Siren (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 9 - A Voice in the Dark - full transcript

Tia unleashes a deadly attack on Bristol Cove; Ryn, Ben, and Maddie race against time to find a cure for Xander's mysterious illness, while anticipating Tia's next move; Baby Hope returns to land to reconnect with Ryn.

- Previously...
- With every injection,

I can stay underwater
longer and longer.

You need to swear to me
you'll get rid of those cells.

Hunter is dead.

Join me, and you will live.

- She has a baby.
- Where is it?

In the water, with the males.

The song, it could do something
like this to the human brain.

There is a place
where sound heals.

Not dark anymore.

Whatever you were exposed
to down there, it helped.

The Russians.

They made my song a weapon.

I now pronounce you
husband and wife.




Hey, help! Help!
Is anyone in here?

We need help!
We need help!

I'm here. I got you.

There's something wrong
with him. Please, help him.

- What happened?
- He collapsed.

Xander, stay with me.

Crash Team to triage.
I repeat, Crash Team to triage.

What's going on?

Possible brain bleed.
Pulse at 37.

- Left pupil fixed and dilated.
- Get me full vitals.

EKG, chest x-ray
and page Neurology, stat.

- Crash Team coming through.
- Xander, stay with me.

Okay, what do we have?

Bleeding from the ear.
Loss of consciousness.

All right, up we go.
You page Neurology.

Okay. Get his heart rate?

- I'm grabbing the IV.
- Stay with us.

We need to get going.
Hey, prep the room.

Heart rate is 30 and falling.

Were you with him
when this happened?

- Yes.
- That's right.

Come with me.

We were at a wedding.
He was doing fine.

Just normal,
and then he answered the phone

and went down.

He looked kind of stunned
when he fell.

- Blood just came out of his ear.
- History of seizures?

Okay, you guys stay here.
We're going to run some tests.

I'll bring you back.

Hey, here's what we know so far.

We ruled out stroke, pulmonary
embolism and heart attack.

We then did a cranial
CT scan with contrast.

His brain is in
a degenerative state.

You guys say there weren't any
symptoms prior to the collapse?


Any unusual activities recently?

He helped with my sister's body.

Uh, there was a funeral.
It's been hard.

So stress could be a factor.

- Yeah.
- I'll run some more tests

- and I'll keep you posted.
- Thank you.

His brain looks like Decker's.

Worse than Decker's.

His phone.

It happened after
when he picked up.

- Hear anything?
- No. But it's got
to be connected.

This is damage from the song.

Tia. She played it
through the phone.

His phone, let me check.

Here's his call history.

He got an unknown call
at 8:27 p.m.

I got a call from
the same number at 8:27.

Me too. Exact same time.

She was trying
to take us all out at once.

She only got through to Xander.

She's not going to stop here.

This was Tia's plan all along.

She already destroyed
the echo chamber recording.

There's no antidote.
No way to help.

We can't even
talk to the doctors.

They'd never believe us.

Maybe Eliza can help Xander?

I'll call Helen.

We got to contact the military.

If the echo chamber
recording is gone,

we need to warn them about Tia.

- Patty.
- Hey.

What? Xander.

What's that...?


What's happening to him?

Patty, Dr. Riley will be back

to talk with you soon.


- Any updates?
- They're still working on it.


Ryn, are you okay?

I must go.

What? What? Hey.

Hope's heartbeat.

It stopped.

I feel it again.

In human rhythm.

- You think she's on land?
- Yes.

I must go to her.

I'll take you there.
I'll drive you.

I'll stay here
and work with the medics,

and try to reach
Anderson and Maeda.

- You two go. Okay.
- Thank you.

Something is wrong.

Eliza will help.

I'm very much hoping you can.

She should be here.

This is where they come to land.

- That's Hope?
- She has grown.

This is what happens to us.

There's so much I've missed.


We have some further information
about his condition.

I want to know everything.

The lesions have spread
through his cerebrum.

If this continues unchecked,

movement and speech
will start to be affected.

His heart rate
is already very slow.

So, what are you
going to do about it?

The plan for right now
is to try to keep him stable

while a specialist
comes in from Seattle.


Like someone
who's seen this before?

I'm not sure anybody's
seen this before.

Paging Dr. Riley...

Excuse me.

She remembers you.

From when she was a baby.

You made your first kill
in the water?

The waters do not
belong to us anymore.

We see many dead.

Tia rules the water now.

But she is also attacking land.

She hurt Xander with the song.

We will help fight.

It might be too late for him.

Well, there is something
you could do.

The sound we found down there,
that could help cure Xander.

Voices of our ancestors.

I can give you some equipment

and you can record it.

It is gone.

What's gone?

No more voices.

She did this.

Tia did this.

She's getting rid
of any chance of a cure.

Nothing for Xander.

That place was where our voices
go for their final rest.

When there is no one left alive
to remember their sound.

And now...

All our history is destroyed.

Commander Anderson,
thanks for calling back.

I got your message.

Why should Xander's medical
problems concern us?

No, it's not just a medical
problem, it's the song.

How do you know that?

Because I can tell
from the brain scans.

The one from Russia?

Look, we need your help.

Sit tight.
We'll come down to have a look.

Now my day's getting way better.

I need to go in.


I'll need to see some ID.

Sure. It's right here.

Hi, Patty.

Sorry for the intrusion.

No, not at all.

Patty, this is Eliza.

She's a healer.

She might be able
to offer him some relief.


Yes, that would be fine.

Thank you.

Look. His heart rate.

It's working.

You said Hope
had her first kill.

Is that why they brought her
back to you?

Yes. She is now ready
for her song to come.

I must teach her how.

And they can't do that?

Only mothers can do it.

Oh, hello there.

Do you want to pet him, honey?
He's friendly.

Oh, maybe not quite so close.


Never mind.
It's okay. Come on.

Those officers,
Anderson and Maeda,

said they'd come down,
have a look at Xander.

What about Tia?
They need to find her.

We have a visitor.

- Hey.
- Hi.

Patty called me.

Calvin just took her
to meet the medical team.

How's Xander doing?

Not so good, I'm afraid.

It's his brain.

A stroke? So young?

They don't know.

What the hell's that?

That is Eliza.
She's trying to help him.

She stabilized his heart rate.

You cannot be serious.
She's one of them?

She's a healer, Ted.

You think this
is going to cure him?

We're trying everything we can.

This is ridiculous.
He needs real medical care.

He's getting it.

You can bluster
all you want, Ted,

but at some point you're going
to have to make peace

with the fact
that this is one situation

where you have
no power whatsoever.

This story is bigger
than all of us.

Go and check on the others.

Hey, hey.



All right, okay.

Ryn, come on, stop her.

Yeah, we should try
and get her upstairs.


Someone's here.



- Maddie, what's happening?
- Hey.

Don't worry, Xan.

You had a...
kind of seizure.

You just need to rest, okay?

Hey, man.

How's he doing?

- A little better.
- That's good.

Everyone at the Academy
sends their best.


I'm sorry.

What for?

I lied.

About what?


Xan, you need
to be resting, okay?

- The men, they...
- Xan.

They dunked the baby.


he's been drifting in and out.

His IV bag has run out.

Can you press the call button?


I saw you die.


Katrina hurt me.

I hid from Tia's tribe.

I survived.

And you swam
all the way back here?


To find my people.

Hello, child of Ryn.

I need to call Maddie.

Ben, how's Hope?


A handful.

But she and Ryn
are reconnecting.

Did you reach the military?

Yeah, they said they'd
come down, see if they can help.

But I think we're pretty much
on our own here.


Eliza stabilized him,
but it's just a Band-Aid.

His brain's getting worse.

Maddie, Levi told us that Tia
destroyed the echo chamber.

What? How?

She blew it up.

Oh, my God.


Maybe what if Robb's
people have one?

A place like that
in their territory?

I'm going to call him, okay?

That's a really good idea.
Let me know.



This is Hope.

Wow, hello.

Goodness, they grow up so fast.

This happens when
we are first born,

to survive in the water.

She's so adorable.

How's she doing
with her first time on land?

Don't touch.

It's okay, she's curious.

Let her explore.

Oh, my gosh.

Are you all right?

- What happened?
- A gas leak.

You should keep moving.
Stay safe.

- What was that?
- The song from the box.

Hope thought
it was time to learn.

She was...

- Imitating.
- Yeah.

Look, she can't stay here.

Where is safe?

The hybrid ranch.
It's fortified.

I'll deal with this mess,
meet you all there.


You've reached Robb Wellens.

Leave me a message.

Robb, it's Maddie.

I hope you're okay.

I really wish I could reach you.

My friend Xander's in trouble,

and it's pretty bad.

Look, I really need your help.

Call me back, okay?

Hope has found her voice.

It's the same number as before.


Wait here.

Hey! Hey! Hey!
No one answer their phones!

No one answer their phones!

Rick! Rick!

It's nothing.

It's just a weird sound.

You sure you're okay?

Yeah. I'm fine.

It doesn't affect you guys.

What's going on?

Excuse me,
what is a code orange?

Mass incoming casualty alert.

Oh, my God.

Jerry! Wait, wait.
What happened?

- The noise.
- I have to go.

Jerry, Jerry...

Hey, excuse me.
Look, I know what it is, okay?

It's a sound weapon.

It's coming in
as an emergency call.

You have to tell everyone.
Don't answer it, okay?

- Do not answer the phones.
- I'm on it.

Maddie? Maddie, are you okay?

Tia attacked the whole county.

So many people coming in here.

Yeah, we got hit too.

She must've hacked
the whole system.

We've got to do something.

We got to figure out a way

to shut off the phones.

How? Talk to the authorities?

- The cops?
- Yeah.

Good idea. You do that.

And my dad knows an exec
at the phone company.

- I'll try him.
- Okay.

What's happening?

I have to go.

What Tia did to Xander,
she's doing everywhere.

I didn't want to ask my dad
for help, but I have to.

- You'll be okay.
- Tia is my responsibility.

I should go with you.

This is the safest place
in Bristol Cove.

The ranch has full security.

No one's getting in.

We will not leave her side.



Calm down.

A semi flipped on the highway?
There's a massive spill?

Do we have any units
in the area?

Our victim's lying in his
driveway, unconscious.

Ma'am, you've got to slow down.

- Hold on.
- Where's my dad?

He went on a call
to Libbey Beach

a couple of hours back.

I haven't been able to reach him
since the attacks hit.

Maddie, that's all I've got.

We're shut down until
we figure this out.

Give me a minute, will you, Ken?

Hey. Most of my workers
have gone down,

and I don't know
what the hell's going on.

It's not just here, Dad.
It's all over town.

It's coming through
people's cells.

What does that mean?
What's coming through
people's cells?

A kind of high-frequency
sonic weapon.

It's hurting people's brains.
Making them sick.

Is that what happened to Xander?

Yeah. Dad, you can help.
You know Greg Parker.

- Yeah.
- I need you to call him

and get him to shut off
all cell service.

No, I'm sorry.
Greg can't just do that, Ben.

Not without government approval.
There's all kinds of protocols.

Look, people are dying, Dad.
Xander's dying.

You just can't shut down

in the middle of a public
health crisis, Ben.

This isn't a public
health crisis.

It's a terrorist attack.

They've already hit
the whole town.

Who knows where
they'll strike next?

How the hell
do you know all this?

It's one of them.


Okay, now do you see
how dangerous they are, Ben?

You said it yourself.
Your best friend is dying.

She's going to end up
destroying your life.

No. Never. I love Ben.

- You love him,
you'll let him go.
- Dad, stop.

That is not your choice to make.

It's all going to end
in bloodshed.

Just like before.

Dad? Hey, that's enough.
She's here because
she wants to help.

That's what she
wants you to think.

She's in your ear, Ben.
She's in your mind.

She's polluting your life.

Oh, my God.

What the hell
have you done to him?

I stopped injecting
the stem cells.

But the change hasn't stopped.

The cells could still
be dividing.

I mean, there are some
genetic mutations,

once you trigger them,
they feed off the reaction.

They keep going.

Can you do something?


Maybe it's too late.

We're together now.


I'm so glad we can be
a safe haven for Hope.

This could be
the only refuge now.

God knows what's going on
out there.

I wonder what
we could do to help.

That isn't wise, Helen.

We don't want
to expose ourselves.

We're the only ones
immune to it.


You are the best hunter
in the ocean.

Well done.

I mean, how could he
not help us?

The whole town's falling apart.

Calls are still rolling out.

We need to stop people
from answering.

We're going to have
to do this alone.

There are cell phone towers
spread out all over town.

What do we do?

We'll take them all out at once.

I need you to get out
of the car.

You will be okay?

Excuse me, can you tell me
if Sheriff Dale Bishop

has been admitted
to the hospital?

I don't have him listed here.

- The lights are all gone.
- Yeah.

And the cell phones too.

We need to get back
to the hospital

to check on Xander and Maddie.


- Hm?
- A word.

The perimeter systems
are all down.

This must be connected
to the attack.

We need to protect ourselves.

We should stay here tonight,
close together.

We should get some supplies
from the storage room.


You're here.

I'm sorry I took so long.

What's happening?

It's so dark.

Power's out.

I-I don't know
what happened out there,

but it's... it's crazy.


Hey, are you okay?





Xander, come on!

Ben... Ben...

- What's going on?
- He just suddenly passed out.

- We need to get a nurse.
- Help! Help!

Xan! Xander.

- Hey! Help!
- Where are they?



Pulse is at 23.

He's gone into a coma.




Stop! Stop!


What are you doing?

Tia wants what she wants.

Hope, run!

No, you don't.

- Come! Come!
- No! Help!