Siren (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - full transcript

- This hurt Ben and Maddie.
- [NARRATOR] Previously...

There is place
where sound heals.

What's the talking about?

Secret place
where sound is kept.

This sound. They're real.

These must be the voices
of your ancestors, Ryn.

As of today, I have injected myself
with three doses. Five injections.

Today, I doubled my dosage
of aquatic stem cells.

- What are the limits?
- You say you'll be loyal to me.

Yet you fought for Ryn.
So I ask again.

Why should I trust you?

She has a baby.

- This is our friend, Ryn.

Ryn, stop!

He's from the other tribe.

- Why'd you come?
- It's true.

- What?
- I'm one of them.

I can explain,
but I'm not your enemy.

Ryn's entire colony
was just wiped out.

I didn't know anything
about that. I swear.

Maddie, I didn't know anything...

Who are you? Really?

Just give me a sec, okay?

I need a minute.

- Maddie, please...

I was going to tell you.

I swear.

But then we found that body
in the freezer.

I had to be sure you and Ben
weren't a threat.

The lectures. The fundraising.

The socially inept dork?

That's me.

Maddie, just come back inside.

And let me explain.

I've never seen one
like you before.

Your tribe doesn't
leave the North.

No. Not usually.

- No.
- How far north?

[ROBB] Off the coast of Alaska.

My people are isolationists.

And fierce warriors.
That's why others stay away.

How long have you been on land?

- [ROBB] Fifteen years.
- If they never leave Alaska,

they couldn't have been involved
with what happened to your tribe, Ryn.

[ROBB] Right.
That's what I'm trying to say.

- I'm not your enemy.
- [BEN] Okay.

Then we should work together.

Another tribe has started a war.

If your people are as fierce
as Ryn says they are,

then maybe they can help.

I don't think so.

They'd only fight on their terms
and on their turf.

If your tribe does not help,
there will be no stopping Tia.

Who's Tia?

Tia is a tyrant.

Her atrocities will continue

until she's stopped.

I still hear them.

Hear who, dear?

My people.

Scream. In pain.




Tia is strong.

- With many followers.
- [ROBB] Right.

But even if she controlled
all the tribes in the waters,

she's still massively
outnumbered by humans.

Right. She'd need
some kind of weapon

if she wanted to kill us all.

Something a little more
destructive than a spear, yes.

The song.

That's the only
weapon she'd need.

[RYN] But Tia cannot sing.

Her song was cut from her.

That's why she's
building an army.

I mean, the song
was powerful enough

to drive Decker to suicide.

If used on a large scale,
the damage would be massive.

We gotta stop her.

You must ask
your tribe for help.

We didn't exactly part
on the best of terms.

If I go alone they won't agree.

But if we go together,
it might show

how serious this is.

- Yes.
- [BEN] We can't just take Ryn

on a plane to Alaska.

She doesn't even have a real ID.

[ROBB] Right.


But one of my investors
in Seattle

has a twin engine.

I can get him on the phone.


You're healing nicely.

Your time will come
to join the others.

The others look for baby?


The rest swim north,

recruiting more for our cause.

After that...

we take the fight to the humans.

[BEN] If something
were to happen to us,

this is where we're going.

Are you sure that now
is the best time

for you guys to leave?

The fight's getting bigger, Xan.
We're gonna need help.

Okay, well, what can I do?

My baby is in the water.

If Levi brings her back,
he'll come looking for me here.

We just need you wait here
at my place

until we get back.

All right.

All right. Yeah.

You're a good friend.

You guys just...

just be safe out there.

Just like a bird.


Planes help people travel
all over the world.

Why do people travel?

Sometimes they're forced to.

Like you were.

Sometimes, if they're lucky,

they get to travel for work,
on a business trip.

That's what we're doing.

And if they're really lucky,
they get to travel just for fun.

It's called a vacation.

Thank you.

Thanks for coordinating this.

Oh, no, of course.

Hey, listen, I know I dropped
a bomb on you today...

Look, I get you needing
to protect your secret.

I do.

But what's happening
is bigger than you and me,

and we need to focus on that.

[BEN] Nice ride.

Yeah, best I could do
on short notice,

- There you go.
- She will get us there.

Ryn, excited for
your first flight?


Important business trip.

Here. You'll need this.



[BEN] Hey, hey, it's okay.

It's just the engines.
Remember what I told you?


Flying is bumpy and loud.


♪ Taking the chances ♪

♪ Finding a reason
To stand there ♪

♪ Crying, fighting ♪


♪ Nothing is holding us back ♪

It's okay.


Look out there.

♪ I feel like I fly ♪

♪ To the highest high ♪

♪ I think I'm flown ♪


Can I help you?

We're looking for Ben Pownall.

Yeah, he's...

He isn't here.

You know where he is?

I'm sorry, who are you guys?

I'm Commander Anderson.

This is Lieutenant Maeda.

And, what, you're with
the Research Facility?

What's your relationship
to Mr. Pownall?


I mean, we're not really
into labels, but...

We're friends.

I'm just staying at his place
while he's out of town.

When will he be back?

What's this about?

If you hear from him,

have him call us at that number,
Mr. McClure.

Hey, how'd you know my name?


You saw Donna
in the spirit world.


When you gave me the sea herb.

Why? What's... What's wrong?

I said the herb was dangerous.

What have I done?

You and Donna's spirit
are together now.


She needs you.

You must help her,

or she will never leave you.

My tribe has been here
for generations.

The place was so isolated
it kept my people protected.

It makes sense they never left.

Yeah, but even this far north,

the waters became more and more
polluted over time.

If the water is bad, why stay?

[ROBB] Lots of reasons.

My people are pretty stubborn
in their ways.

Any chance that's changed?

Not likely.

- Look out!

- [ROBB] Everyone okay?
- [BEN] Yeah.


What is that?

That's a bear.

Big bear.

Welcome to Alaska.

I take it we're close?

Yeah. Closer than you think.

[RYN] Beautiful.

[BEN] Frozen.

We'll need a different spot

for you to go in the water.

Uh, yeah, actually...

I can't transform.

What do you mean?

I mean, I'm stuck this way.


I went between the land
and ocean too many times,

and now, when I go in the water,

nothing happens.

And you waited
until now to tell us?

How long were you on land
when this happened?

A few years.

Transforming would take longer

and became more painful.

Then one day, I stopped
transforming entirely.

Look, we can still make
contact from the fishing hut.

The ice should hold.



Wait here.

Be careful.


Okay. So, what now?

We go fishing.

That's your plan?

To bribe your people
to the surface?

It's not a bribe.
It's an offering.

Rainbow trout
are freshwater fish.

That's a delicacy for my people.

You say "offering"

like it's a common
practice around here.


That's why this hut exists.

My tribe has a special
relationship with the locals.

You know, it started
during a harsh winter.

The townsfolk were starving,
and my people were able

to provide them with
enough fish to make it

until supplies could arrive.

- Pretty friendly gesture.
- Yeah.

Well, neither species
contacts the other

unless it's a matter
of life and death.

Well, that's it.

Let's wait outside.


It's been hours.

You sure this is going to work?

It always has.

Enough waiting.

I will go find Robb's people.

Ryn, no.

It's too dangerous to go alone.


We've come this far, okay?

Let's just wait.


They're here.



After all this time,
you dare return?

I wouldn't have come back
if it wasn't for good reason.

- Just hear me...

- Whoa, whoa, wait!
- No, no!

We're not here to fight.

Another tribe has started
a war in the water.

Many of my people are dead.

Their leader will not stop

until every tribe
joins her or dies.

We came here to warn you,

and to ask for your help.

I am sorry for your people.

But he betrayed us when he left.

Yura, I went to land

to find a way of cleaning
the oceans for good.

To help our entire species,
not just our tribe.

You were chosen.

Meant to provide us
with children for generations.

But you abandoned us.

You left us to die.

And that is what happened.

The other males?

All dead.

What about the pool?

[YURA] I've gone in many times.

But the waters are damaged.

Deny us the ability to change.

We will not help you
fight your fight.

What did she mean by,

"The waters deny us
the ability to change"?

I'll show you.

Every member of my tribe
is born female.



But my people can change sex

to transition from female
to male in order to reproduce.

Several species of reptiles
and fish can do it.

It's not uncommon in nature.

How do you change?

[ROBB] This pool.

My tribe selects the best
individuals for procreation.

They go in female
and come out male.

This is ocean water?


There must be a hidden channel
running under the beach.

Yura says this water is damaged.

Everything I've been
trying to do...

all too late.

Without this pool to transition,

my people are as good as dead.

Let's just check in.

Good evening, folks.

Welcome to Smokey's Lodge.

Good to see you.

Is this your first time
here in Nome?

[YURA] Uh, yes.

[SMOKEY] Well, alrighty, then.

Looking for a room?

No, we have a reservation
under Wellens.

Well, there it is.


I'll be right back.


Poor bear.

[SMOKEY] Here are your keys.

Did you guys want Room 6 or 7?

We'll take 7.

Maddie wanted to stay with Robb,

not with us.

Maybe they wanted to be alone.

Things change.

People change.

You are also changing.

What do you mean?

I sense it in you.

You felt Hope's heartbeat.

You fought with the strength
of my people.

How can you do these things?

The injections
we were giving my mother...

I've been using them on myself.

Why would you do this?

I needed to make sure
that they were safe.

If we were going
to keep using them.

- You could have hurt yourself.
- But I didn't.

The opposite happened.

It made me better.

I heal faster.

My reflexes are incredible.

With each injection I can stay
underwater longer and longer.


I feel closer to you.

I just want you to be safe.

I can sleep on the floor.

Don't be ridiculous.

Hey, I'm... I'm sorry.

As if being from the water
wasn't enough.

Now you have to cope with
the fact that I was born female.

I don't care about that.

Uh, there... There is
one more thing.

What's that?

If I get too hot, I can't sleep.

It's almost like you grew up
in glacial waters or something.

Is this okay?


Very okay.

I promise no more surprises.

- I'm an open book.
- Good.

Because we need to be
on the same page

if we're going to fix
what's wrong with the pool.

Do you want to help Yura even
though she refused to help us?

I think it's the only way
she'll come around.

Yeah, right.

I mean, there's no telling

what's keeping the females
from transitioning.

Oil seepage, microplastics.

I mean, even greenhouse gases

could upset the chemical makeup
of the water.

What? What is it?

You gave me an idea.

Come on.

It's Maddie.



Oh, uh, sorry.


Hello, Robb.

Hi, Ryn.

I think I know what's preventing
Yura's transition.

You know, I think you guys got
this covered. I'm gonna...

Excuse me.

Let's meet downstairs
in ten minutes.

Okay. Hurry.


[GASPS] Oh, my God!

- What is wrong?
- The bed!

I see nothing.

It was there. I...

I saw it.

Saw what?


Lots of blood.

Right where Donna died.

[MADDIE] I was right.
There's an accumulation

along the edge of the rock.

There are microplastics
in your waters.

These are preventing your tribe
from transitioning.

Bad water kept my tribe
from having babies.

I don't understand.

Plastics contain a dangerous
compound, called BPA.

Over time, plastics in the water
release a chemicals

that mimic estrogen.

[MADDIE] Too much
estrogen in the water

can deny you
the ability to change.

Yura, if we can return your pool
back to normal...

if you and your people

can change from female
to male again,

will you join our fight?

You help us...

we will help you.

You call these explosives?

This will kill humans?

In a way, yes.

I go with you?

Not this time.

Stay here.

You know, a few years back
I worked with some scientists

who believed they could rid
the oceans of microplastics

by magnetizing
the water somehow.

- But plastic isn't magnetic.
- I know,

but it didn't matter.

The oceans were too big
to pull it off.

Seen that look before.

What is it?

Imagine this is Yura's pool

polluted with microplastics.

Now, eater is polar.

Oil is non-polar.

When there's an oil spill
in the water,

all sorts of non-polar things,
like plastic, bond to the oil.

You want to pour oil
into the pool?

Something non-toxic,

like vegetable oil.

So the vegetable oil separates
the microplastics from the water.

That still doesn't
solve the problem.

Not until we magnetize the oil.

Now, magnetite is the most
magnetic mineral on Earth.

It's also harmless.

Now, when added to the oil...

we can use magnets to remove
the microplastics from the pool.

It sounds great,

but we're a little off
the beaten path here, guys.

Where do you plan
on getting magnetite?


I think I might be able
to get some.

[BEN] So this Jeremy guy,

how well do you know him?

After I got
my land legs under me,

I went to a local university
outreach program.

Jeremy teaches there.

He sponsored my education.

Do my eyes deceive me?

Environmentalist Robb Wellens?

Dashingly handsome

- Don't short me.

- Jeremy, Ben. Ben, Jeremy.
- How are you doing?

Were you able to get
everything we need?

Wow, straight to business, huh?

I guess some people
never change.

Yeah, I raided
the school's chem lab.

I got magnets, magnetite powder.

- Great.
- What are you up to?

Nothing unusual.
Just trying to save the world.

Come on.

I like Robb.

He is very kind.

I like him too.

Robb is love?

I'm not sure yet.

Ryn, however I feel about Robb,

that will never change
how special you are to me.

I had to save one of them
for my fryers.

So, what's all this for anyway?

Oil helps females become male.

Alrighty then.

Glad I could help.

Come on.


[HELEN] Xander.

I've been looking for you.

I am being haunted.

By Donna.

Have you seen her?

All the time.

Every time I draw my weapon
in training.

That's all I can see,
is her face.


when you say haunted,

you mean...

Exactly what it sounds like.

[SCOFFS] Shit.

I'm sorry.
If there's anything I can do...

[MAN 1]
One fishing boat's an accident.

But three sink in the same day?

That ain't coincidence.

Probably some damn crazy
vegan animal rights activists.

[MAN 1] Probably. All them boats
sank up north...

You think that could be...?



Yeah, that's the last of it.

I'm used to the humans
relying on my people for help.

Not the other way around.

These humans are very smart.

They help give me a baby
when no one else could.

You have a baby?


She's beautiful.


She is also why I ask
for help against Tia.

We fight for more
than ourselves now.

That's it. That should do it.

You have fixed our problem?

We've done all we can.

We will learn
if you have succeeded.



- Robb?
- Hm?


You said it yourself.

We did all we could.

We just have to wait.

Yeah. Yeah, I know.

There's just so much
riding on this.

For my people.

For Ryn.

I know.

Hey, listen...

I didn't tell you
everything right away,

because I thought
it would be too much.

It's not.

What matters is
who you are in here.

That hasn't changed.

What Robb said about not being
able to transform anymore...

did you know that could happen?


But I think about it a lot.

I don't want to choose

between land and water.

These injections
I've been taking...

if you had
to stay in the water...

maybe there's a chance
I could come visit you.

Let's find out.

♪ Time only haunts you once ♪


♪ It's a pain
I've been holding for years ♪


♪ Now that my moment's come ♪

♪ All disappear inside ♪


♪ It's the truth ♪

♪ I've been Holding for years ♪

♪ And this is my requiem ♪

♪ To the old world ♪

♪ They say that
You're always there ♪

♪ Underneath the fear ♪

♪ This is my requiem ♪

♪ To the old world ♪

♪ Fleeting, you're fighting ♪

♪ You don't have to fear ♪

♪ Anymore ♪

That's our people's way
of saying thanks.


you will help us?

I stand by my word.

We will join your fight.

You left to save our people.

You have succeeded.

If you wish to,
I invite you to stay.

You'd let me rejoin,
even though I can't transform?

We are stronger with you here.

As a family.

Thank you.

I'd be honored.


I don't know what else to do.

If you can hear me, Sarge,

I need your help.


Donna's spirit keeps visiting me

from beyond.

Do you know what she wants?


Of course.

She's not at peace.

Thank you.

They're the only family
you've ever known.

I get it.

Thank you for understanding.

It's not permanent.
I will be back.

I hope so.

In the meantime,

I can be the eyes and ears
on this side of the world

until the Tia situation
is resolved.

And after that?

There's a lot of ocean
left to clean up.

Can't let my investors down.

That's who you're
thinking about?

Your investors?


Who should I be thinking about?

I'm gonna miss you.


I'm gonna miss you too.

♪ I miss the part
Where we had it all ♪

♪ I was lying in
A bed of roses ♪

What do you think of Alaska?

Good business trip.


Maybe next time we'll go
somewhere a little warmer.

For a vacation?


Our swim was very special to me.


Me too.

♪ Because all I ever needed
In my life to keep me happy ♪

♪ Was you ♪

♪ I'm not really even sure
What you're turned me into ♪

♪ When I'm looking
In the mirror ♪

♪ I don't know
Who I'm talking to ♪

♪ It's so hollow ♪

♪ In these eyes ♪

♪ I can do what I like ♪

♪ Smoke in my lungs ♪

♪ Look what you've done ♪

♪ Timed all my good goodbyes ♪

♪ Once it's gone Can't go back ♪

♪ You want to see ♪

♪ What I've become ♪

♪ But if you were smart
Then you'd ♪

♪ Run ♪