Sleeping Dog (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Aufgeschreckt - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Come on...
- Nice.

Yeah, yeah. Bring the ball.

- I'm over here...
- Send it over. Come on.

- Whoa, whoa. Wait, wait...
- Hey, Mussa.

- Over there. Come on!
- You don't belong here.

Whoa. What's happening over there?

Say hi to your brother.

- Fuck off!
- Get lost.

- Over here. Make a free throw.
- Right here. Come on, let's go.




Suicide in cell 12. Mussa Basher.

Dirty cop.

My brother killed himself.


It's all your fault, Atlas.

What do you want?


I didn't do it!

That dirty cop is lying!

Mmm, great.

Detective Atlas.
What the hell happened to you?

If you wanna press charges,
which I encourage you to...

I wanna be left in peace.
Tell your client that.


I don't want to make excuses, but...

it's because of his brother,
Mussa Basher.

He recently killed himself in prison.

Put a knife to his wrists.

You know how that family thinks.

It's your fault.



If you hadn't found that evidence,
Mussa would never have been convicted.

What evidence?


The murder of Judge Herres.

Surely you remember.

Judge Herres.

That's what Mussa was in prison for.


I don't know what you're talking about.

You should go see a doctor!

Your Honor, my client is accused
of distributing on eight occasions

illegal narcotics,

amphetamines and cocaine,
over the last six months.

However, the indictment makes no mention
of where and when

these transactions allegedly took place,

nor of the quantities
of narcotics mentioned.

Uh, yes.

Your Honor, over the course
of these proceedings, I will state...

- Your Honor, please.
- ...the locations, times, and amounts.

The prosecution has failed
to clearly define their indictment.

As per paragraph 200 of the criminal code,
we have no choice but to close the case.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Thirty percent
of all indictments are flawed.

It could happen to anybody.
Say hello to your boss.

The indictment must name
the accused, the offense,

the time and place of its commission,
any characteristics,

and the penal provisions to be applied.

That's your first mistake.

Make it your last one.

Why are we here?

- We're fighting a battle.
- Damn right we are.

He dealt for the Bashers.

They're now under the impression...
How would your mother have put it?

That our legal system just rolls over
and takes it,

because my assessor
screwed up the indictment.

How could you let this happen?

What do we do now?

Here. Mussa Basher's suicide.
Something triggered it.

They missed something at the prison.
Research it.

Can't mess that up.

Oh, and Jule? Don't cry. Just be better.



A bit early for junk food, isn't it?

- Nobody made me oatmeal.
- Well, maybe if you stayed for breakfast...

Hey, hands off there, tricky.


- Did you sleep well, chubs?
- Uh-huh.


This morning your friend Atlas
paid Hartloff a visit.

- What?
- Yes.

That's right.
Basher's brother physically assaulted him.

Abou Basher?

Do you know where I can reach him?

Uh, no, but hopefully,
you can take care of it.

Atlas will be back soon. I know it.

All right, boys. Get your butts in gear.

Something's dripping
through the ceiling at 38 Vienna.

What are we, plumbers now?

The murder of Judge Herres.


That dirty cop is lying! I didn't do it!

Had you not found the evidence,
Mussa would never have been convicted.

Hartloff, what's happening here?
What's going on?


Where did you get those wounds?

Never mind.

I ran away too once.


When I had a fight with Mom.

I was so mad at her.

I'm not mad at you guys.


I'm not.

I... I...

You're leaving again?

It's better for you guys.

I need a backpack.

The red one.

It's in the basement.

Call me, please?


- Tinka, come here!
- No, I won't!

Hey! Hey!

I hate her. I'm running away, forever!

What's the matter?

- Where are you gonna go?
- Australia.

Well, then I'll go too.


- Did you have a fight?
- Uh-huh.

Australia is pretty far away,
you know?

It is?

Is there another bathroom above?

Yeah. The ceiling leaks all the time.
The house is...

Does she live alone?


There's men coming and going all the time.
I think she's turning tricks up there.

Let's go.

Police! Open up!

I hear something.

Yeah. A woman
who's had the shit beaten out of her.

Well, just hold on.


She could be bleeding to death!

A kid!

Oh shit. No, no, no.



38 Vienna.
We need an ambulance, now.

- Head injury. She took quite a hit.
- Okay. I got her.



What if she's really hurt?

They'll take care of her, okay?

She was drunk and slipped.
I guess the state police can sleep in.

We'll secure scene
and wait for the doctor.

Yeah. Yeah.

I told you to hold on.

How was I supposed to know
there was a child in there, huh?

I just wanted to...
The woman might not have been dead.

Oh fuck!


That kid has lived through way worse
than a bump on the head, okay?


No room left!


Need an umbrella?





FIG. 009

I didn't murder Herres.

That evidence was planted there!

It was planted there!



Did you issue a warning
before using force to enter?

- I...
- We knocked on the door several times...

I'm asking Inspector Adebayo.

Did you issue a warning
that you were gonna use force to enter,

yes or no?

- No.
- I said, "Police. We're opening the door."

And there was no answer?
You didn't hear anything?


Otherwise, I wouldn't have let
my colleague to kick in the door.

But you knew there was a child
in the place.

No, we didn't know! The neighbor...

All she talked about were the guys
who went in and out of her place.

She said nothing about a kid at all.

Okay. So it's your word
against the neighbor's.

- Okay, so that's it?
- Yeah.

Let's go home.

Good day.

You guys are lucky
that girl only got a concussion.

Shit. I gotta get to bed.
See you in six hours.

- See you!
- Night.

- I'm going for a run.
- Hey.

You need to sleep.

Drive her home.

Come on.

Is there something I can do for you?

Yes. The Herres murder case.
I need to see the file.

The Herres case? What for?

- Mussa Basher killed himself.
- Yeah?


a mistake was made back then.

What are you talking about?

Me finding the evidence and all that...

I can't remember any of it.

What do you mean you can't remember?

Tom Schlefski is here.


I'll tell you what's going on here.

My sniffer dog had a burnout,

but instead of going to therapy,
you've let yourself go.

I want you back at the 49th,
but you really need professional help.

- I just wanna look at the file.
- There's no way in hell.

You're not on the job.

Thank you.

Thank you.

My sniffer dog had a burnout.

But you really need professional help.

There was this smell.

Kind of like roasted almonds
and stuff like that. Christmas.

But then there was this other smell.

To me, that's what hell smells like.

Detective Atlas.

Do you have anything to share
about what happened?

What's going through your mind?

You never said a word
about there being a kid inside.

You never said a fucking word about a kid.

Why didn't you say anything?

Mr. Schlefski?
You were with Internal Affairs, right?

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

That's how I knew Herres.

- He was our pre-trial judge. A hard-ass.
- He's missed.

- You work closely with the 49th, right?
- Basher precinct, yeah.

The KDD is on it 24/7.

They take a lot of work
off the LKA's shoulders.

Ah, Jule Andergast!

- Andergast. Is she related to...
- Yeah, her daughter.

What have you got?


Mussa Basher had cuts on his chest.

Self-inflicted. It's also mentioned
in the doctor's report.

Yeah, he probably cut himself
with the same scalpel

that he used to slit his wrists.

Yes. Well, I looked into the writing.
It seems to be Arabic.

Huh. Maybe he carved "Allahu akbar"
over his heart,

so seven virgins would be waiting for him
in the hereafter.

- Seventy.
- Excuse me?

Seventy virgins.

Jule, it's a suicide.
We're not investigating.

I need you to quickly write a report,
not dwell on photos of the corpse.

I just thought...

Don't. Go to the prison
and find a trigger.

Maybe someone heard or saw something.

Important info can always be found
after the fact.

It's grunt work.
You can manage that, can't you?


She's not tough enough.
Her mother was made of steel.



He had eaten, had a shower,
then, uh, went to work.

- That's about all I can tell you.
- There wasn't an incident?

Intimidation or threats
from other inmates?

Nah. He barely knew anyone in here.

Did he have visitors?

So there he is with his mother.

That was three weeks ago.

Um, how about last week?

Okay. I'll print out the list
of visitors for you.

Anything else?

I need all video files
from the visits he had.

Wrapped up with a bow?

Yes, please.


"Police crushed three-year-old
behind door."

Mm-hmm. The Minister of the Interior
wants an inquiry.

We didn't know there was a kid there.

The neighbor claims we did. She's lying.
She needs to be questioned again.

Well, that rookie here
already did this morning.


Uh... I just drove her home.

- Where is she?
- Call her.

- Oh. Thank you.
- Sure.

Wait, uh, Ms. Andergast.
I didn't introduce myself earlier.

I'm Tom Schlefski, LKA.
Now with the homicide division.

Does your boss always treat you like that?

Um... She means well, I guess.

She's pretty tough.
Was a close friend of my mother's.

- Yeah... "War on Gangs"?
- Uh-huh.

Works closely with the 49th. You too?

Nah. I'm an assessor.

- Okay.
- Have a nice day.

Thank you.

Don't let her get you down.

Those two over there.
Abou Basher and his father.

They don't think rules
of the law apply to them,

and nobody gives them any shit.

Because they're a family
that sticks together.

Even if one of them fucks up.

I know.
What I did this morning was...

You were angry.

You're busting your ass every shift,
and instead of pinning a medal on you...

- She never said anything about a kid.
- No.

But in the future,
let's deal with shit together. Okay?


Without them, we'd be out of a job.
But we can learn from them.

Nobody's gonna give us a hard time.

Basher brothers...


Okay, that's Abou Basher.


Now, who are you?

That's the same tattoo.

"Idris Kouri."

Shot point-blank.

And who are you?


Uh, hello?




Sorry, I left everything in the office.

- Cellphone, wallet, keys...
- Here. Call the emergency locksmith.

- Thanks.
- And don't ever call me at home again.

Um, I locked myself out.

Your card... was lying right here.

Beside the last document that you copied
from the case file of Judge Herres.

- Uh...
- Did Atlas talk you into it?


Mike Atlas.

Ex-49th. Reliable,
good guy, but mentally unstable.

He's been feeling guilty
since Basher's suicide

because he's the one who put him away.
He's confused.

- You're not helping him, are you?
- Um, I didn't copy anything.

I don't know who Atlas is.

I was working last night,
and some guy was here

with a hoodie and a backpack.

I didn't talk him into doing anything.

Atlas came to me.

And if he has doubts
about Basher's culpability...

you could ask yourself why.

He is mentally unstable.
He has gaps in his memory.

- Don't you dare take advantage of that.
- With respect, bullshit.

- I'm only warning you once.
- He came to me...


Hey, hey. You can't go in there.

Point-blank, and no mention of residue.

Did you break into
the prosecutor's office?

Look, the gun was found in Mussa's car.
Why didn't he get rid of it?

He would've realized we could identify it
as the murder weapon.

That's what I said too.

- And Mussa's alibi? This Idris...
- Kouri.

- Yeah.
- Allegedly they were fixing...

He left the country
before trial. Why?

- It doesn't say here.
- Because it wasn't important anymore.

Because super sleuth Atlas found
four-millimeter strands

of Mussa Basher's hair
in Judge Herres' driveway.

Do you think the evidence was fake?
That it was planted?


I never once claimed that the evidence
you found was fake at all.

I don't think you should come here again.

Good day.

We'd like to apologize
for our colleague's behavior yesterday.

Yeah, well,
immigrant background. You know.

So your neighbor was
quite a heavy drinker.

I rarely saw her sober.

And you believe she was a prostitute,

- Well, that much was obvious.
- And she even had a toddler.

Child protective services want to know
if anyone in this house knew about that.

For failure to render assistance.

What about you? Hm?

You didn't know there was a child living
in that shithole, did you?


Atlas. You stole my cellphone.

Did you ever look for Idris Kouri?

He left the country.

- But why?
- How should I know?

Why don't you know?
You were Mussa's lawyer.

Because of the evidence you found.
That's why.

I need my cellphone.

I'll bring it over.

You still got my umbrella?

Find a place to crash yet?

If you want, you can have mine
under the bridge.

I'm in an empty shack
down by the canal port.

If you don't grope me, you can come.

Thanks for the umbrella.

- Excuse me?
- Hello.

Do you know an Idris Kouri?

Someone's here to talk to Idris.

Hello. I'm looking for Idris Kouri.

- What do you want from my son?
- Your son?

Is he out of the country, or...?

Lawyer? Is that your office?

Why did he take off
when he was supposed to testify in court?

Did the Bashers send you?

Idris is not responsible
for Mussa's suicide.

At all.

If Abou comes by here again
to threaten him...

Could he have given Mussa an alibi
or not?

He said he was with Mussa fixing up cars.

But they found something
before they went to court.

- But it's all over now, isn't it?
- Where is Idris now?

He's in Agadir. That's his home.

- I'll tell him to give you a call, lawyer.
- Please do.

As soon as he can.



- How's the grunt work going?
- Wanna have a look?

That's Idris Kouri.

See the tattoo?

It's in Arabic...

Just like what Mussa Basher carved
into his chest.

And now, here...

He's almost crying. For joy.

Four days before his suicide.
The two are talking about something, and...

look how happy he is.

Three days later he has another visitor.

Now he's scared.

Then, one day later, he commits suicide.

That's Joachim Jürgens,
a private detective.

You're doing a lot of poking around.

I'm supposed to find
a suicide trigger.

I think it has something to do
with these two visits he had.


Is that your mom's official photo?

Nah, she always looked like that.




Hey, it's me.



I... I'm... I'm at the gym.

I'm doing this...
...interval training now.

It's really supposed to work.
Some sort of afterburn effect.

What's with the dragon on your arm?

You saw that, huh?

It's... It's a tattoo.

My father doesn't want me
to have tattoos, but...

...he's not around.

Uh, Mom's not working today.

She's baking a cake. Uh...

I... I usually do the cooking,
but it's the holidays, so...

Listen, Tinka, I...

I'll call you back,
all right?

- Hi.
- You're cooking?

Yeah. I'm baking Tinka a cake.

Trying to do the good mommy thing,
don't you know? Come in.

The day before yesterday
he snuck in again.

He spoke to Tinka.

And what did he say?

He just needed a backpack.

Last night he broke into
the district attorney's office.

- What?
- He copied a file.

What file?

Judge Herres' case.

Remember him?

Why would he?

Mussa Basher killed himself in prison.

It seems to be really messing
with his head.

Steck says he looks like a bum
and seems confused. I...

What the fuck. It's been eight months now.
What's going on?

What's going on is...

He's turned his back on us.

It didn't just start eight months ago.

That's when he decided to walk away.

It had been years.

Since he joined the KDD.
That totally changed him.

Mike isn't as thick-skinned as you.

- I'm just a cold prick.
- Oh, that's bullshit.

Then there was the Christmas market, and...

it all went downhill.

- That affected a lot of people.
- Yes, but they sought help.

They went into therapy.

Mike didn't.

He shut down.

I'll grab him and drag him to therapy.

- But he's gotta want to do it.
- Mm-mm. I won't ask him.




Coming from the gym?



Wanna stay for dinner?

- Hello?
- Hello.

- I'm looking for Idris Kouri.
- One moment.

- Could you please tell me what this says?
- Allah is mighty.

- Allah is mighty?
- Yeah.

What do you want from Idris?

District attorney's office.
I need to speak with him.

- Idris is in Agadir.
- Agadir?

But last week he visited
Mussa Basher in prison.

He did not.

Whether he could've given Mussa an alibi
or not is of no interest to me, okay?


For the judge's murder.

Judge Herres?

Why don't you people go after Abou Basher?

He keeps coming here
and threatening Idris.

- How can I reach Idris?
- You can't. I'll tell him to call you.

- A man of his word.
- I gave Idris' father your number.

What? Who? Why did you do that?

If Idris calls,
find out why he ran away when he did.

Oh, Atlas, what for?

Mussa's alibi.

That would have been your job, counselor.

What is it that's eating away at you?


Fix yourself up.

Get a haircut, buy yourself a new shirt
and a bouquet of flowers for your wife.

And if after that you still want
to reopen the Herres case...

then be my guest.


Mr. Jürgens?



Why do you want to speak to Idris?

He was Mussa Basher's friend.
Who is this?

Who am I talking to?

Meet me in the alley
beside the fish store.

At seven o'clock.

You spoiled her rotten
for two years.

And now that you're barely home anymore,
she misses you.

That I get, but, um...

She was like that with you too.
She misses you as well.

I pitched her a tent.

- When are we going to pick her up?
- When she wants to come home?

All right, okay.


Hey. Leave Idris' father alone.
If you want to know anything, ask me.

What does this mean?

- Allahu akbar.
- Bullshit. It's not the same as Idris'.

Should I ask Idris' father?

It says "Idris."

And the tattoo above Idris' heart...

Says "Mussa."

Yes. Yes, they were lovers.

Yeah. They were together
the whole night in bed.

The night the judge was murdered.
Idris said he was being harassed.

If he confirms Mussa's alibi,
they would tell his father he's gay.

- Who?
- Some cop.

- A cop?
- Yeah.

Idris came back from Agadir last week.
He wanted to stand by Mussa.

I need to talk to him.

Idris and that fucking cop.


Abou, come back!

That was for Atlas.

Tell me where you found him.

Fucking pig.

Where did you find him?

Where did you find him?

This is where we would always meet.

After school.

Idris, Mussa, and me.

I'll see where he is.


Idris, the woman's okay, man.


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