Sleeping Dog (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Geständnisse - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Don't you fucking dare!

I just wanted to give you
the heads-up, Zari.

Where are you?

I'm putting it all out there.

Watch it!

Atlas, where the hell are you?


Why did you leave the clinic, Dad?

You promised me you'd figure out
what you did wrong.

I'm gonna go back to the clinic.

I know what I did wrong, Tinka.

The Christmas before last...




- Terror alert.
- Christmas market at Alex.

- Hey, you guys are off duty.
- So what? It's a terrorist attack.


You drive.

You haven't had a drink.

I hadn't had anything to drink,
but I was on drugs.


Yeah, it's called Ponnexzin.
It's for trauma patients.

It takes away anxiety.
It dulls. It makes you feel numb.

- Someone set off a bomb.
- It's gonna be a bad one, boys.



- Did you take one of those pills?
- Watch out!

Did the guy die?

I hadn't really processed it.

I didn't really understand.

It was like it wasn't happening to me.


Nothing we can do for him.


He just walked out in front of us.

It's not Atlas' fault.

But it was an accident.

Was that what you did wrong?

It's over. Fuck. It's over.

That's it for us.


I'll call it in, then.

Wait. First, let's figure out
what we're gonna tell them.

There's been an attack. It's total chaos.
There'll be dozens of dead and wounded.

They won't even have time
to process this right now.


Clean that shit up.

Give me a hand with him.

- You wanted to call it in, didn't you?
- But I didn't.

We shoved him in the trunk
and drove away.

Then we headed to the Christmas market
where the terror attack had just happened

and placed him there.

Put a lid on it.

There's another one over here!

It was Zari. It was his idea.

But I went along with it.

- Yeah, but you were on drugs.
- I was. It was my decision to take them.

My decision, my responsibility.

So now what?

If you tell anyone about this,
you'll go to jail, right?

I might, yeah.

But that's how it is.
I finally know what I did wrong.

You said I used to explain everything
to you so that you understood.

You have to follow your instincts.

If you do something
that doesn't feel right,

and it takes over your life to the point
where you take drugs to deal with it,

you gotta get out.

Even if it means
turning your whole life upside down.

I just blindly kept going.

That's what I did wrong.

What are you still doing here?

Hey, I already asked Socke this earlier.

The LKA wants
to see our duty rosters today,

including vacations,
sick days, everything.

Going back to the last two weeks
and nine months before that.

So I ask the guy what this is all about.

You think the bastard would give me
an answer?

- Who?
- You know, that new guy. That...


Do you have any idea what it's about?

Well, I guess we'll find out
sooner or later.

By the way,

you look like shit.

Go home.


"If we go for manslaughter,
you'll probably only get five years."

"But the only way that's going to happen
is if you make a full confession."

"After Mussa's suicide,
you decided to confront Idris."

"You were so convinced
that your brother was innocent

in the Herres case."

You wanted to believe. Wanted to believe.


"And you wanted to," um...

"Wanted to believe

and understand
why Idris left Mussa high and dry."

"But he mocked and ridiculed you,
and called your brother a homosexual."

Huh, yeah.

Five years. This is our offer."

"Given the circumstances,
this is your best option."

"Your only option, Mr. Basher."

Good. That sounds good.


You're making strides. Good. Mm.


It's over now. Go home.

- See you tomorrow.
- Mm.

- Jule?
- Yeah?

Your mother would've been
real proud of you.


Come on, Jule, where are you?

Sorry, Steck wanted to go over
my presentation to Basher tomorrow.

- Are you there already?
- Yeah, but Atlas isn't.

Damn. If he doesn't show again today,
I'll try again tomorrow with his daughter.

If he doesn't show up again, then...

Do you have plans?

I have to get up early tomorrow.

To see Abou Basher in jail, yeah.

You said you were worried about me,

and that I should do
everything Steck tells me.

Well, that's exactly what I'm doing.

Uh, Atlas is coming.

Should I talk to him, or do you want to...





Stay with me. Tom!

No! Tom!

Stay with me!

Where's the ambulance?
Get an ambulance, damn it!

Stay with me.

- Hey, Zari.
- Is Atlas with you?

What? No.

- Have you spoken to him?
- I heard he left the clinic last night.

Tinka met him at the S-Bahn station,
but he took off on her.

He's completely lost it now.

- Listen...
- No. Forget it.

There's nothing we can do. Nothing.

He'll be in touch.
Please tell him I'm on the boat.

And he should come over.

It's important.

- Tell him I'll explain everything to him.
- Explain what?

That I'm just really sorry.

That I'm in love with you.


Zari, I... What are you talking about?

Tell him I'm waiting for him.

Dad will go back to the clinic tomorrow.

He can explain everything now.

Ms. Andergast.

Did Tom say anything to you on the phone
that might be able to help us?

Hey, we can continue this tomorrow
if you want to.

- No, no.
- All right.

Was the purpose
of this meeting private or professional?

Private. It was private.

Did Tom ever tell you why he was
at the 49th precinct this afternoon?

- 49th?
- Was it about the Jürgens case?

Did he say anything about talking
to Luka Zaric about the license plate?

Luka Zaric...

Ms. Andergast, if Tom was investigating
anything on his own,

we really need to know about it.

If you can think of anything he said
that might be relevant, let me know, okay?


Wait here.
I'll get someone who'll take care of you.


She's in shock. There's no point.

You guys wrap this up.
I'll drive her home.


- Yeah?
- Hello, this is Jule.

- Do you know where your father is?
- Yeah, hold on.

It's for you.



- Where are you?
- At home, with my wife and daughter.

- Since when?
- An hour. Why?

- Before that?
- I was out with my daughter.

What's going on?

You worked with Luka Zaric
at the 49th KDD, right?

Yeah, that's right. Why?

Was he at the scene
when you were on drugs?

Yeah. Look,
I can come and explain everything...


Zari called me earlier.

He's waiting for you on the boat.

He asked me
to tell you he needs to talk to you.



That bitch.

Detective Zaric.
Leave me a message.

You never got back to me. I guess
you've got nothing on the Kouri case.

But I'm looking at the files right now,
and you found the murder weapons.

Both in the Herres case
and in the Kouri case,

and both times by accident.

Does that have anything to do
with your promotion to the LKA?

I'm asking you before Hartloff asks me,
so call me back, all right?


This is my confession.

What happens now?

Tomorrow I'll go back to the clinic.

- First things first, I...
- Come forward with everything? Yeah.

But what does that mean for us?

- The fact is I killed someone.
- But...

Yeah, I know. It was an accident.
But I was on drugs, and...

we tried to cover it all up.

And our actions had consequences.

- Consequences?
- Yeah, and not just for us.

So what are you looking at?
I mean, you've got a spotless record,

and you were an amazing fucking cop.

I don't see how...
You should be getting probation, right?

- I don't care.
- What do you mean, you don't care?

Do I get probation with you?

Probation doesn't mean acquittal.

Another chance?


That's pretty much it.


Mike, I slept with Zari.

I know.

I initiated it.






This is my confession.


Yeah. Got an overdose, barbiturates.

In Spandau.

At the pier. Fourth key.

Thank you.




- Come on, drink.
- Mm.

Yeah, that's it.

More. Come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on.


Yeah, good.

Get it all out.

Come on. Get it out.


Keep going.

Are you all right, miss?

This is my confession.

I've been a shitty friend, Atlas.

You said you couldn't take it anymore,

and I got you hooked on ponnies.

I thought I was helping you.

The Christmas market, that...

That was all me.

All I wanted...

was that promotion.

I wanted to get into the LKA wit you,

and the Christmas market
would've ruined that.

But you were the one I ended up ruining.

Maybe I was even jealous.

You've got Lenni, you've got Tinka.

Me? I fuck around.

I go shooting
with my little brother Socke,

then I sit around on my boat,

which I've barely even managed
to take out of this port.

And then I slept with your wife.

- I'll tell you everything now, Atlas.
- That you've killed three people?

You think I'm a murderer now.
I get it. You don't trust me anymore.

But I tried to get you out of that mess.

- That's why Herres had to die, hm?
- Herres was a pain.

Apparently, he had some homeless witness,

so I went to see him.

Played the tough guy.

If he had nothing, then...

I wanted him to stop pissing
on our decorated unit.

But he didn't.

Tell everyone, Atlas.

All of it.

And when you're done with this mess,

Lenni and Tinka will be waiting for you.
They're worth all of it.

That's all. Oh, one more thing.

Keep Socke out of it, okay?

Say he...

...didn't know anything.

Say he wasn't in the crashed car,

and only arrived
at the Christmas market later.

Something like that.

If he loses his job, he'll have nothing.

Except his groundhog.

Okay. Now I'm done.

Mr. Atlas?

That was good thinking,
getting him to vomit.

He'll be up and about soon.

Thank you.

I've got breakfast!


I don't suppose you have a key
to get into this place, do you? Huh?

Meet my new partner.

What's her name?


And it's a he.

- Oh, so you're into guys now?
- Mm-hmm.

He's there for me all the time,
and he's a great listener.

- Well, he's got the ears for it.
- Problem is he never challenges me.

- Problem? Really?
- Yeah.

He just sits there and never says a word.

I think that'll drive me nuts
after a while. Turn me into a psycho.

I'll end up having a birthday party
with him and putting a funny hat on him.

I need something living and breathing.

We've been through this.
Get a cat.

Cats shed hair,
and they don't speak either.

If I ever feel
like adopting a kid someday,

it's not gonna say,
"Hey! You lost your mind."

"You've got half a bagel in the fridge,
and you work crazy shift hours."

"How's a kid going to fit
into your life, idiot?"

You know? That's, um, what I need.

- I can't believe that, Britney.
- Yes. You can.


Breakfast included.

- Yum, breakfast.
- Uh-huh.

There's half a bagel in the fridge.

Where's all the stuff?

- What stuff is that?
- The stuff on the wall over there!

- The backpack.
- In the bin outside.

- Morning.
- Morning.

So what has my dear old friend Steck
cooked up now, then?

Ms. Steck has authorized me
to put a deal on the table.

In exchange for a full confession,

the prosecution will knock it down
to manslaughter,

and you'll be out in five years.

A confession.

I didn't shoot Idris.

I know.

And your brother Mussa didn't shoot
Judge Herres, either.

There is a conspiracy to set you up.
The prosecution and police are behind it.

And both you and your brother
have been wrongfully accused.

What the hell are you saying?

I need your help.

The confession won't stick,
but I need to bring it to Steck

to stall her long enough
to complete my investigation.

Oof, this is...

This can only be a dirty trick
that Steck's trying to pull here.

Ms. Steck is involved in four murders.

Are you out of your mind?

Do you have any idea what you're doing?

- Look, I'm not a fan, but Ms. Steck is...
- Listen.

Steck will stop at nothing
to bring down the gangs.

I need that confession.

Ms. Andergast...


Hold on...

I said okay.

- Yes?
- Hey, it's Jule.

Abou Basher will make a confession.

Well, what do you know.


Jule, about the Herres file,
I know you've got a different take on it.

The Herres murder is closed, isn't it?

I just assumed you spoke
to Tom Schlefski about it.

- Well, that chapter is closed now too.
- Yes. I heard about that, and I'm sorry.

- Jule, I know you...
- Go to hell.

- Excuse me?
- So I'll see you later, right?


- You're still alive?
- I need your help, Gerry.

- What's this from, a weasel?
- Nah.

Hmm. Not a weasel...

Did you know?
Toward the end of World War II,

a bomb hit the fur farm near Strausberg.

Two dozen animals escaped
and bred like rabbits around here.

River rats. Nutria.

It was hoped the furs from the east
would help the national economy,

and the meat was fed to prisoners
with baked potatoes.

They spread from the forest to the lakes.

May I?

- Groundhogs?
- Yeah.


Can I help you?

Hello. I'm looking
for Detective Luka Zaric.

He called in sick.

Ah. Was he on duty yesterday?

Yesterday? Yeah, he had an early shift.

So then he signed off at 7 p.m.

7 p.m.? Yeah, that's pretty much
when the late shift starts.


And are you part of his squad too? Mister...

Sokowski. What is this about?

I need to speak with him in person.

I see.

- I'll be back.
- All right, Ms. Andergast.

Bye, Mr. Sokowski.








- Yeah, it's Atlas.
- Finally.

I can give you everything on the Herres,
Kouri, and Jürgens cases.

- So you remember everything now?
- Yeah. The Atlas case too.

The entire 49th precinct
is involved, right?

- No.
- Yes.

I was there and asked the first guy I saw
for Zaric, and he knew my name.

- How?
- Who'd you speak to?


Where are you?

I'm on my way.

Good. Get into a taxi right now,
and get to the DA's office.

- I'll meet you there.
- No.

- Why not?
- Come and meet at my place in one hour.

11 Xanthener Street. Third floor.

11 Xanthener Street.

- So you're back on the job.
- Do you still have your Susie?

- Of course.
- Can I borrow it?

- Be careful.
- Thanks.

I only have two officers
on duty today, and they're both out.

They'll need at least 30 minutes
to get there.

- Thought you were at the hospital.
- I checked myself out. We need to talk.

No, it's chaos here. Socke's disappeared.

- What do you mean?
- An hour ago.

Britney saw him at his locker,
and now he's gone.

His car is not out front anymore.
This shit had got to stop now.

don't even bother.
It goes straight to his voicemail.

Can you try and find him?
You know him better than anyone.

I'll bolt our good friend Corinna
to the cross with this.





Man, I knew you'd be back.

You look good.

Is she...

No, but I gotta.

Buddy, we really missed you.

I missed you guys too.

How are you?

Crazy times.

Things got screwed up.

All because of what happened.
You know what I mean?

Herres. He had some kind of witness.

We didn't tell you at the time.

Zari thought he'd let it go, but no.

He just kept digging and digging.
Someone had to do something.

Then things
calmed down for a bit.

Until a few weeks ago.

All of a sudden,
this Idris Kouri comes back from Algeria

and wants to give Mussa an alibi.

Yeah, exactly. That's what I thought.

And if that wasn't enough,
some PI named Jürgens

starts sniffing around the Herres case.

You took care of everything.

For us.


You can go back on duty
and not have to worry about anything.

I've gotten rid of every single problem.

Well, almost.

She was in the car with Jürgens when...

I thought she'd back off
after that, but no dice.


- What do you mean, no dice?
- She was at the precinct earlier.

And she asked about Zari.
I think she knows everything.

And then I gave myself away too.
She's got to go.

You don't have to do that, Socke.

I thought you called in sick today.
Look who's here.

Another shitty colleague.

don't go ruining our family reunion.

I wouldn't dream of it. You stepped up
and took care of everything.

But now, we're together again.

Come here. You too, asshole.

- Get over here. Come on.
- Come.

Let's get a picture. Give me your phone.

- A picture, now?
- Yeah, come on.

Yeah. Like the old days. Three of us.

But not right now.

Guys, I gotta...

- I gotta finish this.
- No, you don't.

She'll bring us all down. We've gotta...

- Hey.
- Shut her up!

Zari's saying
you don't have to do it. Huh?

You don't want to do this. Believe me.

Let's just grab a picture,
and then we'll deal with everything.

- Come here!
- Get over here. Come on!

You guys are nuts.

Together again.

49th forever!

Yeah, man.

- Come on, now. Get out of here, guys.
- Socke. Socke. Hey.

You've done enough for us.
It's our turn now. Right? Come here.

I'm doing it!

Hey, what... You think I'd shoot you?

What do you mean, statement?
Tell them to wait for the press release.

Yes, for Christ's sake.

So some psycho cop commits murder
and plants evidence.

I mean, who would've thought
something like that could happen?

Now they're hanging me out to dry,

saying that I was pressuring the cops
to nail a gang member.

Was I putting pressure on anyone?

Yeah, I might've been pushing a bit,
but that's why I got into this job.

- To take down the gangs, right?
- Yeah, to take down the gangs.

That's what everyone wants.
The press, the Senate, the public...

- They say I'm a racist for that?
- "They think they're immune to the law."

"Because they drank
their hijab-wearing moms' milk."

Yeah, exactly.

And that's how the cops looked
at the neo-Nazi murders years ago,

causing more pain
for the families of the victims!

- They all kept their jobs, by the way.
- Yeah.

My guys have all been relegated.

Atlas is doing community work,
and Zaric is out of the picture entirely.

They should count themselves lucky
they only got probation.

Oh yeah? There was no way to prove
Atlas was on drugs at the time.

Involuntary manslaughter hinged on that.

Atlas and Zaric came forward voluntarily.
I'm hard-pressed to believe

that you wouldn't have done the same
under the circumstances.

Corinna, I want to thank you
for everything I learned here.

Will you call me sometime?

I will.

Hey, hello. No cutting in line. Hello!

Fuck you.


So we can take them all there, right?

- Yeah. It shouldn't be a problem.
- All right.

All right. Let's get you in.

- One, two, and... There we go.
- Let's get him up.

Yes, very good.

Do you need any help? All right.

Let's go.

I saved this for you.

Are you a cop again?


So what are you now?

Don't know.


All right.

Where to?

Not a clue.

But out of port.