Siren (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Lure - full transcript

Ben and the North Star crew uncover a device emitting a strange sound; Ryn finds shelter in the home of the local folklore expert.

Previously on Siren...

Bring it in!

We caught something out there.

It attacked Chris.
He had to get airlifted out.

Big-ass military commando helicopter.

You really don't know
what attacked him?

This was a predator.

150 years ago,

a local fishing captain
fell in love with a mermaid

in these very waters.

Had a report six weeks ago,

Japanese fisherman claimed
he saw a sea creature.

We knew something was out there.

That's when I alerted your people.

You okay?

Little girl runnin' away from home.

You're sick. Can I see?

Oh. Hey.

This is Ryn. I don't
think she speaks English.

Your ancestors slaughtered
those beautiful creatures.

Genocide... that's your legacy.

Hey, we got somethin'.

Wow, that's big.

Whoa, whoa, look.

- Stop! Don't!
- Aah!

What the hell?!

You don't want to do that.
That could kill it.

Thought you said you came
out here to help us.

I had a clean shot till you stepped in.

Almost like you don't
want us catching it.

Look, if this thing really is
what you think it is,

we need to protect it, not kill it.


We want what belongs to us,

and we want to get Chris back.

If you don't want the same thing,

I don't know what the hell
you're doing on the boat.

Shh, shh!

Hear that?

It's like, I don't know, it's injured?

Maybe I hit it.

It's underneath.

- It's underneath the boat!
- We gotta get it.


- Ben!
- Ben!

- Ben!
- Ben!

Come on!


- What the...
- What the hell is that?

Ben! Ben, come on!

Get over here.

It might be a Doppler current profiler.

Oceanographers uses them
to study current patterns.

When we had the creature in the hold,

it... it made a sound,

not too different
from the sound this thing makes.


Well, there's a lot of scientific

monitoring devices floating out there.

Could be a lot of things.

Well, just think about it.

We were out here, what,
like, a few days ago?

And this thing wasn't here.

And then we catch that creature,

and, all of a sudden, it just appears?

Somebody put it here.
It's gotta be connected.

Yeah, you could be right.

You know, that was, um...

That was a pretty sick thing
you did back there,

diving in like that.

Yeah. Well, it seemed
like a good idea at the time.

Look, I'm sorry,

okay, if I pissed you off earlier.

I just feel differently
about it than you guys.

It doesn't mean that I
don't want to find Chris.

I appreciate it.

For real.

Couldn't tell,

'cause you were being
such a dick about it.

What is it?

I don't know. This thing
looks like a camera.

There's probably some kind
of tracking device on it, too.

We should try to disable it.

I say we just power it up
and set it off.

Let the military come.
They'll lead us to Chris,

and maybe they got the mermaid, too.

I wouldn't.

You saw what happened
the last time they came.

We could all end up like Chris.

We just need to take our time

and try to figure out
what this thing really is.


Take your sister inside the house!

Hey! What the hell are you doin'?

Takin' my clothes?

I am sick of you little junkies
comin' around here

messin' with my stuff.

Don't you threaten me.

Hey, it's Ben. Leave me a message.

Hey, it's me.

I'm getting worried about you.

Give me a call.
Let me know you're okay.


You get a hold of CSI?

Comin' from Port Angeles.
Should be here soon.

What do you got, Clarence?

That is Donnie Price.

He's got some priors.

Aggravated assault,
drunk and disorderly.

Pants are ridin' a little low.

Possible sexual assault?

Looks like he got what he deserved.

Or there was a third person
in the car with them.

Somebody came up on them.

Whoever did this was of
substantial size and strength.

Start lookin' around.

How much for this?

I'm, uh, very sorry. Shop's closed.

Come back another day, huh?

Thank you.

You came back.

Why are you here?




You look.



That's you.


There's another one?

30 ccs of spinal fluid,

and take tissue core samples
from the upper thoracic region.

How many?

Take six for now.

I'll order more as needed.

How are the other tests going?

- Very well.
- We're ready for extraction?

I got your text.

Where the hell have you been?

What's wrong?


What happened? Are you okay?

It's not what you're thinking.

How do you know what I'm thinking?

'Cause it literally couldn't be
anything that you're thinking.

I gotta show you something.

- Yo, man.
- Yo.

What is that?

We found it out in the water.

It was making this...

I don't know, this weird-ass sound.

Ben said we should take our time,

try to figure out who's runnin' it,

what they're up to.

Wait, Ben knows about this?

Yeah, he came out with us.

And now he's telling us what to do?

Don't trust him, man.

The guy crewed up with us
for a few seasons,

but he was always
just slumming it until college.

- You know that, right?
- Yeah, but, I mean,

you guys were never close, all right?

I been through a lot with him.

I hear you, but look at his family.

He's not one of us, man.

Never has been.

It has to be here.

All I see are sea lions.

It'll be here.



I went in to save her.

And then she turned into that

and attacked me.

- Maddie?
- Play it again.


Here's a different camera.

Oh, man.

This is real.

Maddie, this is really happening.

I'm sorry I didn't believe you.

It's kinda hard to believe someone

when they tell you they just saw...



Okay, I got...


It's me.




Hello, Helen.

You learn quickly.

Oh, thank you, Lord...

That's my neighbor's book.

Two girls.



Is that who you're looking for?

For your sister?


I'll be damned.

I have these for you.

Put them on.

Oh. Lovely.

You need food.

Humans love to eat.

We do most of our hunting

in a supermarket.

Oh, no. No. Uh-uh!

Please, give.


Thank you.

I think I know what you need.

You stay here.

I'll go get you food.

Then we'll look for your sister.


There's something else, Maddie.

When I went out with Xander,

we found this device in the water.

Some kind of military tracking device.

I think they're looking for her.

The military? This is crazy.

Does anyone else know about her?

Uh, yeah, just the guys on the boat

and Miss Hawkins.

Helen Hawkins?

You told her? Why would you do that?

She was talking
to that girl on the street.

I... It looked like she knew
something about her,

so I went to talk to her.

Well, what did she say?

She started talking
about my family, Maddie.

She was saying I should
ask my dad about it.

Your dad? Well...

Did you talk to him?

Not yet.

It's done.

All the video's downloaded.

This thing, it attacked you,

it... it got Chris.

It's dangerous.

If we're gonna go after
it, try to track it down,

we need to be careful.

You're right.

Dude, you know what? You were right.

It makes sense.

We reconnect the tracking equipment,

we power that thing up, and
when the military comes.

Boom! We ambush them.

You need to calm down.

We are not gonna ambush the military.

- Calm down?
- Yeah.

You sound just like Ben.

Okay, look, you don't
know him like I do, all right?

Look, I told you,
stop listening to him!

He's got no clue what we're
dealing with right now.

Pretty sure he's one of the only people

that actually does have a clue

what we're dealing with right now,

so maybe you should just give
him a little faith, all right?

That's a good run of sockeye.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Yeah, I worry about that, too,

but I also worry about people.

And right now, I'm giving good
jobs to folks who need them.

I wanted to ask you something.

I remember that you and Grandpa

used to talk about Charles Pownall,

about what really happened back then.

You really come here to ask me that?


Why the sudden interest
in the family history?

I ran into Helen Hawkins.

Oh, come on.


Maybe I'd show up to more family events

like the statue unveiling

if you told me the real
story about our family.

All right.


Charles might not have been exactly
who we make him out to be.

I can't say for sure,

but there might have been
some mental illness,

maybe even schizophrenia.

Long months at sea,
a constant stream of booze,

and, uh, well, he was seeing things.


You know this.
You did the play in school.

That's how the town got its folklore.

Now, as for Helen and her stories,

well, we all know she's
got a vivid imagination.

That's it?

That's it.


Dad, I gotta go.

I'll take a pound of mussels.

Oh, and a pound of clams.

Yeah, make sure you get the big ones.

Shrimp... give me two dozen shrimp

and some scallops.

Yeah, a little bit
of that sockeye, crab.

Actually, make that two.

I'll take two, two crabs. Thanks, yeah.

No, that's a baby. I'm gonna
have to get something else.

That nice, big salmon over there?

Thank you.

Anything else?

Got any sardines?


Hey, Calvin!


Did you move it?

What, the thing? No, I didn't touch it.

Well, it's gone.

You see?

See what?

The military came and took the mermaid,

took Chris,

and now they came in here
and took the thing.

We shouldn't even be
talking in here right now.

Where am I?

What's happening?

They've been out here all this time,

so why are they showing up now?

I was thinking the same thing

when I was at my dad's.

What do you mean?

Something brought her closer
to the surface, all right?

Maybe it's the change
in the oceans, you know?

Maybe she's looking
for a new food source.

- Same as our sea lions.
- Right.

Thanks to my family.

Helen Hawkins seems to know
a lot about this stuff.

I'm hoping she'll have some answers.

Well, there she is.

The town nut job.


Maybe don't say that in front of her.

Oh, uh, shop's closed.

Sorry to bother you,

but I just had a few more
questions I wanted to ask you.

You told her?

Yeah. We can trust her.

It's not about trust.

No one else can know.

These creatures were massacred once.

It could happen again.

Look, we're not
gonna tell anyone, okay?

We want to protect them, too.

I, uh, told you everything I know.

She's gone,

probably a hundred miles
out in the ocean by now.

Is everything okay?

Plumbing issues. It's an old building.

I have things to do,

so if you don't mind...

This is just gonna take a second.

We found this in the water.

I was wondering if you could
tell me what this sound is.

Turn it off.


Turn it off now!



Close it, close it!



That sound is your sister?

She's not in there.

It's... It's just a recording.

Only sound.


There were two of them out there.

Her sister's the one who got caught.





Are you okay?

Look, I get it.

You came back
to find your sister, right?

We can help you.



She understands.

They're highly intelligent.

More so than humans.


Ben, her sister could be anywhere.

How would we find her?

I don't know.

We should probably start with Xander.

I want to hear again
what happened out there.

Maybe there's something I missed.


Wait, wait.

Hey! She...

She can't just go out into the world.

Do we have a choice?

Bring her back later.

She's safe with me.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry we did that to you.

So how long did you know him?

He moved in about eight months ago.

- Mm-hmm.
- Liked to party,

had a lot of girlfriends.


Uh, not a bad guy,

but not good, either.

Well, he's not either anymore.

Listen, if you think of anything else,

- give me a call, all right?
- Sheriff?

Oh, boy.



- I have a crime to report.
- Yeah?

This little homeless girl's been
stealing clothing off my line.

She got my daughter's
Huskies sweatshirt,

this morning, a T-shirt.

I went out to confront her,

and she threw a damn metal pole at me.

Almost took my head off.

Is that right?

What'd she look like?

Xander? Hey, yeah, I've been
trying to get a hold of you.

Where are you?

He's at The Anchor.

- No.
- No.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

Wait, wait.

Too many people.

It's not safe. Not safe.

You stay here.

I'll stay with her.

We'll stay together.

Then we'll... Then... Then
we'll look for your sister.

Are you sure?


Do you wanna...

You wanna wait outside the car?

I'll be okay.

All right. Be careful.



You like them?

Raven feather.


My dad is Haida.

They talk about how the raven
was the maker of things.

They say he put the sun
and moon in the sky,

brought fresh water
and fire to the land.

They say he found the first
people inside a giant clamshell.


It's just a story.

Made up.

Some things are real,

others are just stories.

This, real.





You're real.

Okay, so Chris gets attacked,

and your dad calls in the evac?


The military must have been listening,

or CG tipped them off. I don't know.

Did it look like there was
someone in charge?


Okay, so what... what did he look like?

Uh... he was a black dude.

Okay, anything else about him?

I don't know why this is
any of your damn business.

It's like they were
waitin' for us all along.

Like, if it's the military, man,

then they are watching us.

They know stuff about us.


They flew off with Chris,

they broke into our place

and took that device.

They are after us, man.

Probably bugged our apartment, too.

- We should do a sweep.
- Yeah. Yes, definitely.

Maybe... maybe... Maybe we, um...

Maybe we post that footage
from the deck, yeah?

Blast it online, just
blow this whole thing up.

It wasn't the military.

What do you mean?

It was me.

I took it.


- What the hell?
- Look, Xander,

I thought I could figure out
what it was, you know.

- I thought it would help Chris.
- That's bullshit!

We should be helping each other,
not fighting each...


Come on!

Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Get off him!

Calvin, seriously.

It's okay, everybody.

I was trying to help.

Look, if you want it,

I'll go get it right now.


We need to give it back.

Why? What's happening?

We don't need it anymore.

Ryn, we need to give it back, okay?

No, no, no, no.

We need to give this back.

- Sister!
- This is not your sister.

- Yes!
- Sister is not in here.

We're gonna help you. Friends.

Look, this is Xander.

He can help find your sister,

but we need to give this back to him.

Friend, okay?

Here, Xan. I'm sorry.


I was thinking, we should
probably work on the tracking.

See if we can find
where the signal comes from.

Yeah. Yeah, okay, sure, we can try.

What's up, Maddie?

Hey, Xander.

Who's this?

Friend of mine from the
Marine Bio class I'm taking.

While you track that,

I'll try to find out more about the guy

who was on the boat.

I can talk to some of my colleagues

who did some research with the Navy,

see if they know anything.

We're gonna find him, Xan.

In the car.

All right. Okay, so... So we got...

Michael Eaton at PRI.

No, no.

Uh, maybe Amanda Cullen

or Professor Durbin at U-Dub.

We could just send a few emails out,

nothing suspicious.

You know, just keep it real subtle.

How do you subtly ask about a mermaid?

We got to get you back to Helen's.

If you find your sister,
what would you do?

Will you go home?

I don't think she understands.

Ryn, if you find your sister...


She has a quality.

It's hard to explain.
I don't know, like...

Like I was drawn to her.

Me, too.

So his neck was broken

before he was thrown
through the window?



Well, you're gonna send
the report over, right?

Non-human blood?

What the heck does that even mean?

You mean like an animal or something?

No. Have... Have Steve drop
it off at the house, all right?

All right.

I'll talk to you later.

Everything okay?

Oh, hey, Mads.


- Ben.
- Hey.

Yeah. Everything's fine.

Just a, uh, case I'm working on.