Skam (2015–2017): Season 3, Episode 4 - Keen på å bade - full transcript

Noora returns from London without William, and Isak is wondering how living conditions in the flat will be with four people. Even talks Isak into having a Halloween preparty, with him, his girlfriend and Emma.

That's lame of you, man! You just
betray us, whats up with that?

- Hey! You forgot this on Friday.
- Forgot it where?

In the cafeteria.

Who's that dude?

Did you know that me and Sonja have been
dating since she was 15 or something?


NOORA: The only thing he does is work. And suddenly it kinda
seems like... like it's money that... matters most to him.

And, he basically... he becomes... He becomes
totally different when he's around his dad...

PHONE: Hey, thanks for yesterday.
Any plans for today?

NOORA: ...and those stockbroker colleagues.

NOORA: It's like, he so totally looks up to his dad. It's
like he's glowing... whenever his dad enters the room.

PHONE: Hey, thanks for yesterday. Any plans
for today? Still ready to do hang out?

I... I do understand that... because... he never
used to get sort of acknowledgement previously.

But... now that he's finally getting
that, he gets totally like...

- He becomes a child, sort of. But I... can't live that way.
- No.

Alone in... London.

Because... I left... to be with him, and
then now we never spend time together.

Yeah... Yeah, I mean, yeah,
I do understand that.

You know, to be honest, it hasn't been all easy for us
here at home either, I don't know, it's been kind of...

[Hey, thanks for yesterday,
what's the plan today?]

There's been so much chaos, and... one week... I had to wipe
myself with Linn's menstrual pads, you know, it's totally...

And Isak, he is... he's a very nice boy,
but he's, like... he's so lazy, kind of.

Eskild! I'm sitting right here!

Yeah... You should be able to handle the fact that I'm happy to see Noora
again? No need to get all hurt and jealous... I love you just the same.

Jealous?! I'm not jealous!

But obviously we need to find a solution here, because if Noora
is gonna live here now, then we're four people in three rooms.

Are you serious?!

I mean, Noora comes home having been dumped by the love of
her life, and the only thing you think about is your room?

- Can't you sleep on the floor? Can't you...? Dear Lord...
- I haven't been dumped.

- No, you haven't been dumped, but...
- It was me who... uhm... who left him.

And it's not over. We have...

taken a break.

And if he... really loves me,
he is going to come after me.

You know, I think... I don't know, but...

People even leave their wives and kids just to be with the one they
love, and if he really loves you then of course he'll choose you.

I think it'll all work out. It's really
nice to have you back home anyway.

[Yeah, thanks for yesterday, I hope that Noora girl is alright. I'd forgotten
that I had planned something with Sonja today, sorry, see you at school.]

Are you happy to be home again?
Are you gonna be home again?!

Did it taste good?

- Thanks.
- A pleasure.

- It was Linn who made it.
- Yes.

- I don't believe that at all!
- It's true!

That's why it doesn't taste any good.

{\b1 Blindern and Nissens

- Hey!
- Hi!

Are you going to that Halloween thing?

Uhm, no... Or... maybe. I dunno. Are you?

Wanna go?

- Okay!
- Okay?

- Yeah.
- Alright, then let's pre-drink together. -Yeah.

- Hey.
- Hi.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Uhm, no...

I tried calling you on Friday...

Yeah, I saw that... but there was so much
shit going on this weekend... there was...

- Noora came home. Did you hear about that?
- Yes.

And I also heard that...
you hosted a pre-drink?

Yeah, yeah, I did. Well, actually,
I really didn't, but in a way...

So... It was Vilde who virtually forced me to host it. You know, she's
completely mad about all that theatre stuff, and then she talked to...

Eskild and all, so in the end I didn't really have a choice, but it wasn't
really like I hosted it. It was more like she hosted it at my place.

- But it was pretty... pretty fucking boring, man.
- Yeah.

- It's not like you missed anything.
- No...

So, it's Magnus' birthday on Saturday.

- Really?
- Yeah, so I and Mahdi are planning on doing something cool for him.

- Yes! I'm all in, man. Yeah. We
could arrange for his first fuck.

Yeah, that'll be damn funny. We better
call some of those dancer-chicks.

- Yeah!
- He liked those, apparantly.

Or Vilde!

- Yes, yes, yes, my God.
- He'll get to realize all his sado-dreams.

- Yeah, yeah, dominatrix, dominatrix.
- Yeah.

He's not sane. He's deranged.

...the original genes are thus passed down to the
next generation, when the offspring divides itself.

Because transmission of genetic material can occur in three different
ways: Through conjugation, transformation and transduction.

[Mamma: Psalms 51:1]

Do you agree?

Can you concentrate?!

Sana. I have a question.

No offense, but why are
you actually religious?

It's 2016 and the world is progressing.

You are a smart girl and you study exact
sciences. Don't you get that it's nonsense?

Is something in my religion bothering you?

Nothing specific, just you believing there
is something right and something wrong.

And that there's a god who decides that
and who says homosexuality isn't right.

Or to eat hotdogs or whatever…

What is it you believe in Isak?

Me? I believe in science.
The theory of evolution. Nothing else.


So let's look at the theory of evolution.

How do you explain homosexuality
within natural selection?


Evolution wise homosexuality
is a genetic dead end.

Gay people don't progress the world.

So according to the theory of evolution, they should
have already been extinct millions of years ago.

Unless homosexuality is not
genetic, but rather a disease.

Or a choice people make.

What do you think about that?

I don't fucking know. I don't go around
thinking about homosexuality all the time.


So since you don't have the
answer to everything...

can't we just agree that there's a lot between
heaven and earth that none of us know about?

And instead of sitting here criticizing my religion, can't you just
respect that we have chosen different ways to understand life?

- Okay, whatever.
- Hey!

I talked so Sonja and she was wondering if
we could have the pre-drink at your place?


Sonja. Even's girlfriend.


She said you and Even planned a
pre-drink before the Halloween party.

With us.

- Yeah, hm-hm.
- Yeah! Cool.

Sonja and Even will dress
up as God and an angel.

So I thought it'd be awesome
if we matched as well.

If we dress up as a cat and a mouse,
or Batman and Batwoman or something?

If you think that's fun?
Only if you think it's fun.

But I'll text you.


What is it? Shit.

Moving on to 10:3, sexual reproduction.

Or was that what you just talked about?

No? Okay.

Should I read it out loud? Do some work...

Sexual reproduction is when offspring is created by two haploid
reproductive cells merging and forming a diploid zygote.

Sounds easy!

Now that I'm not going to school,
I don't really know what to do.

I miss having something to do.

What do you miss most?

Having something to do during the day.

I'm pretty bored.

I've thought about that as well.
We've gone to school for 10 years.

But just going to school.
Being in the theatre for example.

Are you with the theatre?

- Yes! I don't understand
people who don't want to join.

- It's a bit weird.
- It's really weird.

- Were you in it?
- Yes, all three years.

- All three years?
- Yeah, I'm three years older than you.

Are you from '97? No!

It's really nice.
Despite the age difference.

I mean, not that you didn't
seem like a '97, but hey!

It's so nice talking to
you, I didn't notice...

- Yeah, same for me!

Didn't think of the age difference.

Are you one year older than Even?

No, I'm from '97 too.

Can you please calm
down a little with the beer?

Can you stop watching over me?

I mean it, stop monitoring me.

- Where's the toilet?
- In the corridor, on your right.

I heard a lot of people
are coming to the party.

- What time is it?

- Hm?
- What time is it?



Yeah, why?

We're going.



Hurry up!

I feel like swimming.
Don't you?

- Swimming?
- Yeah!

- Who lives here?
- My aunt.

- And she's okay with us being here?
- Of course. Not a problem.

But... where is your aunt?

She's on holiday.

So why don't you have the keys then?

Because she's on holiday.

- That's the answer to everything.
- Relax! Don't worry.

You coming?


Why are you so skeptical?

I'm not skeptical, but it is a
bit that weird we're going to...

- Are you scared of swimming?

- Scared of swimming?
- Yeah.

- Do you have a fear of water?
- Fear of water?!

- Fear of water, yes.
- Wow!

It isn't my aunt's house.

So you're just scared to fuck up your hair?

- You think I care about my hair?
- What should I think?

- It looks like it.
- Does it look like I care about my hair?

Not right now, but usually it does.

- You thought I died?
- Yeah I got so scared.

- You suck at holding your breath?
- I suck? Try it yourself.

Are you challenging me?

- I'm the master at holding my breath.
- Show me.

Okay fine.


- You never cease to impress.
- I got water in my lungs.

- Yeah right!
- I swallowed water!

- Okay!
- I'll try again.

- Now together.
- Together?

- On three?
- Last one to come up wins.

- Ready?
- We're going together on three.

No, on 1.
3, 2, 1!

- Yes!
- Yes what?

I won!

- Huh?! Yes?!
- I won! No! You're kidding, that's cheating!


Yes, that was cheating.

- You think there are rules here?
- Yes!

What did you think?

But that's just cheating!
You can't do that.

- I don't accept losing like that.
- Then let's do it again.


- Fuck fuck fuck!
- Fucking hell!

Who the hell is she?!

Who lives here?

Someone I went to elementary school with.