Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 2, Episode 3 - Guessing Game - full transcript

A psychic hires Rick and A.J. to help her capture a serial killer.

Are you here to investigate me?

- Tonight on Simon & Simon...
- I feel him.

A psychic predicts a
string of bizarre murders.

You're more
interested in the psychic

than you are the visions.

I once went out with a girl
who was into pyramid power.

There's been five murders
around here in the last three months.

She doesn't see him

coming up from
behind her. Turn around!

- Can you see her?
- I can't see anything.




♪♪ [theme]

Morning, Julie.

I need a quarter
pound of port royale.

Hi, Debbie.

Shopping for A.J., huh?

Boy, that stuff looks
old enough to vote.

I'll wrap it up for you.

No, just stick a choke chain
on it, and I'll make it heel.

- How much is that?
- It's $7.95.

Well, since it's for A.J.,
you keep the change.

Okay. Thanks.

- All right. See you later.
- Okay.

Thanks again. Oh! I'm sorry.

- Oh, that's okay.
- Let me give you a hand
with this stuff here.

Here you go.

Thank you.

No problem.

[dog barking]

[sirens wailing]

[man on radio] Meanwhile,
Hurricane Ida continues

to bump at the Carolina coasts

with winds up to
102 miles per hour.

Hurricane warnings
have now been issued

as far north as Newfoundland
and Nova Scotia.

Here in California,
weather locally

will be perfect for you surfers

with sunny skies and
ocean temperatures

on the south-facing
beaches reaching 73 degrees.

Surf predictably in
the 3-to 4-foot range,

their temperatures
in the low 80s.


Closer to home, police
in Rancho Los Robles

still have no leads in the
brutal murders of four women

that have terrorized the
exclusive residential community...

Damn. Not again.

The sale of firearms in local
gun shops has nearly tripled.

[dog continues barking]

[twig snaps]

[dog continues barking]

Shut up, will you please?

[dog continues barking]


Good morning.

This is a bill.



Huh, this is one of our bills.

"Return to sender,
address unknown."

Elvis Presley, 1962.


Hey, what are you
doing with my mail?

Wait a minute. There could
be something in there for me.

Why would there be
anything in there for you?

You got a post office box.

I don't know.

You do have a post
office box, don't you?

Well, you see, I kinda got, uh,

a little behind on my payments,

so they decided to let
somebody else use it for a while.

Do you know her?

Sort of.

Uh, since we've already met,

let's make it official.
I'm Rick Simon.

- Uh, and this is
my brother A.J.
- Hello.

- And this is, uh...
- You're Sarah Childs.

- Sarah Childs.
- Yeah. Won't you sit down?

Oh, thank you.

I was hoping I
didn't look as awful

as that picture they
printed in the paper.

No, no, of course not.
No. I saw you on television.

The interview you did
after the second murder.

Mrs. Childs is the psychic

who's working on the
Rancho Los Robles murders.

I was, until the day
before yesterday.

The police have told me

that they no longer
need my services.

That's why I need your help.

Well, what can we do?

I didn't ask to be
involved in the murders,

but now that I am,

I can't just stop
being involved.

I'm still getting
very strong images.

I would like to hire you
to check them out for me.

Uh... do you have any
idea what we charge?

Oh, certainly I can
afford to pay you.

$350 a day plus expenses?

That's fine.

It's very important to me.

Very important.

- Wait...
- Uh, would you excuse us
just a moment, please?


What? Hey, what's the problem?

Now look, I like earning money
as much as the next fellow.

I do not like taking it
under false pretenses.

What earthly good is
this gonna do anyone?

Come on, A.J., it'll do her
some good. She's scared.

Now, if she thought
somebody was following her,

we'd put in a few hours' work

and give her peace of
mind, now wouldn't we?


Well, we're all yours for
as long as you want us.

Oh, thank you.

No problem.

Thank you.

Now I'll tell you
exactly what to do.

They found the last victim's car

parked outside the
gates to her driveway.

She was attacked
near a fountain.

And I had an image of
something the police overlooked.

It's a very small, round object.

It's very shiny...

Maybe a mirror, I don't know.

Just look in the bushes.

I feel certain there
was a man hiding there

in the bushes
close to the house.


Well, well, well,
round and shiny.

Yeah, why don't we
take this back to Sarah

and see if she can make change?

I'm getting something
from it already.

I feel him.

In the bushes, waiting.

Can you see him?

I don't know. It's
dark. I can't see.

Oh, wait. Now I'm getting
something totally different.

I'm picking up,
um... a vacant lot.

It has a tree stump
in the middle of it.

Oh, he's been there.

With one of the victims.

Not Mrs. Gerard, but he's
been through the lot with...

Carrying one of the victims.

There's a light...

a red light. it's blinking.

What kind of a light?

I don't know. I don't know.

It's... I just know

that there is something
of his in the lot.

And it's something he
lost, something he forgot,

I don't... just left.

You gotta go there.

You gotta find whatever
it is and bring it to me.

You know, it's
really interesting,

the things you learn
when you work with a guy.


Like your lifelong interest in

and commitment to
psychic phenomenon.


Come on, Rick.

You never even used to
believe the ghost stories

the counselors told us at camp.

Ah, wrong. I never
believed the counselors.

Bunch of wimps.

I once went out with a girl
who was into pyramid power.

And I saw Force 9 from
Outer Space ten times.

That counts.

The closest thing you've ever
had to an out-of-body experience

is when you ate the worm

in the bottom of a bottle
of mescal in Tijuana.


- You're more interested
in the psychic...
- A.J.

- than you are the visions.
- A.J.

Hi. I'm Andy Simon,
Front Row Real Estate.

Now you're probably
wondering what we're doing here.

Well, this gentleman is
planning to build himself a house

right here on this prime
piece of real estate.

Yeah, I was thinking of
putting the pool right over here...

I didn't know this
lot was for sale.

Ah, we plan to make the
owner an offer he can't refuse.

Does the owner know you're here?

Uh, you mean right now?

I mean, you mean right now
at this particular moment?

Uh, I don't know.
I don't think so.

That's a good way to
get in trouble, Mr. Simon.

See, a lot of the owners
around here are pretty jumpy.

- Jumpy?
- Mm-hmm.

What do you mean, jumpy?

There's been five murders
around here in the last three months.

Is this where that's
been happening?


You didn't say
anything about murders.

The hell if I'm gonna
live in a place like this.

Thanks a lot, pal. I
really appreciate that.

Let's go back to your office.
I left my... Pookie, come.

Thanks, fella.

Come on. Get in there.

Well, I think he bought it.
Do you think he bought it?

Yeah, I think he bought it.

Well, then all we have to do
is just drive around the block

and come back again.

Rick, I love vacant lots

as much as the next guy,

and gee, it would be great
to comb every inch of that one

- into the wee hours
of next year.
- In other words.

Well, in other words, let's
try an experiment, okay?

Let's save us some time and
our client some money, all right?

- Mm-hmm.
- Let's find something in there.

Let's find, uh... Oh,
your lucky half dollar.

Fine, and if she passes
the test, we stay on the case.


- Yeah, agreed.
- Wonderful.

It's another coin.


I see dried blood.

It's on a boy's face,
under his nose.

There's a torn T-shirt?


And now other boys
are circling around him.


Yes, because he's
standing over a larger boy

who's looking up kind of dazed.

I don't understand.

This has nothing to do with it.



[beeping continues]

It's back.

The light.

The red blinking light.

He's planning another kill.

The ocean. We're looking...

No, no, we're
looking down on it.

There's a house and
another little house.

I see glass all around.

It's Oriental, it's Japanese.

Now a pond, fish in the water.

They're swimming... A woman.


But she doesn't see.

She doesn't...

See him coming
up from behind her.

Turn around.

Turn around!


Give me your hand.

No, no, this one.

Yeah. Oh.


Circle my finger,
circle my finger.


This is where
he will strike next.

It is a house in this area.
It overlooks the ocean.

It has a fish pond.

You've got to find this house,

and warn the
people who live there.

Now I can't believe
she caught the time

you beat up Keith Knox.

It's probably the
high point of your life.

I don't know how she does it.

She sure tuned in to
all the right channels.

That is precisely
what worries me.


Well, we're following
her leads, right?

We could be getting close to
this guy and not even know it.

But he would.

I'm no psychic,

but I got a feeling
we better find this guy

before it's too late.

Uh, buddy. Konnichiwa.

Uh, we're looking for a house.

It has a fish pond in the back,

overlooking the
ocean with a fish pond.


Uh, buddy.

Hey, you're gonna
have to help me out here.

This is the last place
in the neighborhood.

We're looking for a house

that's got a little teahouse
somewhere around it

and a pool somewhere around it

that's got fish
swimming in it like that.

You got anything
like that on this place?

Yeah, it's right out back.

The lady of the house
is right down there.

Thank you. It's out back.

The lady of the house
is right down there.

Down here.

We found it.

[clears throat]

Uh, excuse us,
ma'am... No, don't get up.

I was just wondering

if maybe we could
talk to you for a second.

Simon & Simon.
Confidential investigations.

Just how confidential
are you, Rick?

I'm A.J.

We're, uh, very confidential.

Uh, are you Mrs. Gentry?


Are you here to investigate me?

Well, uh, not really, ma'am.

Uh, see, we're working on

kind of a complicated case,

and, uh, the woman
who hired us...

I'll bet I can tell
you why you're here.

That would be very interesting.

Everybody's a psychic.

I'll bet Tony's wife hired you.

Who's Tony?

Tony's wife didn't hire you

- to see if Tony and I were...
- Mm-mm.

Then why are you here?

Do you have a pond
in your back yard?


That's why we're here.

I was sure it was Tony's
wife who hired you.

She's so certain Tony
and I are having an affair.

Is there fish in the pond?

Yes. Why?

Did you bring your pole?

Will you two please
tell me what's going on?

We work for Sarah Childs.
You ever hear of her?

The psychic? Yes, of course.

My God, she's been helping
the police on the murders.

Now look, this is, uh,

this is gonna sound
a little eccentric,

but she had a vision

of a house with a little
house just like that behind it,

and a pond with fish in it,

And she thinks that the woman
there might be in great danger.

You see this?

[gun clicks]

Don't move.

It's okay, George. It's
just a demonstration.

You can put your
little cannon away.

George is my shadow.

It was my ever-diligent
husband's idea.

George has been working
with me since the first murder.

Thank you, George.

Now, is there anything else
you'd like to warn me about?

[police radio chatter]

But, Lieutenant, what
am I supposed to do?

Calm down, Sarah. I have
to go by the book on this.


You don't understand.

Someone knows that I'm
getting close to the murderer.

He wants to stop me.

- There are other possible
- What?

I mean, well, maybe
one of your clients

didn't get the fortune you
predicted for him, all right?

You know I don't
make predictions

like that, Lieutenant.

Please don't abandon me.

There's nothing
I can do about it.

- Please.
- I'm sorry.

Who are you two?

Associates of Mrs.
Childs. Is she all right?

She will be as soon as she
comes back down to earth.

How'd you two float in
here, on the astral plane?

It's okay. They're friends.

If you really are friends,

you keep her away
from Rancho Los Robles.

Now we can't use her help.

That goes for any
of her friends, too.

Excuse me.

You okay?

Come on, sweetie.

It'll be all right.

It'll be all right.

[Man] This horse
keeps popping up at me.

I'll tell you what,
give me 10 to win

on Bonecrusher in the 8th.

I know the jockey who
rides him. He's a good kid.

He's gonna win this race.

Hello, fellas. Look, I'll
be right with you, okay?

All right.

Also, give me 5 across on
Molly's Revenge in the 9th.

- That should do it.
- You got it, Myron.

I'll talk to you later.

Myron, you bring your
bookie with you on a stakeout?

Hey, I gotta get down. I
mean, I gotta make my bets.

Myron, I don't
suppose you've noticed

what's been going on out
here on the street, huh?

- What do you mean,
the gunshots?
- Yeah.

- Oh, I got that
all checked out.
- Oh, good, good.

- The girl's okay.
- Fine.

I got something
for you, but, uh,

I think we gotta renegotiate
our terms here first.

Forget it, Myron. We had a deal.

Hey, I was gonna do
it for you as a favor.

I am out of the investigating
game, remember?

Oh, I forgot about that.

That's right. I'm
enjoying my retirement.

- You guys call...
- That's not what Janet said.

What did Janet say?

Janet said that
you're picking people

out of the phone book at
random and tailing them

- just for the hell of it.
- That's crazy.

Yeah, we thought so, too.

I want 100 bucks plus
expenses for what I got.

50 flat. No expenses.

I got the license number of the
guy who fired the shots at her.

75, tops.

What is this, a mercy mission?

Yeah. Now let's have it.

Thank you, Myron.

Oh, by the way,

I think you guys
might like to know.

The guy who fired
the shots at her...

He spent about a half hour
in there talking to her first.

- Hello.
- Hi.

- How you doing?
- Just fine.

I'm sorry that I'm late. I've
been in court all morning.

Oh, trying to
impress us, are you?

- Yeah.
- well, think how much more
impressed we'd have been

if we'd come to see
you in your office.

What, and miss this
big, expensive lunch

- you two are buying me?
- Expensive?

If I am going to risk my job
doing your dirty work for you,

I think I should get
something in return.

Besides, I really
did not want to talk

about Sarah Childs in my office.

What are you two
doing with her, anyway?

- Is she a client, or what?
- Well, what if she is?

She's not very well thought
of in official circles right now,

and that's putting it mildly.

Look, the Mayor's
office has found out

that the detectives
were consulting with her,

and they offered to
crucify the chief of police

- for using witch doctors.
- Oh, that bunch of yo-yos.

- Well, it's probably
a bum rap for Sarah...
- Yeah.

But the Rancho Los Robles
case is just too hot right now,

and the police have been getting

a lot of adverse
publicity as it is.

Did you run the
license check for us?

Yeah. That's why I thought
you should know the back-story.

The car is registered
to Philip Childs,

Sarah's ex-husband.

Oh, no. Guys, what about lunch?

Have it. We just
lost our appetite.

Debbie, this lady right
here... Her tab is on us.

A.J., wait up.

Oh, yeah? [laughs]

I'm going to have the
Belgian endive salad,

the cold lobster plate,

and I would like the
most expensive bottle

of French white wine you
have in the house. Thank you.

Um... Oh, on second
thought, just give me

a chef salad and
vinegar and oil,

and a glass of the house white.

Have you told the
police about this?

Not yet.

No, we wanted to be
the first ones to know.

We figured maybe it's some
kind of new family counseling,

taking pot shots at your
ex through the window.

- It isn't what it seems.
- It's exactly what it seems,

You did it to dupe the cops.

Yes, that's right.

I did it so the police
would take me seriously.

Oh, you've gotta be kidding.

I didn't ask to see
people getting hurt!

Maybe you don't realize it,

but sometimes I
can feel their pain,

and I always feel their terror.

I wasn't always like this.

Before I got married,
I wasn't like this.

I had an accident, and
I began to see things.

Things I'd never
experienced before.

Sounds and smells, tastes.

I acquired this gift.

Well, it isn't a gift.

It's a curse.

It's ruined my marriage,
drove my husband crazy.

And it's ruining my life.

And I can't turn it off!

I can't just turn it off!

I wish I could.

I wish when the police
had asked me to quit.

I haven't told this to
anyone except Philip.

But ever since the
first of the murders,

I've been having
visions of myself

trapped in a transparent place.

I can see right
through the walls.

And I feel the
murderer there with me.

Just the two of us, alone.

He's going to bury me there.

Because he knows
that I know about him.

So do you understand?

I've seen my own
death at his hands.

What would you
do if you were me?

What would you do?


What a strange couple.


How long have you known them?

Come here. Come here.
Come here. Come here.

[laughter continues]

Hey, come here. Come here.


Too bad old Charlie
had to go to bed so early.

It's only... What
time is it? 4 a.m.?

Well, you know doctors...

Up early in the morning.

No fun at all.

On the other hand,
the doctor's wife...


Tony, you know what I'd like?


More champagne?


I'll stay right here. I
promise I won't budge.

Promise, huh?



[dog barking]


Hey, Diane.



[police radio chatter]

Hi, I'm Andrew Simon.

That's my brother
Rick over there.

If you could give
that to the Lieutenant,

I'd appreciate it.

Sarah Childs is out front,

and she knows Mrs.
Gentry is missing.

How the hell did
she find out so quick?

That's the thing.

According to these guys, she
predicted this would happen.

Yeah. Bring them back.

I don't want her
talking to the papers.


The Lieutenant will see you now.

Is what they say true?

- They were here, yeah.
- Hey, I don't know
what you're talking about.

You were the last
one to see her alive.

He was having
an affair with her.

Maybe she wanted to
break it off and he killed her.

That's a lie.

Hey, if you knew we
were having an affair,

maybe you killed her
to get even with her.

That's enough,
boys, that's enough.

Calm down. You're
gonna get yourself hurt.


Give me your hands.


Neither of them
had anything to do

with the disappearance
of Mrs. Gentry.




Why don't you take her
home, give her some soup,

and put her to bed?

Maybe she's coming
down with something.

Oh, God.

- Get me up.
- Okay. Okay.

Get me up. Get me up.

[breathing heavily]

Come on, Sarah, let's
go. Let's get out of here.

I thought you were in
the real estate business.

With the housing situation
the way it is today?

Are you kidding?

What have you got?

I got a baseball, got a cork,

some gum wrappers,

and a pencil with
the end chewed.

I got a bottle cap
and a beer can

and a bra.

A bra?

I don't know whether
to laugh or cry.

It's not much.

It's all we've got left to try.

There must be
something of his in here.


It's a group of young girls,

no more than 9 or 10. I...

One of them stole this
from her mother's drawer.

The girls took turns

trying it on over their
clothes, pretending.

[clears throat]

It's from a sandlot
game a long time ago.

No, nothing. Somebody's pencil.


There is something.

This is his.

This is something
he left or dropped.

He was waiting.

That lot had to be next to
one of the victims' houses,

because I feel him waiting.

Can you see him?
What does he look like?

He's a shadow.
I can't... I don't...


The flashing red
light... I see it again.

All right, now try
to see him, his face.

I can't. I don't know.



I have someone.

It's not him. It's... a woman.

Oh, my God.

[knock on door]

Who is it?

Rancho Los Robles
Security Patrol, Mrs. Childs.

Officer Reimers.

They found the
body, didn't they?

Where I said they would.

Yes, ma'am, in a trash bin.

That's why I'm here.

My boss wants me to bring you
by so you can have a look around.

Maybe you can tell us something.

You mean he's willing
to use a psychic?

We're not quite as
narrow-minded as the police are.

Whoever's killing these people

is making us look
like fools, Mrs. Childs.

We're responsible for
the people of the estates,

and, frankly, we'd like to
be the ones to catch him.

Why don't you come in a minute?

I'll just get a sweater.

Is it all right if we
get out of here?

Yeah, go.


Tell her thanks.



Hey, may I see that
for a moment, please?

Is that part of the uniform?

- Well, yeah.
- Thanks.


Security patrol.

Oh, yes, Mrs. Flagston.

All right, all right. I'll
send someone right over.

Just stay locked in your
closet till someone gets there.

I'm sure she's got a
phone in her closet.

Hey! What are you... You
can't do that! Who are you?

Ma'am, do you have a log? Do
you have a log of your offices?

- Their times, their routes,
all of that.
- Well, yes, yes, of course.

- May I see it, please?
- Who are you,
for heaven's sake?

May I see the log, please?

Is this gonna get me in trouble?

No, ma'am. Thank you.

How we doing? You
getting an answer?


Maybe she's taking a shower.

Maybe she went out somewhere.

[phone ringing]


Whose desk is this?

Officer Reimers.

Which one is he?

Picture on the left. He's the
one in the middle, kneeling.

Reimers was on duty
the night of every murder.

You slapped him on the shoulder.


- Remember?
- Yeah.

You gave Sarah
the lucky half dollar.

You'd just slapped
him on the shoulder.

She asked to see your hands.

You gave her your right hand,
the one you slapped him with.

Can you beep Reimers for us?


No, he's got his
beeper turned off.

He's been doing
that a lot lately.

What are you doing?


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, it's you, isn't it?

Isn't it?

[tires screech]

[grunts, screams]

He's got her.


All right. Now what
was it she said she saw?

- A house, a building,
and you can see through it.
- Transparent.

Yeah, transparent.

A house under construction.

Do you handle the security

for any of the construction
sites around here?

Not really. Oh, but we got
that new hotel on Travis Road.

Travis Road.

Call the police. Tell
'em to meet us up there.

[tires screeching]

[muffled screams]

Get up! Get up!

Right over here.

[muffled screaming continues]

Come here!

Get in there.


[horn blows]

[tires screech]

Look, it's not important,

but I just want you to
know you're not one of them.

It's the rich ones.

They're down there
cowering in their fancy houses.

They deserve it.

They deserve
everything they get.

You see, I wasn't good
enough for the police force.

But the funny thing is,

they hired me to protect them.

You know,

tomorrow they'll
be digging here.

And when they
do, they'll find you.


Can you see her?

I can't see anything.

- All right, keep him busy.
- You got it.




Reimers, drop it!





I'm all right.






It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay, baby. It's all over.

It's all over.

Oh, Rick. [crying]

I know.

Hey, thank God you're not
right about everything, huh?

[laughing, crying]

I got you. That's a girl.

It's all over now.

All over.


Mom, you said Sunday dinner.

You forgot to mention
anything about volleyball.

That was before I
met Arthur Jansen.

I tell you, any dentist who
kayaks to Catalina and back

has got a few loose
fillings. That's what I think.

There's nothing wrong
in believing in life after 60.

Go slow, Mom.

He sounds a little physical.

Yes, I know.

Oh, that reminds me.

Art wanted you boys to
bring an old football, too.

His are too new for the beach.


[clears throat]

Well, it's a perfect fit.

Yes, it is.

Who is Mary Sue?

Mary Sue, Mary Sue.

Oh, of course. Mary Sue Scott.

That was one of
Rick's old girlfriends.

In fact, I can remember
when she left it here.

- Oh!
- Look, we better get
a move on here,

because Art's probably down
there doing warm-ups right now.

I'm getting very strange
impressions of you

- all of a sudden.
- Strange?

Impressions of what, Sarah?

Uh, nothing, Mom,
nothing. Come on.

- I'll tell you later, Mom.
- No, you won't.

- Well, maybe I'll tell her.
- What is this, a conspiracy?

- What's it worth to you, Rick?
- What's it worth to you, A.J.?


Closed-Captioned By J.R.
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