Sex and the City (1998–2004): Season 6, Episode 2 - Great Sexpectations - full transcript

Carrie is taken with her romantic Berger, except when it comes to taking her in bed, and admits it to the other girls in the vegan restaurant where the cooking is so light it deserves the name Raw (but restaurant?)- where Samantha dragged them just because the waiter is too hot to miss out on. Charlotte announces her unshakable intention to convert to Judaism in order to become eligible to marry Harry, but finds the rabbi most reticent. Miranda stakes her substitute love life on a state of the art video recorder, but technology can break down, especially when her housekeeper Magda sits on it. Samantha sits out an inedible marathon to be the last customer at Raw and sit on the yummy waiter and vice versa.

Subtitles - Ripped (and Hacked)
by RavyDavy - Part of the [RL] Crew

The only thing as delicious
as those first few bites...

of a truly great burger...

are those first few dates
with someone truly great...

like Berger.

So I thought, "That's cool,
I'll do a book reading in my hometown."

Right about after the fifth question
I realized that my mother is heckling me.

- She was not.
- No, she was.

Ask anybody at the Downers Grove
Barnes & Noble. They still talk about it.

Come here.

Everything is fresh. Everything is a first.

You like your beef.

Everything is foreplay.

Even a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond
can become an ecstatic errand.

I don't see you as a fish person.

The problem with the fish
is you're into the whole fish theme.

You have the fish soap, fish bathmat.

It's a pyramid scheme, this shower curtain.

Now, this is the one I have at home.

Except on mine, China's covered in mold.

And here they thought
communism was a problem.

You know, it's a very intimate thing,
shopping for shower curtains.

Yeah? Wait till I get you into bedding.

And, of course, those first kisses...

are the greatest kisses in the world.

Good night.

We should get out of here
before they turn the lights off.

The wait staff couldn't wait any longer
and neither could I.

I wanted Berger
in my bed, bath, and beyond immediately.

I'm either leaving a very big tip
or a dry cleaning receipt.

- My hair.
- Sorry.

- Was that...
- No, I just...

The next night,
Samantha convinced us to go to Raw...

where the scene was hot
and the food was not.

You'd think a place that eliminated cooking
could eliminate waiting.

You mean they don't cook the food?

That's why they call it Raw.
The raw food movement? People love it.

Sting, Demi, Soon-Yi, soon me.

Now, what is raw food exactly?

Vegan non-dairy, and nothing
is cooked over 118 degrees.

So, in other words, raw vegetables.

- And sometimes flowers.
- And you knew about this?

- I read a review in The Times.
- Where, in the gardening section?

- I heard it's delicious.
- People, the emperor has no oven.

Sorry. I didn't get enough sleep last night.

- Really? Did you finally bugger Berger?
- How long did you wait to say that?

- It just occurred to me.
- Yes, we finally buggered.

You realize
you're now applauding intercourse?

It was her first time,
and she really likes him.

Jones, your table is ready.

- So, details?
- It was good.

- It was fine.
- Fine?

- I don't want to talk about it.
- He couldn't get it up?

He could get it up. That wasn't the...
You know what, there was no problem.

Moving on.

Enjoy your meal.

What? I don't want to make a big deal
about it. It was just the first time.

We're so good everywhere else.

We're great in restaurants,
it's like poppity pop-pop.

And the kisses are great, and then in bed...

there was no sexual chemistry.

I don't know what happened. He just...

- Couldn't find your clit?
- He knows what he's doing.

Then what are we talking about?

- It was just quiet.
- I wouldn't worry about it, Carrie.

If the kisses were good,
the sex will eventually be good.

- I'm not worried.
- How quiet was it?

It was so quiet
that at one point I heard the M11 bus.

I heard the doors open,
I heard people getting off.

At least someone was getting off.
And speaking of...

- Welcome to Raw.
- Hello.

We'd like to get you started
with a little amuse-bouche.

I'd like him to amuse my bush.

- This just looks delicious.
- It's our summer vegetable soup.

I see you guys are set for drinks,
I'll give you a minute with the menus.

- Our specials tonight if you're interested...
- I'm extremely interested.

Leek papaya patties
and zucchini enchiladas.

I'm gonna need a pizza after this.

I'm gonna need a napkin to dry off my seat.
That waiter was hot.

And the soup is not.

- What is this?
- Bad, this is bad.

It is like lawn in a bowl.

Maybe some things
should be over 118 degrees.

Like sex, for example.

Can we please forget
I said anything? Seriously.

Who else has news?

I do, but you have to put down your menus,
because I need your undivided attention.

You'll have to shoot our waiter.
Will you look at that ass?

Do you mind?

I have something a bit shocking to say.

After I say it, I don't want anyone to react
because I'm very happy with my decision.

I'm becoming a Jew.

- What?
- I can feel you reacting.

I love Harry very much, and he loves me.

So, tomorrow, I'm meeting
with a rabbi to discuss converting.

Isn't that a lot of hoop-jumping for a man?

Look, Harry is not
who I expected to fall in love with, but I did.

And he makes me laugh,
and he says what he means...

and I feel like I can be myself around him.

But yourself is Episcopalian.

And it is still
the most exciting sex I've ever had.

Mazel tov.

Now, this is food.

You know what's even better?
While I'm eating this slice of pizza...

my boyfriend is home
taping my favorite TV show.

- And to which boyfriend are we referring?
- My boyfriend TiVo.

- You've traded Steve-o for TiVo.
- We don't talk of Steve-o anymore.

- I thought if I changed his name...
- Who needs him?

With TiVo, when there's something
I don't enjoy, I speed right through it.

- Lf only we could do that in life.
- Exactly.

He surprises me with things I might like,
which is how I got hooked on Jules & Mimi.

I stopped watching TV...

when people started putting
leeches down their pants.

No, this is BBC America.

It's about a beautiful black man from Brixton
and a white woman from Hampstead Heath.

I don't know what that means,
but apparently there's a great divide...

and he rents the flat above her hat shop...

and tonight, they're finally having sex.

Good luck to them.

- Carrie, it was the first time.
- I know.

- And sometimes you have to work at it.
- Have you had to work at it?

I'm dating a digital recording device.

I have never had to work at it
with someone I really like.

- You should probably keep that to yourself.
- Okay, but, Miranda...

I got to tell you, it was not good.

There was...

no throw down.
It was more like a slow down.

It caught me completely off guard
because I thought it would be amazing.

- Maybe that's the problem.
- What?

Your expectations were too high.
Of course you were disappointed.

From now on, people should tell it like it is.
First-time sex: Tricky.

Non-dairy vegan ravioli: Kindergarten paste.

As I tried to scrub the smell
of uncooked okra off me...

I started thinking about "sexpectations."

We're aware as smart, single women
that we can't expect perfection...

but life still manages
to throw us curve balls.

Maybe once you're into your mid-30s,
it shouldn't be called dating.

It should be called...

"Waiting for the other shoe to drop."

If it's not the sex between me and you...

then someone has to become a Jew.

Why is it always something?

Unless you're in
a problem-free relationship with TiVo.


Maybe later.


Shut up.

Thank you.

Jules, are you there?

Hello, Mimi.

Do you always answer
the door without your shirt on?

The heat isn't working.
That's why I rang you up.

It seems to be working.

It's definitely balmy in here.

The problem is in the bedroom.

Right, of course. The bedroom.

The next day, Charlotte boldly went...

where no York had gone before.'

The synagogue.

Shalom. Where would I find the rabbi?

His study. Inside.

Thank you.

- Are you the rabbi?
- Yes.

Hi, my name is Charlotte York...

and I'm here today because I would
like to consider joining the Jewish faith.

We're not interested.

Hello. I need to report a very rude man.

I was saying my name is Charlotte York...

and I would like to consider
joining the Jewish...

I don't know what is with these people.
I never!

Do you know how much I love you
for doing this?

Do you know how sexy you look?
That's it, I have to have you immediately.

Harry definitely had throw down...

but Charlotte was
too thrown and down to care.

Stop, Harry.
I'm feeling very rejected by your people.

That's the game, baby.
They try to make it hard for you.

- What?
- It's part of the process.

Traditionally, they turn you down
three times to make sure you're serious.

Suddenly Charlotte understood.
They were playing hard to get.

They were rules rabbis.

I can play that game.

I invented that game.

No man rejects Charlotte York.

I don't care what any rabbi says.
You are my chosen person.

Miranda was looking forward
to another perfect night...

with her perfect boyfriend.

But unfortunately,
there was another woman.

- I think I did something bad.
- What do you mean? Brady?

- I just checked on him.
- No, boy is beautiful, is fine.


What did you do? Exactly what did you do?

I sit on...

and then nothing.

You sat on TiVo? Is it okay?

Nothing is recorded.
How could you do this?

This is Jules & Mimi, the morning after. No!


And across town, I lay in bed
willing Berger to call me...

which never works.

- Hello?
- Hey, it's me.

Sorry for not calling earlier.

This is the same excuse every guy gives,
but in my case it's true.

A 60-foot raccoon
was attacking the village...

and I had to trap it and kill it and stuff it...

and everybody's safe now...

even the little Flanders girl
who was stuck in a tree.

But I might have rabies.
What have you been up to?

Same old. Did The Times crossword puzzle,
found a cure for cancer.

You did The Times crossword puzzle?

Monday's, not Sunday's.

Okay. I need three people to do Sunday's,
one has to have the answers.

I was thinking
that if two people can be good in bed...

when they're not in the same bed,
how hard a conversion could it be?

- I have some answers if you have cab fare.
- Yeah?

Dump him.

Fuck me badly once, shame on you.
Fuck me badly twice, shame on me.

Is that the saying?

That's my saying.

I don't want to dump him.
I think he's fantastic.

Aren't we getting a little old
to jump to the dump?

What about working on things?
Look at Charlotte, she's becoming a Jew.

I need something that will make a guy
come in his pants as soon as he sees me.

Got it.

- You talk to sales people like that?
- I'm here all the time. They love me.

Is this for a specific gentleman
or do you just look for that generally?

It's for that hot waiter from Raw.

I'm sleeping with him tonight,
but he doesn't know it yet.

I think I have to talk to him.

- No!
- We talk about everything else.

Honey, when it comes to sex,
spray it, don't say it.

- Okay, that was unnecessary.
- I'm trying to salvage your love life.

The only words you should be saying in bed
are dirty ones.

I can't do that without alcohol.

Then start drinking,
because if you want a hotter sex life...

you're going to have to turn up the heat.

Starting with...

I don't wear furry shoes.

- They're not for you, they're for him.
- He mostly wears Loafers.

- Are you sure I can't talk to him about it?
- Honey...

if the sex isn't great,
it doesn't help to say it's not great.

That's usually a downer,
and by that I mean...

Plus, he must know it's not great.
He can't think this is good.

Oh, God.

Is it possible he thinks this is good?

Here we are.

As a matter of fact, I'm gonna take this.

We'll take two. And these in a 7.

That evening Miranda had
one of those regrettable discussions...

that results from the belief
that you and your partner...

should be able to talk through any problem.

We have been over this before.
I feel like you are not listening to me.

I turned the system off for 10 minutes
and nothing changed.

I'm sorry. I'm upset.

I'm just so disappointed.
I got used to coming home to something.

Can't you work with me on this?

You told me to do that already.
What is wrong with you?

Friday night with Berger.'

I had my sexy lingerie
under my cool couture...

and I was feeling good.

You look so hot in that shirt.

You being serious?

Okay, we're gonna need some drinks.

It's happy hour,
so frozen margaritas are two-for-one.

- All right, okay. When in Rome...
- Sure.

Since we were 0 for two,
I figured two-for-one was a good idea.

And after three unreturned phone calls,
Charlotte decided to make a house call.

Hello, rabbi.
I brought you some kosher wine.

I'm sorry,
but my husband can't see you now.

Excuse me, I don't mean to be rude,
but I think he can.

Miss. What...

I am 37 years old,
I'm reproductively challenged.

I'm in love with a Jewish person,
it took me 20 years to find him.

I don't have time to play these games.

All right, Charlotte, lesson number one:

You have to give it a rest...

because it's about to be Sabbath,
the day of rest.

You want to be a Jew?


Watch. Learn.

That is so sweet.

But actually,
I'm supposed to meet my boyfriend...

I can skip it.

Come, girls, gather.



And Samantha was at Raw,
ready to get things cooking.

- Welcome to Raw.
- Hello.

I was here the other night.

That's what happens. You come once,
and you keep coming over and over.

Here's hoping.

I'll be with you soon. I'm getting slammed.

For some reason the hostess keeps seating
everyone in my section. Be right back.

Suddenly Samantha realized
why the raw food movement...

was a movement.

Women weren't there for the cold food...

they were there for the hot waiter.


Look who's home.

I got held up at work. Thanks for filling in.

Hi, cutie.

Did the TiVo guy come?

No, they called
and said that they'd have to reschedule...

for a week from Thursday.

A week from Thursday?

Yeah, but I played around with a few things,
and I think it's okay now.

- What do you mean, it's working?
- Yup.

I love you. I mean, you know, for fixing that.

Yeah, Magda said it was kind of important.

Listen, I gotta take off.

Hot date?

Yeah, I got this dinner thing.
See you later, champ, all right?

Some things, like a broken TiVo,
can be repaired.

And others, like a broken heart,
are a little more complicated.

Four hours
and four courses of uncooked food later...

Samantha and her competitors waited it out.

Maybe they were less horny,
maybe it was all that roughage...

but one by one, women threw in the napkin.

Can I get you anything else?

No, I'm just enjoying
my delicious mushroom tea.


- Did you want anything else?
- You know what?

I would like to have some
of that Key lime custard.

It sounds too good to pass up.


Honey, you've put up a good fight...

but you have no idea
who you're dealing with.

I'm going home with him and
you're going home with Key lime custard.

So what do you say I buy your dinner
and we call it a night.

Oh, okay.


Meanwhile, I was finally confident
I could heat up my sex life...

because I was a sex columnist.

I was resourceful, and I was drunk.

I'm sorry.

I got a little something for you.

And you're gonna love it.

Look at that.

Get ready, mister...

'cause I got something under here for you.

And there are shoes.

Wait till you see me in these.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

And after a night of raw food...

Samantha enjoyed an all-nighter of raw sex.

- Can I tell you a secret?
- You're 12?

You didn't have to order all that shit.

I was ready to go home with you
last Tuesday.

Now you tell me, I ate a fucking cactus.

- Get back down there and make it up to me.
- Awesome.

Samantha was still having sex...

when it dawned on me
that Berger and I hadn't.

We both knew, it was now or never.

That morning I resigned myself to the idea...

that I would never again
have frozen drinks or hot sex.

- I suck, this is awful.
- I know.

I've never been this bad.

Look, I don't want to toot my own horn here,
but I'm way better than this.

I've been told I'm good at this.
I don't know what's happening.

- We're so good everywhere else.
- Would you look at us in restaurants?

- We're the best.
- We're the couple you want to be.

All right, we gotta make the bed
more like a restaurant.

Are you coming back?

Yeah. Grab something that'll help.

Now we're talking.
What do you have there, a pet?


Berger, what if we're just
not good together in bed?

No, don't say that.

All right, look, I choked.

- We had it all going on.
- We did.

I thought it'd be great,
and I wanted it to be great...

and I choked.

I came over the next night
and thought it would be better and...

- I choked.
- What's up?

We should be smoking, not choking.

I think sometimes the rhyme helps.

I agree.

Boy, those are some very sexy shoes.

- Shall I put them on?
- Yeah, couldn't hurt.

Here, throw some of that
over your left shoulder.

Come on, you want things to get worse?

- I was gonna talk to you about it, but...
- I wanted to talk to you, but...

Let's make a deal.
I talk to you, you talk to me.

We should be
able to talk about these things.

- Let's talk about it.
- We'll talk.

That morning...

the other shoe dropped,
and it wasn't bad at all.

In fact, it was kind of hot.

Ripped by RavyDavy
part of the [RL] Crew