Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 4, Episode 11 - Deep Cover - full transcript

A contract's just been
taken out on my life.

Who took it out on you?

I did.

[Announcer] Tonight
on Simon & Simon...

Mr. Lee is to contract killing
what Tiffany's is to diamonds.

[Man] Tell me what
you want me to do.

Would it be possible
to talk face to face?

People who talk to me
face to face wind up dead.

It's going down.
It's going down now.


[machine gun fire]

♪♪ [theme]

A member of the deep
cover staff is about to meet

for the fifth time with
the man who calls himself

the Lone Ranger.

A man who has plenty to tell us

about the shadowy, murky
world of organized crime.

This man on several
occasions has...



Get on the horn to the station.

Get the police here
right away. He's dead.



Now, let's see
what we have here.

Oh, you look almost smug.

You must have made your collar.

Well, when you got
a guy's getaway car

from the lube rack with his
tires off, believe me he's yours.

- Oh, how you doing?
- Hi.

Can I help you?

I hope so.

I'm Brad Daniels.

Oh, yeah, yeah, that
guy on Channel 3.

I'm an admirer of yours.

The Telakin kidnapping case,

you're the one who
followed the doughnut holes.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

Oh, and there was the
Golden West Bank job.

The way you talked those
robbers into surrendering.

It was fantastic.

- Thanks again.
- Yeah.

Oh, the shoot out at
the airport parking lot.

I mean guns blazing.

And you taking on
ten smugglers alone.

Whoa, whoa, wait a minute now.

There was four smugglers
and, I think, 28 cops.

You don't have to exaggerate.

I'm a public servant.
I'll help you anyway.

All right, you look like
a straight ahead guy.

I'll get right to the point.

A contract has been
taken out on my life.

Who took it out on you?

I did.

Uh, what did you do to get in
so much trouble with yourself?

I was angling for a story.

I'm desperate.

I need protection.

A big league hit
man is after me,

and that guy out
there with a cane

doesn't seem to be doing much.

Look, Milt Hubbard paid for
that cane with a bullet in his spine.

Now, he doesn't have to be here,

but he is, and you're
lucky to have him.

Oh, okay, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sure
he's dedicated.

But I'm scared!

Look, don't you think someone...

Look, look, Milt's legs
may move a little slow,

but his mind is hell on wheels.

The guy's a scholar
on organized crime.

I don't need a scholar.
I need a SWAT team.

I don't believe this.

This is a nightmare.

I'm about to be murdered,
and no one will help me.

Town didn't make any promises.

We're just going to listen
to the man's story. That's all.

The day after he hires us,

he will burst through our
office door with a camera crew.

The man did an
exposé on my dentist.

Oh, come on, Rick.

If it weren't for a few
obnoxious reporters,

this country would
be in sad shape.

Remember freedom of the press?

Remember illegal
search and seizure?

Remember invasion of privacy?


Look, just think of it
as a favor to Town.

Listen to his story.

If we don't like it,
we politely say no.

A.J., I'm telling you
the man is a weasel.

When he gets here, just remember

speak right into his briefcase.

An honest man can only
benefit from exposure.

Would you like to see the
Krallman case on prime time?

All of it in six parts

with Brad Daniels telling
both sides of the story?

Oh, no, now wait. We didn't
actually do anything that was wrong.

You can explain all that to
Mom during the commercials.

[knock on door]


A.J., this is Brad
Daniels and Alan Turner.

How do you do?

Nice to meet you.

My brother Rick.

Alan does most of my
undercover reporting

because nobody knows his face.

Can we start right away?

Well, before we
start, we'd like to know

that there's actually something
we can do for the client.

Professional ethics.

You have heard of
professional ethics?

All right, go ahead.
Take your shot.

Guys who look
under rocks for a living

sometimes get dirt
under their fingernails.

But I'm not here
for you to love me.

I need your help.

And we'll give it
to you if we can.

But before we
commit, we would like

to be reasonably sure that
we can, in fact, help you.

Someone is trying to kill me,

and these guys
want me to audition.

I thought you
squared it with them.

They like to do
their own squaring.

Why don't you
show them the tape?

Can you handle that?


Go ahead, Al.

Alan was working
on a gambling story.

When I was undercover, I
met a man named Artie Bunson.

He called himself
the Lone Ranger.

Now, we recorded a
segment. Can you turn it up?

The deep cover staff decided
to test Mr. Bunson's connections

by having him arrange
a contract for a murder.

That's right. We hired
a professional hit man

to kill a familiar
and I hope beloved

San Diego personality... me.

What you're about to see...

Now, I did the
undercover interview.

He didn't know we were tapping.

Artie, I want to take out
a contract on that TV guy,

Brad Daniels.

Okay, celebrity
hits can get messy.

It's gonna cost you.

It's worth it to keep
me off the 6:00 news.

You know somebody?

I can try to get you Mr. Lee.

He's $25,000.

Mr. Lee?

Mr. Lee is the only known
cure for the common cold.

Some people sue.
Some people call Mr. Lee.

You want the best.
That's the best.

We're in deep
cover. You are, too.

What do you think?

We're talking major league dumb.

Oh, that goes without saying.

I figured he could use your
kind of help more than mine.

He could use help keeping
his fingers out of light sockets.

Look, I didn't know
it would go this far.

What am I going to do?

About the only thing we
can do is try to call it off.

How do we get a
hold of this Artie guy?

Oh, that'll be easy.
He's at the morgue.

Somebody took
him out last night.

Oh, boy.

Well, if he's dead,

maybe he didn't have
time to arrange the contract

or even contact this Lee.

That's what I was hoping.

Till I got this.

"Dear Alan, I got
the money. Stop.

"Your friend will get his. Stop.

Best regards, Mr. Lee."

Well, now, seems
like the torpedo's

already left the tube.

This is the address
we gave Artie.

We rented the house in my name

so that if he checked
it would look legit.

Still paying the rent?

Yeah, through the
end of the month.

By then we figured
we'd have film

of Artie handing
Mr. Lee the money.

Hard evidence of a felony.

Uh, right.

Every day at 7, the
crew drops me off,

and I come through
this door here

and head out the back
where I keep a motorcycle.

That's when I
head to the station.

In the morning, I
reverse the order.

The TV comes on at
7:30, lamps about 8:00,

and the radio in the
morning about 6:00.

They're on timers.

You have to make this
place looked lived in.

You know leave tap on
so you draw a little water.

Open and close the curtains
different ways different times.

Uh, get some food.

Have some dirty
dishes in the sink.

Move the answering
machine to your office.

This will automatically answer
and forward all your calls here.

You at least been
getting any mail here?


What's the rest of
your ingenious plan?

There's organized crime
in Moose Jaw, Montana?

Only to the extent that Johnny
Cristofoli has a summer cabin there.

Johnny "Little Lamb" Cristofoli?

Didn't you put him
away a few years back?

Yeah, but his three sons are
running the business for him.

Little Lamb Junior is
a ham radio operator.

And he transmits a lot of orders

from Moose Jaw every August.

Why is he called Little Lamb?

He eliminated
several competitors

by hitting them over the
head with frozen legs of lamb.

We had the damnedest time
pinpointing the murder weapon

because Johnny
always ate it for diner.

Uh, you ever heard of a Mr. Lee?

Mr. Lee is to contract killing
what Tiffany's is to diamonds.

Most recently a wire tap

was received from New
York with a voice saying

"Don't worry about
O'Connell, I called Mr. Lee."

You know where we
found O'Connell's body?

In an airliner.

Everybody got off the
plane except O'Connell.

A knife?

He was injected with pyrathian.

It paralyzes all the muscles
of the body expect the heart.

The guy sat there and smothered
to death, and nobody saw a thing.

Any leads?

We don't know if
Mr. Lee is young or old

or a man or a woman

or a single person or a crowd.

Is that it?

We've eliminated everyone
who died before 1900

and most household pets.

Hey, make sure you unpack
all that stuff and put it away.


Hey, don't touch any of the
timers or the appliances, okay?

Just go right on through
and out the back door

to your bike, and we'll
go around the block.

Pick you up. Follow
you to the TV station.

[phone rings]

This is Temple
Hill reporting live

from somewhere that
nobody ever wants to be.

The scene of the horrible and
tragic death of a dear friend.

Just an hour ago, an explosion
rocked this quiet neighborhood

leaving my colleague
Brad Daniels dead.

We aren't gonna find much.

One of the neighbors
saw a gas truck out front,

but she didn't get a
look at the meter man.

Yeah, we would like
to talk to that neighbor.

She's over there.
Mrs. Parkinson.

[Temple Hill] Committed to protecting
us from the corruption and fraud.

And all of us at
Channel 3... Hold up.

- She look familiar to you?
- Uh-huh.

She was at the station the
last time Daniels was in there.

- Uh-Huh.
- Let's go talk to her.


What do you want?

Well, we'd like to know

what you know about Brad Daniels

and why you've been
following him around.

What... What is this?

First degree murder.

I don't know anything.

You do know where the
police station don't you?

It's real easy.

Go down here about two
blocks and hang a right.

Yeah, and don't speed.
There are a lot of cops around.

But I already
explained this in the car.

I work for Mr. Lomax.
William Lomax.

I've never talked to
him expect on the phone.

I call for an assignment,

then mail in the report.

And that's why you're watching
Brad Daniels, Ms. Sanborn.

Because Mr. Lomax asked you to?

Yes, it was my job.

I work for his company,
Billing Services Incorporated.

You a bill collector?

No, when people
apply for large loans,

I watch them for a few days

to establish their
habits and lifestyles.

Not here, but don't worry
the search is not yet over.

Lomax. Lomax.
The name's familiar.

Hmm, I'm going to have to
think about this for a minute.

And then, six weeks
ago, I handed in a report.

Right after that, the man
died in a boating accident.

We know.

We checked the list you
gave to Sergeant Hubbard.

Of your last 15 clients,

six were hospitalized
with broken bones,

three were dead.

It's worse than I thought.

I began to get suspicious when I
read about the boating accident.

And then, when
Mr. Daniels' house blew up,

I really got scared.

Accidental deaths run about
50 per a 100,000 each year.

So when you consider...

Excuse me, what is
the significance of that?

Oh, I'm just saying that
it's a statistical improbability.

Accidents account for about
five hundredths of a percent

of the annual death rate,

but two of the 15 people I
watched died accidentally.

I have this auxiliary
filing system,

also known as my back pocket.

I knew I'd heard the
name Lomax before,

and low and behold, fat Billy
Lomax, loan shark extraordinaire.

Loan shark? He
runs a billing service.

Well, that's his vocation.
His avocation's loan sharking.

And it looks like he may have
a little sideline doing research...

for Mr. Lee.

Now we got the lid screwed
on good and tight here.


I think he kept it
bottled up so far.


Just what we need
around here, more cops.

Where were you when
Brad Daniels was alive?

Look, I understand how
you feel, and I'm sorry.

Don't be sorry.

Just find the guy before
he gets the rest of us.

There's absolutely no reason

for you to think that
you're in danger.

Spare me the standard
press release, lieutenant.

I've heard there's a maniac out
there with a list of all our names.

Look, there is no
maniac. There is no list.

That's just a totally
unfounded rumor.

Where did you hear that?

From a cop.

[Man on loudspeaker] Temple,
can we see you on the set?


Frank, please.

We've got ten minutes.

Felicia can take
over if you want.

Just give me a minute
to get it together here.

You know what works
for me sometimes?

I stop thinking about
how hard the job is to do

and think about what
happens if I don't do it.

You know what works for me?

Being left alone.


You should be.

He came to you for
help. Now he's dead.

As a rule, I don't make excuses,

but I'm telling you we
did everything we could.

He came to us with just
ten seconds on the clock,

and we couldn't block the shot.

Sometimes you do the impossible.

Most of the time it does you.

Look, I'm sorry. Really.

You know what
bothers me the most?

We are so damn hard-nosed
in this business. So competitive.

We never give each
other an inch or a smile

or a pat on the back.

I wanted to tell Brad

how much I liked his
day care rip-off story.

And I never got the chance.

Well, why don't you do it now.

Wherever he is, I'm
sure he's tuned in.

I'll keep that in mind.

- Frank?
- Yeah?

- Light her up.
- Okay.

Camera 1.


What are you doing here?

I called him.

I want to make a tape diary
to use after you bag Mr. Lee.

If you do.

Have you talked to anybody?

Does anybody else know?

Of course not. I can
keep my mouth shut.

Look, Al and I have done
100 undercover gigs together.

You believe this guy?

We're trying to save his butt,

and he's drilling
holes in his own boat.

One more foot inside
that door and no more you.

We're having enough trouble

keeping this thing
under control as it is.

You have got to
stay with the program.

You are going to wrap up
whatever it is you all are doing here,

and then no more
traffic in and out of here.

Let's get on with it.

All right.

- Hey.
- Hmm?

I'm going to hang around,
keep an eye on them.


Good evening. This is
Temple Hill with the late news.

Among the stories
we're following tonight,

a Senate filibuster and
a crop failure in Africa.

The controversial
rock group Critical Mass

appeared tonight in
Jack Murphy Stadium.

[Temple] ...succeeded
in a burning closure

of more than 1,000
officers state-wide.

[Woman] 134, close enough.

Put this up in VT 10, Jimmy.

Wait until you see this, Alan.

There won't be a
dry eye in San Diego.

We went all the way back.

Young Braddy
Daniels, weather boy.

Young reporter Bradford
Daniels, his serious period.

She's really
holding up, isn't she?

High 80s with light
south southwest winds.

Oh, you better get
down into the set, Alan.

She's almost finished
with the weather block.

I'll be in the booth.

Thanks, Jimmy.

However, after the high-pressure
dome has passed us,

winds will be increasing.
By Monday or Tuesday,

wind and wave action
is expected to intensify.

Looking for early morning
fog clearing by noon,

and some low
cloudiness along the coast

persisting later in the day.

Otherwise, we can
expect clear air...

Brad's retrospective
is in VT 10, Frank.

All ready. It's 1:34.

Okay, good.

And now on a sadder
note, as we reported earlier,

Brad Daniels died today.

All of us at Channel 3
knew and admired him

as the consummate professional.

Ready, camera 1?

Take 1.

And ready, camera 3.

Take 3.

Thank you, Temple. Just
moments ago, I learned

of a startling development
in the Brad Daniels case.

I've obtained
exclusive new evidence

of a police plot.
Watch this tape.

What the hell's
he talking about?

No! Hey! Don't run
that! Don't run that tape!

- Listen to him.
- Turn this thing off!

[all yelling]

Frank, tell Temple to go
by it. Go to the African story.

Go to the next story.
Stand by, tape 1.

Oh, I'm sorry, Alan.

I guess we're having
trouble with that tape.

I hope we can have it for
you in just a few minutes.

Ready, camera 2. Take 2. Roll 1.

Put VT 10 on closer, Frank.

No, don't show it at all.

I want you to know
what it feels like

to be dead and alive
at the same time.

He's alive. Damn him.

Is that thing over
the air right now?


Guts and no brains.

Well, at least it didn't
make it on the air.

No, but it's going to
get more expensive.

What do you mean?

Because he's going to
have to hire somebody

to protect him and
that other bozo from me.

Excuse me.

Better take that
thing off. I want it.

I'm going to go get it now.

Ladies and gentlemen,
we're going to have to have

a little talk here about this.

Why would Brad want
anyone to know he's alive?

It wasn't Brad. It was
Turner, his producer.

Why would Turner
do such a thing?

I mean, Brad is
supposed to be his friend.

Yeah, well, I guess he
figured it was the kind of scoop

he needed to launch
his own career.

And let's face it. When
it comes to the news,

it ain't friendship anymore.

It's a sickness.

These guys would take
a baseball bat to you

in a dark alley
to get the story.

At least it didn't
get on the air.

Yeah, but, Town, it's
already started to leak.

It's just a question of time
before Mr. Lee finds out.

I think it's time we
start to chum the waters.

- Do what?
- What does that mean?


Sergeant Hubbard
said that fat Billy likes

to spend his nights at the
Green Briar Country Club

fleecing rich suckers in
games of little chance.

Ah, who did you have in mind?

Morty Gold of the Nevada Golds?

No, I think that's
a little too flashy.

Let's try Alfred Crumsett

of the Perpetual
Slumberg Mortuary.

Lively and exuberant.

[Billy laughs]


What is that, Billy?
Four in a row?

I hardly had time
to look at my hand.

Like I always say, I'd rather
be lucky than good-looking.

Well, that's it for me.

Billy may own my money,

but the little Roman
owns my time.


Hey, how about you,
pal? You play gin?

Uh, I'm not much of
a gambler, I'm afraid.

You do have money?

Oh, all right.

It's my obligation to
put the story on the air.

If I don't, I lose credibility.

And Daniels loses
his life, maybe.

And maybe not only Daniels.

I mean, this killer
could get real ugly

if he finds out he's been duped.

I know that.

Now, it's a story.
I have to report it.

Hey, it's my job.

Of course.

And you should report it.

As soon as you
get all the facts.

You just found out.

You got to work out the
kinks, put some shape to it.

I mean, that's
your job, too, right?

Sure, but it won't take long.

Uh, excuse me, Miss Hill.
Could I have your autograph?

Sure. To?


Best wishes, Temple Hill.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

11:00 wouldn't be
11:00 without you.

Thank you.


I'm sorry. This must
be awful for you.

Hey, but it's part of my job.

Well, dining with
someone who's famous

for being intelligent
and beautiful, well...

Excuse me, Miss Hill.

Could you come over to our
table and meet my mother?

Mom has a little
trouble getting around.

I'd be delighted.

Excuse me.

- Oh.
- Gin.


You're out in the first streak.

You know, I've seen
a lot of poor losers,

but I can't remember
seeing anyone

feel so sad for winning.

I'm sorry. It's a
professional habit.

I own a mortuary.

Oh, come on, pal. I've
seen that look before.

- You got money problems.
- No.

Aw, look. I could spot a
guy who needs a little help.

That's my professional
habit. I loan people money.

Honestly, I don't need money.

I have a very
successful business.

After all, everyone
comes to me some time.


My problems are... a
more personal nature.

Ooh, problems you can handle.

All you got to do is
find the right solution.

At Perpetual Slumber Mortuary,

we know that nature provides

a way of simplifying
human relationships.

Oh, hey. Agh.

Suicide, that isn't the answer.

If somebody's got to die,

I wouldn't be the
one to volunteer.


Not me.

Well, who, then?

I don't want to pry.

Of course not.

It's quite comforting

to meet someone who
shows such helpful concern.

Okay, I'll tell you what.

I'll sit on the story
for a little while,

but I can't keep
it quiet forever.

Fair enough.

You know, this
is a lovely place.

And the food's great.


Oh, I'll take that.

Of course.

[phone rings]

♪♪ [hymnal]

Hello. This is the
Perpetual Slumber Mortuary.

What may I do for you
in your time of need?

Oh, hi, Mom. Hold on a sec.

[music stops]

Uh, hi. Yeah, I'm on a case.

Yeah, okay.

Right, I'll call you
back. Bye-bye.

[phone rings]


♪♪ [hymnal]

Hello, this is the Perpetual
Slumber Mortuary.

What may I do for you
in your time of need?


This is Fat Billy. Good news.

Mr. Lee has agreed to help
you in your time of need.

That is indeed wonderful news.

Uh, how do we arrange this?

If you give me the name
and address of the problem,

I'm still willing to take
care of this for you.


No, I told you this is personal.

Uh, I must talk
to Mr. Lee myself.

Well, it's up to you.

He says you can meet him

on the 15th floor of the
Grafton Building at 2:30.

At 2... At 2:30?

[Daniels] This is from
my exposé on a PCP lab.

Who's that guy?
I've seen him before?

Sound man.

He has a remote mic
in the car with him.

[phone rings]



Okay, I'll be there.

No, let me have
a head start. Okay.

You got a pen?


I want you to give this
to Lieutenant Brown

when he gets back from lunch.

And please do me a favor.

Don't do anything
else, all right?


Uh, 2:30?

Yeah, 2:30, 15th floor, Mr. Lee.

All we have to do is wait.

That's nice.

Is that solar?

Yeah, no calendar, though.

Ah, mine plays music.


Hmm, the hits.

What do you think about
the guy with the briefcase?

Could be.

It's after 2:30.

Mr. Lanquist is
usually more prompt.

Do you, um, think
we missed the order?

In two more minutes I will.

[Secretary] Mr. Benjamin.

Just a moment. I'm sorry.

Go right in.

We interrupt the musical
portion of our program

to bring you a
conversational interlude

with Mr. Lee.

Would it be possible
to talk face to face?

A lot of people who
talk to me face-to-face

wind up dead.

In that case, this will be fine.

Now, tell me what
you want me to do.

It's... It's my wife.

If this is an insurance thing,

it's going to be a little
more complicated.

No, she's not the problem.

Well, I mean she's part
of the problem, but...


She's having an
affair with another man.

They got to be here someplace.

Yeah, I'll try the first floor.

Well, that... leaves the stairs.

And then, after the
Bitterman funeral,

I came home early and...

he... he was in there with her.

My fee for the
boyfriend is $15,000,

but you can spare
yourself a future expense

by taking advantage
of my two-for-one plan.


No, did you find A.J.?

I wonder if there's
another way out of here.

I don't know.

- You take 12. I'll take 14.
- You got it.

Okay, I've got the address.
Now, what's his name?

I wouldn't do this if I
didn't love her so much.

It's just that I know
that if he's gone,

I can make her happy again.

The name.

He's a private detective.

He's a loathsome individual.

He makes his living
peeping through keyholes.

His name is Rick Simon.

♪♪ [Muzak]

Mr. Lee?

Mr. Lee, are you there?

That's why I'm calling.

I guess I'm ready for
another assignment.

Two days? That's not much time.

All right, I'll do my best.

Thanks, Mr. Lomax.


Did he buy it?

He wants the report on Rick

delivered to the
country club in two days.

He said it's urgent.

That's great.

That's easy for you to say.

All right, let's get
back to the report.

All right, here's
what we've got.

"Cecilia Simon..."

No, no, no, no.

No, better to have both
parents be deceased.

Nearest living
relative, brother, A.J.

Andrew Jackson Simon.

What did I see
when I followed you?

Uh, 3 p.m. on Thursday,
you saw me drive

my 1957 Chevrolet convertible

to the Beer and
Steer restaurant.

At 3:30, I left with a
gorgeous, shapely...

A woman.

We got into the lady's
car, a yellow, metal-flaked...

A black sedan.

We don't go out with
the same women.

At 6 p.m., the lady dropped
me back at the restaurant,

and you followed me to, um...

Where do you want to
set it up? At your house?

No, no.

The office.

Fewer escape routes,
less room to maneuver.

Don't have to worry
about the neighbors.

Yeah. Mr. Korman's just getting
his roses looking healthy again.

Live ammo would
not be good for them.

Besides, the office will
be a lot easier to secure.

No, Town, guys like Mr. Lee

develop a sixth
sense about cops.

I don't know about that.

We have got to
let this man think

that this is just an ordinary,
normal, garden-variety murder.


Uh, we also want him to
have a limited time frame,

so we can set it up for Friday.

So, tell him that he's
working nights in the office,

uh, because he's going
to leave town on Saturday

and you don't know
where he's going.

And imply that his
office has easier access

because he lives in a
tight-security building

like that condo near
the Del Coronado.

All right, I'll get the address.

Anything else?


His partner will be right
there at the office with him.

He'll be less worried about
you if he knows where you are.

[A.J.] Okay.

You're driving a
slow-moving vehicle

on a winding two-lane highway.

You must pull over
when followed by...

Okay, I'm going to have
to be where you are,

and we're going to have
to move you down here

so that the guy's forced to
take another step in the room

to get a clear shot.

What do you got?

Um, we got one high, one low.

Okay, what's the usual dosage
for two-legged assassins?

Whatever it takes
to put him out.

Probably about the
same as for a timber wolf.

He should drop after
about 20 seconds.

Mr. Lee may run,
but he won't get far.

Where was I?

You must pull over and
let other drivers pass

when you're followed by...

four or more vehicles.

- Five.
- Four.


Where's the book?


What's going on here?

I didn't order this.

You guys got the wrong house.

Hey! What's going on here?

Who are you?

[Man] Just a minute, Billy.

Mr. Lee?

The police already
know about you, Billy.

They'll arrest you for
extortion or murder.

Then they'll ask you
what you have to trade.

- [thud]
- Aah.


Excuse me. I'm meeting
Mr. William Lomax.

Have you seen him?

Of course. Miss Sandborn,

Mr. Lomax called to say
he'd be detained indefinitely.

He asked me to take
whatever you have for him,

and he'll come by
and pick it up later.

Oh, um, well, all right.

Thank you.

Okay, a guy in a trench
coat just entered the lobby.

[Rick] Roger that.

[A.J.] Passing school grounds

where a school
warning sign is posted

and children are going
to or coming from school?

[Rick] Prima facie speed
limit 25 miles an hour.

If an individual's convicted
of drunk driving offenses

occurring twice in five years,

the DMV must suspend

that individual's
driving privilege for...

One year.

Whenever a driver approaches
a flashing red traffic signal,

he shall... [recording]
Stop and proceed

as in the case of a stop
sign at a through highway.

Some of the duties of a
driver involved in an accident

whenever someone
is killed or injured are...

Give aid to the injured,

furnish your name and
address to persons involved,

and notify authorities.

Every person riding a bicycle on
a roadway or any paved shoulder...

Has all of the rights and
is subject to all of the duties

applicable to the
driver of a motor vehicle.

It is permissible to drive
at speeds greater than 55...


It is unlawful to exceed
55 miles an hour.

It doesn't matter
what's going on.


The car in front
of you has stickers

on the windshield
that are legal.

Where are they placed?

Stickers are permitted
on the windshield

in a 7-inch square

in the lower corner
farthest from the driver.

Okay, stickers are
permitted on the windshield

in a 7-inch square

in the lower corner
farthest from the driver.

On the rear window
in a 7-inch square

in the lower corner
on the driver's side.

He's coming your way,
Town. He's coming your way.

He didn't come by
me. He's gone up.

Damn it. He's gone.

No, he's not. He knows
we got a good look at him.

He's out there.



Come in, Town.

Going to need some
backup up here.

Get the chopper moving.

The man's wearing
a bulletproof vest.

That's why he didn't go down.

[Reporter] Members
of the deep cover staff

working closely
with special officers

of the San Diego
Police Department

have helped me to
capture the contract killer

known only as Mr. Lee.

Special officers.
That must be me.

Are you guys the
deep cover staff?

Yeah, I guess we must be.

So ends the career of
the infamous Mr. Lee.

A key to dozens of
unsolved murders,

a window to organized
crime in the United States.

I'd sure like to know how
Brad got the news so fast.

I mean, he was there
with the camera crew

before Mr. Lee was
even off the scene.

Yeah, he must have had a
contact in the police department.

But they know who they are.

I think you'll agree

that putting one
reporter's life on the line

is clearly worth the risk.

We're in deep...
We certainly are.

[Temple laughs]

- We're in deep cover.
- Worth the risk, huh?

Closed-Captioned By J.R.
Media Services, Inc. Burbank, CA