Sleeping Dog (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Unter der Erde - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Ah, there you are.

The DNA tests from the Kouri case are in.

The results came back positive,
as was expected.

He left his cigarette butt
next to the body? How stupid is that?

He's not stupid. He's a Basher.
He thinks he's untouchable.

Even though his brother
was convicted the exact same way?

Who knows what he was thinking?

He made threats
in public about killing Kouri.

- He left the weapon lying around.
- Just like in the Herres case.

The Herres case?

The indictment was built
on the exact same evidence as this one.


The perpetrators fit the same profile.

Just like it did for Rahid Al Achisi.
Rapes a 16-year-old girl

without giving a shit
where he left his sperm.

Or Mukhtar Basher.

Slits an Afghan store owner's throat
with his very own apartment key.

And so on, and so forth.

A thousand-years-worth male hubris
think they're immune from the law

because they drank
their hijab-wearing mother's milk.

- Why bring up the Herres case?
- I had a look at the file.

I see.

The similarity in the evidence
might be troublesome.

The DNA in both cases
was not found on nor in the victim,

but next to them, so in theory,
it could've been planted there later.

In theory, but do you have any evidence
to support this?

- No.
- No.

I'd like to keep looking into it.

- To make it an ironclad case...
- It already is.

The judge ins't interested
in your theories.

Your job is done here.
The investigation is over. Thank you.


- Yes.
- Let me see that file?

Mr. Atlas! Breakfast?


Good morning.

Did you sleep well?

What did you give me?

You were given some medication
to help you rest,

and then we took some blood.
You blood counts are excellent.

So can I go now?

I'd like you to come and see me later,
Room 203, at three o'clock.

But now, after you've finished eating,
you can help plant tomatoes outside.

Did you give him the Herres file?

I didn't see any harm in it.

Evidence tampering,
that's totally absurd.

But Hartloff would really sink his teeth
into that. We need more evidence.

- Schlefski said he'd like to keep looking.
- Schlefski.

Everything we have
came from the 49th, not him.

I know you've taken a shine to him.

I'm sure he listens
to all your farfetched theories.

I bet you tied a bow
around the Herres file for him, hm?

It's fine. You're sowing your wild oats.

Just don't get attached to the wrong guy.

It can backfire.

- Did she just threaten you?
- Nah, it was more maternal.

- Okay, so she took you off the Kouri case.
- Yeah.

She'll put her guys
from the 49th on it now.

- They'll turn something up.
- Tom.

There is some proof of evidence tampering.

Detective Atlas did not find
Mussa Basher's hair strands back then.

- But in the file...
- He was out cold on drugs.

Jule, I need that file...


So what do you like about me?

You smell good.

I need to see Mike Atlas.

Do you have a garden at home?

Yes. Why?

Because it can do more for you
than you think.

Outdoor activity is a mixture
of occupational therapy, physiotherapy,

and psychotherapy.

The recurrence of the seasons alone
shows patients

that there's hope for a second chance.

The seedlings are waiting.

I'll see you later.
Outside we dig, inside we talk.

- I don't know what we're gonna talk about.
- Anything and everything.

Don't worry. This is a protected space.
You're safe here, Mr. Atlas.

Do you know how many traumatized
police officers I've had here?

Especially after
the Christmas market attack.

You never talked about it, did you?

I guess I just forgot.

You forgot.

Sounds like something that just happened.

But more often than not,
you've simply buried it.

You stuff it deep down inside
and stick a lid on it,

otherwise you can't face it.

You have to let it out,
or all it will do is fester.

I definitely won't let out here.

Well, I always unearth a lot
by digging in the dirt.

Go on. Get yourself an apron.

In there.
Second door to the left.

Are we bringing him the key?

No, I'm just taking it out of there.

Yeah, but...

If he comes, he'll come in the front.

No more sneaking in the back.


- You stay here.
- But why?

If he wants to come back,
he's gotta do something to earn it.

He's doing it.

He didn't want to go to the clinic.

- Zari took him there.
- Zari.

Legally, Dad doesn't have to stay there.

He has to want to stay.

And he does.

He's really trying.

He made me a promise.

Next week we'll go see him together.

Right now,
I just wanna make sure he stays there.

So you can hook up with Zari in peace?

What are you talking about?


- Where are you?
- In bed.

The evidence from the playground.

Go have a look.
See if they overlooked or forgot anything.

I need something else
to use against Abou, all right?

I'm off until tomorrow.

Don't be so lazy. Come on.

Listen. If you find something,
you'll make Schlefski look like a fool.

You'll look good.
Then maybe the LKA will hire you.

They already did.

- What?
- Starting this fall.


Well, congratulations.
That's fantastic, Zaric.


Shall we celebrate tonight?

No, it's a buddy's birthday.

After that? I'll call you later.

Because of you.

- What was going on with Herres?
- He was onto you.

What did I do?

You don't remember it?

Are you okay?

You were only supposed to loosen the soil.

Not dig a grave.

Mr. Atlas.

Come on in. Your wife was just here
and dropped off some things for you.

She asked me
to let you know she'll be back next week

with your daughter.

Please, come in. Have a seat. Sit.

- No, thanks.
- Your stay here is voluntary.

There's no court order.

You can leave any time you want.

Is there a computer here I can use?

You forgot.

Sounds like something that just happened.

But more often than not,
you've simply buried it.

You stuff it deep down inside

and stick a lid on it,
otherwise you can't face it.

He was onto you.

And this?

I hope he comes.

Atlas' personal file revealed nothing bad.
He excelled in everything he did.

- Then he took two years' paternal leave.
- Two years?

And then he joined the 49th KDD.
No sick days, no write-ups.

A top cop, just like his colleague Zaric.

Both received a lot of praise
from your boss.

When did you read all those files?

If drugs were involved,
then they hid it extremely well.

The question is, what else did they hide?

- You mean in the Herres case?
- And maybe in the Kouri one too.

Is he coming, or what?

Probably not.

- How can we contact him?
- Maybe he'll call tomorrow.

- Otherwise, we just come back here.
- I still have a shelf to put up.

A shelf?


Yeah, it's been lying around
for months, but I...

It's still early.

Yeah, but I don't have time tonight,

because I'm hungry now, and...

Uh, I might be barking up
the wrong tree here, because...

I don't have glasses or a pot belly, but...

Are you doing anything tonight?

Hey, Dad?

I was just coming to see you.

- Where are you going?
- Stay away from me.


Wait, Dad.


- You're a police officer?
- Yes.




A married couple has already shown
interest in Lotta Körtner.

The Youth Welfare Office prefers
when a couple adopts.

There is a lot of criteria.

Do you smoke, hon?



Is there a strong family
and social network in place?

What are the educational
and moral principles?

But above all, the question is "why."

Why do you want to adopt a child?

- Because I can give her something.
- Mm-hmm. Like what?

Well, love, warmth, and trust.

You wanna give them,
or are you looking for them?


I... If I was looking for that,
I'd be in a committed relationship,

but I don't want that.

I want to give the little girl a life.

And I can do it. I know that.

When she's little.

But one day she'll be 15,
smoking joints and hating you.

And she won't want
all that warmth and trust.

And then there won't be a partner
to have your back.

- Have you thought about that?
- Yeah.


I mean, you also grow
along with the child. And...

you learn from each other,
especially when it gets tough. Right?

That sounds
like a great partner relationship, yeah.

But a kid is not a partner.

Of course not. What I mean...

One fundamental difference is...

You just can't break up with a child
if it gets too much for you.


Tell me.

He was all panicked.

And he was scared... of me.

He's not scared of you.

He's scared of himself.

He doesn't know what's going on inside,
and he doesn't want to know.

But he promised me.

And he's already broken that promise.

Tinka, he's left the clinic now.

But... Can't... Can't you do something else?

Or can't Zari arrest him
and make him go back?

He didn't commit a crime.
Besides, it would be useless.

Look, Dad ended things eight months ago.

It's our turn now.

End things?

- With my dad? Are you crazy or what?
- Maybe he's the one who's crazy!

- Have you ever asked yourself that? He...
- You don't want him back.

- He knows what to do!
- You don't want Dad to come back!

- You don't want him back.
- Tinka, stop it! Enough!

I hate you.

Where have you been?

Don't look like that.
I had the urge to clean.

Next time you can do it.

I didn't take anything.
Look, I just wanted to clean up a bit.

Stay away from me.


I heard there's a big party going on!

Nah, it's just for special guests.
And you're one of them.

- Come on in.
- Ha ha. Happy fricking birthday!

Thank you.

- Here.
- Thanks.

He drank that all by himself.

He's asleep. He'll be fine tomorrow.

- Does he always do that?
- Yeah, he does. With us.

He's got nobody else.

He cared for his father here,
to the very end.

- He's very caring.
- Yeah. That's him.

But Socke isn't lonely or anything.
He's got his own world.

He's full of life. He's got us.

- And he's got his groundhog.
- Yeah.

- Do you have something like that?
- Nah, don't need it.

- I'm not the sensitive type.
- Mm.

- Yeah.
- And you?

I've got my own shit to deal with.
I just focus on getting fast and fit.

But you are fast and fit.


When they were beating up my father,

I wasn't fast or fit enough.

Your career has taken off, huh?

My promotion went through, so yeah.

- And then you'll join the LKA.
- How do you know that?

A friend from school works
in personnel administration.

That's awesome.

Better money,
less of a grind than the KDD.

Do me a favor,
don't tell Socke about it, okay?

I don't know how,
but I want him to come too.

That's for sure.

- You guys are just like family, huh?
- Yeah. He's my little brother.

"Good morning." "Buddy."

"Good night."

And you guys always partied here
like this, the three of you?


With that Atlas guy?


And what about him?

He was my friend.

Excuse me.


He came out of nowhere,
pushing his cart,

then stopped right in the middle
of the street.

I slammed on the brakes, but...

The shopping cart
just went flying sky-high.

- Was the homeless guy hit at all?
- He jumped out of the way.

When I got out of the car,
he was standing there.

I asked him if he was all right,
but he took off running.

- Can you describe the homeless man?
- I'm not even sure he's homeless...

Hey, Klaus.

Are you calmer now?

My name is Mike Atlas.

Where's your cart?

Your place?

No. Not the boat.


There's something I wanna tell you.
I need to apologize.

I'm sorry I snapped
at you like that before. I...

This is me.

You still wanna put up your shelf,
or would you like a glass of wine?


Did you take one
of your pills again?

It's better when we do it on the boat.
Way better.

I mean, here, it feels like, uh,

we've been married for years.

So did, uh...

Did you speed things up somehow?


LKA. That was kind of sudden, wasn't it?

As soon as I made detective,
that was the deal.

What do you mean, "speed things up"?

Forget it.

Why don't I go see
if I have something to toast you with?

She was a lot younger then.

But she always looks kind of the same.


Well, she was in a profession
that was totally male-dominated.

Uh, she had to learn to be tough.

When I lost my first baby tooth,

I was looking forward to
the tooth fairy all day.

When I looked under my pillow,
there was a brochure on dental hygiene.

You could read it?

Nah, she read it to me.

She read to me a lot.

On certain occasions,

she'd put specific books
and journals in my room

on improving academic performance
at school, on having a period...

And of course the law school guidebook.


Hm. Seven photos of her,
but none of your father.

There are none.

No pictures, nothing.

The only thing I got
from him is blue eyes.



When I was 14, I asked a lot of questions,
and she gave me them.

She said he was an engineer.

But I think she made it up,
so I'd have something from him.

- A can of screws.
- Yeah, but they're made of steel.


They bore their way
into anything they get their teeth into

and never let go.

And you think you have a father complex,
not a mother complex?

Can't I have both?


I don't think so.

Do I have to pick one right now?

How about I take down
your mom's pictures for you?

No, I still need those there.

So I know what I want
and what I don't want.

We could go to the bedroom
and take down my father.

You start in the fall, right?
Then you won't smell like the streets.


You'll be the new guy at the LKA.

You'll have to turn on the charms
so that they adore you too.

- Maybe I won't do that this time.
- Mm.

"Tough Guy". You can play that role
to get ahead again.

- But now it's going to be more intense.
- I'll keep that in mind.

Recipe for success.

Stay the way you are.

To you...

and new beginnings.

- You have the early shift tomorrow?
- Yeah.

Remember, we need something else
against Abou Basher.

Finish your drink.

But not the whole bottle.

Up already?

I went shopping.

Chocolate muffins and...

deodorant for you.

Unfortunately, I forgot to pay.

- See, now you look like a fricking cop.
- I was a cop.

- Uh, I... I'm here to see Lotta.
- Ah, yeah.

- A beat cop?
- KDD.

So some special unit?

An on-call criminal squad.

Crime squad. Does that mean murder or...?

Murder, robbery, assault, rape.

We shift work, but in my head it was 24/7.

What did chubby think of all that?

Tinka. Her name is Tinka.

My grandpa never talked to me
about the things that went on in his head.

I always felt it though, somehow.

I heard you'll be getting
a new home soon. Yeah.

You know,
I actually would've loved to have you.

Uh, but...

I've got a really stressful job,
and no spare time.

I can also be difficult.

But, uh...

When you're 15 and hate your parents,

just look me up, okay?

I'll grab those punks who want
to sell you dope and beat their asses.


So long, kiddo.

And sorry about the door.

But it's yours.


Thank you.

Thanks again.

What are you doing?
You should be using it.

Or are you afraid
the other cops won't take you back

because you're wearing stolen deodorant?

Mmm! Mm!

By the way, I don't steal.


Last I heard,

Herres wanted to talk to the homeless guy
who witnessed it himself.

- Judge Herres?
- He was an active supporting member.

We wrote to him again
shortly before his death,

but then the gangs got to him.
Since then, nothing's happened.

Here. We'd sent him this photo.

It was taken by the guy
who witnessed the accident.

- Where's it?
- Rembergstrasse.

Around the corner from the shelter,
but half an hour from Alexanderplatz.

- Alexanderplatz...
- Yes, the Christmas market.

The terrorist attack.

Where Polyphemus' body was found
a year and a half ago?

That's what all this was about. Right?

The witness was Polyphemus' pal
from the streets,

he was saying
that Polyphemus had been run over by a car

on Rembergstrasse.

But his body was found with the rest
of the dead at the Christmas market.

As if he'd been, like,
placed there for whatever reason.

This was Polyphemus,

the one-eyed giant.

No relatives, not registered anywhere...

His ashes are in an anonymous mass grave.

Sure, the witness, his close friend Aldi,

is homeless, an alcoholic,
and pretty confused,

but, still, the fact remains

that Polyphemus' shopping cart
was found on Rembergstrasse.

A half-hour away from Alexanderplatz.

Which department is reopening it?


Document everything clearly.

- LKA already here?
- Mm.


- Hey.
- Morning.

- Hey.
- There was an APB out on the car.

It had mysteriously disappeared
from the parking garage.

A scrap diver found it.

And this is the owner.

Joachim Jürgens, private detective.

Does the name mean anything to you?

Joachim Jürgens?

Never heard of him.

Hm... Okay.

Well, then. All right. Thanks.

So you've got this covered?

Yeah. Hey, the 49th aren't the only ones
who can find evidence.

We'll see.

Let's go.

Arrogant asshole.

He's just trying to piss us off.


I told you, I'll take care of it.


I need to stop by forensics.

- Can you drop me off?
- Is this about Idris Kouri?

Yeah. Steck needs more.

I'll come over once I'm done there.

The vehicle registration office said
there had been two inquiries

into the license plate.

- And one of them was you.
- Yeah. Who's the other?

Zari. Luka Zaric, 49th unit.

"Never heard of him".


Everybody, listen up!

Anybody know anything about Aldi?
He's looking for him.

He always comes around here.


Aldi isn't easy to deal with. A year ago,
he really started going downhill

because of the giant.

- Polyphemus?
- Yeah.

Try this pudding. It's good.

- May I?
- Yeah, sure.

He was really attached to him.

And since then
he's been drinking even more.

Linda. Linda, there's a place here.


This is Linda.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Linda, would you like a shower?
- Nah.

Have you seen Aldi around today?

- "Got a dollar for the funeral"?
- Mm.


He was always collecting money
for Polyphemus' funeral.

- He still does.
- Mm.

You smell good.
You going on the trip with us?

- The trip is tomorrow.
- Oh.

He's here for Aldi.
He wants to have a word with him.

- With Aldi?
- Yes.

Well, have fun.

Do you have any idea
where he is right now?

It's really important.

Mustafa? Do you know where Aldi is?

- I think I saw him by Gerlach Bridge.
- Gerlach Bridge?


Blessed art thou.

Blessed art thou.

You saw Polyphemus get run over,
didn't you?

Nee-waw. Nee-waw.

Nee-waw, waw, waw...

Police car? Ambulance?

Red light. Right?

Did he... have an accident?

Was he hit?

He flew through the air.

But without wings.

- And... then they took him with them?
- No.

They... didn't know what to do.

- Who?
- No...

They didn't know what to do with him.

So they just left Polyphemus lying there?

The Bo people of Sichuan hang their dead
from cliffs, on ropes

to ease their transition,
but they also eat deep-fried monkeys.

A couple of miles away. They're sacred.

We're no angels!
Get that through your skull!

Polyphemus is gone, I'm gone, you're gone,
we're all gone! Put a lid on it!

Put a lid on it.

Clean that stuff up.

We shoved him in the trunk of the car.

We're no angels.


How's your draft
for the indictment coming along?

It'll be ready tomorrow.

I want you to visit Abou Basher in jail
tomorrow and make him an offer.

The prosecution will argue
that he acted in the heat of the moment,

spurred by Mussa Basher's suicide, hm?

They'll cut back on the sentence.
He'll do five years.

Five years, if he makes a full confession.

How come?

If you bring me this confession, Jule,

you'll be the one
in court arguing for the prosecution.

It's about time I let you
have more responsibility again.


I'll call Hartloff and arrange a meeting
at the prison tomorrow.



We need to talk.

- Last night was nice, but...
- I need to tell you something.

You're in a relationship?

With Internal Affairs.

I'm investigating Steck and the 49th KDD.

Herres was my investigating judge
and my mentor.

He was suspicious
about the success rate they were achieving

against the gangs.

I looked into the 49th KDD for him, but...

There was nothing abnormal.

Apart from the fact your boss
is apparently sleeping with Luka Zaric.


I hear you're joining the LKA.

How does everyone know?

Then Herres was shot.

Again, Steck and the 49th immediately
pinned it on a Basher.

And again, there's nothing to support it.

The new guy from the LKA
already looked through it twice.

- Schlefski?
- Yup.

I requested a transfer
to get close to your boss.

I wanted to see if she was pushing through
or tampering with evidence.

The fact is it's much bigger than that.

Idris Kouri was blackmailed.
He came back to testify for Mussa

and gets shot
for the same reason Jürgens did.

It's all because of the Herres case.

Without you,
I'd never have gotten any of that.

Jürgens was right. There is a conspiracy,

but not one with evil Russians
rebuilding our country. No.

The people I'm talking about
are ridding the streets of the gangs

by whatever means necessary.

And Herres... Herres was on to them.

They got rid of him
and pinned the murder on a Basher.

Two birds with one stone.

The same thing with Kouri and Jürgens.

But they didn't count on
Jürgens' body being discovered.

"They"? Sorry, that sounds
a bit like Jürgens' "they."

"They," meaning Steck
and her boys at the 49th.

Jule, that ballistics' re...

No, not Steck.

She believes Abou Basher is guilty.
She wants me to meet with him tomorrow

and offer him a deal if he confesses.

What kind of deal?

They'll ask for five years.
If he confesses.

Then because of the murder charge
and evidence against him,

his lawyer will advise him to take it.

Yeah, but Steck...

She's been bogged down in her war
against the gangs.

She's a racist,

but she's not involved in murder.

She's covering it up.
The same thing for the Kouri case.


Why do you think
she took me off the investigation?

Then I shouldn't go and see Abou Basher
and ask for a confession.

No. From now on,
you need to do whatever she tells you.

- And only that.
- Steck wouldn't let anything happen to me.

She's covering up three murders.
She's in on it.

What am I gonna do with her?

I'm worried about you. Please.

You're crazy.


Herres was onto us. Not just me. Us.

- So you remember.
- That's why you went to Herres.

Tried to talk to him.

- To get him to drop it.
- Are you still at the clinic?

And when he didn't go for it,
you shot him.

And I slept with your wife.
Was that all?

You tell me.

Idris Kouri, Jürgens...

- I'm putting it all out there.
- No, you're not, Atlas.

Don't you dare!