Sleeping Dog (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Überraschung - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Copy that. Unit 74.

- State police here already?
- Tom Schlefski. He's new.

Luka Zaric, 49th KDD.

- Hey.
- Welcome.

Up there, point-blank.
Forensic is on their way.

Those two found him.

Are you good?

I'm not saying anything.

Are you okay?

My first dead guy.

Idris Kouri, resident of Kreuzkölln.

- Idris Kouri?
- Yeah.

He was supposed to meet him here.

Cigarette butt!

49th. Wasn't it you guys who dug up
that evidence in the Herres murder case?

Mike Atlas.

But he's long gone now.

I didn't do it!

That evidence was planted there.
Planted there!

Strands of hair...

I wasn't at the judge's place.
I was with Idris.

You made every alibi
worthless back then.

Idris Kouri had just returned to Berlin.

Allegedly because he wanted to confirm
Mussa Basher's alibi.

- Alibi?
- For the murder of Judge Herres.

But, Jule,
that trial was eight months ago.

Idris Kouri apparently said
he was being threatened

by police officers.
If he confirmed Basher's alibi,

they were gonna tell his father
that he's gay.

Seems like they just wanted to put someone
from the Basher family away.

Police officers threatened Idris Kouri.
That's what he told you, right?

After Mussa's suicide,
Idris said a lot of things.

That it wasn't suicide...

That it was the cops that killed him...

Mm. I understand.

And so the cops killed Idris Kouri,
is that what you're saying?

I didn't say that!



Let's forget about conspiracies
for a minute.

Idris Kouri was gay.

How about you?


I knew it!

Now they're gonna start saying all kinds
of gay shit about me and Idris!

Are you happy now?

- Your statement was important. If Idris...
- I don't give a shit!

Him neither.

He's dead.

He's scared.

I get it.

You're on the suicide file, right?
Ever feel like something's off?

- Like somebody killed him?
- No, it was definitely suicide.

Uh, but?


Except that Mussa allegedly had an alibi.

- Are you reopening the case, then?
- I'm looking at the Kouri murder.

Whether the Herres case will be reopened
is up to your boss.

Uh, could you keep me out of it?

So you just wanna wrap up Basher's file,
and determine why he killed himself.

Gotcha. Good night.

Good night.


Still got my umbrella?

I'm in an empty shack by the canal port.
If you don't grope me, you can come.



- Yes?
- Your phone.

- I don't know where my head's at.
- On Zari's shoulder.

What are you...

- Morning.
- Morning.


We're going over the evidence
in the Kouri case.

And the Herres case?

See you later.


- You have that suicide report?
- It's coming.

Joachim Jürgens, private detective.

After his visit,
Mussa Basher killed himself.

Well, the next day, actually.

He had to go get his hands
on a scalpel first.

But I'm thinking that visit
may have been the trigger.

- Have you questioned him?
- He hasn't gotten back to me yet.

Don't wait for him to call you back.
You should be all over the guy.


This is Jule Andergast,
district attorney's office.

I'm looking for an address
for a Joachim Jürgens.

He rents an office from you.
Private detective.


Hey. Excuse me?

Uh, I'm sorry. Uh...

Is Mike home?


Uh, you're his daughter, right?

I... I'm Paul. Yeah.

We used to, uh,
work together a while back, but...

He's not with the 49th anymore, is he?

- Nope.
- Huh.

When do you think he'll be home?

He won't.

Ah, yeah.

- Hey, where's he staying now? Do you know?
- No idea.

- I have to go.
- Hey, I just wanted... I'm sorry. Sorry.

I know it's none of my business.
I'm just back in town, and I just, uh...

I don't know anyone here, and...

It's just that we go back a long way.
Mike and I, we...

We had a great time together.

Anyway, doesn't matter.
As long as he's doing all right.

In or out?

Hey, don't touch that!

"Klaus Hartloff. Attorney at law."

Did you hurt yourself?

Hey, I didn't take anything,
except for two chocolate muffins.


Greetings from Mom!
She sent you a return ticket.

Sydney, Australia.

Terrible weather, no kangaroos.

Berlin, home. A welcome cocktail
and pasta with tomato sauce.

Pasta with tomato sauce?


You don't have to leave.

Hey, I'm not gonna jump you or nothing!

Yeah, he's probably dealing
with some heavy shit.

- But he doesn't wanna go to therapy.
- Yeah.

Man, I'd really love to help him.

And I think maybe I could.


Sometimes it takes an old friend
you've lost touch with

to just snap you out of it
and bring you back. Like...

Like a little nudge, you know?


But yeah, if there's no way
to get in touch with him...

Um... He...

He calls me sometimes.


- I should get going.
- Wait.

Maybe you can put us in touch,
and we can be, like...

"Hi, Mike."

"Hey, Paul!"

Next thing you know,

all that emotional stuff
will just come right out. Eh?

Yeah, so...

Worth a try, right?

The hell.






Abou Basher?


- Peace be with you.
- And also with you.

Idris was found dead.

- Idris?
- Mm.

You need to come
to the station with me.

For what?
What's this got to do with me?

Well, according to Idris' father,
you threatened to off him a few times.

Is this a fucking joke?
What is this shit, huh?

- Just come with me.
- Wait.

Wait. Wait.

Abou. I'll call Hartloff. Mm?

- Fine.
- Ah. Let's go!

- Let's go.
- Thank you.

First I have to know what they have.

Just tell your son to keep his mouth shut.
I'll be right there.

Are you here to see me, Atlas?
'Cause I'm in a hurry.

Have you heard from Idris Kouri?

In a manner of speaking, yeah.

He was found dead
in a playground last night in Kreuzkölln

Shot in the head.

They're looking at Abou for it.

He was in Berlin?

Looks like he was.

This is considered theft, by the way.

Just in case you're planning
to rejoin the police force someday.

Mr. Jürgens, I'm with the DA's office.
I need to ask you a few questions.

I know you're in there.

It's just a few questions, Mr. Jürgens.

It's about your visit
to Mussa Basher in prison.

Was it about his alibi for Idris?

Idris Kouri?

So you want the police to bring him in?

He's evading questioning.

By an assessor
who's supposed to be writing a report.

Corinna, he ran away from me.

Come on, Jule.
Just mention Jürgens' visit to the prison

where he reiterated the seriousness
of Mussa's situation,

and not triggered the suicide.
Blah blah blah and done.

- We're on to the Kouri case now.
- Maybe they're connected.


Idris Kouri and Joachim Jürgens both
visited Mussa Basher in prison.

Right after that, Mussa kills himself,

Idris is shot,
and Joachim Jürgens goes underground.

Toss in that "Allahu Akbar" thing
on Mussa's chest,

and you've got a neat little package
wrapped up in a bow.

It said "Idris."

And Idris had "Mussa" carved
into his chest. They were lovers!


- They were gay?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, there you go.
The perfect suicide trigger.

And another Basher motive
for the Idris murder, homosexuality.


Now forget about this Jürgens.
Finish writing your report,

because as of today,
it's become part of the Kouri case file.

Nice work.



I'll be right there.

We need to talk.

Yeah, I think we do.

What are you telling him?

You're investigating Abou Basher now?

You went to see Hartloff again?

Did you tell him about your break-in here?
And what am I supposed to do with you?

Let's just say Mussa was innocent
in the Herres case.

- Atlas...
- Hear me out.

What if Idris could've given
Mussa an alibi?

He couldn't. The Bashers pressured him
to lie on behalf of Mussa

to get him off scot-free,
and that's why Idris left the country.

- So why did he come back to Berlin?
- For love. Idris and Mussa were a couple.

Look, I'm sorry
about Mussa's suicide, all right?

But he did what he did, and that's it.

It has nothing to do
with the fact that you put him away.

I don't remember any of it.

You found strands of his hair.

In Judge Herres' driveway, yeah.
But I don't remember it.

The only thing I remember is Mussa saying
in court that somebody planted it.

You don't remember it
because you've got some kind of PTSD.

Reopen the Herres case.

I think maybe it's time
we call in someone to help you.

You really do need
to get some professional help.

Here. Now get help.

Do it for your family.

Is someone
looking for Lotta Körtner?

Yes, the young girl with the concussion?

She, uh, was accidentally hit
by a door in a police operation.

- And you are?
- I didn't know she was behind that door.

I really didn't.

She's none the worse for wear.

At her age,
the cranial sutures are still elastic.

- They can absorb shocks more easily.
- How long is she gonna be here?

The real question is
where is she gonna go.

Mother dead,
grandparents dead, father unknown...

Child protection services
are looking for a family.

You want to talk to her?

Thank you.

Right, see ya!

- Wanna go to Götz's place later?
- If you want.


Pretty good.

Greetings from my mother.

Uh, yeah, sure.

Have you seen your father?

He came by earlier. He wanted a backpack.

I gave him the old red one.

Remember? Australia?

You lasted a long time!

Yeah. In the tent.

That day, I was so mad at mom.

And then I got that cool boarding pass
that dad gave me.

From mom's travel agency.

I can feel that he'll come back.

He loves you both. Especially you.




I am in Australia right now.

I'm supposed to say hi to you.

He says hi back.

I did some interval training again today.

And I'm down over two pounds.

It's going really well!

I've also ordered supplements.
They're supposed to help burn fat.

you shouldn't touch that stuff.

Interval training is good, but...
your body's gotta get used to it first.

Give it some time.

These things don't happen overnight.

- Okay.
- I'll call you later.

Hey, Dad?

You are not overweight.
You are beautiful just as you are.

I'm not beautiful.

I'm fat.

Do not be stupid.

- Hello?
- It's me.

- Tinka Atlas.
- Ah!

- He just called me again.
- Mike?

I was gonna tell him
about you, but...

he'd already hung up the phone.

Ah... Hmm.

Want me to send you the number?
I mean, I don't know if it's his, but...

- Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Text it to me.
- Okay.

- I'll give him a shot a little later on.
- All right.

- Okay, then. Ciao.
- Ciao.

This is where you stole my ID card,
Detective Atlas.

And then used it
to get into the DA's office

and made a copy of the Herres file.

Did you get in trouble?

Did you find
what you were looking for?


You think you screwed up, don't you?

And you wanna reopen the Herres case.

Why can't you remember?

It's been eight months. I...

How about a coffee?

I wanna show you something.


Atlas came by again.
Last night he copied the Herres file

using a stolen ID card.
He wants me to reopen the case.

I gave him a cellphone.
I'll text you the number.

All right, I'm on it.

- Late shift tonight?
- No, I'm off.

Still sticky with dust
and blood off the street?

I took a shower.

Score another uniform?

I'm taking Mother to the opera.

All right, have fun.
By the way, there's a new guy at the LKA.

Yeah, I know.

He makes a good impression.

You're gonna have to up your game
if you want to join the LKA.


- Hi.
- Hey.

Right on time.

And? Where are we going?


Okay. I'm intrigued.

Better get Tinka first.

She's sleeping over
at a friend's tonight.

- Is that Idris Kouri?
- Yes.

Four days before Mussa's suicide.

He was going to testify on his behalf.

You spoke to him?

No, with a friend of theirs, Niam.

Idris told Niam

that police officers threatened him
at the time.

And if he testified for Mussa,
they'd tell his father that he was gay.

That's when Idris took off for Agadir.

Now, eight months later,
he comes back to testify for him,

and gets murdered.

Where was Idris' body found?

In a playground.

A treehouse in Brungerstrasse,
in Kreuzkölln.

If Idris was going to testify for Mussa,
why would he kill himself?

- I...
- The suicide came before Idris' murder.

I know.

Joachim Jürgens, private detective.

Do you remember if he had anything to do
with Judge Herres?

- Did you tell your boss about all this?
- I tried. She doesn't see the connection.

But you do, right?

Yeah. I need to find out what this PI
said to Mussa to make him kill himself.

But he's disappeared.

You really don't know him?
Joachim Jürgens?


- Detective Atlas?
- Yeah. Who's this?


What are you doing?

Thank you.

Hey! Hold on!

I just wanna talk a minute.

- I've never seen that guy in the video.
- Yeah, or maybe you just don't remember.


But you do remember
making a mistake, don't you?

What do you want from me?

Look, all I wanna know is
what happened back then.

Here. And it seems pretty clear
that you wanna know too.

If you remember anything,
give me a call. All right?

I got it.


What kind of a surprise?

Oh fuck!

Here. Lift your arms.

Hold it like this.
Your thumb goes here. Good.

- Got it. Yeah.Okay.
- Just keep your arms straight.

- Hey.
- What?

Oh! Yeah!

- There. Right there.
- Oh! Where?

- Got that one.
- Mmm.

- You're a real sniper.
- Yeah?

- Yeah, sniper, you.
- Okay. Glad I'm so good.

Now let's see you do it.

Come on. Just think about
what an asshole that guy is.

- Asshole?
- Yeah, asshole.

Oh, yeah.

Shitty cyclist
who almost ran me over today,

and has the nerve to give me the finger.

This if for you.
Take this, you son of a bitch!


Every goddamn day she wonders
why he left us.

My mother tells her, "Lose some weight,
and maybe he'll come home!"

Shut the fuck up, mother!

Shut your stupid...

It's all right.


Leave me.

There's another asshole.

You just left us alone.

Why would you do that?

You don't give a shit about us!

Just talk to me.

Do you even know what you're doing to us?

You're making me
fucking miserable!



- You can't stay here.
- Yeah, I'm going.

This is where you used to come
with him, right?

To shoot, to drink.

That's so not like him.

He just didn't want to come home.

That's bullshit.

He didn't want me anymore.

He never so much as touched me.

He was burned out.

Do you have anything?

Some of those little pills?
The little, uh, green ones?

Do you have any?

Come on. We'll go on your boat.

Come on. Let's go. Come.

Hey, why don't I take you home now?

But I don't want to go home.


Vera had to go to Koblenz
at the last minute.

For two days.

I've got more chocolate muffins.

Hey, Klaus.

Keep it together.

Everything okay?


- What time is it?
- Don't get up.

Breakfast is paid for.

I'll call you tonight.


You were having nightmares.

Man, don't look at me like that.

You were tossing and turning
and grunting like a pig.

I just wanted to get some sleep.

- We had a visitor last night.
- Huh?

A raccoon.

- In a garbage can?
- Yeah.

You should've taken care of it last night.
Garbage can.

Is he getting paranoid now or what?

- I don't know, but I'll find him.
- I hope so.

Before he does something stupid.

Come on in.

One. Two.

Three. Let's go.

You can do it.
Three seconds more.

Good. And keep it up.

- Hello?
- Hey, it's me.

He didn't pick up.

But don't worry, I'll keep trying.

Mm. And if you hear anything,
you'll let me know, right?

We'll get Mike back
on the right track. Promise.

Mm, okay.

Thank you.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,

five, four, three, two...

At the playground.

In the treehouse.

But who'd be dumb enough
to put out a cigarette at the scene?

Macho idiots who can't control their egos,
who beat up their women

and drive around the city
in their big-ass cars.

Basher profile.

And I'll tell you something. It's genetic.

You mean Arabs, or...?

Arabia, Saxony-Anhalt...
I don't give a shit where they're from.

Our streets are slimy
from all their testosterone.

We'll do a DNA test.

Basher's attorney doubts
we have sufficient cause.

We have sufficient cause.

We have a statement from Kouri's father,
death threats in front of witnesses.

Don't worry. I'll take care of the order.
Has Abou made a statement yet?

He says
we're pulling the same shit with him

as we did with his brother Mussa.

Does Abou also have a bullshit alibi?

He was at the shisha bar until 7:00 p.m.

Then he was detained
and questioned by a police officer.

You verified that?


- Yeah?
- Where are you?

- Vienna Street.
- Schlefski wants to talk to you.

- Who?
- The new guy from LKA.

All right.

He was in this apartment. I'm positive.

Kaminski. He should be at work,
shouldn't he?

I don't know. He's some old guy.
I don't really know him.

This way.

I was taking out the garbage

when I saw some guy climb
over the balcony with his bag.

Yeah, the balcony door is open.
That's how he got in and out.

- Then went to number 17 with his bag.
- What's that smell?

It always smells like this here.
The neighbors have cats.


- That ain't no cat.
- Nope.

When was the last time
you saw Mr. Kaminski?

I don't know. A while, I guess.


Eeny, meeny...




No. No ambulance.

- Plastic bag, shovel, mop.
- Ugh.

Yeah. Thanks.

Must've been there
since Christmas.

- It felt like stepping into a cake...
- Hey, hey. Hey! Hey!

Think of something else.

Do you remember Trautenaustrasse?

When Atlas pulled that old woman out
from the bed?

Made the same disgusting sound.

- The pants, too.
- Not now.

They've got old guy all over them!
I'm knee-deep in grandpa!

Listen to me!

Get a grip.

- Look at me.
- Yeah.

- Stay with Britney, all right?
- Okay.


Abou harassed a former colleague.
I asked him about that.

- Around the corner from the Basher Lounge.
- Oh yeah? And until when?

A bit after eight. I had a shift at nine.

We were called to the playground at 10:30.

It's not much of an alibi.

- Where's the ex-colleague he harassed?
- Huh?

Who was the ex-colleague?

Mike Atlas.

Detective Atlas? The one who quit?


Why did he quit?

It just got to him. All this.

"All this"?


Thank you.


You've inherited your mother's flair
for the written word.

By the way, Idris, Mussa,
all that homo stuff...

- They were in love.
- Yeah, yeah.

Anyway, it was very helpful
that you found out about it.


I can see the gears grinding
in your head, Jule.

We speculate till the cows come home,
but then we'll never get any results.

We're under pressure here, Jule.

This is what was needed.
And you delivered.

Good. I have to go see the judge now.

Start looking at the Kouri case.

- Get a head start on it.
- Thank you.

- Hello?
- Hey.

- It's me.
- Hi!

Is Karina back in Australia?

Yeah. In this weather...

She's always in the garden
on days like this.

I need to speak to her right away.

So... Uh...

- Yeah. I'll give her a call.
- Please do.

- I'll call you back, all right?
- Okay.

- Andergast.
- It's Atlas.

Something came back to me. Can we meet?

Um, sure.

Uh, around seven by the river?


- Hey!
- Hi. It's Tinka.

- Are you free tonight?
- Um, tonight?

Yeah! You can come up to him and say,
"Hello, Mike!"

Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's great.

Um... Where, then?

Um, at Südgelände. In the arbor.

Yeah, but Südgelände is a huge area.
How am I supposed to find him?

- Pick me up.
- Mm-hmm. Okay.

- Ciao!
- Ciao!

So what came back to you?

You got a cell?


- Hello? Tinka Atlas.
- Yeah, it's me.

- Hey, Dad! Oh, I spoke to Karina.
- And?

- She'll be in Australia at eight.
- Okay.

She's looking forward
to seeing you.

Thank you, sweetie.

- You have a wife?
- You have a car?

Pants off. I'll make you some tea.

- I need a drink.
- Shower first.


Does he have a girlfriend?

Nah. He's got a groundhog.


The club of lone KDD wolves, hm?

- Atlas has a wife and daughter.
- That he's not with anymore.

Am I gonna become a lone wolf?

Towel! Someone get me a towel?

Can you make some tea?
Kitchen's over there.


- Hello. Jule.
- Bine.

Hello. Jule. Thank you for doing this.

So many words...
Probably names.

Idris. Idris Kouri?


He wants to know
where he is. Where he can find him.

He... He's dead.

As good as dead.

- Idris is as good as dead?
- If he... says anything?

If he testifies for him.

Mussa's alibi. He's threatening him.

That's all she can read.



"President of the court of appeals"...

I gotta go. Bye.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.


Um... Hang on. It's for you.


- Detective Atlas?
- Who is this?

Be at the Priesterweg parking lot
in ten minutes.

You'd better come alone.

I have your daughter.