Siren (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - full transcript

Previously on "Siren"...

That oil company, they're mapping

a thousand square miles of ocean.

That's gonna take months.

We need to feed them, clothe them.

I want my money.

It's pretty unlikely

that you are related to the Pownalls.

It's them. He's with them.
The one who killed my dad.

Hey! Come here, you son of a bitch!

You want them here, huh?!

Hey, Ben. What brings you here today?

A complicated relationship.

What if the way I feel about you

has nothing to do with the song?

Be careful, Marissa.

If anything unusual
comes up, you call me.

Like what?

You'll know when it happens.

She was leader.

Now she must ask Ryn for help.

I am stronger than you.

100 million years ago,

this whole place was covered in water.

115 million years ago.

Uh, who's counting?

Who take the water?

Oh, no. No one. No one, uh...

It's this thing called plate tectonics.

It's where the Earth is...

What Ben's saying is

your people could have lived right here

a long time ago.


Hey, hey, hey.


It's poison ivy.


What is this?

So some plants

are bad for you.

This one hurts you, okay?

It's, uh... It's dangerous.


No touch.

But some are good.

In water we use plants to get better.

Yeah, like medicine.


I go.

Why the hell are you
running out like that?!

Are you crazy?
I could have killed all of you!




In water, we hunt.


Yeah, well,

it's too risky on land.

They could hurt someone.

- You could be seen.
- Ryn.

Your skin.

Can't show.

You don't want them to
see that you're weak?


She will fight.

Until end.

To be leader.

We won't let anyone hurt you.

Ben and Maddie cannot fight for me.

I must go in the water soon.

What about High Point Cove?

I pulled the Coastal Commission report.

Klesco is expanding its mapping grid,

moving closer to shore.

It's all off limits now.

I go eat.

We have hydration lotion
for the seals at the Center.

It could help with her scaling.

Yeah, that could work.

I'll be back in an hour.


Taking a trip down memory lane?

You showed me that on our third date.

I remember it like it was...

20 years ago.


I think that might have been
the last time I saw it, too.

Been carrying a service
weapon ever since.

Haven't needed it.

Why do you need it now?

You're on leave.

As long as you and Maddie
are in Bristol Cove,

I'm on duty.

Badge or no badge.

Hope I didn't wake you.

Yeah. No, that would be the, um,

pounding headache.

Are you looking for something?

My keys.

Um... purse?

Of course.

How could I forget?

You know, um, nine times out of ten,

a woman's keys are usually
hiding in the purse.

All right, Sherlock.

Hmm, so now I'm late,
and I look like an idiot.

Aw, I been there. You'll bounce back.


Don't move.

What is it?

Do you see that?

So clowns, Lady Gaga,

now rats?

Any other phobias, Jerry?

Wh... Wh... Are you crazy?!

There could be a nest!

Can't just leave them in the warehouse.


I'll figure out what to do.

You call your therapist.


No, no, no, wait.


Officer Staub.


Everything all right?

We got a call about some folks

who trashed a mini-mart down the road.

Clerk said they took off
in a Pownall Seafood van.

Know anyone else who drives one?

It's my fault.

We had a few too many, my buddies...

Ben, clerk said there was women, too.

Well... yeah.

It was a... a thing, you know?

It was a party.

Still going apparently?

I've got this.

They were too drunk

to drive home this morning.

Party's over, Ben.

Any more disturbances, I will be back,

and your friends will need to come

talk it over with me at the station.

Yes, ma'am.

Thank you.

We gotta get the hell out of here.

Can I get a red eye and bagel to go?

- Want it toasted?
- Burn it to a crisp.

Xander. Rough night?

Yeah, you should, um...

You should see the six other guys.

He got in a fight with
one of his best friends.


You and Ben get into it
at his party the other night?

What party?

At his family's cabin.

Then I'm guessing you
don't know anything

about the gas station, either.

No, no. I haven't been
out to the cabin in, uh,

a long time.

Well, I hope you and
Ben work things out.

Not so sure about his new friends.

- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.

I had no idea what it was at first.

Yeah, I'm still not sure.

There was a seal birth years ago.

This must be the tank they used.

What is this?

A tank. We'll fill it with seawater.

We can't bring you to the ocean,

but we can bring the
ocean to you in here.

We hope.

It is safe here?

It's all we got.

We stay.


Safe here.

Back to woods.

Not inside.

The woods are dangerous.


Human is leader now.

Not you.

Oh. What the hell is going on?

Survival of the fittest.

Maybe cooping them up in this shoebox

isn't a great idea.

We don't have a choice.

Well, we can find
somewhere with more space

once I can access the trust.

Why can't you access it now?

You'd have to ask your mother.

She's holding out on you?

Think it's time we poke the bear?

Yeah, it's time.

Mom, the money's hers.

Well, this is between Helen,
myself, and your father,

and I find it outrageous
that she talked to you.

Well, she doesn't have anything.

She has no one, so
that's why she told me.


What is this?

I did a DNA test online.

It's amazing how easy it is now.

- On Helen?
- Mm-hmm.

How did you even...?

I took her empty coffee cup.

I'm sure she didn't miss it.

Phew. Wow.

We needed to verify
if she was a Pownall.

And think what you want,
but these results

reaffirm all of my
doubts about that woman.

She's not a Pownall?

Unfortunately, that part's true.

Okay, so... so what is this?

Rick Marzdan.

Who's he?

A direct relative of Helen's,

according to that test,

and he lives ten minutes away

in Bismark.

Now, Helen has always claimed that

she is the last in her lineage.

Helen has family.

Yeah. And my guess is that
they are scheming together

on how to squeeze more
money from our family.

There's no way Helen knows about this.

Well, I might not be able to keep

her from the trust in the end,

but I sure don't have to make it easy.


She's sick.

Sick how?

She's got, uh, an autoimmune condition.

She puts on a front because she
doesn't want anyone to know,

but she desperately needs that money

to cover the medical bills.

Well, I...

That's a shame.

I, uh...

I really gotta get back to work.

Can I, uh... Can I keep this?

Sure, yeah.

She stole my trash.


She can't control herself when

it comes to her family, you know.

Irony is,

this is a gift.

Yeah. She's a regular Santa Claus.


Less than ten miles away.

All this time.

If he opted to alert relatives,

he must be looking for family.

Do you know where he works?

- Dale.
- Hey.

This might be out of line,

but I need your advice.

How can I help?

I found Ben Pownall
at his family's cabin.

He'd been partying for days
with a bunch of tweakers.

And that girl,

the suspect in the Donnie Price murder,

the one that knows Maddie?

She was there.

So what's your question?

I was wondering if there's

anything you haven't told me

that might help me
make sense of all this.

I turned in my badge, Marissa,

and I turned over all the files.

I'm not saying that Maddie's involved,

but she's got a bleeding heart,

and maybe she's helping these people.

My daughter is not mixed up
with a bunch of tweakers.

Okay, I'm supposed to give you this.

It's from state.

A psych evaluation?

Is this a joke?

Tomorrow in Seattle?

- This is...
- Ridiculous,

and I want to help you,

but unless you tell me
what's going on, I can't.


How long before tank is ready?

The problem is filling it.

We need a much more powerful pump

at the rate Ryn's degrading.

If tank is not ready,
must go back in water.

Ryn, it's not safe.

Land not safe.

If I am weak, there will be fight.

Try to kill Ryn.

I'm gonna go check the hydrophone.

Maybe something's changed.


This is 110 horsepower,

enough to pump the tank
full in under an hour.

If we can make it work.

This is gonna take a miracle.

Yeah. Well, lucky for
us, we got duct tape.

It doesn't make sense.
A psychiatric evaluation?

Shots were fired.

Brass is making everyone
involved see a shrink.

You got shot in '08,

and we didn't have to go
through anything like this.

It's a different time, honey.

Well, if that's what it takes to

get past all the nonsense, then...

I'm not driving to Seattle
to stare at inkblots

and justify myself.

I'm needed here.

To do what?

To protect you and Maddie, I told you.

Is Maddie in some kind of trouble?


Where are you going?

I will be right back.

Don't worry.

Dale, talk to me.

Please tell me what's going on.

I want to help.

I just need a day to
sort through some things.

Everything will be fine,

I promise.

What do you think?

Looks like a hardware store threw up.

A little optimism, please.

It's your mom again?


Maggie, maybe it's something important.

Mom, is everything okay?

Your dad, he just took off.

He wouldn't say where he was going,

and he took his gun.

Dad takes his gun to the dry cleaners.

No, Maddie.

His deputy, Marissa, came by the house.

She told him he had to go to Seattle

for a psychiatric evaluation.


I'm worried about him.

I'm sure Dad's fine. He always is.

You can tell me if he's not okay

or if you're not.

I'm your mom.

If I'm not? What does that...

I know you both have been

keeping stuff from me.

I want to help.

I'm here for you, Mads.

I want to do whatever I can.

Look, I can't do this
with you right now.

- We just went through this.
- No, Maddie!

You're not part of this!
Mom, you have to back off.

- I gotta go.
- God.

Parenting the parent?



I don't know.

Maybe you were right.

This place, there's
something wrong with it.

Can I see you?





I teach you.

It's okay! It's okay!


Is everything okay?

Yeah, Marissa came by the house.

She had a lot of questions.

We have things under control now.

Thought your text said

this was a better cover than the cabin.

It's a temporary solution.

I talked to Mom.

She told me about this thing in Seattle.

Do I seem crazy to you?

Of course not,

- but you're going, right?
- No!

Dad, you could be fired.

You always say it's your
job to protect this town.

Isn't the best way to do that

for you to go get your badge back?

Yeah, but what if something
happens while I'm away?

Marissa could find you here.

We'll be very careful.

But sooner or later,

we are gonna need your help again, Dad.


Every few hours or I stay.

Of course.


We're ready.

Come on. Yes!


Hey, hey.


All right.

How far does it have to fill?

All the way.

God, I hope this works.

Where's Ryn?

I'll go find her.

Hey, can I help you?

Oh, I'm looking for Ben Pownall.

I'm Ian Sutton, KFGT News.

Are you Ben?

I'm, uh, here doing a story

about those beached
whales from last week.

I thought you might be able
to give me some background.

Uh, it's not a good time.

Oh, yeah, I'm sorry.

I should have called first.

Look, I just need a quick quote.

My producer's all over
my ass about this story.

You know, animal tragedy
always does big numbers.

World we live in.

All right. Well, uh, we just
got a ton of new rescues in.

Would that be connected to the whales?

I gotta get some stuff from my car

and get right back to it,

but if you want to walk with me...

I can work with that.

So what's the current theory

on what caused the whale beaching?

It's not a theory.

Klesco Oil is looking
for their next big hit.

They're tearing our ecosystem apart.

Shit. You sure about this?

Just look up "sonic cannon."

That'll tell you everything
you need to know.

It's nice to know not all
the news is fake around here.

You know some nut actually
tried to convince me

that Bristol Cove mermaids
were real the other day?

Now I got a contact in my
phone for "Crazy Calvin."

Well, uh, don't judge our
whole town on one whack job.

I'm sure it's more than just one.

They usually travel in packs.

You weak.

Become like human.

Human kill us.

I will not be human!

Oh, hey, Ryn.

Didn't know you were here.

Sorry. I guess these guys
are finally hungry.


Get in water! Now!



Ben! No!

Ben! Ben, no!

- Ryn!
- Ben!



Ryn, are you okay?

Not Ben's fight!

My fight!

You could have died in there.

Then I die.

This is our way.

Ben cannot choose.

She will die.

Ryn told us we couldn't stop the fight,

but you tried anyway.

Were you hearing it again, her song?

In your mind?

I, uh... I need to clear my head.


Are you Rick?

Why? You a cop?

I'm Helen Hawkins.

We've never met,

and I know this might
sound really crazy,

but I think you've been looking for me.

Uh, you got the wrong guy.

Uh, I did an online DNA test.

Maybe you did, too?

When I saw that you
were looking for family,

I had to come.

Yeah, that was a few years ago.

I guess I checked that little, uh,

"find me" box.

Yeah. Me, too.

And here we are...


I gotta head inside.

Stop by my shop sometime.

Helen's Antiquities in Bristol Cove.

I can tell you more about my family.


Our family.

I'm sorry.

It's not Ben's fault.

He's struggling.

Your song is in his head.

Song is poison.

Like plant.

No, it's definitely not poison.

Maybe medicine help Ben.


Like our plants.

I don't know.

I don't understand it.

Maybe that's what we need to do.

Figure out what it means.

Say something into it.

Something into it.

What is this?

We'll use it to record your song.

Then we're gonna compare
it to some other sounds

made by animals in the ocean.

If we find another sound like it,

we might be able to figure
out how we can block it.

Ben will be safe when I sing?

Uh, we're not gonna be in here.

We're gonna set it to record,

and then we're gonna leave the room.

If you leave, who do I sing to?

The machine. It captures sound.

Song only comes when I sing to a human.

Maddie will be safe?

From my song?

These block out all the sound.

Are we ready?

Maddie's okay?

Maddie is, uh,


What does it feel like

when you sing?

Makes me feel good.

After I sing to Ben...

What is it?

I need it.

I want to sing.

Maybe we shouldn't tell him that.

Keep it a secret.

Between us.

You are afraid for him.


Like sister.

How she die.

I keep from sister's daughter.


Just like that.

It's what's best, I think,

for Ben.


Oh... Oh, damn.

Hey. Bad dream?


You can tell me about it, you know?

Huh. No.

Have you having nightmares
about my dad, too? Yeah, no.

No, thanks.

Why don't you tell me more

about what happened that night?

Maybe it'll help.

You do not want inside my
head with all that, trust me.

Yeah, well, I don't want you
to be in there alone, either.

I know that it was an accident.

Did you see it happen?

I was ten feet away from him.

You saw him go over?


Yeah, I saw him.

He didn't stand a chance.

And me, I just...

I didn't do anything to stop it.

It wasn't your fault, Xander.

It was an accident.

Accidents happen.

Please, just-just-just...

just stop saying that word, okay?



It wasn't a damn accident.

Dad was murdered.

By who?

I didn't see his face.

There were other boats
on the water that night.

The guy must have came from one of them.

Everything okay?

The readings aren't like
anything I've ever seen.

Did you hear anything?

No, but we got it.

Everything okay?


Maddie say my song is


No need sing anymore.

I go back to others.


Hey, it's Ben. Leave a message.

It's Helen.

I don't know what
changed your mom's mind,

but I am staring at a check,

and I found Rick Marzdan.

Now I have to figure
out how to tell him.

Damn it!