Sliders (1995–2000): Season 1, Episode 3 - Last Days - full transcript

The Sliders arrive in a world where an asteroid is about to collide with Earth and end all life. Unfortunately, they are stuck in this world for 72 hours. Professor Arturo may be the only one who can save them and this Earth.

-Is everyone all right?

-My neck's a little sore.

I had to flip sideways to
avoid slamming into the

professor back in the void.

-Yes, others take note.

The first casualty of
sliding is dignity.

-Nice parking job.

-Hey, I think I know
this street.

It's two blocks south
of Cheney.

-Watch it.

-Clear the street.

Emergency vehicles only.

-This is San Francisco.

-Yes, but is it our
San Francisco?

-72 hours and change.

Plenty of time to find out.

-Well, home or not, I really
enjoy the vibe here.

People kissing like there's
no tomorrow.

-When was the last time
you kissed someone?

-Wouldn't you like to know?

-Come along Mr. Mallory,

-$17.00 for an apple?

-What is this place,
inflation world?

-I don't think so.

-Where's everybody going?

-Look, mister, I've got
enough problems here.

I wouldn't do that.

-Or you'll what?

What are you going
to do about it?

-You're not even worth
the paperwork.

-How many times do you
get a chance to do

that in your life?

-Excuse me, sir, could you
tell us what is going on?

-What's going on is the biggest
sale in the history of

discount electronics.

Now how about a nice big screen
TV to monitor events as

they happen from around
the world?

related news, residents along

the West Coast continue to hit
the highways today clogging

major arteries in a frantic
attempt to reach higher ground

despite the government's

against unnecessary travel.

And in San Francisco, the Union
of Concerned Scientists

led by Dr. Lee Antonovich met
to consider last minute

solutions to the
matter at hand.

-What's going on?

What's everybody expecting
to happen here?

-You people just crawl out
from under a rock?

The asteroid's coming?


-Yeah, it's the end
of the world.

We've known for months.

-When does it arrive?

What time exactly?

-Friday, 6:20 in the evening
at Pacific Standard Time.

-That's two days time.

-How long are we here?

-Three days.

What if you
could find brand new worlds

right here on earth where
anything is possible?

The same planet, different

I found the gateway.

-Dagnabbit, that does it.

-All right, all right,
calm down.

-What do you mean, calm down?

I'm not ready to die.

-Who is?

-You miss the point, girl, the
fact that I would never bless

this world with another hit
single is bad enough, but to

think that the Crying Man
might be taken out by a

passing comet?

-Not a comet, an asteroid.

-Oh, you, I don't even
want to talk to.

-Come back.


-Now is not the time
to split up.

-He is the reason we're
in this mess.

-We'll figure something out, but
we have to stick together.

-How, Quinn?


I mean, how you going
to figure it out?

-Good question.

-Look, no hard feelings,
all right?

I just need some time to myself,
try to figure out what

I'm going to do.

-All right, let him go.

All right, we'll reconvene here
Friday night, 5 o'clock.

-Rembrandt, are you
going to be here?

-Yeah, yeah, yeah.


-I can't say I blame
him at all.

-Now what?

-I don't know about you guys,
but I think that we should try

and find our families.

-Wait, we don't even know
if they exist here.

-Well, we should try.

-We have no idea what the
scientists of this world are

doing to solve the problem.

Maybe we can give them a hand.

All right, all right, cut
along with Miss Wells.

-Are you sure you're
OK with this?

Thank you.

-All right, here's my address.

This is where we'll be at.

-Otherwise, we'll meet
back here on Friday.

At least, we'll be
able to spend our

last few hours together.

-Until then.

Mr. Moon.

Is your computer on
the internet?

-It'll cost you.

The object known as 2956

Yoeman is 10.36 miles in
diameter traveling at a speed

of 43,000 miles per hour on an
unalterable collision course

with the westernmost portion
of the United States.

Contrary to some of the
blandishments being issued by

our government, the asteroid
will not bypass the earth.

It cannot be brought down by
missiles, and it will not

shatter into smaller meteors
when it enters the atmosphere.

2956 Yoeman is coming.

And it is significantly larger
than the asteroid that struck

the Yucatan 65 million years ago
to which we attribute the

extinction of the dinosaurs.

-What about nuclear weapons?

-Hey you, come on.


give it back man -Bennish.

-We've got to try
the atomic bomb.

It's our only chance.

Einstein made a mistake.

-You are the only physicist in
the world who believes that.

Einstein, Fermi and Oppenheimer
explain their

failures with the Adiabatic

There isn't enough fissionable
material available in nature.

-Reread my analysis
Dr. Antonovich.

The detonator was misaligned.

Hey, let me go.

-When you have a credible
theory, we will listen to you.

-The end of the world's
on your head, man.

It's on you.

-Come on.

-It's on you, you bystanders.

-Ladies and gentlemen, please.



-Can I help you?

-Don't touch my stuff.

-No matter how far I travel Mr.
Bennish, you are always a

thorn in my flesh.

-And who are you anyway?

-Well, let's just call me
a fellow scientist.

Now did I understand this
debate correctly?

The Trinity program, the
first test of a nuclear

device was a failure.

-Not much of a scientist
if you don't know that.

-And Einstein attributed this
failure to the fact that there

was not enough uranium
in the world to build

a successful bomb.

-Right, the Adiabatic Limit.

-And thus, the world
was spared.



Bogus, that's what I've
been trying to say.

-Can I have a look at that?

-What for?

-Because Mr. Bennish, I believe
that you are a genius.



52 hours to impact.



52 hours to impact.

-Can I help you, sir?

Well, I haven't been inside
a church in quite a while.

-No time like the present.

-Yeah, I was, I was just
thinking that, uh, we might be

meeting our end soon, and I'm
a long way from home.

I was hoping you might
have some answers.

-Providing answers
is a tall order.

What I tell my parishioners is
live these last few days to

the fullest potential.

God loves you, son.

Count on that.

-Yeah, I hope you're right.

If not, I'll find
out soon enough.

-You say you're a long
way from home?

Perhaps we can provide the
community that you seek.

-Church work.

-Helping others is the first
step towards helping yourself.

Yeah, well, thanks Rev, but I
don't think that's for me, not

with these being the
last hours and all.

I, uh, I sort of need to kick
out the jams, you know?

-I understand.

-It's all here.


Einstein's letter to Roosevelt
in 1944 saying the bomb was


-How did you get hold of this
incredible archive?

-I told you, dude.

I'm a doctoral candidate.

I know more about Einstein
than Mrs. Einstein.

I've even got the prototype.

-You've got the prototype of a
bomb, here in San Francisco?

-Ready, willing, and able.

Fat Boy.

-I beg your pardon?

Fat Boy, the name of the
bomb is Fat Boy.

-The name of the bomb was Fat
Man you blistering idiot.

-Well, the schematic seemed to
track until I got my hands on

the real deal and opened
up the housing.

-Do you mean to say that they
actually allowed you

to touch the bomb?

-Yeah, sure, sorta.

It's just a museum piece to
them gathering dust with a

sign on it that said,
Einstein's Folly.

-Mr. Bennish, appalling as this
thought may be, you and I

are going to be spending
a lot of time together.

-No way, chief.

I've got a girlfriend.

-Don't be an idiot.

-You and I are going to
make an atom bomb.


-What are you looking at?

-What, you couldn't wait
until tomorrow, man?

You're going to die anyway.

-I didn't see you.

-Hey, Jimmy.

Get her a size 7, huh?

You like, huh?

We plucked her right out of
the emergency room, man.

She's got all the tranquilizers
you can eat.

-All sales are final.

-So uh, where you guys going?

-End of the world blowout
up on Nob Hill.

The more the merrier.

You coming, man?

Hey, what's your name, man?


-OK guys, let's make
room for Rembrandt.

-All right.

Let's go.

-The key's under the mat,
that's a good sign.

-What if they come back?

-They probably went down
to Carmel to be with my


-Yeah, well, if my family
doesn't exist on this world,

what makes you think
that yours does?

-There's my picture.

-Oh, nice haircut.

-You know what this means?

I live here.

-This place hasn't been
used in years.

Maybe some of my equipment
is still here though.

-Let's hope so.


Dinosaur stuff?

-It's not a complete

I've always been into

It's here.

-The other slider.

They must have slid off
this Earth to get

away from the asteroid.

-Maybe, but I can't tell what he
did or how far he got till

I check out some of
the equipment.

-Yeah, but there's a chance?

-It's our only chance.

-Very interesting,
Mr. Bennish.

Very interesting.

-You ain't seen nothing yet.

-My god.

-Beauty, huh?

Roosevelt was hoping they could
use it to blow up Japan.

The Second World War might have
ended five years earlier,

saved a lot of lives.

-Mr. Bennish.

Do you have any idea of the
incredible destructive power

that lies dormant under
our fingertips?

Do we have the right to unleash
the nuclear genie on

an unsuspecting world?

-Yeah, well it's not going to
be a world if we don't--

-You are absolutely right.

I have studied nuclear

I believe I have a solution.

You are quite right about
the detonator.

In fact, you are 90% of the
way to the solution.

We have to focus
the shockwaves.

-Focus them?

-Yes, now follow my reasoning.

The explosives on the outer
shell cannot produce a

sufficient implosion to
detonate the core.


Because the shockwaves do not
arrive simultaneously.

Now, we create lenses, bits of
metal of differing densities

to slow down the fast ones
so that they all arrive


Of course, the densities of the
metal and the shapes are

quite critical.

-How are we going to do that?

I mean, trial and error?

-Oh, no, no,no, it's
all up here.

It's all up here, Mr. Bennish.

Now we're going to need
aluminum, lead, beryllium if

they have some.

Let's see what else.

-The lens focuses the shock
wave sufficient to cause a

chain reaction.


-I beg your pardon?

-Do you realize what
you've done?

-At the moment Mr. Bennish,
we have done nothing.

But I do believe that we have a
chance of retrofitting this

old brute provided we can get
the lenses made and act



We'll, uh, we'll share
the patent, right?

-Mr. Bennish, if we are
successful, I'm sure there

will be enough credit
to go around.

And if we are not, there will
not be another major life form

on this planet for about
100 million years.

-I trust you, dude.

-You do Mr. Bennish?

Ha, awesome.

-All right.


-Whose place is this?

-Who cares?

What are you worried about?

The resale value?

-Hey, really, really,
lighten up, man.

Eternity's forever.

We've got like, 24 hours left.

I'm going to party with every
girl in this joint.

-Having fun?

-I am now.

-Caroline Fontaine.

-Rembrandt Brown.

-Really, like the painter?

-No, like the singer.

Look out.

Hey, he's trashing the place.

-Don't worry about it.

It's my house.

-Hey, what's up?

-This is Rembrandt.

This is Adam, my husband.

-Hey, Rembrandt, welcome.

Mi casa, su casa, right?


-Rembrandt was just about
to ask me to dance.

-Yeah, well, uh, she's
all yours, man.

-All I could find was
aluminum foil.

-That'll do.

-How's it going?

-Getting there.

-Well, is there anything
else that I can do?


-Uh, what time is it?

It's after two, you've been
working eight hours straight.

-Come here.

I've got to show
you something.

Incredible discovery today.

I'm closing in on infiltration
of the space time continuum.

Soon I may be able to voyage
back through centuries to the

land of the Allosaurus and the
Brachiothyx, maybe even to the

dawn of time itself.

Could you imagine?

Basically, the guy was heavy
into the dinosaurs.

He was working on time travel.

-We don't want to
go back in time.

We want to go home.

-I don't even think time
travel's possible.

That's not the point.

If we can reconfigure the
internals and then cinch the

timework to the new frequency,
maybe there'll be enough kick

left in this thing to accelerate
us all out of here.

What's wrong?

-We've got 16 hours left.

Has it ever occurred to you that
maybe we could talk to

one another?

Maybe discuss how we feel
about all this?

-You're right.

Just give me a half an hour and
then I'll take a break.

-Around the globe, the world
braced for the apocalypse with

an unprecedented show
of peace and amity.

In Belfast, Ireland, Catholic
and Protestants shared a

morning of prayer.

Elsewhere in Bosnia-Herzegovina,
the six

month truce between Serbs and
Muslims continued to hold.

Not so in the occupied West
Bank, however, where Israelis

and Palestinians greeted the
second-to-last day with

renewed violence.

Meanwhile, at the Vatican,
doctors force Pope John Paul

II to rest after--

-Oh, no, no.


Are you OK?

-Now what?

It's fried.

It was our only chance.

-Don't worry.

We'll be OK.

You tried.

You did everything you could.

-I wouldn't even be in this mess
if I knew what the hell I

was doing.

-I'm the one that
wanted to slide.

Remember our little spin
around the universe?

Quinn, please sit down.

Hey, look at me.

I have no regrets, understand?

Yeah, yeah, I miss my family.

Of course, I don't want to die,
but I have done more and

seen more since we started
sliding than I

ever imagined possible.

I don't know, maybe I'm crazy,
but I really feel connected to

all those other Wades
out there.

They're all me.

If I die here, at least I know
they're going to go on.

-Will you shut off that
bloody noise?

The fate of the entire world is
in my hands, and I feel as

if I've got guitars exploding
in my head.

-Oh, sorry man.

Why don't I put on something
a little more mellow?

-I could have finished these
calculations half an hour ago

if I didn't have to put up with
this cacophonous wailing.

-Yeah, well, you better pick up
the pace bro, because that

asteroid's not going
any slower.

-Well, it's amazing I can
actually add two to two with

you in the same room
Mr. Bennish.

-You know, Max, I've been
thinking, if this thing really

works, and we live past
tomorrow, it opens up all

kinds of possibilities.

Nuclear cars, nuclear power
plants, electricity so cheap

it will cost pennies a month.

-Yes, and what about nuclear
waste, Bennish.

-Put it in a rocket and shoot
it straight into the sun.

-Oh, that's a good one.

Yes, the rocket fails, you dump
thousands and thousands

of pounds of radioactivity on
the general population.

-So bury it, or dump
it in the ocean.

What's the big deal?

We'll figure something out.

-Oh, I'm sure you
will, Bennish.

I'm sure you will.

-I mean, who's going to say
no to us anyway, man?

We've got the atom bomb.

I've got to wiz.


-It's all that cream
soda, man.



26 hours to impact.



26 hours to impact.

26 hours to impact.

-All right everybody,
it's only 13 hour

left, so let's party.

There's no tomorrow.

-Hey, what's going on?

-Party games.

-Hey, man, I hope that
thing isn't loaded.

-Ah, just one in the chamber.

-And that's the fun of it.

-Your turn rich man.

-Adam, don't.

-Hey, cool it, baby, cool it.

But I'm touched.

Truly I am.

I'm very touched.

Why not you do it for me?

Do it for us, baby.

Do it for me.

I mean, I know you want to.

-You're ridiculous.


We're all going to die anyway.

Come on, baby.

What the hell do you
think you're doing?

-What the hell is wrong
with you, huh?

She's your wife.


So what?

We're all in this game
together, right?

-Let's go, Caroline, OK?

And let's just leave here.

-You're welcome to her, man,
you're both losers.

-That'd be mine.

-Yeah, well, don't
hurt yourself.

-You have fun, now.

-Maybe the dust cloud won't be
as bad as they think or they

miscalculated somehow.

-It's OK.

I don't want to spend my last
few worrying about something

that I have no control over.

-You're amazing.

I never realized it.

-There's a lot of things about
me you never realized.

-Oh yeah?

What else?

-Do you have any matches?

-I'll go check.

If I had to do it over
again, I wouldn't

have been so impatient.

I would've waited till I knew
more about what I was doing

before I started sliding.

-Part of me likes not being in
control, just having to go

with the experience.

It's like when I am
in control, I--

I just can't let go, you know,
like I'm always afraid to do

what I want or say what
I'm really feeling.

-Come on.

Oh yeah.

-This feels good.

-It does?

Dip, oh.

-Ah, there you are.

You've got to come at once.

I need your help.

Ah, food.

I can't remember when
I last ate.

Listen, I have just recreated
the atom bomb with the help of

your obnoxious friend, Bennish.


-Apparently in this world, the
Manhattan Project was a hoax.

Einstein rigged the bomb
so it wouldn't explode.


-Couldn't accept the moral
responsibility you see and,

frankly, I don't blame him.

Anyway there's some
inconsistencies in my


Now I refuse to trust that
metal head Bennish with

anything so important.

You're going to have to run
back stop for me, so the

technicians can make the final
adjustments when they load the

bomb onto the missile.

-What missile?

-The missile that we
are just about to

launch against the asteroid.

Do you not keep up
with the news?

Well, we've been kind of busy.


Well, the head of the union of
distinguished scientists, Dr.

Antonovich has been
in touch with his

contacts at the Pentagon.

We have a police escort.

Now the first thing I want you
to do is calculate an assumed

deviation of 6% of
the asteroid.

What would--

Mr. Mallory.

Do come on.



4 hours to impact.



4 hours to impact.


an Atlas missile

program to carry a massive
payload, a consequence of

having to deliver a very large
tonnage of all the--

My God.

-It's almost beautiful.

at this hour, the asteroid

continues on its collision
course with Earth.

Meanwhile in Times Square,
crowds have gathered for the

final countdown.

The missile, a conventional
ICBM with an experimental

warhead was the result of years
of top secret research

conducted under the aegis
of Dr. Lee Antonovich, a

University professor and
advisor to NASA.

It was installed at the launch
pad at Andrews Air Force Base

at approximately 3 o'clock
this afternoon.

-The warhead is enough
of a wild card, Katy.

It's got to be timed

A millisecond too early or too
late, and the bomb will fail.

This is a real long shot.

-There it is.


-Far out.

How's it going?

-Ah, Conrad Bennish, Jr., this
is my friend and protegee,

Quinn Mallory.

-Oh, the facts and
figures guy.

All right.

-Hi, Wade Wells.

-Well, any friend of big Max
is good enough for me.

She's a stone fox, man,
I say go for it.

They mention my name yet?

-Not yet.

-Anybody want a licorice?


-Treasure it.

-Never mind.

-We're going to save
the world Fat Boy.

Fat Boy, in case you didn't
know, is the name of the bomb,

just in case you had
other ideas.

-He's the key to the
world's survival?

-Genius comes in all sorts of
shape and size, however

galling that may be.

-I hope you know what you're
doing, professor.

You just gave Conrad Bennish
the power to

take over the world.

-No, I did not.

I retained one of the
key schematics.

The bomb will work, but
Einstein's secret is safe for

the time being.

-What time is it?

-A little after 5:30.

-Where's Rembrandt?

-Probably decided he doesn't
want anything

more to do with us.

-I'm worried about him.

He's all alone on this world.

-Aren't we all?

-More soup?

-Ah, just in time.

-How are you feeling?

-Oh, better Reverend.

This place, it kind of brings
me back to my roots.

-You know, it's only by helping
others that we learn

to understand the meaning
of personal salvation.



You got that right.

Listen, Reverend, if
it's OK with you.

I promised some friends of mine
that I'm going to spend

the last minutes with them.

I mean, if you can spare me.

-Of course.

-You want to come?

-Thanks for everything.

-You take care.

Just let me get that.

Excuse me.

Thanks for everything.

ignition sequence has begun,

and we can no longer make room
for any adjustments.

Any unanticipated delays
at this point would--

-E equal to MC square,
it's in the bag.

-Mr. Bennish, if we survive,
I promise you this.

I will dedicate my life to
isolating the gene that makes

you so obnoxious, and
I will destroy it.

-I love this guy.

-Hey, hey.


Yeah, the prodigal
son is back.

-Oh, we thought we'd never
see you again.

-What you talking about, girl?

I couldn't face the end of the
world without my friends.


How you doin', Cue Ball?

-Good to see you Rembrandt.


Arturo and Bennish have
built an atom bomb.

-They did what?

-They're firing it at the
asteroid right now.

-You mean, we've got a chance?

-It's our only chance.

In a
second or two, we will only be

able to witness the blast flame
of this rocket as it

carries our future--

-Whoo, hoo, hoo.

Nobel Prize, man.

-No hard feelings, huh?

-Come on.

-Come on.

I love you guys.

-I see it.

Right there.

Five, four, three, two, one.


-Light travels at 186,000 miles
a second, Mr. Bennish.

-It worked.

It worked!

What did I tell ya?

-It's a beautiful morning,
isn't it?


It truly is.

-Coffee's in the back.

As a
result of behind the scenes

maneuvering, the young
physicist, a graduate student

at University of California,
is an

international hero today.

Telegrams have been
pouring in.

Do we have that footage,

-No comment.

No comment.

I shocked the world, man.

I shocked the world.

the scientific community will

undoubtedly mark its formal
approval and acceptance of


-Well, the least he could have
done is mention your name.

-All fame is fleeting,
Miss Wells.

But at least this
world goes on.

-Yeah, but it's got one
hell of a hangover.

Hey, listen to this.

Ivan Boesky bought up half
of Beverly Hills

at $10,000 a house.

Now all those fools want
their property back.

-We'd better hurry.

We only have 3 minutes.

-I hope to God we get home.

-What if Bennish is able to
reconstitute the bomb?

He may be a pothead, but
he's not stupid.

-Oh, don't worry.

-How can you be so sure?

-Because I have the real
schematics here.

-We need to slide now.

-Well, they were there
last night.

-We need to
much time, man.

-They were here this morning.

-Well, you guys figure it out.

I'm outta here.

-Go, go.

-We don't have time.


-Anybody messes with us now.