Sleeping Dog (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Chez Amis - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You've got something on your face.


He was going on about these funny...
Funny things.

Evil Russians, conspiracy theories,
and he was constantly looking around.

I thought he was nuts.

And then...

Is... Is this blood? Have...

Calm down. Take deep breaths, okay?

- It's that way. Yeah. That way.
- Just breathe.

- Stay calm.
- Yeah, I'm calm.

Here. Turn here.


- That's where...
- Hey, hey, hey. Stop.

We were right here.

We were parked here.

- Maybe the level above here?
- No, that red car was there.

We were right here.

There should be shards here.

Shards of glass.

He shot through the window.

Did you get a good look
at the shooter?

- Where did the car go?
- Did you see the shooter, yes or no?

No, I got out of the car and took off!

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
Let's try this.

Give me a detailed description of the car,
and I'll put out an APB on it.

But I think now you need to clean up
and have a stiff drink.

- He was dead. He was dead.
- Yes.

- The killer must've taken the car.
- Okay.


Can you hold me?

Mussa Basher's hair strands...

- The Herres murder again?
- I didn't find them.

No. You were baked.

Who did find them?

Socke. Don't you remember?

Why didn't he testify in court, then?

Because you're Steck's bloodhound.

We didn't want to say,

"Atlas was high as a kite
in the car at the time."

We were protecting you.

I'll find out
what happened eight months ago.

I'm warning you.


You think I did something?

You're sleeping with my wife.

You're crazy.

Whatever. It's easier than finding out
what's going on up there, huh?

What if Judge Herres,

Idris Kouri, and this Joachim Jürgens
were all murdered by the same people?

Slow down.

We can't officially say
Jürgens was murdered

until his body shows up.


- Do I still have something here?
- No.

Brain matter or something?

Tom. I witnessed a murder.

- Shouldn't I go to the police?
- No.

There's an APB out on the car, okay?


You know what?

I'm almost thirty years old,
and I've never had a real relationship.

Wanna know why?

Because the guy I'm into is always taken.

Forty or older,

good career, losing their hair.

Bald is good.

And with a cute little pudgy belly.

And married.


Maybe I just have a daddy complex.

My God, I'm talking your ear off.

It's all good.

Nah, nothing is good.

Your turn.

- No.
- Forget it. He's too out of it.

Yeah. He's also really boring. Mm?

I've always wondered
what Lenni sees in you, Detective Atlas.

That I'm not like you.

What am I like?

What am I like?


What are you doing here?

Hello, beautiful.


How are you doing?

Oh, I'm good. Pretty good. You done soon?

Yeah, uh...


I don't work till late tomorrow.


I thought maybe you'd like to,
you know...

Uh, well, I don't know...

Maybe... Would you like to have a drink or...

I've missed you, babe.

Are you sure?


Let's go.

Nothing happened.



came to see me at work.

He was thinking of coming back home.

Well, that's a good sign.

No, it's not.

Nothing's changed, Zari.

Nothing at all.

I just couldn't go back to the house.

Then I wanted to talk to you,
and yeah...

I wanted some
of your little green thingamajigs.

Just one at a time. Hm?

- Yeah.
- Or who knows whose bed you'll end up in.

God. I'm glad there's no misunderstanding.

You're always there for us, aren't you?
Whenever we need you.

But I'm not.

I wasn't there for Atlas.

I should've seen that he was in trouble.

We have to think of something, Lenni.

He's gotta go to burnout therapy
or something.

Yeah, but he's gotta want to go.
Otherwise, it won't do anything.

And that's the only way
I'll let him come home to us.

He loves you guys.

But that's not enough.



- Did you go through my backpack?
- I disposed the ponnies.

- Ponnies?
- Your pills.


- I got rid of them.
- What the hell? Are you crazy?

- Stay away from that stuff.
- Are you my father or what?

You have no fucking right to do that.
You hear me?

- Chocolate muffin? Hm?
- Fuck you!

When I get back,
those pills better be there.


- A 9 mm.
- That's the murder weapon.

Ballistics confirmed it.

There were no fingerprints on it.

Abou wore gloves.
That's why there wasn't any residue.

You questioned the girlfriend?

Sabrina Mischnik. Says she doesn't know
how the gun got into her apartment.

According to her,
Abou hasn't been there since the murder.

She also says that Abou never mentioned
Idris Kouri, or made any threats.


We already got the father and his staff
saying they heard him make threats.

The decisive factor here is the DNA found
on the crime scene cigarette

matches Basher's.

The forensics bureau has turned up
another lab in Füssen.

They can process the DNA.

And as for the result,
I'm pretty optimistic.

I think you can get started
on the indictment.

I wanna get this to trial quickly.

The judiciary committee is looking
to speed up our court case,

as some gangs need to see
we do our jobs quickly and efficiently.

We'd still like to check
the playground scene again.

Maybe somebody saw something.
Or heard something.

Yeah, do it.

Anything else?

You sure?

- Any news on the car?
- Nothing at all. Not a trace.

- Of anything?
- No trace of Jürgens' body, or his car.

But in the Kouri case,
we have the murder weapon.

No fingerprints on it, and the suspect
didn't have gunshot residue.

If the DNA comes back a match,

then there's a similarity
to the Herres case.

- Mm-hmm.
- Not to your boss, though.

She doesn't see the connection
between the cases. She only sees...

- Basher.
- So...

We need to tell her about Jürgens.


No, because she'll know
you've been doing some poking around.

You wanted me to keep you out of it.
It's better this way.

But what if there's something
to Jürgens' theory?

- Evil Russians rebuilding our country?
- He was hired to monitor Judge Herres.

Jule, stop.
That's nothing but conspiracy bullshit!

This is clearly too big for you now,
all right?


I'm just saying
you've stuck your neck out far enough.

All right?

If you have any more questions,
give me a call.

Good-looking guy. Nice teeth.

I don't know if he can count to three,
but I'm sure you'll find out.

Okay. Thanks so much.


A guy in a hoodie was
in the treehouse yesterday.

Looked like a homeless man.

A hoodie, huh?

Murderers almost always return
to the scene of the crime.

Okay, then...

Guess you can call it a day.

What? And you're not?

Yeah, I am.


- It's me. Atlas.
- Atlas...

Did the guy
from the other night call you back?

The "guy" was Joachim Jürgens.

Mussa Basher's last visitor,
and your old friend.


How can I reach this guy?

Can't anymore.

Last night he was murdered.

Before he died,
he told me he gave you the photos.

- What photos?
- Of Judge Herres!

Don't tell me you don't remember that.

He didn't give me any photos.

Why would he lie about that?

- Hello?
- Tinka.

Tinka called yesterday too.

She wants to see you.
She says she's always at the gym until six

and that you'd know where.

- Okay, thanks.
- Wait.

Those photos...
Jürgens was investigating the Herres case.

The one you thought you made a mistake on.
And now he's dead.

If you remember anything,
I'll be by the river at seven, okay?

I didn't find Basher's strands of hair.


I was high.

On drugs?

- I'll explain later.
- Atlas?

- Tinka!
- Dad?

Who was that guy the other night?
Did he do anything?


He said he's an old friend of yours. Paul?

- We were gonna surprise you.
- He's not my friend.

He wanted me to give you this.

I've got my laptop on me.



Yeah, Zari.

In Herres' driveway.

Zari is such a slime ball.

I mean, he always was, but...

Now he's totally hitting on Mom.

And she gets off on it.

I think Mom's hooking up with Zari.

Who cares, huh?


Tinka, wait! Come on, wait!

I tell you about Mom and Zari,
and you couldn't give a shit!

That's not true.

But what am I supposed to do?
I can't tell her not to.


I'm the one who left.

Yeah. You did.
You left without telling us anything!

Do you have any idea what that's like?

You used to explain things to me.

Where I'm from, who I am...

Why Grandma can be so nasty sometimes,
why I'm so fat...

It was crazy complicated,

but I understood it
because you explained it to me!

You don't explain anything anymore,
and then you just left.

Explain it to me!


I left because...

- It was the day you almost...
- The day I almost ran you over, I know.

I remember that.

I'm really sorry.

I... I was totally...

out of it.

You were for a while.

Before that.

Yeah, I know.

I... I had...

I'd done something wrong.

I made a mistake.
I don't know exactly what it was.

And when you don't know
what you did wrong, then you...

It just grows and grows
and then becomes overwhelming.

I ran away from it.

I hid.

From... your mistake.


Uh... But now you wanna make things right.

When you find out what you did wrong...

then will you come back home?

I promise.

I'll try.

Do you even wanna come back home?


There's nothing I want more, Tinka.

Nothing. Okay?

Come here.


What time is it?

Time for me to go to work soon.

Breakfast first?


- Hey.
- Mm?

What do you say we move in together?

- What?
- You heard me.

You always wanted to.

Yeah, but you didn't.

Because I didn't give you enough space.

Yeah. Well, I can change my mind.

I mean, I really like you.


- We get along on well.
- Yeah.

- And, uh, the sex is good too.
- Mm-hmm.

And, um...

we could even think about maybe adopting.


Her name is Lotta, she's two years old,
and she doesn't have anybody.

- This is a joke, right?
- No, it's not a joke.

No. You and I both work shifts. Hm?

We'll just organize our shifts so that we...

Okay, it'll be a little tricky,
but my parents made it work.

- And I had a wonderful childhood.
- Britney...

No, Max... Max.

Just hear me out. You won't have
to look after her that much.

- I'll work half-days if I have to.
- Huh. As a police officer.

I'll work a desk.
Whatever it takes. Interested?

You don't have to worry
about taking care of her. I'll do that.

- I need you because...
- What?

You can't adopt kids if you're single.

I see.

First off...

- That's not true. Single people can adopt.
- Really?

Yeah, my cousin lives by herself,
and she had no problem, but...

Britney, this is a crazy idea.

Don't you see that?

Look at your life.
You think you have room for a child?

I can offer her something.

I know that.

You sure it's not the other way around?

How about getting a cat?

Fuck you.

- Yeah. Okay.
- Adopt a cat. Listen.

There's a bagel in the fridge. Bye.

I've missed you too.


- Good evening.
- Good evening. I'm looking for Chiara.

Who are you?

Jule Andergast.

DA's office?

I just wanna talk.

It's not about this place.

DA's office?

Are you Chiara?

Come with me.

- Is there any other camera angle?
- Mm.

- No, sorry. Wait, but there's another one.
- One where you can see the car exiting.

Hold on a second.



That's what I was looking for.

I've also got a camera
in the stairway.

Hoodie guy went up that way.

And that was four minutes
before the car exited.

Got a better shot of hoodie guy somewhere?

No. The woman from the DA's office
asked me the same thing.

What woman was that?


What's this about?

Joachim Jürgens, a private detective,

said that you had hired him
to monitor your "husband." So did you?

Yes, that's right.

- Would you like one?
- Sure.

Yes, it was weird, but it was a while ago.

Last summer.

Why did you pretend
to be Judge Herres' wife?

For a regular.
But only because he begged me to.

I think jealousy had something
to do with it.

But that's not really a case
for the district attorney, is it?

Judge Herres was murdered.

Yes, I read about that. It was the gangs.
But what does that have to do with it?

Could you tell me the name
of your regular?

I don't know it.

Each of our guests chooses
a "Des Amis" name.

- Oh.
- He was "Sergei."

- Russian?
- No, German.

When does he come here?

The last time I saw him was
just before Christmas.

Looks like now he's a regular
somewhere else.

Did he ever mention
what he did for a living?

Of course he didn't.

Okay. Um...

Is he good-looking?
Was he shy? What was he interested in?

Anything at all that you can think of.

Have you got my pills, Klaus?

I already told you.
I threw them away.

All they do is make you numb
and screw around with your head.

And give you diarrhea.
How do you know so much about it?

Good question.

Go on, let it out!

Think about that fucking bastard
on the balcony,

before he threw the little girl off.

Go on. Do it.

Seriously, Zari.
I can't take it anymore.

Next time you feel like that,
just take one. All right?

Just one.

One at a time.

- One at a time.
- You're the one that destroyed me, man.

Threw them away, huh?

You can keep 'em.

My grandpa.

Look at him, not me.

He used to take pills too.

At Christmas, on my birthday,

even when he took me to the zoo.

Looks like he's hurting.

Did you trim his beard?

- What makes you say that?
- The angle from the front.

If you do it by yourself in the mirror,
you have to cut from below.

Are you a lawyer, a barber, or what?

Police! Please open the door.

Police! Anyone here?

Anyone else in here?

Someone's in here.

Police! Open up!

Um, morning.
We got a call from some neighbors.

Someone was beaten up
and dragged into this building.

There's only one other person
who lives in this building. Is that right?

Yes. Mostly empty apartments.

- You live alone?
- Yes.

- May I come in?
- No, I'd rather you didn't.

Look at the pretty Black girl.

Stay clear of the door!

Get out, you fucking freaks.

- Police. Stay back.
- Oh, she's a pig.

- Oh, wow.
- Back off. Hey!

Get away from the door.

11 Sieger Street,
front of the building, ground floor.

- What's going on?
- Warning shot.

Drop the crowbar. Put it down.

Drop it, I said!

My buddy's inside there.

They pepper-sprayed him
and dragged him inside the building.

- You saw the whole thing, huh?
- We were walking past.

These guys jumped us.
We didn't do anything.

That guy there threw a burning torch
on to the top floor.

That's where the Syrian family is staying.

What are you talking about, you old bitch?

Hey! Down!


- Down! Get down! Now!
- Olli! Olli!

Close the door!

Olli! Olli!

- Stay down!
- Get the fuck off!

- Do you need a doctor?
- Get out of my apartment.

- Hey!
- Hands on your head!

Fucking asshole!

I need a doctor here, all right?

- Are you insane?!
- You have no right to do this.

- Put down your gun!
- What's wrong?!


You're all out of your minds!

If this had been done
to all filthy Nazis after the war,

- Germany would've been a lot better off.
- Germany!

No, it's called assault!

Hey, knock it off! That's a cop!

Hey, hey. I'm sorry.

Are you all right?
Can I get you some water?

First floor.

Obstructing an official investigation,
resisting arrest, and possible arson.

Sounds like fun. Get some sleep.

I got some milk
at the corner store.

Newspaper, a few pastries...
We can have a nice breakfast, pal.

Hey, spare some change?

It's for the funeral.

Want a pastry?

Bless you, my brother.

You stay put, all right?

Got it? You got it?

You stay put.


In Herres' driveway.

Laundry day?

Hey, Zari.


Listen, I...

It was my fault, I, um...

I'm sorry. I...

I mean, I'm not sorry, because it was...

Because it was great,

but I...

It's all good.

Won't happen again.

- It's just... It's about Atlas.
- Okay.

If we want
to get him the help he needs...

Maybe that thing
with Tinka the other night...

What if we said it was him pulling off
some crazy attempt to...

To get your attention?

I don't think that's a good idea.

Have you got a better one?

- "Hurting"?
- Huh?

You said my grandfather looked
like he was hurting.

His smile.

It just looked forced.

His wife left him, and his daughter
bit the dust when I was born.

Your mother?

Yeah, but he didn't resent me
for it. I mean...

Not me, at least.

Just life, and the rest of the world.

Life hurt him.

He didn't last much longer.

Then youth services were able
to find my father.

Two weeks later,
that asshole gets into bed with me,

stark naked.

I hope his balls are still black and blue
to this day.

No one can hurt me now.

So what's the big occasion?

An important one.


We need to talk.

- I'll call you tonight.
- No, now.

I have a meeting in a few minutes.
I can't be late. Okay?

I wouldn't worry about that.
You always come early...


My university classmates,
Gernot Bickel and Martin Herres,

were both up for Chief Judge.

Herres and I...

...never really got along.

Gernot would have taken me with him.
To the appeals court.

So you were hoping
to dig up dirt on Herres,

and hired a private investigator.

For the office of Chief Judge,

any slight transgressions
can alter their decisions greatly.

And what did you do with the photos
Chiara handed over to you?

Deleted them.
There was nothing useful on them.

Look, I'm not proud of what I did, but...

I'm pushing 50,
and I'm still in district court.

I needed to make a move,
or I'd just rot here.

You can understand that.

Yes, I understand.

Yes, of course I understand.

I guess that's why you haven't been
to the Club des Amis since Christmas.

You had me for that.

Oh, come on, please.
You know that's not true, Jule.

I have to tell you, Ulf.
It has always felt pretty gross to me.

It was gross.

Come on. Don't do this.

I admit I screwed up.

But if we're being honest here,
neither one of us thought

that this would amount to anything more
than a Christmas party fling.

But look where we've come.

I really care about you.

I'll divorce Vera,
but I'm gonna need some time.

Is this some kind of game for you,
or what?

If you ever call me again,

I'll tell your wife everything.

You were right.

About what?

Jürgens' big Russian
conspiracy theory doesn't add up.

What do you mean?

He was hired by a district court judge
to dig up dirt on Herres

leading up to the election
for Chief Judge of the Appeals Court.

- That's all.
- Okay. Are you at the office?

I'm sorry for what I said the other day.
I just wanted to... I meant...

It's not that it was too big
for me. It was just too gross.

I'm out.

Jule, I...


Mrs. Herres?



I'm Mike Atlas.

- Atlas?
- I was with the police.

I testified against Mussa Basher
in court at the time.

The one with the eagle eyes.

What can I do for you?

I have something I need to show you.

Do you know this guy?

He was here once.

In the driveway. Do you know
what he wanted from your husband?

No. Who took these photos?

Do you have any idea what this logo is?

That's from the Benedictus
homeless charity.


My husband was a supporting member.
Why is that important?

Because Mussa Basher
didn't kill your husband.

- What?
- He had an alibi.

He couldn't have been in the driveway
at the time of the shooting.

Excuse me?

But he was convicted and... And you...

You were the one
who found the evidence in the driveway.

Yes, but I couldn't have. It...

- I was on drugs that evening.
- Drugs?

This man in the picture
is with the police.

He's talking to your husband
in the driveway.

What reason did he have being
at a judge's home?

But you're here in my home, Mr. Atlas.

Because something went terribly wrong
in the investigation.

Don't take this the wrong way, but...

Could something be going wrong
with you right now?

- I know it all sounds very confusing, but...
- Yes.

...I absolutely need to know
what's in this document.


It's really important I know.


Here are all the case binders
for the Benedictus charity.

- May I?
- Mm-hmm.

Are you going to read all of them?

If that's okay.

I won't take anything or mix anything up.



Thank you.


- Yeah?
- The good news first.

Your promotion to Detective
has gone through. Congratulations.

And the bad news?

I need you.
A call just came in.

Would you like some more?

No, thanks.

The document I'm looking for isn't here.

Can you possibly think
of another place he may have kept it?


There's this box over here.

It has everything
that was on his desk at the time.

"Dear Mr. Herres,
despite your commitment,

to date, no official proceedings
have been launched in the Polyphemus case.

As we explained in our conversation
of March the fourth,

a witness statement contradicts
the location where the body was found."


This is Doctor Berners.

We know each other. Is it all right
if I have a few words with you?

- No, thanks.
- Atlas.

- Come with us.
- What for?

- You're trespassing here, man.
- Mrs. Herres let me in.

And this?

I took it away from someone.

You show up here, making all kinds
of stories, upsetting people.

Now the gun.
How many ponnies did you take?

- I gave that up a while ago.
- Then what is this? Huh?

He was the one who started me on those.

Atlas, come with us.

No, thanks.

What happened with Herres?

It was you.

You're really not well.

So why did you meet with him
right here on the driveway?

I was helping you.

- Listen to me. He was on to you.
- What are you saying?

Me? What do I have to do with it?

- You don't remember it?
- What?

What's the Polyphemus case?

- You really don't remember.
- Just tell me what happened!

Hey, hey!

What did I do, huh?
What did I do?

- Relax!
- What did I do?!

What did I do?

What did I do?

- Come on!
- What did I do?

Watch out!

What did I do?!