Siren (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - full transcript

[RYN] Previously, on Siren.

The men always take the babies.

This is how it is done.

[HELEN] This child is
your people's hope.

- What is this?
- I did a DNA test.

- On Helen?
- Mm-hm.

- Are you Rick?
- Why?

I saw that you were looking for family.

As of today, I have injected
myself with three doses.

I've experienced the
healing of a deep wound.

Acute hearing.

Improved reflex.

What are the limits?

I saw Robb this morning.

He'd like to rent the warehouse.

It's too risky having someone in there,

close to all of the
stuff we're working on.

- You know what? Come on.
- What?

[ROBB] Is there a weird smell in here?

Something rotting.

What is that?

- She sent me.


[RYN] Some tried to fight.

Katrina chooses Tia.

She let me go to tell
you, come with her or die.



Seriously, what was that?


Ben and I found it washed up on shore.

We couldn't identify it as
any known aquatic species,

so we've been running tests,

trying to figure out more about it.

Do you have a theory? Is it
a fish, or is it a mammal?

No idea, but we're just
in the early stages.

It just threw me.

I didn't realize Ben had
moved it in here. [CHUCKLES]

As of now, I have given
myself five injections.

My cardiovascular
endurance has improved.

As of this morning,

I can hold my breath underwater

for ten minutes.

My lung capacity seems
to have increased,

as it did with my mother.

Today, I doubled my dosage.

The current batch of
stem cells is depleted.

I'll need to extract
more from the specimen.

Once I have,

I'll continue to log all my changes.

No. No. No.

No. What do you think, men?

What do you think?
Classic fit, or modern?

I don't know, man.

What makes it modern?

Xan, come on, it's more tailored.

All right?

Next, lapel.

Notch or peak.

Then you choose the vents.

Side vents, center vents, no vents.

It's countless combinations,

and we haven't even got
into color or material.

[LAUGHS] Okay.

You definitely were not a
menswear expert two weeks ago.

I mean, you popped the
question to Janine in a beanie.

I've been reading up.

Janine wants the wedding's
theme to be "beachy elegance."

And this is the one choice
she's letting me make.

It's a lot of pressure.


All right, come here, come on.

Close your eyes.


All right.

No, you're standing in front of Janine.

You're about to say your vows.

Now, look down.

What kind of suit are you wearing?

Light-gray linen.

Classic cut. Notch lapel.

Center vent.

All right. There you go.

That's why you're my best man.

Exactly. Don't forget that.

Hey, can you do one more thing for me?

- Yeah, sure.
- Could you go by town hall

and file the event permit?

I told Janine I'd take care of it.

Oh, oh, so technically that
would be me taking care of it.

But, yeah.

Yeah, sure. No worries.

Thank you.






I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

He was totally lying, right to my face.

[BARISTA] Sir, your latte.


[WOMAN] Good morning.
How can I help you?

Am I in the right place
for local birth records?

Yes, sir.

What about death and
marriage certificates?

- I can help you with that as well.
- Okay. Great.

Let's start with a birth
certificate for a Rick Marzdan.


If you meet me at the microfilm stand,

I'll be over in just a moment.

I thought you should
know, Ted Pownall is here.

Asking questions.



Have you thought about
sharing that with anyone?

A university or research facility?

You potentially got a brand-new
species sitting in there.

We want to conduct the
research ourselves.

But with the right resources,

they could help you
understand what you've got.

We've heard stories
from friends in academia

about sharing information too soon.

Expropriation of data, things like that.

Yes, of course.

I get it.

You need to be careful.

It's just... It's exciting,

knowing you probably have a
major discovery on your hands?

Not sure I could be so patient.

Well, we'll share it
when the time is right.

When we know more about it.

Where is she?

You're alive.

We escaped.

Did you see my baby?

Still with males.

[ELIZA] Katrina turned on us.

She helps Tia now.

Shows her where we hide.

No place is safe for us anymore.

We saw many dead out there.

[ELIZA] She rules our water now.

Nowhere to go but land.


There's a storm coming.

They are injured?


How bad?

It is not safe to stay here.

She may find you.

I will swim back alone and bring a boat.

Take you to town.

The humans will help us.

We will heal first,

then prepare ourselves
for Tia's attacks.

You stay here. Protect them.

- Thank you.

I got your message.

Something about Ted Pownall?

He went to the Vital
Records Office this morning.

Oh, for God's sake.

He was asking the clerk
about birth certificates.

How do you know this?

One of our own works there.

She gave me the heads-up.

We have members of our
community working everywhere.

They help us keep an eye on things.


What do you think Ted's doing?

He knows.

About them?

And us.


He saw one in the water.

Up close and personal.

He went overboard out at
Carson Sound two weeks ago.

One of them attacked
him, nearly killed him.

And what was his reaction?

After his mind was blown?

I think his visit to the
records office answers that.

One of the birth certificates
he asked for was Rick's.

The DNA test Elaine did.

Have you warned him?

I've tried to reach him. He's at work.

What does Ted want?

Honestly, I'm not sure he even knows.

This is exactly what
we've been afraid of.


We need to assemble at the ranch.

I'll come with you.



Mr. Pownall.

- Hey.
- What are you doing here?

Oh, I was just applying
for an event permit.

It's Calvin's wedding.

He's really taking advantage
of this whole "best man" thing.

I heard he proposed at the Anchor.

Well, he was hoping for a beach in Maui,

but I guess it didn't
exactly work out that way.

How are you doing?

I'm all right.

I've had a hell of a lot to think about.

Look, I understand why no one told me,

but I just keep thinking,

maybe I could've done something
if I'd known sooner, you know?

Maybe your dad would still be around.

Must've scared the hell
out of you, what happened.


You got to manage this thing,
Xander, before it's too late.

That's why I joined the Academy.

That's good.

We're going to need
someone on the inside

who knows what they're dealing with.

They're not all bad, you know?

I mean, you met Ryn. She's smart.

She cares about Ben and Maddie.

She's practically one of us.

Just because they look like us,

doesn't mean they're like us, Xander.

It's a mistake to trust them.

You know that more than anyone.

I got to go.

Stay in touch.

One sec.



Maddie, what's up?

In the warehouse, why is
that body in the freezer?

What were you doing in there?

I was showing Robb the space.

He noticed a smell, so we opened it.

What the hell, Maddie?

I told you not to go in there.

What were you thinking?

What was I thinking?
What were you thinking?

It's the one from the woods.

The one that died in transition.

Ben, why did you dig it up?

I needed more stem cells.

- For what?
- To help my mother.

I'm doing some research.

What did you tell him it was?

Just that we found it on a beach

and we're still running tests

to figure out what it is.

And he believed you?

Yeah, I think so.

That was a really bad move,
bringing him in there.

As bad as digging up a dead body?

Look, if he starts asking questions...

Yeah, I'm handling it, okay?


- Everything okay?
- Oh, yeah. Fine.

I got a theory.

- Really?
- Mm-hm.

Bristol Cove.

Mermaid capital of the world.


And that thing in the freezer,

it had hair, human skin,
but it was also aquatic.

What if it's some actual version of...?

Of a what?

You know you sound insane, right?



But in a totally charming way.

Well, good. I'm glad you
find my insanity charming.


Would you mind if we just
didn't talk about it anymore?

I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to make a joke out of it.

No, it's fine. Really.

I get this is serious research
you and Ben are doing together.

You know what? Let's just drop it, okay?


It's no problem.


- Ryn.

Hey, you okay?

Tia and Katrina have
taken over our waters.

They killed many of us.

I'm so sorry.

We found a group that survived,

hiding away on an island.

But they are injured and freezing.

We need to rescue them
and bring them here

before Tia finds them
and kills them all.


We need a boat.

You called Xander?


Might be dangerous.

Could use his help.

You know, just once in a while,

I wish you'd just, you know,
call me and have brunch.

What's your plan now?

I'll probably head to
San Francisco for a bit,

have some strategy meetings,
get ready for our tests.

Makes sense.

I'm... I'm sorry.

I know you were just
trying to help, and I'm...

It's okay.

You and Ben, you have your own research,

and we're not there yet.


Don't go.

I want you to stay.

There's more I want to tell you.

Maddie, I don't want you
to feel uncomfortable.

It's okay. It is.

There's more than just what
you saw in the freezer.

And maybe if I showed
you, it would help.


Rick, customer out front wants you.

You looking for me?

Rick Marzdan?


Ted Pownall.

Please, have a seat.

[XANDER] She's taking over your waters,

this new one?


And, what, basically killing anyone

that doesn't agree with her?

Xan, can you take over for a sec?

Yeah, I got you.

My baby is out there
somewhere, far away.

Look, I'm sure she's safe.

Levi said that he'd
protect her with his life.

I know she is safe.


How do you know?

I feel her heartbeat.

Steady. Calm.

You can feel it?


In here.


That's your heartbeat.

She is hope for all of us.

A better life.

Thank you.

There is something I can help you with?

I came across your name on a DNA test.

The same one Helen saw.

You and I are related as well.

I know the truth

about you and Helen.

What you are.

I have questions.

This way.

Xan, be ready.

We brought a boat. We must go, quickly.

Don't worry, okay?

We're on the same team this time.


- [MAN] Look out!
- Go.

[XANDER] Stay low. Stay low.


Put these on.

Okay, okay. It's Katrina and six others.

They're blocking the
way back to the boat.

Xander, you, Cami and Eliza wait here.

Ryn, Hunter, and I will distract them.

What... Then what?

As soon as the coast is clear,

you get them back to the boat
as fast as you can, okay?

- Okay.
- You ready?

Let's go.


Kill them.


Thanks for helping, Helen.

It's the right thing,
making them all aware.

They're sitting ducks otherwise.

There you are.

Ricky, I've been trying to reach you.

[HELEN] Is everything okay?

Ted Pownall showed up
looking for me at the café.

- Oh, hell.
- He...

He means to make trouble for us.

Yeah, he was asking a lot of questions.

About what? The family?

Yeah, but don't worry
about it. I handled it.

Ted loves to be handled.

What did he want to know?

How many distant relatives,
there were like us.

[HELEN] What'd you tell him?

Nothing. Look, it's cool. He just...

He doesn't want the secret to come out.

You know, the old stories
about the Pownall family.

They don't want to
look like the bad guys.

Appearance is everything.

I told him it's fine.

We've been keeping this secret
for over a hundred years.

Well, that's good, Ricky.

[HELEN] That's exactly
what I told him too.

He seemed relieved.

So I told him that there's a place

that we get together on a regular basis,

and if there's ever a
problem, we'd gather here

and stay out of the fray.

You told him about this place?



[XANDER] I can give it a
minute, make sure they're gone.


Hey, now you and me,

we leave the past in the past, yeah?

We go?

All right. Coast is clear.

Come on.

The boat's not far.


- Huh?






You okay?

Now we are good.

All right. Let's go.









[ROBB] I wouldn't have
taken you for a spelunker.

Ben and I were exploring,

and stumbled across this place.

What is it?

A cenote?

Might have been.

But look what we found.

Some kind of language.

How old is this place?

Hard to say.


Maybe later.

Cenozoic, we think.

Look, over here as well.

They don't match an alphabet or symbols

from any land-dwelling species.

I mean, not one that we've found so far.

It looks like based on its
calcification and fossils,

we think this whole cave
used to be underwater.

So you think the aquatic
species you discovered

might have a written language?

It's a working theory.

I mean, what if...

What if this species...

What if it's intelligent and evolved?

Like humans?


Now I get why you've been so cagey.

It's a lot to process, I know.



Whoa. Whoa, whoa. There's one missing.

Where's the little hurt one?




No kill.

[RYN] Katrina.

You betrayed us.


Our tribe took you in.

You are too weak to be leader.

Too human.

I am stronger than you.


Where's Ryn?




You kill your own family.

You are not my family.




When you came to our
tribe you were lost.

We took you in.

You became one of us.


It doesn't have to end this way.

You don't have to die.

You could come back.

Let me help you.






- [BEN] Ryn! Hunter?
- Ben!

She's dead.

So is Katrina.

The bodies...

No, no, we have to go.

Xander, go, go, go!

[ROBB] So, this writing,

what do you think it means?

A friend of ours who knows
about ancient languages

said all these are expressing
harmony between species.

Your friend?

M-M-More like a colleague.

I don't care about any of this.

You don't?

What really matters to me
is that you brought me here.

That you trusted me enough
to share it with me.

I'll never breathe a
word of this to anyone.


♪ It's midnight
And I can't get you out ♪

♪ Of my head
Of my body now ♪

♪ You sink your teeth
Right on it ♪

♪ I can't resist
'Cause you broke me down ♪

They'll be fine.

Tia is getting stronger.

More and more are joining her.

Many from my waters are dead.

Or injured.

I'm afraid, Ben.

Me too.

♪ You broke me down ♪

♪ You broke me down ♪

Who did this?

The one you told us of.


Where is she now?


With the humans.



Join me...

And you will live.

I thought I was helping,
telling him about this place.

I swear.

I know.

The fact Ted came to
you, asking questions,

means we need to take him seriously.

What do you think he'll do?

I don't know.

We need to keep an eye on him,

see what he has in mind.

Whatever it is, we'll be ready.


Try not to worry about Ted.

I'll talk to him.

I just texted Helen.

She's heading home. We
can take them back there.

That shit that happened on that island,

this shit is just getting bigger, okay?

I mean, they could come to town next.

Yeah. I know.

I saw your dad earlier,

and he's hell-bent on
stopping these things.

I mean, maybe he can help us somehow.


No, we don't want his help.

Trust me.

We can figure this out on our own.

You bow your head to me,

but does that mean I should trust you?

Of course, you want to live,

so you say you'll be loyal to me.

Yet you fought for Ryn.

So I ask again,

why should I trust you?


I know something.

The most important thing to Ryn.

She has a baby.

Humans help her make it.

It's one of ours?


Where is it?

In the water.

With the males.

Hey, can I help?

Oh, it's heavy.

What is it?


Cameras? Drones?


No one steps on or off this
property without our knowing.

Keep ourselves safe.

No one else is going to do it.

Thank God you're okay. Come in.

What happened out there?

We went to save my people,

but Tia's tribe attacked us.

Hunter is dead. So is Katrina.

This new one, she's getting stronger.

She's trying to conquer
everything in her path.

We need to do something.

- Okay. Like what?
- [BEN] I don't know.

What happened with Robb?

It's all right. He won't say anything.

I trust him.

Where is he?

He's getting coffee. He's
going to be here soon.

All right, we should get out of here.

I would like to meet your Robb.

Well, I'm sure he'd like
to meet you too, but...

Maybe some other time.


Maybe now.

[RYN] It's okay.

I will be very human.


[ROBB] Hey.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

Oh, sorry, I would have gotten more

if I knew you were here.

[MADDIE] This is our friend, Ryn.

- [BEN] Ryn, stop!


He's from the water.

What? No, Ryn, he...

No, no, no, he's not from the water.

- He's human.
- He's from another tribe.


This is time of war.
He cannot be trusted.

Why do you come?

It's true.


I'm one of them.


♪ We will... ♪