Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 10 - Dead Man Sliding - full transcript

The Sliders arrive in a world virtually crime free. What criminals there are perform on a game show where they play for their lives. Mallory is captured due to previous convictions by his double on the world. The rest of the Sliders go to the studio where the show is made. The correct Mallory sees the show and is dumbfounded by the turn of events. As the trial continues, Wade and Rembrandt decide to uncover any information about the real crime they can. Despite Arturo's best efforts Mallory is found guilty and sentenced to death live on TV.

[people chattering]

Oh, he's my favorite.

Thank you.
I've always wanted to do this.

After we eat,
we have to rent a car

and go check out
the stars' homes.

At least there's
something to do here.

It's already better
than Buttonwillow.

Buttonwillow, Lemoore, Wasco.

I never knew
there were so many

dreadfully dull pieces
of dirt in California

between here
and San Francisco.

Well, Professor,
you'd better get used to it.

Because with Logan's spectrum
in our timer,

we can pretty
much land anywhere
within a 400-mile range.

Yeah. It was bad enough

when it was same place,
different dimensions.

Now this.
How do we know for sure
this is Hollywood?


So that says "Hollywood."
For all we know,

this could be
Fresno on this world.

What difference
does it make?

Wherever we are,
we're in Hollywood.

And we've only got two days.
So let's have some fun, okay?

I'm with Wade.
Let's just relax.

Lead on, Miss Wells.

Wherever you go,
we shall follow.

Oh man, Lionel.

I knew I should've
taken that gig

when The Commodores
offered it to me.

Dolly Parton?
I love her. Quinn...

Okay. Is it wound?

All right. Are you ready?


One, two, three.


Thank you.

Look at that.

That wallet wouldn't
last one minute on our world.

Rembrandt, wait a minute.

Something about
that is saying,

"Leave me alone"
in a major way.

Something, perhaps, to do with
the security cameras

that are trained
on us at present.

Guys, it's just a wallet.

Somebody's got to
be missing it.

We should at least
check it for ID.

[woman yells]


It's loaded.
Must be over $300 in here.

Why don't we just
move on, Q-Ball, huh?

I'd, uh, put it back down,
Mr. Mallory.


[people chattering]

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds,

where it's the same year,
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't find
your way home?


[people chattering]

Professor, I cannot believe

that you allowed Wade
to talk you into doing this.

Or I you, Mr. Mallory.

Okay, wait.
Listen to this.

Some of these people
are stars.

But Arnold Stang, Jill Whelan,

Linwood Boomer?

I've heard of Linwood Boomer.
He was the blind guy
on Little House.

He was never
anything of a star.
At least, not on our world.

he fared better here.

I gotta tell you,
that's what
I love about sliding.

Each world's
a new opportunity,

a second chance
to get your dream.

(Skip on TV)
That's all later today on
The Judgment Game.

Don't miss the next episode

of America's number-one
game show.

The only show that
lets you be the judge.

All righty,
see you then.

(man #1)
Yes, I bet $10, please.

All right.

(man #2)

Make it $60.

It's so weird how they leave
their purses and wallets out.

Anybody could just
run and grab them.

It's clear they have
no crime on this world.

I guess that's why
there're no locks
on the doors in this place.

It's like that thing
with the wallet today.

The way those people
were looking at me,
it's like they were afraid.

"Terrified" is more like it.

What do you think
could scare people like that?

This could.

[all laughing]

What about this?

[people chattering]

What are they watching,

Seems to be
some kind of game show.

From the way
they're cheering,

you'd think it was
the Olympics or something.

What you got, Professor?

I don't know. The barman said
to have it back
in five minutes

to place the bet.

"Martinez, conviction,

Conviction? What is that,
the name of a horse?

No. Not unless
it's running in every race.


Stepping up, Mallory?

New bar,
new friends, new girl?

I bet Deanne's
crying over her tip jar
at Punky Pink's.


Break her heart
to hear you say that.

You're not even gonna
try to run, are you?

What are you doing?

My job.

Hey, let him--


Rembrandt, are you all right?

[Quinn grunts]

[gun fires]

Let's get out of here.

What's going on?

What right do you
have to arrest that man?

I have all
the authority I need.

Interfere and you'll be
playing the game, too.

I'll take care of Remmy
and meet you out front.

Strangest thing.
I just went out.

[people chattering]

Ericka, find your brother.

Which way did they go?
- No idea.

I'm gonna find
a police officer.

Oh, don't bother.
According to
the people in the bar,

she can yank you
off the street
anytime she wants.

He hasn't done anything.

Well, nonsense or not,
she's got him.

She took him to
a place called "the show."

The bartender
gave us the address.

He also said to hurry up
before it's too late.

Come on.

[car honking]

Come on, Mallory. Move it.

I'll beep you
when I need you again.

I always knew
you were trouble.
I never figured stupid.

How many times
have you played now?

Two, three?
You always get caught.

I'm not
who you think I am.

You're right.
The Mallory I know
never would have done this.

I don't believe it.
Is that Mallory?

And I was beginning to think
you were losing your touch.

I told you, one,
maybe two days.

He's not that big
of a challenge.

Who'd you get
for backup?

Greg Hughson. I already
covered his expense.

Excellent, Taryn. Well done.
You're the best.

You know what?

I'm gonna make a change.
I'm gonna put you
on today's show.

Why don't you come
on into my office and
I'll, uh, settle up with you.

What is this?
You a bounty hunter?

Contestant coordinator.

What the hell is that?
Don't I get to see a lawyer?

What is it with you today,

How many times
do I have to tell you?
I'm not your Quinn Mallory.

I'm telling you,
I didn't do this.

Whatever you think I did,

I can explain.
Just give me a chance!

You're making a mistake!
You've got the wrong guy!

They're pathetic
right before they play,
aren't they?

[people applauding]

...they're about to be saved?

Are you sure
this is the right place?

You want The Judgment Game,

This is where they tape.

[crowd cheering]

Okay. Get ready.

it's time to pay the piper

for your late night
spray-paint escapade.

[crowd cheering]

One, two, three,

four, five...

We'd better find Quinn,
and quick.

...six, seven,

eight, nine...

Sorry, guys,
the audience is
already seated.

Please, we must
get in there.

Not today.
No seats available.

Look, you don't understand.
Our friend...

I guess you would
call him a contestant--

Are you his advocate?

Yeah. Will that get us in?

Only one advocate
is allowed to speak
per contestant.


Ladies and gentlemen, please.

Welcome to the show!

[audience applauding]

All right! All right!

It is time to play...

The Judgment Game!

Yes, indeed.

We've got a big show today,

so let's bring out
our first contestant.

You've seen him before:

a welder from San Francisco,
a fugitive at large.

Let's give a big hand
for a returning contestant:

Quinn Mallory!

[audience applauding]

Today we are going
to try him for murder!

Murder? He can't be serious.

You wanna bet?

They love you. Welcome back!

As always, you're the judge.

Guilty or innocent?
Will he live or die?

You'll decide,
right after these messages.

[audience applauds]

By the power vested in me
by the State of California,

I hereby declare you,
the viewing audience,

the jury.

Pay close attention.
A man's life is at stake.

Mr. Mallory,
you have the right

to be represented
by the advocate
of your choice.

Should you fail
to have an advocate
present in the studio,

one will be provided for you.

I am told that
you do have one.

Is that correct?

I don't believe this.

Yes, I do.

Well, get him out here.

[audience booing]

What is your name, sir?

I am Professor
Maximillian Arturo.

Do you swear that
you are not now,

nor have you ever
been an attorney,

that you've never
been to law school,

nor have you
ever taken the LSATs

or prepared for
the bar in any way?

I do.

All righty.

And now,
the People's Proponent.

Ladies and gentlemen,
straight off the set
of his new hit comedy,

please welcome
Laurence Hilton Jacobs.

[audience cheering]

Hi, there.

We have
two counts grand theft,

assault with
a deadly weapon,

two felony drunk drivings,

and all of that
before the age of 21.

This is nonsense.

Your Honors,

the Evidence Code
clearly states

that prior criminal actions
cannot be used

to prove
a subsequent crime.

I object to this.

You what?
- I object.

He objects!

[audience booing]

Is it any wonder
lawyers were banned?

Mr. Arturo,
consider yourself warned.

Now, get back there
and wait your turn.

As you were saying,

Let's get to
the heart of the matter.

[drum roll]

[all booing]

(all chanting)
Guilty, guilty,
guilty, guilty,

guilty, guilty,

guilty, guilty.

guilty, guilty,

guilty, guilty.

[audience cheering]


the People rest.

This is a disaster.
He'll never get out of this.

Don't sweat it.

That tape
doesn't mean anything.

Why not? I mean, it looks
awfully convincing to me.

Damn convincing.

But you gotta remember

he's not the first guilty guy
that'll beat a murder rap.

After all,
this is an L.A. audience.

[crowd cheers]
Anything can happen.

I see why
the professor hates L.A.

We just can't
stand around here
and do nothing, huh?

Come on,
there's gotta be
a way in somewhere.


What do you
think the penalty is
for illegal entry here?

It doesn't matter.
I'm willing to risk it.

Taryn's gotta be
willing to talk to us, right?

Yeah. Willing or not,
she's going to.

This way.

I guess
we can't go that way.


[tape rewinding]

Wade, what's that sound?

Editing rooms.

Come on. Help me.


I'll meet you back
out front, okay?

Okay. You be careful.

[people speaking indistinctly]

[people chattering]

This is the finest young man
it has ever been
my privilege to know.

He's a brilliant student.

He has lived
an exemplary life.

He comes from
a very good home.

[crowd jeering]

Perhaps this is a good time
to pay some bills.

Don't tune away, folks.
We are just minutes away
from a vote.

Back in a moment.

This mob only
wants entertainment.

It doesn't give
a damn about the truth.

They couldn't
handle the truth.

Then we'll make
the truth entertaining,
Mr. Mallory.

We'll tell them
exactly who we are
and how we came here.

Instill a little bit
of reasonable doubt.

You can't. You'd be
putting yourself at risk.

Mr. Mallory,
your life is on the line.

I'll take a chance if
it means giving you one.

[people chattering]

Excuse me.
I need to talk to you.

How did you get in here?

Really not
the point right now.

Look, you--you've got
the wrong guy.

The Quinn you brought here,
he's not capable of--

What is it with you people?

You all have this
bizarre fixation
that Mallory isn't Mallory.

I know who I brought in,
and it's him.

It's not.

Come on,
there's gotta be something
different about him:

his attitude,
the--the way he looks.

Maybe your Quinn's
got a tattoo.

My Quinn?

That's what I'm
trying to tell you.

We're not
from around here.

I know that.
He's from San Francisco.

No, it's--it's
a lot bigger than that.

We're from another world.

It's kind of like
another dimension.

I don't need to hear this.

No, wait!
I know I must sound crazy

but if you'll just give me
a minute to explain--

Don't bother, it's too late.
He's already on the show.

You see, not only
did we find doorways

to parallel universes,

but we also discovered
that on a lot of
these other Earths,

there were doubles
of each of us.

You know, like, uh,
twin versions of ourselves.

[crowd applauding]

Yes. Doppelgangers,
if you will.

And that brings us
to the heart of the matter:

This man

is not the man
you saw on that tape.

I'm not even
the Quinn Mallory
of your world.

And he is certainly
no murderer.

He merely happens to be
your Quinn's double.

And that makes him
no more guilty of this crime

than anyone here today.

Excellent strategy,
Mr. Arturo.

You definitely
scored some points
for inventiveness.

Well, we aren't done yet.

Oh, I'm afraid you are

because that is
all the time we have.

Now it is time to...

Vote, vote, vote, vote,

vote, vote, vote, vote,

vote, vote, vote, vote,

vote, vote, vote, vote,

vote, vote, vote, vote,

vote, vote, vote, vote,

vote, vote, vote, vote...

Don't worry.
This one's a slam-dunk.

That's not it.

There's something going on.
He's different.

It's just the fear
of conviction, Taryn.
It'll make them do anything.

It'll make 'em lie,
it'll make 'em beg,
it'll make 'em repent...

That's what makes
this show so great.

(all), vote, vote,
vote, vote.

Thank you, sir.

And your judgment is:

[drum roll]


[crowd cheering]

Quinn Mallory,
choose your door.

(crowd chanting)
Two, two, two!

Mr. Mallory?

All righty,
you all know what that means.

(crowd chanting)
The wheel, the wheel,
the wheel, the wheel,

the wheel, the wheel...

The wheel, the wheel,
the wheel, the wheel,

the wheel, the wheel.

Number two!

Oh, too bad.

Lethal injection was
behind door number three.

[crowd exclaims]

Don't forget,
everybody, tune in tomorrow
for a special evening edition

when we will carry
out the sentence live.

Do something.

Next up,

Mary Margaret Peters,
on trial for adultery.

Back in a sec.

Take a good,
long look at me

because this is
what an innocent man

looks like
before he's executed.

You proud of yourself
for being a part of this?

Or do you not give a damn
as long as you get
your money, right?

Let me go.
I wanna see a judge.
I didn't do this.

No way!


Stop it! Stop it, I say!

That's enough! That's enough!


That's enough.


Quinn, we're gonna
get you out of this,
I promise you.

Where are you taking him?
Where are you taking him?

This man is innocent!

This man is innocent!

Come on, man, tell me!

Where are you taking him?

[crickets chirping]

Maybe we can
still try for an appeal.

We've already
been through this.

Unless we can prove
special circumstances...

I think being a double
from another dimension
should qualify.

I agree with you.
They don't.

Well, maybe you didn't
explain it right.

Maybe you, with your two years
of college poetry,
could have done better.

Come on, we're all
on the same side here.

[door opens]

Here he comes.

How's it going, Q-Ball?
You all right?

I've been better.

What's the plan?

How're you guys
getting me out of here?


They're taping us.

Everything we say
can be heard.

What's it for?

The half-hour special
right before
they take my head off?

Broadcast this, you vultures!


It's okay.

Quinn! Quinn!

It's all right, man.
He's okay! He's okay!

Get off!
How much time till we slide?

We got 22 hours, 17 minutes.

17 minutes
after I'm executed.

You've gotta find my double.
That's the only way
I get out of this.

Find his double.

I mean,
where do we even begin?

[cell door closing]


Remember at the bar?

Taryn, she--she said
something about

a Deanne,
and Punky Pink's.

- Yeah?


I'm having second thoughts.

Maybe this isn't
such a great plan.

You just don't walk
into a place like this
and start asking questions.

Yeah, I know, but--

Miss Wells, this isn't
the kindest ruse
we could have employed.

But time is of the essence.

[people laughing]

I got some extra.
It's fine.

Deanne, right?

It depends who's asking.

My problem's not with you.
It's with the creep.

You took him back again,
didn't you?

Excuse me.


Don't pretend like Quinn's
not shacked up with you.

Where else would
the jerk go?

What's he to you?


now that he
knocked me up

and doesn't want anything
to do with me or the baby.

What, you're carrying it
for him?

Look, all I want
is an address, okay?

I need him to give me
some fly money
so I can get home.

He does that, I'm gone.
He's all yours.

You think I want him?

I'm tired of his baggage,

It never ends.

Tell you what:

Here, help yourself.

He's at my place, okay?

tell him he'd better be gone
by the time I get home

or I'll have Joey
help him move, okay?

[people chattering]

[computer beeps]

I've got something for you.

New contestant.
His name's Golin.

Word has it he's
somewhere in the Valley.

And we will expect
delivery in the a.m.

Phil, do you ever wonder
if some of these
contestants are innocent?

Maybe I was right
about you.

Maybe you are
losing your touch, huh?


[computer beeps]


[people chattering]


[wolf whistle]

What are you doing here?

Testing a theory.

Take off your shirt.


Humor me.

Turn around.

What are you looking for?

Quinn Mallory was
knifed in a bar fight
a year ago.

Took over 60 stitches.

But there's no scar,
is there?


Q-Ball's gonna lose
his head in 10 hours.

Where is this guy?

Tomcats come home earlier.

Where could he be?

Maybe he's out
killing somebody else.

Are you sure
this is the right place?

For the hundredth time, yes.

The mail is
addressed to Deanne Bloch.

This is definitely her house.

Look, I'm beat.
We're all tired.

Why don't we just be quiet
for a while, okay?

[birds chirping]

Miss Wells,

about what I said
in the prison...

I, um...

It's okay.

Look, we're both
just worried.

I know you did
everything you could.

I shall spend
the rest of my life
wondering whether I did.

I'm scared too, Professor.

But you know
what keeps me going?

You guys.
Knowing that you're here.

Knowing that if
that was me in there,

you'd do
anything in the world
to get me out.

You know,
Quinn knows that, too.

He's countin' on us.

So we can't lose faith now.

[tires screeching]

Is that him?

Okay, now...

Just let me do the talking,

Young man, a word.

What did I say?


Not again.

What are you doing here?

Same thing as you.

Trying to help your friend.

I swear, Taryn,
it wasn't me.

I wasn't even in town
the day that all went down.

If you can't prove that,
you're gonna be
sorry you said it.

Where was I? Where was I?
I was-- I was with Chicago Bob
and we were

down at Del Mar
racetrack all day. Yeah.

There are some betting slips
in my wallet.

Right in the jacket
on the bed.

Right there.
See? Inside pocket.

Race two, six, and seven.

See? You see? There's no way
I could've been
all the way down in Del Mar

then back up in some alley
in Hollywood by 4:00.

Come on, Taryn, you know me.
I'm into small jobs.

A heist here,
a joy ride there,
a couple of phony checks.

I'm not the type
to kill some bum.

Come on. We all saw the tape.
It was definitely you.

I don't know how my face
got on that tape,

but I'm telling you
it wasn't me!

I know how his face
got on that tape.

Of course.

What is that?

There is no way
that that is me.

That guy is huge.

People got tired
of reasonable doubt,

criminals having
more rights than victims.

Yeah, that I get,
but what about
the game shows?

That just seems so bizarre.

Not when you
think about it.

In the old system,
justice cost the taxpayers
a lot of money.

By televising it,
we earn money for the state,

judgments are swift,

crime is down,
everybody's happy.


Are you?

What about
the innocent people who lose?
People like Quinn.

[computer beeps]

Oh, I was afraid of this.

I can't access the system.

Here, let me try.


How do you know
how to do this?

This isn't even a challenge.

In my world,
there's a lot of online crime.

Our protect programs
are twice as complicated.

The day I got in here,
I saw this.

I didn't know
what it was then.

Watch this.

They took Quinn's head
and put it on Phil's body.

I don't believe this.

Pretty shocking, isn't it?

Give me the disc. Now!

Get out.

How long, Phil?

You've got other things
to worry about
right now, Taryn.

You almost
got fired in '93

when Justice Tonight
knocked us out of the Top 10.

We needed a way
to rack up our ratings,
didn't we?

you figured it out.

[Phil grunts]
Hey, get the gun.

The escape alarm!

[alarm buzzing]

All the office doors
have auto-lock.

There's no way out.
The guards'll be
here any second.

Maybe they will, but we won't.
Come on.

How do you think
I got in yesterday?

[alarm continues buzzing]

How much time left?

Two hours, 12 minutes.

(man on TV)
...finest hour
as a community forum.

An event for
the entire family.

Don't miss this special
live edition of
The Judgment Game,

tonight, when Quinn Mallory
pays for his crime.

What has happened
with these people, huh?

They're talking
about a man's life.
Have they lost it completely?

From our point
of view, perhaps.

But look at it from theirs.

Here murder is so rare

that it's a national
prime-time event.

Families can
sleep at night here

without worrying if they've
locked the doors or not.

If you lose
your wallet in the street

you can be sure
it will be returned to you
with its contents intact.

So what's so
unusual about that?

Where we come from,

you can lock your door
with three locks

throw in an alarm,
and still get robbed

by some hood with
a Saturday night special.

What the hell is
a Saturday night special?

My point exactly.

Wait a minute, Professor.
Are you saying it's okay
that innocent men die

so long as we can sleep
with our doors unlocked?

No, I'm saying it's
a question of balance.

In our society,
hundreds of thousands

of lives every year
are damaged by crime.

Justice delayed
is justice denied.

Here, justice is instant,
and they've almost
eradicated crime.

Albeit at the expense of
the occasional innocent man.

That's easy to say when
you're not that innocent man
waiting on death row.

[door opens]

We couldn't get
to Network Appeals.

Why not?

They're all at
a retreat in Sun Valley.

Now, even if we could,
it's too late.
There's no time to stop it.

We gotta do something fast.

Yeah, we're on to that.

You have access
to welding tools?

Baby, I got access
to everything.

All right, come on.
We'll explain on the way.

You better have access,
you little
slick-haired rascal.

[guillotine blade thudding]

Try again.

[camera clicking]

Wait there.

[people chattering]

(reporter #1)
All right, here he comes.

Can we ask you a question?

No interviews.
Get out of my face.
No interviews.

Stop. I'm with the show.

There'll be no execution
until he does

a remote for
the European affiliates.

For all I care,
the European affiliates can--

Just one interview.

There's not much time,
so it won't take long.

It's your call.

Can I have a word?

Yeah. Yeah, I'll do this one.

All right.
Come over here then, please.

(reporter #2)
Quinn, come on...

I'm sorry.
You'll have to wait out here.

[people chattering]

Man, am I glad
to see you guys.

The feeling's mutual.

You okay?

No time for this.
Get him below.


What is that?

Your ticket out,
compliments of your double.

Come on, hurry up!

I'm sorry.

I misjudged you.

I'm sorry.
I can't tell you how much.

This is safer with you.


You need a hand, Mr. Brown?

It's gotta be tighter
or they won't believe it.


Five minutes.

If everything goes right,
that should be long enough.

We'll just drive
out of here and...


Something's happening.

It's 10 after.
Why haven't you started?

Where's the contestant?

Network interview.

Who the hell authorized that?

Your coordinator.


Get these doors open.

Tear them off the hinges,
if you have to.


Hurry. He's getting away!

Quick, Phil. Untie me.

Find him. He can't be far.

What have we got here?

[engine starting]


Now what?
You got a Plan B somewhere?

Jump, Taryn,
while you still have a chance.

Come on. Let's go.

What are you doing?

You wanted Plan B.
This is Plan B.

[tires screeching]


What's going on?

We didn't make it
past the gate.

Out the back.

How much time?

A little under a minute.

I'm sorry.
I had no idea
there was a cliff here.

I guess that's why
there's not a fence!

Sure, because nobody
in their right mind
would try to escape this way.

Guys, now is not the time.

Give it up, Mallory.

You got no place to go.

10 seconds.

You're gonna have to
have a little faith here.

Follow me!

What the devil
is he thinking?

Escaping. Come on!
Come on!

[Rembrandt and Wade yelling]


anyone interested
in an exclusive?

This whole show is fixed.



[all yelling]

[Rembrandt whooping]

What a rush!

No kidding.

Talk about your turbo slide!

You felt that kick,
too, right?

Just as we
entered the vortex.

Tell me, was that good timing
or just incredible luck?

A little of both.
Listen, is everyone okay?

except for my heart.

I thought it was
gonna come right out
about halfway down.

Oh, no.
She's got a video camera.

I will be right back.

Mr. Mallory.

Come on. Don't let
him get arrested again.

[birds chirping]

She actually gave it to you?

Not exactly.

Quinn, you didn't--

Of course not.

I simply told her
we were alien life forms
from another world,

and if she didn't
give me the tape,

we'd take her back home
with us when we left.

[all laughing]

We look like
alien life forms to her?


How is that?
What exactly does--

Trust me-
short, green, and
moldy is not a great look.



Wait a minute, man.
Why did you run?


♪ ♪