Siren (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - full transcript

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- Who hurt mother?
- A human.

This one, he kill your mother.

- You're her daughter?
- Rrrr!

- You heard about Klesco?
- Sure.

They're gonna be moving in a drillship.

Ben, you should see this.

You said that you had

no pull with the oil company.

You're working with them.

I was led straight to the Alpha.

If I can convince her to come willingly,

I think we'll get a lot more out of her.

I will help soldiers,

but they must help Ryn, too.


You are free to go

on direct orders of the U.S. military.

So the military saves our asses, huh?

They must have a bigger plan.

Unless they've been here, watching us

this whole time.

Research project for Wounded Warriors.

Soldiers. They fought for our country.

Our country?

Mm-hmm. America.

Like your colony,

only a lot bigger.

They fight other country?


One more, one more.

Push through.

Good work.

Must be big fight.

Maybe we can help them.

That's part of the reason
we wanted to bring you here.

The way you grow new tissue,

maybe it can help people like them.


Good. Okay, let it go.

And her?

Test subject.

It's okay, I promise.


Well, hello, jailbird.

I know. Crazy, right?

You gotta give me more than that.

Mom, they found Sean's body.

We were on the boat when he died,

they needed to get the facts straight.

That's pretty much it.

Your dad was worried sick about you.

Yeah. Well, I appreciate the
strings that he tried to pull.

Oh. Is that why you came
over to see me in the middle

of the day, when you
knew he wouldn't be here?

Mom, gentle.

This... It kills me to see
you two fighting like this.

It's so unnecessary.

This family matters more
than some dumb business deal.

So tell him to make the right choice

and not just bend over like that.

Is that what they taught you in prison?

You know, Klesco is giving money

to support our arts
programs at the schools?

And they're also gonna
be paving Spring Street

all the way down to the water.

Yeah. So they can move their
tanker trucks down there.

Look, they're hosting
a little open house

at the community center
for the entire town.

Explaining what their plans are,

and how they're gonna help the town.

You should go.

Might help you feel better
about this whole thing.

Yeah. As long as there
are free snow cones.

This one.

- Oh!
- Hey. Hey.

You okay?


It's been happening lately.

Can I get you something?

A stiff martini and a new L-5 vertebrae.

- Mom.
- Look, don't worry, okay? I'll be fine.

I'm going to see a specialist next week.

Your father pulled some strings.

Aft thrusters up to 80%.

Copy that.

Drill string at 350 meters.

Pick up the pace out there, ya grannies.

This is the drill string that
pokes into the sea floor.

It allows us to pull
up a core sample that,

fingers crossed, confirms the

presence of a great big oil deposit.

I can show you some of the cool things

that Klesco is planning for your town.

Right this way.

Quite a show they're putting on.

Yeah. Pave a few streets,
give 'em some popcorn,

makes it all okay.

This isn't to scale.

It's actually over 800 meters long.

You know what kind
of leverage that generates?

I know what we can do.

This takes your temperature.


She doesn't feel cold.

Yeah. Must be well insulated.

See, that wasn't so bad.

- Just a slight pinch.
- Wait!

- Aah!
- Aw, damn!

It's okay, it was a mistake.
Are you okay?

No needles. I told them that.

Uh, they also want me to X-Ray and MRI.

Maybe next time. We're gonna
take this nice and slow.


Oh, hey. Ian.

This is Maddie. Maddie, this is Ian.

- Nice to meet you.
- Hi.

I was not expecting
to see you back here.

Yeah. Me, neither.

Klesco's got this black
tie event this weekend,

there's press and VIPs.

Live feed, the whole deal.

My mom didn't mention it.



Nah, I'm okay.

- We're good.
- Yeah.

- Hats?
- Thank you.

Follow me.

Yeah, I was a little surprised
to get the invite myself.

They kill my investigative story,

and then bring me out
for this publicity stunt?

I don't know whether they're
arrogant or ignorant.

Probably both.

Check this out.

What's that?

The invite they sent us.

Like we're employees or something.

You said there's gonna be

a live feed at the event? Of what?

I guess it's the core sample
coming up on the drillship,

proving there's oil down there for real.

You mind if I borrow this?

We need to get you back home.

In the ocean. And we need to do it now.

First step, we gotta take
out the sonic cannon,

make the noise go away.

It's around here.

Ben and I can do that...

We think.

But that's not enough.

They'll just bring in a new one.

We have to do more, something big,

to make them go away for good.

So your home is safe.


We have an idea.

This is the Klesco drillship.

We cut the string at its base,

and then we're gonna pull it out.

Oh, jeez.

How are you planning to do that?

They're gonna do it.

Once the cannon is off,

they can swim down and cut it.

You pull that drill string,
it's gonna do some damage.

Yeah, that's kinda the idea.

Yeah, but how you gonna pull it?

We're gonna use your trawl net.

You can't.

It's barely 1,200 feet.
It's not long enough.

That's all we got.

I'll buy you a new one.

From my trust account.

That's why we took it out, for them.

Thank you, Helen.

When do we do this?

There's an event on Friday night,

press, oil execs, they're
all gonna be there.

They'll be watching a live
feed of the extraction.

They'll bring the cameras,

we'll give 'em the show.

What do you need me to do?

You're gonna put on your
nicest evening dress,

drink expensive champagne,

and make sure that everybody
is watching that monitor.

Yeah. I can do that.


Ryn, you weren't at the
apartment earlier when I came by.

Did you go out?

I go for a walk.

To think.

A thinking walk.

Hey, I... I just want to make
sure that they're up for this.

It's dangerous.

In water, always danger.

Never safe.

You're okay with this?

We don't want this big fight.

But we must.

So we can go back home.

You switchin' to long lining, huh?

Uh, yeah. Yeah.

2,500 hooks, shortened up to
three and a quarter miles.

That's the legal limit nowadays.

Should be plenty.

Yeah. Uh-huh.

- Hey, can you grab that?
- Yeah.


- What are those?
- DPVs.

Hopefully they're get us to the

sonic cannon before it goes boom.

That is so James Bond.

I mean, you know, circa 1974.

If they actually work.

I got my dad's torch from the boat.

There's no guarantees
it'll work, either, but...

So you guys think we really have

a chance of pulling this off?

Come on, Xan.

I mean, we got mermaids

with blowtorches.


Yes. But this fire is very special.

It works in the water.

So we'll use this fire to cut.

You'll do this in the water.

Hey, Sarge.

Great chat!

So is he your plus one or...?

Unfortunately, he's got
other plans tomorrow.

Hey, you know,

now that we got this line,

we could actually use it.

Go out further, catch
some bigger money fish.

Don't know. Longer
trips, it's more fuel.

You gotta spend money
to make money, brah.

This could be huge for us.


Maybe, right?

Hell, yeah.

We go after the bigger markets,

Seattle, maybe get some
cash flow going and then...



Whoa! Whoa whoa!

Hold on, I got you! Stay still!

Stay still, man! I got you!

- I got it.
- Ohh!

You okay? You all right?

Yeah, it's just jacket.

Drill fluid at 500 psi.

C'mon, boys, push it!

We gotta break through this shale.

We do this.


They can do it in human form,

but will they be able to do
it when they're in the water?

They're less predictable in that state.

We don't have a choice.

They're the only ones
that can go that deep.

In water, we are more animal.

We need this to survive.

Of course. And I know
you can do this job.

- You've changed.
- No, Maddie.

I am animal, too.

I see you denied our request

for a blood draw and further scans.

We need to take our time,
build trust with her.

I respect your desire to keep this

a pleasant experience
for the subject, but...

Sir, it's not about being pleasant.

She pushed him so hard
when she saw the needle,

he stabbed himself.

Sounds like she should
have been restrained.

How'd that work with the
other one you caught?

We need to keep this moving.

There is a lot on the research agenda.

What exactly are we
gonna be doing with her?

Well, that's above your
security clearance.


Is everything okay?

Yeah. They'll be going away.

Back home.

He's one. There's men?

Of course there's men.

Um... how long are
they gonna be gone for?

I don't know.


Maybe forever.

It's where they belong.

I thought you might want to see

them once more before they leave.

I guess it's just back to my

stupid, meaningless life, huh?

We're all connected.

Just because they're
gone doesn't change that.

One more day.

Then we go back in water, back home.

We look for the others we lose.

We are family again.

And we say thank you

to the humans who protect us,

keep us safe.

Hopefully one day our species
can all live together,

in peace. No more fights.

We should get them back,

get some rest for tomorrow.

They will stay here. Together.

One last slumber party.

Yeah, it's probably good
for them to be together.

Be ready to roll in the morning.

Are you gonna stay here?

Yes. I will stay.


Wait wait wait wait wait.

Hey, um...

I know I don't say this a lot,


I really love you.

You say it, like, 20 times a day.

Yeah, but it's usually
like, "I love ya."

You know? Not...

"I love you."

What's with all the mush?

Is there something
you're not telling me?


You and Xan are just going fishing?


♪ Come on, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Lord have mercy ♪


Where'd Calvin go?

He's with Janine.

Where you been?

What do you mean?

I just tried calling you earlier.

I thought maybe you left.

Why would you think that?

I don't know, just

wasn't sure if your work was done.

What are you talking about?

You know, I never got to thank you.

For gettin' us outta jail?

They said the military did it,

and you're military.

♪ Hey, yeah ♪

♪ Lord have mercy ♪

Somebody tell you this?

♪ You got the best of me ♪

I'm a smelly, barely-employed,
semi-alcoholic fisherman.

You, you come from outta nowhere,

just way outta my league, all into me.

Come on, wasn't that hard to figure out.

And was sleeping with
me part of the job?


I came up with that all on my own.


What's your end game?

♪ Oh, baby ♪

♪ Baby, Lord have mercy on me ♪

♪ Lord have mercy ♪

♪ You got the best of me ♪

You don't have to stand there.

If you're gonna be my night watchman,

at least have a seat.


Be comfortable.

That's better.

You won't be coming back.

I know.

For you.

So you remember me.

Did you flush the regulators?

They're good to go.

- Ryn.
- Everything okay?

I want to spend this night with you.

We're glad you came.

We were missing you.

You are afraid.

Yeah. It's a big thing we're doing.

I am afraid.

You are?

When I go back,

what if I am not the same?

What if I forget

how to survive.

Ryn, you're so strong.

You're going to be okay.

We believe that.

And after you find the others,

the ones that are lost,

you'll just come back here, right?

Yes, Ben.


There's a chance you won't?

Ryn always with you.

We love you.

You want?

Show me.

This is where love comes from?

We make it.


We find places we want to be touched

and kissed.

Neck. Maybe.


Okay. Yes.

I haven't worn this thing since you

dragged me to that opera gala last year.

Do you remember that?

Elaine? How's it going in there?


You okay?

It's still happening?

Okay. Look, uh, just try and relax.

I'm gonna lift you a little bit.

Sorry, baby.

I'm gonna move up that
meeting with the neurologist.

I wonder if it has something to do

with the treatment from
the clinical trial?

We don't know what they're giving me.

We'll figure it all out, I promise.

If you wanna pass on tonight,

I'm sure I can get Sylvia over here.

No. I have pills.

I'll manage.

Well, it'd be a shame to have
these earrings go to waste.

Uh, Mr. Pownall.

Hi. I'm Ian Sutton, KFGT News.

Ben mentioned you.

Yeah, I was hoping to
get a quote from you

about Klesco's impact on
the local fishing industry,

especially its effect on sea life.

This is supposed to be a nice evening.

Well, I'm being nice.

Well, Ian,

we value our natural
resources around here,

and we're utterly confident Klesco

will be taking every safety precaution

to ensure a minimal
impact on our environment.

Yet their initial exploration
has already been linked

to the beaching of several
whales in the area.

This is a celebration.

I hope you're able to enjoy yourself.

Ready on the elevator.

Lift drill string to 15
meters below sea floor.

Copy that, drill string at 15 meters.

Standby for extraction.

Hey, Ben.

I gotta tell you something.

What? I look hot in neoprene?

That goes without saying, so...

What's up?

When the military freed us from jail,

we were wondering how
they got in so fast?


They were here all along.

I was sleeping with them.




She say what she wants?

Well, them, I guess.

[ All right, this is as close as we get.

Lights out.

It's time.


So when it's red or yellow,

that means that the noise is bad.

You'll know that we shut down the cannon

when the light goes green, okay?

That's when it's safe
to go in the water.

Green we go.

What is green?

Uh, it's a...

It's a color?

I'll show ya.

Ben has tail.

Yeah, not quite as
good as yours, though.


Levi friend.

Yes, friends.

I guess this is goodbye.

Ryn is with you.

- You ready?
- Yes.

Ocean is strong.

So are we.


We can do this.


Hey, be safe down there, all right?


We need you at the main entrance.

Hello, Helen.

I wasn't expecting to see you here.

You look nice.

Thank you.

And thank you for
releasing my trust funds.

Ben told me what you were using it for.

I'm sorry to hear about
your health condition.

Autoimmune disorders can be tricky,

and I hope that the money
can help you find treatment.

I'm afraid my condition is chronic.

I know what that's like, obviously.

You're not well.

Thank you all for coming tonight

to this very special live event.

As you know, there are
some exciting things

happening in the ocean as we speak.

On behalf of my wife Elaine,
and everyone in our town,

I'd like to extend a
warm welcome to you all.

People don't always agree on things,

but the truth is our local
economy's been struggling.

I was raised here,

and I care about the people

from my hometown, and if...

When Klesco pulls up oil
in a few moments' time,

it's gonna bring a lot of opportunity

to the good people of this region.

Now it's my pleasure to introduce a man

who's become not just a
business partner of mine,

but also a friend.

The CEO of Klesco Oil, Mr. Roger Dunn.

Come on, Ben.

Come on.

They did it.

Okay. Green. We go.

Hey, hey. Good luck down there, okay?

Do your thing.

Yes, Xander. Bye-bye.

Okay. I'm gonna let this
line out real fast, okay?

Be careful of the hooks.
Sharp. Sharp as hell.

This is the moment we've
all been waiting for.

I have just received word

that the extraction has begun.

That's wonderful.

This is a live feed from our drillship

just offshore here.

As a special surprise,
we've also mounted

a camera at the drill site itself.

This is 800 meters at
the bottom of the ocean.

Incredible, isn't it?

Increase speed to 400 rpm,
drill fluid at 1,000 psi.

It's show time.

I need your help. Now.

Well, I'm sure it'll be right back.

Whew. Glad I had a handyman nearby.

You gonna tell me what that was about?

A noble cause for our people.

What are you doing here?


That was an accident.


You... You gotta let that shit go.

- Aah! Aah!
- Whoa!

Ladies and gentlemen,

if you would turn your
attention to the screen, please.

Hey, party crashers.

Just in time for the big event.

Wouldn't miss it for the world.

Excuse me.


Go! Now!

Go! Go!

Get out of here!

Oh, my God, you did it.




Mr. Dunn, can you give us
any sort of information?

Was this an accident?

We have no comment on that.

Cut the feed!

- _
- We gotta go.

Over there! Over there, man!

It's everywhere!