Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 4, Episode 22 - Out-of-Town Brown - full transcript

Is there any reason
why Kevin Brown

would want to harm your brother?

Is that what you
call killing him?

[Announcer] Tonight
on Simon & Simon...

[woman screams]

You know you've
got to turn yourself in.

Not in this town.

I'm not going to die
an accidental death.

[gun fires]

Those men were assisting
me in apprehending a fugitive.

What were they going to do,
apprehend him with a bullet?

What do we do about
the cop and the girl?

If they lead you
to the kid, kill him.

I hate to see you two go to the
trouble of digging your own grave.

[engine rumbles]

♪♪ [theme]

[Woman] What are the symptoms

of a penicillin
allergic reaction?

I don't care.

[both laugh]

Come on, enough is enough.
Man cannot live by knowledge alone.

Okay by me, champ.

I'm not getting any special
thrill from coccidiosis

and Newcastle chicken blight

or whatever it is you're
trying to cram up on here.

Fowl blight. Vets
don't say "chicken."

Come to me.

[giggles] Kevin.

Come on, just
another half an hour,

then you can drill me

on Taylor's theorem
with remainders

and then biology.

[man chatters on TV]

Thank you, Lake
Franklin Power Company.

[woman chuckles]

Come on, just forget it,
light a candle or something.

[Kevin grumbles]

[object rattles]

[Woman] What was that?

Somebody in the hall.

[strikes match]

[doorknob rattling]

[Kevin] Who's there?

Who's there?

[man and woman screaming]

[muffled screaming]

Come on, let's get out of here.

[woman's muffled screams]



I'm okay, baby.

[Woman] This can't be happening.

Men in hoods?

It's from another time.

No, it's right now.

It's just not what you think.

- [Marlowe barks]
- Hey, A.J.! Getting late!

Come on, A.J.!

$4.00 for a can of dog food?

Oh, yeah, Dr. Brockelmeyer
put Marlowe on a new diet.

Everything he needs
is right there in that can.

Just give him one of these every
day while we're gone, all right?

[announcer's voice] Nutra-grub because
your pet should eat as well as you do.

I should eat as well.


Town's waiting for us!

I'm coming. I'm coming.

- Goodbye, Mom.
- [Rick] Bye, Mom.

Wait. Leave a number
where I can reach you

in case of an emergency.

Okay, it's the Silver Arrow
Resort in Joshua Tree.

Uh, no, actually, there's
been a little change in plan.

What change in plan?

I couldn't get us in
at the Silver Arrow.

What is this? I thought
you said it was all set.

It is all set. It's
just not set there.

Where is it all set?

- Uh, Torrey Pines.
- Torrey Pines.

- The health farm.
- The death camp?

Torrey P... Our first
vacation in over a year

and you book us into a
place that's run by Nazis?

They're Norwegians.

They feed you nothing
but melba toast and water.

A.J., it's supposed
to be a place where

you can go and
relax and get healthy.

I just read an article
in the checkout line,

says that's where
all the movie stars go.

- It's a fat farm.
- It is not a fat farm.

It's a place for thin people,
thin, beautiful people

who want to stay thin
and beautiful and healthy...

And the women outnumber
the men five to one.

I read the article, too.

- [Rick grunts]
- Aha.

Rick Simon's
adolescent fantasyland.

You got it. Come on. It's the
perfect change of pace for you

after a year with Liz.

- Come on.
- Excuse me.

- I am perfectly happy with Liz.
- See what I mean?

I am perfectly unhappy
with melba toast.

A.J., they keep
these women hungry.

Now, if you're hungry
and you've got no food,

what else is there
for you to do?



A.J., come on. With five
women for each of us,

we don't have to
worry about food.

- [A.J.] Bye, Mom.
- Bye.

It could be worse, Marlowe.

You could be going with them.

[Rick] Yo, T... Nixon,
you seen Town?

He just went out to stop
by the bank before it closes.

He should be back in a second.

Relax, we're going to
get there. Take it easy...

I just want to get
there in enough time

to make a decent selection.

Don't want to get
stuck with five losers...

- Aw, geez.
- [A.J.] What is this?

I thought you were
just going to the bank?

Yeah, me and two of the
dumbest bank robbers in San Diego.

Practically tripped over me
trying to make their getaway.

Town, we're already late.

I'm sorry. It's in my contract.

If I catch bank robbers,
I have to bring them in.

These are real little. Can't
you just throw them back?

Lieutenant, someone's
trying to get a hold of you,

claims to be your cousin.

Which one? I've got about 20.

Wouldn't leave his name,
but he's calling long distance.

Could it be out of town, Brown?

[mock laughs]

Nixon, I hate to tear you
away from your sense of humor,

but would you be so kind
as to check in our guests?

I'll get the paperwork started.

- What?
- Just relax,
it won't take me long.

I reported this five
minutes after it happened.

If you'd gotten on the stick,
you might've caught them by now.

Now, you just get off
your high horse, Kevin.

I've only got one
man on at night,

plus the fact you didn't
even see their faces.

Three white men broke in
here and ruined everything.

Now, what are you going to do?

Now, with all the
lights out in here,

how can you be sure
that they were white?

It wasn't that dark.


Why you?

There are other black
people around here.

It's not racial.

It's Wyler Grey and his thugs
from the Diamond G Ranch.

I told you that before.

Now, why don't you
do something about him

before he comes back here
for a repeat performance?

Hey, boy, who do you
think you're talking to?

Wait a minute, Kevin.

Wayne, you and
Carl go look outside.

Go on.

All right, look. I'll
check with Grey.

In the meantime,
if you're worried,

why don't you consider
taking a vacation for a while?


I know you sent those
goons to my house,

and I know why.

Yeah, I heard you've
been spreading that around.

To the point, Chief
Potter came out to see me,

but I don't know
what in the hell

him or you are talking about.

Sure you do, and
soon everyone else will

because you're not
going to scare me off.

You get in that car
and you get off my ranch

before I teach you
some manners, kid.

What's going on here?

Kevin, what are you doing here?

He's making trouble,

but he's about to leave.

I'll leave,

but you're going to be sorry
you ever threatened me.

Wyler, it isn't going
to do any good.

Kevin, what's got into you?
I said I would handle this.

They broke into my house
last night wearing hoods.

They scared Hannah to death.

They told me to leave town.

What? That doesn't make sense.

Sure it does. Wyler
Grey is afraid of my tests.

He's afraid he's going to lose
his whole herd to quarantine.

Please, Kevin,

don't put yourself through this.

Wyler has no reason
to terrorize you.

I told him last night your
results were premature.

It's my responsibility.

You're my student.
I'm the vet of record.

But I made some
simple measurements.

How could they be wrong?

Not wrong, just incomplete.

I tested the whole herd.

The average antibiotic
levels are fine.

There is no disease.

You made a hasty conclusion.

We all do it.

It's good experience.

You call being hit on the head
with a bat good experience?


I'm not saying that.

I'll make sure the
police are looking

for whoever attacked you.

I'll handle the Diamond G.

[Rick snapping fingers]

Can I get you something to read

or a coloring book, maybe?

Oh, no, thank you. Just
go right ahead and finish.

Let me just read
what I got so far.


Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

[phone rings]

Lieutenant Brown.

Hey, Kevin, how's
the college boy?


Look, I'll come up and
talk to the police myself.

Okay, it's not that serious,
but I'm coming anyway.

Yeah, I'll be there
in a few hours.

Yeah. Look, don't do anything

till I get there,
all right, Kevin?

Yeah. It's no problem.

I'll see you later.

Something wrong?

Nah, nah.


My cousin had a little
trouble off campus last night.

Would you finish this for me?

I thought you were
going to do the paperwork.

I lied.

Yeah, he's a student
at Braddock College

up at Lake Franklin.

Seems he and his fiancée

had a visit from the
unwelcome wagon.

They hurt?

Nah, but just the same, I think
I'm going to go up and see them.

So I'm sorry, guys. I think I'm going
to have to pass on Joshua Tree.

- Torrey Pines.
- Huh?

Lake Franklin. That's out
of your jurisdiction, isn't it?

I'd be glad to go along,

you know, do whatever I can.

No, no, just go and
have a good time.

- I'll catch up in a few days.
- I'll help you.

Have a good time.

[A.J.] I don't want to go
to a fat farm! I'm not fat...

Thatta girl, come on.

Thatta girl.

Good girl.

Hold real still, Kevin.
Just don't move.

How could I have killed Wyler?

I was hit on the head
a mile from there.


You probably
got that last night.

I talked to the professor,

talked to Marshall.

You and Wyler damn near
had a fistfight, didn't you?

You thought Wyler sent
those guys out there after you,

so you went back.

You found him in the barn alone,

confronted him.

A fight started, and
you got the best of it.

Then you hit him over the head

with that branding iron
that we found near the body.

Someone's going to a lot of
trouble to make it look like that,

but I didn't kill the man.

Maybe, Kevin, maybe,

but as you say it,
sure looks that way.

Lock him up.

[phone rings]

You're going to be real sorry
you killed a white man, boy.

Ease up, Wayne.

You know, I'm thinking of dealing
me out a little justice right now.

- Cut it out, Wayne.
- Get off.

Just one moment.

- Give me the keys.
- This is stupid, boy.

You're going to be a dead man

you don't pass
that gun over here...

Shut up, Wayne. Just shut up.

You're making
matters worse, Kevin.

There's no way out of this.

Put your guns down.

- This is stupid - Shut up and
put your gun down, Wayne.

Put it down!

Where are the car keys?

Give me the car keys.

Now, get in there.

Damn it, we can't let him go.

You got a better idea?

I don't want your car.

It'll be right outside town.

I'm not a killer.

I'm not a killer.

Yo, Kevin.


Hello, boy.

Who do we have here?

Your mama.


Spread your feet and put
your hands against the wall.

My I.D. is in my
left hip pocket.

Check it first. I
hate this position.

You're busting me up.

Yeah. Who is he?

Lieutenant M.P. Brown,

San Diego Police Department.

Put your gun away, Wayne.

Pretty please?

So what brings you
down here, Lieutenant?

I'm here to see my
cousin Kevin Brown.

What are you doing
staking out his apartment?

We're hoping he comes back.

He's an escaped fugitive
on a murder warrant.

I suppose you didn't know.


[Woman on radio] High
cloudiness with temperatures

remaining constant,

but all in all, it should
be a beautiful day.

Now for local and state news.

The suspect in the
Wyler Grey murder,

Kevin Brown, is
reported to have escaped

from the Lake
Franklin Police Station,

overpowering several
deputies last night.

Town might appreciate
some help sometime this year.

Well, it can't be that far.

Great shortcut,
Rick. Let me tell you.

Well, if Nixon gave
us the right address...

[clears throat]

"Like the back of my hand."

That's what you said... "Just
like the back of my hand."

What I didn't say

is that I very rarely look
at the back of my hand.

I hate it when he's right.

Well, there isn't much
you can do, Hannah.

I'm just hoping he'll try
to contact us somehow.

Maybe you should
go back to the dorm

and let me know as soon
as you hear from him.

Try not to worry, okay?

Yeah, you do the same.

Hello, Town.

What are you guys doing here?

Well, we were
almost to the fat farm,

but I convinced A.J. we
ought to go fishing instead,

and we heard the trout were really
biting up here at Lake Franklin, so...

There are no fish
in Lake Franklin.

Boy, are we going
to be disappointed.

We heard about
Kevin on the radio.

[Town] I can use you.

How did you get here so quick?

- We took my shortcut.
- Dumb luck.

Hi, I'm Rick. This is Dumb Luck.

Hi, I'm A.J. He's Dumb Luck.

A damn city cop, his
cousin from San Diego.

We didn't count on that.

One cop is all this town needs.

I should think you'd agree.

We'll just have to stonewall
him while we find that kid.

Don't you come unglued on me.

You're the authority
around here, so handle it.

Keep the lid on.

You worry about rounding
up those sick cattle.

I'll worry about Kevin Brown.

All I know is that
the police here

think my cousin is a murderer.

At least one of them has
a shoot-to-kill mentality.

Thank you.

Any leads on the guys
that busted in here?

The locals assume that they
were just neighborhood wise guys.

[Hannah] Hm, guess
you had to be there.

Kevin Brown, public
enemy number 1.

You know how
impossible that sounds?


Kevin has never been in
any trouble in his entire life,

and now he's running
around out there somewhere,

and some jerk wants
to put a bullet in him

just to prove he can
hit a moving target.

You said that all this happened

because Kevin tested
samples of cattle feed?

He found high
levels of antibiotics.

Don't they normally put
antibiotics in the cattle food?

Yes, but too much,

and they can be passed
along to humans in the meat,

and so can diseases which
have become resistant.

You find any sick animals?

No, but it's still a problem.

Diamond G sells most of its beef

to the Munch Hamburger chain.

If Kevin's right,

they should quarantine
the whole herd,

and that would
ruin the Diamond G.

[tower bell ringing]

I understand you analyzed
Kevin's test results.

Of course. He was my student.

This whole thing is so tragic.

Do you think he
killed Wyler Grey?

Well, certainly
not intentionally.

He's just not that
kind of a person,

but now I...

Well, who knows what being
hunted down can do to a man.

Why did he take blood
samples of the Diamond G herd?

I've been the
Grey's vet for years.

My students often go with me.

And Kevin found
something irregular.

He thought he did. He was wrong.

Of course he found antibiotics.

It's common practice for
ranchers to use antibiotics

while they fatten
their cattle for market.

It's... nothing to
get upset about.

Can I offer you some tea?

No, uh, thank you. We
generally wait until after breakfast.

Now then, if you'll
allow me to be frank,

I'm not interested in talking to
a couple of private detectives

who are working on behalf
of my brother's murderer.

He hasn't been
convicted yet, Mr. Grey.

Oh, there's time.

Is there any reason
why Kevin Brown

would want to harm your brother?

Is that what you
call killing him?


There was an incident
a couple of nights ago

that made it very clear

that Kevin was
unwelcome in this town.

Do you know anything about that?

No, but judging by his attitude,

I'm not surprised.

Look, he came here yesterday

and threatened my brother

in front of me and
other witnesses.

That night he came
back and killed him.

Do you know anything
about any tests

that Kevin was running
out here, Mr. Grey?

Where did you hear that?

[Rick] We're P.I.s, remember?

We're pretty good at it.

He made tests, and
he made them wrong.

If he hadn't been so hot
headed and impetuous,

my brother would still be alive.

[Town] I've talked
to a lot of people,

and they've been very friendly,

but they don't
tell you anything.

[knock on door]

- He called.
- He wants me to take you
to him.

Great. Now we're
getting somewhere.

Okay, you and Hannah
go straight to him.

We'll follow in the Camer...

No, I'm sorry.
Kevin said just you.

It's okay. I need Rick
and A.J. there, Hannah.

Look, my fiancé's been
bum-rapped for a murder charge.

He's hiding out there in the
woods with nowhere to go.

It seems like this entire town

would sell him out for a nickel.

Could we just do it
the way Kevin wants it?

He trusts me, and I
can't do it any other way.

Okay, okay.

Plan B.

What was Plan A?

[Man] Mobile 4 to Base.

[Grey] Go ahead, Mobile 4.

We followed her up to the
house. She's picked up that cop.

Don't lose them.

If they lead us
to the kid, kill him.

I'll get a hold of Potter.

What do we do about
the cop and the girl?

Leave them to Potter.



You okay?

- Yeah, are you?
- Yeah, I'm okay.

We've got to talk.

I didn't kill him.

I know that.

You know you've
got to turn yourself in.

Not in this town.

I'm not going to die
an accidental death.

I'm not going to be
found hanging by my belt

from the rafters of a jail cell

for something I didn't do.

There's a state police
headquarters in the next town.

I've got friends on the force.

Please, Kevin, listen to him.

I don't have much choice.

[rifle fires]

Come on. Let's go. Let's go.

- [siren approaching]
- Is there another way
out of here?

On foot.

Look, I'll take care of Hannah.

You get out of
here. I'll cover you.

- What about you?
- Get out of here.

[Rick] I think we took a wrong
turn back there at the golf course.

There's a golf course
up here about 15 miles...

Big city cop, huh?

Think that gives you the
right to come here and interfere

with official police business?

What would you do
if I came on your turf

and stuck my nose
in your business?

If you were trying to
keep an innocent man

from being murdered
by a bunch of vigilantes,

I'd help you.

Those men were assisting
me in apprehending a fugitive.

What were they going to do,
apprehend him with a bullet?

Who are you?

We're private investigators
from San Diego,

and we're friends
of the Lieutenant's.

Well, if you want to
do your friend a favor,

get the hell out of here

before you wind up
sharing a cell with him.

Put him inside.

What about Hannah?

Listen, take my advice.

Worry about yourself.
That'll keep you plenty busy.

Okay, fellas, drive
carefully out of town.

Hannah, do your
fiancé a big favor.

Convince him to turn himself in.

Chief Potter, this is Wayne.

Those two detectives
just crossed the city limits.

They're history.

[A.J.] Who you
planning on calling?

[Rick] We both agreed

we're going to need some
more blood samples, right?

- Yeah.
- I just figured out
who can do that for us.

- Brockelmeyer.
- Marlowe's vet?


What makes you think he'll
come all the way out here?

Oh, he'll come.

- Why,
what have you got on him?
- Nothing.


I just did him a favor once.

Boy, did I ever do him a favor.

What favor?

What favor, Rick?

I just b... was...
[clears throat]

You remember that weekend
you went up to San Francisco?

Weekend I went to San...

You mean the weekend when Marlowe
went berserk and trashed my house?

Marlowe didn't work alone.

He had kind of a
slumber party that night.

Brockelman overbooked
that weekend,

and he asked me if we could
put up some of the extras.

How many dogs were in my house?

Just six... and an ocelot.

I think that's where the
trouble really started.

Hey, Doc, Rick Simon.

You remember that
favor I did for you?

[boom in distance]


[engine backfires]

Payback's a drag.

This the ones
we're taking about?


That's the last for this
grimy-nivorous garbage disposal.

Why any vet would get into
large-animal practice is beyond me.

Can't see one in this.
This is just a waste of time.

Bad, huh?

There's nothing in this
blood but healthy cells.

- [mutters] - What? Why
are you muttering, then?

Because if I took all the
trouble to drive out here,

it would be nice to find

something that's horrifying
enough to justify the trip.


Eh, same thing.

[sighs] This is a
fairly primitive test.

You can't expect sophisticated
laboratory technique

on the hood of a car
out in the boonies.

the bovine critters

look healthy enough.

Blood samples indicate they are.

Well, I've only
tested five of them.

No sign of disease?

What do you want me to
do, engrave it in marble?

I said no.

Any high levels of antibiotics?

We're even now.

[Rick] Actually there
is one more little thing.

Uh... see, the bad guys know
what kind of car we're driving.

The linkage is
shot. Clutch slips.

If you go over 50, the
whole chassis gets the DTs.

Oh, and if an 18-wheeler
tries to pass you...


Well, never mind. Buen viaje.

[Camaro starts]

[motor roars]

Nice car.

It was.

[engine coughs, rattles]

What, is there a kick
starter in this thing?

[coughing, backfires]


She's not in her room.

Must have a class or something.

There's nothing
we can do but wait.

We're not going to
find Kevin without her.


Guess we're not the only
ones who feel that way.

[Man] Excuse me.

What time does Hannah
McKenzie get here?

She should be here any minute.

Thank you.

Guess we better flank him.

- I'll take the left.
- Okay, fine.

I thought we asked
you boys to get scarce.

- Oh, no.
- Officer, surely there's no law

against our staying
here in town.

Look, we asked you
politely the first time.

I suggest you take the hint.

Hi, Hannah.

Get your hands off of me!

Leave her alone!

[Wayne grunts]

- [man shouts] - [Hannah]
No, stop him! Don't hurt him!

Stop him! Stop
him. Don't hurt him!

[siren approaching]

[Kevin] Just let me...

Come on, Kevin.
You can't run forever.

Just cool down. We're
friends of Town's.

Then let me go.

Can't do that. If we do,
they'll kill you. Come on.

You've got to give us a
chance to prove you're innocent.

This is a promise, Kevin.

You so much as bump your
head getting in the police car,

I'll have the deputy's
badge in front of a grand jury.

[A.J.] We'll be
right behind you.

You're under arrest, Brown,

for the murder of Wyler Grey.

Got us our killer, Chief.

Your suspect turned himself in.

Right, after I ran him down
half way across the square?

We want your guarantee there
won't be any planned accidents.

He'll be safe.

- Come on.
- Yeah, wait a minute.

He's already been
attacked in here once,

and since then a lot of people
have been busy trying to kill him.

Including some
of your city's finest.

There will be no more of that.

That's a promise.

As long as he's here with us,

I'll see to it that
he's treated fairly.

- Let's go, Kevin.
- [Hannah] Kevin.

Come on.

Well, Lieutenant,

how do you like our

I'd like to see another room.

[Potter chuckles]


Wait till you taste the food.

Glad to see you standing.

Was kind of worried they were
going to bring you in face to the sun.

They would have if your
friends hadn't been there.

Yeah, Rick and A.J. have a way

of just showing up
when you need them,

sometimes even when
you don't need them.

Hey, everything's
going to be okay.

We're going to find out
what really happened here.

We're way past that, Marcel.

It really doesn't
matter what happened.

Wyler Grey's dead.
They've got me.

That's all anyone
around here cares about.

Well, I'm not from around here,

and neither are Rick and A.J.

You're in jail.

Yeah, but I've been in
touch with my department.

It may take a little time,

but they'll put a little grease

to the wheels of
justice around here.

What can three guys
do against a whole town?

Depends on the three guys.

Next time, if there
is a next time,

I'm going to keep my mouth shut

and look the other way.

Kevin, there is no
doubt in my mind

that you'll always be as
honest and as outspoken

as you've been here.

So sure?


Because it's in your blood.

You are a Brown.

And we all tend to be a
little stupid from time to time.


This is what private
investigation is all about.

Everybody thinks it's
dangerous and exciting

and glamorous,

beautiful women
hanging off of each arm.

[Rick] When do
we get to that part?

[A.J.] We don't.

It's surveillance on
cattle from downwind.

That is what private
investigation is all about.

[Rick groans]


- Here, get some shuteye.
- [A.J.] Okay.

- I'll hold the fort.
- Yeah, watch... watch cattle.

[Rick] It could've been pigs.


A.J., come on. Wake up. Wake up.

- Wake up.
- What is it?

- Come on.
- Hm.

[engine starts]

Hey, A.J., come on, up you go.

- Up you go.
- What is it?

- How long have I been asleep?
- Oh, about two hours.

Oh, I feel rested.
I needed that.

I think we got something.

I just saw a Diamond G
truck move some cattle.

You woke me up for that? They're
probably taking cattle to market.

No, these did not go to market.

They went down that little
dirt road right over there.

[engine humming]

What's that sound?

I don't know.

Let's go check it out.


- Come on, knees.
- Come on, back.

You don't suppose
we're getting old, do you?

With your knees and
my back, we're about 80.


[gun fires]




Hannah was right. They have
diseased cattle on their hands.

No wonder no one
ever found any evidence.

Every time they get one,
they take it out of the herd.

[engine starts]

Guess they're just
trying to cover it up

and save their
ranch's reputation.

There's more than a
reputation at stake here.

The entire economy of the
town depends on this ranch.

It still doesn't tell us
why they killed Grey.

No, but at least now we can
back up part of Kevin's story.

Maybe Chief Potter will finally
see there's a frame at work here.

Going to let you
out, Lieutenant.

You heard from my department.

No. No, I heard from
those two friends of yours.

They found some sick cattle.

I wouldn't go jumping
to any conclusions.

They, uh...

They saw Marshall Grey
and some of the boys

burying some cattle,

and I thought that you
and I might venture over

and, you know, check it out.

A minute ago I'm your
prisoner. Now I'm your partner?

You're a law man, aren't you?

You damn right, and a good one.

It's you we're not
too sure about.

Are you on the side of the law

or the side of Marshall Grey?

Now, we don't know that
those are different sides.

Look, Lieutenant,

Grey and the Potter families
go back a long, long time.

This is not easy for me.

You want to take me along
to confront Marshall Grey

so you don't have to.

Is that it?

Fine. Let's go.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

In case there's any question,

I'm on the side of the law.

Nothing can please me more

than to see Kevin vindicated,

but what you describe
is highly unusual.

Most of the ranchers
around here have lime pits.

It's for cattle they
find in the pastures

that have been
dead for several days.

They've either been attacked
by wild dogs, mountain lions...

Not this time.

No, these were alive
till Grey's men shot them.

I'll bet you it's because
they were diseased.

[Grey] I hate to see
you two go to the trouble

of digging your own graves.

Forget it, Professor.
They're not buying it.

We'll have to do it my way.

Grey, I could've done a test.

I could've told them
there was no indication.

They're pulling it apart
in front of our eyes.

We can't let them
walk out of here.

I won't have part
in another murder.

You're not going anywhere!

- You're in this all the way.
- [car approaching]

[sighs, chuckles]

What seems to be
the problem here?

[A.J.] Well, I'll
tell you, officer.

Problem is that Mr. Grey
here was just about to send us

to that great cattle
ranch in the sky

till you showed up.

That true, Marsh?


Told you we'd have to kill them.

[Grey] Okay, you
were right all along.

Looks like you've got the
whole town involved in this.

That's the whole point.

This isn't any small,
personal matter.

No, it certainly isn't.

Selling diseased cattle
goes far outside just this town.

You sound like my brother.

He was ready to cut the
throat of this whole town.

So you cut his throat first.

You boys want to
throw your guns up here?

Well, ordinarily we would,

but, see, we didn't
bring any on this trip.

Told you we were
going to need guns.

- We were going on vacation.
- [bulldozer engine starts]

You don't generally
need guns on a vacation.

We seem to.

Uh, I tell you what.
I've got a gun in the car.

I better go run and
get it. Uh... Back up.


Turn that thing off!

- [engine stops]
- Chief, you go on home.

There's nothing
here for you to do.

Marshall, you've known me
since you were 12 years old,

and you know I'm
not going on home.

Where are Rick and A.J. Simon?

Anybody seen those
guys from San Diego?

[Man] No, we ain't seen them.

[Grey] Guess
they're gone, Chief.

Marshall, why are you
burying cattle out here?

Just lost a few
to mountain lions.

That true, Professor?

Oh, my God.

You get in there
and help him, Wayne.

Get in there and help him!

Everybody else, help! Come on!

Potter, you're
making a big mistake.

No. No, Marshall,
made my big mistake

the first time I
looked the other way

when I got the feeling that
something was wrong out here.

I knew how the town
depended on the Diamond G,

but I didn't want to believe it.

Should've never let
it come to murder.


A.J., say something.

Torrey Pines is looking better.

Where's Rick?

Come on, help me.

You want to get me out of here

before I start sprouting roots?

[grunts] Come on!



See, Lieutenant?

Sometimes you
find a little justice

even in the country.

- Thanks, guys.
- Hey, glad to help
even if he is your cousin.

My cousin? I thought
he was your cousin.

Hey, go test some
cattle feed, will you?

How are you, guys?

- You mind if we collect now?
- Name it.

Uh, by the way, if an
18-wheeler tries to pass you...

Uh... never mind.


[engine grinding]



[brakes screeching]


[Rick coughs]

[backfiring continues]

Closed-Captioned By J.R.
Media Services, Inc. Burbank, CA