Shetland (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - full transcript

It's my boy.

- Your son?
- Daniel.

He takes an interest in a boat
called The Silver Darling.

That boat belongs to Calum Dunwoody.

I don't know who that young guy was,

and my wife can vouch for my whereabouts

every single night before I left.

Bad business,
this body found up by the inlet?

- Who are you?
- Paul Kiernan.

I run this place.

He was here last week,
looking for a girl.

Prentice told us
not to say anything about him.

You thinking Prentice Hayes has
something to do with this?

That's him with Calum Dunwoody
at Up Helly Aa two years ago.

We need to have a chin-wag.
Don't make me wait too long.

You laughing at me?!

Olivia! Wait, wait, wait.
What are you doing here?


...give them what they want, please!

Just give them what they want!
They'll kill me!

Please find a way!

Why don't you imagine that is
your girl, and you go and find her?

This isn't about drugs.

It's people, Tosh,
they're selling people.

Carla Hayes. Prentice, too.

What about Jamie?

We can't find him.

Right, come on.

Who called it in?


Turned up at eight this morning,
saw the door had been forced.

When he saw Prentice, he called us.

He see anybody else around? No.

No sign of a struggle.

He didn't put up a fight.

I think that might be
because he was sleeping.

Where's Carla?

We've searched the house
and the outbuildings.

No sign of Jamie.

Well, keep looking. He can't be far.

He might be if he's running.

He could be off the isles
for all we know.

Jamie didnae do this.

Not to his mum.

You OK?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Are you sure? Mm.

I need to ask you some questions.

Can it wait?
Cos my phone is out of credit.

I need to go get a top-up.

Olivia... that your blood?


I need to know if you went back
to the Hayes' yard last night.

I went to find Zezi.


So, what happened?

- She wasn't there.
- No, I mean,

what happened with the Hayes?

They were... already dead when,
when I got there.

I even tried to help,
but... it was no use.

That's-that's how I got the blood
on my-my sleeve.

Well, then why didn't you call us?

I was out of credit.

Well, then why didn't you
come to the station,

or why didn't you come and find me?

I don't know! I...

I was in shock.

What time did you get there?

I left the...

...the guest house at ten.

So, erm...

...around midnight.

And how long did you stay?

Not long.

Once I realised it was... hopeless,
I, erm...

...I started back.

OK, I'm going to keep you in here,

just until I get a little bit more

You think I could do something like that?

My Daniel will be forgotten.

Not true.

Place like this.

Local family killed.

No-one will care about my Daniel
and Zezi.

I will.

I will.

- That's Cora getting started.
- OK, good.

Uniforms are checking the
neighbouring properties for Jamie.

Did you search that?

The windows are misted.


I need some help here!

What's this about the Hayes?

Prentice and Carla are both dead.

We're still looking for Jamie.

Oh, bloody hell.

We've got Olivia Lennox in custody.

She went up to the Hayes' last
night looking for her daughter.

She says they were dead
when she got there.

You believe her?

I don't know.

I mean, I don't think it's beyond her.

And she did have a run in with
Prentice yesterday.

But then I-I can't see her
killing Daniel.

Hang on, you think the Hayes
and Daniel Ugara are connected?

Oh, I really hope so.

Cos otherwise we've got two
homicidal maniacs

running around Shetland.


They found Jamie Hayes.

Is he alive?

Just. Lost a lot of blood.

Has he said anything?

Unconscious when we found him.

Right, Sandy, I want you to go to
the hospital.

Call me as soon as he wakes up.

And get some uniforms guarding him,

cos I don't want whoever did this

to come back and try to finish the job.

- Got it.
- Where was he?

Lying in the back of that wreck.

He must have been
hiding in there all night.

It's a miracle he didn't freeze.

Three bodies in three days, Jimmy?

Yeah, I know.

What can you tell us?

Prentice was quick, controlled.

Three stabs to the heart.

Clean and precise.

But Carla, on the other hand,
that was a mess.

Multiple injuries.

Your killer lost control.

Right, so, what about time of death?

I'd say they've both been
dead for 12 hours at least.

Which places time of death around 9pm.

OK, thanks, Cora.


I'm going to need you to confirm
with Denise at the guest house

that Olivia Lennox left
there at ten o'clock last night.

And then I'm going to need you to
track down Paul Kiernan,

because I want to know where he took
those Macbay Hotel people yesterday.

I'll see you later.

I came across a few people
who'd been trafficked

when I did my work at Shelter but,
to be honest,

it's not really my area.

What is it you wanted to know?

Well, let's just start with,

how likely is it to be happening
somewhere like Shetland?

Ah, as likely as anywhere else.

You think a trafficking gang
is working on the island?


I came across a hotel.

I mean...'s a dump in the middle of nowhere.

- Mm-hmm.
- Shut down in 2005,

and then it opened up about
six months ago.

And, up until yesterday,
there were a bunch of people there.

And then suddenly over night,
they just disappeared.

- Well, did you speak to any of them?
- Yeah, barmaid.

But, you know, she just... looked
like any other seasonal worker.

It can be hard to tell the difference.

Anyway, she'd know better than to
give anything away to the police.

I mean, you talk to the cops,
you end up dead.


I just find it hard to believe.

- People trafficking?
- No.

That it's here.

On Shetland. Oh, come on, Jimmy.

Take a look around you.

Well, then why aren't
we all talking about that?

Because we don't want to.

As long as our toilets are clean,
our cars are washed,

our food comes on time.

And as long as it's all kept far
enough away,

we're happy to ignore it.

I mean, God forbid anything
as trivial as the exploitation

of vulnerable people should
affect our lives.

What's so funny?

Nothing, I just forgot
that you get like this.

Like what?


- Sorry.
- No, no, don't be, I missed it.

Give them what they want, please!

Just give them what they want!

They'll kill me!

Please find a way!

What have you got?

Denise confirmed Olivia Lennox left
the guest house at ten last night.

- And what about the room?
- Search team have been over it

but they haven't found anything.

Got a taxi driver,

says he drove by the Hayes'
yard about nine last night.

Saw a van on the road.

- Did he tell you what sort of van?
- No, but he's checking his dash-cam.

- What about Paul Kiernan?
- He doesn't exist.

Looks like he must have been
using a false identity.

The Macbay Hotel, get forensics up there.

- Maybe they can find his prints.
- Forensics are still at the Hayes'.

Well, then, split the teams, because
we have to find out who he is.

So, the news is out about the Hayes.

People are scared there's someone
going around butchering families.

Still, at least we can tell them
we've got someone in custody.

Oh, no, we don't have
anything on Olivia Lennox.

- We can put her at the scene.
- No, that's ALL we can do.

We don't have any physical evidence.

We don't have a weapon.

And she couldn't have been
there at the time of death.

Plus... I think there's something
much bigger behind this.

Something organised.

Like what?

People traffickers.

- Are you sure about this?
- No.

But it makes more sense than
Olivia Lennox killing three people.

Come on.

I'll drive you back to your B&B.

This way.

Why don't you go in and get some sleep

and I'll come and see you later?

- I'm going to find Zezi.
- No, I can't let you do that.

Why not?

Because I don't want you
ending up like Daniel.

Zezi's already lost her brother.

You're all she's got left.

You're going to have to trust me, Olivia.

Let me do my job.


Taxi driver came back to me about
the van he saw up at the Hayes'.

We got a registration?


It's a company vehicle.

Which company?

Aye, heard about that this morning.

Such a terrible thing to happen.

I had a lot of time for Carla.

I've got a witness who saw one of
your vans

up near her yard last night.

That right?

Aye, so I'm going to
need to speak to whoever

was driving the van.

Ah, the thing is, uh...
I was talking to my lawyer,

and unless I'm under arrest, I'm
under no obligation to cooperate.

Hey, where are you going?


I'm going to go and find
your inspectors and give them

a wee heads up about your other pipeline.

All right!

I was driving the van.


Aye, I pass the Hayes'
place on my way home.

And what time was that?

Och, I'm no' sure.

I left here... at...

...about half eight.

Thanks... for your cooperation.


Perez, wait. Just, just hold on.

I don't want any... friction here.

I'm just trying to run a business.

If you do have other information,
then you better tell me

- or there will be friction.
- All right.

Look, I-I did see something
up at Voxter Roe last night.

- You know it?
- I know it.

Silver Darling was up there.
Calum Dunwoody's boat.

There's no harbour at Voxter Roe.

Exactly. So, what was he doing?

We're not done yet.

What the hell are you doing calling me?

I don't give a shit! I told you not
to contact me on this number!


No, no, no, that's-that's no' my problem.

Look, I did my job.

You sort it out yourself.

I don't care what you do...

...long as you keep me out of it,
all right?!

Stop calling me on...

Oh, hi, pet!

No, no, I just... I thought it was
somebody else.

Aye, aye, I'm on my way.


I love you too.


Don't just stand there, eh?

Give us a hand.

She'll need to sleep.

- What's wrong with her?
- Nothing.

- She's fine.
- Are you sure?

Are we going to have a problem?


Are we going to have a problem?



I thought you were dead!

Do you know where we are?

It's OK.

I can't be sure,

but I reckon the hold of
the Silver Darling was

full of people last night.

And could be, this is how
Kiernan does it.

He smuggles people onto the isles,

and then holds them here until he can...

...move them on to the mainland.

- And Calum Dunwoody's involved?
- Makes sense.

If you're looking to move people
around the North Sea,

then a trawler's the perfect cover.

So do you know where Calum took them?

Not yet.

But we're working on it.

Who is it?

It's DI Perez, Shetland Police.

I'm looking for Calum.

He's not here, he's out at sea.

Is he?

His boat's in the harbour.

Mind if I come in?

Do you know where Calum is?

Er, no. Sorry.

Did he not come home last night?

It's Morag, isn't it?


Is he causing you trouble?


Your peerie boy.

He's, uh...

...he's not one for sleeping.

- Well, I better leave you to it, then.
- Right, sure.

See when you see Calum, you tell him
I need to talk to him, OK?

Thank you.

- Tosh!
- Oh, hey, Donnie! How's it going?

Good! You getting some coffee?

Ah! Stupid question, right enough!

How's work?

Oh, dull. Yours?

Definitely not dull.

Look, I should probably... get going.

Oh, of course! Sorry, I... See you later.

Do you want to go out one night?

Oh, uh...

Probably came out a wee bit
louder than I meant it to.

Why don't you give me a call?

I'll do that.

Oh, wait, I don't have your number!

- Prentice's call records came in.
- Ah...

Everything OK?

How many calls do you think Prentice
Hayes made in the last seven days?

I don't know. A lot?

Three, according to this.

All of them to his mum.

Guess how many he received?


Two from his mum and three
from some dodgy cold caller.

- That seems a bit low.
- A bit low?!

This is Prentice Hayes
we're talking about,

all the dodgy schemes he was running!

You telling me he could manage
all of them

by making three calls a week?

- So there's another phone?
- I'd be willing to bet on it.

I'll call the search team.

Calum? Calum, I need to talk to you!

I've got nothing to say to you.

- Calum...
- Get in the house, Morag!

Don't make me arrest you.


Well, that was just stupid.

If you're going to charge me, charge me.

I need to get out of here.

Why don't you sit down, Calum?

I want to go.

OK, you can go, after we've talked.

About what?

About the people you took on your
boat at Voxter Roe two nights ago.

- I don't know what you're on about.
- Your boat.

It was seen anchored there.

Did you take the people from the
Macbay Hotel on board that night?

I was on your boat, Calum.

And I saw the fish hold that
you kept them in.

Where did you sail to, Calum?

OK, you don't want to talk,
that's fine. Get Morag in here.

- You can't do that.
- Oh, really? Says who?

She doesn't know anything.

Well, you see, in my experience,
the people that we love

tend to know a lot more than they let on.

I landed them off Scrabster.

Why take them there?

- Because that's what I was told to do.
- By who?

Was it Paul Kiernan?

Look, you...

You just do what you're told.

You don't ask these guys any questions.

This girl.

Zezi Ugara.

Was she on your boat?

Did you see her?

Another Asian woman, young.

Tattoo of a butterfly on her wrist.

I make sure I don't see anyone.

Did you hear about what
happened to the Hayes?

Aye, I heard.

Right, so, do you think that the
people you're dealing with

had anything to do with that?

Come on, Calum.

Help us out here.

These people...

You know what they do?

Kidnap, torture, trafficking.

You could help us put a stop to that.

A stop to it?

Have you got any idea who you're
dealing with here?

These people could have me killed in
a heartbeat.

- Yeah, we can protect you from that...
- No.

No, you can't. See...

...this thing is huge.

These people are everywhere.


You're just some guy standing
on a rock in the middle of the sea.

We contacted the police at Scrabster.

They've said they're going to try
and find out where Kiernan's hiding.

And what about Calum?

Well, I think we should keep him in.

He might feel
more like talking in the morning.

Has he asked for a solicitor?

We offered but he declined.

We think Calum doesn't want the

to find out that he's here.

Jesus, he's that frightened?

Aye, his wife, too.

Well, if she's at risk,
shouldn't we have bodies up there?

We've already got people at the
hospital watching over Jamie...

Aye, well, maybe you should go up
there tonight and see if she's OK.

In the meantime, we need to find out
who Paul Kiernan is.

Forensics have processed the hotel.

We'll find out tomorrow if they've
got anything that can identify him.

OK, good. Also, I need you to get in
touch with DS Sam Boyd.

She runs the trafficking unit in Glasgow.

See if she knows about any smuggling
units working up here.

Jimmy, can I have a word?

You seem to have settled on Kiernan
pretty quickly, don't you think?


...Paul Kiernan's a person of
interest in the Daniel Ugara murder.

It's also likely he's holding Zezi Ugara.

And what about the Hayes?

We don't have any evidence
linking them to people trafficking.

Well, maybe we just haven't found it yet.

Or maybe they were
killed for another reason.

Prentice wasn't short of enemies.

He was dealing with all
sorts of low life.

Including Paul Kiernan.

Sir? Jamie Hayes is ready to talk.

How you doing, Jamie?

Where's Mum?

They won't tell me anything.

Jamie, I'm sorry, but your mum
didn't make it.

And neither did Prentice.


I'm really sorry.

I know this is hard, son.

But I'm going to have to ask you to
tell me what happened.

You all right?

When can I get out of here?

Well, that all depends on you.

Look, I'm heading up to your place now.

Make sure Morag and the bairns are OK.

Can you give her a message?

Doesn't really work like that, Calum.

Well, tell her to go.

Tell her to take the kids
and get off the island.

Go to her mother's. Anywhere.

Just get off Shetland.

I'll pass on your message...

...if you tell me who you were
working for.


You need to think about saving yourself.

And your family.

There you go, son.

We'd been in Lerwick.

Mum and me.

Er... We came back home.

Mum went into the house
while I parked the car.

And I heard her scream.

I ran in, er...

...saw the front door had been kicked in.

I saw... Prentice on the couch.

And his eyes were...

Er, then I heard my mum shouting again,

er, from the kitchen.

I went through.

Er... Er, she was on the floor.

Her hand up in front of her face.

She had this look, like...


And then I just...

...felt this pain in my back.

I turned round and...

...they were behind me.

Who was behind you?

They had a mask on. Er...

A ski-mask thing.

I felt them... stabbing at me
with a knife.

I felt it going in and...

...I, er, thought, I was a dead man.

And then...

...and then my mum comes
flying past me, screaming.

She knocks me over.

I fall.

But I...

...I-I must've got back up again.

I-I must've ran out the door.

Did this attacker say anything?

Never said a word.

What about build? Was it a man?

A woman? Big? Small? Did they seem young?

I think it was a man.


She saved me.


In the kitchen.

I shou...

I should've helped her.

Instead, I just ran.

When did she leave? About an hour ago.

Did she say where she was going?

For a walk.

I needed some air.


So, I have updates.

We found Jamie Hayes, alive.

What's he saying?

That he was there when his mother
and brother were killed.

That he was attacked also,

but that he managed to get away.

So, who was it?

We don't know.

And what about Zezi?


...we think that Zezi is being
held by people traffickers.

We don't know who they are, but we
think they're working on Shetland.

Oh, God.

It could be... that Daniel was here...

...looking for his sister.

Now, I know it's a lot to ask,

but I'm going to need you to
sit on your hands for a while. Oh!



- You off somewhere nice?
- Aye.

Me and Mary are having dinner.

That a reconciliation?

More of a negotiation.

I want my half of the money
from the house.

- Alice dropped by to see you.
- Right.

You two have fun.

- Hey.
- Hey.

So, I rang the Shelter people
I used to work for.

Got them to send me through some
recent stats and reports.

- I thought they might be useful.
- Oh, thanks. I appreciate that.

Word of warning, it's not exactly
cheery reading.

What are your plans for tonight?

Nothing, really.

Chris has gone over to see
the house again.

Look, I could make us some dinner.

I'm never one to turn down a free meal.


Plenty of sugar in it.

- Tosh?
- Hey, Billy. Do me a favour,

check if the Hayes have any
other properties, will you?

- Will do.
- Thanks.

Niki? Niki!

We need help!

We need help in here, please!

Please, we need help!

What did I tell you?

She has a fever!

Oh, shit.

Come here!

No! Wait!

Where are you taking her?!


Please! Please don't hurt her!

I can't believe that I was in the
place where they were being held.

And there's another girl.

Her name is Zezi.

And she was in this
video that we were sent,

and she's pleading for...

...well, she's pleading for her life.

And she's got this look in her eyes,

and it isn't just fear.

There's something else there.

And so I watched it again and
again and again

and again, and I just
I couldn't put my finger on it.

Until I realised that it's...


This girl is utterly bewildered.

She has no idea why this is
happening to her.

Anyway, I'm sorry.
I don't mean to bore you with work.

It's not boring.

It's good to be reminded there are
people with worse problems than me.

Is everything OK?

Everything's fine.

Talk about it if you like.

Well, don't take this the wrong way,

but you're in no position to sort
anybody's head out, Jimmy Perez.

Oh, I'll have you know I'm a very
stable and well-rounded individual.

Who has decided to spend the rest
of his days mourning his dead wife.

I might've had a little
bit too much wine.

Yeah, you think?

Aren't you getting a bit tired
of playing the grieving husband?

Been a long time, Jimmy.

Oh, yeah, I know that.

Well, don't you think it's time to
let Fran go and start living again?

I'm not trying to piss you off.

I'm your friend. I care about you.

Really, honestly, Alice,

- I'd rather not.
- You loved her!

We all loved her!

And I understand why you want to
hold on to her memory.

And, if I'm honest, the grieving
widower thing?

Looks good on you.

But Fran would've hated it.

She'd be mortified if she knew that
you were wasting your life

because of her.

I'm going to have to go.

Jimmy, I really didn't mean it...

You can see yourself out, OK?

What's this about?

It's what it says.

I'm going to pay the ransom
in exchange for Zezi.


For a start, you and I both know
you don't have that kind of money.

No, I'll get it.


Just contact them and tell them I'll pay.

Olivia, don't you think that if
I had any way of getting in touch

with these people,
that I would've done it by now?

They talked to Daniel.

Yeah, through encrypted messaging
services. Oh, OK.

We can't trace them.

Even if we could, even if you pay,

they still won't let Zezi go.

In fact, if you pay that
gives them all the more reason to

hold on to her.

What else can I do?

You can let us handle this.

But you are not handling this.

Look, it's like you said.

Daniel is dead.

Zezi is all I've got left.

I'm going to do everything
I can to help her.

You're a dad.

You've got a daughter.

You know I have to do something.

You know.

What happened to you last night?

Me and Mary had another argument.

So I went to the pub to lick my wounds.

All right for some.

I thought you'd be happy.

A chance to get more time alone
with Alice.

Alice and I are just friends.


Does she know that?

Oh, come on.

She totally fancies you.

What age are you?

Old enough to know when a woman's
got the hots for my housemate.

We are not housemates.

Looks like we've found another part
of Prentice Hayes' business empire.

You can't say he wasn't industrious.

How did you find it? Luck.

Anybody else here when you turned up? No.

But come and see this.

Been more than one person up here,
and probably working for Prentice.

What makes you so sure it's
Prentice? That wall behind you.

Prentice Hayes. Leave a message.

Told you he had a second phone.

Did you speak to Morag?

She's fine.

But she's worried.

And did you give her the message?

I'm going to need the names.

Calum... can't help Morag from a cell.

Get me paper and a pen.

You want the names or not?

So start writing.

Give me 20 minutes.


- Tosh, can you give me a minute?
- Yeah, sure.

Jimmy, I'm sorry about last night.

I didn't mean to get so...


I was going to say ardent.

I'm not mad at you for what you said.

And I don't think you were wrong.


Because I wasn't.

I'm glad you cared enough to say it.

You're a good friend.

And good friends are allowed to
analyse the shit out of each other.

See you soon?


Hey, Billy.

Sir? The prints the forensic team
found at the Macbay Hotel,

they went through the database
and up popped this guy.

- Recognise him?
- Paul Kiernan.

Real name, Aaron McGuire.
Originally from Glasgow.

Got some convictions for fraud
and an assault charge.

Any history of trafficking?

None that I can see.

OK. Good work.

What's, er, what's this about
a drug farm?

Tosh found it last night.

Looks like Prentice was running it.

Tosh, phone Sam Boyd.

See if you can set up a meeting tomorrow.

We're going to Glasgow?

On the next flight if we can.

Hang on, why are you going to Glasgow?

Paul Kiernan is our main suspect.

We just found out that his real name
is Aaron McGuire,

and he's based in Glasgow.

So we go to Glasgow, we find
McGuire, and we bring back the man

responsible for the murder of
Daniel and the Hayes.

And what about the drug farm?

I don't think that's a big enough
operation to get you

slaughtered in your own home.

Well, who's to say that was the
only operation that he was running?

I mean, maybe Prentice has other farms.

Maybe it's not just cannabis.

I mean, have you thought about that?

Rhona, this is about McGuire.

This is about the girl,

and you wanting to save her.

Her name's Zezi.

I know.

And I want to save her too.

But I also want justice for the
murder of Carla and Prentice Hayes.

Because they're more important?

Because they're just as important.

Get packed. We're going today.

Where is everyone?

Don't ask me, Billy.

I'm the last person anyone
keeps in the loop around here.



Billy! Billy!