Sliders (1995–2000): Season 1, Episode 5 - Summer of Love - full transcript

Wade and Rembrandt (Sabrina Lloyd, Cleavant Derricks) are treated as gods when the sliders land on an Earth where free love and thinking still exists. Guest star: Jason Gaffney.

Open up.

-Conrad Bennish, Jr?


Who wants to know?



What are you guys doing here?

Oh, hey, if it's about that
bong, I just bought, I thought

it was a plant holder.


-Come with us.


Look at this place.

Great equipment.

What's he using this
stuff for?



The construction is beautiful.

-Mr. Bennish?

-Mr. Bennish, please
have a seat.

-This guy's a genius?

-Mr. Bennish, please sit down.

Quinn Mallory.

-Advanced physics student,
specialist in

super string theory.

Your friend and classmate,


-Professor Maximillian P.
Arturo, University of

California, noted international

expert in the field of ontology
and cosmology.

Wade Kathleen Wells, Quinn's
co-worker, currently attending

North Shore Junior College.

Majoring in extemporaneous
poetry and prose.

-Awe, you got to
love it, dude.

A chick with a poetic lick.

-These three individuals have
been missing since Tuesday,

Mr. Bennish.

We have reason to believe a
fourth individual may also

have disappeared.

Rembrandt Brown, also known
as the "Cooking Man."

-Crying Man.


A neighbor has claimed to
witness a screaming person

fitting his description drive
a red Cadillac into a huge

blue whirlpool that emanated
from this house.

She says it vanished
like a ghost.


-If you have any information
regarding these events, you

better speak up now.

-Hey look, I don't know
anything, all right?

-But you do know about
the bridge.

-Uh, incredible.

Just last week Conrad Bennish
and I were discussing the

bridge, and now

I've crossed it.

I mean I've really crossed it!

-Is that possible?

You need to maintain quantum
coherence over a microscopic

compact region of
time and space.

-The bridge, Conrad.

We need to know.

What is it?

-Well, it's a hypothetical

A connecting point between

If they've crossed the bridge,
if that's why they're missing,

it means they may have journeyed
to a parallel Earth.

-Uh, oh, ah.

-Ohh, ah.

-What's the matter professor?

-Ah, you kicked me in the ribs,

that's what's the matter.

Next time we slide, watch
where you flail.

-Hey, this could
be home, right?

-Then where is everybody?

-Well, look at the
bright side.

At least it's peaceful
and quiet.

-Mr. Mallory, what seems
to be the problem?

-Oh, the timer needs a
rest, and so do we.

Maybe we can find a
place to lie down.

We haven't slept in--

There are now

10 minutes to zero.

The swarm is approaching
from the south.


you have not evacuated the

city, may God have mercy
on your soul.

What if you
could find brand new worlds

right here on Earth where
anything is possible?

Same planet, different

I found the gateway.

The swarm has now
reached the outskirts of the

deserted city.

Given the massive devastation
in Southern California, it's

hard to imagine anyone would be
foolish enough to venture

within 100 miles
of this place.

-Of course, who else could
possibly be here but us?

The happy wanderers.

The South American
spider wasp is a hybrid

creature created in a Venezuelan
lab as a potential

form of pest control.

A queen escaped from the
compound in 1987, and in just

eight short years the brood she
fostered has moved 2,000

miles north cutting a path of
death and destruction in its

wake with a wingspan reaching
up to a foot--

-Don't tell me that.

--barbed stingers
filled with venom, and an

immunity to pesticides,
the spider wasps

have yet to be slowed.

-I think we better
get indoors.

their ability to eat through

walls renders most buildings
extremely vulnerable to


-That does it.

That just does it.

Listen up.

I want to go home.

You dig what I'm saying?


Now, let's go.

OK, then forget home.

Let's just leave here.

-What has gotten into you?

-I hate spiders!

I'd rather face a vampire after
I cut myself shaving

than deal with a spider.

-Yeah, but these are more
of a wasp than a spider.

-That's supposed to make me feel
better, girl, that these

spiders can fly and
sting my head off?

-This thing's on
its last legs.

We have to let it cool off.

-Good heavens.

-Oh my God!

-Look, the timer may be
messed up, Quinn, but

we've got to go.




Let's go.




-Ladies first.

-Mr. Mallory.

Good heavens, Mr. Mallory,
do something.

Do something, Mr. Mallory.

-Come on, come on.

Come on, come on!

Work, work!

All right, Professor,
it's open!

Go, go!

-Killer groovy, man.

The prophets have arrived.

All our problems are over.

-Oh, no, no, no.

We're alone.

When the gate closed, it must
have shut off the tunnel Wade

and Rembrandt were sliding
through, then we slid down a

different path to a
different Earth.

-Mr. Mallory, do you mind having
a look at my back?

Is it about to do
something nasty?

Get it off, please.


Perhaps it's dead.

Ooh, no, no.

Mr. Mallory, please.

-Don't worry, Professor,
I used to

quarterback in high school.

Hold perfectly still.

-Uh, oh, oh.

-They're not coming, are they?

They never made it through!

Whatever this place is,
we're here for keeps.

-I am Skidd.

This is Seeker.

And this is Fling.


-Skidd just told me I was his
latest fling, so I changed my

name to prove my love.

-Can you guys tell
us where we are?

-You're at our commune, man,
just outside of San Francisco.

-San Francisco, man,
that's not bad.

What year is it?

-It's 1995.

-Who's the governor?

-Pete Wilson, man.


Who's the President?

-Oliver North, man.

-You look tired.

Come with us.

We'll take you to a loving place
where you can rest and

be refreshed.

-Look, we could use some
shut eye, Wade.

I'll go back and search Cheney
Street later, just in case.

-Oh, join us.

US out!

US out!

US out!

US out!

US out!

US out!

US out!

-Hey, man!

US out!

US out!

US out!

-Hold still.


Quarterback, indeed.

What kind of offense
did you run?


-Now you tell me.

Couldn't we have got some
ordinary medical tape?


Something a little less

-You said no doctors.

This will do the trick
just fine.


-Hey, check it out, brother.

-And just look at this lot.

I hated the '60s when
it was the '60s.

Tune in, turn on, turn
over, an endless

battle about free love.

Totally irresponsible hogwash.

Let's face it, lad, Wade and
Rembrandt are probably on an

alternate Earth.

And they have no idea how
much I envy them.

Go away!

Street idiot.

A completely wasted

-September, "down from
the sky," man.

What more do you want?

-It's true, Trem.

We saw it.

-So we've got two unearthly
prophets, disguised as humans,

sleeping in our tents.

What are we supposed to
do when they wake up?

-We're going to act normal.

We're going to keep an
eye and an ear open.

Because every word they
utter could have a

profound multiple meaning.

-Oh, yeah.

Right on, man.

-Oh man, so far out.

-Man oh man, this is
heaven on Earth!

Do you ladies know me?

I mean, is that why you're
doing all of this?

-Skidd recognized you the
moment you landed.

When he told us who you
were, we nearly

dropped to our knees.

-Damn, I wasn't sure the Crying
Man had made a mark in

this world.

Now I can see I had nothing
to worry about.

-We'll be back.

-We love you. -Later.

- Cry like a
man, do-do-do-do.

You girls are blowing my mind.

Come on and walk with me.

Say guys, when my companion
wakes up, could you tell her

I've gone into town to look
for, well, our other


-Oh, then there are
more of you?

-Yeah, two more.

Their probably stuck
on another world.

Now I know that must
sound crazy.

-No, no, no, it makes
perfect sense.

Your kind travel from
world to world.

We'll always do whatever
you say.

-I wish all my fans
had that attitude.

Hey, Skidd man, can I catch
a ride into town?

-Yeah, sure man, unless
you want to take

one of our cars yourself.

-Well, how many cars you got?



-Are they stolen?

-Oh, hardly man.

Seeker's father owns
have of India.

He donated the cars
and the mansion.

The main house, just over
the hill there, it's

got about 85 rooms.


I'll be damned.

You guys are rich.

-Well, we may be into Mother
Earth and spiritual values,

but we're not stupid.


-Wall Street has loving
things to say as well.


You know I used to live in
that house years ago?

Looks like some kind
of party going on.

Think they'd mind if I
took a peek inside?


Neighborhood's as friendly
as ever.

That's why I moved out.

-Dear family and friends, we
are gathered here today to

honor the memory of my late
husband, Rembrandt Brown.

When the telegram arrived saying
Rembrandt was missing

in action and presumed dead,
my whole world collapsed.

But thanks to you, his family
and friends, Rembrandt, Jr.

And I find a way to
go on somehow.

Rembrandt was a good father, a
loving husband, and most of

all, the best friend
anyone could have.

You got anything you want
to add, Cezanne?

-For those of you that don't
know me, I'm Cezanne Brown,

Rembrandt's big brother.

Right on, right on.

Right on, right on.

-I would just like to think
that, well, there's someway up

there that Remy can hear me,
and I just want him to know

that, well, that I forgive
him for all the times

that he let me down.

I'm sure
we all feel that way.

-See the truth of the matter
is, is that Rembrandt was

jealous of me, because I was
the family achiever.

-Give me a break.

-I mean, could I help it that I
was born the better athlete,

the better student?

-It's not you fault, Cezanne.

-No, it's not my fault.

-It's not true either.

-Now we all know that, well,
Remy liked his music.

-Even thought about trying
to make a career

of it at some point.

-I mean, could I help it that
the Lord blessed me with more

musical talent?

-Musical talent?

-You couldn't carry a tune if it
was strapped to your back!

-You're supposed to be dead.

-Watch your head, there, boy.



Wow, it's really you.

-My love.

You've come back to us.

It's a miracle from God.

-Now that Dad's not
dead, can we eat?

-Of course, honey.

Everyone, this is no
longer a wake.

It's a celebration!

-Two cups of coffee, please.

Sure thing.

-Aw, shoot.

Even the older generation's
dropping out.

What are you looking
at dropout?

Clean yourself up
and get a job.

-I have a job, sir.

I am Regent's Professor of
cosmology and ontology at

California University.

-Yeah, and I'm Snoop
Hippie Dogg.

Quit tripping, grandpa, and
button your lip before I haul

your psychedelic ass down
to the station.

-Impudent yahoos.

-Professor, that's Bennish.

-Good heavens, so it is.

And I can actually
see his ears.

-Hi there, I'm Conrad Bennish,
Jr., president of the Young

Republicans for the War.

Remember, gentlemen, conformity,

they're not dirty words.

Take pride in the love
of God and country.

Hi there, I'm Conrad Bennish,
Jr., president of The Young

Republicans for the War.

-That was quite a speech.

-Hey, man, you know I was
only jiving, man.

I knew you were there
the whole time.

Don't sweat it, Cezanne.

I'm not offended because I'm
not really your brother.

I'm from another dimension,
a whole other planet.

That woman there, Sharon?

I had the biggest crush on her
in high school, but I never

had the guts to ask her out.

Now we're married, and she
worships the ground I walk on.

-Are we talking about
the same Sharon?

-This is paradise, man.

I got a nice house, a devoted
son, Rembrandt, Jr. I couldn't

have chosen a finer name.

This is the life I was
meant to live.

It's all clear to me now.

-What are you saying?

-I'm saying that I'm staying.

I always dug the '60s groove.

I could start my musical
career all over again.

I'll be bigger than I
ever was back home.

If such a thing is possible.

I got it!


-You trippin'.

Another dimension.

Man, you had me going
there for a second.

Well, baby, you have come back
for the perfect time for

grooving, because it's time
to be free and fight

the powers that be.

Let me tell you about
the women, baby.

Women, man, they are so--

I'm going to let you two talk.

Right on, right on.

-Uh, did we go to the
prom together?

-Don't you remember?

You asked, and I said, no.

I barely knew you were
alive back then.

-Some things never change.

-It took 10 long years
of nagging before I'd

even go out with you.

What's the matter, honey?

Something wrong with
your memory?

-Yeah, that's it.

I kind of lost some of my recall
temporarily, yeah.

-How convenient.

I know you've been fooling
around on me over there.

But tonight I'm going to
remind you what home

cookin is all about.

You said you
had a lot of questions to ask?

-Mistress, you look troubled.

-Well, Rembrandt said that he'd
be back soon, and it's

been a day now.

But he's a Gemini so
you never know.

-Gemini, what is that?

-It's a sign.

You know, like, I'm a Virgo, and
my friend Quinn's a Libra.

No astrology on this world?

Well, I guess we've got some
catching up to do.

Wow, yeah.

-The timer is useless in
its present condition.

But hope is still alive.

Are you familiar with
Alexander Helix?


Yes, the Helix spiral!

I see where you're going.

-It would seem prudent that we
put our collective genius

together if ever we ever
we are to get home.

Are you game?

-Of course, I'll do whatever
it takes to get us home.

-Oh, good lad.

Now, seems we need a place to
hole up if we're to work out

the schematics of this thing,
given our current state of

near poverty, a loft
would suffice.

It so happens that there is
one in walking distance.

-Furnished loft for rent
on monthly basis.

No pets, radicals, draft
dodgers, musicians or other

counterculture types allowed.

Must be clean living, drug
free and patriotic.

Well, I guess what they don't
know won't hurt them.

-Ever spit on the flag?

-Certainly not.

-I'd never do a thing
like that.

-How do you feel
about the war?

-We don't follow it much.

We have no opinion.

-I see.

So you'd have me believe
you are real

non-political types, right?

I won't allow any sympathizing
with the Outback Cong under my

roof, understood?

This fight ain't just
with the Aussies.

If South Australia falls, it's
just a hop, skip and a jump to

our shores.

-Well, we can have that.

Boomerangs and kangaroos

What a nightmare.

-You will have to forgive
my kid brother.

His sense of humor takes
some getting used to.


I thought you said he
was your father?


Well, I am, I am.

I had him when I was
very, very young.

Oh, those hot summers of one's
promiscuous youth.

You remember?

Well, the reason I called him
my brother is because we're

that close.

Strong family values, hey?

-Listen up.

I'm going to rent you
the place for a

week on a trial basis.

And that is only because the
last two people to apply were

a rock drummer and a nudist.

And compared to them, and
only them, you two

just might be OK.

-Don't worry Mrs. Tweak,
we're A-OK.

Right, Dad?



FBI informant line.

The President's Emergency War
Powers Act allows us to accept

reports on anti-social behavior
that may threaten the

stability of our nation.

Please leave the information
at the tone.

-This is Mrs. Ezra
Tweak again.

I just rented my loft at
14 Bales Street to two


They paid in cash, lied
about who they were,

and referred to quote--

-"promiscuous youth,"
end quote.

I believe they have come to
kill the President who's

visiting our city
this weekend.

As a concerned, as a concerned
citizen, I urge around the

clock surveillance followed
by direct intervention.

I think we've got to bring these
two in dead or alive.


Yes, yes, yes, yes.




Wake up.

It's 4 o'clock.

Wake up, wake up.

Your turn to bat, 4:00 AM.

Oh, the schematics of this
are proving to be

intriguingly difficult.

It will take us many hours of
sustained computation to come

up with a satisfactory

Go to it.

Got to it, go to it.

Wake me up at 7 o'clock.

Remember, we need clothes
and food in the morning.

-I'll take care of
it, Professor.

Right now, I need coffee.

-Lord, that woman is
hell on wheels!

She wore me out.

If she says one more time,
one more time, I'm--

hello, Junior I was just
commenting on what a wonderful

woman your mom is.

-Save it!

We both know the score.

-You know, I've always wanted
to have a son just like you,

chip off the old block.

OK, let's see what
we got here.

Whoa, looks like Mom's got
to do some shopping.

-Who you kiddin?

Now that your home, you'll be
doing all the shopping.

No man on earth is as
whipped as you.


Oh, I get it, yeah, you got that
keen sense of humor, too.

-And you better clean up the
house, and fix her coffee

before she wakes up.

She'll kick your tail but good
if you don't get to it.

-Boy, now we going to
have to have a talk.

Now you may have spoken to your
father that way in the

past, but it isn't going
to fly anymore.

bring me my morning coffee!

And make sure it's hot.

-You better get on that coffee,
Jack, that's if you

plan blend of keeping
your huevos.

Ha, ha, ha, ha.

-All right, you've had
your day of fun.

Don't think cause you home means
you got time to be lazy.

I've got a list of chores
for you, so get hopping.

Come on now.

The early bird gets the worm.

Get moving.

-What happens when you die?

-Well, I can't say.

I've never died.

-Oh, she's immortal.


-Oh wow, of course,
she is, man.

I could have told you that.


-We feel our movement will
sweep the world.

All people will eventually
reject commercialism and adopt

the concepts of love,
peace and freedom.

The Summer of Love
will never end.

Please tell us that's true.

-Yes, it's-- it's true.

-Oh, man.

-Thank you.


I didn't come two zillion
light years to become

somebody's houseboy.

Next time she comes in here, I'm
going to give her a piece

of my mind.

I really am.

-Uh, you missed a spot.

Mom's not going to like that.

-Yeah, well, don't you
worry about it.

And who was that at the door?

-Army telegram.

I gave it to Mom first.

Want to see?

-Dear Mrs. Brown, pleased to
inform you that Sergeant First

Class Rembrandt Lee Brown, 42nd
Infantry has been rescued

from the Outback.

-Sergeant Brown is resting
comfortably at a Melbourne

hospital and is expected
to fully recover.

He will be contacting
you shortly.

Signed, Lt.

William A. Calley, United
States Army.

-She's in the bedroom
loading up.

-Did you say loading up?

-Right on.

Now that she knows you're an
imposter, she's going to teach

you a lesson as soon
as she find some

shells for her shotgun.



-Oh, don't even try to run.

Letting off a gun is
a federal offense!

-Get back here you gigolo.

-Fool woman.

-Jive turkey.

-Rise and shine professor.

I bought breakfast.

Found out what this
war's all about.

It seems the US lost the battle
at the Coral Sea during

World War II and the Japanese
invaded Australia.

When the Nazis surrendered,
the Russians entered the

Pacific War and helped liberate
North Australia.

But they never gave it back.

Now the North's attacking
the South.

-Humph different Earths,
identical mayhem.

-I spent all morning looking
for our friends.

No go.


Cookies, peanut butter, Ritz
crackers, Wolfgang

Puck you are not.

-Beggars can't be choosers.

We're not exactly rolling
in the dough, you know.

Oh, bought some clothes at
a second hand store.

I took a guess at your size.

You can change in the bathroom
if you want.

-Well, that's damned
a bit kind of you,

my boy, well done.

Is this some kind of
joke, Mr. Mallory?


I think you look very
cool, Professor.

Ultra hip, if you will.

-Yes, I'm sure.

Now let's get back
to this equation.

-No, I solved that already.


-It wasn't that hard.

The important thing is
I've got good news.

There is a window
of opportunity.

A precise moment when we
can access the gate.

FBI, open up!

Kick it down!

Don't move!

-Just hold still, kid.

If you move a muscle, I'll have
to blow your head off.

-I don't suppose you people
have ever heard of such a

thing as a search warrant.

-We've heard of it, but
we don't need one.

President North's new law gives
us a lot more leeway

with the likes of you.

Thank God we finally got an
honest man in the White House.

So you got any idea what they're
trying to cook up?

-Could be some kind of
elaborate pipe bomb.

-Pipe bomb?

You blistering idiot.

A pipe bomb's child's play
compared to that.

Well, that is to say, it's
nothing like a pipe bomb.

It's a--

Oh I'm gonna cry

like a man.

Cry like a man--





It was the Crying Man.

He didn't see me, but
I've got stop him!

-You're not going anywhere.

-Drop those guns.


Stop him, Mr. Mallory, quick.

-Rembrandt, stop!

Rembrandt, no.


-Speaking of trippers,
look at that fool.

There oughta be some kind
of law Wait a minute.

Hey, that's Q-Ball!

-Where's the professor?

-Go, go!

Get in the car!

-Come on, Professor!

Come on, come on.

-Go, go.

-Seems like you two make friends
wherever you go.

Why am I not surprised?

The problem
with the Australian conflict

is it's an undeclared war.

A war run by politicians
playing for stalemate.

It's likely to go on for a long
time without resolution

and a lot of good people
are going to die.

I'm not advising
you not to go.

I'm just urging you to follow
your conscience.

-How about that, fellows.

Leave the girl alone for a day
or two, and she becomes a full

fledged guru.


-Yes, well, that was remarkably

stupid of you Miss Wade.

You know nothing of this world,
nothing of their war,

the proper position should
have been, no comment.

-Some truths are universal.

I mean, besides, if we can bring
some of the things that

we've learned on our world to
parallel cultures, then

I say, go for it.

We can't just slide from place
to place aimlessly.

We have to get involved.

And don't tell me what to do!



-I'm not your student.

-Save it, you two.

Come on, we've got to go.

Come on.

All right, all right,
right here.

-What are our chances
of getting home?

-No one know how many parallel
earths there are.

Six, 600, or 6 million.

-I got the weapons.


-Well if there's six, home's
just around the corner.

-And what if there's
6 million?

-They we have an awful
lot of sliding to do.

-Come on, let's go.

-All right, let's do it!

-Thank you for your hospitality
and goodbye!


-Stay cool, y'all.

Great car!

Sorry about the lights!


-No, don't go!

-I have to, you guys.

But thanks for everything.

And remember, all you
need is love.

Love is all you need.

-Freeze, hold it right there.



-You OK?

-48 minutes till the
next window.

Unless, unless this is home.

-Can anyone hear a curious
rumbling sound that appears to

be coming from the west?

-What do you say we just
wait right here.

Whatever it is, it will
be here soon enough.

-There's something you
all should know--

I can't swim.