Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 13 - Murder Most Foul - full transcript

The Sliders visit a world where overworked and stressed-out people are sent to fantasy camps to improve their work output.

[people chattering]

[Professor exclaiming]

[Quinn laughing]

I'm sure it must be very comic
for you to see me humiliated.

We're not laughin' at you,

we're laughin' with you.

I'm familiar with
the distinction between

sharing a joke
and being the butt of it.

Well, looks like somebody
carried their bad mood

from the last world
into this one.

A damn sight more than
a bad mood, I can assure you.


We ain't laughin'
about whose face

was planted into the garbage,

Is it our fault
it's always him?

[both laughing]

[people chattering]

[phone ringing]

This is the first world
we've landed on
with a dress code.

You notice how everybody's
checkin' us out?

A man stinking of garbage

would attract attention
on any world.

I've got to buy
some new clothes.

You want some company?



Drink it.
Don't carry it, you idiot!

Coffee is to be drunk,
not carried!

We have a probable fracture
at the east end of the park.

Is there a problem, sir?

No problem at all, madam.

I just-- I just
normally go around with coffee
floating all over me.

Why are you out of uniform?

Uniform? I haven't worn
a uniform for 30 years.

Get off me.
What the devil is this?

Hey, get off!


We're your friends, sir.

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds,

where it's the same year,
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't find
your way home?


Hey, Diggs,

doesn't anybody
have any fun around here?

I've seen libraries
livelier than this.

There's no profit in fun.

Time spent frivolously
is time wasted.

I have no modem
connections available.

You might try next door.

Oh, this tea is horrible.

Look, this is a bar.
Why can't we get a beer?

No alcohol here.
Dulls the senses.

Ephedrine tea.
A nice triple espresso.

Better wired than tired.

Listen, the, uh, the fella
that we came in with,

the big guy with the beard,
have you seen him?

Dressed tramp, like you?

Tramp? Don't be insulting.

At least we don't look like

like everyone else
around here.

[people chattering]

They got him.

On the street.

I saw it all go down.

Who the hell is "they"?

Walking around
dressed like that,
you're going to find out.

Try the E-Val Center.

That's where
they take the fractures.

Prof. Maximillian Arturo

doesn't appear
in any national data bases.

Nor do his fingerprints,

biothermal scans,
or dental records.

The man literally
doesn't exist.

At least in this dimension.

Maybe he's a big shot
on some parallel world,

like he claims.

I think we can assume
he's a big shot here.

His identity has been
electronically cloaked

and that only happens
by executive order.

He was probably working
on some top-secret project

and hit brain fry.

Get me a video link
with Dr. Bolivar.

I feel like one of
the Blues Brothers.

Don't get me started on
how they ripped off
Sam and Dave.

If they think
the Professor's flipped out,

getting him out of here
may take more than a request.

Once we find him, we take him,
no matter how rough it gets.

We don't even
have a plan, Q-Ball.

We have a plan. We just
don't know what it is yet.

Hi. We're looking for
a friend of ours.

Prof. Maximillian Arturo.

I'll handle this.

Um, I'm Dr. Punch.

I did the E-Val
on Prof. Arturo.

It certainly didn't take you
a long time to find him.

We'd like to see him.

He's on his way to Park 91-9.

His fracture is severe,

but Dr. Bolivar's had
great success
with his new treatments.

Well, I'm sure he has,
but no such treatment
has been authorized.

Where is this place?

I'd like to see
your identification, please.

I have a better idea.

You show me yours,
so that I won't forget.

This whole thing
may fall hard.

I want to be sure
that it falls on you.

Fracture is nothing
to be ashamed of,
Prof. Arturo.

Quite the contrary.

A fracture
is a badge of honor,

a symbol of your dedication
to peak performance.


There's nothing wrong with me.
Please listen.

Well, believing you live
in parallel worlds

indicates that you've exceeded
your stress threshold.

Parallel worlds exist.
I can prove...

Yes, of course.
Now, just relax.

[electronic humming]

(Dr. Bolivar)
I want you to listen
to this tone, Professor.

Isn't it soothing?

That's right.

[humming stops]

You are now
in a light hypnotic state.

When you awaken,

you will remember

only this.

You will look at this watch
every hour, on the hour.

Its impulses
will reinforce the scans.


I'm not familiar with...

Your brain needs rest,

so that you can work.

(Dr. Bolivar)
Even now, it is questioning,

searching for answers.

But when we're through,

Prof. Arturo
will no longer exist.

Now, let's talk
about your alter ego,

the famous detective,
Reginald Doyle.

(park guide)
Good evening.
Welcome to the Park.

Please move to the tram stop.

Let's line up
with the civvies.
Less questions that way.

Oh! Excuse me.

Can't believe I'm here.

I submit an application
every year,
and I finally got picked.

Have you worked before?

Uh, it's the, uh,
first time for all of us.

Pretty excitin'.

What kind of job
did you apply for?

Oh, no,
am I in the wrong line?

I'm going to be
a theme character, aren't you?

Uh, yeah, exactly.
I mean, what else is there?

Well, for actors,
there's nothing else,

ever since
they prohibited acting
'cause it's too frivolous.

But I haven't had
much experience.

I'll probably get
a small part.

But I'll be inside.
I'll be a Park player.

There are no small parts,
only small actors, right?


(park guide)
Good evening,
and welcome to the Park.

Hi. I'm Wade.

Please move to the tram stop.

Cabbie, take me to my rooms:
441 Whitehall.

We're burning time here,

We should be out there
looking for him.

Dr. Dunhill.

People please welcome
Dr. Dunhill, Park Supervisor.

[actors applauding]

Thank you.
Good afternoon, and welcome.

Outside of this room,
I am Inspector Reed,
Scotland Yard.

You must remain
in character at all times
while in restoration areas.

Breaking character will
result in immediate discharge.

The illusion
of a different time,

a different world,
must be maintained

in order for our therapy
to be effective.

These patients must be
restored and returned to work.

Their country
depends on them.

[actors chattering]

I think we can handle
the different world thing.

[clock chiming]

"A pretty flower
plucked so young

"but my gardening
has just begun

"Another bloom
for my bouquet tonight

My passion watered
with blood so bright"

Cheers. Jolly Jack."

Ah! Mrs. Taylor.


No Shakespeare,
our Jolly Jack.

What news of Marple?

Still delayed in Liverpool,
I imagine.

Damn. I need him here.

Telegraph him again.
Tell him to come immediately.

Most certainly, sir.

You must be
chilled to the bone.

We should get you inside.

I'm fine. As long as
there's a chance

we'll spot him,
let's stay out here.

I can't see
across the street in this fog.

We'll have to wait
until the morning.

[woman screaming]

Help! Police!

[dog barking]

[woman exclaiming]

What happened?

Another Ripper murder.

It's the Professor.


[flash bulb exploding]

[horse whinnying]

Remmy, stop him.
He's got the timer.

Well, Mr. Doyle.

Come to help the bumbling
Inspector Reed again,
I suppose.

Apparently somebody must.

You there, stop moving around.
You're trampling on evidence.

The least you could do

is secure the scene
of the crime, Inspector.

Keep those people back.

Don't you recognize me?

Don't be daft, Marple.

Thank heavens you're here.

Jolly Jack is on the prowl.

[flash explodes]

Tell me you got the timer.

No. I chased him
all over this park.

Bad news, Quinn.

Me, too.

Look, he's okay, right?

The Professor thinks
he's some detective
named Reginald Doyle.

He's like Sherlock Holmes
on our world.

He's lost his mind.

Don't dally, Marple.

We have a busy night
ahead of us.

Ladies and gentlemen,
our D.V. for tonight

Jack the Ripper's
latest victim: Jennifer.

[all applauding]

What's a D.V.?

Designated Victim.

Lucky Jennifer.
It's a featured role.

But we still
have a chance, Wade.

We are tarts, and that is who
the Ripper kills.

This is all a game?

No. The Ripper's
actually killing people.

Come on,
you didn't really think...


Wade was just
funning with you.

You almost fell for it.

[all laughing]

Oh, my God. Dr. Dunhill.
He's coming over here.


You enjoying your stay
at the Park?

It's fabulous.

Yeah. Great.


I hope that we see
more of each other.

Who is that
he's talking with now?

Dr. Bolivar.
He's the Senior Director.

He runs the whole park.

The top of the fiber
is slightly soiled.

The base is pristine.

Jolly Jack has just had
new carpets

in his home or office.

Care to look?

Can we let that go for now,
and will you talk to me?

And then there's
this shoe cast.

Note it's recently been

I want you to contact
every cobbler in the area.

Get them to prepare a list
of recent customers
with Size 11 feet.

All right. Professor--

Marple, will you please
stop this affectation
of calling me Professor?

It is most irritating.

What is the matter
with you, man?

Ever since you saw
that murdered girl,

you've been acting
as if you're shell-shocked.

I myself am worn to the nub.

[clock chiming]

This is
a dreadful business, this.

Quite dreadful.

And there's something
wrong here.

Something I can't
put my finger on.

That's an interesting watch.
May I see it?

Certainly not.

You've seen it
every day for years.


That's better.

I seem to have
acquired my second wind.

Go put on the kettle.

It's going to be a long,
long night.

Now, let's have
a look at this one here.

[crickets chirping]

Don't scare me like that.

Will you get a grip?

You're takin'
this Ripper thing
too seriously.

I thought you were
going back to the dorm.

[horse neighs]

Yeah, I was.

I--I left my PERCOM
back in the lounge.

Will you walk with me?

Yeah. Come on.

Hey, mister.

[children chattering]


[continue chattering]

Give me this. Sir.

I'm very sorry.

Let me go.

Not until you give me back
what you swiped
from me last night.

That gizmo's
worth a lot to you.

It's some kind of timer,
isn't it?

Not very
sophisticated technology.

Those microchips are
strictly last year.

You took it apart?

And put it back together.



Don't waste your breath.

You'll never catch him.

Those Whitehall boys
know every back street.

By way of consolation,
have a scone.

[Professor exclaims]

Ah, Doyle.

The Chief Inspector and I
were just on our way
to see you.

no salutation for Marple?

Forgive me, Marple.
Good morning.


That arrived at the Yard
by first post, Mr. Doyle.

What do you make of it?

"Jack be nimble, Jack be quick
but I won't use a candlestick

"My blade gleams silver
in the light

another flower
plucked tonight"

"Cheers. Jolly Jack."

I would advise you strongly

to redouble your patrols
in the Whitehall area tonight.

Jolly Jack is not one
to make idle threats.

[Professor grunts]

It sounds like they've got
the Professor brainwashed.

What do they have to gain
by immersing him

in some stupid
murder-mystery game?

It's some kind of
mental health therapy.

It's scary.

The Professor is gone.

You look into his eyes,
he's not there.

He's a stranger.

We'll get him back, buddy,
no matter what it takes.

Whatever they've done to him
they can undo.

Listen, you really think
the kid's gonna
give you back the timer?

"Sell" is more like it.

He knows how bad we want it.

I just hope
he hasn't fouled it up
messing around with it.

How much time
you figure we have left?

We slide tomorrow night.

If we're lucky.

♪[music playing]

[audience cheering]

And to think
I actually dreamed

of being in show business.

My feet are killing me.

[Wade sighs]

♪[piano playing]

Wade, listen to this.

"I can't wait till you're
in my arms tonight.

"Church Street,
Abbey Road, 10:00.

Jolly Jack."

I'm a D.V. tonight.
A featured player.

A Designated Victim.

[both chuckle]

It's a little creepy, but, uh,

congratulations, I guess.

I'd say "break a leg,"
but I guess in your case,

it's more "knock 'em stiff."

Hey, hang onto that
for me, would you?

I want to put it
in my scrapbook.

I better get going.

I don't want to keep
Jack the Ripper waiting.


[Erin screaming]

[man whispering]
Come back here, boy.



It all happened
so fast, Q-Ball.

I grabbed him
and then the lights went out.

So you didn't get
a good look at his face?


This murder's
no joke, huh?

I wish it was.

Wade, where have you been?

We've been worried sick.

Waiting for you guys
at the employee lounge.
You never showed.

How is Erin's
performance going?

She's not...

Pull yourself together, man.

You're acting as if
you've never seen
a dead body before.

The cuts are deep
and decisive.

They were made
with a surgical knife.

Jolly Jack
has a medical background.

She was so happy. We...

We were joking about
her getting killed.

This can't be happening.

Who delivered the rose?

I don't know.

It was there
when we came off stage.

How did Erin know
it was for her?

It was in her station.

I-- Look.
Her name was on the note.

No, it's not.

The killer must have seen her
right before the show.

I was sitting there
until just before curtain.

She asked me to change.

She was superstitious.

That was supposed to be me.

We've got to call in
the police.

There's a madman
loose in the Park.

We can't,


We can't put the patients
at risk that way.

The consequences
might be tragic.

Dr. Dunhill, a girl is dead.

Our patients are some of
this country's greatest minds.

To put
their recoveries at risk

over this civvie worker

would be reckless
and irresponsible.

Careers are at stake here.

This case appears
to have taken your fancy,

I can seldom recall you
voluntarily giving up

a decent night's sleep.

The fibers from
the two crime scenes match.


But they could have been
tracked there

by any number of feet
in common to
both crime scenes.

Scotland Yard.


You suspect one of them
is the killer?

It is hard to avoid
that conclusion,

but it is not the only one
to be drawn.

Consider these
shoe impressions.

Three sets common to
both crime scenes,

including our old friend,
Size 11,

with a new half-sole.

And this,

unique to last night.

A heavy-set man,
I would judge,

by the depth
of that impression.

But I do not recall
seeing anyone

at last night's crime scene,
that I had not seen

at the crime scene
the night before.

Your conclusions, Marple.

These strange prints
belong to the real killer.

Real killer?

There were two
different victims

killed by differing hands.

Ergo, two killers.

Consider the two letters
sent to Scotland Yard.

Identical handwriting.

Now look at the note
sent with the rose

to the dressing room.

Different handwriting.

Two different killers.

Wait a minute.

Wait a minute.
Something's wrong here.

I'm missing something.


There was no smell of blood
at the first murder scene.

It is quite impossible
to mistake that coppery smell

once you've experienced it.

Why was there
no smell of blood

at the first murder scene?

First murder?

Wait a minute, wait a minute,
wait a minute.

I recall reading
about another murder.

Yes. The first Ripper murder.

Why don't I recall
any details about it?

In fact, I can't seem to
remember anything

that happened
beyond two days ago.

My mind's a blank.

What is happening to me?

What is happening to me?

You're just exhausted.

the seven-percent solution

is finally taking its toll.

I'll get your tea.

Yes, yes. That's all right.

I'll just take a little nap

and then I'll go over
to Scotland Yard.

I've a few questions
I intend to ask
Inspector Reed.

Mr. Doyle,
what brings you out so early?

I need to see copies
of your scene-of-crime

and field reports relating
to the Ripper killings.

I don't have time for that.
There's a killer loose.

That is precisely why
you should make time.

You seem reluctant
to cooperate.

Should I talk
to the Chief Inspector?

All right.

All right.
But I'm on my way out.

I'll have the reports
dropped to your rooms.

Excellent. Oh, Inspector,

what is your shoe size?

Eleven. Why do you ask?

Coachman, drive on.

That pocket watch
helps keep the Professor

in his alternate reality.

It's like the override gets
a recharge every hour,

when he looks at his watch.

You've only got a few
hours to figure it out.

Yeah. Then again,
you'll have about 29 years

if we miss the slide.

God, I wish
he was Reginald Doyle.

Maybe he could
catch this monster.


That's him!


Hey! Let him go!

[man grunts]

We're on it!

What are you,
some kind of freak?

Park Security. Let go of me.

There's a park-wide alert out
on that kid.

He's to be
picked up on sight.

Kind of rough treatment
for a juvenile pickpocket.

That kid's a fracture.

Some kind of boy genius
that's gone psychotic.

He's dangerous.

I ought to run you in
for interfering.

I talked to the kid

He's no more psychotic
than I am.

No wonder he fought so hard
to get away.

I know what it's like
when the cops are on you

and you've done nothing.

Pretty damn scary
and lonely place to be.

Hey, got any loose change
for a starving orphan?



Come on,
give me some pocket money.

Run along kid. Go on. Beat it.

Well, hose you then.

Guys, listen to this.

"I know who the Ripper is.

"Bring Reginald Doyle
to the back
of the blacksmith's shop

"right after dark.

You'll get your gizmo
back if you help me."

Could be a con.

You know,
setting you up to get rolled.

I say we go.

What have we got
to lose, right?

It's worth a shot.

All we gotta do is
convince Reginald Doyle.

Orange alert, Sector Eight.
Full alert.

Very good of you
to give a helping hand

to a boy in trouble, Marple,

though I very much doubt

whether he can identify
Jack the Ripper.

By the way, I now understand
why you spend
so much time in Liverpool.

What is the name of this
delightful young lady?

Wade Wells.


This is just too weird.

You're tellin' me?

You know,

uh, a police escort
is all very well, but, uh,

hardly necessary,
unless, of course,

the boy really did see
the murderer.

I say, wouldn't that
be droll?

If this slip of a boy
could solve the crime

before the great
Reginald Doyle?

[carriage clattering]

Now, what idiot
drives at that speed

in fog like this?

He's gonna run us over!

[coachman yelling]

My ankle.


It really hurts.

Is it broken, Marple?

Sprained, I think.
Can you walk?

I can shuffle.

I saw the Scotland Yard crest
on the coach door.

Someone must have known
we were looking for the boy.

Someone inside the Yard.

That explains why
the police are after the kid.

The killer's high enough up
to give the order.

This is
an extraordinary business.

You must find the boy at once.
He's in grave danger.

Yeah, but he asked for you.

This business
will have put him to flight.

You must find him.

I shall be best employed
in my room

seeing how
this new piece of the puzzle

fits on the board.

By your leave, Miss Wells.
Excuse me.


[door creaks]


Over here.

[horse trotting]

[horse neighing]

He tried to kill you.
I saw the whole thing.

Who is he?

Promise first that
if you don't catch him,

you'll take me with you.

I don't follow you.
Take you with us where?

Through the mouse hole
this thing opens.

You didn't think
I'd figure it out, did you?

You jump into
other dimensions.

- Trevor.

Trevor, we have
some serious problems.

This timer was
just one of them.

Now, your life is in danger.
Tell me who the killer is.

I couldn't see his face.
It was too dark.

But I saw his shoes.

That's it? Shoes?

Not enough to catch him, huh?

Well, I guess you're gonna
have to take me with you.

Those other people,
they're jumpers, too?

Sliders. Yeah.

Even, uh, Mr. Doyle?

Well, that's another one
of our problems.

He's not really
Reginald Doyle.

No duh.

They scanned him, huh?

You tell me.

They override his personality
with some kind of brain scan?

This stuff is
Neuroscience 101.

Humor me, all right?

Okay. The brain reaches
stress thresh.


Useless, right?

So the neuroscientists started
manipulating the hypothalamus.

They're looking
for a way to manage stress.

Anyways, long story short,
they figured out a way

to erase the hard drive
up here.

Override it
with a new personality,

let the brain rest
and recharge.

Then restore the original.
Good as new.

You're a fracture?

I'm a kid.

I work a 100-hour week
just like everybody else.

But kids get to go
to the park for a month

once a year and play.

[horse neighing]



You get it?

Got it.

All right.

That cold compress should
bring the swelling down.



That's very odd.

Must have shattered
in the fall.

[door opening]

I didn't hear you come in,
Mr. Doyle.

A messenger delivered this
a bit ago.

Excellent. Excellent.

That will be all.


scene-of-the-crime reports.

What is it?

Tell Marple I'm going
to Scotland Yard to confront

Jolly Jack.

Tell him to bring his pistol.

Professor, wait.
You shouldn't go alone.

[door closes]

[knocking on door]

Mr. Doyle.

I suppose you're
looking for Inspector Reed.

Yes, I imagine you do.

As you may surmise,

I have solved
the Ripper murders.

Well done, Doyle.

Don't keep me in suspense.

Who's our Jolly Jack?

Inspector Reed's
scene-of-crime reports

helped fill in
the final blanks.

The handwriting,

when compared with that
of the Ripper's notes,

was conclusive proof.


I can't believe it.

Neither can I.

Despite the rather
elaborate lengths

that you went to,
to make sure that I did.

Reed did write
the first two notes.

But the third,

the one attached
to the single rose,

that was in a different hand.

I took the liberty
of comparing it
with the police files

to see if I could
come up with a match.

The handwriting was yours,
Chief Inspector.

Doyle, I won't take offense

because of our
longstanding relationship,

but this is outrageous.

There was only one murder
and you committed it.

The other was
an elaborate charade,

designed for what purpose
I do not yet know.

I'm sure that
when we match your shoes

to the impressions
I took at the scene
of the real murder,

they will match.

You're not feeling well,
are you, Doyle?



No. You--you--you tried
to frame Reed.

You--you--you tried to
run me down tonight.

You knew about the boy.

Why am I feeling so strange?

What is happening?


You haven't been
looking at your watch,
have you?

Your override is slipping,


My name is Doyle!

And you are,

the fiend.

Hardly the fiend, Professor.

[knocking on door]

Wade. Wade!

Open the door.

Thank God.

The Professor
solved the case.

He's gone after
Jack the Ripper. It's Reed.

My God. What did he say?

He said that he went
to Scotland Yard,

and that the Inspector
was the Ripper

and for you
to bring your pistol.
You have a pistol?

I wish you did.

All right.
Lock the door behind us.

Wade, take this.
If we're not back in time,
slide without us.

These drugs will help you
tell the truth, Professor.


Now, who else
have you told about me?

Marple has my notes.
He'll put it together.

Umm, Miss Wells,

she will tell Quinn

as soon as he gets back
to my rooms.


will help them.

Rembrandt, Quinn,
and Miss Wells?

I think your real personality
is struggling for dominance,

Now, who are Rembrandt,
Quinn, and Miss Wells?

Doyle is the killer?
Prof. Arturo?

(Dr. Bolivar)
I know it's shocking.

He's had
a complete breakdown.

He's confessed to everything.

Now he's babbling on
about a second killing

he may have
committed tonight.

He could be delusional.

He's named two accomplices.

Quinn Mallory
and Rembrandt Brown.

I want them taken at once.

Absolutely. I'll put
security on full alert.

It's locked.

Let me use my key.





Stop him.
He's after Miss Wells.

The Chief Inspector.

Chief Inspector?
It's Bolivar, not Reed.

You've gotta get Wade.
I'll see if I can
break this override.

We'll meet at the music hall.

Who is it?

(Dr. Bolivar)
Dr. Bolivar.

There's been a tragedy.

Prof. Arturo's badly hurt.


we have our date.


(Dr. Bolivar)
You disappointed me last time.

Your friend was
very little sport.

I had to rush.
I couldn't enjoy myself.

We have lots of time,
pretty Wade.


[Dr. Bolivar grunts]

[Dr. Bolivar exclaims]

(Dr. Bolivar)
You know there's
nowhere to run.

There's nowhere else to run.

Don't make this
any harder on yourself.

Listen to me.

Now, your boss
has flipped out.

He's the Ripper.
You've gotta believe me.

Your friend, the Professor,
has already confessed.

Now turn around and put
your hands behind your back.
Do it.

The Ripper's after Miss Wells!

[Reed grunts]

Follow me.

Where the devil
are we, Mr. Mallory?

On our way out, Mr. Doyle.




Are you losing
your marbles, my boy?


[Wade gasping]

[Dr. Bolivar exclaims]

[Wade screams]

[Dr. Bolivar exclaiming]

[Dr. Bolivar grunting]

That's enough.

Thank God. Sedate him.

No. Bolivar was
trying to kill me.

I captured her.

Her friend Arturo's
already confessed.

Then why did he have this?

I saw him kill that girl.

I saw his shoes.

Those shoes.

His shoes will match
the impressions

that the Professor made
at the rear
of the murder scene.

And his handwriting will match
the note on the card

that he delivered
to his victim.

He's a fracture, Reed,

and he tried to
frame you for the murder.

Will somebody please tell me
what on Earth is going on?

We'll explain it
on the next world.

We slide in five seconds.

Now, now, just a damn minute.

Nobody moves until I sort
this whole thing out.

[electronic beeping]


You sure you want to
come with us, Trevor?

I know I promised you,
but I can't promise
to bring you home.

It'll mean
leaving your family,

all your friends behind.


I'd miss my folks too much,

and I've still got
two weeks left to play.

I'd like to go.

Maybe I'll build my own
jumper-slider gizmo one day.

I'll bet you can.

Just make sure of
your home coordinates.

One day I'm gonna
come find you guys.

♪ ♪