Siren (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - The Wolf at the Door - full transcript

Ben, Maddie, and Ryn try to keep the new mermaid pack hidden from the town's Mermaid Beauty Contest.

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Previously on Siren.

My dad talked to the M.E.
about Decker.

She said there was something
going on in his brain.

Will you sing to me?

Do you know what it means?

Great love to some.

For others, a euphemism
for obsession.

Did I hear your friend
say you have a boat?

It's just a old fishing tub.

Never been on a fishing boat.

Lieutenant Martinez reporting.

I've followed the trail,

gained access, secured
the location.

I'll be in touch.

My mom's back.

- You think she's clean?
- No idea.

I'm sorry it had to go this way, okay?
I tried to intervene.

Marissa will step in while
we figure out next steps.

You mean while you find
my replacement? Thanks.

There's some kind of disturbance.
Sound waves.


What are they doing back?

They were forced out.

Oh, my God!

You like it.

It is good for us here.




We go back.

Your mother.

My sister.


I help you now.

You are strong.

Like mother.

Humans bring food.


We go back. Now.


My son came into my room.

I was in bad shape.

And he looked at me and he said,

"Mommy, I love you,

and I'm scared
you're gonna die."

That was it.

Finally had to choose between
the drugs and my kid.

Your love for your
son is inspiring.

And that love is gonna help you.

For all of us, the way
out of our addiction

is through relationships.

You can't do it alone.

Looks like we got a few
newcomers with us today.

If anyone else would
like to share.

All right.

Uh, I'm... I'm Ben.

- Hey, Ben.
- Hi, Ben.

What brings you here today?

Uh, it's... It's kind
of hard to explain.


I was in a...

a complicated relationship,

got obsessive,

I guess.

Started feeling unhealthy,

so, uh, I'm... I'm
not sure what to do

when a relationship
is the addiction.

- Thanks, Ben.
- Thank you, Ben.

I, uh... I got you a
matcha latte from Lilly's.

Oh. Thank you.

How's the, uh... How's
the family reunion?

My dad seems happy, so...

So that oil company,

they're mapping a thousand
square miles of ocean.

That's gonna take months.

- Eight.
- Eight months?

How are we gonna manage
them for eight months?

Uh... carefully?

- Good morning.
- Hey.

I was gonna make breakfast,

but all you had was this
shitty coffee and stale bread.

Yeah, well, you should see the
other boats on this dock.

This is... This is luxury.


Can I ask you something?

Yeah, sure.

You said your dad died
not too long ago.

Did it happen here?

On this boat?

So this is a sex first,

ask questions later kind
of relationship, huh?

You got a problem with that?

Not really.

But, uh...

Yeah, it happened here.

We were, um, out on a run.

This big storm.

Main net got caught
on its spindle.

My dad went to clear it.

Something happened.

Pulled him overboard.

Was just gone.

- Damn.
- Yeah.

I'm sorry.

Now I gotta get this
boat back together.

My dad left a big ol'
pile of debt, so...

That's a lot to deal with.

All I ever saw was
how strong her was.

Fishing boat captain.

Major tough ass.

But he was just a guy, you know,

just trying to get by.

That's kinda the
thing about life.

I mean, you could
wake up one morning

and make a choice,

change everything
about yourself.

- Hi.
- Hey.

Pajamas and slippers day, huh?

Well, I figured I'd watch
a couple of game shows

and catch up on my soap operas.

You know what I think?

You are the best thing that
happened to this town,

and the council better
come to its senses

and give you your job back.

Well, whatever's
meant to be will be.

Haida-Zen, yadda-yadda.

You gotta fight back.

I don't even understand why they
fired you in the first place.

How was the meeting
this morning?

I saw Ben Pownall.


And I'm assuming that
Maddie knows about this.

Actually, I'm not sure.

Well, either way, it's
not good for her.

Growing up with an addict,
and now dating one?

It's my fault.

I'm gonna have to help
her get away from him.

Uh, I'd think about that before
giving her dating advice.

Yeah. You're probably right.

One step at a time.

- Got it?
- Yeah.

Could be ugly in here.


I couldn't sleep last night.

I finally conked out
around 3:00 A.M.

They must have
slipped out early.

You were supposed to
be watching them.

You're the den mother.

Yeah, well, den mother's
got a lousy back.


No need to push.

Have you been watching
Ryn with them?









Sister's daughter.



Thank you.

Hey, no, no, no, no, no.

That's food. We eat that.


You want to try?



Hey, hey, hey.


Her skin. It's
already getting bad.

They need to go back.


Those sonic waves almost
killed you out there.

They can't go back in the water.


That's me.

Ian Sutton, KFGT News?

I texted you this morning.

Oh, hey. Hey.

Thanks for coming all the way
from Seattle to talk to me.

I... I didn't.

I came up here to report
on those beached whales.

I figured while I was up here,
I'd follow up on your call.

Bristol Cove isn't exactly
our regular beat.

Okay, cool.

So what'd you want
to talk to me about?

You know how Bristol Cove is big

into the whole mermaid thing?

Yep, I'm gettin' that.

Well, check this out.

What, a sea lion?

- That's no sea lion.
- Then what is it?

It's a mermaid.

A real one.

No kidding?

Hey, what does a story
like that usually pay?

Calvin, we're a
news organization.

We don't pay for our stories.

Look, you want to sell a story

about a real-life mermaid?

Call the Enquirer.

Okay, the exploration
starts here

and moves south.

And the sonic waves

amplify as they move out
at least 500 miles.

Maybe we could take
them out past that.

Could you go far
out into the ocean

- where the sound is okay?
- No.

There are others.

Strong ones.

They will fight us.

Other colonies?

They protect their water.

They're territorial.

They can't last
much longer here.

They need to go back tonight.

I got some ideas.

Now, there are some places,
given the topography,

that the sound in the
water might be less.

I can show them to you.

Okay, yes.

When will the oil
project be finished?

Eight months.

Eight months?

We need to feed
them, clothe them,

maybe find them
somewhere new to stay.

We're gonna need money.

Yes, money.

You won't ask your father
for anything, I know,

but I can.

And he will give it to me.

You show me the water.

Wait, Ryn, no, we can't
leave them here.

I tell them to stay.

They listen to me.

I'll watch them.

Maddie, I don't feel
good about this.

It's okay. They're degrading.
They're weaker.

I can handle it.

Just in case.

Hello, Berta.

I'm here to see boss.

Mr. Pownall is in a
meeting right now.

Oh. I'll wait.


Don't mind!

Ah, luck.

Perfect timing.

Meg, Jack, thanks for coming.



To what do I owe the pleasure?

All the other coves around
here are deep water,

so the sound will be very bad.

Now, this one is shallow.

If they stay close to the shore,

the sonic effect will be less.

I think this is our best choice.

The people are here.

Yeah. We'll do it at night.

There won't be anyone here.

It's fire.

We use it to cook our food.

Careful. It's hot.

Fire can be dangerous.

Great. I'll have these filed,

and it should take one
or two business days

to release the funds.

Thank you.

I was always told
that this money

was to keep your side
of the family quiet.

We have always lived up to
our side of the bargain.

Your mother and your grandmother

knew to keep the fund intact.

I'm the end of the line, Ted.

There's nowhere
else for it to go.

Why all of a sudden? Huh?

What's it for?

It's none of your business.

Maybe I'll buy a Maserati.


Oh, uh, hey.

Hey, Mr. Pownall.

You okay?

Yeah. I'm just, um, you
know, making a deposit.

You always put on a shirt
and tie to make a deposit?

Um, it's the North Star,

she needs fixing.

Figured on a loan, huh?

That's good.

Your dad, he made a
lot of sacrifices

to keep his company going.

He'd be proud you're
doing the same thing.


Where do we go?

We're gonna get you something

that's gonna help you
get by here on land.

Uh, okay, let's try that again,

but this time, eyes open.

Yeah, yeah, we're good.

Okay, we'll use that one.


Are you sure this is gonna work?

Dude, this like the
Mona Lisa of fake IDs

You don't have to worry
about getting carded, ever.

Okay, Ryn, R-Y-N.

Last name?


Ryn Fisher.

Okay, I'm gonna put
your age at 22.

Learn this date.

Know your sign.


Uh, yeah, you're a Pisces.



And voila.

Your new driver's license.

May it bring you many
years of happy drinking.

I am Pisces, 22.

Uh, yes, that is
how old you are.

How long you've been alive.

22 years.


Uh, it's...

It's one of the
ways we tell time.

How do you measure
time in the ocean?

Um, maybe by the tides?

The whales.

When they go, come back.

Yeah, annual migration.

Okay, so how many
times have the whales

gone and come back
since you were born?

Many times.

Like, 50?

What, a hundred?


- What?
- Stop the car.

What? What? Okay. Okay.

I will drive.

No. Just 'cause you
have a license,

- it doesn't mean...
- I want to learn.

We gotta get back to the cabin.

There is time. They go at night.

All right.


A driving lesson

with a mermaid.

That is the brake.

Good. That makes you stop.

And this is the gas.

Very gentle.

This is the steering wheel.

You move it this way
to go that way.

This way, you go there.

- You understand?
- I do.

I watch you drive.


You ready?


D Way up, way up, we go d

Brakes! Brakes!

D Been up and down that road d

- d Way up, way up, oh no d
- Easy, okay?

- D We gon' burn the whole house down d
- Easy.

D Watch me stand in the line d

Yeah. Straighten up.

- D You're only servin' lies d
- Good, good.

D You got somethin' to hide d

d We gon' burn the
whole house down d

- I'm a good driver.
- Yeah.

D We gon' burn the
whole house down d

- I'm a good driver.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Look, look.

Hey. Hey, Mr. McClure.

Uh, Xander.

So I talked with my manager.


I really pushed for
you on this one,

but we ran the numbers,

and, unfortunately, it's saying
that we can't approve this loan.

It would be too high a risk.

So I'm too high of a risk?

Just according to the numbers.

You went to Bristol, right?

Well, yeah. I was a
class behind you.

I was on cheer squad when
you played football.

Go Whalers!

Yeah. Yeah, you were kind
of a dick back then, too.

D Should I keep it light? d


Okay, okay, okay.

D If I write a song d

d Preachin' what is wrong d

You are okay?

Uh, yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm... I'm... I'm laughing.
It's funny.


It's like, uh,
when you feel good

and you're happy.

I don't know. I don't
know how to explain it.

D Way up, way up, oh no d

No, no, no, no, no.

You can't force it.

It just has to happen.

I would like to laugh someday.

Yeah, I'm sure you will.

What if the way I feel about you

has nothing to do with the song?

Yes, Ben.


Hurry! We're almost there!

Come on!

Wolves don't usually
attack people.

Maybe it sensed that
they were predators,

even though they're weakened.


I'm sorry. They just snuck out.

I should have been more careful.



I say stay.

You stay.

You do what I say.

You listen.

Water is bad,

but you must go in.

Strong like mother.

Hey, sailor.

You look amazing.

Can I get a lift?


- Oh, watch the clams!
- Yep, all right.


Comin' through.




Whaddup, fishes!

I forgot how fun
this town can be.


Except I feel like people
are totally looking at me.

Oh, don't be silly.

It's true, Dale. How
do you not see it?

Listen, of all the nights,

this is not the one where
people are looking at you.

They're in.

And they know to come
straight back out?

Yes. I tell them.

D Oh, girl, I like it d

d Anytime, anyplace, anywhere d

d Just a few hours d

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

D Honey, I'm melting d

You're working here now, huh?

Janine hooked me up,
few days a week.

So that means you're
staying in town then.

Huh. This town's really got
mermaids on the brain.

What's up with that?

Yeah. You don't know
the half of it.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Let's roll! Everybody
down to the beach!

Come on! Get in the water!

Oh, my God, you've
gotta be kidding me!

No, no, no, no! You can't go in!

- It's not safe!
- Stop!

Wait! No, wait!

Hey, no, no! You
can't go in there!

- Stop!
- Get out!

It's not safe! You
have to get out!

- Stop!
- No, you can't go in here!

- Wait!
- Stop!

No, you can't.

Come on, get out of the water!

We should go for a dip.

You're crazy.

Dad! Dad!

Hi, sweetie.

I need to talk to you, alone.

Guess who's goin' in there!

Get out!

Get out of the water!

Everybody, out of the water!


You have to get out!


Everybody, out of the water!

Out of the water now!

Ryn, no!

Get out! Come on!

Dale, what is going on?!

Maddie, can you take
your mother home?

Sure. Come on.

Get out!

We're locking it down.

Any idea what
happened out there?

Yeah, I talked to Ben about it.

He said it's
probably a sea lion.

Shouldn't have
been in the water.

You know what happened tonight?

It's them.

How many?

A small group, six.

Xander, they're gonna be back
on land a little longer.

An oil company is doing
some exploration work.

The sound pollution,
they can't take it.


he's with them.

The one who killed my dad?


Look, I just...

I need to know that you're
gonna be okay with it.

Have you... Have you
lost your mind?!

Look, get out of my way!

Come here, you son of a bitch!

Come here!

- Come here!
- No! No, Xander! No!

- Get off of me!
- Xan!

- Dale!
- Come here!

You want them here, huh?!

In our town?!

Really, Ben?!


Stop! Xan, stop!

Knock it off, both of you!

Xander, stop it!

Stop it!

I'm not the risk!

Okay? They're the risk!

He's gonna be a problem.

Humans stay angry.

What the hell?

Do you think I'm gonna
make it through like this?


You ignore me!

People in town are
whispering behind my back!

Your father sends me home

as if I couldn't possibly
understand what's going on!

You know how much
work I have done

to come back here?

Okay, Mom. Sorry it doesn't
look how you want it to.

Guess it's gonna take time.



Maybe because of all the days

teachers had to walk
me home from school

'cause you were too
wasted to come get me.

Or how I never had friends over

so they wouldn't see my mom
strung out, watching TV

in the middle of the day!

And then you just
disappear, a day, two days.

This time, new record,
almost a year.

You don't get to erase all
that by showing up for a week.

So you've got patience for
Ben, but not for me, huh?

I know about your boyfriend.

That he's an addict.

What are you talking about?

I saw Ben at a recovery meeting.

Really wanted help

with the unhealthy
relationship that he was in.

Mom, there are things
you don't know

about my life right now,

and I'm willing to
share them someday,

but you need to earn that.

Come, get a good night sleep.

I need to get back, okay?

I'm gonna stick
around this time.

I promise I'm gonna stay.


Okay, Mom.

The water.


Yes, I know.

Ben teach me to drive.


I am a good driver.


Oh, Ryn.



Uh... hey?

- Hey, come on!
- Ech!

Hey! Hey, you can't do that!

You gotta buy it first!

Hey, damn it, I
said leave it be!

Hey! Stop that!

Stop it!

Put it back!


Out! Now!

We are stronger than them.

I am stronger than you.

Look, they just... They had...

They had too much to drink.

- Sorry, man.
- This should cover it, right?

No. No, Ryn, she can't go.

That's not safe.

She'll be okay.

It's not her I'm worried about.

It could get ugly, man.

We're not done
with those things.


That was them?

Out there in the water?

Everything good?

What happened out there tonight?

Um, it's nothing.

Just another round?

Hello, Helen.

I know why you're here.

It's a lot of money.

What are you planning
on doing with it?

Renovating your shop?

I'll tell you the same
thing I told your husband.

It's none of your business.

Actually, it is.

If you really think about it,

it's pretty unlikely that you

are related to the Pownalls.

My family has been in this town
a lot longer than you have,

so you're not really qualified
to make such a claim.

The account is mine.

You have no recourse.

I'm quite busy.

Shall I get Scott,

or will you be
exiting on your own?

If you don't mind.

I think they were all drunk.

I don't know, they
were barefoot,

acting all weird,

seemed like foreigners.

Barely spoke English.

How many?

I don't know, six, seven.

And it was one of the women

that pushed you to the ground?


Anything else you can think of?

Yeah, they got in a van.

Uh, Pownall Seafood.


Ted Pownall's got some property

not too far from here.

All right.





- Hello.
- What?

That look.


I just wanted to say, um...


I know how hard
it's been for you.

Dealing with Ryn and the song.

I also know you're
trying to get better.

My mom told me about the
support group meeting.

She was there?

Were you there because of Ryn?


I think it's great
you're working on it.

Means a lot.

Still hungry.

Never stop eating.

When are you gonna tell her

about what happened
to her mother?

She cannot know this now.

That humans did this.

Or she will not stay on land.

It is a good day.

ENJOY! Do not miss
this tomorrow!