Sliders (1995–2000): Season 1, Episode 6 - Eggheads - full transcript

The sliders land on an Earth where being intelligent is more popular than being a famous athlete. Guest stars William B. Davis, Karen Austin and Gabrielle Rose. With John Rhys-Davies.




-How long are we on
this one, Q-Ball?

-A little more than five days.

-Well, at least it looks
like San Francisco.

-Yeah, but we've been down
that road before.

library hours?

-What's that, Tchaikovsky?


impressed, Mr. Brown.

Hey, I
know all the longhairs, man.

If you're going to play the
game, you've got to appreciate

the greats.

-Check it out.

It's Albert.

-Hey look, up there.

-Mr. Mallory?

Excuse me.

Can I get your autograph?

It is.

Are you kidding?

it sure is.


-Can I have your autograph
too, please?


-Make it out to Sigmund.


-I want to be in the academic
decathlon, just like you.

You're the greatest scientist
in the world, Quinn.

Professor Arturo, you too.

My mom's one of your
biggest fans.

-She is?

-She's got all your textbooks.

-She has?

I'm next, I'm next.

-Are you guys anybody?

-I don't know.

Are we?

-I don't know.

You guys
are the greatest.

Thank you!

I've heard all your tapes.

Pretty great to see you.

-I wonder what's going on.

-I don't know.

Excuse me.

What's all this excitement

-It's Quinn and Maxie, lady.


-Quinn Mallory, Mr.
All-America, Mr.


That's Max Arturo with him.

Where have you people been?

They're the Sliders.


-Let's get out of here.

You're great!


-Let's get to them.

- OK.

OK, I'll get to everybody.


Back up.

Please step back.

love you guys!

-I have to go.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, everybody.


Please don't go.

Hell of a reception.

Reminds me of the first time
I played the Apollo, Little

Rembrandt and the Shandells
back in the early '70s.

-Are you guys all right?

-They act like I'm some kind
of academic superstar.

-Well, we evidently have arrived
on a world where they

regard intellectual achievement
with the same sort

of adulation that we
confer on, on movie

stars or sports heroes.

Rather sensible,
if you ask me.

-But did you hear what they
were calling you?


the "Sliders." -What?

-Mr. All-World Quinn Mallory and
Professor Arturo, you're

supposed to have slid a
couple of months ago.

-They actually referred to
us as the "Sliders?"


-Guys, you know what
this means?

If we're sliders, my double's
got to have

built a sliding machine.

Driver, 4159 Blue Jay
Way, and hurry.

-Your house.

-My house.

If the system's here, we won't
have to reconfigure the timer.

We can auto set the system.

We're going home!

What if you
could find brand new worlds

right here on Earth where
anything is possible?

Same planet, different

I found the gateway.


-That your mom?

-I hope not.

-Mr. Mallory, what a surprise.

I wasn't expecting you back.

Mr. Arturo.


-Uh, I'm afraid you have
me at a disadvantage.

-Dana Bingham, with
Bay Point Realty.

Mr. Mallory asked me to put
his house on the market.

Of course, it would have sold a
long time ago if you hadn't

been asking such a big price.

Where have you two been?

Uh, Mrs. Bingham?

Is my mom here?

-I wouldn't know.

I haven't been in touch with
her since she was forced to

move back east.


We haven't moved the furniture
out yet, have we?

-Always testing me,
aren't you?

No, you said you wanted
to preserve it

for the estate sale.




I wonder if you'd excuse
us just for a moment.

Thank you.

Bizarre to the point
of lunacy.

-Bank foreclosures,
estate sales.

How is that possible if
you're a superstar?

-Ah, home sweet home.

Hey, Quinn.

Look, you're on the
Weeties box.

-Breakfast of geniuses.

If you've got all these
endorsements, how

come you're so broke?

-Well, how's he's supposed
to know?

He's not him.

-Well, maybe I'm missing

I don't know.

-How come you're always asking
stupid questions?

-Please be here.

Please be here.

is all this stuff?

-No way.

-Don't give up hope,
Mr. Mallory.

It's probably in a lab
at the university.

-Hey, check this out.

It's like a shrine.

All-American Academic
Excellence, Quinn Mallory.

Most Valuable Player, California
High School

Academic Championship.

TV Physicist of the Year?

- Hey.

Check this out.

The Dream Team.

-Let me see.

-It seems to me we
have two options.

We can either avoid all contact
with this world, and

thus perhaps miss the
possibility that they have the

technology to get
us home safely.


-We can assume the identities of
our doubles, at least until

we find the sliding machine.


Quinn, maybe that's
a solution.

You could just sort
of be this Quinn.

We could poke around.

Um, I'm sure we can find the
equipment in no time.

-And if we find the machine,
could you fix it so it takes

us back home?

-Well, it's the best chance
we've had since we started.

-Well, Mr. Mallory,
it's up to you.

can't believe it.

It's Quinn.

Professor Arturo.


-Professor Arturo.

You're back from your slide.

And Quinn Mallory.

I'm surprised your return
wasn't on the news.


Well, we're trying to avoid
publicity at the moment.

There are still one or two kinks
in the prototype that we

have to iron out.

So I just thought I'd check
in with the office.

-But your office is,
uh, back there.

-No, that's-- that's the
chairman's office.

-You're still the chairman.

- Oh.

-Professor Wertz wouldn't dare
try to move in there while you

were, uh, on sabbatical.

-No, I don't suppose he would.

So good to see you,
my dear fellow.

You'll have to excuse us now.

-Yep, sure.


-Professor Arturo,
welcome back.

How was the slide?

-A rousing success.

-Everyone's been wondering
about you.

-Huh, how nice.

Excuse me.

-Uh, here, I'll get it.



Well, I do have excellent

-Well, don't get to
attached to it.

We leave in five days.

-Hey, if we're lucky, less.

Hey, maybe there's some
information about our lab in

these files.

-Yeah, I'll check these.

-It feels kind of weird going
through some stranger's stuff.

- Mmm.



-Yes, a phone bill with my home
address and phone number.

-Well, try it.

Maybe it's current.


-Oh, hello.

Um, is this Maximillian
Arturo's residence?

Max, is that you?

-Why'd you hang up?

-There's a woman in my house.

-Well, maybe she knows


So, you are back.

-Let's get out of here!

-Oh, excuse me.

Mr. Mallory, the word is
out all over campus.

They want you down
at practice.


-Yes, practice.

-This is a mind game.

Being smart isn't enough.

You have to be fast.


Name the four nucleotides
that comprise DNA!

cytosine, guanine, thymine.

Name the five major
geological eras.

Proterozoic, Paleozoic,

Mesozoic, Cenozoic.

Elementary particles.


-Hadrons, Higgs, Leptons.

Wilson, what's the
matter with you?

-It's Mallory.

-Mallory, you son of a bitch.

I bend the rules for you till
they look like a pretzel, and

then you desert me for one of
your little experiments.

You're a sight for sore eyes.

Thank God you're here, kid.

Take five, boys, while I, uh,
chat with your captain.

Let's talk.

You can catch your
teammates later.

-What's the matter, Wilson?


-Hey, superstar.

How's it going, man?

-How does it feel to be
back, Quinn, huh?


Is this my locker?

where it ought to be.

Got to hand it to you, Quinn.

Anybody who pulls a vanishing
act for half the season and

shows up just in time for
finals, Coach would have his

head for lunch.

-Yeah, well the coach smells
a championship.

-Hey Wilson, looks like you're
on the bench, pal.

-Knock it off.

Wilson, uh, subbed for you
while you were gone.


It's Wilson.

Let me speak to him.

Well, I don't care
what he's doing.

Tell him it's important.


Guess who didn't take your
threat seriously?

Quinn Mallory.

Look, do us both a favor.

Take care of the problem.


- Yo homes, what up?

- What up with you?

- What we gonna say?

What we gonna do?

Where we gonna go?

What we gonna see?

- We're going
to the library.

I'm moving down the aisle
with my homies in tow.

We're groovin' in the home
of the librarian, yo!

She checks us out from
behind thick glasses.

We walk right past, and
we wiggle our asses.

Hemingway, Lawrence, Chekhov,
and Miller.

Fitzgerald was a freak.

Mailer is a killer.

Quiet, please.

Quiet, please!

- The silence
is golden.

To books I am beholden.

I know I'm bad 'cause of the
knowledge that I'm holdin'.

And I give you one warning,
there will be no repeats.

Get out of my face when
I'm reading my Keats.



-Could you turn that
down, please?

I'm trying to concentrate.

-Oh, sure, man, no problem.

-That book any help?

- Oh, this has got to
be one of the weirdest games

ever invented.

You've got to answer these
questions while you run around

carrying this ball, and the
other team tries to tag you.

And the-- and the scoring
is insane.

If you answer the questions
right and you don't get

tagged, you win one of these
squares on the floor.

It's like the board game "Go"
or "Othello" where if you

capture the right square, you
can take over several of them.

The team with the most amount
of squares wins the game.

-That seems easy enough.

it-- it's not.

There's this whole strategy
about which squares to go for.

Apparently you can win or lose
a whole bunch of them at one

time depending on where
you are on the court.

the biggest story in the

tournament has been the
surprising return of Cal's

Quinn Mallory.

-Yeah, well, keep reading.

These guys are talking
about you.

-Now a two-point favorite.

-Yeah, it does.

And you know, that's from being
an early seven-point

underdog to Harvard in the
Mindgame tournament.

-Well, usually one player
wouldn't cause such a dramatic

shift in the early
line in a game.

But this is Quinn Mallory we're
talking about, Ron.



It's like everybody expects
me to be Wayne Gretzky.

Except I don't know
how to skate.

-Well, you'd better think
of something.

-I have.

I'm taking a powder.

They're going to have to play
Harvard without me.

-Well, wait a minute.

We agreed.

You have to infiltrate your
double's life until we can

find the sliding system.

-That's easy for you to say.

You're not going to be the one
making a fool of yourself on

national television.

-Look, it's too late.

They all think you're here.

If you don't show up, they're
coming looking for you.

-We have to find the sliding
system, Quinn.

It's our only hope.

--the fifth level if Cal pulls

off the--

-Well, a veteran of so
many tournaments.

With Mallory's return, he could
be looking at his first

ever national title.

-Professor, there you are.

Did you find what you were
looking for in the lab?

-There you are, my dear.

Uh, where are my files on
cosmic wormholes, the

Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Bridge,
and, uh, the, uh,

sliding machine?

-Sliding machine?

You never gave me those.

You keep them on your
home computer.

-Ah yes, of course.

-You have a couple
of messages.

Your agent says, welcome back.

He's hired a public relations
liaison to fend off all the

calls and media inquiries.

And, uh, there's a young
woman in your office.

She says you know
what it's about.

- You've been
a naughty boy, Arturo.

-I have?

-Oh, yes.

You've been playing
hard to get.

-Oh, not any longer,
I do assure you.

-You can say that again.

I'm a process server.

You're being sued for divorce.

You play, you pay.


the national semifinals

of Mindgame!

Today's showdown between the
Eggheads of the University of

California and the Crimson of
Harvard is brought to you by

Weeties, the breakfast
of geniuses, and

Nikke, just think it.

And now, from the Mindfield at
Berkeley, here are Ron Pitts

and Tom Jackson.

-A big test today for Cal, Tom,
the first game since the

return of everybody's
All-American, Quinn Mallory.

-Yeah, but I don't think
Mallory will

have much of an impact.

Harvard knows that he likes
to go for those

vital outside squares.

Harvard tags really well.

If he's lost a little bit of
what he had due to the long

layoff, they won't let him
get to the outside.


In just a few seconds we're
going to see what the strategy

is against him.

Remember, the winner of this
game goes on to meet MIT in

the finals.

-Hey team, let's go!

now at center court, the

captains are out for the toss.

Watch your field!

watch your left side.

-All right, captains, this is
for the opening possession.

100 scientists surveyed, top
three answers on the board.

Here we go.

Name a feature of relativity.

-No absolute time.

-Answer, please?

Come on, Quinn!

Let's see it.

Come on.


-Way to go, way to go.

-Yeah, nice.



Stick around.

Stick around there.

Watch him.

-And the question.

What is the Linnaean system
of classification

for flora and fauna?

-You got it!

is always tough on the first

play, because you never know
what square the offense is

trying to capture.

Yeah, now there's a surprise.

Harvard quick on the
offense this time.

Nice spin move by Harvard.

Did you see that?

They juked right by Mallory.

-Where's his court sense?

Quinn took his own man
out of the play.

He never even got

near the tag, Tom.

On the replay, you can see Quinn
is way outside his zone

with tons of ground
to make up.

know, if he's going to let

Harvard run all over the court
without forcing a pass, Cal

may as well pack up their
briefcases and go home.

You're right.

But you know, you've got
to give him credit.

He definitely looks like
the Ivy League player--

-What happened?

-How do I know?

-What do you think, Professor?



-Let him be, girl, he's going
through a divorce.

-It's not a joke, I'm
afraid, Mr. Brown.

I know the woman concerned.


-The Arturo of this world is
being sued for divorce by a

Christina Fox.

I imagine she's the same
Christina Fox that I knew in

graduate school.

-May I see?

you in love with her?

-She was my late wife.

We were only married
for a few years.

-What happened?

-She died of a brain aneurysm
at the age of 27.

She was the one great
love of my life.

Oh, and
Mallory is tagged out.

He never saw it coming.



Tom, a
great play, but it probably

came too late, as Coach
Almquist is

calling his last timeout.

You're right, Ron.

-Come on, guys.

-There's still plenty
of time left.

Try and draw the foul,
if you can.

-Coach, I'm fresh.

Let me get out there.

-Sit down, Wilson.

I need Square 31.

I'm counting on you, kid.

Go get 'em.

You know,
Harvard, all game long

they've been sure.

They've been steady.

21 seconds left on the clock.

I gotta believe that they think
they have this game in


-Well, Cal's only hope is to get
Square 31, so you're going

to see Harvard go into
a prevent defense.

-And don't forget
Quinn Mallory.

This guy has really been a
disappointment all game long,

as far as I'm concerned.

-I don't get it.

I mean, how can Cal win when
they're behind by 20 points,

and 32 seconds left to play?

-California has squares
6, 7, and 36.

If they can win Square 31,
then they've outflanked

Harvard in three directions,
pick up an

additional 11 squares.

A 22-point swing.

Just enough to win.

-They're never going
to get in there.

Harvard's going to be
all over Square 31.

-Absolutely, but it ain't
over until the fat

lady closes the book.

-From softest to hardest,
what is the Mohs

scale of mineral hardness?

-Here you go.





-Apatite, orthoclase, quartz!



completed the answer to

capture Square 31.

Mallory with the ball,
and he makes it!

Unbelievable, Tom.

I-- we-- this is a miracle.

We have just seen a miracle.

Cal gets the win.

It's a miracle.

The last time I looked at that
board, it was red all over.

Square 31, Mallory's there.

What happened?

the thing is, it was Mallory

carrying his team on his back
at the end of the game,

playing like the
Mallory of old.

needed Square 31.

They get it to their
man, Mallory.

There was red all
over the box.

-Oh, they did it!

-How much did he win by?

-I don't know.

What difference does it make?

-It makes a big difference,

I've got Harvard plus
the points.

-You bet on a game that
you don't understand?

You're an idiot.

Professor, he--

where did he go?

-Let him go.

He'll come when he's ready.


Great play.

Showed up at the right time.

He sure did.

-You were so incredible.

How'd you figure it out?

-It's not like I had a choice.

-What's his problem?

-He bet against you.

-Are you kidding?

Is that true?

-You said you were clueless.

How was I supposed to know you
would pull it off in the


-How much did we lose?

- Oh.

-Rembrandt, how much
did we lose?


-All of it.

-All of it?


-Hey, look at it this way.

Things can't get any
worse, right?

-Belated welcome home,
Mr. Mallory.

-Who are you?

-Friends of friends.


-I'm confused, Quinn.

Mr. Wilson has brought it to
my attention that you've

chosen not to honor
your commitments.

Your little superstar here skips
out on a million bucks

in gambling debts, and
I am not a happy man.


-Say what?

-Desperate men do
desperate deeds.


-Hold it.

A million bucks?

-What is your problem?

Cognitive dissonance?

-Fortunately, I'm an enlightened
man, and I'm

giving you one more chance.

I want MIT to win the finals.

You vouchsafe that outcome, and
I'll absolve the million

bucks you owe me.

-If he throws the championship

you'll erase his debt?

-It's either that, or
he doesn't play.

-What if I say no?

-I will be very disappointed.


-Then you, my fine
young superstar,

will be mors maxime.

-Mors maxime?




As in, very.

Let's go.


-Wait here.



-What are you doing here?

-I'm not sure.


I just wanted to see you.

-OK, you've seen me.



Damn it, Maximillian, my
divorce lawyer says I

shouldn't have any
contact with you.

- Oh.

This is so strange.

-Are you all right?

You look terrible.

-And you look every bit
as beautiful as you

did the day we met.

Oh, I have so much to
explain to you.

How do I get through this
barrier of hostility?

Christina, I need your help.

-Oh, here we go again.

A master manipulator, hmm?

Me, me, me.

What happened, Max?

One of your starry-eyed coeds
move on to someone smarter?


-Then what?

You must have some
ulterior motive.

-But I've never--


Clearly I have done
you great wrong.

Oh, that's-- that's very good,
Max, very contrite.

This "little boy lost"
routine, it's old.

It's tired.

And most of all, my dear, I
don't believe it anymore.

-You went to see her?

Are you crazy?

-I had no choice.

Oh, I told myself I was just
going along to glean some

information about the
sliding machine.

But oh, the moment I saw her.

-Look, Professor, I don't
mean to sound callous.

I understand how this must
really hurt you.

But this woman is
not your wife.

-She is my Christina, alive.

And absurd as it may seem, I--

I feel I might have a second
chance with her.

-You're thinking of staying.

-Oh, she probably won't have
anything to do with me.

I mean, how do I explain to her
that-- that I am not her

Arturo, but I am Arturo

-Boy, talk about never really
knowing a person.

-I beg your pardon?

-Well, not you, me.

I had no idea that you
were such a romantic.

-And I had no idea that I would
have the opportunity.

-Where are you going?

-I don't know.

The woods or something.

I'm not waiting around
for those

leg-breakers to come back.

-Well, what about the
sliding system?

-What sliding system?

We've been to every laboratory
on campus.

Nobody knows anything.

Nobody's seen anything.

-It's got to be some
serious hush-hush.


On the contrary.

Our doubles are such scoundrels,
the whole thing

could be a hoax.

A hoax?

-If-- if they didn't slide,
then where did they go?

-Do you want my opinion?

I think my double is in Europe
with his mistress, having

first cleaned out the
joint bank account.

And we know that Mr. Mallory's
double has a very good reason

for disappearing.


We're supposed to be in
some elevated, super

intellectual society.

Everything's just as twisted
as it is back home.


-Intellectual refinement's
one thing.

Moral refinement's something

-Man, I knew getting involved on
this world was a bad idea.

-Oh, sure, Mr. 20/20

-Look, don't start
on me now, girl.

-You guys can argue about
it all you want.

-Quinn, wait!

Quinn, wait.


Uh, is Quinn Mallory here?

-What do you want, Boyer?

-What's your story, Mallory?

You missed practice.

-Yeah, well, something
came up.

-Come on, man, Coach
is going nuclear.

He sent me to bring you back.

-Look, tell Coach I'm
off the team.

- Same old
Mallory, Mr. I Don't Care

About Anybody Else.

After everything Coach did for
you, the stunt you pulled, and

now you're going to cost him
the championship, too.

I'm not going to be your
messenger boy, superstar.

You want to break his heart,
you're going to

have to do it yourself.


-Why weren't you at
the practice?

-I'm not going to play in
the championship, Coach.

I don't know what else to say.

-Nobody's had it any easier
than you, Mallory.

All the times that I coddled you
and covered for you, days

when you came in drunk,
and worse.

You disappear for a month
on personal business.

Did I rag on you?

-I wouldn't be much
help out there.

I haven't been myself lately.

-Well, you had a bad game.

It happens.

But you made up for it
in the final seconds.

Why do you make it so hard for
yourself and everybody else?

All the great ones were
worth the headaches.

Hawking, Sagan, they
were players.

You have a chance to
make a place for

yourself in that pantheon.

What do I need to do to
get through to you?

-It's not your fault.

-Athletes today, all you see is
dollar signs, endorsements,

TV contracts.

Nobody cares about
the game anymore.

I had a chance to win
the championship and

go out on the top.

-What do you want me to say?

I'm a jerk.


Get out of my sight.

-I'm sorry, Coach.

I really am.

-Quinn Mallory, a
word with you.

-Who are you?

-Special Agent O'Brian.

My partner, Bob Cannon.


-Look, if you guys are going to
arrest me, let's just get

it over with, OK?

You'd be doing me a favor.

-We're FBI, Mallory.

We're not in the favor-doing

-Everybody's All-America.

All those kids worship the
ground you walk on.

You make me sick.

-I'll say it again.

I'm not who you think I am.

-Who do you think you're toying
with, bright boy?

-Wait a minute.

What do you guys have on me?

-We know the whole story, son.

Tax evasion, gambling debts,

-All right, look.

You guys want to be heroes?

Get your pictures
in the paper?

What if I told you I was
just a tiny fish in a

big, stinking cesspool?

You give me a little, I'll
make your careers.


-How good of you to come.

-My lawyer would kill me if
she knew I was doing this.

-She need never know.

-Just coffee, please.

-Uh, make that two.

-Oh, really?

Not your customary vodka
and orange juice?

-Um, I'm trying to cut down.

-You said you had something
to tell me.

-Yes, I do.

And where to begin?

Christina, I am not the man
that you think I am.


-Now, for that individual who's
hurt you so much, I--

I'm sorely embarrassed
and deeply ashamed.

-What are you trying
to say, Max?

-You were--

you are the most important
thing in the world to me.

Your happiness means absolutely

And if there is any way
that we can forget

what's happened and--

and find our way back to
the joy that we knew.

-Oh, Max, I--

-I want you to delay
this divorce.

- This is the last
thing I expected to hear.

-Look, I have to go
away for a while.

There are one or two things
I have to sort out.

- Your work again?

-No, no, no, no.


I do have some problems
to solve, but

they're not physics problems.

Oh, Christina.

If you have any feeling left for
me, I beg you, give me one

more chance.

-All right, boys, this is
for the championship.

It's all on the line, everything
you worked for.

MIT is fast and smart.

We can't afford to fall
behind too early.

-U Cal!

-I appreciate it, kid.

-No problem.

satellite to 123 countries

around the globe, it's the 27th

national finals of Mindgame.

Today's championship contest is
between the University of

California Eggheads and
the Beavers of MIT.

And now, here are Ron Pitts
and Tom Jackson!

-This is what it's all about,
the noise, the adrenaline.

I've been there myself, and I
can tell you, it's hard right

now to stay calm.

seconds away from the toss-up

to start the NCAA Mindgame

-Captains, this is for the
opening possession.

100 scientists surveyed, top
three answers on the board.

Name a common characteristic
of string theory.

-Multiple dimensions.

-Answer, please.

-Mallory hits the multiple
dimensions with authority,


-Yeah, but it was only
a second answer.

-MIT can try.

-Infinite density.

Answer, please.


You know,
Mallory looks like he

really didn't buy
that top answer.

really doesn't matter as long

as he's up on defense.

I did like the way he
came out firing.

He looks like the Quinn
Mallory of old.

-In the human head, what are
the 12 cranial nerves?

-Olfactory, optic, oculomotor!

makes the tag, stopping MIT.

-Good one, Quinn.

-What did I tell you?

This looks like the
Quinn Mallory

from before his layoff.

-Name the four heaviest
chemical elements.






score by Mallory.

Timeout, Red.

-Is he trying to win?

-I don't know.

What about his deal with Joey
Fountain and the Mob?

-Like you, I'm a man of
science and a slider.

You inhabit a world which
esteems the intellect.

I inhabit a world that all too
often appears to despise it.

You have wealth, success,
fame, and a

wife that loves you.

And yet despite all of
this, you are a fool.

There was a Christina
in my world, too.

And when she died, I discovered
that I had lost

everything that gave my
life any meaning.

If you lose your Christina, I
promise you, your life will

lose its meaning too.

Don't let that happen.

My dear alter ego, you are,
after all, far too

intelligent for that.


I saw your light on.

Why aren't you at
the big game?

-I have to leave town
again, Lydia.

I want you to do me a favor.

-Of course.

-The instant I return, make
sure that I see this tape.


-I'm running late.


You have been absolutely

I will not forget you.

-What is pi to 13 places?

It's Mallory with

Cal's run yet again.


he could go all the way.

There he goes.

-1, 5, 9, 2, 6, 5!


You know, Mallory, he's playing
like a man possessed.

-3, 5!

can literally do nothing to

stop Quinn.




What a move!

Did you see that?

He carried pi out to enough
places, I think.

sure did, at full speed.

That'll give Cal better--

OK, and
that's frustration right

there, right?

I mean, if you're MIT, you've
got to be wondering,

what is going on?

What just hit you?

the best defense in the nation

is no match for Mallory on
this particular evening.

He's a guy on fire.

It's all right.

It's all right.

Shake it off.

Shake it off.

Shake it off.

Shake it off.


Personal violation.

Loss of square, Red.


-Timeout, Blue.

you're some kind of hot?

-Don't worry.

Don't worry about it.

Brush it off.

-How much time?

-Almost finished.

-I mean, till we slide?

-I told the professor we'd
meet him on the roof at a

quarter to 10:00.

-God bless you, boys.

You've played harder than I've
ever seen anyone play tonight.

-Quinn's unconscious
out there.

You all right?

-I'm wiped, Coach.

I'm seeing spots.

-Coach, I'm ready.

-Get in there.


stays on the bench,

and Wilson is in the game?

-Not a good idea, Coach.

The fix is in.


-Trust me.

-Wilson, get back here.

Boyer, in for Mallory.

appears as though Boyer will

come in for Wilson.

I'm not so sure I understand
Cal's strategy here.


-Let's go.

-What's going on?

-I said trust me, all right?

Keep Wilson out of the game.

-Come on, for God's sake.

-He's a dead man.

-Hey, you guys can't
go on the court.

-Now what is this?

Three men have just walked
out on to the court.

-Move it!

chasing Quinn Mallory.

Tom, they've chased Quinn
Mallory right off the court.

-Get off the court!

You're stopping the game.






-Come on, get out of the way!

-Get him!

-Stop him!

There he goes!

Grab him.

Grab him!


-Look out!

-Hey, hey, hey.

Let's get him.

Move it!

-Come on, hurry up!

Over here.

30 seconds.

-Hold it!

Oh, this is sweet.

This is going to be worth
the million bucks.

-Drop the gun.


-Drop the guns!

-What is this?

You set me up?


- Three, two, one.

What's he doing?

-Slide for your lives!






- Where'd he go?

-They disappeared!


What is that?


-What's that mean?

-So long, suckers.