconies.

Yeah. I'm glad that Napoleon
never met his Waterloo

because I got to meet Cindy.

Come here,
lover boy,

I don't think
it's your shade.

I don't know about you guys,

but I'm in need of
some serious z's.

Yes. Positively
soporific idea, Miss Wells.

And how about
Miss Wells'
broken heart, eh?

He's gonna be
pretty surprised

when I don't come
back from the bathroom.

[all laugh]

Hey, you idiot! It says
no bike riding here!



What the hell's
the matter with you?

There's no
bikes allowed here.

Oh, no.

Please, don't--
d-don't--don't hurt me.

It was an accident.

All right. I-I-I'll do
anything you say.

Anything you say.

All right.

Drop dead.

[people chattering]

He's having a seizure.

Keep him
from biting his tongue.

I've got his legs.

[skater gasping]

Will somebody call
an ambulance! Please!

there's some cops.


This is Weber.

I need
an ambulance at the pier.

Uh, cancel that.
Send the meat wagon.

No, it appears to
be self-inflicted.

Better list it
as a suicide.

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds,

where it's the same year,
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't find
your way home?


The two kids on the cycles
were behaving irresponsibly.

They barged
into my friend here

and then they--they totaled
that poor fellow.

Anybody got
anything else to say?


You should be talking to
those two clowns over there.

How stupid are you?

You want to get
somebody else killed?

[seagull cawing]

Wait a minute.
It wasn't a suicide.

Leave the park now.
You've been warned.

That's all I can do.

I used to draw
on my hand, too,

but that was in
the fourth grade.

Don't you know
what this hand can do?

Not as much as
this one.

I can't wait
to sleep with you.


You. You shouldn't have
done that.

If you don't leave now,
I'm gonna do a lot more.

I'll take care of you

You, I'll see you
in your dreams.

Are you all right?


I know what I saw.

What you saw were neck spasms
and the resultant angina

induced by
an epileptic fit.

Something was
choking him.

You're suggesting
that these guys

have the power
of psychokinesis?

I don't know. Maybe.

Wade, we're all
a little tired.

I think you're just
seeing things.

We all saw
somebody die.

And it wasn't
a suicide.

Are you crazy?
Give me that!

Is there
a problem?

You never know
what's gonna set off

one of them
Dream Masters.

Dream Masters?
Is that what
they're called?

Have you had
trouble with them?

A Dream Master
got my last
cocktail waitress.

Got her? How?

Man, nobody can
stay awake forever.


And once
you're asleep,

that's when they
enter your dreams

and create

Tell us something
about those guys.

Are they--

Shh. We shouldn't be
talking about this.

All right, guys.
We're all set.

The creep from the park,
I just saw him.

I don't see him, Miss Wells.

Wade, there's nobody there.

It was him.

Girl, you need some sleep.

I'm not going to sleep.

You don't think
for a moment--

He said he'd see
me in my dreams.

Wade, that's impossible.


Why is everybody
so afraid of them?

Well, I'm not afraid of him.


You go with Wade,
stay with her in the room

while Remmy and I
do a little recon.


Hey, Q-Ball, why don't we
just get on out of town,

leave these geeks

Because if they can invade
a person's dreams,

running away
won't do any good.

Yeah. Well, you think
they can?

I think
we better find out.

Diggs, where do
these Dream Masters hang out?

Still awake?

You kidding?

Every time I close my eyes,
I see that guy's face.

Well, I don't suppose
that reading this

is helping.

"She felt
his rough hands

"tug at the ribbon
of her silk blouse.

"She was aroused
as never before.

She could feel a..."

Miss Wells,
what rubbish.


Why don't you
just shut your eyes

and go to sleep now, eh?

I shall be
over there.

If you need anything,
just call.

Come on now.

Here we go.

Excuse me.

I want you to give your buddy
a message for me.

Sure. Always happy to grant
a final request.

Tell him we're only in town
for a couple of days.

And we don't want
any trouble,

although he was
still out of line.

Yeah. Sure.

And so was
the little bitch
that hit him.

Easy, Henry.

She'll get
what she deserves.

Look, I just want
you to know

that if anything
happens to her

or any of my friends,

you're gonna have
to deal with me, okay?

Well, I guess we'll be seeing
a lot of each other then.

Is that a threat?

Yes, it is.

[car honking]

Come on, Henry.

Come on.

[police siren wailing]

Hi. How long to get
a pot of coffee sent up?

That long?

It is. Thanks.

♪[music playing]

I'm here
with some friends.

Saw you come in.
You mind if I join you?

Yes, I do.

It's, uh, it's Wade,
isn't it?

Very unusual name.

The desk clerk at
the hotel thought so, too.

[people chattering]

Winsome Wade, huh?

Wonderful Wade.

Not-very-wise Wade.

just leave me alone.

You know,

you intrigue me.

It's, uh,
not very often

that a woman defies me.
And I--I--I find that


Don't touch me!

[clears throat]

[all chattering]


Hurry, Miss Wells.

It's too soon!

W-we're not supposed
to slide until tomorrow.

It's our only hope. Run!


Sorry, Wade.

You can't leave me!


We're here, Wade.
Wake up.

Wake up.

She's cut bad.

She's not cut.
There's not a mark on her.

Well, what we're
witnessing here

is some form of

You think if we
hadn't woken her up,

she would've bled to death?

Quite possibly,

Whatever it is,
that guy must have had

some kind of
drug on his hand.

Now, Wade did say that
when he touched her,

she felt
a tingling sensation.

Now there are drugs
that will produce

vivid hallucinations

that can be administered
through the skin.

You really think he was able
to enter her dream?

Or perhaps he planted

a hypnotic suggestion
in the bar.

In any event, Wade believes

that he will invade
her dreams.

And if she falls asleep again,
he will return.

It's kind of like
if someone tells you

not to think
about the elephant,

but then,
that's all you can think of.

How long is it till we slide?

About 30 hours.

How you gonna
keep her awake until then?

Human beings
are capable

of sustained periods
of consciousness,
Mr. Brown,

provided that they have
sufficient elephants...


Sufficient stimulation.

We shall just take shifts
to keep her occupied.

[door closes]

Cold shower worked.
I'm wide awake.

I'm also freezing.

Look, uh, maybe
I should turn up the heat.

No, no, no,
it'll make her drowsy.

Uh, maybe there's
a hotel doctor

and he can
give me something
to keep me awake, huh?

Only as a last resort.

We have no way
of knowing

how the drugs of this world
will act on our bodies.

I can call room service
and get you

some orange juice and liver.

Only as a last resort.

No, no, listen, in the navy,
when we gave blood,

they would give us
orange juice

and tell us to go get
a nice big piece of liver.

That way it'd help
build up our iron.

Can't I just suck
on some rusty nails?



Are you all right?
Here, sit down.


There you go.


She needs
some fresh air.

I'm gonna
open a window.

No, no, no. Not in her
weakened state.
- Guys.

Look, man, we need some
fresh air in here.

I disagree.
- Guys. Guys!

When are you gonna
go talk to the police?

We were
just leaving.


Don't worry.
We're gonna find someone

to stand up
to these people.

Don't count on it.

Excuse me, officers.

You again?

We'd like to know
where can we lodge
a formal complaint

against these
so-called Dream Masters?

Can't help you,

There's been an attempt made
on the life of our friend.

I want you two idiots
to take a walk.

Right now.

You call yourself
a police officer

and you let
those guys get away

with scaring people
to death?

Get out of here. Go!

Come on. Come.


We've done nothing, officer.

Shut up.

What, you're
giving us a ticket now?

I know a place
you can take your friend.

It's a shelter
for the victims

of the Dream Masters.
She'll be safe there.

Be careful,

or they'll come
after you, too.

Why are you helping us
when no one else would?

I know why.

Because Officer Weber

has been a victim
of the Dream Masters herself.

The shelter isn't far
from here.

Good luck.

Got a second?

Is that liver?


Uhh. I--I hate liver.

[people chattering]



Not a word.

Hurry up,
before it gets cold.



The hardest time
is after dark.

Because of their fear
of falling asleep

most of these patients
suffer from chronic insomnia.

They're deprived of
REM sleep?

To a point. Then they have
a period of rebound

and make up for it.

So, it's
during REM sleep

that the Dream Masters

have the greatest powers
to revisit them?

Yes. Actually,
my husband experimented

with some
REM-blocking drugs,

but they had too
many side effects.


Damned if you dream,
damned if you don't. Eh?

Without dreams,

the subconscious
has no release.

Dr. Lujan,
what happened to them?

effectively in a coma.

Some of them went up
against the Dream Masters

and this was
their punishment.

We're hoping
to find a way

to bring them
out of it one day.

[monitor beeping]

Their systems were so shocked
by the dream experience

that they remain locked
in this vegetative state.

Has your husband
continued his work

on other REM blockers?

Right now this is all
I can do.

Would you like to see
my husband's lab?

So, how many times
has he invaded her dreams?

Just once
that we know of.

And was he able to manifest
any visible injuries?

Her wrists and hands
were bleeding.

Stage two.

It may still be early enough
to try some intervention.

Sometimes we can make
hypnotic suggestions

before they enter REM.

If we can reinforce the idea
that it's just a dream,

it strengthens their ability
to withstand the assault.

However did such a bunch
of social misfits

gain so much power?

About five years ago,
a scientist named Cardoza

began experimenting with
lucid dreaming techniques.

He used psychotropic drugs
and co-hypnosis

to invade other
people's consciousness.

When the authorities
at the university,

including my husband,

found out what he was doing,
they tried to stop him.

Cardoza was fired
from the university.

But several of his students
left with him.

They became
the Dream Masters.

Why doesn't somebody
just eliminate them?

Well, they have a vow
to avenge any death.

If you challenge them,
you're severely punished.

My husband
barely survived.

Now, no one has the courage
to go against them.

Do you mind if we look at
your husband's papers?

There may be something there
that we can use.

No, not at all.

That's what he was
working on.

They're coming to get me!

[knocking on door]

[knocking continues]

Remmy. Wake up.

[knocking continues]

Rembrandt! Rembrandt!




Wade! Oh, no, no, no!

Where'd that blood
come from?

Wake up! Mr. Brown, wake up!

Please, help her!
You've got to help her!

What are you gonna do?

Adrenaline shock therapy.



All right.
Let's get her to the clinic.


How could you let her down
like that, Mr. Brown?

I've got a stage two invasion.

I administered
adrenaline shock therapy
about 20 minutes ago.

B.P. is falling,
we need a transfusion.

Use mine. I'm O-negative.

Start with him,
then get a type and
cross check on these guys.

Stay with us.

We need a crash cart in here.
Intubate her.

Let's get a drip going.

How is my prize pupil doing?

I'm REM-ing very well.

Thank you, Master Cardoza.

I've engaged
a very nice young girl.

She's a real screamer.

May I join the dream?

I'd be honored, sir.

Help me, please!

[Wade sobbing]

Help me.

[voice laughing]

[voice screaming]

Olivia, I think
I've found something.

Your husband was suggesting
treating the experience

within the dream state itself
by using the psychotropics

present in the pentagrams
on the Dream Masters' hands.

How are we
supposed to get it?

Cut their hands off?

It's a thought.

[voices screaming]

[voice laughing]

[voice whispering]


She's in arrest!

What can I do?

Set the dial to 100.

Time of death: 8:42,
Pacific Coast time.

You didn't tell me
she was in a shelter.

I didn't think
it mattered, sir.

It does.

Dr. Lujan won't
give up so easily.

She's just like her husband.


[monitors beeping]

I got a heart beat.

Thank God.

Wake her up.

No. It's too soon
for more adrenaline.

He's broken off contact.

Is she gonna be
all right?

I don't know.

Get away from her.

She wouldn't be in this mess
if you'd stayed awake.

Sorry. Look,
I don't know what happened.

[beeping continues]

Please, Master Cardoza.
I'm--I'm sorry.

You invite me into your dream

and not complete it
is bad form, Gerald.

Perhaps you're not the man
I thought you were.

But I am, sir.

I am. Just tell me what it is
you want me to do.

I chose the pentagram
as our symbol

because it instills
terror in all who see it.

The reason, Gerald,

that we have power
over people

is because they fear us.

We enjoy a position in life
that was once denied us

because we weren't hip,
we weren't popular.

But if one survives
an engagement

and is not killed,
or turned into a vegetable,

then all of us,

and what we are now,
are threatened.

Do you understand it?

Yes, sir.

Then what are you gonna do
to make this right?

Get rid of all of them, sir?

Perhaps there's
hope for you yet.

Thank you, sir.

Why was I showing off?
What--what am I, stupid?

Bad timing.
It happens.

Yeah. But why
in front of him, huh?

He's giving you
a second chance.

I don't know
if I can take it.

My head is...
My head is pounding!

I mean,
I have such a headache.

We'll help you.

We will?

Look, Gerald,

you're his favorite
at the university.

You're next in line
for the throne.

This is a chance
to prove yourself.

Don't screw up.

Girls like her

never used to pay
any attention to me.

Yeah, but they do now.

She's gonna be sorry
that she wasn't nice to me.

Very sorry.
Remember us

when you're
the Master of Dreams.




All right,

let's gather
the other members.

Let's finish her. Hmm?

It's gonna be
our pleasure, sir.

And, uh, gentlemen,

let's do something
with razors.

[monitor beeping]

We may have saved
her for the moment,

but they will be back.


Will she need more blood?

No. Not for now.

Besides, you've given
all that you can.

Let's just, uh,
see how she does.

If we follow your
husband's advice,

we'll have to face them
in the dream state
to save Wade.

How long will it take
for you to fix what we need?

I've got
most of the chemicals here

but we need scrapings
from one of their hands.

Where can we find some geeks
at this time of night?

That club,
a couple of blocks away.

All right, let's go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa.

you're not goin' anywhere.

I'm fine.
I'm fine.


You're down
a couple of pints.

You need to rest.

All right, my boy.

You're gonna have to
do this by yourself.

You go.
We'll get the lab ready
for your return.

Look, just don't let
any of 'em touch you.

I'll be back
as fast as I can, Professor.

Your friend Rembrandt
couldn't have
donated blood, anyway.


His system's too
full of Orphenene.

What's Orphenene?

It's a sedative
that the Dream Masters
like to use.

[door creaking]


[body thudding]

Mr. Brown.

If Wade doesn't
make it, I mean,

if she ends up
like one of these guys,

I've decided to stay here
and take care of her.

I am so sorry.

Oh, Mr. Brown.


We all do things
that we regret.

You know, but this one
tops my list.

Well, falling asleep on duty
is a heinous crime.


Wouldn't have happened
with you, though, would it?

No, it wouldn't.

You never screw up, do you?

Even when you're wrong,
you've got to be right.

That's not true.

So if you wanna blow hard
with your big words,

tell me how it's my fault
that Wade might die?

Go ahead, man.
I don't mind.

Because it'll be
the last time

that I'll ever have to listen
to one of your lectures.

The reason why

I would not have fallen asleep
on duty is quite simple.

I do not take coffee
late at night.

You were drugged!

I was?


And if I do occasionally
sound like the professor I am,

it is because
I enjoy teaching.

I like seeing
the light going on

in people's eyes

the way it has
just gone on in yours.

Mr. Brown,

I owe you an elephant...

Uh, an apology.


Yeah, all right,
go ahead.

I'm sorry.

I was hoping for
something a little more like,

"I'm sorry that I thought
the worst of you.

I should have more
faith in my friends."

I am sorry that I thought
the worst of you.

I should have more faith
in my friends.

"And I know
that you love Wade
as much as any of us

"and would probably
give your life to save hers

if you could."


"And then
there are times--"

Don't push your luck,
Mr. Brown.

[both laughing]

They're after her again!

The Dream Masters?

Yes. She's fully engaged,
level three.

What about Q-Ball?

I don't know,
but he better get here soon.

Shaman often carry
a powerful object

with them
into the dream.

It, uh, reminds them that
they are in an altered state

and that they have
some control over the outcome.

I'd rather have
a .45 with me.

What is it you most fear,
Mr. Brown?

Why are you asking me that?

Because that is what you
can expect to encounter there.

Wade told me once
that she'd been mugged

and threatened
with a knife.

That's why she has
a particular fear

of being cut
and bleeding.

Thank God
you're here.

I got it.

We've got to hurry.

They're ganging up on her.



Why do you have
to strap us in?

To keep you from
hurting yourself.

You'll have
a heightened sense
of awareness.

Everything will seem
very real.

If you believe something
can hurt you, it will.

You sure you're up
for this, Professor?

Absolutely, my boy.

You'll be linked to
Wade and her dreams

through these electrodes.

You will share
her experience.

Now, together, you may be able
to change the outcome.

At least, that's what
my husband believed.

Now although
I've given each of you

a hypnotic suggestion,

you must remind each other
that nothing is real.

Your lives depend on that.

Now, I'll be
monitoring all of you.

It's gonna be my call
to bring you out.


Put us under.

No, no, no.

Wade! Wade!

[voice chattering]





We're all here, Wade.

Where's here?

It doesn't look like
anyplace I've ever seen.

My God, it's a...

It's just a dream.
It's not real.

Ready! Aim!

It's not real.
It's a dream!



It's not real.
It's a dream.

It's a dream!
It's not real!

It's not real!

[monitor beeping]

Wade! Rembrandt! Professor!

Dr. Lujan,
tell me what to do.

Where are you?


What the hell
is this?


Did I ever tell you
that I am really

afraid of snakes?

Yeah. I--I'm not too fond
of them myself.


[voice cackling]

It's just a dream.

It's a damn
convincing one.

[voice shrieking]

What are you
gonna do?

I'm gonna let one
of them strike me.

It's the only way
to prove

that they
can't hurt us, okay?


It's just a dream.


It's only a dream.
Only a dream.

[lightning surging]


[voice laughing]


Damn it!

[monitor flattening]


Am I dreaming?


Then send me back.

No, it's too risky.

I saw your husband.

I know how to save Wade!

Together we're stronger.
Send me back!

If I send you back,
I won't be able

to pull you back out,
you understand that?

Yes, just do it! Hurry!

[Quinn panting]

[monitor beeping]

[lightning surging]

We're here for you.

All of us with you.


Remember, guys.
It's only a dream.

cover each other's backs.

I still wish I had a .45.


Don't move.
It's just a dream.

Rather like being
inside a Cuisinart, isn't it?

Come on, man. Let's go!

It's barbecue time.

You can throw,
but can you catch?

[Gerald screaming]

[screaming continues]

Wade, how're you feeling?

A little sleepy.

Am I dreamin'?

Not anymore.

Welcome back.

[Wade exhales]

How long
until we slide?

Twelve hours.


I may have time to
tell you before we...


Oh, my God.

I believe we've seen
an end to this tyranny.

Well, I guess it's time
to do some celebrating, huh?

Count me out.


Guess I'll lay down, too,
for a while.

[Professor yawns]

I must confess,

I'm suddenly
feeling very sleepy.


Good night,
Mr. Brown.

Good night,
Mr. Mallory.


Sweet dreams.

Thank you.


♪ ♪