Sherlock Hound (1984–1985): Season 1, Episode 26 - Good-bye Holmes! The Last Case - full transcript

Sherlock's next case is involved with love affairs.


Good-bye Holmes!
The Last Case

I want to be a bird.

Miss Elizabeth.
Please get ready.

I understand.

The longer you wait,
the more happiness grows.


You look beautiful.

Thank you.

The ceremony is about to begin.

Come, we must hurry.

You look beautiful, Elizabeth.

Just like your mother
when she was your age.


We've kept your groom waiting.

Let's go.

She's late.

The man is always
the one who waits, Robert.

You'd better start getting used to it.

Here they come.


That's impossible!

The bride has disappeared?

How interesting. And quite dramatic!

Maybe "too dramatic",
wouldn't you say?


I'd appreciate it if you
wouldn't take this so lightly.

Please, Mr. Holmes!

Could you come to
the church immediately?

But we were just about to eat lunch.

You can have lunch anywhere.

I suppose that's true.

Oh, my!

We're stepping out.


We're stepping out.

I'm afraid we won't have time for lunch.

That's why I've made you
some sandwiches.


Your powers of deduction are
just as insightful as Holmes.

This is good.

Mr. Holmes, I believe
this was a kidnapping.

A kidnapping?

That's right. But when I spoke to
Inspector Lestrade, he said...

This is simply a case of a
bride changing her mind.

How can you be so inconsiderate,
saying that to me!

I know it may be hard to accept, but...

I believe myself to be
a good judge of people.

If that is true, then,
how would you explain...

the disappearance of
Lord Racliff, her father?!

His pattern of reasoning
is illogical.

In any event, let us hurry to
the scene of the incident.

A cigar butt?

This was made in India.

That's probably Lord Racliff's.

I see. Judging from those ashes...

it is certain that Lord Racliff was
here and waiting for his daughter.

When the bride came out of the
dressing room, they both...

began walking along this corridor,
towards the chapel.

This is "White Company"!

That's right. This section was
constructed by Count Saxon...

a man who greatly valued chivalry.


What's wrong, Watson?!

Look what I've found.

This is a piece of Indian cloth.

Look. There is evidence that
someone has moved this wall.

Funny you should mention India.

Do you know something?

Well, Lord Racliff had been residing...

in Kirikibul, India,
until just recently.

I see.

The bride and Lord Racliff were
taken away by someone...

who knew them while they
were living in India.

But Alice said nobody left this room.

If nobody left the room, that means
they disappeared inside of it.

It is likely they were ambushed by
the kidnappers from behind the door.

As they unwittingly walked
into the room...

they were forced to inhale
some kind of knockout drug...

and then taken away.

But, how?

I'll show you that now.

The key is probably in this
Latin inscription.

"First give strength on the right,
and then on the center"

Nobody's ever known what that meant.

But the kidnappers did.

I see.

Shall we begin, Watson?

When you need weight,
you can count on me.

Anytime you're ready.

All right!

"Give strength on the right"

"Give strength on the right...

and then, give strength on the center."
Like this.

Nothing? How odd.

"Give strength on the right"


"Then, give strength on the center!"

This is...

a passageway!

Let's go.

What are we going to do?!

This is what they used to escape.

Therefore there must be an exit.
Let's go.

Let's go.

Is anything wrong? Are you scared?

No, I'm not.

Are you all right?

Maybe we should go back.

That was nothing!


A corsage.

That proves that the kidnappers took
this underground passage.

And, they were in a hurry.

They left this behind, too.

A monocle. Moriarty!

That's right. That dirty thief
must be having a fit.

No! It's gone!

My monocle's gone!

You must have dropped it again.

It was dark in there.


That monocle was a part of me!

How dare you treat its
disappearance so lightly!

A spare.

Yes sir!

Here you go, Professor.

Very good.

Somebody's there.

Lord Racliff!

Lord Racliff, are you all right?

Oh, Dolan! Elizabeth,
Elizabeth has been kidnapped...

by him! By Avagen!


He's here in London?

Yes. And he took my Elizabeth away.

They must have escaped
by ship from here.

By the way, who is Avagen?

They met while Lord Racliff
was stationed in India.

He is the third prince of Maharaja.

So the prince kidnapped the bride?

He kept trying to force his attentions on
her against her will.

But I never dreamed he would do
such a terrible thing.

This explains the piece of
Indian cloth we found.

The next step is to find Avagen.

We'll probably need the help
of Inspector Lestrade.

I am Inspector Lestrade of
Scotland Yard.

You have a Prince Avagen
staying at this hotel.

Prince Avagen?

He checked out this morning.

This morning?

Do you have any idea where he went?

I believe he said that he is catching the
"Alicia" when it sails this afternoon.

What time does that ship depart?

6 o'clock, I think.

Let's go.

Wait, Holmes.


You have a guest.

Mr. Holmes, please don't
look for Miss Elizabeth.

Why is that?

Miss Elizabeth and Prince Avagen
are in love with each other.

This is perfect.

I'm going to arrest those dirty thieves
Moriarty and Avagen...

with my own two hands.

Stealing a bride is the most
heinous crime of all!

They met during a party at the
government house in Kirikibul.

Miss Elizabeth was staying
in India at the time.

Prince Avagen had just came
back from studying abroad.

Wait up!



I caught you!

However, people around them,
especially her father...

completely disapproved
of their relationship.

And as punishment, Elizabeth
was sent back to England.



Prince Avagen!



Prince Avagen!

Prince Avagen!

Why would Lord Racliff disapprove
of their relationship?

If they did marry, Miss Elizabeth
would become a princess.

India is far away. But more importantly,
Lord Racliff intends to use...

her marriage to strengthen
his own businesses.

A marriage of convenience.

Miss Alice, I completely sympathize
with Elizabeth, but...

the bride still must be rescued.

The men who helped the prince are
none other than Moriarty...

and his gang of dirty thieves.

That means their target is
something else.

The emerald!

Miss Elizabeth wears an emerald
called the "Polar Star."

It's the heirloom of the Racliff family.

That's it! That's what he is after!

They are certainly taking their time.

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.

I don't have much time.
Get a move on.

The prince hasn't come on board yet.

That means they are hiding
somewhere nearby...

and planning to come on board
at the very last minute.

I'm having my men watch the harbor...

and placed the harbor police's
launches on standby on the river.

Not even a mouse could
escape my sight now.

I'm counting on you.

Detective Holmes!

I got you a boat!

I made sure it was perfectly maintained.

Well then, let's go aboard and see
how well you've done your job.

To the Alicia!

Right! To the Alicia!

Ready to cast off!

Ready to cast off!

Make it so!

Yes, sir!

How are they doing?

Quiet as mice, sir.

Haven't made a peep.

This should be interesting!




Am I dreaming to have you
by my side again?

Look closely, Elizabeth.
This is not a dream.

Prince Avagen!

I've come to take you away.

Prince Avagen!

It really is you, isn't it?

I'm sorry to have played so rough.

Have you finished with your
tearful reunion yet?

What do you want?

What do I want? A fine way to
greet me, Prince Avagen!

I just came by to collect
my promised reward.

Your task is not complete until
we are safely aboard the Alicia.

Is that so? According to our agreement,
your reward is this beautiful bride...

and my reward is...

that beautiful emerald, I believe.

This emerald is not for you.

But for your reward, I've prepared more
than enough of other valuables.

It's beautiful. But, Prince Avagen...

you have gained something more
valuable than this jewel.

That's all I can pay!

You know, you're in my control now.
I want you to remember that.

Don't worry. I promise to deliver
you both safely to the Alicia...

in exchange for that emerald.

We'll be fine. I've come
this far for you already.

Prince Avagen!

Let's go!

Yes, sir!

I'll show you the vast power
of my intellect!

It's almost time.

Are they coming yet?

No, not yet!

They're out of time.

Here they come. From upriver.

It looks like we're really going
to pull it off this time!

I hope so.

Now, Prince Avagen. You'd better
hurry and give me the emerald...

or you'll miss the boat.

You dirty thief!

Call me what you like.
The clock is ticking.

I'll give you the emerald.


So please take us to the Alicia.

See? She understands.

Oops! What was that?!

What's wrong?!

It's them!

They've sniffed us out?

Curses! Stoke up the boiler!
More coal!

Yes, sir!

Hard aport!

Don't think I can be captured so easily.

This launch is the fastest in all London.

Full speed ahead!

They're going all out.
Why don't we join them?!

All right!

Put on more coal!

More coal!

Not a bad move.

Now the real battle begins.
Stoke the boiler more quickly!

Yes, sir!



Helm to port!

Aye aye, sir!

Curse you, Holmes! He dodged.

Here, some special gifts for you!


Take this!


Aye aye, sir!


Aye aye, sir!

Take that! And that!

Go to full power!

All right.

Oops, here we go, here we go.


Turn us back!

That's not possible!

Damn you!


Now that's odd.

What's going on?!

I have a bad feeling.

If they stay on that course, they're
going to crash onto shore!

Oh, no!

The ship is going to...


We are going to run around!
Abandon ship!

Yes, sir!



You two are getting on that ship.

What? Then...

Miss Alice told me everything.

Thank you very much,
Detective Holmes.

How could we get so dirty?

Because we're dirty thieves!

Bon voyage!

Holmes, I'm curious...

About what?

How will you explain this
to Lord Racliff?

I'll just tell him that Inspector
Lestrade's deduction was correct.


This was simply a case of
a bride changing her mind.

I see.