Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 2 - Double Cross - full transcript

The sliders arrive on a world that has dwindling natural resources. While there, Rembrandt gets sidetracked by his number one fan. Meanwhile, Quinn and the others meet a group of scientists trying to perfect a sliding device of their own. While they may have the technology to get the sliders home, all is not what it seems.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Ah! Got you.

Look out.


Man, I scuffed
my new boots.

Where the devil
are we this time?


What's that noise?

Are those lights moving?

We're in a subway tunnel!

That's a train!

Go! Move!

Move it!


We're going to make it!

Hey, guys!


Got to pull.

Please, man.

Wade, the laces!

They're knotted!

Come on. Untie them!

Stop! Get out!

Attention, please.

This is the daily 10:00
power blackout for Sector 47.

Service will resume
in 30 minutes.

Thank you.

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds,

where it's the same year,
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't find
your way home?

Wow. Look at that.
Gas is $410 a gallon.

At least they
pump it for you.

Bit steep for full service.

But I don't see cars.

Maybe they banned 'em
from downtown.

I don't care what they banned
as long as it isn't food, huh?

Hey, my man.

How much for a hot dog
with chili and cheese?

What are you, a comedian?

What'll it be,
green or yellow?

What is that?

What planet are you from?

Uh, sir, do you know
where we could get a hot dog?

In the dictionary.

You know, it seems
like every world we go to,

we have
trouble with the food.

Do you know what would happen
if I ate that stuff?

I have a very
sensitive digestive tract.

Look, the plate on that Rolls
says "Crying Man."

Rembrandt Brown.


I can't believe it.
The Crying Man in person.

said you were
in Europe on tour.

Listen, I've got
a little proposition
for you.

Interested in hearing it?

Well, uh, yeah.

Well, either it's
a slow news day

or nobody reads
on this world.

This is the entire paper.

"Congress puts horses on
the endangered species list."

You know,
you're even more
gorgeous in the flesh.

That's, uh,
awfully nice of you.

Could you wait right here
just for a moment?

Hey, guys, this woman is
a huge fan of my double

and the woman is loaded.

Now dig this.
She wants to fly me
to L.A. in her private jet

and buy me lunch at
a 5-star restaurant.

And of course you said no.


How long till we slide?

32 hours.

Well, I say go for it.
Carpe diem,
Mr. Brown.

All right.

Just be back at the dominion
before the slide.

How very male of you.

You know, that paper also said

this world is running low
on natural resources.

I wonder why?

Where the devil
is San Angeles?


San Francisco is
just a neighborhood
on this world.

The city of San Angeles
spreads from here to L.A.

No wonder they're
running out of stuff.

Good heavens, a union of
Los Angeles and San Francisco?

It goes against
the laws of nature.

What about this one?

Yeah, yeah, they were just
here asking for a hot dog.

That's them getting
on that tram over there.

Guys, guys,
let's go. Let's go!

What the devil's going on?

Come on, this way.

Duck, professor!

This is a dead end.

Welcome to San Angeles.

My God. Max?

Sorry about the guns.

Sometimes, my guards
get a little overzealous.

Yeah, you should talk
to them about that.

Logan, how exactly did
you track our wormhole?

It's not the wormhole
I track,

but the objects
traveling through it.

I developed
an 8-dimensional
echoing process

that resonates
whenever a photon trail

is created
between dimensions.

Photons. Of course.

Of course.

This is incredible.

To actually meet people
from another dimension.

Miss Saint Clair.

How is it
that you know my name?

Was my double associated
with this project?

Actually, he was.

I didn't know him that well.
He was kind of a loner.

He died 2 nights ago.

See, we haven't perfected
sliding yet,

and apparently
he couldn't wait.

He attempted a slide

He did?

How odd.

I guess.

that's really all I know.

The company is
keeping a tight lid on it.

This way.

So do you run
into your doubles
on every world you go to?

Not always.

Yeah. And some of the ones we
have met, we wish we hadn't.

I can't believe
you've been sliding

from world to world
for the past 2 years.

Yes, well, we, uh,
didn't really intend it
to be that way.

I opened the vortex early

on another dimension
before the timer reached zero.

The early access
corrupted the program

and erased
our home coordinates.

Logan Saint Clair.

It's a bio-thermal
security scanner.

It reads a person's
unique body heat pattern.

Come on.

Quinn Mallory.

A far cry from your
basement lab, Mr. Mallory.

Prototronics is committed
to perfecting sliding.

The one to the right
is the trail
of your wormhole.

What's the blue one?

It's a wormhole
from one of my probes.

It's re-entering
our dimension now.

This is unusual.

Most of the time these things
land hundreds of miles away.

And everything that goes in
comes back burned to a crisp.

Including my double?

You know, Logan, the burning
could be a function

of incorrect
re-entry portal coordinates.

And the random return
could be

a problem with the gyroscope
in the spectrum stabilizer.

What about our problem?

Can this stuff get us home?

Quinn, if you'll help me
fix this equipment

so my probes don't burn up
on re-entry,

I'll let you use the lab
to try to get yourself home.

You got a deal.

You know, Monique,

I'm kind of at a disadvantage
'cause I don't know
anything about you.

There's not much to know.

My father made
a fortune inventing
the paperless toilet.

Paperless toilet?

Well, how exactly
would you use a...

Never mind.


Would it be too forward
if I invited you

back to my place
for a dip in my hot tub?

That sounds like a plan.

All right,
I ordered for us.

I got them to make
your favorite dish.

How do you know what
my favorite dish is?

I'm your number one fan.

I know everything about you.

And this place makes
the best frog sweetbreads
in San Angeles.

Go ahead.

Would you excuse me?
I'll be right back.

Hey, Crying Man.
Elston Diggs.

I'm a big fan of yours!

Hey, can you do me a favor?
Sign that for me.

Yo, thanks, man.
This is going to be

worth a whole lot
of green when you're dead.

Men's room?

Oh, use the one
with paper.

It--it's $5,
but there's no line.

Say, Monique, you sure
live dangerous, girl.

What are you doing
hangin' out
with the Cryin' Man?

I'm doing more than
hanging with him, Diggs.

We're engaged.

You wanted to see me,

Security found something
on the scanner I thought
you should see.

Your heat imprint is
on the left.

Mallory's is on the right.

Oh, my God.

He is me.

Do you think we'll get him
to solve our problems

before he leaves?

I don't know.
He slides tomorrow.

Maybe he won't.

You're his twin, Logan.

I'm sure you can think
of some way to keep him here.


do you know
we're being watched?

We have been
ever since we got here.


Don't you think
a place like this
would have tight security?

There is something odd
going on here, Quinn.

I don't believe for a moment
that my double would slide

without first testing it
with a probe.

Gosh, haven't we
learned by now

that our doubles can have
different personalities?

All right, look,

Logan's giving us
a real shot to get home.

Let's not blow it
because of a little paranoia.

All I'm saying is
we should exercise caution

before sharing our information
with people we scarcely know.

Quinn, how's it going?

Oh, good, good.

I, uh, I'm running
a dual program

with the formulas
I've entered.

Your data's on the left,
ours is on the right.

When the computer finds
our individual re-entry portal
time-space coordinates,

it'll automatically
lock 'em into place.

How long will it take?

Could be minutes,
could be weeks.

What about the random return
of my probes?

You using a laser gyro
in your spectrum stabilizer?

No, a whispering gallery.


You should take a look
at what I've built.


I love the simplicity
of your design.

Um, we're all
a little tired.

Why don't we take
a break and come back
when we're clearer headed?

Why don't you and Wade
go back to the dominion?

I'll meet you there later.

All right.
Let's get back to work.

Sounds good.

Okay, so, uh,

basically, we're just waiting
for them to lock.

$85 for a 10-block cab ride?

What was all that about
an overweight surcharge?

Professor, listen to this:

"5-minute power blackouts
are scheduled every 3 hours.

Bathing is
limited to 2 minutes
whenever water is available."

"And it's requested
that guests shower together

to conserve resources."

I'll wait
until the next world.

How are you today,

Uh, very well.
Thank you.

I see you have a new friend.

I beg your pardon?

Well, between me and you,
she's cute.

But your other nooner's
more my style.

My other nooner?


Tell me,

uh, what was it
about my other nooner

that, uh,
that you found so attractive?

Well, I guess I just like 'em
tall, dark and brainy.

Uh, but if you
don't mind my saying,

I never thought
it was a good idea
that you two worked together.

I'll put it on
your bill, sir.

Have a good afternoon.

Miss Wells, it appears
my double was having an affair

at this very hotel
with Logan Saint Clair.

Are you serious?

No need to sound
so surprised.

I may not be your idea
of a shower fantasy,

but I do have
my admirers.

I'm sure you do,

but didn't Logan say
that she barely
knew your double?

Yes, she did.

Which raises the question:
What else has she
lied to us about?


I'm Mrs. Rembrandt Brown.

So nice of you
to come to our party.


You have anything I can put
over these wet swim trunks?

How about me?

Just kidding.

Ah, great.

King Kong been sleeping over?

Don't you look adorable?

Thank you.

I've got something
I've been saving
just for this moment.

It's in my bedroom.

Well, lead on, girl.

Tell you what.

You go to your room,
see what I've done with it.

I'll meet you there.


My room?

Oh, man.

Do you like it?

Where did you get
all of this stuff?

Like I said,
I'm your biggest fan.

I told you all about it
in my letters.


I sent you
over a hundred.

But I never got
an answer.

from your attorney.

But I'm not mad

How could I stay mad
at the man I'm going to marry?


Once we narrow your
spectrum stabilizer,

your probes will always return
within a fixed 2-mile radius.

The problem is you may have
to construct a laser gyro.

That could take a while.

What's that?

We're about to go back
online with full power.

We've got 30 minutes
until the next brownout.

I'll use this window
to execute a power test.

What kind of test?

Well, I've been trying
to amp the size of the vortex

so I can send larger payloads
through the wormhole.

It's too much! Dial back!

Dial down!

Dial down!



what were you thinking?

That vortex had enough power
to slide a convoy through It.

It did, didn't it?

Let's take a break, huh?
Get somethin' to eat.

Mrs. Arturo?


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Max.

My dear Mrs. Arturo,
I-I'm terribly sorry,

but I'm not your husband.

I know this is painful,
Mrs. Arturo,

but there's no one else
we can talk to.

Do you know why the company's
being so secretive
about his death?

They're worried
that the publicity
could jeopardize the project.

Only a few key people
know anything.

Look, I don't mean
to be presumptuous,

but didn't you
find it unusual

that your husband
should choose to slide

rather than
send a probe first?

Well, of course I did.

He would never, never risk
anything like that.

My husband had
his shortcomings

but he was not
an impetuous man.

I didn't want to say
anything in front of her,

but you don't have to be
a genius to figure out

the company's story
doesn't hold up.

There's foul play
afoot here, Miss Wells.

The challenge is going to be
how we prove it.

So where've you been,

Haven't seen you
in a couple of days.

Uh, traveling, just traveling.

Well, it looks like
Miss Saint Clair and her guest

signed out
a couple of hours ago.

Good heavens! I think
I left the key to my office

in my other jacket.

It's no problem.
I can let you in.

Good man.
Thank you so much.

Just remain here,
will you?

And I'll be back
in a minute.

So how are things at home?

Quinn, I'm starting
to think--

That I won't be able
to solve your problems
before I slide.

Don't worry.

We still have
all day tomorrow.

You know,

I've never seemed
to click with anyone

like I have with you.

It's like

we're in perfect sync.

Quinn, this--this thing
we have between us,

I'd like to see
where it could go.

Logan, uh...

The slide, I know.

What if you skipped it?

Take a chance.

See if what we're
feeling is real.

If it's not,

then we could work together
and get you home later.

But my friends...

This isn't about them.
It's about us.

Stay with me.

I don't want this
to end.

What's the matter?

Nothing. It's nothing.

I'm sorry.

Maybe we're movin' too fast.

Come on.

There's more of this city
I want to show you.

Thank you.


I won a Congressional Medal
for scientific excellence?

And every time I see it,
it comes as a surprise.


Somebody hacked in
and did a slash-and-burn
on the security system.

Do we have any other options?

I just found
a backup file they missed.

I won't let you
do this, Logan.

I'll go public
if I have to.

It's too late, Max!

She pushed your double
into the wormhole.

The security camera
caught the whole thing.

I see.

Can I have
a hard copy on that?

I'll download it
on a floppy.

Is everything okay, Professor?

Uh, just the little woman.

Can't do a thing without me.

where've you been?

I've been looking for Wade.
She disappeared last night.

What are you
talkin' about?

Look, my double did
not die in an accident.

We found hard evidence
he was murdered
by Logan Saint Clair.


No, no, no, no.
There must be some mistake.

The only mistake I made
was not trusting my instincts.

That woman is a killer,

And I fear that the people
who employ her

are holding Wade
a prisoner.

I can't believe
I let this happen.

Well, we'll thrash
that out another time.

Oh, Professor,
here's Wade now.

Where the devil
have you been?

In a very small office
at Prototronics.

It took me all night,

but I finally convinced
Logan's boss

I didn't know anything
and he let me go.

Did you tell him
about her?


Look, I still think you
should go to the lab today.

The computer might have found
our home coordinates.

Well, that's
far too dangerous.

We shall stay here
until Mr. Brown returns.

Who asked you?

Uh, I'm sorry.
I'm just really tired.

Look, I got to go
back there anyway.

I left the timer.

Don't worry.

I'll meet you back here
for the slide.

Well, come along,
Miss Wells.

We can sleep
on the next world. Taxi!


I've been very patient
with you.

You wanted to spend the night
alone, I respected that.

Now it's time
to open the door.


if you don't open
the door right now,

I will burn all your clothes.

I'm sorry.

I guess I'm just
an old-fashioned guy.

You know what?
I have to go.

I have to be
up north by 4:00.

Rembrandt, you're with me now.
I'll take care of you.

You don't ever have
to work again.

Uh, I appreciate that,

but this is an appointment
that I really can't miss.

All right. But first,
sing for me.

OK, that's--
that's fair.

Let's see, uh,

♪ I got tears in my 'fro
'cause I'm standing on my--

What's that?

Tears in my 'Fro.

That is the stupidest.
I hate it.

Sing your big hit.

I'd Pawn My Gold Crown
for You.


♪ I'd pawn my gold crown
for you

♪ If our love was true

Oh, yeah, baby,
that's it.

It is?




What are you doing
in my fiancee's bedroom?



Michael, don't hurt
the Crying Man!

You can't hurt
the Crying Man.

You know how
I feel about him.

Let go of me.

I'm going to teach
that guy a lesson!

Get back here,
so I can kick your sorry ass
into next week!

Oh, run. Run, Crying Man!

It was Logan, wasn't it?
She killed him.

I'm sorry.

Oh, God.

All because
of that damn disc.

That damn video disc.

What disc?

On the day that he died,

Max told me that
he'd found a video disc.

There was something
about the company's
plans for sliding.

He was extremely upset by it.

He blamed her.

Do you know what was
on that disc?

No, I don't. All I know is that
he said that he would rather
kill his own invention

than see it used
to hurt people.

His invention?

Your husband
invented sliding?

Well, of course.

It was his life's work.
Excuse me.

Ironic, isn't it?

That on this world,

I should have
invented sliding.

Well, if you're
the same guy

wouldn't it make sense
that you'd invent
the same thing?

Hey, what's your problem?

My problem is

that I didn't invent
sliding on my Earth.

Now, where's
my friend Wade?


what are you doing?

It isn't Wade. It's a double.


Logan's boss hired her.

Well, where's Wade?

Somewhere in this building.

They're using her as
a trump card to keep you here.

Any luck in finding
those coordinates?

No. But I got the timer back.

What are we going
to do about Wade?

My double had
some information

which could sabotage
Logan's project.

It's on a video disc.
If we can find it,

we can use it as
a bargaining chip
to free Miss Wells.

Hey, what are you,
crazy? Don't you know

it's suicide to try
to ride up there?

Man, normally I would
agree with you.

But these
aren't normal times.

Hey, man,

you got room for one more?

Yeah. Always, man.

Where's your gear?

Gear? What gear?

Man, when this baby hits 200,

this is gonna be
the only stuff

between you and the hereafter,

Wait, wait. 200?
Like in miles per hour?

We slide in an hour,

What are we gonna do
if we can't find this disc?

I don't know.

he's your double.

Where would you hide it?

Where would I
hide it?



Great minds do think alike.


Once we perfect sliding,

we'll be able
to successfully raid
parallel dimensions

and strip them
of their natural resources.

When we control the supply
of water, oil, gas and coal,

we'll have the power
to essentially hold
the world hostage.

All right, Professor.
Let's bargain.


Be smart,
give me the disc.

Don't play this game.

We're not going to trade
your friend for the disc.

That's right.

I know exactly
what you're thinking.

Haven't you
figured it out yet?

You're my double.


That's why we're
always in perfect sync.

That's impossible.

How could my double
be a woman?

It's just
the difference between

an X and a Y chromosome,
Mr. Mallory.

We have identical
bio-thermal heat prints.

See, I was born
Logan Mallory.

My mother remarried
after my father died,

and I took
my stepfather's name.

Don't blow this,

Once we figure out the bugs in
this thing, the world is ours.
All of them.

What dark corner of our soul
did you crawl out of?

Come on.

We know we both
have a dark side.

Mine's just a little closer
to the surface.

Now let me have the disc.

I don't think so.

I'm afraid we have
no choice, Mr. Mallory.




Give me it.

The only reason
I don't strangle
you right now is Wade.

So you're not as far removed
from your dark side
as you thought.

Look, you're going
to have to trust me.

Cooperate and I'll make sure
your friend stays alive.


What the hell?



Are you okay?

Where am I?


Then I am more than okay.

I am positively ecstatic.

Help me up.

I'm so sorry.

So sorry.

What happened?

I don't know.

Must be a virus
in the software.

Reconstruct it. Now.

Not until I see Wade.

I don't make deals.

Then I don't fix computers.

Get the woman in 267

and tell maintenance there's
a mess behind this building

that needs to be
cleaned up.


You okay?


All right, you've seen her.
Deal's done.

Not until she's released,
I'm the one you want.
Let her slide.

It's not her decision

No, it's mine.


Come on, Mr. Mallory.
Miss Wells, let's go.

The computer found
the right coordinates.

And now they're gone.

We have 15 minutes
before the slide!

We'll never get
there on foot!

I'll take that one!

Hop in.

Excuse me, sir.

No, I do not have
any spare change.

And you may not
use the toilet.

My friends should
have checked me in.

Now, the name is Brown.
Rembrandt Brown.

Oh, my God!
The Cryin' Man?

I'm your biggest fan!

Never say
that to me again.

This is your 15-second warning

for the daily 4:00 p.m.
power blackout.

Service will
resume in 15 minutes.

Looks like you
guys weren't driving
those things for kicks.

It's a long story, Remmy.

I'll tell you about it
on the next world.

Whatever happened
to you?

Well, carpe diem is
what happened to me.

The building is now secure.

Let me guess.
That's the long story?

Here we go.

You open that door,
I won't pay my bill.

Now give this video disc
to my wife,

she'll know
what to do with It.

Go, Miss Wells!

Let me in!

Hit your override button!

Oh, that's something,

Too bad the ladies
not here to see it.

Whoa, that is
something, man.

Your crew going
to want a table?


Am I back in San Angeles?

You tripping, man.

You in Los Angeles.
Lotus land.

Mr. Mallory?

Logan must have switched

our geographic spectrum
stabilizer with hers.

So we're going to
be landing in L.A.
from now on?

Her stabilizer had
a 400-mile radius.

We could land in L.A.,
San Francisco or anywhere
in between.

Great. I loathe L.A.

Don't look so surprised.

You knew I could
track wormholes.

Now give me
the re-entry
coordinates I need

to return objects
without burning them up.

I have 30 seconds
on this world.

Import the coordinates I need
to slide back safely
or I kill her.

Don't do it, Mr. Mallory.

She won't dare shoot.

Without those
return coordinates
she's stuck here.

And heaven knows
what they do to killers
on this world.

Don't test me.

I'll take my chance
with a good lawyer.

It's done.

We'll see. Let's go!

I gave you
what you wanted.

I have to be sure! Come on!

No, Logan. This time
you're going to
have to trust me.


It's not done!
I'll get you, Quinn!

I'll get you!

Did you give her
the right coordinates?


I programmed a set
for another dimension.

So she's out there somewhere,
lost like us.

Yeah, but she said something
about tracking wormholes.

We're going to
run into her again?