Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 3, Episode 16 - Heels and Toes - full transcript

Rick and AJ help a woman who wants to leave behind the world of erotic dancing and enter the more exclusive world of ballet.

♪♪ [dance]

- You do this?
- [Woman] I used to.

[Announcer] Tonight
on Simon & Simon...

- I'm in law school.
- Oh, come on.

I suppose she's a
nuclear physicist.

- No, she's a hooker.
- She's a hoo...

Hey, guys. There are a
million stories in a naked city.

- She hired us to protect her.
- You owe me, Holly.

I'll buy my way out of
this place if I have to.

The ballet will never allow
one of her type onstage.

That guy defect or was he
shipped out with some bad sardines?

♪♪ [theme]

[men chattering]

[men whooping, laughing]

♪♪ [dance]

[whooping continues]


Holly, sit down.

Look, why don't we, uh,

take a ride out to the
beach, have a quiet drink?

We haven't... talked in a month.

Listen, a lot of stuff's
been happening, Randy.

- I need to get out of here.
- Maybe you ought to take
a day off.

I'm talking about
out of here for good.

[chuckles] You're just tired.

You'll feel different tomorrow,

especially if you
spend the night.

Look, I can't handle it anymore!

Now, I expect you to
respect my decision.

I'm not talking respect
anymore, I'm talking gratitude.

- You owe me, Holly.
- Yeah, and I'm planning
to pay you back.

I'll buy my way out of
this place if I have to.

Name a figure. I'll
sign an I.O.U. right now.

You already have.
A long time ago.

Oh, Randy.

You're gonna be one sorry lady.


[engine starts]


[sustained honk]


I, uh, got some more quarters.

You want me to get
you some more ice?

No, I do not want
another bag of ice.

- I want my doctor.
- Well, you gotta be patient.

According to Nancy over there,

there's a fellow with
a slug in his leg first,

and then the accident with
the power tools is second,

and we're third on the list.

Rick, what happened
to my doctor?

Ah, don't worry about it.

I got you the best there
is... Captain Midnight.


He is the top trauma
man at County.

He always works
the Friday nights.

You know, payday,
the whistle blows,

you pick up your check,
and let the games begin.

Oh! Ricky!

- Ricky, my friend!
- Raj.

I haven't seen you since you brought
in Carlos to have his tracheotomy.

Very curious.

How could a man
swallow a pocket flashlight?

More important, why?

Oh, uh, Raj, you got
a man in pain here.

It's my brother A.J.

- Oh, pleased to meet you.
- Oh...

Oh, my goodness. Gosh.
What happened here?

Well, we were, uh, on a divorce
case... routine surveillance.

- We were moving along a ledge
on this condo.
- Dr. Raj,

- you're needed at once...
- I turned around for A.J... he's gone.

- at Emergency Reception.
- Oh, very interesting.

- I'll be with you in a moment.
- Well, hey, but...

- It's a busy night. He's a busy doctor.
- [sighs]

Are you sure, Miss McGinnis?

Look, I told you it
was an accident.

Please, I really don't
want to pursue this.

Okay. It's your life.

No dilation.

All your X-rays are negative.

Mild concussion.

You seem to be fine, but I sense

that you are a
woman with problems.

Do you always eavesdrop
on your patients?

Eavesdrop? Why?

I am here. You are here.
He was here. I am not deaf.

Then you heard me
say I don't need help.

Oh, official help, no. But
perhaps some private advice.

You need someone
to keep his mind open

and his mouth shut.

Same thing I told J.A.

A little hairline fracture
right above the wrist.

With this, you can
still use your hand.

Good. Thank you.

Cast should be on, oh,

no more than two weeks.

See there, J.A. Piece of cake.

Listen, uh, Holly, this
guy you want us to talk to.

Just how seriously do
you want us to talk to him?

Um, I'm not sure I
know what you mean.

Look, we deal with
a lot of these cases.

The official term
is "harassment."

A guy can't reconcile
himself to ending the affair,

and his love, well,
sort of mutates.

All of a sudden, a ton of flowers turns
into a string of obscene phone calls.

I guess mine fits
the pattern then.

It started with a phone call,

and now this thing with my car.

- And you're sure Dever's
the only one... Yow!
- Oops. Sorry.

Look, Randy's the only man
that I've dated in the last two years.

It's gotta be him.
Just go and talk to him.

- Seriously.
- Okay.

It's amazing how quickly
a broken heart will heal

when you're threatened
with a broken arm.

Bad choice of words.

- ♪♪ [dance]
- [men whooping]

How does she do that? Mmm.

Should've let Captain Midnight
give you something for the pain.

Well, for what we have to
do, pain may come in handy.

[whooping continues]

Did you ever stop
and think about

where your life is headed, A.J.?

I mean, here we are,
about to get paid 50 bucks

to scare some
geek out of his mind.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

There's our man.

Wouldn't you know it.

Always the silk shirt.

These guys are all the same.


[sighs] Let's get it over with.

Now just take it easy, now.

All we gotta do
is lean a little bit.

There's no need to
break any furniture.

Randy Dever?

Do I know you guys?

No, and you don't want to.

Now, listen up 'cause I'm
gonna choose my words carefully.

Mr. Dever, we have a message from
a friend of ours, Ms. Holly McGinnis...

As I was saying, Ms. McGinnis
does not want to see you again.

She does not want
to hear from you.

And she does not
want to work here.

She's willing to
settle her debt,

and I would be happy
to be the conduit for that.

Who the hell do you
guys think you are?

You don't come in to my club

and tell me what to do.

Obscene phone calls?
That's high school stuff.

But messing around with her car,

that is over the line.

And who do we think we are?

And we are the guys on the
other side of that line, Dever.

Wait a minute. What
are you talking about?

- What car?
- It's very simple.

Don't you see? You
are a bad memory.

You're the day before yesterday.

You're gone.

Listen, Dever, do
yourself a favor,

don't upset him anymore.

He's already put two
guys in the hospital tonight.

Just be a good guy and
stay away from Holly.

You guys got this
thing backwards.

I never did anything
but help Holly.

And not just money either.

[chuckles] And this is
how she pays me back?

[men cheering]

Well, it doesn't matter 'cause
she's in over her head now anyway.

That crowd she's running
with is gonna hurt her.


She's about to take a big fall.

And I won't be
there to catch her.

You will. Tell
her that, will ya?

- I will.
- You know what Yogi
used to say.

Yeah. "It ain't
over 'til it's over."

It's over.

If that guy's acting, there's
an Academy Award in it for him.

Is that the right amount?

I... I don't think he's
gonna bother you anymore.

But, uh, if you don't mind,
I got a couple of questions.

I don't think he bothered
you to begin with.

We've done this before.

This guy just wasn't your basic,

hang-on-by-the-fingernails type.

Well, sure they always deny it

and say they just
want what's best,

but I got the feeling
Dever was telling the truth.

You wanna try
doing the same thing?

Hey, wait a minute!

I didn't pay you guys
to play This is Your Life.

- So if you just want to...
- Look...

we do not like situations
where the guy we're after

tells us more than
our client does.

And I especially do not like

leaning on people when
they don't deserve it.

He deserves it.

So you wanna just take
the check and leave?


Well, another
day, another dollar.


Wait... A.J.! Wait, look.

We know you're in
some kind of trouble.

Why don't you just tell us who
these people you're involved with are.

They can't be any worse than
people we deal with every day.


That woman is in deep linguini.

- [rips]
- Let's tail her.

- Hello.
- Hi.

God. The check bounced, too.

Now they're tampering
with my bank account.

You're credit's fine.

Especially with us.

Listen, why don't you
let us help you out of

whatever this mess is.

I should never have opened
that damn door in the first place.

I should have just
stuck with wet t-shirts.

Hold on. Hold on.
What's behind the door?

The ballet.

The ballet.

This is the crowd that
Dever thinks is bad for ya.

He didn't think that at first.

He pushed me to try out.

I think it's great.

I mean, it's a big jump

from The Fox Hunt to Swan Lake.

Look, that's why I didn't
level with you guys up front.

I didn't want the ballet company

finding out what I
did with my nights.

I just don't want to blow
a chance to dance with

Vladimir Kavi.

Boy, neither would I.

Who's Vladimir Kavi?

The only Russian he knows
is filtered through charcoal.

[Woman] And 5, 6, 7, 8.

And a 1, 2, 3, lengthen, 4,

and 5, 6, pull away.

- Just see how she is!
- It's all right, Vladimir. It's all right.

Kirsten, you've got to pull up.

- You've got to.
- Yes, please.

Could you pull up?

Okay. It's okay.
3 and 4 and 5...

[distant siren]

And a 1, 2...

These people come from the
finest dance schools in the country.

I laughed when
Randy first suggested

that I try out.

Well, maybe he didn't
think you'd make it.

Uh-uh. He believed in me.

He got me an audition with
none other than Darren Oates.

He's the chairman of the board

and treats this ballet
like his private crusade.

[sighs] What a long shot.

Right off the street like that.

But I won the lead.

Now Randy thinks the
ballet is trying to woo me

away from him.

I'm just waiting
for him to tell Oates

that I dance at the club.

[Rick] It's the 20th Century.

People can handle
something like that.

I mean, Kissinger
wrote all about Nixon

wandering through
the White House,

talking to all the
pictures on the wall.

Tricky Dick still gets to
go to lunch with the Pope.

Look, Oates is
scarcely going to fire you

simply 'cause you
earned a few bucks

dancing in a nightclub.

I don't know.

Oh, The Fox Hunt
Club's not as bad

as that nude bowling
joint out near the airport.

Look, right now scandal
is the least of my worries.

[sighs] It's all these other
things that are happening.

The accidents.

I mean, it's like acts
of... sabotage, I guess.

Someone is trying
to psych me out.

Getting me to clutch or quit.

I imagine the competition
around here is pretty fierce.

Who could be after your job?

[laughs] Take your pick.

Holly, Oates is
calling for your scalp.

- Where have you been?
- Car trouble.

I like your mechanics.

This is Brenda Haas.

She's my roommate.

Uh, Rick and A.J. Simon.

- Hi. I'm A.J.
- And I'm Rick.


Uh, some old friends of mine.

Ah. Did you do that dancing?

Oh. No, ma'am. I'm
a securities analyst.

- How 'bout you?
- Anytime.

No! You move like
old peasant woman!

And you behave like a tramp!

You'll never dance
with me like this. Never!

- Michelle, come!
- I'll talk to him.

That guy defect or was he
shipped out with some bad sardines?

He just happens to
be the guy who has

Baryshnikov looking
over his shoulder.

I know about a
hundred ballerinas

who would kill
to be in his arms.

Who's the woman
he's about to kill?

Kirsten Jeffries.

She's my understudy.

She's the one who's
supposed to have

Holly looking over her shoulder.

Well, back to the meat grinder.

Nice meeting you.

It's nice... meeting you.

Tell me about the Russkie.

He's still got all the
leaves on his clover?


Does he like girls?

I don't know.



[tires screeching]

Well, nobody
hiding in the closets.

No one in the bathroom.

Nothing under the
bed but dust balls.

Listen, you guys, I'll be fine.

Listen, nothing's ever
happened to me here.

Why don't you just go
home and get some sleep.

What's in here?

Oh, that's Brenda's room.

Half the time, she
turns in before dinner.


We'll take shifts outside.

Oh, no. You don't
have to do that.

Yeah, we know, but
we're going to do it anyway.

All right, well, I'm
going to fix you breakfast

in the morning, okay?

- Sunny side up?
- Okay.

- Over easy?
- All right.

- Homemade biscuits?
- Waffles on the side?

- I'm not sure about that.
- Maple syrup?

- Grits?
- Mm. Mm.

- Bye. Thank you.
- Do we have to leave?

Couldn't we just stay
here and start cooking...

[Woman over
radio] Um, Dr. Jastro,

my six-year-old son is
constantly complaining

about a pain in his lower back.

- What should I do about it?
- Get rid of him.

[turns off radio]

Come on, Bren. It's 7.


Come on, up and at 'em.

Hey, get up... [Holly gasping]


[police radio chatter]

Forensics crawling all
over the place in there.

They showed me the door.


Took her to the cop shop
about ten minutes ago.

Questions only, for now.

We sure did her a
lot of good, didn't we?

I want to take a look
at the coroner's report.

Let's go buy Town
a cup of coffee.

Hey, guys, there are a
million stories in a naked city.

I got a dozen of
my own right here.

If you want to have a
seat, I'll be glad to help you

as soon as I finish
this paperwork.

We'd grow cobwebs doing that.

Look, Town, Holly
McGinnis is our client.

She hired us to protect her.

Now, whoever killed Brenda,

chances are, they
were after Holly.

- I'd like to help you.
- [Rick] Okay.

But, uh, it'll be hours
before this paperwork

shuffles its way
through the system.

So you're going to have to
hit the coroner on your own.

Look, watch your step.

I think Roberts is
working the shift.

[Rick sighs]



Ed Crowder, Alive at Five.

[chuckles] That's me.

Yeah, Special Agent Ernie Boyer.

I'm with the big guy's office.

All right, here's the scan.

Hostages, sub-basement 4,

courthouse, no
cameras, exclusive.

What? Which big guy?

- Shh!
- Watch it!

Look, the only reason
I'm giving this to you

is because of last
week's editorial,

"Gun Control, Who Needs It?"

You'd better get a move
on and get on down there.

Come on. Go, go, go, go!

Leave the camera
equipment. It's a police station.

- We'll keep an eye on it.
- For crying out loud.

I won't forget this.

- I hope so.
- I'm sure he won't.

Dr. Roberts. Hi, Dr. Roberts.

Andy Simon, Channel
3 Action News.

We'd like to talk to
you for a few minutes

about the Brenda Haas
murder investigation.

Channel 3 Action News.

You're the guys who did the
exposé of the coroner's office.

Did I say Channel
3? I'm so sorry.

I meant to say Channel 7.

I used to work for Channel 3,

but I quit because of their
shoddy reporting practices.

- Shoddy isn't the word for it.
- Okay.

We're rolling here.


Dr. Roberts, what have
you found out so far

about the Brenda Haas murder?

Well, Andy,

of course the Coroner's Office
is doing a thorough examination

of the victim, but I can
reasonably speculate

that death was caused
by a blow to the head

by a blunt instrument.

Is there any evidence that the
murderer was male or female?

I can't really say at this time.

I thank you very much.

Okay, we're cut.

Just between you and me,

I've got my money down on
the roommate, Holly McGinnis.

Next time, I ask the questions,
you schlep the gear around.

It's crazy,

asking me the same
questions over and over again,

like they thought I did it.

Is there any chance

that Brenda was involved
in any of your accidents?

The police tried to make something
out of me dancing with Vladimir,

because everyone knew that
Brenda had a crush on him.

That's ridiculous.

And then this
business about the club.

I only knew Brenda a few months,

but she understood.

I mean, she danced for Joffrey.

She knew I was working at
Randy's club, and didn't care.

She was in favor of
dancers making a living.

So there's nothing
else between you

that the police could
use as a motive?


I'd sure like to know
where Dever was last night.


Randy couldn't do
anything like this.

Yeah, but he has plenty
of friends who could.

♪♪ [funk]


What are you doing here?
Maybe you don't hear so good.

Maybe your boys
don't talk so good,

but I already told you,

if you left, I wouldn't be
there when you hit the wall.

Randy, I want to
hear it from you.

- I want to know you had
nothing to do with this.
- With what?

Brenda's dead.
Somebody killed her.


And these guys said I
had something to do with it?

Stop it. Stop.

If you ever want to
see me again, just stop.

I want to talk to him alone.

It's okay.


Hi, I'm Susan. Can
I get you a drink?

Uh, well, uh... I'd like a beer.

New break, huh?

How'd you guess?

No guess. It's a virgin.

You cast. There's
not a mark on it.

I'll be the first.

You'll always remember me.

That's Latin. What does it say?

Look it up.

What's a nice girl like you
doing speaking a dead language?

I'm in law school.

Oh, come on. Is everybody in
this place doing graduate work?

I suppose she's a
nuclear physicist.

No, she's a hooker.

She's a hoo...

When we aren't dancing,
we're waiting tables.

Those are the rules.

Except for Holly.
She has special rules.


So anything for you?

No, thank you.

I'd still like a
beer, counselor.

You got it.

So do you.

I love you.

Now whether you succeed
or not doesn't matter to me.

Well, it does matter to me.

I can't spend my whole
life dancing in this club.

Forget the club. Just...

Just don't forget me, okay?


I'm a little surprised they're
continuing with these rehearsals.

The show must go on, I suppose.

There just isn't any
choice. You can't believe

how much work still needs
to be done. I'll see you.

Vladimir, I'm sorry I'm late.

Shall we begin?

Um, well...

What's the matter?


What's the matter
with everybody?

- I'm sorry.
- What?


Holly, we believe in you.

You're part of the family here.

What's going on, Mr. Oates?

You have to understand,
Holly, this ballet exists

at the whim of a lot of
pretty narrow-minded people.

We've got to let the air clear
about Brenda. Everything.

It would be better if you could
take some time off, don't you think?

But, Mr. Oates, we
open on Thursday.

Even so, Kirsten
can fill in for you.

Holly, you're
doing it for all of us.

Please, no. Leave me alone.

The park sure has changed, A.J.

Used to be a nice place to come

and just, you know, relax.

I know.

It used to be quiet, empty.

You could get back to
nature, listen to the birds sing.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

When Carlos and I used to
cut class, we'd come down here.

You know, race our
motorcycles through the trees,

drink beer till we
passed out. It was terrific.

What is he doing?

Tai Chi.

Oriental meditation.

Looks like it hurts.

You have no idea.

Your girl... She's
right over there.

Over where?


You know, Town,

for a guy who's not
even on the case,

you're taking an awful lot
of interest in this young lady.

I used to not be on the case.

The captain decided
he'd like to know more

about all the people who are
connected with the Brenda Haas murder,

- and how they're
connected together.
- We had the same thought.


Thanks for calling us, Town.

Nothing to it.

You're gonna strain something.

You're right. [groans]

♪♪ [synthesizer]

They're good.

God, they're great.

You do this?

I used to.

About a million years ago.

You know, it's
actually a relief.

It's also quitting.

I'm an embarrassment
to the ballet.

So I'll just do what I
should have done all along...

I'll forget about it and
keep on dancing for Andy.

Unless you're
arrested for murder.

That's not gonna happen.
They don't have anything.

Neither do we.

And we won't, not as long as
you keep ducking out on reality

by taking these long
walks in the park.

You're gonna
have to help us out.

He's right. Brenda was killed

because somebody doesn't
want you in that ballet.

Who doesn't want me there?

Vladimir and I dance
beautifully together.

I'm Darren Oates' discovery,

local girl sensation, you know?

I'm the kind of
draw he's looking for

to keep that ballet on
its feet. I'm good for them.

The only person I know
who wouldn't want me there...

is Randy.

There's only one way
we're gonna find out for sure.

You're gonna have
to keep dancing.

You cow!

This is impossible!


You call me when
you learn to dance.

What do you want to bet

the Kremlin actually paid
for his ticket over here?

We've only been working
together since yesterday.

Almost seems as if he doesn't
want to work with you at all.

Well, he doesn't
have much of a choice.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Excuse me. May I have
everybody's attention, please?

I'm sorry, but I made the
wrong decision yesterday.

I haven't done anything
that I should be punished for.

I just want to dance.

Excuse me.

Your idea?

Oh, all she needed
was a little pep talk.

You know she's
no longer welcome.

That was yesterday.

We figured someone
had to make a move

toward bringing
things back to normal.

Don't try that on me. You
know my position here.

Or you ought to.

[clears throat]

Why don't you enlighten us?

♪♪ [pop]

You want any lunch?

Yeah, get me a beer.

I said, do you want some lunch?

And I said yes.

Just a trifle rusty there.

What exactly do you call that?

It's called the moon dance.
Carlos and I used to do this.

We'd get a couple of
girls, go out in the desert

on our motorcycles. We'd
dance and drink beer...

Pass out. Yeah, I know.

Unlike most teenagers,
you developed quite early

a sense of what
you wanted out of life.

Yeah. Those kids out
in the park do that thing.

They were doing... I can't...

I think the arms
move more like this.

That was my next move.

May I?

And to what exactly

do we owe the
pleasure of this visit?


A Russian passion.

I wanted to know
what kind of men

would encourage that girl to go

where she's so
obviously not wanted.

You didn't seem to mind.

I enjoy dancing with her.

She demands the best
from me, challenges me.

I would have enjoyed
performing with her.

She would have
made me look, um...


Yeah, well, you're
gonna look super-duper.

She's gonna perform
with you. We'll see to that.

Oh, really?

I think not.

For two reasons.

Firstly, the ballet
will never allow

- one of her type on stage.
- Just what type is that?

A murderess.

Listen, Russkie, we got this
funny tradition in this country.

We like to prove a person
guilty before we blame them.

I know.

It is one of the
reasons I am here.

But I'm afraid such
fine points of justice

will be lost on Darren
Oates and his kind.

They are the same everywhere.

But what I wanted to know is,

why are you involved?

You have nothing to do with us.

Well... let's just
say it's our job.

Oh, of course.

We have this tradition
in the U.S.S.R.

Men who pry into
other people's lives.

We call it the KGB.

I don't have to
put up with this.

Come on, twinkletoes. Outside.

Wait, wait, wait, before
you throw him in the canal.

You said you had two reasons
why Holly wouldn't be performing.

- What's the second reason?
- She's in the hospital.

They removed her from
rehearsal after she collapsed.

[Woman] Attention all visitors.

Visiting hours will be
ending in 15 minutes.

All visitors please leave
the hospital at this time.

How is she?

It was close. Some
kind of poison.

Well, is she out of danger?

That's what they're trying to
tell me, but I haven't seen her yet.

Oh, goodness me. What a day.

- How's the arm.
- It's fine.

How's Holly McGinnis?

Oh, Miss McGinnis came
very nearly face to face

with the universal oneness.

Holly's well now,
however. Come along.


The test results indicate

a very weakened
strain of botulism toxin.

5%, 10% more, most fatal.

How'd she get it?

Food, of course. Yogurt.

Nasty business.

Botulism is not something
we usually find in yogurt.

Does it itch?


Oh. No, no. It's fine.

Oh, it will. Be assured of that.

Most maddening.

Well, she must be
here two, three days.

Then very, very weak.



Oh, by the way,

who wrote that on your cast?

Naughty, naughty.

Well... hey, what does it say?

Hell of a stomach ache, huh?

The worst.

The doc says

that you can leave
here day after tomorrow.

Another week, you're
gonna be good as new.

You have to do better than that.

Why push it?

The ballet. We
open in four days.

Promise you'll get me there.


Okay. I promise.

Ands we're gonna find
out who killed Brenda.

That's a promise, too.


Should have listened to
Mom and been an orthodontist.

You've faced worse smells.

An old pair of Holly's tights.

No breakfast stuff in here.


"Ah-ha" what?



One yogurt container.

Suitable for poisoning.


Wait a minute. Who's
gonna clean my truck?

Same person who
always cleans it. Nobody.

Lose it on the freeway.

The botulin was shot through
the top with an hypodermic.

All the uneaten containers
in her refrigerator

had been injected, too.

Well, Holly had her yogurt
every day at the same time.

In the morning,

so she was bound to get a dose

in time to knock
her out of the ballet.

But on the day of the murder,

she didn't have it until later,

'cause she was down here being
questioned about Brenda Haas,

who was probably killed
because she surprised

whoever it was who was
shooting up the yogurt.


Okay, now I've got Dever's,

I've got Vladimir's,

I got Kirsten Jeffries'
phone records.

Have you subpoenaed Darren
Oates' phone records yet?

Uh-huh, but that's all protected

and privileged and
strictly police business.

Bottom left corner drawer.

Okay. So.

Holly's off the hook. You
don't poison your own yogurt.

But who would've wanted
her not to dance that bad?

It's not Dever.

He loves her too much
to want to hurt her.

It's not Vladimir,

because she would have
been a terrific partner for him.

Likewise, not Oates,

'cause she would have
been great for his ballet.

I don't think it was Kirsten.

Even though she would
have gotten the part,

- she couldn't guarantee that.
- I don't know
where this fits in,

but Oates is on the hook
for a big chunk of dough.

How do you know that?

That's all privileged and
protected information, too.

Anyway, about six months ago,

Oates had to cover himself
for some bad investments.

And guess where
he got the money?

- The ballet.
- A-ha. You just served an ace.

Yeah, I guess the man
knows what he's talking about

when he says they're
broke. He's got all the loot.

Yeah, but that still doesn't
tie him to Brenda Haas' death.

- Maybe this does.
- What?

Well, could be that Oates

and Kirsten are playing house.

Who says that?

Ma Bell.


Now here we've got
Oates' phone records, right?

Now the guy's on
the horn all day long

to various and sundry
peoples until about 8:00 p.m.

Then the calls stop.

These are Kirsten's
phone records.

Staring at about 8:00 p.m.,

the same calls are being
made from her place.

Funny she doesn't call
anybody before 8:00.

Well, at least not the
various and sundry peoples.

I suspect that
Mr. Oates and Kirsten

are spending their
evenings together.

Not much to go on.

Not enough for me.

Well, we'll get some more.

You got any more privileged
and protected information

we could look at?

- Yeah, but it's classified.
- Uh-huh.

Bye, gentlemen.

Thank you much.

Well, well, well. Look
what the cat dragged in.

Yeah. Figured she'd be in
lockup by now, didn't you?

So did I, yeah.

I guess they missed her.

Oh, that's all
right. No big deal.

We can make a citizen's arrest

and hold her here
till they get here.

- Are you talking about me?
- Tell me something.

How long have you and
Oates been sleeping together?

What makes you think we are?

That's what he says.

That's what he's
telling them right now.

Yeah, the police were
there when he got home.

- Boy, he snapped up the deal.
- [laughs]

What are you talking
about? What deal?

Well, it's kind of a trade-off.

They give him immunity
from prosecution,

and he gives them...
- You.
- Yeah.


Oh, and plus the details.

You know, how
you put him up to it,

how you put the botulism
in the yogurt, you know.

Et cetera, et cetera.

[door opens]

Yeah, that must
be them right now.

Why should I get the
blame? I just wanted to dance.

- Well, don't ask us.
- Hey, we're not lawyers.

I guess first-degree murder
is kind of complicated.

I don't think you actually
have to do the killing

- in order to get convicted.
- No, just as long
as you participated...

But I'm not even
guilty. Okay, sure.

I wanted the lead bad
enough to use Darren to get it.

And he was gonna
give it to me, too,

until Holly auditioned.

But you did know that he
was using the ballet's money.

Sure. He bragged
about it in private,

until he realized he
couldn't pay them back.

A-ha. So you... "suggested"

that somebody might find
out if he didn't fire Holly.

But I never wanted
him to hurt her.

Look, that was his idea.

He was afraid, if
he fired his protégé,

somebody would
start asking questions.

But you did kill Brenda, right?

No. He did it.

Look, I wasn't even there.

He just told me about it.

He was going out
when she was coming in.

And he pushed
her down the stairs.

Couldn't keep your
mouth shut, huh, Kirsten?

- They already knew.
- Well, no, we didn't,

but now we do.

Anybody who sticks his head
through this door gets it blown off.

- I'll take the high road.
- Me, too.


Hold it! Don't do
anything stupid.


Just stay right there.

Okay, on your knees. Slowly.

Hands behind your back.
Put your thumbs together.

Nobody was ever
supposed to get hurt.

I was careful with the poison.

Holly only got sick,
but then that stupid girl.

I never even touched her.

She just fell.

Well, the effect was the same.


You gonna stay up
there all day, or what?


Oh, no. No, Rick.

No, wrong.



The, uh, right ankle.


Oh, my goodness, gosh.

A broken ankle.

It's not funny, A.J.

How does a man
get a broken ankle?

And more important, why?



I just want to say one thing.

I owe my life to you guys.

Knock their socks off.

- I'm ready if you are.
- Ready.

Hey, Rick, you want
me to sign your cast?

You try to sign this, you're
gonna need one of your own.

[cheers and applause]

Closed-Captioned By J.R.
Media Services, Inc. Burbank, CA