Siren (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - full transcript

[RYN] Previously, on Siren...

We are the most evolved
species on the planet.

We were put here to protect the earth.

That cannot be left in
the hands of humans.

Today, I doubled my dosage
of aquatic stem cells.

What are the limits?

[MADDIE] Ben, how did you do that?

You were down there almost
15 minutes with no air tank.

- [BEN] That's Hope?
- [RYN] She has grown.

There's so much I've missed.

This is the safest
place in Bristol Cove.

- I should go with you.
- The ranch has full security.

We will not leave her side.

[RYN] Tia, she cannot be trusted.

She's stronger than any I've ever seen.

Stronger than me.

She got in here undetected.

- What exactly did she take?
- She deleted an audio file.

The recording of your echo chamber.

And without that
recording, there's no cure.

[ROBB] Eva told us to
destroy the echo chamber.

What if Robb's people
have a place like that

in their territory?

[MADDIE] It's a sound weapon.

It's coming in as an emergency call.

You have to tell everyone
don't answer it, OK?

Do not answer the phone.

It's a terrorist attack.

[TED] It's one of them again.

OK, now do you see how
dangerous they are?

She's polluting your life.

What the hell have you done to him?

- Xander. Ben...

What's going on? What's going on?

He just suddenly just passed out.

Pulse is at 23. He's gone into a coma.

Stop! Stop! What are you doing?

Tia wants what she wants.

Hope, run.


Come! Come!


My God.

What's wrong with the lights?

Auxiliary power.

You stay here.

I've got to find Ryn.

[NEWS ANCHOR] We're getting
a lot of conflicting reports,

but here's what we know at this time:

there's been a widespread,
burgeoning terror attack

in the Pacific Northwest.

It originated in small coastal towns,

and has now spread to
larger urban areas:

Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia and Portland,

which are reporting
significant casualties.

Homeland Security officials
are warning residents...



Maddie, it's the station.
They want me to bring you in.

- Did they find him?
- That's all I know.

[BEN] Doc?

[HELEN] Ben!

- Stay.
- Ryn?

- Ryn? Where's Ryn?
- She's in there.

- Jerry?
- Wait, wait, wait.

What's going on?

It's Hope.

She's been taken.





You found her.

The first born in many tides.




[HELEN] I'm so sorry.

I tried to stop her.

I know you did.

[HELEN] I thought
Hunter could be trusted.

I thought she was one of us.

So did I.

I would not have left Hope with her.

Tia has her now.

Seattle's been hit. Portland, too.

We need your help.

[ANDERSON] We set up a command
station out of Everett.

- Got all the tech set up there.
- Tia, the one who is doing this,

she has my daughter.

The sooner we find her, the
sooner you'll get her back.

Let's go.

Sarge said war is coming.

It's here.

[MARISSA] Ambulance service unavail.

Relay all victims directly to hospital.

Marissa, what's happening?
Did you find my dad?

No, not yet. I'm sorry.

But there is someone
here looking for you.

He said it was urgent.


I came as soon I could.

It's chaos. They shut down the airports.

The roads are blocked.

She said your dad's missing.

We found his truck.
Phone was in there, too.

Hey, Yura went down to our
echo chamber like you asked

and recorded the voices.

You think this can cure it?

I don't know. I don't know. We hope so.

Hey, hey, look, OK.

We've got to try.

When they find your dad, we'll be ready.

Thank you.

Look, my friend Xander,
he's in the hospital.

- We should try it on him.
- Of course.

- OK.
- Let's go.


Go ahead. I'll be right there.

- What are you doing here?
- Sylvia, she collapsed.

I've got six workers in here.
What the hell's going on?

I told you. We're under attack.

- Is that what I saw on your skin?
- No.

Well, what is it, then?
What's happening?

Dad, I can't explain right now.

We need to try and stop this.


We're working on
restoring power to town,

but we blocked cell service
to prevent further attacks.

This is bigger than we thought.

How much have you told the government

about what's going on?

- The President's been briefed.
- You told him who she is?

He knows she's a terrorist. That's all.

Don't need him tweeting this shit.

She's gonna be OK.

We're gonna get her back.

[TIA] I know you don't
understand any of this.

But you will.


Everything I'm doing is for you.

The children.

You're the future.

I almost had one like you.

When the humans captured me,

I was pregnant.

Close to giving birth.

They treated me very badly.

And I lost my child.

There is no greater pain

than a mother losing her baby.


You should learn to behave.

When I'm finished,

you're gonna need a mother.



[LIM] Look at how the governor
worded this statement.

It's vague. There's more going on.

What is it?

I don't know.

Your negligent disregard for this planet

will no longer be tolerated.

You were warned

and now will suffer the consequences.

The reckoning has come.

Can we broadcast this?

If it's real, can we afford not to?

- Anyone on with the FBI?
- I'm trying to get through.

Who else has this? World News? BBC?

- What do we know about her?
- Uhh... Nothing.

Zero digital footprint.

Excuse me.

I just got a call from
my friend in Seoul.

Their newsroom got one, too.

She's speaking Korean in theirs.

She sent the manifesto to different

countries, all in their own language.

In each one, she implicates

a different foreign
power in the attacks.

What is she doing?

She's trying to create havoc,
make us all blame each other.

Her plan was to destroy a few
thousand people with her weapon,

let us do the rest.

[OFFICER] Lieutenant, security
engineer on the Nimitz

managed to ping through a firewall

in Whatcom County, near Bellingham.

The activity matches
our target, and we've

narrowed it to about 50 square miles.

I need a hard target
search of the entire area.

We need to go door to door.

[ANDERSON] No, it's
gonna take too long.

What we need is
something more immediate.

Her body temperature's 92 degrees.

Excuse me?

We can use thermal
imaging to track her down.

We've done it before, to find Ryn.

[CALVIN] It's not working.

These should be moving.

Now what?

Hey, buddy, you still in there?


Xander, it's Maddie.

Can you hear me?



Where am I?

It's OK.


[TED] Elaine, you made it to Judith's?

[ELAINE, ON PHONE] Yes, I'm fine.

What's happening? Is Sylvia OK?
Wally? Monica?

Listen, I saw Ben down at the hospital.

It's complete chaos down there.

Is he OK?

Ted, did something happen to Ben?

He wasn't affected by the attack.

But, uh... I guess he found

some of the stem cells

from your treatment, and, um...

I don't know, he wanted to test them

to make sure they were safe.

He's been injecting himself.


Your negligent disregard

for this planet will
no longer be tolerated.

You were warned

and now will suffer the consequences.

- [TED] Hang on, Elaine.
- [TIA] The reckoning has come.


Humans are the only species who
refuse to take responsibility

for their contemptible action.

War, famine, global warming.

The time of judgment has come.

I got to get out of this bed.

- No, you need to rest.
- I need...

- What?
- To pee.

On it.

- [CALVIN] Yeah?
- [XANDER] Yeah.

- Just like old times, huh?

Except it was usually
me that needed the help.

- It worked.
- We have to duplicate it.

Get a copy to everyone
else who needs it.


And I need to get a copy
to Lieutenant Maeda.

They can distribute it to the
other cities that were hit.




That's got to be her.

- Lock down those coordinates.
- [OFFICER] Yes, sir.

[MAEDA] Initiate Black Ops.
We have a location.

Maybe she has Hope there.

Let's go.

We're going with you.

Takes about two hours
for the full effect.

Are you sure this works?

We just used it on our friend.

He was the first patient to
arrive here, and he's better.

Chief of Medicine has
signed off on this,

but check with Dr. Riley if you need to.

Right. We need all the devices,

tablets, headphones you can get,

and we'll download it onto them.


I need to go.

- Your father?
- Yeah.

They're looking for him, dear.
You'll be more of a help here.

- They're gonna find him.
- [XANDER] What happened to Dale?

Back into bed, Xander. You need to rest.

- Where is he? Maddie?
- He's missing, Xander.

I found his truck out by Libbey Beach.

- OK, I'm going out there.
- You're in no condition.

Look, I'll be fine.

All right? Just...

You stay here.

You finish helping these people.

I'm gonna go get Marissa,
and we'll find your dad.

- OK?
- OK.

Thank you.

Everything's gonna be OK.

You have no idea what
it's like out there.

Yeah, I got a pretty
good idea, actually.

You don't know how
many more are missing.

Like Dale, God knows where.

Yeah, and then we'll keep
searching until we find them.

Well, you're gonna need
a shit-ton of help.

And I know where to get it.



- Clear.
- Contact, move in.

Go! Go!


That's Tia?

I'm not sure.

What if it's Hope?

Hey, hey! Hey, Ryn?

Ryn! Wait!



North stairwell, clear.

Hallway, clear.


- Fourth corridor, clear.

Contact! Contact!

[OFFICER] Confirmed containment.

- Stand by, team.
- Turn around! Hands up!




Hello? Anyone in here?

Xander, you're OK.

- Where is everyone?
- All my officers,

either down or out looking for victims.

- Sheriff Bishop's missing, too.
- Yeah, I heard.

- But you're better?
- [CALVIN] There's a cure.

Maddie's got it. They're using
it at the hospital right now.

[XANDER] There could be
more people affected.

We got to find them
before it's too late.

How? We're tapped, Xander.

There's nobody else.

[HELEN] Actually, there is.

And another 40 of us outside.
Just tell us what you need.

OK. Yes.

Thank you.

All right, we'll divide into teams,

spread out, check every vehicle,

house, any structure you can find.

- Where do you want me?
- Go down to the docks.

- Check for people on their boats.
- All right.

OK, we're gonna need a place

to take victims when we find them.

The hospital doesn't have enough beds.

- I'm on it.
- OK.

You and me,

we're gonna go find the sheriff.

Where is she?

What did you do with my daughter?

It was Tia.

No. You took her.

- You chose to betray.
- She would kill me.

She took her to the water.

The place where we hide our weapons.

- The old airplane?
- [HUNTER] Yes.

She wants you to go there.

[BEN] It's a trap, Ryn.

She's waiting for you.



If my daughter dies because of you,

you will know her pain.

Have you seen what's going on?
We're being attacked.

Not just this town, the
entire Pacific Northwest.

They're saying it's the Russians,

but we know the truth, don't we?

[HELEN] There's a cure.

I've seen it work on Xander.

- Well, thank God for that.
- The problem is,

there's more victims than
the hospital can handle.

What do you want from me?

We need somewhere to
bring them, treat them.

And you've got the
biggest place in town.

You want to use the warehouse?


Does the government even know the truth?

It just keeps escalating.

What about the one who started all this?
Where the hell is she?

Let's just worry about our
own little town for now, Ted.

Yeah, all right.

Come on, let's go. I'll take you there.




[RYN] This is the place.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

She's down there. I feel her.

[BEN] Ryn, to just go
straight in there...

We need to think about what we're doing.

I have.

She's expecting me to
come for my daughter.

- Exactly.
- But she won't be expecting you.

That's true.

You say you are still changing.

Even without the cells.

You can go deep?

Honestly, I don't know what I can do.

Let's find out.

I will lead Tia and the others away.

And once they're gone,
you will free Hope.

You can't lead them away.

They'll kill you.

If I die,

it is so my daughter can live.

You know, I've been having
dreams about the three of us,

living together as a family.

I like this dream.

I want it, too.

Right here.

If we set up a network,
it'll link them together.

It'll load faster.

- You know how to do that?
- Yeah, for sure.

Yeah, let's do it. How can we help?

Your people are helping.

They were immune to the attack.

They're happy to help, Ted.

It's their town, too.


This is your boat?


We need your boat.

OK. For what?

To go on the water. For Ryn.

For Hope.

We help fight.

[CALVIN] I hate to
state the obvious here,

but, uh, can't you guys
just swim out there?

- I mean...
- It is better from above.

From boat.


OK, so like a surprise
attack kind of thing?

Hell, yeah. Let's do it.


[MARISSA] His last call-in
was eight hours ago.


[XANDER] Maybe somebody
found him, picked him up.

Hey, look at that.

[XANDER] Yeah, yeah, I see it.


Hey, you OK?

Are you hurt?

[XANDER] She's alive!

Hey, buddy.

Your mom's gonna be OK, all right?

We've got a treatment for her.

We're going to take her there right now.

You want to...

You want to go for a
ride in the police car?

Yeah? All right.

What about the man?

- What man?
- The policeman.

He's sick, too.

- Where is he?
- He went in there.

Take him to Pownall Seafood.

Keep your radio on.

Come on.


Yeah, right here. Look at this.

[SIGHS] Hey.

I was wrong.

About a lot of things.

We're all in this together, Ted.



Um... Keep it playing.

He might get disoriented
when he wakes up. OK.

Don't worry, your mom's
gonna be safe now.

We found her on the county road,

not far from Libbey Beach.

- You and Xander?
- Yeah.

The boy said he saw somebody

wandering into the forest.

A police officer.

Xander's out there looking for him.

No, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no.






Here you go. Take it slow.

[MAN] Son!

You made it.

We're gonna be OK.



[SIGHS] Thanks.

Thank you, Ted.

You've helped a lot of people.

Can't seem to help him, though.

Everything's changed, Helen.

He's not the boy Elaine and I raised.

He's something else.

He's still your son, Ted.

♪ Down, down, down we go

♪ We must stand here

♪ Face our rivals

♪ Nowhere left to run

♪ This is a fight for survival ♪

♪ So let's get it done

♪ Down, down, down we go

I just had breakfast
with him the other day.

He's the most decent, moral
man you'd ever want to meet.

Sounds like an amazing guy.



[GASPS] Xander!

- Where is he?
- [XANDER] Maddie.

- Maddie, no, no. No, no.

Let me go!






Ben? You in there?



[NEWSCASTER, ON TV] Almost two weeks

since the sonic terror attacks
hit the Pacific Northwest

and parts of Asia,

and still more questions than answers.

The identity of the woman who
released a recorded manifesto

during the crisis remains a mystery,

though Homeland Security
officials insist

she is no longer considered
a person of interest.

[HELEN] I don't say this lightly.

But I'm glad she's dead.

It's not gonna bring back Dale.

Or Ben.

Ben is not gone.


I will find him.

Wherever he is.

Hm. Sorry.

I shouldn't talk like this
in front of the little one.

Auntie Helen's got to go wash her face.

Tia was bad?

She wanted to make the
world a better place,

to protect the oceans for our kind.

But she did it in the wrong way.

She had many things taken from her.

Her song, her tribe...

Her child.

This filled her with hate.

She had lost all hope in humans.

We can make the world better.

But we will do it with love.



[DALE] Creator. Thank you for this food.

And may you give my daughter
the strength to admit

why she really invited her
dad over for breakfast.


- I missed you.

[SHERIFF] Alexander Foster McClure.



Are you flying directly
to the Philippines?

Tokyo first, then Manila.

A research boat picks us up there

and takes us to the gyre
cleanup in the South Pacific.

See our technology work
for the first time.

Your machine will clean the waters?

[SIGHS] It better.

We have other regions going
online in the next few months.

The ocean could once
again support new life.

Allow us to have more babies.

This... This trip is temporary, OK?

And if you need me to stay...

Maddie, you must go.

The only way I know to
get through this right now

is just to get some distance.

Ben was protecting who he loved.

That's all he ever wanted.

You know that, right?


You can't keep waiting for him.

You have to let him go.

He'll come to me.

We'll talk a thousand
times when I'm gone, OK?

Maddie is love.

No matter where you are.

Ryn is love always.

[HELEN] Your father would be proud.


Safe travels, you two.


♪ You're lost ♪

♪ On a sea ♪

♪ That you sailed on ♪

♪ Now it's cold and rough ♪

♪ Where you are ♪


Hey, pumpkin.


Little kiss. Thank you.

Welcome home.

Look what I got at school.



A hundred-meter backstroke. First place?


♪ Invitingly ♪

Backstroke. Like this?

♪ I've been alone on the sea
For so long ♪

♪ I wanted to touch ♪

♪ I had to feel loved ♪

♪ Before these waves ♪

♪ Took me under ♪

♪ You're lost ♪

♪ On a sea ♪

♪ That you sailed on ♪

♪ Now it's cold and rough ♪