She diao ying xiong zhuan (2003–…): Season 1, Episode 42 - Episode #1.42 - full transcript

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Episode 42

Arrive in high spirits and depart well content.

It is really a good thing.

Zhou Botong,

I?m going to jump off this cliff

if you continue running!

Don?t jump!

Let me be the one to jump if need be!

You can leave after you answer my question.


I don?t blame you abandoning me.

After all we are not young any more.

You were locked up by Evil Huang for fifteen years,

and I?d been thinking of ways to seek revenge for?

our child and save you.

Our lives will be coming to its end soon.

I want to know

when was the happiest period in your entire life?

Let me think.

Senior forcing me to practise my skills
when I was young?

Being locked up by Evil Huang in the cave?

Pursuing Qiu Qianren alone?

With you?

No? That was the wrong answer!

I?m very confused now.

Let me think about it.

Stop following me!

I?m waiting for you to finish thinking!

Wait! Let me think it

through carefully!

?The Four-Line-Chance?.

?The Mandarin ducks frolic lovingly
in each other?s company?.

?But alas, they age well before their time?.

?Beneath the cold exterior lies
an exuberant youthful presence?.

?Lovers entwined in red silk?.

?The Four-Line-Chance?.

?The Mandarin ducks frolic lovingly
in each other?s company?.

?But alas, they age well before their time?.

?Beneath the cold exterior lies
an exuberant youthful presence?.

?Lovers entwined in red silk?.

Rong?er, that smells wonderful!


sit down and have a rest.

The duels will begin soon.

I wonder when Master Huang and Ouyang Feng

will be arriving.

Yes, I may be old,

but my competitive nature still remains.

When I think about duelling
with East Evil and West Venom,

I still feel a little?


I heard your father?s skills have improved
by leaps and bounds.

Tell me,

who is the stronger party? Your father or me?

Master, your skills and my father?s

are on a par with each other.

But you?ve been practising skills
from the Jiuyin Manual.

My father will naturally not be your match.

I have a idea.

When my father arrives,

I will ask him to return to Peach Blossom Island

before he makes a fool of himself.

Jiuyin Manual?

Stop talking in riddles with me.

The Jiuyin Manual belongs to the two of you.


Your father has no use for it,

neither will he be able to use it.

I will use my original skills to duel with your father.


if you lose,

I will prepare many delicious dishes for you.

That way, you will be happy

whether you win or lose.

This lass is a cunning one.

She?s using both hard and soft tactics.

Your aim is to let your father win, isn?t it?

Old Venom,

you?re here early!

We can start duelling if I?m here earlier.


Are we going to change to a more spacious venue

or duel here?

We?d better change the venue.

Master, why don?t you fight it out on board a ship and

allow him to ambush you from behind?

He repaid your kindness with malignity.

Once bitten, twice shy.

I?m not going to let you off!

Master has been deprived of two years of practice?

due to his recuperation process.

Ouyang Feng is going all out

in this duel.

Master may lose.

I shouldn?t have let him off three times.

If Qigong really loses,

evil will triumph

over good, isn?t it?

Rong?er, I may be stupid,

but I finally see the light now.

?In line with heroic thoughts,
stoicism comes into play?.

?With valour, endure;

for valour, sacrifice?.

?Directing internal energy into the body,

victory overcomes all?.


credit has to go to you for

our defeating Old Venom today.

But was it unscrupulous of us

to join forces to beat him?


you did not impart that set of skills to me.

You?re right, I didn?t impart that set of skills to you.

Such a quirky father as yours

would definitely produce an equally quirky daughter!

You?re talking behind other?s backs!

Don?t you feel ashamed of yourself?


Evil Huang!


Rong?er, you?ve grown prettier.

Chief Huang.

Every time I see you

after a period of time,

I feel you look more and more like your mother.

Brother Qi, congratulations on defeating that Old Venom.

He was defeat.

It?s really a load off our minds.

What are you talking about?

I do not bother about such matters.

I do not take those duels to heart at all.

I start to crave for food

once I see your daughter.

I?m not going to bother anymore.

Make your move!

I don?t care who the ultimate victor is.

I?m only interested in the food
your daughter is going to prepare for me.

Master, I will only prepare food for you

if you lose to my father.

What do you mean by that?

Rong?er, you should prepare food for your master?

no matter what the outcome.

That?s the basic respect you should show your master.

You shouldn?t throw tantrums like a spoilt little girl.

Let?s go.

Brother Qi,

your internal strength must have been exhausted from

the fight with Old Venom just now.

I will not take advantage of the situation.

You?d better recuperate before we duel.

We will fight it out when you have recuperated.

Don?t put on a front!

Come on and fight it out!

Evil Huang, you?re a sly one!

Are you trying to whet my appetite? Come on!

Father, Master,

I have a suggestion

which will allow you to duel immediately

yet ensure Father doesn?t have an unfair advantage.

What suggestion do you have?

The two of you

are long-time friends.

Your friendship will be scarred

no matter what the outcome is.

But there has to be a victor

in the duel on Mt Hua.

What good idea do you have?

The two of you will duel with Brother Jing separately.

The person who uses more strokes
to duel with him will be the loser.

Great! That?s a fair solution.

Jing?er, come here.

That?s not a bad idea. Let?s begin.


what happens if

you and Master are not able to defeat

Brother Jing in 300 strokes?

Evil Huang,

and here I was thinking that

your daughter wanted you to win!

I didn?t expect her to be leaning towards an outsider!

Her aim is to let this dimwit?s skills

be recognized as the best!

What are you waiting for? Make your move!

I?m not afraid of your Yiyang Finger!

Do you admit defeat?

Your skills are second to none in the world!


your father is unbeatable!

My skills are the best in the world!

Are you happy?

Your skills are indeed the best.

We won?t be able to defeat you.

What?s the matter?

I?m your father!

You are my son.

Ke?er, I?m your father!

You said that you?re the best in the world?

There?s one person
you will never be able to defeat.


Who is that person?

I want to duel with him!

Come here.

His name is Ouyang Feng.

Ouyang Feng?

Who is Ouyang Feng?

Who is Ouyang Feng? Are his skills formidable?

Yes, his skills are more powerful than yours.

Why does this name sound so familiar?

Who am I?

You?re Ou?

You are you.

Why are you asking us that question

when even you do not know?

Who am I?

What am I doing?

Who am I? What am I doing?

Who am I? What am I doing?

Where am I?

Ouyang Feng wants to duel with you!

He wants to steal your Jiuyin Manual!

Where is he?

Behind you!

He wants to hit you! Quick! Retaliate!

Don?t hit me!

Don?t hit me!

Don?t follow me!

Stop hitting and following me!

Stop following me!

He won?t live long.

Yeah. Brother Qi.

The top pugilist in the world

is actually an insane man.

Chief Huang,


Dimwit, not now.

I?m going to slap you!

Why are you greeting him so?

Address him properly!


That?s the right way. Father-in-law.


time for breakfast.


What?s he looking at?

Rong?er, Father-in-law,

Qigong has left.

What did Master use to write this?

It?s hideous.

Brother Qi has always behaved

like this his entire life.

He is always disappearing into thin air suddenly.


since your mother has passed away,

your closest kin now

is your master, Ke Zhen-e.

Return to Peach Blossom Island with me

and invite your master to be the witness.

You and Rong?er shall go through the wedding rites.

That?s great!

Silly boy!

No one is to say that Jing?er is
a silly boy ever again.

It?s the condors!

?Our troops are advancing towards
the south to attack Xiangyang?.

?Knowing you?re fiercely loyal,

I?m conveying this piece of news?.

?I?m too ashamed to face you

after causing your mother?s death?.

?I will retreat to the west and avoid ever seeing you,?

?never returning to the grasslands again?.

?May you take care

and be in good health always?.

This was sent by Huazheng.


the Mongolians are planning to attack Xiangyang.

What should we do?

We might be located near Lin?an,

but the imperial court will never believe us

if we send news now.

The decision on whether to send reinforcements
will be delayed.


Jing?er, you will make a trip to Xiangyang immediately.

If the general is willing to listen,

assist him in defending the city.

If he doesn?t listen, finish him off with a single blow.

You will then assume
the task of defending the civilians and

prevent the onslaught of the enemy.

All right.

Rong?er and I will be waiting for news

on Peach Blossom Island.


All right, Rong?er will go too.

Once you have accomplished you task,
send word immediately.


never accept any official titles the court confers on you.

Yes, of course.

Rong?er, I finally understand now.

When my mother and I discovered the Khan?s

intention to advance south,

there wasn?t anyone else in the tent.

However, the Khan sent men to

captured my mother immediately,

thereby leading to my mother taking her own life.

I didn?t understand

how the Khan could have known about it.

I finally understand now.

Huazheng must have been outside the tent

listening to our conversation.

She was the one who informed the Khan about it.

Her intention was not to harm me,

but keep me by her side.

No one expected that such a tragedy would happen.

Brother Jing, listen.

Let?s take a look.

Brother Jing.

Rong?er, be careful.

Why is there a baby here?

Sister Mu!

Sister Mu, wake up.

Miss Mu?

My child? Where?s my child?

Return my child to me!

Sister Mu!

My child.

Be careful.

- Miss Mu! - Sister Mu!

Brother Guo, Miss Huang!

This is his flesh and blood.

He deserved death for doing
so much evil during his lifetime.

When this child grows up,

I will definitely tell him?

never to follow in his father?s footsteps.

I will impart all my skills to him

when he grows up.

It will do good to erase the humiliation
my brother suffered.

Sister Mu,

you have to take care of yourself.

Brother Guo,

this child does not have a name yet.

Could you give him one?

The child?s father and I were sworn brothers.

It?s a pity

he did not come to a good end.

I failed in my duty as a brother too.

This will be one of the greatest regrets of my life.

My only hope is that when this child grows up,

he will be able to be a courageous and upright person.

Let?s name him Yang Guo,

in the hope that he will be a good man.

What do you think?

I hope it will be as you say.

Sister Mu,

feel free to look us up

on Peach Blossom Island anytime.

Miss Mu, take care.

You?re the best dancer! I like you!

Come on, perform another dance.


Come here and have a drink first.

All right, you drink too!

What?s the matter?

There?s an assassin!


My lord,

the Mongolians will be

attacking Xiangyang soon.

Please prepare for the city?s defence
and send for reinforcements!

All right?

Did you hear us?

Yes, I did.

What did you hear?

The Jins are going to attack.

I have to defend the city!

It?s not the Jins; it?s the Mongolians.

Yes, whatever you say.

Everything you say is correct!

My lord,

the lives of the people in the city

are in your hands!

Xiangyang is the last line of defence

for the country of Song.

Brother, you?re absolutely right.

You can leave now.

Brother Tuolei.

Your Highness.

Why are you crying?

How is the Khan?s health?

Your Highness,

the pillar of the Mongolian empire has fallen ill!

The Khan was leading troops

to conquer Xixia,

but he fell from his horse

and was unconscious for three days.

The witch doctor claimed that

Heaven missed the dragon of the desert

and wanted him to return home.

The witch doctor sacrificed 1,000 goats
and 100 bulls in exchange?

for a hundred days for the Khan.

The Khan misses you

and wishes that you return to the North immediately.

The Khan misses

the prince consort greatly too.

If you happen to see him,

please ask him to go up north as well.

The Khan is willing to pardon all his crimes.

Who is it?

Brother Guo Jing.

Brother Tuolei!

My father is ill.


I will go with you to see the Khan.


Brother Tuolei.

Brother, why are you here?

I?m here to kill you.

My Brother?

You proclaim yourselves heroes,

but you certainly cry like babies!


will you go with me to see the Khan?

We?re supposed to go everywhere together.

If you still insist on becoming the prince consort,

I won?t forgive you and

I will kill you!



wait here for me.

I?ll go in and see the Khan.

All right.



I?ve been thinking of you constantly.

I?ve also been reminiscing about me and Zhamuhe

becoming sworn brothers.

But he died at my hands ultimately.

I have become the Khan of Mongolia,

but he died at my hands.

So what if I have a few more days on earth?

I will return to the earth as dust just like him.

The two of you are the little eagles by my side.

Be good to each other.

Do not ever fight amongst yourselves.


You have to remember that.

Life is too short.

The vast lands really leave much to be desired.

Father, look.

Hand me the arrow.

This is the first time

I?ve missed shooting a condor.

The day of reckoning is indeed near.


the empire that I have built up
is unlike any in the past.

The lands are immensely vast,

and to travel from one end to
the other of my empire would take one year.

Which hero in history has achieved as much as me?

Khan, your achievements are indeed second to none.

You?re standing high on the realm of glory.

How many people have died for your cause,

how many women have been widowed,
and how many children have been orphaned?



you brought me up and educated me.

But you drove my mother to her death too.

Let?s not bring up these grudges anymore.

I only have one question for you.

How much land are you able to occupy

after you?re buried under the ground?

One can only occupy that much land.


The number of people

you?ve killed,

the lands you have occupied,

what use are they to you?

Heroes are admired by their peers

and revered by their descendants.

They are remembered for their kindness
and benevolence to people.

Even if you hold the record as
having killed the most people,

that isn?t something worth boasting about.

Haven?t I done

anything good my entire life?

Of course you have.

And you did a lot of good.


the wars that you have fought
and the people who have died?

The merit in those acts

is questionable.



Please forgive me for my impertinence.


none of the people by my side

dare to talk to me?

in the manner that you do.

I?ve ruled the grasslands
and conquered many countries all my life.

But you claim that my work
is not befitting of that of a hero.

You are really like a child.

?1227-Genghis Khan passes away?.

Brother Jing,

what were the Khan?s last words?

Khan said

when he was fourteen,

eight of his horses were stolen.

He pursued the thief for five days and five nights.

He met a youth named Zhamuhe along the way.

He told him that
the fate of men everywhere was the same,

that he would assist him in getting rid of the enemy.

Brother Jing,

I heard that

before the Khan passed on,

he kept murmuring


The End