Siren (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - Serenity - full transcript

Ben, Maddie and Ryn venture under the sea to a special place in Ryn's homeland that could help with their conditions.

[CALVIN] Previously on Siren...

[BETH] Members of the
group rarely leave.

When they do, people remember.

What happened to your
folks wasn't right.

I'll never forget it.

[TED] You were asking about the well.

There used to be a cottage
next to it, am I right?

- That's right. How 'd you know that?

For you.

So you remember me.

[RYN] Others in danger.

He save them,

but he die.

Can we just... Just fact check?

So the three of you

are working with the military

to get some genetic goo out of Ryn,

and because of all of this,

- Ryn just went beast mode...

...and how about the fact that
Ryn just did her thing to you,

and you're acting like it's nothing?

[RYN] Maddie is not okay.

I mean, I'm sorry,

but y'all need to get
your damn heads checked!








You okay?

Sorry. What was the question?

Have you ever suffered from delusions?


No, I haven't.

I mean, not before this.

Can I get some water?

Yeah, of course.


How much longer?

I'm not sure.

I'll try to speed it along.

Why they keep Maddie there so long?

Asking questions.

They're trying to understand

what's going on inside her head.

It's called a psychological evaluation.

I see you're an only child.

Raised mostly by your stepfather.

Your mother wasn't always
your primary caregiver.

It says here she attended

inpatient substance
abuse rehabilitation...

- three separate times.

think those circumstances

could've contributed to
your current difficulties?

Excuse me?

a child raised in a home

with a history of substance abuse

displays a lack of
impulsivity control...


You have no idea who I am
or what I've been through.

Maddie, she just wants
to get the full picture

of what this all means, where
your reactions stem from.

You're not being attacked here.

You don't know me.

You know what? Screw this.

Let me out of here.

Maddie, please. Let us help you.

I want out!

- Maddie...
- Don't.

Maddie's not okay.

You go through this, too?

In your head?

In a different way, yeah.

Same feeling, though.

Out of control.

I help Ben and Maddie.




I tried searching online,

but the paper's digital
archives only went back so far.

Is this is everything from 1962?

Yeah, anything that predates the web

will be found on this floor.

Oh. Myself included.

[LAUGHS] Thanks.

No worries.




[BEN] How are you feeling?

Myself again.

It's like something triggers me.

I act out, and afterwards,
I'm aware of what I did,

I just don't know why I did it.

I know what you mean. It's like
another side of you takes over.

I'm sorry about what happened
at your parents' house.

It's okay.

That night, I thought
I saw Ryn on the road,

but she wasn't there.

And maybe there's no fixing it...

The song. I mean, what if this is it?

Our new normal.

We're gonna figure it out.

We're gonna be all right


She is healer.

She will help us.


- [XANDER] Gotcha.
- [NICOLE] This is too easy.



Okay, fine, fine, fine. All right.

No pictures, please.

Easy, easy, easy.
If that was Whack-a-Mole,

I would have just swept
the floor with you.

Okay. Whatever helps you
sleep at night, McClure.

For the record, I was more
into Nintendo as a kid.

You know, like Super Mario Brothers,

Donkey Kong, Legends of Zelda.

Sonic the Hedgehog.

Okay, that was Sega, not Nintendo.

You're failing me, Martinez.
You're failing me.

Well, it sounds like you had
a very active social life.

Oh, you have no idea.

My dad never let me play video games.

He thought they "reduced
academic achievement."

Those were his words, not mine.

Okay, then how'd you get so good then?

Played them anyway.

This feels good.


This. You and me.

It almost feels... normal.

I know what you mean.

I propose a toast.


To, um...

To this, right here.

To leaving all that crap in the past.

And, um, to honesty.

To honesty.

[HELEN] Did you know about this?

Did you know it was arson?

Don't you think I would've mentioned it?

This is all way before my time, Helen.

Well, did your father
ever say anything to you?

You know as well as I do, my
father was never a big sharer.

Well, according to this,

my parents were staying in your

family's cottage the night of the fire.

Why would your family have
been staying in our cottage?

Your guess is as good as mine.

But this article says it was arson,

which means my father was murdered.

Are you suggesting my family
had something to do with that?

I'm just stating the facts.


I'm sorry.

"No suspects were identified.

"Motivation for the
crime remains unclear."

Look, I'm sure that there is

a perfectly logical
explanation for all this.



Do what she says.






Can you help them?


Too strong.

In head.

You know how.

Tell me.

Humans help us get back in water.

Now we must help humans.

The song, it hurt Ben and Maddie.

Tell me how to help them.

There is place

where sound heals.

Ryn, what's she talking about?

There is place. In the ocean.

Secret place where sound is kept.

My mother tell me about
it when I was young.

Have you been there?

No. Only healers go.

I tell you where.

Humans cannot go.

Too deep in water.


[KYLE] Okay, let me get this straight.

You want to use the Navy's resources

to investigate this, um...

What'd you say it was?

An oceanic sound source.

From what Ryn told us,

it seems to be some kind
of underwater echo chamber.

And she believes going
down to this chamber

might help with the
effects of this song?

If we can get there, yes.

You know how far-fetched this sounds?

[BEN] A few months ago, I would've said

the same thing about mermaids.


You know, when I was deployed

in Kuwait back in '91,

my unit's motto was "in God we trust.

"All others we monitor."

Meaning what exactly?

You're a civilian, asking me to lend you

multi-million dollar research equipment.

Why should I put my trust in you?

Funny. I asked myself
the same thing about...

It could be an opportunity

to shed some more
light on the song, sir.

Okay, but you're in charge.

Yes, sir.

Anything they see down
there, I want to see, too.

- You understand me?
- Copy.

And I want this entire
expedition fully documented.

[NICOLE] Yes, sir.


You see that?


It looks like a person.

A person in a place impossible
to reach without gear.

That's why they're sweeping this

whole eco-terror attack under the rug.

Who is?

The military, man.

I've been working at Klesco
for almost five years.

Last year, they put away a tree hugger

just for taggin' a
ship with a peace sign.

They don't just let things go.

So you're telling me the United
States military stepped in

and is covering up the
attack on the drillship?

That's what I'm saying.

Days after the attack,

Feds came in and swiped all the footage.

Not all the footage.



That one still has lipstick on it.

Oh, yeah. See, that's, um...

That's actually my glass.

I just haven't finished
drinking from it yet.

Not really your shade.

Really? Mm, I don't know.

Um, are you hungry?

We got a new Cajun
quesadilla on the menu.

I can fire up the grill.

Xander, I owe you an apology.

What I did was completely out of line.

I was messed up.

Because of the song, right?

It lowered my inhibitions,
these old feelings came up,

and you got caught in
the crossfire, Xan.

- I'm sorry.
- "Old feelings."

I wasn't myself.

Yeah. I figured as much.

It's been awhile since
you pounded a pitcher

like a frat boy on pledge week.

But, um, I mean, you're okay now, yeah?

Getting there.

Look, um, so your mom

stopped by to see me.

And she says that

you're in a relationship
with Ben and Ryn.

Why would she tell you that?

She's worried about you.

So am I.

I mean, are you sure that this

thing that's in your head,

it's not making you think that
you have feelings for Ryn?

I mean, what if that's not real either?

I mean, you have no idea what
this thing could be doing to you.

I had feelings for her
before it happened.

You know, you don't always
need to worry about me, Xander.

I can take care of myself.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

What is it?

We find more...

Male, female.

But no young.

We will make more babies.

When tides change.

Safe to show humans place?

Yes. It is safe with Ben and Maddie.

It's capable of reaching
depths of 4,000 meters.

[BEN] The sub in Washington

only went as deep as 1,200 meters.

[MADDIE] You're moving on up
since your grad school days.

[BEN] Apparently.

What's its max speed?

Goes up to four and a half knots.

Cameras are placed on each beam.

They'll be our eyes from the ship,

help us document the whole journey.

All right?

Let's get you inside.

This goes in water?

With us inside?

That's the idea.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Ooh! My break's only ten minutes.

Thanks for meeting me.

So this is where you work? It's cute.

Yeah, it pays the bills.

What do you wanna talk to me about?

Your friend, Helen.

What about her?

Don't take this the wrong way,

but how sure are you she can be trusted

with our secret?

It's her secret, too, Beth.
She's one of us.

She's known this her entire life.

She's very outspoken.

We're not safe. You know that, right?

The more people who know about us,

the more danger we're all in.

She's not gonna do that to us.

How do you know that?




Ricky, is there something
you're not telling me?

She can be trusted, okay?

She kept their secret,

and they're in danger, too.

Who do you mean?

Helen's made contact with our kind.

But full-blooded ones from the ocean.

And they were in Bristol Cove.

Don't joke with me.

I'm not. I've met them, Beth.

As soon as I saw them, I knew.

You're telling me
they're in Bristol Cove?

They're back in the water now, but...

Believe me, they exist.


C'mon, Xan, just one
more beer, all right?

You know I'm good for it.

Broken record, man.

You ain't been good
for it for over a week.

I told you to quit that poker shit.

You obviously suck at it.

That's the name of the
game, sink or swim.

Okay, so is this the
sinking or the swimming?

I'll be back on my feet in no time.

All right, all right, fine.

This is the last one, all right?

And don't tell Janine.
She's gonna dock my pay again.

I gotta help Mom pay
the bills this month.


You gotta be kiddin' me.

♪ And I want you to be mine ♪

♪ Yeah, I want you to be mine ♪



What the hell are you doin' here?

Levi come back to land.

Be human.

You can't be here.

Do you have any idea what we went

through to get you back into the water?

We nearly got killed.

- His boat burned.
- Land is good for me.

I don't care, man.

You have no clue how to survive here.

- You gotta go.
- No!

Man, people are looking.

Okay. Um, hey, hey, hey.
I'll tell you what.

You come with me outside,

and I'll, uh...

I'll give you a free beer.



[BEN] Make sure to lower
her slowly from the helm.

The waves are strong,
we'll feel the push.

Ben, I'm on channel 22.

You'll be in my ear the entire time.

I'll give you the green light
when we're set for descent.

You ready?

Is that a rhetorical question?


[CREWMAN] All clear!

[CREWMAN 2] Check the ballast.

They will be watching.

It'll be okay. Trust me.

Okay. Yes.

We got this.

Good luck.

[BEN, ON RADIO] Nautac One.

Nautac One to research bridge.

Prepare to launch.

Research bridge to Nautac One.

Final systems check. Over.

External pressure 14.7 psi.

Surface temperature
52 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ready to descend.

[NICOLE] Roger that.

Roger that.



Must be strange, seeing
the ocean like this.

- With human eyes.
- Yes.

What do you think?

Home is beautiful.

[NICOLE] Research bridge to Nautac One.

What's your depth? Over.

Nautac One to research bridge,

60 meters.

[NICOLE] Copy that.

♪ I've heard people whisper ♪


♪ That you aren't being true ♪

I'm sorry for the intrusion.

You probably don't even remember me.

Helen. Did anybody see you come in here?

- Nobody.
- You're sure?


You said at the party

what happened to my
parents wasn't right.

What did you mean by that?

- John.


I didn't know your
father, not personally.

But your mother and I,

we had a close kinship.

How close?

We were set to marry.

It was an arranged marriage,

a way to keep the bloodline going.

The wedding never happened.

She was in love with someone else.

My father.

What happened?

Your father was human,

your mother one of us.

It was forbidden.

Caused an uproar.

They called it a betrayal.

It got so bad, your folks
had to go into hiding.

Keep it.

Thank you.

Can I ask you another question?

Do you think the group was

capable of murdering my father?

They'd do anything to
protect the secret.


Walk that way,

and keep walking until
you can't walk anymore,

and then you walk right into the water.

He's not walking.

Dude, we don't want you here!

I don't... I don't know how to
make that any clearer. Just go!

- You've reached Ben Pownall.

I'm not available. Leave a message.

Ben, where are you?

Just call me back, all right?

This is bullshit.

Hey, Cal, been tryin'
to get a hold of you.

I'm gonna getting you
the money, I swear.


- Hey!

- Aah!


- Aah!
- [THUG] Okay.



Yeah, that's right! You better run!

[BEN, ON RADIO] Nautac One.

Nautac One to research bridge.

We've reached the seafloor.

Copy that. What's your depth?

3,020 meters.

Pressure's just below 4,400 psi.

Roger that.

Video feed is crystal clear.

Lead the way, Captain.

That way.



- What are you doing?


What just happened?

We can't let them see everything.

They don't watch now?

No, it's just us.

Stop there.

By that rock.

Are you sure?





What do we do now?

We wait.


Maddie, do you feel that?

- A seismic tremor?





Research bridge to
Nautac One. Do you copy?

Do you copy?


Research bridge to
Nautac One. Do you copy?




We're okay. We're okay.



What is this place?

This is where Ryn began.

Ryn, you were born here?

Long ago.

[BEN] This must be
their breeding ground.

Where they come to mate.

Yes. Mate again soon.


You two know each other?


She is family.


Maddie, look.

- [THUD]
- Whoa!

- Whoa.

- Ryn.

We go. To healing place.

Yeah. Think that's a good idea.

That way.

He was like Batman.

One second we're under attack.

And next the second, he

swoops down from the sky

and just cleans up shop.

There was no swooping.

Sounds like you were lucky he was there.

You could've gotten really hurt.

Oh, we got some punches in.

Air shots don't count, babe.

How about another plate of
fries for the man of the hour?


You're paying for that beer.

What?! I was just attacked!



Why do you like it here so much?

I just don't get it.

What's so great about being on land?

On land,

I make choice.

I get that.

One more question.

A song, can you do that, too,

or is it just, like, a girl thing?

I don't sing.

But you can dance.

[MALE SINGER] ♪ Every day
I'm feelin' good, yeah ♪


How far is this place?

I don't know.





- What's happening?


It's not starting.



Ben, are you doing this?

[BEN] No. We're getting pulled.


Maddie, can you hear that?

[MADDIE] Yeah.

I can feel it, too.


[MADDIE] It's everywhere.

I'll start the recording.


This sound, very old.

Made from others like me.

It's beautiful.


These must be the voices
of your ancestors, Ryn.

What is "ancestors"?

Your family... from the past.

Yes. Voices of family.

[VOICEMAIL] You've reached Ben Pownall.

I'm not available. Leave a mes...


Look at that.

This guy's killin' it.

Four bull's-eyes in a row.

Still no answer from Ben or Maddie.

My shift's over in, like, an hour, man.

What are we gonna do with him?

He's made it clear he wants to stay.

Fish wants to be free.

- Can you take him?
- Ha!

Uh, no. Janine would flip.

Thanks to you, we have a
strict "no house guests" rule.

He can't stay at my mom's.
That'd be weird.

I think it's weird you
live with your mom.

I'm serious, man.

Where do we take him?

- Helen's.
- Helen's.

No communication for
almost four hours, Ben?

Four hours?

We didn't know if you were lost or dead.

We lost signal after we hit the bottom.

Some kind of technical
malfunction with the sonar.

Do you understand I'm the
only one in between you

and this entire operation
being taken over?

This pattern of you not trusting
me is getting really old.

What am I supposed to tell my C.O.?

Tell him that the mission was a success.

We got what we were looking for.

I'm on your side.

I need you to remember that.

[CREWMAN] Move it back. Lock it up.

Let's go.

Ding dong.

I come bearing gifts.

Oh, I wish you would've called first.

Then it wouldn't be a surprise, silly.

So, this is your shop?

I'm thrilled I finally
get to see it in person.

It was my mother's.

We collected these relics
together for years.

My mom and I used to bake together

every Tuesday after school.

That's her recipe.

We have a lot in common, Helen.

We value our roots.

I suppose you could say that.

There aren't many like us in the world.

I think it's important we
try to trust each other.

You're the one who had me

abducted in a parking lot.

You, of all people, can
understand why we were afraid.

Do you know I have two boys?

Max is eight, Jake is six.

If our secret ever got out,

we'd be ripped apart.

I hope you get that.

I've been hiding my entire life, Beth.

I think I get it.

What we need, you and
I, is a fresh start.

- Some honesty.

Okay. Since we're being honest,

did your people kill my father?

What makes you ask that?

I've been doing some digging.

I wouldn't even have been born.

I've heard stories about
your mother's intermarriage,

but that's all.

So you knew who I was all along?

Who my parents were.

Did you know I didn't even
get to meet my own father?

So much for honesty.

I should go.

I think that's a good idea.


Hot off the press.

Not dark anymore.

That's right, Ryn. Not dark.

I don't believe it.

So you're telling us it worked?

I'm saying the echo chamber removed

a considerable amount of the damage.

There are remnants
along the frontal lobe,

mostly benign lesions.

Whatever you were exposed to down there,

it helped.

Oh, my God.

You are okay?

Yes, we're okay.

We'll give you three some privacy.

I'm handing over the
recording to the techs.

They'll start their
analysis in the morning.

If this can help keep you safe,

maybe we can continue helping
your mom with her treatment.

Thanks, Nicole.



A little more. Hold.

One, two, three.

Good. Now back to center.

Okay, hold. One, two, three.


Okay. I think that's it for today, Ava.

- Thank you.
- I'll see you Wednesday.

Sounds good.

Every day, it's getting a little easier.

This new treatment has re-energized me.

I feel better than I did before.

That's terrific, honey.

What's that?

I found these in the attic.

They're letters exchanged between

my grandmother and Helen's mother.

What on earth did they
have to say to each other?

Well, apparently Helen's mother
was in some kind of trouble.

She was pregnant,
didn't know where to go.

She sought out my grandmother,
looking for a place to hide.

The cottage.

They lived here?

It's hard to imagine the Pownalls and

the Hawkins ever being that close.

Does it say what she was hiding from?


♪ The winds are howlin' ♪

♪ The trees are blowin' ♪

Just gotta shut off the lights,

then we'll get you tucked in.

Sorry, man. We're closed.


Ian Sutton, KFGT News.

You reached out to me a few weeks ago.

Yeah. I remember.

Yeah, look, I know this
is out of the blue,

but I was hoping I could
take a look at that, uh...

The video you showed me.

The one from the boat?

What, you believe me now?

I'm following up on a lead.

I think I'm ready to hear
what you have to say about...

You know.

Turns out you were right, bro.

It was just a sea lion.



[HELEN] I know.

I miss him, too.


All right.



It's got me!

Watch on the bow!


Great timing. I was just
about to order dinner.

Good. I am starving.

Hey, whoa! Not so
fast, not so fast. Hey.

Don't I get a kiss? Huh?

How was your day?

Nothing to report. How was yours?

Just the same.

Uh, Chinese sound good?

- Yeah, sounds perfect.
- 'Kay.

Uh, I'm gonna hop in the shower
real quick, if that's cool?

Roger that.






Yeah, I'd like to place an order.


Sure, I can hold.

[FEMALE SINGER] ♪ This is warfare ♪

♪ This is warfare ♪

♪ This is warfare ♪

♪ We won't stop ♪