Sleeping Dog (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Kontaktaufnahmen - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Hey, it's Tinka.
I can't come to the phone right now.

Leave me a message after the beep.


- Hello?
- Where's Tinka?

- Mike?
- Lenni.

- Where's Tinka?
- I... I don't know.

I just left her a voicemail.

- Why?
- When was the last time you saw her?

This morning.

This afternoon she...
She was going to the gym.

Why? What's wrong?

- Did you call the gym?
- Yes, she was there.

But she hasn't been back home,
her gym bag isn't here.

- So it was after that.
- Mike, what's going on?

- Why are you asking about her?
- I'll take care of it.

You'll take care of what?
What's going on with Tinka?




- Tinka's disappeared.
- What?

She should've been here hours ago.

- And Mike just called me.
- Atlas? Why?

I don't know,
but I've gotta know where Tinka is.

- Okay. Just give me her cellphone number.
- But she's not picking up.

- Just give me the number.
- Yes, I... I'll send it to you.



Detective Atlas!

Where's my daughter?

- Back off. Over there.
- Where's my daughter?

Go over there, I said! Hm!

Who's paying you?


Who else is in on it? I want names.

- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Judge Herres, the whole mess.


You framed Mussa Basher for murder.
The evidence you found on the crime scene...

It was fake, huh?

I can't remember.

But Idris Kouri could.
And that's why he had to die.

Now start talking.

I said talk!

Where's my daughter?

- Tinka is fine!
- Where's my daughter?

Tinka's all right, I swear!
I promise I'll take you to her.

If you really can't remember,

then maybe I can jog your memory.


What's going on?

- Fuck!
- Daddy! Dad!

Come on. Let me out!

- Stop the car! Let me out of here!
- Just shut up, all right?!


- Stop the car! Let me out!
- Shut up!

Please stop!
Stop the car, please! Let me out!

Please! Stop!

Fuck. Come on! Shit!

Here. Give this to your father.

And only your father, understand?

Now get out. Now!

Hey. Are you okay?

- Zari?
- Are you okay? Tinka!


I'm good.

Who was that guy?

- Who was that?
- A friend of my dad's.

What did he want from you?


Look, I told you, everything's okay.

- Then why was he driving like a maniac?
- I don't know.

Maybe because you were chasing him?
What are you even doing here?

Your mother was worried.

Yeah, I've got her.

No, no, it's all good.

I'll bring her home now.


Come on.

- I've gotta use your phone.
- It's for you.



Uh, she's okay. It's all good.

Apparently, she was with an old friend
of yours named Paul.

Huh? Paul? Which Paul?

- I don't know.
- Where is she?

Zari is driving her home.


Yeah, Mike. Zari.

At least I can count on him.


Yes. He took care of it.


I guess that's it, then.

Is everything okay?

Good night.

Good night!

Lenni is his wife?

His soulmate.

Hey! I was really worried.

- Sorry. I forgot to call you.
- Who were you with?

Paul. An old friend of Dad's.

Dad doesn't know any Paul.

Well, he knows him. Okay?


Good night.

- Beer?
- Mm-hmm.

Paul. Mike said he didn't know this guy.

So he called you and asked about Tinka.
From which phone?

I have no idea. Maybe he borrowed one.

- But he's in contact with you.
- I don't know whose it was.

- Why didn't you ask?
- Look, I don't know.

He hung up again right after.

But he did call you.

- Yes.
- Good

Yeah. For the first time in eight months.


He'll be back. I know it.

Did you actually see him?

- Atlas?
- No, this Paul guy.


I wanna know
who she's driving around with at night.

I might have his plate number
on my dash cam.

I'll check it out. Okay?



You're the best.


Yes. I mean it.

I can't sleep if someone
is breathing heavily in the dark.

- Wanna talk about it?
- Mm-mm.



I've got something.
For when your brain can't sleep.

No, thanks.

Okay, but don't keep
your light on all night.

Sweet dreams.

Check out the last page.

A three-year-old got bashed in the head
by some cop.



Chief Judge Regina Echtersweiler.
Moved up from the regional court.

As your mother'd say, "Underachiever
masquerading as a go-getter."

And she's no Martin Herres.

He would've made a great chief judge.

- Was Herres in the running?
- He was a favorite.

It would've been his if Mussa Basher
hadn't shot him. Why do you want to know?

Just curious.

Have you familiarized yourself with
the Kouri case?

- Yes.
- We're pretty much all set.

We've got evidence, a motive...

A motive?

Abou Basher blamed Idris Kouri
for Mussa's suicide,

because Kouri refused to provide Mussa
with an alibi for the Herres case.

Plus, the two of them were
in a relationship.

I gotta take a call now.

If you have questions,
ask the LKA. All right?

All right.

Hi. Hello.

- Can I help you?
- Uh...

I'd like to see Lotta,
the little girl with the...

Ah, yeah. The police officer.

- I brought her...
- Oh.That's so cute.

But Lotta's not here anymore.

- Child protective services took her away.
- They did?

She was well again.

There was no internal trauma,
so she was good to go.

Well, where did they take her?

You're not related to her,
so I really shouldn't...

But I think I can tell you.

Lotta is now living at the...








FIG. 008



- Uh, can I speak with Mike Atlas?
- Who's this?

Tinka. I'm his daughter.
He called me last night from this number.

Tinka. Got it.
He used my cellphone yesterday.

But I haven't heard from him today.


If he calls,
can you tell him I need to see him?

I'm always at the gym until 6 p.m.
He knows where it is.

And it's important, okay?

If he calls you, can you tell him
I need to talk to him too?


I'll be by the river after seven.

- He also knows where.
- Okay. Cool. Um...

- Bye.
- Bye, Tinka.

Bullet through with a 9 mm.

- Hello?
- I need to talk to Detective Atlas again.

Who's speaking, please?
I called him at this number last night.

I'm an old friend. He knows who I am.

If you give me your number,
I'll pass it on.

Just tell him I really need
to talk to him again, all right?

I'll be in touch.


You're here for me?

I have news
on Mussa Basher's suicide.


Then... let's grab a bite.

"They're everywhere.
Idris is as good as dead."

- That's what Jürgens said.
- The private detective?

He was the last visitor Mussa had, yeah.
That's what he was yelling at him.

I think that Mussa Basher killed himself
to protect his lover Idris Kouri,

and to put an end
to the whole Herres case.

How'd you get this?

From a woman who can lip read.
I showed her the video from the prison.

You're really good.

It was Detective Atlas' idea.

- He thinks he messed up somehow back then.
- Messed up how?

- He can't remember right now.
- What?

He had a breakdown.
He suffers from memory lapses.

He asked Steck yesterday
to reopen the Herres case.

- Detective Mike Atlas?
- Yeah.

She said no.


Lotta, you've got a visitor.

We're in the middle of breakfast. Maybe...

Yeah, I just came to, uh...

To, uh...

This is for you.

- Yeah.
- Bunny.

Thank you.

- Such a sweetie.
- Mm.

INot easy
to find a home for her, though.

How come?

Drug or alcohol abuse
during pregnancy.

We don't know
if it'll hinder her development.

Most adoptive parents want
a healthy child.

Do you wanna stay for a while?


I have to go to work.

I... I can't... I've gotta go.

The Herres murder.

The Kouri murder.

- Pretty similar, right?
- Both point-blank, 9 mm.


The Herres murder...

- The evidence Atlas found.
- Yes. The Kouri murder.

Both point-blank, 9 mm.

and in both cases the murderer
leaves DNA behind at the scene.

Your Ms. Steck would say, in both cases,
the murderer was a Basher.

- Hello.
- Hello. What can I get you?

One falafel.

What if both Judge Herres and Idris Kouri
were killed by the same person,

and both murders were pinned
on the Bashers?

Maybe Idris Kouri was killed
just to cover everything up,

so that the real perpetrator
and the real motive wouldn't be known.

The real motive?

Herres was murdered
shortly before becoming chief judge

of the appellate court.


Dark forces that want to stop a judge.
"They're everywhere..."

Those are snippets of a conversation.

Until you speak to this private detective

and he tells you exactly
what he was talking about,

it's nothing but a conspiracy theory.

Yes, but Mussa is innocent...

The question is,
"Is Abou Basher guilty or not?"

In the Kouri case,
the evidence is enough to detain him,

but not enough
for a watertight indictment.

The DNA on the cigarette isn't back yet,
Basher has no gunshot residue...

Mussa Basher didn't either.

Yes, but the murder weapon was found
in Mussa's glove compartment.

Not the same thing.

I won't leave any stone unturned
in the Kouri case. I promise.

And the Herres case?

The Herres case is closed.

Even if Ms. Steck were to let me,
I wouldn't be able to see the file.

It's nowhere to be found.

You'll be a shining star one day,
just like your mother.

If my mother had been a shining star,
my father wouldn't have left us.

- Sorry. I don't know why I just said that.
- It happens.

I got this.

- Can I get this to go, please?
- Yes.

I've been looking for you for months.

It's good to see you.


What was that last night? Huh?

Who was that guy? Paul?

I'm on it.

How did you know where Tinka was?

Lenni called me.
I tracked Tinka's phone.

I'll check that guy out.
I promise, honest.

- Do you want a coffee?
- No, Zari.

I want to know
why I quit the force eight months ago.

I don't know.

You were out of it. When I realized
how bad it was, it was too late.

Something went wrong, didn't it?

- What do you mean?
- The Herres case!

- Mussa was innocent!
- No, he wasn't!

He had an alibi! Idris Kouri!

He disappeared, but then he came back
to testify for Mussa and he gets shot!

Because he didn't lie
for Mussa at the time, Mike!

Mussa killed himself. His brother Abou
blamed Idris for it, and bam!

- No.
- Yeah!

The LKA confirmed it.

Abou made several threats.
And we found his DNA at the crime scene.

Just like Mussa's hair
at the Herres crime scene?

- Yes! You should know!
- What went down back then?

Who told us to do it? Were we paid off?


You just watch what you say.

You're losing your grip, Atlas.

You've been running for too long.
You had a major burnout. You're...

- Jesus, man. I'm your best friend.
- Get the fuck off me.

Look at you.

I'm taking you to see Berners.

Remember Doctor Berners? He's a good guy.

He runs the clinic now. Let's go.

For Lenni and Tinka.

They also want to know
what happened eight months ago.

They miss you.

- Stay away from my family.
- Me?

You're the one who left them.

You did.

Atlas. You were the one
who found the hairs at the scene?


That evidence was planted there.
Planted there!


- Well done, you bloodhound.
- Let's go home. Get some sleep.

You framed Mussa Basher
for murder.

That evidence you found
on the crime scene...

- It was fake!
- Let's go home. Get some sleep.

Well done, you bloodhound.


Oh shit.

Tinka! Is everything okay?

Are you okay?

Are you out of your fucking mind?!

What the hell is wrong with you?

You've lost it!

Wake the hell up, Mike!

What are you doing?
Mike, will you just talk to me?!

Don't you dare just walk away!


He's obsessed with the Herres case.
Now do you see what I mean?

He needs professional help.

How did he even find out
that Idris had come back?

From Hartloff, or...?

It doesn't matter. He's gotta go
to the clinic. Gotta get him committed.

For that, he'd have to be a danger
to himself or others,

which he isn't, is he?

No, but...

I'll think of something.

Yes, you'd better.

What are you doing, bud?
Joachim Jürgens owner request?

It's for Lenni.

Tinka was with some strange dude
last night. Just between us.


- What do you think of my new sneakers?
- Cool.

They're great, right?
Enjoy your lunch.


She stopped telling me
what she thinks.

Is this an awkward stage
she's going through,

or is this a problem?


- Nice shoes.
- Mm-hmm. No trace of grandpa.

Our friend went
to see the little girl again.

The "I didn't know
there was someone behind there" girl?

My God,
I brought her a little stuffed animal.


- She's at a kid's shelter.
- Better than her drunken whore of a mom.

Yes, but because of her drunk mother,
it'll be hard for her.

Adoptive parents don't want kids
of alcoholics.

Yeah, that's very sad,
but there's nothing we can do.

Something we can do...

Apartment break-in, Donaustrasse 14A. Hm?

Got it.

- Are you good?
- Yeah.

- Maybe I could adopt her.
- What?

Yeah. Stupid idea.

- Do you even have a boyfriend?
- Absolutely not.

Forget about it.
If you're single, you can't adopt. No way.

Are we good?

Come on.

No, it's direct.

So that's seven days...

I mean, seven nights. All inclusive.

The offer is valid until next week.

If you dropped by in person, that'd be...

...the best.

Yes, of course.



I'd like to book...

um, a return flight.

I'm not totally sure yet
how or when that'll be...

but I know exactly where.


Is there anything you can offer me?

Pasta with tomato sauce?

Get therapy. You need help.

Yeah, but first I...

I gotta figure this out.

Like you've been doing
the past eight months?

How's that working out?

You've destroyed so much, Mike.

- I know.
- No, you don't!

You don't know what you're doing!

You just show up here expecting me
to welcome you with open arms?

No questions asked?

The only way back home...

is going through therapy.

Why won't you?

What are you so scared of?

Talk to me, Mike.

Just talk to me. Please.

Nothing's changed at all.

- Yes. It has.
- No.

I... I want...

You want what?

- I'm going to...
- What?


I just need a little more time, okay?


But what if it's too late?

I still need time.

Hey. Hi, Mom.

Hey there, sweetheart.

Something wrong?

Listen, can you sleep over
at Bine's tonight?


Why? What is it?

Uh, what's wrong?

It's okay, sweetheart.
Nothing to worry about it. I'm...

I just need a little alone time. For me.





- Hey.
- Chocolate muffin...


Hey. Look at me. You take something?

What did you take? Huh?

Chocolate muffin.



Get ready. We're almost there.

Dude, are you all right?
He took something again.

I don't believe this.

It's up ahead, 14A.

- Hello?
- Has Atlas contacted you yet?


- He wants to meet with you too.
- When?

- Tonight at seven.
- Uh-huh.

Uh... where?

Um, by the river.

It was definitely pried open.

Must've been last night.

I slept at a friend's place,
and when I got back an hour ago...


My laptop and my VR goggles are gone too.

- Anything else?
- I don't know.

Do you live alone?

my boyfriend sleeps over a lot.

He didn't last night.

No, why?

- Where was he last night?
- In custody.

- Miss Mischnik's boyfriend is Abou Basher.
- Ah!

- "Ah" what?
- Nothing.

Is this yours?

Um, no. That's... That's not mine.
I have no idea how it got here.

No idea?


Thank you.

Want me to give you a lift home?

No, I like to walk.

Do you still run marathons?

No time.

I miss your mom.

She taught me how to be strong.

Me too.

Since I was little.

Shall we?

Are you seeing anyone?

No. No time for that, either.

Yeah, well...

Your mother didn't exactly set
a good example.

Men are important.
I mean, not as important as they think...

- Important?
- Yeah.

But pick one who's comfortable
being alone, not clingy.

- Mm.
- I'm still paying for mine.

Find a nice one with a pleasant smile,
you know, who can count to three.

- Doesn't have to be a genius.
- Mm.

Pick one off the street.

It's not like they're all macho assholes.

That reminds me, they found
the murder weapon in the Kouri case.

Oh yeah?

Ballistic results come in tomorrow,
but it's a 9 mm.

They found it
in Basher's girlfriend's apartment.

- LKA?
- Nah. My boys from the 49th.

They're in top form,
even without Atlas' help.

Did he show up here again? Atlas?


We're almost there.

Get ready. Almost there.

Don't move from here, all right?

Mrs. Herres...

The victim
is presumed to be Judge Martin Herres.

Entry wound in the left temple.

I can't do this much longer.

I don't... I don't think I can do it.

Say we were checking the body
and you looked around the vehicle.

That's where you found
the four strands of hair. Four.

Gonna take off.
Otherwise, I'll sleep through the trial.

And miss your big moment.

You go home too.
You need to be on the ball tomorrow.

That's where you found
the four strands of hair. Four.

Joachim Jürgens?

You're Detective Atlas' old friend?

I'm Jule Andergast. We work together.

- He couldn't make it.
- You were at my office before.

And two days ago at your apartment.

I... I...

I... I wasn't in my apartment.

- Not for days.
- But you... You were running away.

What? That... That wasn't me.


- Tell Atlas I'll only talk to him.
- Wait.

We investigate the Herres case together.
We believe Mussa is innocent.

They're everywhere.

"They" who?

Not here.

Who hired you?

About nine months ago, she...
She came into my office.

- Wanted me to follow her husband.
- Judge Herres.

She thought he was having an affair.
She wanted me to shadow him.

So I did. For just one week.

- And... And I gave her the results.
- And?

There was no indication.

I handed her the photos... Get down!

I handed over the photographs, and...
And that was it.

Soon after, Herres was shot
in front of his house.

Out of curiosity, I went to the trial.
One of the Bashers did it.

So... Okay.
I didn't think anything of it.

Until I went
to the Amis Club six weeks ago

for a client.

- Amis?
- A high-end brothel on the Westend.

Suddenly I'm standing in front of
Mrs. Herres. Chiara. A prostitute.

She didn't recognize me, but...

- It was her.
- A prostitute named Chiara?

The real Mrs. Herres is
at least ten years older.

I was hired by a hooker
to follow Judge Herres around town! Mm?

They wanted to keep Herres from becoming
chief judge of the appellate court!

Tried to ruin his reputation
by digging up some dirt.

But there was none!
And then... Then...

They murdered him!

That's what you told Mussa Basher
in prison?

I... I wanted him to tell me
where I could find Idris Kouri, his alibi,

but he didn't trust me at all.

And now, look.
They've... They've killed Idris.

I warned Mussa. They'll kill anyone
who touches the Herres case.

Who's "they"?

The Russians might be involved.
They want to rebuild the entire country.

And put their own people in power.

Mr. Jürgens...

- Ms... Ms...
- Andergast.

You don't believe me?

I believe that Mussa is innocent.
I also think the killer is still out there

and that something underhanded was done.

But the Russians?

"Rebuild the country,"
"put their people in power"...

- That's...
- Herres. Mussa Basher. Idris Kouri.

They're all dead. Right?

And now... Now they've been in my home! Hm?

- What were they looking for?
- The photos!

- What photos?
- From the Herres surveillance!

"What photographs"?

Just ask Atlas.

I gave the photos to his...