Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 4, Episode 18 - Slither - full transcript

[Man] The police know the
drugs in the locker weren't yours,

and they don't want to arrest
you. You can come home.

[Announcer] Tonight
on Simon & Simon...

- [Woman] Stop! Get away
from me! [A.J.] Phoebe, come on.

Ah, beautiful.

Three kilos each.

How much did they pay
you to be nice to me?

We're not going to
stop until we find her.

[Rick] You're going to
have to accept the facts.

Most runaways are never found.


A.J., come on.
Come on, calm down.


Somebody get an ambulance!

♪♪ [theme]

Hey, Phoebe.


Want to go for a
ride with the guys

during fourth period?

Can't, Soph.

Come on, man.
It's only study hall.

I can't cut study
hall. I've got to study.

Sophie, I've got a fifth
period computer science test,

and I still don't even know
how to work my watch.

I don't. It's not funny.

Are you mad at me?


Then why are you being
so mean and stuck up?

I'm not. I'm just...

You're just trying
to avoid me, right?

No. I'm trying to
stay out of trouble.

Soph, my parents have
been giving me a real hard time

since we got busted again.

Didn't do anything wrong.


Besides, come on,
they can't prove anything.

Soph, I screw up
again, I go to jail.

- [scoffs]
- Phoebe.

[Girl] I got it.

Okay, ladies, that's it.

I just want to say
thank you very much.

I've enjoyed filling in
for your coach this week.

She's feeling a lot better.
She'll be back tomorrow.

[all] Aw.


Oh, hey, Phoebe.

You were doing some
nice playing out there.

You ought to go
out for the team.

No, I'm not that good.

You've shown a lot of potential.

Be a shame to
waste all that talent.

Why don't you think about it?

- Okay.
- Okay.

Wait a sec. Um, Coach Simon,

uh, I really enjoyed
your class this week.

Thank you. I enjoyed being here.

Thanks. Good.




And I talked to Julie,

and she said Brad's
going to take her.

I thought they
broke up last week.

They break up every week.

She said he was going to take
her to Lenny's party Saturday?


Are you going to Lenny's
party with Rob, Phoebe?

Uh, no, I've got something
else to do Saturday night.

Sure. Phoebe's
already got a date...

with her probation officer.


I just wanted to give
you the good news

before I file my report.

It's up to you, Mr. Glass,
but I'm satisfied.

No. No, there is
absolutely no evidence

that says she's gone
back to the old pattern.

She's clean. She's doing okay.

She's a great kid.


Oh, by the way,

she's a
better-than-average athlete.

I recommended that she
go out for the volleyball team.

No, she doesn't suspect a thing.

[knock on door]

I better go. I'll
talk to you later.


Hi, Phoebe. I thought
you were at lunch.

I wasn't hungry.

Were you just talking about me?

Yes, as a matter of fact I was.

That was Coach Teckett
of the volleyball team.

What am I not supposed
to be suspicious of?


I was talking him into
giving you a tryout.

It was going to be a
surprise, but that's okay.

I was just coming in to tell you

I really don't think I want to.

I've never really been, I
don't know, competitive.

It's just a game, Phoebe.

Games are supposed
to be fun. Have fun with it.

Besides, I've seen the
team. They need you.

Maybe. I don't know.

[bell rings]

I've got to go.

Uh, thanks, Coach Simon.

- Okay.
- Bye.


Hi, Coach Teckett? A.J. Simon.

Uh, just fine. Thank you.

Listen, I need a real big favor.

Would you give Phoebe Glass

a tryout for the
volleyball team?

- Hi.
- Hey, how you doing, Phoeb?

I'm okay.

[both giggle]

Guess what.

They want me to go out
for the volleyball team.

That's great.

I always told you, you
were good at sports.

See you.


I miss you.

I swear to God I'm
through with all that stuff.


It's the truth this time.

I'm glad. Really.

You see, I've started
seeing someone else now.

I didn't know.

Phoebe, I'm really proud of you.

I want to be friends.

- [scoffs]
- Hey.

Special friends, huh?


I could really use
a friend right now.


I'll see you soon?


Hi. Going my way?

Uh, yeah.

You all right? Everything okay?



You want to talk about anything?

No, it's... It's kind
of a long story.

Okay, but if you
want to, I'm here.

Sometimes it helps if you've
got something on your mind.

A.J., what in the world
are you doing here?

- Hi, Lieutenant Brown,
what a pleasure.
- [Sophie scoffs]

Nice to see you again.

I'm teaching Phys.
Ed., of course.

I'm substituting this week.

- What brings you here?
- Uh, drug education class.

That's where I'm going.

Oh. Uh, it's a city project.

I visit a different high
school each week.

This is Phoebe
Glass, by the way...

One of my students.
This is Lieutenant Brown.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I used to coach his son in
basketball down at the Y.

Ah, yeah, right.

Oh, Phoebe, maybe we
can get together later and talk.

- All right?
- Okay. Thanks.

I guess I'll see you later.


- Bye.
- Bye-bye.

Nice to see you, Lieutenant.

Yes, yes.

[Female student]
Like a lot of kids,

they aren't hooked or anything.

They just do drugs on
weekends for fun, you know.

They can handle it.

Well, it's not a question
of just handling it.

Every time you do a drug,
you're cutting yourself down.

You're cutting down
your mind and your body.

After a while, it's not
quite so much fun anymore.

Then you find that you
depend on the drugs

just to get yourself
through the day.

Do you ever do drugs?

[all laugh]

I know where you're
going with this one.

That's that old phony argument.

If I do drugs, why
shouldn't you? If I don't...

Well, then, maybe
if you don't do them,

you shouldn't put them down.

[all] Yeah.

Do you?

No, but that's not the point.

I'm not here to talk about me.

Come on, you guys. Just
shut up and let the man talk.

You know, I've had a few friends

who've had their lives
ruined because of drugs.

Some are in jail.

Some are dead.

Now maybe that hasn't
happened to you...


I pray it never does.

But let me ask you this.

How many of you have
flown on an airplane before?


How would you
like it if you found out

that the pilot in the cockpit

had just dropped
two tabs of acid?

[all laugh]

Change of reservation for you?

Well, you have to ask yourself,

"Is this what I want to do?"

You're the teachers
and the doctors

and the parents of the future.

What kind of people
are you going to be?

I mean you do have the choice.

You can say no.

Hey, man, is it true you have
narcs spying on us in school?

We have police wherever
the laws are being broken.

And yes, we do have
agents in the schools

trying to stop the
drug trafficking

because we worry about you.


I don't think that's fair.

I mean, pretending to be
our friends and everything.

I mean, why don't you just go bust
the big dealers instead of the kids?

[all] Yeah?

Hey? Yeah? Whoo.



Hey, want a ride.

I better not.

Come on, Phoebe.
Don't be a jerk, okay?

What's the matter, Phoebe?
Afraid there's a narc in here?

[both laugh]

No, Phoebe already knows
all the narcs in our school.

You're crazy.

Am I?

[both laugh]

You know, Soph, she
could do a lot of damage

if she's selling
out to the narcs.

Just tell me one thing.

Are you a narc or not?

No, I am not a narc.

But you're not really
a coach, are you?



[Weatherman] We can expect
cooler trends for Southern California.

I'm sorry I ever got
you involved, A.J.

What happened?

The little Glass girl found out

that A.J. was
checking up on her.

Made by a 16-year-old girl.

Well, it's pretty
hard to fool kids, A.J.

A lot tougher than the
adults we got to cover.

And now she hates my guts.

Well, what did you expect?

I wanted to be her friend.

I wanted to be somebody
that she could trust.

There's only two
things wrong with that.

First of all, you're an adult,

and second, you've
been lying to her

since you've known her.

I haven't lied to her.

I'm not going to
leave her alone.

You hired him?

My own parents hired a
detective to spy on me?

He did it as a personal favor.

I have known your
mother and father for years.

I'll bet there are
laws against this.

Oh, you're very selective

about the laws you
choose to have enforced.

When Sophie was arrested...

Daddy, I don't do
everything she does.

Phoebe, if Sophie is
convicted of a second offense,

she may have to
go to reform school.

Your parents don't want
that to happen to you.

Phoebe, trust me.

You don't want to have anything
to do with juvenile detention.

It's not just Sophie.

Your grades have been falling,

and you've started to get
withdrawn like you used to be.

And we want to avoid
trouble with the police.

I thought that maybe A.J...

You just don't understand!
I hate going to that school!

You could tell us
something you couldn't!

Forget it.

- Forget it!
- No.

Just forget it.

No, you see? Right
there. That's the problem.

You just want to turn
away and shut us out.

Don't you get it? We
were afraid for you.

We love you.

You've got a funny
way of showing it.




Look, I know how you must feel.

But you and I, we've
gotten to know each other.

How much did they pay
you to be nice to me?

Nobody pays me to be nice.

[Girl] I guess Phoebe wasn't
as clean as she claimed.

Too bad the cops had to find it.

There was enough
dope in her locker

to get half the school loaded.

Hey, can I borrow a dollar?

A dollar?

50 cents?

Okay, a quarter?


That's okay.

I'm Jennifer. What's your name?


Funny name.

Thanks a lot.

No, I like it.

It's... It's different.

Where do you live?

- Nowhere.
- Me, neither.

Mrs. Glass, Phoebe
didn't buy those drugs.

The police don't
even believe that.

There's clear evidence that
the locker was broken into.

There was an anonymous
tip that she was set up.

All right, right now the
most important thing

is the simplest.

If she calls, and
the odds are she will,

she will probably call collect.


Oh, does that mean

that she's halfway
across the country by now?

[Rick, A.J.] No. No, no.

[A.J.] Not necessarily so.

Kids that run away often
stay near familiar surroundings.

Still, one suburb to
the next is a toll call

even if it's right
across the street.

So when you accept that call,

be sure to ask the operator
for time and charges.

And when Phoebe hangs
up, you stay on the line,

and the operator will be able to give
you the number that she called from.

And we can trace
that right away.

You may have to argue
with the operator to get it.

You may even
have to call the police

and have them get it for you.

But don't give up.

If she calls from a local
phone, there's a directory.

We can get to her in minutes.

Time and charges.

[Rick] You got it.

What can I do?

Drive around town.

Maybe you'll get
lucky and spot her.

Stay in touch with her friends.

But most importantly, you keep
somebody next to this phone.

That's our best shot, okay?

All right.

Hang in there.


Hey, Bobby.

This is Phoebe.


I certainly am. Are you?

Not yet.


Help yourself.


Are you a narc?

Look, I'm just a kid,
okay? Just like you.

I don't think so.

I... I think that you look a
little new around the edges.

I don't feel that way.


Well, why don't you smoke this?

It'll make you
feel a lot better.

Yo, Town.

Hey, Towner.



Don't hi me.

You only hi me when
you want something.

I don't have time for
hi. Get out of here.


Come back here.

Don't you dare try to
make me feel guilty.

What do you want?

Phoebe Glass,

the young lady I introduced
you to over at the high school.

She's run away.

Sorry, man.

Look, I don't know what I can do
to help you on this one right now.

Town, we're desperate.

Yeah, but I got a narcotics
task force on double shift.

We're trying to figure
out who's about to put

60 kilos of cocaine
on the street.

- Lieutenant?
- Yeah, all right.

Tell you what. Why don't you
check with Spencer in juvenile?

He's a good man.

You lose a kid?

Uh, yeah, we're
private investigators.

We're looking for a 16-year-old
girl named Phoebe Glass.

I've written down all the
details you'll need for your report.

And that's a recent photograph.

How long has she been gone?

Since yesterday.

But that's not very long.

She could be
visiting with a friend.

No, we've checked
all her friends.

She thinks she's running
away from a drug bust,

but she's wrong.

Well, we'll put it in
the national computer.

If she's picked up
anywhere, they'll notify us.

I have to be honest with you.

I hope she comes
back on her own.

Or calls one of the
runaway hotlines

or calls her parents
because if she doesn't,

odds are we're not
going to find her.

All right, look, we've
distributed copies of her picture

to some of the local hangouts,
down at the bus station.

Trailways will give
her a free ride home

if she gets in touch
with the police.

Yeah, also we've
been trying to pinpoint

some of the local places that
these runaways find each other.

Out at the beach. I
understand some of them sleep

in those old abandoned buildings
out at the Gaslamp district.

Check out the strip where
the hookers hang out, too.

- Okay.
- What?

Well, she needs
money for survival.

That's generally
the way they get it.

Hooking, pornography, drugs.

Not this girl.

She has too much common sense.


Jen, you ever call your parents?


Afraid they might answer.


Your old man ever
jump you, Phoeb?


You're lucky.

That's when I
started getting high.

But I couldn't get high
enough to get out of his reach.





You all right?

You all right?


Strung out.

I know where we can
get some downers.

Got any money left?


It's all gone.

What about Deeds? I bet
that he could fix you up.

I've exceeded my credit limit.

And he's not into taking
it out in trade anymore.

He says I'm no fun.

Too stoned.

I guess I fell asleep or
something. I don't know.

I'm really hurting.

I need something.

Well, he's never met Phoebe.

Deeds! Hey, Deeds!

If it isn't Princess Di.

Who's your friend?

This is Phoebe.

She's okay.

Yeah, but you don't
look okay, Jenny.

You got any downers, Deeds?

Yeah, I'm looking at her.

Do you need money, Jen?

Not for me. It's for Phoebe.

- What's the lady...
- [gasps]

Take it easy, girl.
Take it easy, girl.

What's the lady
using for legal tender?

I thought maybe you'd
front me something.

I might. I might.

Well, I don't know.

Come on.

Come on. Let's talk about it.

Come on.

Nice kitty.


[A.J.] I meant
what I said, Rick.

We're not going to
stop until we find her.

A drive-thru burger stand
doesn't count as stopping.

I keep trying to put her mind
inside my head, you know.

Where would her mind take me?

It would take you
to a burger stand.


I'm serious.

Look, I know what's going
on here for you, all right?

And I'm willing to kick
in every door in town

if that's what it takes,

but you're going to
have to accept the facts.

Most runaways are never found.

They are never found.

Where is she going
to sleep tonight?

You feeling good, lady?

Listen, why don't you
go to the doughnut shop?

I got to take care of
a little business here.

All right? I'll meet
you back at Vine Street

when you're finished.

Oh, I need some money.

No problemo.


5 will do it.

Here. I know what else you need.

There, lady. Come on.
Make yourself a rainbow.

Ooh, pythons.

Oh, beautiful.

And their beauty's
more than skin deep.

3 kilos each.

No problems with customs, right?

No, they like to get the
live stuff out in a hurry.

Yeah, but how long
have the snakes

been carrying around
the merchandise?

About a week now.

It'll pass through their systems
and out sometime tonight.


All right.

Oh, wow... Come on. Please.

Phoebe, please be
careful. They're poisonous.

Look, honey, we're
not... Honey, look at me.

We're not quite
finished yet. All right?


Why don't you go
see if you can find Jen?

All right? She probably with...
She's probably with Bobby.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- See you later.
- Yeah, you'll see me later.

Uh, no problem, Donovan.

She's okay. Phoebe's no problem.


if that girl connects me to
your coke-for-sex scams,

your life is over.

[Phoebe] I really enjoyed
your class this week.

[Spencer] Hooking,
pornography, drugs.

[Phoebe] How much did
they pay you to be nice to me?

How much did they pay you?

Phoebe, I am so sorry.

Dear God, please
let her be all right.

[Rick] Morning.

Hi, how did you make out?

Cruised every beach
from Del Mar to Rosarita.


I've been through every mall

and slum and abandoned
building in San Diego County.

Not even a lead.

Now, you know, an
hour after she split,

she could've been out of town.

Next day, Seattle.


Any one of a thousand places.

A.J., we just can't cover the
entire continental United States.

Did you see that news report

about the guy who confessed
to killing over 100 girls?

Most of them were hitchhikers.


Okay, let's go.
We got work to do.

I don't even know where to look.

Everywhere we've already
looked and then some.

We got to check in with
her parents and Spencer.

We're going to have
to locate you a razor.

Come on. Let's do it.

[phone rings]


Yes, operator, I'll accept.

Matt, it's Phoeb.

Hi, Mom?

Hi, Phoebe. Where...
Are you all right?

Yeah, sure, I'm all right.

Where are you, honey?

I can't tell you.

Phoebe, we want
you to come home.

Tell us where you are,
and we'll come and get you.


Honey, the police know

the drugs in the
locker weren't yours.

Do you understand? They
don't want to arrest you.

You can come home.

I don't trust you.

Why would I lie?

Because, Daddy,
you've lied before.

Phoebe, I'd do anything
to get you off the streets,

even lie.

But this is the truth.

I swear it.

Phoebe, are you okay?

You're not doing
any drugs, are you?

No, no.

No drugs.

I got to go.

I love you.

- [dial tone]
- Honey?



Oh, my God.

I forgot.

Oh, my God, I forgot.

How could I forget?

Time and charges.

No, it's all right.

It's all right. Really.

We have a friend at
the phone company.

Get Bruno on the phone.

Mrs. Glass.

Mrs. Glass, please.

It will take us a few hours,

but we can still trace the call.

But if she does call again,

make sure you get
time and charges, okay?

Bruno? Rick.


All right, she can't
be too far away.

Hi, we're looking
for a runaway girl

who used this phone
a few hours ago.

Check out Vine Street.

I saw her talking to the guy
who runs the Vine Street arcade.

- Thank you.
- Down there.

It looks like my kind of place.

You just kind of hang
loose, keep your eyes peeled.

If I need you, I'll scream.

Hey, pal, do you need any help?

Nah, just, uh, window shopping.

There's no sign of her,
but there's a guy inside

who seems to know a
lot of kids Phoebe's age.

Let's go see how
many we can get.

Hey, hey, hey. All
right. Good idea.

Maybe later.

Our best shot is to
just watch the place

and see if she shows up.

Don't you think?

Rick, we got her.

Don't worry, Phoebe. I'll
get Bobby. We'll find you.

Leave me alone!

Come on. Calm down. It's me.

Okay, folks, that's
it. Show's over.

It's our kid sister. We're
taking her home, all right?

- No!
- Phoebe, it's all right.

No, they're not my brothers!

It's all right. It's all right.


- It's okay, Phoebe.
- It's not. It's not.

It's okay. You're safe now.

- No.
- It's all right.

I can't go home like this.

All right, A.J., there's a
coffee shop right up here.

Let's get some food into her.

You don't understand.

Yes, we do, kid.

Yes, we do.

Thank you.

So, uh... anyway,
after Dad died,

I... I, uh, got a
little out of hand.

That's an understatement.



More than you realize, A.J.

- More than I ever let you know.
- Excuse me.

Can I borrow some ketchup?

- Sure, help yourself.
- Thank you.

Anyway, I was right on the
edge when I shipped out to Nam.

One thing I've never
done, though, is drugs.

And in Nam, there
was dope everywhere.

And at least half a
dozen real good excuses

every day to get loaded.

Basically just, you know,
took a little of the edge

off the war for a little while.

And I was just about ready
to really get into that scene.

I, um... I headed up
the fire team over there.

One day, we were
on a recon, and, uh...

I'd sent out our point
man guy named Stanton.

And his job, primarily,
was to spot the enemy first,

keep us informed,
and just wait for us.

We... We cleared
the jungle after him.

Just a few miles.

I still don't know
what he was on,

but he was really out of it.

He had taken up a position

and started firing... on us.

He, uh, hit three of us.

Killed one.


What happened to him?

I shot him.

Never thought too much
about doing dope after that.


Your skin is breathing.

I can see... I can
see the air going in.

- A.J.
- Going in and out of your skin.

Oh, my God, I can
see your bones.

Hey, hey.

All right, A.J.

- Come on. Calm down.
- Aah.

[Woman screams]

All right, A.J., calm down
now. Get a hold of yourself now.

A.J., come on.

Calm down.

- No.
- Easy there.

[A.J. yells]

What did you do?

Dusted his coffee.
I really dusted it.

- No.
- A.J.?

- A.J., come on.
- No!

Calm down now.

A.J., just... A.J.!

Somebody get an ambulance!

- Aah!
- A.J., easy now. It's Rick.

No. No.


[Rick] Get me an ambulance!

You know what the
scariest part of all this?


If I had had, you
know, a real knife,

I would've done the same thing.

I would've just
come at you different.

You know, neutralize the arm.

He would've killed you.

That's the power of angel dust.

The wonderful brave
new world of chemistry.

Hi, Town.

How are you doing?
Is he back to normal?

Uh, yeah, they did a CAT
scan at the hospital last night.

Worried about brain damage.

Thank God everything
seems reasonably in place.

I had to choke him out.

You ready for that? I had
to choke out my own brother.

You know who did it?

Oh, yeah.


Little two-bit piece of
scum down at the beach.

He must have grabbed Phoebe

while I was trying to
get A.J. under control.

All the kids down there
answer to a guy named Deeds

that passes out drugs to kids

in return for whatever favors
they're willing to exchange.


For starters.

We might be working
on the same case.

He runs a combination
arcade and exotic pet shop.

We've got the place staked out,

but I doubt if he's
going to show.

1, 2, 3.

Damn it.

Cops all over the place.

And I told Deeds. I told him

his little street whore was
going to bring us down.

We're going to have to
do something about her.

[Mrs. Glass] Yes,
yes, I'll accept.

Operator, give me the
time and charges, please.

Stay on the line, please.



I want to come home.


- [dial tone]
- Phoebe?


- Operator?
- I'll get Rick and A.J. on the other line.

Operator, this is a call
from a runaway child.

You must give me the
number that she's calling from.

One moment, please.

Come on. I told you
to get some sleep, lady.


No, Deeds.

I really want to go home.

Please? Please?

I don't feel good.

Now, look.

See? I got something that's
going to make you feel better.

All right?


Come on. Come on. Let's get up.

Walk it off. Come on.

Come on.

There's a friend of mine
who wants to see you again.

Come on. He wants to
take you on little a trip.

All right, all right, now.

Come on, Deeds, I
didn't know they'd...

Just the both of you, get lost.

What are you freaking
out for? Just let her go.

- Come on.
- All right, over here.

Yeah, please, Mrs.
Glass, try not to worry.

We will be there
as soon as we can.

All right, here it is.

The phone's at 1227 Brighton.

It's just a few blocks
from Vine Street.

All right, bye-bye.

Hey, guys.

Deeds is in there.

These two guys he
knew, they took Phoebe.

Thank you. Wait
for us, all right?

There's no probably cause.
You just can't break in.

We can.

[Rick] Excuse me.

Where is she, Deeds?

Oh, man.

I haven't got time for this.

You understand?

I don't know what
you're talking about, man.

How much of this
stuff is too much?

All depends on what it is.

Okay, I'll just use it all.

No. Stop these guys.
They're trying to kill me.

It's a damn shame I got here
too late to see what happened.

All right, all right.

They got a chopper.

They land up the
beach, North County.

All right, get on the horn to
Downtown Brown, Narcotics Task Force.

Whoa, Spencer, bring the...

Where did the girl go?


[Police radio] 57
west, One-Charlie-17.

- I'll take the lead. Follow me.
- [A.J.] Roger.

[Rick] A.J., see if you
can get Towner on the line.

[A.J.] Spencer, do you read me?


Have Downtown
Brown go to tack 1.

Your link is through to
Lieutenant Brown. Go ahead.

[Brown] A.J., did you find him?

Not yet.

What's your 10-20?

[Rick] Let me have it.

Town, we're going north
on S21 through Del Mar.

[A.J.] Town, can you
get us some air cover?

I'll handle that.

I'm a half a mile behind you.

I'll bring down a chopper.

Dispatch, we need
air support on the coast

north of Del Mar headed
through Solana Beach.

[Officer] This is air 6.

Swinging north to
you out of La Jolla.

This is 1-Charlie-17.
I'm out of the chase.

[A.J.] Roger that. We've
got Donovan in sight.

Their chopper is
down on the beach.

This is the San Diego
Country Sheriff's Department.

Cut your power.

I say again, "Cut your power."

Put it down.

They're all yours, fellas.

All right, everybody
get out of the copter.

Come on. Get out of there.

Put your hands over your head.

Get them up over your head.

Problem, officers?

Just taking our young
friend for a little ride here.

- Save it for court, all right?
- Oh, I will.

Get down.

I will.


Spencer, why don't
you sing him a song?

You have the right
to remain silent.

If you give up that right,

anything you say can and
will be used against you...


You have the right to
speak with an attorney.


During questioning.

If you so desire and
cannot afford one...

Come on back.


Oh, it's okay. It's all right.

It's all right. It's all over.

Yeah, just a few more minutes
down at the police station,

then I'm coming home.

For keeps.

It'll be different this
time, Mom, honest.

Everything's going to be fine.


I love you, too.


What's wrong?

I'll tell you what's wrong.

It's this dream rap of yours.

Your life has changed overnight.

It won't happen
again. I promise.

I've learned my lesson. Honest.

Look, we don't doubt
you. We know you mean it.

Just want you to
face the facts, Phoebe.

Believing that you
can change your life

is not all there is to it.

All right, first of all, you
got to beat the drugs.

I can.

I can get straight
and stay straight.

But the drugs you've taken

will stay in your
system for months.

Yeah, they'll be
stored in your fat cells.

And you'll be clean, and as
soon as you face some real stress,

you'll be high again and
back on that roller coaster.

But there are some new programs

that can help you flush
those drugs out of your system.

And I can help you get into one.

Then you got to
get back into society.

That could be harder
than kicking the drugs.

Sophie and all
the other druggies,

they're going to be out there.

All the same
pressures as before,

and they won't change.

You don't have to
do it alone, Phoebe.

Hey, look at it this way.

You're already one
of the lucky ones.

A lot of kids never
make it back at all.


I know what you mean.

Closed-Captioned By J.R.
Media Services, Inc. Burbank, CA