Shetland (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - full transcript

Daniel came here to find his sister.

If the family don't pay, and he
can't get her off the island,

he'll kill her.

You got a holiday let at Wester Skeld?

Is there a problem?

Cos we've found a body in the premises.

Looks like it could be the murder weapon.

It was blocking a drain at the
back of the guesthouse.

I will find your daughter!


We're very close to finding
Zezi, I think.

You know where she is?

No, we're going to pay the ransom.

He's clocked us.

Come on, come on!


She's not in there.

Ah, somebody must have tipped him off.

I don't understand.

Why wasn't she in the van?

Where is she?

Don't you dare give up now.

She's alive.

I wish I could believe that!

He was working for somebody.

We find the somebody, we find Zezi.

Sir, we need to go.

We've got an incident at Spiggie beach.

What is it, is it Zezi?

It's not Zezi.

Now, sir.

They must have been forced into a dinghy.

I can't believe someone would do that.

In the middle of the North Sea?

You want to tell me what happened?

Who are they?

I mean, where did they come from?

I'm not sure.

It shouldn't be like this.

No, it shouldn't.

Duncan, what were you doing
down here, anyway?

It's where I woke up.

I had no idea my property was being
used to house people like this.

I didn't.

I know.

I know.

Come on, let's get you in the warm.

Four men.

Death by drowning.

They wouldn't have lasted
20 minutes out there.

Anything else?

Some bruising, signs of a struggle
perhaps, I can't say for sure.

I believe three are from the Middle East,

and one is of African origin.


I suspect that they were on
their way here,

when the traffickers realised
they were compromised

and then, they abandoned them at sea.

Then, we have another problem.

It's possible that we've
got a leak in the team

and someone is passing information
to the traffickers.

I find that hard to believe!

McGuire knew something was up.

And it gave him the time to delete
everything on his phone.

Who else knew what you were planning?


I... I told her.

Not everything, but enough.



I have to ask you something.

Fire away.

Did you tell...


...what I said about Zezi maybe being
back in safe hands by today?

Did you let it slip to anyone at work?


I knew it was part of the case
you were working on.

What about Chris?

Our conversation has been mainly
focused on how shit our marriage is.

How's that going?


...he's heading back to the rigs.

He'll be away for a fortnight,
which is good.

Gives me some time to find
a place of my own.

I honestly believe...

...he's happier out in the North Sea.

Or roughnecking in Angola.

He was away for months then, apparently.

I have to go back to work, Jimmy.

Was there anything else?

Just got this CCTV image from

the domestic security camera
at Olivia's guesthouse.

The day after the Hayes murder,

someone stuffing the knife
down the drain.

We've blown it up as much as we can.

It's not Olivia.

She was here, in custody.

See if you can get it enhanced.

There's going to be somebody from
the protection unit

to meet you in Aberdeen, OK?

They're not going to follow me
about everywhere, are they?

No. You're not even going to
know they're there.

Although, you didn't seem to mind
PC Grant hanging around.

Which is handy, cos he's going with you.

What, did you think I was going to
leave you on your own

for 14 hours?

This is embarrassing.


Keep an eye on Duncan, will you?

I'm worried about him.

And good luck with Alice.

I'll keep you posted.

The main criminal gang in Benin City
is known as The Black Axe.

They seem to have connections to the
Italian mafia, Russian gangs,

UK organised crime,

and they're all making inroads into
trafficking in Europe.

It's a complicated network, and
way out of our league.


Send everything that we've
got on these...

...poor people to the Trafficking Unit,

because they've got the resources
to track it back to source.

And we can concentrate on keeping
our own house in order.

Fiscal wants to see you.

I've just had word.

The PIRC have recommended to the
Assistant Chief Constable

that Sandy be suspended.

Now, it's not a presumption
of guilt in any way.

They believe the investigation could
be prejudiced if he's not removed.

That is just ridiculous.

He did what any one of us
would have done.

Are you sure about that?

Rhona, I need everybody that
I've got on this.

Jimmy, my hands are tied.

This has come directly from the
Assistant Chief Constable.

You have to tell him.

Right, do I have to tell him now?

Well, I suppose there could be
a breakdown in communication

for a few hours.

He'd appreciate that.

Is everything OK?

Oh, fine.

Officially unemployed.

So, what was it you wanted
to talk to me about?

So, I just saw something.

Laird shredding stuff.

As you know, we're being audited, so
I thought it looked a bit dodgy.

So, I've tried sticking some of it
back together to read it.

Looks like you've just regurgitated that.

Well, I'm better with computers
than sticky tape.

But it's an invoice for consultancy work,

but it's not on our payroll files.

So, I went through our accounts

and I know that we brought in new
people a couple of months ago,

but I can't find their wages.

And these invoices seem to
total the same amount

that they would have been paid.

So, the workers were getting
paid off the books?

I'm not sure they were
getting paid at all.

What was the name of the company?

You having any luck, Sandy?

The figure planting the knife
doesn't appear anywhere else

on our CCTV that whole night.


Erm, I have something.

I've just been up at the
plant with Donnie.

He found out Laird had secretly
been paying a company

called Northlands Shetland Ltd.

He thought it could be money
that should have been

going to some hired labour.

So, I checked with Companies House.

Northlands is registered in
the name of Alice Brooks.

Put the CCTV on the back burner
for now and, um... a background check on
Alice and Chris Brooks.

- Both?
- Aye, both.


We should talk.

The furniture business Chris
ran in Glasgow,

it's the same address as
Andrea Doyle's tattoo parlour.

They were in the same building.

The building that Benson bought
and then hiked up the rent?


It's a direct connection between
Chris, Andrea and Benson.

Doesn't mean Chris was aware of them.

Sandy, go and phone the rig he works
on, ask to talk to the manager.

Is there anything else?

He left the military in 2009,

started his business in 2013,

and in between, he worked
in various oil fields.

Yeah, Angola, I know.



You said that he worked in Angola?


Deepwater rigs, offshore.

And what about Nigeria?

I never mentioned Nigeria.

That's new.

The awkward silence.

Never had one of them before.

What do you now about a company
called Northlands?


You didn't set up a limited
company in that name?


How long did you know Chris
before you married him?

About a year.

And he had the furniture business then?

That's how we met, he sold me
an old toilet roll holder.

Not quite the cute meet, but close.

You know all this.

Yeah, I'm just trying to get a few
things straight in my head.


The person who put Chris out of
business is Graeme Benson,

and he's a person of interest in
the case that I'm working on.

Is that why you're interviewing me,

but pretending you're not?

There's no pretence, Alice, I need to
know everything you do about Chris.

He spent a lot of time in Nigeria
before he met you.

Not Angola. He lied.

- Well, maybe I got it wrong.
- Well, then, can you get it right?

Because I need to find Zezi Ugara, today.

Chris wouldn't be involved in
people trafficking, Jimmy,

he just wouldn't!

And if he was, I'd know!

The processing plant is paying
a limited company, registered

in your name, money that should be
going to the people who work there.

So, if you didn't set it up,
then Chris did.

And if Chris has committed a crime,

then having the investigating
officer be involved with his wife

would be doing him a favour.

And it would make a conviction difficult.

Is that what you think is going on here?

That I'm trying to compromise you?


Are you sure, Jimmy?

Because I need you to be sure.

I'm sure.

But not about your husband.

Then you'd better talk to him.

I've got work to do.

How long were you in Nigeria for?

About three years, off and on.

Alice seems to think it
was Angola, offshore.

No. It was in Niger Delta.

Odd that she'd say something

as specific as deepwater rigs,
though, isn't it?

Maybe we talked about it.

I did think about going there,
at one point.

You ever been to Benin City?

Yes, I have.

You met a lot of people there,
I would imagine.

Made contacts.

No, I wouldn't say that.

I can't believe you think that I'm
involved in all of this.

Well, Chris, I can't
ignore the fact you've got

a connection to the missing girl,
the country she came from,

and the people who were
holding her hostage.

You can connect anybody to anyone,
if you try hard enough.

You wouldn't be trying to ruin
me, so you could steal my wife,

would you?

And my lawyer would be very interested

to hear about your relationship.

So, you need a lawyer?

I do if I'm dealing with a cop
that's shagging my wife.

Maybe I should take over the interview,

his lawyer will make the most
of you and Alice.


...there is no "me and Alice".

He's playing games with us.

That's all.

- Trust me.
- OK.

I just spoke to the
manager on Brent Alpha.

He has no record of a
Chris Brooks on his rig.


Wherever he's going for two weeks
every month, it's not the North Sea.

So, if you haven't been on Alpha,

or any other rig in the Brent
Field, where have you been?

It's not a hard question, Chris.

I was at the house on Yell, trying
to knock it into shape.

So, why did you tell Alice
you were working?

Because I didn't have the heart to admit

I'd made a mistake in buying the place.

It's falling apart, dry rot.

So, I borrowed instead, to give me
the time to fix it up.

And you didn't tell Alice any of this?

No, she'd go ape shit if she knew
I'd taken out another loan.

We'll need the details of the
loan, to confirm your story.


What about the money from Gavin Laird?

What money?


That, that was for work I did
up at his place.

And I put it in Alice's
name, to avoid tax.

It's quite a lot of money.

Wasn't for supplying slave labour?

No, it wasn't!

Look, I'm not answering any
more questions.

This is harassment, pure and simple!

I don't think he'll win businessman
of the year, but...

...he could be telling the truth.

I don't buy it.

He didn't need to hide the house
on Yell from Alice.

I going to have to see it for myself.

Give me an hour, and then let him go.

But have Sandy follow him.

You're free to go.

- Sandy.
- Chris Brooks is in The Lounge.

Right, keep an eye on him. I'll let
you know if I find anything.


Oh, God.


Oh, Christ!


Zezi? Zezi?

It's OK. It's OK.

You're safe now. I'm a policeman.

I'm a policeman.

I've been looking for you.

You're safe now.

OK? You're safe.

Just wait a minute.

I've got her.

She's alive.

- Sir?
- Sandy.

Arrest Chris Brooks.

Will do.

I need backup at The Lounge, now.

Oh, shit!

I was at school in Lagos.

The American school.

I was happy there.

But my father died, and my brother
and I, we couldn't survive so well.

There was a man in my church
saying that he could take me

to Paris, could get me a job,

working with his sister in a restaurant.

Good money.

I decided to go.

But my brother didn't want me to go.

I was taken to Benin City.

And there I was told...

...I was to be sold in a market,

like a slave.

Then a European bought me
and told me everything would be OK.

But then he took my passport
and my papers.

Is this the man?

That wasn't the man that bought me.

He was here when we landed.

Was it this man?

Yes. That's him.

I tried to leave messages for my
brother anywhere I could...

...leave a trail that he could follow,

but I don't think he saw them.

No, I think he did.

He came here to try to find you.

Is he here now?

Can I speak to him?

I'm very sorry, Zezi.

I have bad news about your brother.

Daniel's dead.

He was killed... because he was
asking too many questions...

...and I think he made
the traffickers nervous.

This... this is my fault.

I should have listened to him.

No, no. None of this is your fault.

Now, please, don't think like that.

There's someone else here who
wants to see you.

Er...'s your mother.

Well, would you like to see her?

- No.
- OK. That's OK, it's OK.

Now we can organise
somewhere for you to stay tonight,

- where you'll be safe.
- Here.

I want to stay here.

Get Chris Brooks' photo out to
the ferry ports and to Sumburgh.

Nobody goes home until we find him.

Then bring Alice Brooks
in for questioning.

Are you OK?

Yeah, I'm OK.

Olivia, I'm sorry.

Zezi doesn't want to see you.

Not now.

- I need to talk to her.
- I know you do.

She's been through a hell of a lot.

But you've got her back.

That's the important thing, isn't it?

And now you've got
a chance to make things right.

So, just give her a wee bit of time.

Chris hasn't been working on the rigs.

He's been trafficking people,
using his contacts in Nigeria.

It doesn't make any sense.

- You must have got this wrong, Jimmy.
- I'm sorry.

I could never,
never care for a man like that!

Are you saying he killed Daniel
and the others?

I don't know that yet,

but I know he was involved.

Did you know?

Oh, Jimmy...


Do you know where he is now?

I'd tell you if I did.

If he gets in contact with you,
can you call me? Will you do that?

You've got a visitor.

Hello. Hey.

So, I just wondered if you still
fancied something to eat.

Chicken or scampi? Either/or.

So, don't say I don't spoil you.

Oh, I'm sorry, I can't.

I'm going to be here all night.

Ach, no worries. I've got to pack anyway.

- When are you leaving?
- Tomorrow.

No point putting it off, and, well,

there's nothing keeping me here now.


- I don't suppose there is.
- Aye.

Er, sorry, I...

Yeah, sure, it's OK, fine.
I'll let you go.

Uh... Right.

- Have you heard from Chris?
- No. Why? Is there a problem?

Because I need to find him,

so if you've got any idea where
he might be, then tell me.

I've no idea where he is.

What are you doing?

I can't stop thinking about those
people on the beach.

How desperate they were
to have a better life.

I had that, and you're right,
I threw it away.

So, I'm selling up.

Time for a change of scenery.

Is that your idea or Graeme Benson's?

Your accountant's been giving you
bad advice, Duncan.

He works for Benson.

Don't ask me how I know, I just do.

He sabotages businesses and then
he steps in to "save" them.

You've been played.


We got a sighting of Chris Brooks
down at the harbour,

near Calum's boat.

Right, he's going to try
and leave the island.

Look, I'm close.
I'll head down there now.

You looking for me?

I can't let you take this boat out.
You know that, right?

Oh, so I'm going to spend
the rest of my life in jail, then?

Oh, I hope so.

That's not happening.

I want you to know one thing.

I love my wife.

More than you can ever imagine.

So, why were you so happy for her
to have an affair, then?

What, you think I wanted
the two of you to get together?

I just took advantage of the situation.

I didnae wreck your marriage, Chris.

You destroyed it
when you started trafficking people,

when you killed Daniel Ugara.

That was his own fault.

I gave him the chance to get his
sister back. He didn't want to pay!

Yeah, that's
because she's not a second-hand car!

Nobody was supposed to die!

Nobody! You left Zezi Ugara to
suffocate! What about Niki?!

What about the people that
washed up on our beach?!

Were they just
past their sell-by date?! Eh?

I never wanted to get
involved in any of this.

I went back to Benin City to work,

and I got into debt to these...

...local businessmen.

They said I had to set up
a pipeline into the UK or

they were gonnae kill me.

You don't know these people.

I didn't have a choice.

Aye, you did.

Judge and jury, you sanctimonious prick!

You know what?

I'm gonnae go out in a blaze of
glory, take you with me.

Why not?
See what Alice thinks about that.

All right, come on. Come on, then.

What's the matter?

You havnae done this before, have you?

No, you got McGuire
to do your dirty work for you.

Did you get him
to cut up the body as well?

And kill Carla
and Prentice Hayes, cos, what,

they were blackmailing you?

Aye, you didnae have the
stomach for any of it, did you?

And you don't have the stomach
for it now.

Drop it.

You're not as smart as you
think you are, Perez.

I had nothing to do with Prentice
and Carla Hayes. Nothing.

Help him off this boat. Take him away.

He's pretty much given us the set-up.

He made the contacts, brought people in.

Some went to Laird
at the processing plant,

most to Claire McGuire,

who farmed them out through
her agency in Glasgow.

Benson wasn't involved.

Charge all three in concert.

Chris Brooks, Claire McGuire
and Gavin Laird.

Kidnapping, trafficking, murder.
The whole shebang.

What is it?

It's fine.

It's fine.

Just to see the people who
are really behind this,

they're still out there.

That's what gets me. This is just,

just a drop in the ocean.

What about the Hayes?

Claims he had nothing to do
with their murder.

Who else would have a stronger
motive to kill them?

Rhona, we don't have a motive.

All we have is the murder weapon.


All that CCTV footage that you
checked around the guesthouse...

We were only looking for Olivia, right?


Is it possible that we've missed someone?

Do you want to run through it all again?


Your instincts on Laird were bang-on.

Well, it doesn't give me any pleasure.

Try the camera on Market Cross.

Oh, we did.

There was no-one in a hoodie, though.

Just a group of girls.

Hang on.

Are they a group, though?
That one behind. Is she with them?

So, we have the man behind the

He's confessed to ordering
the killing of Daniel Ugara.

But he claims he wasn't involved
with the death of Carla or Prentice.

And you believe him?

Aye, I do.

And so I thought about who else

would have a motive to kill them,

apart from the traffickers,
and I couldn't think of anybody.

Apart from you.


- What are you talking about?
- There's no point denying it.

We know that you planted the murder
weapon at the guesthouse, to make

us think that it was Olivia Lennox
that killed Carla and Prentice.

Now, I know that that doesn't mean
that you killed them,

because you could have been
protecting Jamie.

But you see, the thing is,
Rosie, I realised that I was there

when you got the idea.
In fact, I gave it to you

when I told you that
Prentice was under suspicion.

- I don't know what you're on about.
- Aye, you do.

He's tangled up in a crime,
someone kills him in revenge,

everybody thinks that they're connected,

and nobody, but nobody,
would be looking at you.

Well, like you said,
so what if I had the knife?

- It doesn't mean I did it.
- You know, I can help you.

- Not if you lie to me.
- Why would I kill Prentice?

I know that you had your reasons.

So, tell me.

Tell me and I'll do what I can for you.

We just want to be together.

- Prentice wouldn't let that happen.
- Shut up, Jamie!

Did you know that she was planning
to kill your brother?

Don't answer that, Jamie.

She must have stabbed him
while he was sleeping, right there.

And then your mum got in the way.

I mean, I'm guessing
that's what happened.

Can you live with that?
Is that who you are?

I mean, it's one thing killing Prentice.
Everybody knew what he was like.

But... you know, your mum?

Everybody loved your mum.

I bet that she even tried to protect
you from Prentice, didn't she?

Yeah, of course she did,

cos, you know, she's your mum.

And maybe you thought that
that's what Rosie was trying to do.

OK. But... are you sure?

Don't listen to him, Jamie!

Because you would have to be sure

to let her get away
with killing your mum.

- It was an accident!
- Jamie!

Sit... down!


She, she didn't mean to stab Mum.
She didn't.

But are you sure? I mean, were you there?

- She was defending herself!
- Oh, for fuck's sake, Jamie, shut up!

You were! You were!

By the time I realised what had
happened, it... was too late.

We knew that I'd get the blame
if I wasn't injured, so...

...I let her cut me.

Prentice was an animal.

He hurt people for fun.

I don't suppose that makes
a difference to you.

It makes a difference.

It just doesn't change the law.

She just wants to say hello.

What do you think?

You can come and live with me
in London if you want.

I'll sign any papers that you need,
so you can get a passport.

I've even got a sofa bed.

I want to go home, to Nigeria.

Well, after, then.

You could come for a visit.

Or I could come and see you.

At least let me write to you.

You had 18 years to do that!

My family were a danger to kids, Zezi.

And if I could go back in time...

...I would give you up all over
again, to keep you safe.

I was just trying to protect you,
the only way I knew how.

You have to believe that.

You can write.

I'll read your letters.


I've got some bad news.

You've been suspended from
duty, effective immediately.

I'm really sorry. I'm going to need
your warrant card,

your access card, your force-issued
phone, and your laptop.

They... they just told you now?



Thanks for letting me
see this right through.

I know I look like shit.

I'm so tired, my right eye is
twitching involuntarily.

So, I'm either having a stroke or
I really need my bed.

In which, by the way,
I keep my socks on and earplugs in.

Either way, I don't want you to go.

Stay. Please?

At least till your money runs out.

Well, since you put it like that.

How could I not see what was going on,

what kind of man he was?

Come on. You can't blame
yourself for that.

- Oh, I can.
- Sure.

No problem.

Wasn't like he didn't know what
he was getting himself mixed up in.

OK, so...

...what about us?

What are we going to do?

I don't know, Jimmy.

There was a point there, when
you thought I was setting you up.

Didn't you? Just for a moment?

That's hard to take.

- I had to ask the question. I had to.
- Mm-hmm.

Doesn't change the way I feel about you.

Even though my husband's going to prison?

I, I, I think they stopped burning

the wives along with the husbands
a wee while ago.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah.

I thought they still did that up here.

Vikings and all that.

Maybe, doing what you do,
it's better to be alone.

Especially here,
where everyone's connected.

That's how you really feel, isn't it?

It's not about the past. It's about now.

You need to be apart from the rest of us.

Just admit it, Jimmy,
because it's your choice.

Come over tomorrow night.
I'll cook you dinner.

I don't think that's a good idea.

So, are you still going
through with this, then?


I'm not part of anything here any more.

That's just not true.

I'm not going to lie to you, Duncan.
Watching you live your life

is like watching Scotland trying
to qualify for the World Cup.

It's frustrating,


at times, excruciating,

but ultimately, I live in hope that

you'll get there in the end.

How many World Cups do you
think we've got left at our age?


Away you go.

- We've got six or seven at least.
- Huh.

Yeah, that's the difference between
me and you.

You're an optimist at heart.

Don't go. Don't sell to Benson.

I'll gie you the cash for the bistro.


Well, I need to do something with all
that money I've squirreled away.


I've got, uh...

I've got an artist's impression
you could look at.

Uh, a mood board. You should see what
you're, what you're investing in.

Aye, I'll take a look at them later.

Do you want me
to phone in a pizza or something?

Aye, aye, that'd be great, Mary.

Oh, don't mention it, Fran.