Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 22 - Slither - full transcript

Quinn and Rembrandt get snared in a rare South American snake deal and wind up getting Maggie and Wade trapped during a rescue attempt.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You can't pull this now.

And you can't take the boxes
out of the country
until I look inside.

But if you open
the containers,

the oxygen is gonna
damage the bones.

That is not my problem.

Look, I did not spend
five months in this hellhole

digging up reptilian bones,
just so that you
could ruin them.

The law is the law.


Then let's change the law.

We'll call it
the "thank you" law.

When someone like you
looks the other way

and a nice person like me
says "thank you" with money.

What do you think?

I think you should leave
before I change my mind.

Don't worry.
The law applies to you, too.

Yes, lady, it's cute,
but I don't need
a dead cockroach

a little tennis racket.

Thank you.

I've had enough
Third World charm

to last another
hundred slides.

So, when do we board?

We don't. We got bumped.

Wait a minute, we had
confirmed reservations.

Yeah, so did
the other 60 people

who bought tickets
for a 20-seat plane.

This vacation has sucked.

We should've
stayed in San Francisco
with Wade and Maggie.

Maybe you should have.
I needed the break.

So when is
the next flight?

Well, a week from Wednesday.

Oh, just a week
after we slide.

Yes, Rembrandt,
I realize the problem.

Believe it or not,
I haven't found
an answer yet.

Well, what are you
barkin' at me for?

Just that this vacation
isn't even over yet,

and already I'm dealing
with some crisis.

Excuse me,

do you know
of any charter flights
that are leaving today?

Yeah, just one.
It's leaving now.

Excuse me.


We need to get up
to San Francisco.
Could we catch a ride?

I'm sorry,
but I can't help you.

Uh, we'd be willing to pay you
whatever you felt
was a fair price.

Look, my employer
chartered this plane

and I don't think
he'd be too happy

if I started pickin' up

no matter how handsome
they are.

Wait, I need
the other box.

No, come back!

Grab the other end, Remmy!

What are you doing?

Earning our ride!

Come on!

Come on, grab my hand.

I'm trying.

Hurry up. Let's go!

They're coming, Remmy!

Come on, close the door!

Well, that was
a warm send-off.


You're welcome.

I think.

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year,
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't find
your way home?


This one is secure.

The other one is safe
up front by the pilot.

So, what exactly do you do?

I work freelance.

Right now,
it's for a biotech firm
called Selvatech.

Never heard of it.
But we travel a lot.

We never get a chance
to read the business section.

So what do they want
with a bunch of snakes?

Not a bunch. Just two.

A mated pair of triadders.

They're kind of like pythons,
only more rare.

If I had my way,

there won't be
any rare snakes.

They'd all be extinct.

Actually, these snakes
are very valuable.

Researchers think

their venom
might be useful in fighting
Parkinson's disease.

How many people does it take
to catch these snakes?

I caught them myself.

What, do you think

a woman is too fragile
for this kind of work?

No, not at all.
I'm just impressed.

So, what do you guys do?

Uh, we, uh...

Remmy, what do we do?

We get hungry.

Oh, um, there's some
crackers and cheese

in that box over there.

Your boss won't mind
a couple of hitchhikers
eating his food?

Maybe I just won't tell him.

What the hell is goin' on?

We're going down!

We've got a snake
loose up here!

I can't pull up!
It's gonna crash!

We've got problems.

Aren't we technically
still on vacation?

Quinn and Rembrandt
got bumped from their flight.

I called the airport
in Zamara.

They guy said
they got on some kind
of a charter flight.

So what's the problem?

There are two.

First, there was
some kind of shootout

before they got on.

Was anyone hurt?

The guy didn't know.

Second problem,

the charter flight
is not coming here

it's going to some place
called Delgado.

We'll catch a flight
and meet them there.

Problem solved.

Yeah, except
you can't get there
from here.

Delgado is where L.A.
would be,

except on this world,
it's drug country.

So we'll take a clue
from the guys.

We'll--we'll see
if there is a charter,
and we'll hire it.

Excuse me.

The guy at the front office
said you run
a charter service.

Well, hello there.

Yeah, the guy
at the front office was right.

Where do you two
pretty little ladies
want to go?

An airstrip
called Delgado.
Heard of it?

Oh, yeah,

and the answer is no.

it's really important
that we get there.

Hey, look,
I'm doin' you ladies a favor.

That's dangerous country
out there.

I would hate to see

you two pretty little ladies
get your throats slit.

Look, if you
don't want to take us there

just rent us
"pretty little ladies"
the plane.

And what are you gonna do,
drive it to Delgado?

Yeah, I guess
we could do that.

Or I could fly it.

Where did a babe like you
learn how to fly?


Where I used to strafe
guys like you.

Funny and sexy.

You know, you two ladies
just might change my mind yet.

$300 for the airplane.


$300. That's all we've got.


Did I mention to you
that fuel was extra?

All right, look,
enough of the games.

We paid,
now give us the keys.

that's just the way it is.

The fuel costs extra.

But I am a reasonable man.

If you don't have the cash

I'm sure we can find
some other way for you to pay.


I'm sure we could.

Unfortunately, I don't think
you'll be able to collect
for quite some time.

Thanks for flying with us.


We're about to find out.

Mayday, mayday.
Can anyone read me?

Mayday, plane down.
Can anyone read me?

Go ahead, mayday.
Delgado Field reads you.

My name is Mallory.

We've crashed somewhere
northwest of Zamara.

Our pilot is dead,
but there are
three survivors

and we need help--

Damn it.

Damn it!

Just once, I would love
for something to go right.


Hey, hey, hey,
hey, relax.

The snakes.

You still have one.
The other got away.

We got to find it.

Like hell we do.

That thing is a killer.

What are you talking about?

Somehow it got out
and wrapped itself
around the pilot's neck.

That's why we crashed.

It's too important to lose.

Let me tell you
something, girl.

We have to get back
to San Francisco
day after tomorrow.

We're getting
ourselves out of here now,
and without snakes.

Quinn, please.

I spent five months
finding them.

They're vital
to the research.

It's your call.

Yeah, it's always my call.

Fine. We take the snake
in the container.

Where's the nearest town?

There's a speck on the map
about 10 miles west.

A place called Santa Marta.

Better hope
that speck has a phone.

Are you good to travel?


All right,
let's do it.


Anybody here?

Yeah. Hey,

Hi, the owner's out back.

I saw you land.

This is kind of
an out-of-the-way spot
for tourists.

We're looking
for friends of ours.

They're on a charter flight
that's supposed to land here.

From Zamara?

You know the flight?

Yeah, yeah, a friend of mine
is on it, too.

Do you know when
it's supposed to land?

Now, listen, ladies.
I got some bad news for you.

That plane went down
somewhere east of here.

Yeah, the owner
got a distress call
on the radio.

Somebody named Mallory.

That's our friend.


He said the pilot died,
but there are
two other survivors.

So, I guess that means
your other friend, and mine.

We'll fuel up here,
then we'll fly over
and we'll see--

Oh, no, no, no.
No, you're not flyin'

The cartels shoot down
any unfamiliar aircraft.

So what do you suggest?

Well, I suggest
you ride with me.

I just rented
a truck full of supplies.

Come on, look,
I know this country,

and it's--it's no place to be
driving around alone in.

And I could use,

use the extra eyes.

Oh, Carlos,
what are you doing here?

Well, I guess
the same thing you are.

Lookin' for Kyra?

Uh, ladies, would you mind,
uh, going and checkin'
if the truck is ready?


What do you think?

Rebel boyfriend
meets rich sugar daddy?

I hope not.

I think Carlos
is really attractive.

Yeah, well,
we're sliding tomorrow.

A girl can dream, can't she?

So, you and Kyra
were thinkin' of
cutting me out of the deal?

Don't talk crazy, Carlos.

Why else would you be out here
in the middle of no where?

Carlos, listen.
You've always been
a bit of a hothead, okay?

Don't let your temper
get in the way here.
We still have a deal.

Do we? You know,

I could have fenced
those snakes
in a dozen places.

But I thought
we were friends.

But we are friends.

Look, amigo,
I'll make it up to you.

I will kick in
an extra $10,000, okay?

My pride is worth
more than the money.

Carlos, no! No!

I need to get some water.

Now, there's plenty
in the back of the truck.
Let's go.

How much further?

If that map was right,
it shouldn't be more
than a couple of miles.

Somethin' wrong?

Those are tobacco plants.

Yeah, so what?

"So what"?

The tobacco cartels
have goon squads
patrolling these places.

Last month,
a dozen TEA men were killed
in a raid on one of them.

How do you like that?
Tobacco is illegal
on this world.

Yeah, if we
get out of here,

I'll write their government
a congratulatory letter.

Let's go, huh?


Guess they don't like
unexpected company
dropping in.

We got to get
out of here quick.
And without this thing.

No, I'm not leaving it!
It's extremely rare.

I may never find another one.

We're not taking it.

Quinn, please.

Once again, it's up to me.
Fine, we take the snake.

Go, go, move!

What was that?

The snake.

I thought snakes just hissed.

She's upset.

She's not the only one.

We're not TEA!

I don't think they care,
in either language.

All right,
we are sitting ducks here.
We better split up.

Get off of me!

Are you okay?

Yes. Rembrandt!

Over here.

That's my snake.

What's it doing here?

I don't know.

No! It's
an endangered species.

Yeah, so are we, lady.
that thing
just killed two men.

Lucky for you,
he already killed
that one.

Yeah, but just don't ask us
to catch it.

No, it's--it's too aggressive.
It wouldn't be safe.

Oh, I'm disappointed.

Let's go huh?

Damn, the truck
is overheating

and so am I.

Got any aspirin?

Uh, yeah, yeah,
bring me my pack.

Hey, hey,
I didn't say to open it.
Come on.



Want some? It feels great.

The pleasure of watching you
is all the refreshment I need.

What are you doing?

Saving your friend's life.

You okay?


Yeah. Let's get movin'.

It's not too safe to stay
in one place too long.

We better watch this guy.
I don't trust him.

Wade, he just saved my life.

Maybe, but my gut says
there's something
goin' on with him.

Maybe he's just
not your type.

Do you ever notice
how you always insist
on being right?

I don't insist. I just am.

Yeah, well,
just in case you're wrong,

you might want to listen
to someone else's opinion
once in a while.

I listen to your opinion.
I listen to it all the time.

I just don't think you know
what you're talking about.

You know ,
I've been thinking, Q-Ball.

Maybe that male snake
is following its mate.

No, that's impossible.

Yeah, you'd be surprised

how many impossible things
we've seen since leaving home.

So, who's waiting for you
in San Francisco?

You have
a significant other?


You know, when we
get out of this mess

I've got a great little place
by the beach
I'd like you to see.

Sounds great.

Not the friendliest
of neighborhoods, is it?

When you live
in the middle
of tobacco country,

you learn
not to trust anyone.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
you okay?

Yeah. That screamin'
is just giving me
the creeps.

What do you have inside?

It's just a snake.

Not just a snake.

That was the cry
of a triadder.

Release it before it brings
the Angel of Death.

This some
religious superstition?

None I've ever heard of.

Must be local folklore.

We're not lookin' for trouble.
We just need to call for help.

To help the Devil
is to condemn yourself.

It's a safe bet
they're not gonna show us
to a phone.

Now what?

How far is the next town?

How far?

Well, it's a start. Let's go.

So, what kind of
business are you in?


What do you import
and export?

Well, plants, animals.

Mostly exotic creatures.

Yeah, I find I am drawn
to exotic creatures.

Carlos, you are so obvious.

It's just a good thing
you're so cute.

Oh, no, no, no.
Latin men are not cute, okay?

We are passionate,

and intense.

And wonderful lovers.

We should get some sleep.

It's gonna be dawn
in a few hours.

We can pick up
their trail again.

Yep, she's right.

I'll go sleep in the truck.

Good night.
- Night.

Look, I'm sorry
to rain on your parade,

but considering
the circumstances

I just think
we should keep our mind
on our mission.

Don't lecture me, Wade.
My attention
is on the mission.

But I'm not a nun,
and I don't need
to be mothered.

This isn't mothering,
it's a warning.

Personally, I don't care
if you sleep with
Jack the Ripper.

But this isn't a world
I want to be stranded on

and I don't want anything
screwing up us
finding the guys. okay?

Okay, but just because
I enjoy a man's company

doesn't mean
I plan on marrying him.

You know,
it would do you some good

to have a little fling
on one of these worlds.

What's that supposed to mean?

I mean you seem
a little edgy.

The only thing
that makes me edgy is you.

I'm real sorry, too, pal.

I'm real sorry.

Better luck next time.

You know, I really hated
to have to kill him,

but he did put up
one hell of a fight.

Hey, how come everything
just got quiet?

I don't know.

That's the cry of the male.

I don't believe this.
It's followed us
all this way?

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
hold on one second.

Hey, what's going on
inside this box?

Man, this is too weird.
What are all these
snakes doing here?

Maybe we should leave it.

Okay, let's just
put down the female.
Maybe they'll back off.

That's ridiculous.
They're snakes.

They don't have the ability
to communicate
with each other.

Get it off!

All right, come on.
There's a house
just up ahead.

I've just about had it
with little Miss Snake Witch,

It could belong
to some tobacco lord.

Doesn't look like
anybody is home.

These snakes are everywhere.

I'm telling you,
they're following us.

My God.

Let's get inside.


This has turned into
the vacation from hell.

From the looks
of these fuses,

nobody's been here
for quite a while.

Okay, try that, Q-Ball.


All right, hold on a second.

All right, one more time.

That's it!

All right.

I got snakes, man!

Are you okay?

Yeah. What happened?

I'll tell you
what happened.

The lights went out,
you got snakes
comin' out of the fuse box.

It's as if they wanted
the lights to stay off.

It's like they've
some kind of intelligence.

Yeah, and a plan of attack.

Look, It's not unusual
for snakes to live
in warm places like this wall.

I know this snake of hers
is supposed to cure cancer
or whatever.

I just don't think
it's worth our dyin' over.

Well, I'm not letting it go.

Lady, where I come from,
snakes crawling out
of the freaking wall

are considered
immediate danger.

That snake holds the key
to saving millions of lives.

Look, I think if we all
put our heads together,

we can find a way
to get out of this.

Is she crazy, or am I?

Well, considering what's
at stake here Rembrandt

I think we should at least
spend some time
trying to figure out a way

to get out of here
with the snake.

You know, I'm getting
the distinct feelin'

it's not your head
that's doing your
thinkin' right now.

I'm doing
the best I can, Remmy!

Let him go.

It's okay.

We should be
able to get supplies
at this bodega.

I'll wait in the truck.

What are you doing here?

We're just, um,
we're traveling.

We're looking
for two people.

Two guys,
m-maybe traveling
with a woman.

They travel with the Devil.
And so do you.

You mean Carlos?

Take him away with you.

What do you know
about him?

We don't want him here.

Okay. Look,
is--is there a phone
around here I can use?

Behind the bodega.

After all I've done for you?

How could you
be so ungrateful?


Man, when I'm wrong
about a guy, I'm really wrong.

They're not gonna
let us leave him here.
They think he's the Devil.

I can't believe
I was so off
on this guy.

You think sliding
affects your judgment of men?

I think it affected yours.

Let's tie him up and
get him in the truck.

No, let's leave him here.
He'll get what he deserves.

They'll kill him.


So that's not my style.

All right.


Maybe if we could find
some poles and rope
in the house

we could lure the male out
by provoking the female.

You still think they
don't have intelligence?

They've gotten in
the water supply.

Quinn, the pipes have
broken under the house and
they crawled up inside, okay.

Don't let
your friend's paranoia
get to you, okay?

We've got to
stick together through this.


I hate snakes.

Then he died in our arms.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, me, too.

I felt like I could
always turn to him for help.

Now, with the Professor gone,
it's all on me,
and I am flyin' blind.

They're not leaving, Q-Ball.

We're running out
of time and ammo.

We've got to
release this snake

so the rest of them
will leave.


Look, we have tried it
your way.

Quinn, please.

Help me out of this,
and I swear I will
make it up to you.

You can't
make it up to us.

We are leaving
this world.

And we have two friends
that we have to take with us.

All right, all right, Remmy.
Why don't we do this?

We slide out of here
with Kyra and the snake

then come back and
get Maggie and Wade.

The timer has
that ability now.

I can't believe
you just said that.

You know we can't control
how long we'll be gone

or how long we'll be here
once we get back.

If we do slide,
it's a damn good possibility

we may not find
Wade and Maggie.

Look, we're going now.


Are you crazy?
Give that to me.

Stop it.

What are you, nuts?

Something is seriously wrong
with you, boy.

Okay, fine, fine.

You're so hot
to stay with her,
you go ahead.

But leave me the timer.

You can't leave.
They'll kill you.

I don't think so.
I don't have what they want.

All right, here's what we do.

We wait a few more hours.

The temperature will drop.
The snakes will
become lethargic.

Then we can sneak right past.

We wouldn't
have to waste five hours,
which we don't have

if we just released
that damn thing.

Look, let him go.
You can stay with me.

The money
I'll get from this snake
will make me set for life.

And we can spend
the rest of our life
on the beach.

And you wouldn't
have to slide anymore.

No more responsibilities
or worries.

Please, stay with me.

She's selling you
a bill of goods, Q-Ball.

Maybe I'm in the mood to buy.

Maybe I'm tired
of all this responsibility.

This is gonna sound selfish,

but I'm sick and tired
of worrying about everybody
all the time.

Remember what it was like
to be my age?

The freedom?

The total lack
of responsibility?

I'm very afraid
I'm never gonna see that.

I understand where
you're coming from.

Just don't expect
my blessing.


I'm not making
any more decisions.
You want to leave, go.

That's incredible.

There's hundreds of them.


that's Quinn's shirt.

They could be inside.

Let's go.

They're everywhere, Wade.

Snakes hate fire.

Let's get some flares
to keep 'em back.

You think it'll work?

We'll make it work.

Ladies first.

Come on, come on.

Drop it now!
Or I'll blow
your brains out.

How did you guys
find us?

Shut up.

Hey, man, nobody talks
till I say. All right?

Hi, honey. I'm home.

Carlos, thank God.


How soon
do you want to die?

I'm sorry, baby.
Did that hurt?

Not as much as
when I realized
you double-crossed me.

No, that's not true.

What do you know
about the truth?

First, she tells
me she needs $10,000

to find these things
for medical research.

Then I find out
she's gonna sell them
on the black market

as an aphrodisiac
and leave me out in the cold.

I would never do that.

Oh, no?

Explain that.

I don't understand.

Well, look for
the surprise inside.

There's no reason for Don
to come to Delgado

unless you two
were cutting me
out of the deal.

That's what I do to hands
that steal from my pocket.

Hands like yours.
Like all of yours.


we don't know anything
about what's goin' on.

Don't lie to me.

He's not lying.

All we did was
hitch a ride on a plane,
that's all.

It's true, Carlos.

Whatever is going
on with you and her,

it doesn't involve
my friends.

Maybe they weren't before

but maybe
they started thinkin'

about how much they'd make
selling the snakes themselves.


Nothing like
a little fast money
to turn a good man around.

Some men. Not all.

You're wasting my time.


tell him the truth.
We were just trying to help.

I'm sorry, Carlos.
I made a mistake.

I should have
never listened to them.

It was their idea
to double-cross you.


I'll make it up to you,
I promise.

You know I love you.

I know you're a liar

but I can deal with that.

As for you, my friends,

maybe you were
just in the wrong place
at the wrong time.

But that's your bad luck.

Maggie, Wade,
hide in the kitchen.

Remmy, get the keys.
We got to free the female.

There are snakes
all over the place.

Oh, man.

Hey, Q-Ball.

No, Quinn, no!

You are not
going to stop me.

Get out. Get out!

No, no, no, don't.
It's too late.

They're leavin', man.
Look at this.

All of them.

Thanks, Wade.

For what?

For not rubbing it in.

I guess I'm just not used to
taking advice from people.

Well, take some now.

We're all working
for the same goal.

If one of us
has an opinion,
at least listen to it.

It might save your life
one day.

Oh, like I said,
thanks for not rubbin' it in.


I know this probably
sounds hollow.

But I am sorry.

Very hollow.

In spite of everything

I still think
we could have had
something special.

We never could have
had anything special.

'Cause eventually,
you'd have shed your skin

and I'd have seen you
for who you really are.

I don't know, Q-Ball.

I would have turned her
in to the authorities.

I guess I'm not
as forgivin' as you are.

Yes, you are.

'Cause you're still my friend,
even after I considered
leaving you.

Yeah, I figured it
was like in the Bible.

The apple was there,
the snake was persuasive.

Only this time,
the man didn't bite.

All right.


Looks like
we finally found something
we have in common.

What's that?

When it comes
to the opposite sex,
we can't trust our instincts.

♪ ♪