Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 3, Episode 15 - Bloodlines - full transcript

The brothers investigate the disappearance of a mare from a horse farm.

- I got you your pony.
- I never wanted a pony.

- [Man on P.A.] They're off!
- [Announcer] Tonight
on Simon & Simon...

Shame on you asking
your mother for money.

You went and took that
mare after I warned you not to.

[Man] I had no choice, Jim.

We both know you're running
stolen thoroughbreds into Mexico.

You should learn
to curb your tongue.

- A.J., you don't look so good.
- Of course I don't
look so good!

- [bang]
- Rick!

♪♪ [theme]

- [goat bleating]
- It's me.

Easy now. I got a
ding-a-ling for you.

[bleating continues]


- [bleating continues]
- [bell jingling]

[engine starts]

[Rick] A.J.!


Where have you been?
Didn't you hear me calling you?

Been out here for
an hour already.

I would've had to been in a Soviet
Bloc country not to have heard you.

Come on. Get dressed.
The day's wasting.

As I told you last night,

whatever twisted mission
you may have in mind,

it's gonna have to be solo.

I have an appointment with
Abigail at 10:30 to get my hair cut.

Oh, that. Don't worry about it.
That's already been taken care of.

I called her up, told her
you were gonna be late.

You may notice I'm not smiling.

Aw, come on, A.J. Relax.

She said she'd keep her
blow dryer warm for you.

I don't know why you just
don't cut your own hair like I do.

Save you a lot of
time and money.

What is all that stuff?

Well, you remember
when you were a kid,

and you always wanted a pony,
and Dad wouldn't let you have one

because we didn't
have enough room?

I never wanted a pony.

Of course you wanted a pony.

Every red-blooded
American kid wants a pony.

Well, even though
it's a little late,

[clicks tongue] I
got you your pony.

[Rick] Let's see. It's stall 48.

Just ridiculous! You don't know
the first thing about thoroughbreds.

A horse is a horse, A.J.

Every last sneaky things these devils
can do to you, they've done to me.

Oh, you mean the ones some of the
folks sent you out to work in Wyoming?

They sent me to work
with horses, didn't they?

No, they sent you to get
you away from Debby Burns.

Oh, yeah.

Besides which cow
ponies and thoroughbreds

aren't even the same breed.

You've never even seen
this beast, have you?

Oh, sure. Guy had a snapshot.

- Ohh!
- Anyway, let me finish
my story.

Been in the zone all night.

I mean, I'm drawing the
inside straights, filling boats.

You name it. I am hot.

So, anyway, it's, like,
4:00 in the morning, right?

I've got two bullets,
three beautiful ladies

and a poker face that would've
put Doc Holliday to shame.

Ends up, me and this new guy I didn't
know are the only ones left in the game.

He was a little bit short
on table stakes, so...

So he calls you with a horse.

He calls me with a
horse. [clicks tongue]

Why do I always let you talk
me into staking for these games?

Brotherly love.

Well, at least you
didn't buy the beast.

- We can unload him before
the bills start mounting up.
- [loud clattering]

Whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

His name's, uh,
Hell In A Bad Mood.

- [Man] Get him!
- It's a good sign when
they're high-spirited like that.

- A.J.!
- Get it on him! Get it on him!

- Hold him! Hold him!
- I am holding him!

[horse whinnying]

So, what you're
telling me, Lieutenant,

is that I may never
see Lady again.

Well, somebody
with a real bleak,

kind of totally pessimistic
view of life might say that, yeah.

You really know how
to inspire confidence.

I appreciate that, but, uh,
it doesn't come naturally.

Night school.
Community relations.

[Rick] Got it. Easy! Easy!

A.J., you can help a little
bit. You took riding lessons.

You didn't seem to need my
help getting us into this mess.

[Rick] What the hell
are you doing here?

Do I detect a note of sibling
discord in the air this morning?

A whole symphony
would be a little more like it.

- How you doing, Town?
- All right. How you doing?

You here at the track
in your usual capacity,

or are you here for
some police work?

I'm on special assignment... a temporary
swap with the county sheriff's department.

The city force gets a pack of
trained attack dogs for a month,

and, of course,
the county gets me.

- Sounds like a fair trade.
- [Rick] Easy, boy. Easy, boy.

Excuse me. Miss
Caulfield, this is A.J. Simon.

- Hi. How do you do?
- How do you do?

- [Rick] Give me a hand here!
- Come to think of it.

He could probably help
you out a lot better than I can.

- He's private heat.
- What's the case?

Oh, my horse was stolen.

But I sure can't afford
a private investigator.

Too bad you can't
work something out.

I got a caseload
like to break my back.

The boys here could
be on the case full time.

While there still is time.

- [horse whinnying]
- [Rick shouting]

That renegade belong to you?

- Yeah, he's my brother.
- [Rick] Easy, boy.

- Whooaah!
- Oh, you mean the horse?

Uh, yeah.

Come to think of it, I
suppose he is half mine.

I'm not sure I care to
contemplate which half.

- [Man] Hold him!
- [Rick] I am holding him!

- Get back in here!
- I can't train a fella
like him. You train him!

[horse whinnying]

A.J.! A.J.!

Here. Hold this.

Uh... Give him to me.

- What?
- Give him to me.

Come on, boy.



Mr. Simon, I've got
a proposition for you.

Come on. Good boy. Good boy.

You really believe you can get
this glue factory reject to the races?

With enough time, I can
get a zebra to the races.

Whether he hits the boards or
not... come on... that's another story.

You and Rick just
concentrate on finding Lady.

I'll take care of this outlaw.

Fair enough. I accept.

You have any idea why anyone
would want your mare in particular?

Well, if they could raise her, they'd
probably earn a good living off of her,

but they'd have to
do it out of the country.

This would've been her
first year as a brood mare.

If she'd caught,
which she didn't.

- If she'd caught what?
- [chuckles] Got pregnant.

Jimmy put the strong-arm
on an old friend of his,

and the guy let me
breed her to his stallion.

- Who's Jimmy?
- Oh. Oh.

Go on.

[clicking tongue]


Jimmy Layton. He's my godfather

and my guardian angel and
my best friend, I suppose.

He and Dad rode together for over
20 years. They were like brothers.

Look, A.J., I...

I don't know exactly
how to put this,

but Lady means
an awful lot to me.

And the reasons go
way beyond the fact that

every cent I have in the
world is tied up in her.

Since I was old enough to
even know what a horse was,

all I wanted was to be
the best damn trainer

since "Sunny Jim" Fitzsimmons.

So when Dad got Lady for me,

she was the first step in
making that dream come true.

She... She was so tiny
when he brought her home.

She'd lost her mother.

And I bottle-fed her.

I broke her. I raised her.

I... I even slept with her in
the stall when she got sick.

Lady and Jimmy are
all that I have left of Dad.

And I miss her.

And I want her to come home.

That sounds so dumb, doesn't it?

Not at all.



What did you do to
get him so riled up?

I was minding my own business,

looking in the
barn for some clues

that might lead us to your mare!

You were in Lady's stall?

No, I was in Trigger's stall!

You should have asked me first.

Tommy does not like
strangers in her stall.

Well, excuse me.

I didn't read the
big sign that said

"Beware Killer Goat on Duty."

A.J., don't we have
to be somewhere?

Get your haircut or something?

- [bleating]
- Hey, wait a minute, Rick.

- What?
- Was the goat...

Was Tommy in Lady's stall
the night she was stolen?


I was picking this up when the
wonder goat made his charge.

This is a wrapper from
a Ding-a-ling cupcake.

Tommy loves them..

But I don't feed 'em to him

because he gets fat.

Well, is there any way that a thief
would have known that he likes 'em?

Not that I know of. Unless...

Unless they knew
Tommy from before.

I've only had him
a couple of months.

I got him from the Diamond C.

It's the biggest thoroughbred
outfit in the state.

- They sell goats?
- Racing goats.


Why don't you watch
what you're doing there, pal.

I'm real sorry, Mister. I didn't
know you was back there.

Let me clean 'em up for ya.

- I got a rag...
- No, no, no. That's all right.

There's no harm done.
Sorry I barked at ya.

That's okay.

I don't mind.

- My name's Hardy.
- Hi. I'm Rick Simon.

That's my brother, A.J.

Hi, Hardy.

You sure don't look
much like brothers.

Funny, that's what
Mom always used to say.

Uh, maybe you can help us...
Maybe you can help us out here.

Looking for a man
named Jimmy Layton.

He's sort of the
farm manager here.

Do you know him?

Sure. He's my boss.

He's working the horses

way over the other,
other end of Diamond C.

Taking 'em swimming.

Salt water.

It's real good for their legs.

All right. Thanks a lot.

- See you later.
- Yeah. Right.

Soon. Real soon.

Good. I like you guys.


Jimmy Layton?

Jimmy Layton?

- Hi.
- Hi. What can I do for you?

I'm Rick Simon. This
is my brother, A.J.

We're private investigators.

Uh, your goddaughter hired
us to find her stolen horse.

So why'd Chrissy send
you over here to see me?

Well, sir, there's
some indication that

whoever stole Faithful Lady might
be connected with the Diamond C.

- So we'd appreciate...
- Just what the hell
are you saying?

Nobody here's got
any reason to steal that

puny, spavin mare of Chris'.

And maybe you two
better just get off this ranch.

Tell Chrissy I'll call her.

But you stay off the Diamond C!

You hear?

The man gives new meaning
to the phrase "short-tempered."

I think we better
find out some more

about Mr. Jimmy Layton.


You went and took that damn mare

after I warned you not to.

I had no choice, Jim.

She's going out of
season pretty soon.

I couldn't wait any longer

for you to make up your mind.

Any mare but Chrissy's!
Now, I told you that!

Now, take it easy, partner.

Hell, it's the best thing that
could ever happen to her.

That mare's probably in
foal to the number one stud

in the country, okay?

Now, I'm a businessman.

So how about say, a third?

Just for a little cooperation.

[horses neighing]

I ain't interested, Brody.

Now, where's the mare?

Come on.

You don't expect me to
tell you that, now do you?

You're gonna tell me or the law.

You saw those two detectives
Chrissy sent over here,

out nosing around.

Why don't you let me
worry about those two.

They're not gonna
be bothering anybody

for very much longer.

Top of the morning to you, lads.

Good morning, Town.

You got us down here
bright and early, didn't ya?

Well, this case has picked
up a little juice since yesterday.

Some very important people don't want
any of these race horses stolen anymore.

Yeah. Bookies. Guys
that sweep out stalls.

No. Him.

Gentlemen. Morning, Mr. Mayor.

Let me know the minute
you get anything, Lieutenant.

Yes, sir. You'll be the first.

The mayor has asked
me to personally supervise

the investigation on this case.

- He's very concerned.
- He's put you in charge? He should be.

Well, the closest
we can figure is that

whoever's stealing the horses
off the farms around here

are taking them down
south to one or two

of the smaller tracks in Mexico.

ID numbers get blurred.

Pesos are put in the
right sweaty palms

and bingo, you're
betting on a sure thing.

Problem is, we don't
know who or how.

You figure that's what
happened to Chrissy's mare?

Could be.

Come on. I want to
show you something.

Guys, this is
Sergeant Vic Sanchez

of the Thoroughbred
Racing Security Bureau.

- Hi. A.J. Simon.
- How do you do?

- Rick Simon. Hi.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

He and I used to drink
a little tequila together.

- Oh, yeah?
- That was before Lt. Brown
acquired respectability.

- Ahh! Turn of the century?
- Come on!

Be cool now. Vic's got a
nice piece of film to show you.

Can you hit the lights, please?


This is the Topiary Stakes
from a few years back.

About here.

He's just had a heart attack.

[A.J.] Oh.

How bad was it?

Well, they put
down three horses.

One jockey broke his back

and another one
died on the track.

It was J.W. Caulfield.

Chris Caulfield's father.

Strange she never said
anything about all this.

Oh, there's more.

The man on the
winner was your man,

Jimmy Layton.

Also J.W. Caulfield's
best friend.

This was the last race
either of them ever rode.

Ah, some people think
that the race was rigged

but there was nothing
ever proved conclusively.

You know, this is
just like the old times.

All we need is Orville to come
rumbling, stumbling through that door.

You ever hear from Orville?

I saw him last
spring at San Anita.

He quit riding, too.

But he's got himself
a real good job

back in Pennsylvania.

He's working for some outfit

called the Equine
Research Center.

But you know what kind of
equine research he's doing.

First he finds his
self a two-legged filly,

riding high on his
stirrups on a barstool,

- and then...
- You got his number?

I sure do.

You know, I'd like to
give that little yahoo a call.

- Got my keys out.
- Oh, it's probably not locked.

Did you lose your keys again?

Well, you remember last
week, I went out with Arlene,

the gymnastic instructor?


Well, she gave me a
demonstration of her technique

on the trampoline and
with all that bouncing...

Spare me the
grisly details, okay?

Hi, brothers.

The door was already open.

I hope it's okay I come inside.

Remember, Rick? You said soon.

Yeah. Yeah. That's
right. I said soon.

- How you doing, Hardy?
- Hi.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Here you go.
- Thanks, Rick.

You betcha.

Uh, listen, we're the
ones that made him angry,

so, uh, we'll talk to him,

tell him not to
get on your case.

I hope he believes it.

Yesterday, after you
guys left yesterday,

Jimmy came in and
yelled at me real mean

for even talking to you guys.

Did he threaten you?

I don't know.

But he scared me awful bad.

He said if I kept
running off at the mouth,

to everybody who
came on the place,

he was gonna lock me
in a trunk and sell me.

Just like he did that
new mare last night.

Uh, what mare is that, Hardy?

I never seen her before.

Some man brought
her over to the ranch

and Jimmy, he loaded
her into one of those

little trailers right away.

Ah, do you know
where he took her?

To Nero's down in
Androdia, I guess.

I used to get to go
down there sometimes

back when he still liked me.

Don't worry.

Jimmy still likes you.

We'll talk to him, okay?

It's gotta be Lady.


Where the hell's Androdia?

- I don't know.
- I do.

[laughter, chatting]

We're, uh, looking for
an hombre named Nero.

We got business with him.

Nero don't do
business with strangers.

Well, once we talk to him
we won't be strangers, will we?

Well, you're not talking to
him. You're talking to me, see?

[horses neighing]

I'm gonna tell you
this one time, pal.

I just drove 200 miles
through the desert.

I'm tired, I'm irritable.

I got just a little
bit of heartburn.

You put your hand
on me one more time,

I'm gonna rip it off and
feed it to you for lunch.


- Ah!
- [laughter]

Fernando, where
are your manners?

Bring our visitors over here.

Introduce them to me.

You'll have to
forgive my friend.

Each time my softball
team loses a game,

he acts this way.

He's just not a good sport.

What's he like when you win?

Not so different.


I see your trailer
out in my parking lot.

[flies buzzing]

You have some horses
you wish me to sell?

Well, that depends.

We understand you might be
interested in some thoroughbreds.

Me? No. [laughs]

There's no market
for thoroughbreds

among these humble people.

- Perhaps in San Diego.
- Come on, Nero.

Let's cut the
bull, why don't we.

Now we both know you're running

stolen thoroughbreds
into Mexico.

You should learn
to curb your tongue

if you do not wish
to have it sliced out.

But then I'm told you're
both young, foolish men.



He has a singular
unpleasant laugh.

I thought he'd never leave.

A.J., would you do the honors?

If we get out of here, remind
me never to eat aged beef again.

What makes you
think this is beef?

Just hold still, will ya?

Away from the hands!
Away from the hands!

Just hold your hands still.

Good deal.

Oh, watch the feet.

Hurry up. This is starting
to get uncomfortable.


Ah, hand me the knife, there.

Come on, come
on! Hurry up, will ya?

Don't worry about it.
Don't worry about it.

It's a piece of cake.

You know, A.J., you
don't look so good.

Of course I don't look so good!

I'm hanging upside down,

surrounded by dead
animals, of unknown origin!

- Hey, where you going?
- Hang on.

Where you go...
Rick, come back here.

- Where are you going?
- Hang on.

Rick! Come back here.

[growls] Help!

Just keep yelling, A.J.


Help! Aaah!

Oh, someone, help!



Ohh! Someone help!


[speaking Spanish]

I beg your pardon?

- Aahh!
- I said, "What's going on
in there?"


Pick up The Admiral. Meet
me on the edge of town.

Yep, looks like rain.


[Men shouting in Spanish]

Hi! No, no. Hey, it's all right.

Nero said we could
go home. Really.

[squealing, grunting]


Bye, guys! Have a nice day.

Yeah, yeah, Chrissy.

I found out where they've
been keeping Lady.

It turns out that I
know who took her.

We'll bring her home to ya.

And... No, honey.

I'll explain it all to you
when I get to your place.

But first I gotta pick up Lady.

I... I got a lot to
explain to you, Chrissy,

about me and about your dad.

All right, honey.

Listen, I'll see you
in about 15 minutes.

So you found the mare.


You could have at
least been smart enough

to change your routine.

But you're a creature of habit,

and you hid it right
under my nose.

What are you gonna do now, Jim?

Well, the first thing is I'm gonna
take that mare home, to Chrissy.

Then I'm heading
out to see John Law.

You really shouldn't.

You know, if I go down,

I'll still take you with me.

Maybe it's about
that time, anyhow.

Now, get the hell
out of my way, Brody.

Sorry, Jim.

I just wouldn't do
very well behind bars.

[A.J.] Ah, that looks beautiful.

[sighs] So, now
tell me the rest.

Okay. Let's see.

Uh, anyway, we got loose

and then Rick led the
guys on a wild goose chase.

[Rick chuckles]

And I went back to the stable
and checked the tattoo numbers

against a list of stolen horses

given us by Downtown Brown.

Got two matches.

So, I guess Nero is in
it up to his baseball cap.

Well, I'm very impressed.

Mmm. Good.

I'm also very worried.

Jimmy should have
been here two hours ago.

I'd like to talk
to Jimmy myself.

Have you tried calling him back?

No answer.

[horse neighing loudly]

Well now what's he
complaining about?

Ah, he probably
wants to send his oats

back to the chef.

[neighing continues]

Get her out of here!
Get her out, Rick!

[Chrissy] What is it?

Oh, no! Oh, God!




Been looking for you.

How are you doing?

I've been better.

It's funny what runs
through your mind.

I've been riding
since before dawn,

thinking about being alone.

Really alone.

You know, when you're...

on the track circuit,
you're never really alone.

There's always lots
of people around.

And that was me five years ago.

Good people, for the most part.

They feed you
when you're hungry.

They loan you money
when you're broke.

You're never actually alone.

But you are.

Does that make sense?


Last year, Lady got
so sick with the colic,

she nearly died.

Jimmy's the only
reason she made it.

He came over
three nights in a row.

He nursed her.

He kept her from
going down in her stall.

He talked to her all night.

Nobody else would
have done that for me.

I'm really alone now, A.J.

Lady and Jimmy are both gone.

- [radio chatter]
- The man stank of booze.

I feel like he just got blitzed

and fell in with
the wrong horse.

Ah, I don't buy it, Towner.

Even dead-drunk Jimmy Layton

wouldn't make
that kind of mistake.

Okay, you tell me.

Well, we think
Jimmy was involved

in the theft of Chris' mare.

He had a partner.

Deal went sour.
Jimmy wound up dead.

Until we have the autopsy,

I've got to play it
by the numbers.

Yeah, I know.

I'll let you know
if I hear anything.

Appreciate it.

- Oh, by the way.
- Yeah?

I got in touch with
the state authorities

down in Androdia.

Maybe they can shake
something out of your friend, Nero.


Easy, now. Easy, now.

Come here. Come here. Come here.

Yeah. [clicks tongue]

Jimmy Layton.
Leading Apprentice.

Finger Lakes, New York. 1948.

Jimmy Layton.

Leading rider. Detroit. 1964.

Jimmy Layton. Leading
Money-winning Jockey.

Yakama Downs, Washington. 1969.

- [laughs]
- Same thing in these pictures.

New York, Florida, Arizona.

Florida. New York again.

Jimmy Layton sure got around.

A.J.? Take a look.


Look how young Chris is here.


Okay, there's Jimmy.
That must be Chris' dad.

Wonder who that is.

Don't know. But we
can find out though.

Well, no large deposits

in either one of his
accounts recently.

Don't get rich being the
manager of a horse ranch.

Hey, wait a second.

- I may have something here.
- What?

This is a scrapbook

of all of Jimmy's
stakes wins, right?

Chris put it together for him.

Now what's she's done is
she's pasted the winning photo

on one side,

and then the accompanying
article from the Racing Forum

on the opposite page.

Like this.

She's done that
throughout, right?

- Mm-hmm.
- Right up until
the last race.

And here we've got
the winning photo,

but the article has
been ripped out.

What do you think?

It's a start.

"Under the heady
reinsmanship of Jimmy Layton,

on the soft squeeze
through on the rail..."

Um, so and so on.

"Unfortunately the
Topiary was marred

by a terrible tragedy
inside the 316 pole."

Um, etc., etc., etc.

Ah-ha. "There has been some hint

"of the possibility
of race tampering.

"But to this point, no formal
accusations have been made.

officials are looking for

"a former New York
equine veterinarian,

"Dr. Thomas Brody, who
was seen near the paddock

"just prior to the race.

"Dr. Brody has been
previously implicated

in... Continued on Page 42."

Um, hold on. Let's see.


Uh... Hmm.

Well, I guess we
missed the jump.

We can go back to
the library if we have to.

I remember the rest by heart.

I saw that race and I
watched my dad go down.

They never found
that man, Brody.

I'm sorry. We, uh...

had to drag up
some bad memories.

Especially right now.


We've got a lot of
pieces to put together.

Is that by any chance Brody?

No. I never met Brody.

But this isn't him.
This is Buddy Blare.

He was Jimmy's valet.

Dad's, too.

He runs a bar now a
few miles down the road.

Why don't you keep that picture.

I think Jimmy would
want you to have it.

[Chrissy sighs]

Here's to the best rider
since Willie Shoemaker.

[all] Hooray!

[chatter, cheering]

I just don't see what
good it's gonna do

dragging through
it all over again.

Dr. Brody been around lately?


What's Brody to you?

Buddy, we think that Jimmy
was murdered last night.

And it's very possible
that it's all tied up

with that last race he rode.


I wanna know the truth.

Was the race fixed?

I'm sorry, Chris.

Dr. Brody, he brought
some new kind of drug

back from Europe.

The labs in this country

weren't able to
trace it at the time.

He hit the two favorites
just before post.

But he OD'd the
horses by mistake.

It was pretty tricky stuff.

Was Jimmy in on it?

He owed the IRS a
truckload of back taxes.

Needed the money fast.

Jimmy never could
hang onto money.

He was the softest
touch at the track.

It's a funny thing
about this Dr. Brody.

He was a pretty
good veterinarian.

But he was a better.

Always in deep
to the kind of guys

that'd break heads just for fun.

Do you know what
ever happened to him?

No, he just disappeared.

Chris, there's one
thing I want you to know.

Nothing was ever
the same for Jimmy

after your Daddy went down.

He told me many a night, through
the bottom of a glass of whiskey,

that he'd have rather
it had been him.

When Jimmy was in here
yesterday, was he drinking?

- Club soda.
- Well, if he wasn't drinking,

why do you suppose he
picked yesterday to come in?

I mean, was he
looking for somebody?

He wanted Orville
Matlock's telephone number.

He gave him a call.

Who's Orville Matlock?

He's, um, an ex-jockey.

Jimmy used to talk about
him, but not for years.

Matlock. Does he
live around here?

No, he moved back east.

He's working for some
animal research outfit.

When Jimmy called him,
what did they talk about?



Well, hello there.

Oh, now I'm not
such a bad guy, huh?

Strange how it always
takes animals a while

before they trust you.

You know, when Jimmy
first gave me that goat,

I used to keep it
chained up all the time,

otherwise he was over that hill

and back at the
Diamond C in 10 minutes.

Ah... Wait a minute.
What'd you just say?

What? About animals trusting...

No, no, no. About him being back
at the Diamond C in 10 minutes.

Well, yeah, it's just behind
my place over that rise.

How long would it take
you to drive over there?

Say, 15 minutes?

20, 25 minutes.

Could you ride it in 15?

You could ride it in 10.

Let's ride it in 10.

Jimmy said he was gonna
pick Lady up on his way back.

She's probably between
here and the Diamond C.

At least she was last night.


Well, this is the last
place I can think of to look.

- Lady! Are you in there?
- [horse neighing]


Oh, Lady. Lady. Oh.




Hey! You locked us in here.

[whistles] Hey, Hardy!

We're in here!

I think he knows that.

[engine rumbling]

It's Brody. I think
he knows that, too.

Hyah! Hyah!

Come on! Come on! Come on!

Wave good-bye to Dr. Brody.


Hey, should you be riding her?

I mean, she's pregnant.

Oh. The more, the better.

Boy, Brody must be crazy.

I mean, why would he do
all that just to get a free foal?

Not just any foal.

Offspring of Bone Crusher,

third highest money
winner the year he retired.

Bone Crusher's back east.

How did he get him
out here to stud?

Didn't have to.

Stole several hundred CCs of
Bone Crusher's frozen sperm

from an outfit called
Equine Research.

Frozen. Why?

They were doing an analysis.

One of Bone Crusher's
three year olds

was syndicated last
year for 28 million.


Well, Mom,

I guess we'll just
be taking it easy

for the time being.


♪♪ ["Call to Post"]

Okay, I just talked to Carlos.

He's put 500 down in
Vegas so we're covered.

500? Rick, don't you think we could
have been a little less enthusiastic?

Come on, A.J. The
Admiral is never gonna go

on for 49 to 1 again
in his whole career.

Rick, A.J., look.

I won the daily double.

Oh, Mom, that's terrific.

Listen, now tell you
what. Let me have 50.

There's still time
to get you in on this.

Richard, shame on
you asking your mother

for money at your age.

Hey, look, I'm just
trying to do you a favor.

I got some good
news this morning.

Lady is in foal to Bone Crusher

and his owner said
that I could list his horse

as her sire.

- Good.
- Look!

The horses, they're all
at that metal contraption.

- It's a gate, Mom.
- Oh.

[Announcer] And they're off!

Mom, let me... Let
me borrow the glasses.


- Oh.
- Mom, come on!

- [A.J.] Come on, Admiral.
- [Rick] Come on, Admiral.

- Come on, Admiral.
- Mom?

Let me have the glasses. I
can't see The Admiral anymore.

- Wait. No.
- Mom. Mom!

- Wait!
- Mom! A.J.!

Uh, wait a minute. Where...
Where is The Admiral?

- I don't see him anywhere.
- I don't see him
any better than you do.

Mom, come on. Let
me have the glasses.

Wait. Wait. Cover the
Bet. I think I had that one.

- Do I?
- Uh, you got three tickets
here, Mom.

Well, that's... I
think that's a wheel.

That's a wheel. He
told me to get a wheel.

Yeah, you got three
horses. They got to come in

in some kind of order...
1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

- Oh, that'll be nice.
- Where's The Admiral?

[A.J.] I don't know!

It's Cover the Bet in front.

I won the quinella!

That's a lot of money!

Where's The Admiral?

[Rick] Mom, let me
borrow the glasses.

There he is!

Eating flowers in the infield.

We've got a hell
of a jumper, A.J.

Closed-Captioned By J.R.
Media Services, Inc. Burbank, CA